Oregon Republican. (Dallas, Or.) 1870-1872, June 18, 1870, Image 1

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    I " , - '
' ; ; '.,? it1, f.l
NO. 16.
....... , , . . . ..... - - . .. .., .., : ,s
-It Issued Every Saturday Afternoon at
" . Dallas,T-Polk County, Oregon.
BY D.. C. GAip COIP'Tf.
JOFFICE Main street, between Court and
Hill streets, two doors south of the Postoffice.
SINGLE COPIES One Year, $2 50; Six!
Aiunint, i 0 xaree Aionuis, i vu. .j
Subscription mut be paid stWcfty in advance
One square (10 Unerrorleas Irst inscrt'n, J3 00
Each subsequent insertion. ................. 1 00
A liberal deduction will be made to quar
ter and yearly advertisers.
Professional 'cards will be Inserted at $12 00
per annum.-' li "-, ' , . ':
Transient adYertisements must be paid for
in adrance to insure publication. All other
adrertising bills must be paid quarterly.
Legal tenders taken at their current value.
Blanks and Job, Work of every description L
furnished at low rates on short notice.;
3EU All advertising
bills must be paid
Where the rad crossed we met,
My. love and I;
In the near bay the ships '
Tossed heavily.
Lampi were gone out n earth,
But those in Heaven
" Trembled, for two more hearts
That Uud had riven.
'"r- II5s accent broke the pause ;
. ' Mjtwngne was tifd
: 4 He found last words to say :
, I My sobs replied. i
; Then be drew my white face
Up to the light,
: And aai-1, "Farewell, poor love !
i Deur lovo, good night!
At the cross roads we kissed ,
I stood alone;
Ilis was the seaward road,
Yi Mine led me home;; -'
-, He called, . "I shall return !"
I knew "not so;
Not one In ten returns c ;
1 Of those that go. , : ... .
'.Dreary the great world grew,5
' And the sun cold ;
So yang an hour agoy ;
i I had grown old.
Oar God had made me for him ; ,
' We loved j each other; 1
Tel fate gave htm one lead,
. , . , And me the other, ( : f ,
-AliM Ilorton. viJ
Perpetual Industrial Exiiibi
TIONA bill incorpt rating "The New
York Industrial Exhibiion Company,"
has just pissed the legislature in this
city". . A "perpatual exhibition ot all
that relates to the arts and sciences can
hardly fail, to be of great benefit to the
public at large, and the city and com
pany that undertakes it. It is under
stood that the .necessary capital. $7,
000,000, has all been subscribed, and
we hope Aat the execution of the. pro
ject will not be delayed. It is well
understood that there are no , means
better adapted: to promote general. national-
education, than industrial exhi
bitions, in which the products of agri
culture, the master pieees of great ar
tists, the results of our best engineer
ing talenls and the goodsrof our manu"
iacturcrs'may be inspected, studied and
compared, and if- an industrial school
could; be combined with this institu
tion a school in which the 'scholar
would grow up among the instruments
he is to use, and the machines he is to
construct. and operate, so that he might
study them in -operation,' work them
himself, make drawings of them and
evenbuili tbemi the -resulting benefit
could hardly be overrated. -Technoto-
Kconomy in Ilrort LiFE. A, lady
.who had been spending some days at a
; jiotct at (Saratoga, inhere as sob;iti-aw
,Oi Lommudorc V anderbilt and Jfamily
ro staying, tel's the following story :
."Calling "iiQ the room of the Commo
dore's daughter, one; day, she found her
giving her little daughter some lessons
n the homely work F of darning stock-.
