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VOL. 1.
NO. 20.
If Issued Every Saturday Afternoon at
Dallas, Folk County, Oregon.
.'OFFICE Main street, between' Court and
'Milt streets, two doors south of the Postoffiee.-
subscription; bates.
" SINGLE COPIES One Year.. $2 50; Six
Months, $1 75 ; Three Months, $1 00.
-Subscription must be paid strictly in advance
"One square (tOlines or less), firstinsert'n, $3 00
Each subsequent insertion. 1 00
AMiberal dedactirto will be made to qnar
tf rty and yearly advertisers. ' ;5
will be Inserted at $12 00
6T MttttWv ' -
-Transient advertisements mnst'be faiAfor
in advance to injure publira'in. All other
Advertising bills must be paid quarterly.
K Legl tenders taken at their current value.
Blanks and Job Work of evety description
Turnisbed at low rates on short notice
' vtaon ftlrertisinff bills mus
t be paid
-ygmm - - - w
A Republic lit France.
Th thingps accomplished The
: threat ofvfng William has been exe
cuted, for on Friday of last week the
Prussians captured Napo'eon. This
was no sooner known in Paris than the
form of governrr.cnt was changed and
a republic proclaim rd.
The question now i, Can the French
people institute a republican forta of
""government and maintain it? We are
fearful they cannot. They have tried
it twice before and failed. Frivolity is
to errnrr1T ototnnorl nn tllft Fronpll
C?V OVIllplJ t7VJv - - -- -- --
character that we fear no good will
come of this dethronement of the Na
polconic dynasty. ,
It isa very serious qucstiun whether
5t will ever be possible to orginize are
publican firm of government on the
ruins f any of the .-European mon
'. archies. In the first plac the people
with whom rests the governmental pow
ers in repuhli' s have not experience in
f the affairs of State, and know not their
powers or duties. Again, there is; n
titled nobility who -will never wjllingly
'cast aside their titles and become com
mon citizens; yet without such renun
ciation there is no republic.
The authorities in Spain have been
trying for more than a year to orgtmze
a republic and have at last given the
project up, and are hunting a king, as
;did the frogs in the fable.
We of America were 'only able to
form; and maintain a republican form
of government after long years of train
ing. Our fathers -came to the new
world in an earty day and were neglect
ed by the home government, so that
they were compelled to rely on them
selves for government. The sweets of
liberty thus tasted'-were .sufficient to
kindle the great fire that is kept alive
to this day io the breasts of all true
Americans. i . y
If, however, by a miracle the French
8horjld ; succeed with a republic, then
there: is a strong probability that. Spain
"will form a republic ; after thai, Italy
-(will remember Ihat years ago she wa3
'governed by the people, and will deter-
-mine that such shall be the case again.
; When this happens the Pope will leave
Home, and when the Pope has nowhere
40 Jay his head, then the Catholic re.
' i l.t T.. t.r. .it .i
i,p,u : uuiuics uen,re a,. m,s
.alces place there will be great wars and
f3 ueli blood sh ed .
Xhe following is a letter fmm a Van,
1cee to bis grocer Mr. Tuttle : This
here thing has too ranch hemp in it for
fnolasses. -and not- quite 5 enough for
'iclrttKpa linpi ao T'ft atrained off rhftmn.
! lasses, and send you the jug to make np
the measure, and have tamed over the
'diemn to tfiA Vio-lln
Committee to be
spun up for future oe. So he sure to
nend .me the real thing this time, as all
mp eoes to the V. C, and the rope is
- - - - ' ''' u
To makr a valuable speckled dog baU
-ietroof, Mark Twain says: "Takeoff
hii hideand ltne it with sheet iron. Itus -
.Ws.. wua " oest, and is slicker And.
nefe ehowy than the common kind. I
pogf prepared in this way do not xnintj ,
Jjnllets." J
General Land Office, V
V July 30, 1B70. j
The following is an act approved
July 14, 1S70, to extend the provisions
of the preemption laws to the Tcrri.
tory of Colorado, and lor other pur
Be it enacted htj the Sena t and 11 oust
of : Representatives of the United
. Slates of America in Congnss as
sembled: I
s That the privileges of the act of May
thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty
two, entitled "An act to reduce the ex
penses of the survey and sale of the
public lands in the United iStates," hs,
and the fame are herehyj extended to
Colorado; and the proviso of the first
Miction of the act approved June sec
ond, eighteen hundred and sixtytwo,
entitled "An act io establish a land of
fice in the Territory of Colorado, and
for other purposes." is hereby repealed.