Ings. .The visitor expressed surprise
fhat she should bother herself or her
Jdaugbters wtth such work when1 the
Commodore .daughter replied there
xraa no telijiIwiiatji wpman woiuld be
palled upon .tp'do in this country, or
what fate" aWattd Jier, arid sHe believed
i qstructib thebi s id4 the useful arts
RSI preparatica for -any teverse that
might overtake jthcni' f
On Thursday of last week, says the
Iowa " Stale TReg titer lady of Davis,
county; ilf q wfe ;i?f tNoah $ Tracy, resid
ing two miles south-of -Bloomfield, was
delittredof twinsij 4n enry?mafter reV
ciuiiiijg ins iamons mamesa ' twins,
area apiece. Tbe ' attachment ' their
two l?odits WAa'compTetcd from the na
jei 10 ine oreast Dy a strong ligament, 1 4r awing opan xne last nameu genue
in the same manner as the attachment man "at sight, whenever 80 gets
of Chang and Eng. ' i'shori."
i The Wife.
- I : : '
' - . 'i ' . -' . , . ,
Only let a woman, bo sure she is
precious to her husband' not useful,
not valuable, not convenient simply,
but lovely and beloved ; let? her be the
recipient of his polite . aud hearty at
tention ; let her feel that her care and
love are noticed, appreciated and re
turned; let her opinion be asked, her
approval sought, and her judgment e
spected in matters of which she is cov
nizant; in short, let her only be lowia,
honored and cherished iu fulfillment of
"the marriage vow and she! will be to
her ..husbandchildren a'd ' society a
well-spring of pleasure. She will bear
pain, toil, and anxiety -for her' bus
band's love to her is a tower and for
tress. Shielded and sheltered therein,
adversity will have lost its sting. She
may suffer, but sympathy will dull the
Ledge of sorrow. ' A house with love in
it and by love I meao love expressed
in word. nnA lnnla nnl dAda Mnr T
v r.:k uL
have not e spark of fa th in love that
never crops out) is to a nouse wunouc
love aa a person to a machine ; one is
lifethe other is mechanism. The un
loved woman may have bread just as
light, a house just as tidy as the other,
but the latter ha a spring of beauty
about her, a joyousness, in aggressive,
penetrating and pervading brightness,
to which the former is a stranger. The
deep happiness in her heart shines out
in her face. She gleams over it. She
is full of devices and plots and sweet
surpr;se3 fr .her. husband and family.
She has never done with the romance
and poetry of life. She herself is a
lyric poeni setting herself to all pure
and gracious melodies. Humble house
hold ways and duties have for her a
golden significance. The prize makes
her calling high, and the end sanctifies
the means. "Love is heaven and
heaven is love.
Upper ; and Lower Classes. In
a discourse entitled,, Tho Misery of
the Masses and Jhow to resch Jt," the
Ilcv. W. N. Taylor says "You re
member the toaching story of. the
daughter of lair Robert Peel :";ITer
father give her, as ft birthday present,
a prorgcous s riding habit and went out
with her the same day for an airing in
the park, his heart swelling with pater
nal pride! as he rode by her side.
Shortly after she sickened and died of
typhus fever of the most malignant
type; and when inquiry was made as
to how she bad caught the infection,
it was discovered that the habit, pur
chased from one of the London West
end, tradesmen, had been - mnde in &
miserable attic, where the husband of
the seamstress was lying ill of fever,
and that it had been used to cover him
in his shivering fits. Thus, whether
we will believe it or not, the safety ot
the highest is bouud up with thn con
dition of the lowest; any if we neg
lect their material, moral, and spiritual
interests, there will come a -dreadful
Nemesis to mark the Divine displeas
ure on out conduct, and we may per
ceive our guilt all too late, when the
vast temple of our liberties a shapeless
mass of wreck and ruin Jics.J?iiVt
Paper. J:
The Fall Elections. The fall
elections i this year are to decide not
only the character of the next House
of Representatives, but also, to a cer
tain extent, that of the Senate. Twen
ty Senators will be elected by the next
State Legislatures. The Senator whose
terms expire on the 4th of March next
are : Morrill , of Maine, Cagin of
New Hampshire, Wilson of Massachu
setts, Anthony of Rhode Island, Cat
tell of New Jersey, Willey of West
Virginia Abbott of North Carolina,
Robertson of South Carolina, Fowler of
Tennessee, Grimes of Iowa, Howard of
Michigan, Thayer of Nebraska Ross of
Kansas, Yates of Illinois, McDonald of
Arkansas; Revels of Missisaippl Will
inuas of Oregon, Harris of Louisiana,
Warner of Alabama, Saulsbury of Del
aware MoCreery of Kentucky,; and
Norton of Minnesota. The outgoing
Senators are all Ropublicans, except
SautsburyvMcCreery and Norton: The
seat of j Mr, Fowler has already been
filled by a Democrat, and that of Mr.