Sec. 2. 'And be it further enacted.
That nothing in the act i of Congress
approyea iuaren twenty seven, eight
een hundred and fifty four, entitled
'An act for the relief of settlers on
lands reset ved for railroad purposes,"
shall be construed to relieve such 8-t-
tiers from t.e obligation to file the
proper notices rf their clainis, as in
other cases; and all claimants of pre
emption rights shall hereafter, when
no shorter period of time is now pre
scribed by law. make the proper proof
and payment for the lands claimed,
within eighteen months after the date
prescribed fr filing their declaratory
notices shall have expired: Provided.
That where said date ; shall have
idapsed before the p:is-ag of this act.
said pre-emptors Khali have one year
after the passage hereof in which to
tmke such proof and payment.
This act leaves the provisions of law
as heretofore respecting offered finds,"
viz : filing within thirty days, and pay.
ment within twelve months after .-ettle
tllC'it. j
The settler on surveyed "unfirered
lmd" mu.-t file his or her declaratory
statement wifhin three months from the
date of his of her settlement on such
land, and, within eighteen months fnni
the expiration of said three months,
make the proper proof, and pay fur
such land. j
Where settlers had already filed be
fore the passage of the act, they arc re
quired to make proof and payment
within one year from such passage ;
therefore, all filings mad prior to that
date will expire, by limitation of law,
upon ' unoffercd lauds, ou the 11th of
July, 1871. j
The settlor on "unsurveyed land"
must fiflt his or her declaratory state
ment within three months from the
date of the receipt at the j district land
ofiice of the approved plat of the town
ship embracing the tract upon which
he or she has settled, and,! within eight
een months from the expiration of said
three months, make the proper proof,
and pay for such tract.
The proviso of the act of June 2,
1802, requiring filing within six mouth
from survey in the field, and providing
for filing with the Surveyor General,
is repealed.
Circular instruction to registers and
receivers, giving more specific details,
will shortly be issued. In the mean
time; those officers will be governed by
this notice.
v ' . ' Commissioner.
A Good Joke on GitEEi.EY. -The
following correspondence shows the ad
vantages of ; attending ?af good writing
school in in early youth : '
, ; From II. Greeley to M. It. Castle.l h
Dear Si?: I am over worked and
growing old. I shall be CO next Fi b
Hd. On the whole it seems that I must
j declinb to lecture henceforth, except it.
; in this immediate vicinity, if I do at
all. I catinot promise to viit Tllinni
on that errand certainly not now.
Horace Greeley.
From M. B. Castle to H. Greeley.
Sandwich, III.: Mar l2.IIorace
Greeley, jNew 5 York, Tribune Dear
. You acceptance to lecture be
1orf' Caf Association next winter came
this morning, i our penman.
8,,,F uum" l,,,H lJ.nesii, u iook
.!,nm,e,,tme tra,nIs,ate lt " we
, cfe(J nd d W !me-,3d.
of Feb.' and terms "SCO ' are en
I tirely satisfactory. - As you suggest, we
may be able get other engagements in
this immediate vicinity ;1 if so we will
! advise you. 1
Yours respectfully,
M. B. Castle "
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A Creat Man.
r George Lippard,. in his new work
called the Nazarine, thus speaks ot
President Jackson:
44 He was a man! Well I remember
the day I watted upon him. lie sat
there in his arm chair can nee that old
warrior face, with its snow-white hair,
even'novr. We told him of the. public
distressthe mauufactutcs ruined, the
eagles shrouded with crape which were
borne at the head of twenty thousand,
men into Independence Square. He
heard us all. We begged him to leave
the deposits where they Were; to up
hold the great bank in Philadelphia. f
Still he did not say a word. At last
one of the members, more fiery than
the rest, intimated that if the bank
was crushed a rebellion might follow.
Then the old man-rose; 1 can sec him
'Cornel' bo shouted, in a voice of
thunder as his clutched hand raised
above his white !3trs. 'Come with bay
onets in your hands instead of petition;
surroundj the White IIouso with your
h-gioos I am ready fur you all ! With
the people at my back, w hom your gold
cannot buy nor awe, I will swing you
up around the Capitol each rebd of
you on
a g;uuet as high as as ua-
When I; think, sayrs the author, of
that man standing there at Washing,
ton. battling with nil the powers of
bank and panic combined, hot rayed by
those whom lie trusted, assailed by all
that the snake of malice could hiss or
the fiend of falsehood howl when I
think of that one man placing his back
against the rock and folding his arm?
for the blow, while uttering his vow,
I will not, swerve an inch from the
course I have chosen I I must confess
that the records of Greece and Home
nny, the proudest days of Cromwell
or Napoleon cannot furnish an in
stance of a will bke that of Andrew
Jackson, when he placed life and smtl
aid fame on the hazard of a die for te
people's welfare.''
A Prayer For Prussia. At
Newport, Kentucky, a few days ago, the
Itev. Granville Moody, O'lii's fa mors
fighting parson, made the following
prayer in behalf of Germany: M(Joi
of the nations," "to whom helongetli
the shields of the earth." Thou hat
styled Thyself ' the God of battles,"
and hat promised; to ''overturn ard
overturn and overturn until he shall
come whose right it is to reign." We
devoutly invoke Thy blessing on our
European brethren, struggling for the
inalienable rights of man opainst the
ambitious and unscrupulous Napoleon
who strode to arbitrary power over his
broken vows, and seeks the p rpe'ua
tion of despotism In the person of . his
son ; and by the conquest sf his Prus
san neigh bors would seek to the over
throw of Christianity in the disintegra
tion of Protestant Prussia.' Put a hook
in his nose, and lead him out with the
workers of iniquity ; arid may the srnoke
of his torment ascend from the battle
fields of the Khinc ; and may his dis
comfiture prove the disaster of Popery,
of which he has been the chcif support ;
and may his overthrow, ritq rack a d
centre, shake the dominions of the Man
of sin ; and then may the wrath of ra in
praise Thee, and the remainder of
wruvii do 1 hou restrain,
Says the Jacksonville Jfeica: A
young lad, aged about 10 years and of
French parentage, by the name of Par
scan, started out in company with an
other individual over on Dry Creek one
day last week with his gun to hunt up
some sheep jthat he had been herding.
They seperajed and 6ne took one side
of a deep can'on and the other the oth
er. "They kept in hailing distance, but
after awhile the boy's calls ceased to be
heard. That night he failed to get
home. It was thought he had gone
over to the other ranch, and no great
u n easi n ess was felt for him u u t i 1 a f te r
the next day. Search was then matic
and resulted in finding his lifeless body,
down in the canyon, horribly mutilated
and bitten eyidently by a bear or some
other ferocious animal. He was buried
in the cemetery on Sunday. j f!f.x,
At Fry burg, Maine, last week, two
cows came together on the banks of tho
Saco. Tliey hooked and pushed and
twisted until they got their horns locked,
when one of them went bver tho bank
and broke her nock, and, of course, drag
ged the other, too, both going into the
water, the living only to be held down
by, the dead one till drowned i' .
- - --i-
u Adam's Private Thoughts" were not
written .8 a fefiucl to "Young's Night
Thoughts,' although it may be presum
ed that they wore intended for J3ye.