Grimes by a' Republican. The- Demo
crat will probably . lose the Senator in
; A certain Mrs. Lane, who is about
to start an antUwouianV sufTrageiilour
nal recently yisited Washiogtoo to so
lioh material "aid, and received : from
Butler,H 84000. : from' -Senator
lpragu.e:, 01,000, witb the" privilege of
Telegraphic Sumniary.
CniCAOO, June 9. The tax and tar
iff bill was under consideration in thu
Senate Finance Committee four fr five
hours to-day.' Its general characteris
tics were discussed but no votes had on
any of its provisions. Indications are
strong that the whole sections relating
to special or license taxes will bo re
jected so as to abolish all taxation un
der that head, and do away with nu
merous officials. f The chances seem
even that the committee will set uside
SeheuckV tax bill cntiroly and report
Shennan's brief bill of last month.
Washinqton, June 9.- The ? Sen
ate Committee on Commerce has agreed
to subsidize the Australian steamship
line, which looks favorably for the Pa
cific mail subsidy.
The Red Cloud delegation had an in
terview with , the President to day.
Red Cloud made a speech similar to his
previous one. The President promised
to use his authority for the protection
of the Indians on the Reservations as
well as for the whites against the red.
Davis, of New York, from the Ju
diciary Committee, reported a bill es.
tablishing a universal system of natu
ralization. It requires as a condition
of citizenship three years residence
with the intention of becoming a citi
zen, except in case of aliens who en
listed in the army and who were hono
rably discharged, who may become cit-,
izens upon one year's actual residence.
The bill was discussed at length.
Among its opponents were Sargent,
who opposed it unless the amendment
offered by Fitch, excluding Chinese
ane Japanese, wa agreed to. Fitch
and Axtcll closed the debate. The bill
was tabled by 102 to 62.
Constantinople, J une U. 1 be
fire in Pcra district is subdued. Near
ly 70,000 buildings of aU sorts were
desti oyed many of the best in ; the
city. The, loss of life greatly exceeds
the estimate. The remains of 150 hu
man beings were found. It is supposed
this number represents pne-half of the
actual loss. The total pecuniary loss
is " computed at twenty five . million
pounds sterling. The English under
writers sufter a heavy loss. " -
Madri d, J une 9. In the Cortes
yesterday the motion to elect a King
by a direct vote of the people was de
feated, and the provision requiring the
candidates to receive a majority equal
to half the whole number of deputies
was carried by 138 to 124.
London. June 10. Charles Dickens
died at 0:20 last evening, of paralysis.
A correspondent of the Cincinnati
Gazette makes the following remarks in
answer to the questions of another cor
respondent, in reference to the running
out of the best varieties of fruit:
I answer, by suggesting that many
of our old 'and valuable varieties of
fruit trees are in the state of old age
and decay, and will not produce good
fruit." .--.v----'.-' r-w,-;..
Many orchards recently planted,
made up of selections of our old and
excellent varieties, grafted on thrifty
and healthy seedlings, are in the de
cline of life and decay of oljl age,
simply in obedience to the laws of na
ture, as there is a limit to the age of
all trees. It must be bofno in mind
that the graft is only nourished by the
sap of the root of the tree upon ; which
it U grafted; its properties are not
changed by it, and therefore it partakes
of the age and all the infirriiities of the
treo whence the variety originated. It
is from this cause that all of our old
and favorite varieties of apples, peach
es, &c., arc disappearing ; and it is use
less to continue to gather these old ra
rietles, as we only m ultiply a sickly
and exhausted variety. Our only rem
edy is to raise new and valuable - varie
ties from buds; and then multiply these
varieties by grafting while they are
Powerful Apparatus. The very
efficient. Fire Department of San Diego
is described as fo! lows, and , when in
full operation it must be a caution to
the .fife-fiend
' The "masheen consists of ft large
hogshead filled with water and mount
ed upon a wheelbarrow. ! Each member
of the company wears "a-tin dipper iq
his belt, and, on an alarm of fire being
given, the hogshead is rapidly wheeled
to the scene of conflagration ; the mem
bers then surround the i wheelbarrow,
and detaching their dippers,1 proceed
promptly to extinguish the flames.
' The first 'mention made of modern
money is in the Bible where it speaks
of the dove, haviog broqgat tUo crecu
back" to Noah-
Fire in the Woods. For'years ol
this coast timber has been destroyed by
firo. in the summer a serious loss to
the country, while it. fills the atmos
phere with smoke, at times oppressive,
always disagreeable and lasting several
weeks. These fires are doubtless caused
generally by carelessness. A burning
w. d, a lighted match thrown into the
dry leaves, causes a fire which extends
over thousands of acres and does , not
cease until the fire material is extin
guished or is stopped by the fall rains.
We respectfully, suggest to everybody
having occasion to use fire in the woods
to be areful,to extinguish It. A fire
may not bo any injury to them, but
will bo to others. J Much of the"5 great
glory, beauty, ana1 wealth of our coon
try a store of wealth to those who
may come aftcrus lies in our immense
evergreen forests. -
We have lived to see timber in the
Eastern ' States difficult to be obtained
the pines of the Alleghany region
have m6stlyj)cen taken oflf no rafts of
timber are now seen in the Connecti
cut river, coming from pine regions in
Vermont the amount of pine timber
in Michigan, once thought to be "inex
haustible, is rapidly lessening and the
same fact can be stated . in regard to the
great pineries on the upper Mississippi.
In the lives of many of those now on
this coast will be-seen the demand of
the Atlantic States on this country for
necessary lumber for her improvements
for her ships, her dwellings, her fences,
docks, and other purples. The de
struction of Eastern forests Las been
going on for two hundred and thy
years, we might say with almost savage
barbarity. Let us learn lessons of pru
dence on this eoa&t. Willamette Far
A traveler, who demanded his trunk
at a Baltimore depot before all other
and was told by the Irish baggage mas
ter that he must have patience and
wait bis turn, turned upon the baggage
master with, YouVe an impudent
dog." To which ho of the trunks rc
joined; ,An faith, ye are a monkey,
and it's a great pity that, when we two
were made bastes, ye wasn't' made an
tlliphant, so that ye could have ycr
blasted trunk under yer nose all the
The report of the Superintendent of
Common Schools for the State of Ohio
for the year 18G9, represents the cause
of popular education as making marked
progress in that State. The amount of
money raised for school purpose s is in
creasing, and equals that expended in
any other State in the Union. , The
number of children growing up in ig
norance is dituitmhing, and it is n w
difficult to find a native child fifteen
years old unable to read and write
The Temperance leaders in Muiue
have decided to call a State Convention
in Auburn I subsequent to the meeting
of the Republican State Convention,
for the purpose of nominating a caudi
date for Governor and making all nec
essary arrangements for perfecting the
party organization iu the State.
Republicans were last week highly
incensed at Dave Logan, because he
had turned Democratic and was trying
to carry Yamhill county Democratic.
Hut tbis week it is Democrats wharp
breathing cuss words at . him -and his
work. ; For oursctf, we think Logan
did unite the Republicans more closely,
but ; it was Newby 's : imports, at Sher
dan,whq did the, work. ;. They turned
around and-voted Republican. .
Go Two. 'Yung man, do you be
lieve in the future state?"