OiLiNo Farm Imi'lkmknth. t
Every farmer should have a can of lin
seed oil and a brush on hand, and when,
ever he buys a new tool he should soak
it well with the oil and dry it by the fire
or in the sun before using. Tho wood
by this treatment is toughened and
dtreogthcoed, and rendered impervious
ct water. wet a new htsy rake, and
when it dries it will begin to be lose in
the joints; but if well oiled, the wet
will have but slight effort. Shovels
and forks are preserved froai checking
and cracking in the top of the , handle
by oiling; the wood becomes smooth as
glass by use, and far leis liablo to blis
ter the hand when long- used. Axe
and hammer , handles often break off
where the wood enters the iron ; this
part particularly should be toughened
with oil, to secure durability. Oiling
the wood in the eye of the axe will pre
vent its swcHinga'ttdhrinking,and some
times getting loo-e. The tools on a larg-?
f irm cost a large sum of money ; they
should be of the most approved - kinds'.
It Is a poor economy, at the present ex
travagant prices for labor, to stt men at
work with ordinary, old f-.-hioncd im
plemcnts. Laborers should bo r quir
ed to return their 'tools to the conven
ient places provided for them; after
using, they should be put away clean
and bright. The mould-boards of
plows are apt to get ..ru-ty from one sea
son to another, even if sheltered ; they
should be bruhed over with a few drops
of oil when put away, and they will
then-remain in good ordt riill wauLd.
Cost ov Liiaferhm Docs' the
young man who persists in being a loaf
er ever reflect how much less it would
cost, to be a decent, respectable maul'
Does be imagine that loifori?m is m re
economical than gentility? , Anjbaly
ran be n genflemnn if he choses to be,
without much cost, but it ts mighty ex
pensive Wing a loifcr. It co-ts time in
the first place d iy-, weks, mortis of
it in fact about all the time he has. for
no m in can bo a fir.U clas loader with
out devoting nearly Irs entire time to it.
The occupation, well fjllowal, hurdl
affords time for citing, sleeping, or
dri . we had aim it said drinking, but
on reflecting, we will except that. Th
I'.nfer enn fiful some to drink, whenever
invited. :
It costs friends. Once fully cmlurk
ed on the sea of loiferdo'ii and ou may
bid farewell to ,very friendly sail that
floats under an honest-' b-giMtinte flag
Your contorts will onl be the bucei
neers of society. It ousts money, far
though the loafer may not cam a cent,
or have one for months, the time last
might have produced him much mono
if devoted to industry instead of sloth.
It costs health, vigor, comfort all the
true pleasures of living, honor dignity,
and the respect of the world when liv
ing, and, finally, all regret or consider
ation when dead. Jlj a gentleman ; it
is fur cheaper. :
Disco VF.RV at Davknimrt; Itr
The workmen engaged in excavating
the bluffs near to Locust street, for th
Davenport and St. Paul railway, at t!
o'clock this afternoon came across the
most perfect and largest Indian mound
or burying-pla-'C yet discovrrrd in the
Northwest. A stratum of blue clav
and an alluvial deposit covered the re
mains, which peaces them at an rxircme
lv remote antiquity. On cutting side
ways into the hill, a few broken shr.nls
of pottery auu fli'its were the first indi
cation. One of the w rkniav, Michac'
Scanlon, struck his pick j into a hard
sub-tanco, which proved to be the skull
of a human being. More care was then
taken, which resulted in the discoy ry
of a vast-' circular arena surrounded
with vitrified stones,5 and inside : was
found a perfect ting ; of skeletons, the
feet meeting in a common centre and
the skulls radiating so far as to form a
circle about' fourteen feet in diameter.
Io the' middle a mnch larger skeleton
was found in a sitting position. The
dry sand with which... the. whole were
cov 'red. had .preserved them in a fe-;
markauie manner, .numerous hatchet
heads, arrows of fiintwere plentifully
scattered rcundi! The Davenport Atiod
emy of .Sciences njcct.this, evening, on
the spot,, and take measures ? for the
proper preservation 'Abf ' Vhe 1 curiostttes.
The excitement over "thei J water is in
tense, and ' wonder-hnnting rcititeris
have visi'ed the pot oyer ?wheh. a
guird has been plaped to; prcecrye jhe
relics from 'molesta'tion, by request of
the Academy5 of Scieri bcs.----:l(oek Is
land Argus, i3th.- 'r ' -WlQ..
.AVcrmont girlwant to know ifthe
woman's riglMs tnQye-ment dnelttdefljtbe
right rtq do the courting. If jt-does,
she is. in for it, as the men in her vicin
ity are ' 4ry) bnshfuu There1 is om en
tiling practical in that.
At Vy Con n ho 1 1 or-a l-La w
Mc.tliiiuvllle, Vanihlll Cu., Oregon.
' Particular attention iven to the etudy and
practice of Criminal Law, Collection ot'ClaiiaB,
Notes, Accounts, etc.
. . . ; . " 1 ' - i i n i i ' i
Physician and Ntircon,
i ...
. ''Dallas, Ogn.
Having rcumed, practice, will give Fpecial
LUntin lo Otjstetrio, arid the treatment of
the diseiises of Woman and Children.
2r(lfBtfe at his residence.
K. I fXJ)fi, to. 1.,
5Iiy-ician and urcon,
Dallas, Oregon.
OFFrCR--At Nlehols' Drn Pton.
W. I), J HFl'Itli, ill. 1M
Physician anti .Surgeon.
VjoVa, Oregon.
Fpeial attention given to Obstetrics nd
Dli9ts ftf Vimn. ' lif
J. li. I)AVI1)M)N, 31, D., .. .
iMiVKician and Surron,
tv Independence, Ogn 1
T. V. It. I2ihbrcc.
r-OHj.'c at rcsi tent-c. Hyl
Attorney and Caunsellor-at-Law,
.1.I51, oitix;oN,
V ill practice in all the Court f Record an 1
- Inferior Courts of tbi State.
OFFICK-ln Watkinds i CVs Brick, np
tairf. . . - .. . . 1
Attorney & C3un3eUar-At-Law,
Dalian, Oregon,
vnil pra-ti in all tl-e Court of t'ue ?t ate. 1
Attorney and Counscilar-at-Law.
Dallas, Oregon, ,
5pia1 attention pvm o Colleetlons and to
aiAitTe Jcr;aiuiiijf to Jtcal ljta?e, .1
h. .1 WA2CI9LA V, ill. I).,
riiysician aiid Surjyroiij
I.ovls illc, l'oll Co., O-u..
ftai recently returned from the Atlantic. States
An.loffcJs his protcssional services to tho cili
tcuf of the County.
Particular atlcution given to Female Pis
oaes. 1 :. . 2-tf .
x, b. ks jut v.- r. wen
A 1 1 'y & COUiic I ! or-a 1-l.a v,
Corner Commercial and Sitate streets,
Oppjsit? !.ald .v UuliV Uuik,
SAi.i;n oiti:t;ox
Will practice in flic Puprv in u Court 'ard the
Circuit Courts; of tbo. fcsccoud and TJiir.l Ja
Jicial Oblrict. . ..... . 2tf
2CO. B. VVRttKV. .. (if . it. IIIKLKV.
LAI'AYETrn - - OK ICC ox.
;- ., ;:: , . ' - 3 tf , r ,
M;AllMN ilAtt&iz
AtV y C tii i si.se lib r-a t -1 a
I.afayeUc, f)rcron.
i,'r.ttrRtt., " ; I v. t. FKimv.
Itfil Eitttfe A itamrul ': s-', v jfatnry 'wo?.'
itehr flaic Ilpokers and
1 Cjolleelion Agents: 1
NortWost Cor? 'of' First and'Wahlagfon
iTgi Street,' ol
poti,anu mi. pj;ir;o.
fpeeia!: attention 'given 'to tbe sale of Tte'
r.stHto,.CollceUous made, in Oregon, and the
Territories. , '
lu-Ptopdrtyi towa lots improved farms, stock
ranches, lands, ,to., situateI in the bet potionti
Jf Oregon "and ny.'t.,' for sale on reasonable
Carriage and Oriiaiiieiilal
pommercia .ftrset, . , '
,v,r, M! OjposUi'Srksff Iflock.15 W
v'tUttm hM f.SatE,
, .Lafayette, Oregon - v
.1 rX-it .t;;l!t --ay iaOUlil - It ti.tf H
Ilucna Vista. Polk Co., Ociu.tn t
' . . . a
Will attend promptly to professional calls.