Vin course i does: and what s morel
I intend to enter , it as soon as Betsey
gets her wedding things ready." -
"I mean you belive in a future
state of rewards and punishments V
"Most assaredly. - If -'I should cut
mugs with & rc 1 headed woman, I should
expect ,mJ hat, indented; by , the first
broomstick sbo- could lay her hands
on . '
' Go to, young man, you are incorri
gible.: Goto."., ; .
"Go two. If it wasn't for the law
agin bigamy, blessed if I wouldn't go
a dozen. Rutvrbo sapposed, Deacon,
9. man of yonr years. woo!d give euch
advice to : a person, just: starting in
life." J - , - "
' This took the deacon down.
Subscribe for the Republican.
AtVy& Co8clIor-at-l.aw
McMlnuTille, Yamhill Co., Oregon.
Particular attention given to the etailj and
practice of Criminal Law, Collection of Ciaiin,
Notea, Accounti, etc. j ;' l'i -v.:-r'-
Physician and Surgeon,
Dallas, Ogu....
IlaVlne rennracd practice, will cire' special
atuntion to Obstetric, and tho treatment of
tlie. disease! of Women and Children, i
asruuice ait bis residence. -v,:. t -'-
All'y & CouhscIIor-at-Iair
Dallas, Oregon, j ' ' ''
Will, give speeial aitentiun to the eolleetion of
Claims, and all business entrusted to his rare.
KEFKHENCE.S lion. John Burnett, Jlons
E. S. tit rah an & Simpson, lion, A. J. Thajer.
' '35 - - ' S '
II. r. ROM), !.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Dallas, Tregon.
OFFICE At Nichols Drug Store.
XtVy & Counsel lor-al-iLaw
Fpecial attention given to the Collection ot
rlairuu, also the buying, stlling and leasing of
Ileal Estate, and Coufejratociog. ;
Justice of the Peace for Dallas Precinct.
OFFICE In PoticCot xTY Tiaaa bailding,
Main ttreet, opposite Court House. - '
D. Jlil'iatlES, M. Di, x
Physician and r$tireon.
lola, Oregon.
FpccisJ attention ( given to Obstetrics and
l)'wei at Women.', ' , j ;- Itf
r , j. ii. iavii)m)n, m. d;;
Physician and Surgeon,
Independence, Ogn.
T. V. IX. Einhrec.
JpSr Office at residence.
C. . CllUi,
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law
Will practice in alt the Courts of Record and
Inferior Courts of this States
OFFICE In Walkiuda A Co' brick, up
stairs. 1 , ' . . . - 1
Ilaydcn & IWyci ;
'Dallas, Oregon.
Attorneys & CounseUors-at-Latr,
Dallas, Oregon,
Will rMPtico in all the Court of the
State. 1
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law.
.Dallas, Oregon.
; Special attention given to Collections and to
matters pertaining to Ileal kstalev . .
1 f J. A. Appiegale, '1
i Dallas. Polk County, Ojjii. 1
l; jr. WAStnUAw. j?f. i.,
Physician and Surgeon, v;
j I.eulsvllle, Folk Co., )Su..
Has recently returned from the Atlantic States
And offejs his professkm-d itfrvieot to the citt
sens of the Couoty. ; j v ' Vi
Particalar attention given to Female Dis
eases. , . . , . . 2-tf .
K. B.KtlQUT.
I ; . w. pL4an
At t'y&Counsci lor-a i-Ia vt
Corner Commercial and. state Streets,
Opposite f.add & Hush's ISauk,
iril? praetlce in ttwB Snprcmo . Court and tho
Circuit Courts of the Second and Third Ju
dicial Districts. f- . " 2tf
CV R It E Y & 1111 RLEY, 4
Attorney s-At-Lavr,
LAl?AYfTTI3 ; - - - - OREGON.
: inAutOx Ramsey,
Lafayette, Oregon. "
Lafayette, Oregon.
C. P. PERU?,' " -f
' Notacy J 'milit,'
4HalEtate Attorney,
Heal Estate Brokers and i
Collection Agents, ,
KortaWit Cer. cf Firrt and , ,lWasalago, .