Dmlaft, holds its regular coin-
hit on the Saturday preeedlac
the Full Moon in each month, unlca the moon
full on Saturday tbtu on that day, at ore
o'clock,'. ''" - r,
Aleo. on the second Friday in each month
at 7 o'clock, I. M , fof the purpose of improve
ment ot the Craft io Masonry, and for sueli
other work as the Master may from time to
time order. -r ':-": . 1 ',:!
All iiretbren in good standing are invited to
attend liy order of the W. Al.
J. imrred to customers on hoft notice. .
This establishment doc not di$penfe tangle
foot cr anything of that character. ' vJ ' t
iir ill at the Gem. r-
-' 1 " v ' "Tallies,1 1 :' ' 1
A Variety of CII iin for IUtchen and
. ; .- Parlor. uet-- :- -7 ' '
s : Of uiy own mike, r 'v
Shop mar Vaym:rc?fi Hill
L my stock. I rhal) be pleiseJ to plmw yoa
my jr''id. and S(t-r pleaded when you boy. '
JTew Work put up to irler, aal Kepairitig
done at the lowest eab ptire.
37 WM. C WtLLS.
5Ialii s'reet, lit Dallas, On.
If. Mi
tfer?, Oi-:rs, Candies. OvsMeTt.f f f j
and f-arJineS will be ervel to "ni Tirtai
men en the out.'iJc of the cuuter. by a gentle
man who hs an eye to "iitt" 4n the Inai4e.
i ctne-along. .'hyj ui.ike no delay, and
we wjll toon hear what you have to fay.
?2 ; ... ,. W. K.;M.iAy.
Iaip'rter? acd Doa'ers in
"' AND: ''"'"
the I,arccst Stock and the Oldest For
tilturc IIoum; iu Portland. : ;t
Fa r in c rs A 1 1 v 1 1 1 i c si !
riuiE uxDnnsitJXKo iiavixo hap
1 nearly t wet ty Tears prteiiee in making
wagans in Orrg-on. we feel en.tM..nt we enn do
as goi work as can b bi iu any part. of the
State. : ' -
Iron and Iffickorv Axles,
(Tli i in lile HU vth).
On iand and tcado to order on ranrt notice.
Lumber H affous................$i5ftf3 o
CaJl and exntnine er work. ItrpaVrins
done on short notice and on' ren.onnblo terms.
i:.-: -"A$A'.SllftEVE.--fi-; i
Dallas, ApriMi. 1870, .. . ;; fst-3Wjt
3 SPRING TIt'A'PK,;;""n'
I now pen an t tor sale t wir star', ivt It
Corner. of Front. :anrt ftim KtrccU. DaU
j , las, Oregon 1 ?
"We invito tbe , attention of " our atj-eas 4a
oar JStrr htock,-coeMi?tTng of - .
Dress GetkU
Vv: i jldkicarch Z1
Groceries, - ! ' y? ;t?ifs finaa
rt...., '.Boots. $ $&oe n'-tnan vi J
; In fact cTcrytbing found in Retsil Ptorf,
At Prices to Suit tho Times,7
? lr;:J-'t.(4"' i!i: -. f : .:;.
CoantryHProdar taioa in cxchaiaga nftf
.,'yi;x ; Goods! .ftnc';J-nE:&
. fTbow.liTlnr vld aeenrnt at Tcqnestr 9,ti
nil ndvntte,by CAll NOTI ci
ye"tbk tbe public Jer' tbeir librfaf put
nnncein the pa?L and"l'ope for a contivvsvc
f the'aml Tscfl-ir.fl ut .crctir"i it $l
' Ta!lflS. Mnreb llFrf. ' " , Llf
1 the law firm of VlneTnrd A T!tUt.'KU
days d Fiol ved by'aiulaal co(Vn M til
tvtl tl. ' ".'! I .vl;? !j:. "ja it,ir""!ifW
u :enswaue in .v . i " r.
At J. It. LEWIT.