-.' " Streets, ;
POitT,A"ND - - - . -. ORECOK '1
StieCial attention civeti 'to the sale of lteal
Estate. Collections icade -in Oregon and the
TerHtdries."V-',:';'- - ': ' . r
Property, town lots, tfnprdfed'favms.-siock',
ranches, lands, Ac., situated, i u the best partiowa i
or Oregon, aud Ty. T., tor sale on reasonable
f f. s.'iriATTEso, ;.'
Physician, Surgeon & Accopcii-v.,.
j : Ilaena Tlsta, Pollc C,'Og, ;
Will attend prompUj to professional faTfs. ;
1 I )l I . II "l j'lllMHB -I 'IT' ' . Mil -111 I I .Mil HI ii 'I ' I - ' -'- - ' i-
A A. M Dallas, holds its rcsruler ecin-
mnnieaUons on the Saturday retediru,
the Full Moon in each month, unUss the biooft.;
falls on Saturday- tLcn on tuat..daj( at one .
o'clock. . ' ' - ' ' " r.
Also, on tho second. Friday in each tm.Vth
at f o'clock, P. M , for the purpose of impnre
mcnt of the Craft in Masonry, and for toA ,
thor work as the, Master way f.voj time ta f
time order. '' ' "' .
All Brethren In good standing are invited ta j
attend. Dy order of the - . W. M.
; ; . -
Bear testimony to the Wonderful Curativ
- Effects of ' ' t.i
a ii Dr. Joseph Walker's- f
r o '
Manufactured from the natire Herbs and Roo4
; -. : ; ol Calitoroia, ,
g$S- The Great Riood Purifier. nrift ;
have beeu most tact'fs sful. SfJt.Il. DliKAS-
US are caused ty VITIATED M.OOD. fcirh.
ii generallv prmluced by drai;giifct Mr.the
Cleanse - the Vitiated Blood "wh'encrer y ''"
find its impurities hunting thn-uh tin kin in j
IMmplea. Eruptions, or Cores; cU-atir il al.cn -tou
"find it whstructed nd slugpUh in the.y
vius; cleanse it when it is fool, aitd your feci- 'T
ipgs will tell jou hetu 'Keep the hlood heal
thy, and ail will he well. . -
i agents,.;.: : :
a. e. i mcsoiw alb a Co., :
Importing Wholes-ale v--. .y
O R V G G 7l' W:
Corner Pine and Sansonie trt;ft., Pan Fraa ,
Cisco, CaKi and Sacrament", t'ul., andt
i 34 Piatt street, N. . ; . ,,v
".j , Sly . '
Carrise and Gruatm n(al
vommcrcia ; ;rser
z Oppoilts Sitrkty Stl.'
t -
). ..- J- . ".,- ...'.., . ..
ilNE.WINES, tiQl-OR S AN D fiKOAltS,'
; served to easterners on shrt h.tie '
: This establishment does tiot dij-? taigle...
jool or any this j of th.it character.
'i-XsTj'CiU at he 3eiif;-rjV' 'cv
Cor4r Mill nt Mafu streets, Dallas.,
Rigr& Catnple!l '
j i i . . .......
g c" .: " v ., " -
tin i-
. V r-. J . ?
- s rs
Sashes, of all the toumna irs', and ofJLuLi .
the best vrorhuinnship, at Hdr Saslrante thwt' f
Vnrtnrv. wliioh tl)r ntFpr for naln n . talma..
such artieios can W purchased tlsewhere. ' ! ' lv
f They are atso prepareit tn.&ll "nil special at H
iters for work in their lineproinptly, cheaply
and accurately. - '1 -1 ;
. m i . . r i r . iu a . .
1 uire nsaxnai, ana you wiu do satitru-a. ;.k
2 . . ; - RlrtS. A CAMPBELL.:".. ,;f
cattle hr sheep, n CAMICDA -t A PIMi- i
TOGHAPIIiC Sr( Ki alsn m '.tw..i t..
house and Gallery in Dallas. For particulars
inquire of B. F. Nichols or
- I