Oregon Republican. (Dallas, Or.) 1870-1872, May 14, 1870, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
no:, n.
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Is Issued Every Saturday Afternoon at
Dallas, Polk County, Oregon.
BY D. M. G. GAULX & C0ftlP7.
OFFICE Main street, between Court and
Mill streets, two doors south of the Postoffiee. -
8INQLE COriES One Year, $2 50; Six
Months, $1 75; Three Months, $1 00. "
Sulterijttion must he jnid Urutlj in adrance
One square (10 lmes or less), first inserfn, $3 00
Each subsequent insertion X 00
- A liberal deduction wilfh)e mado to quar
terly and yearly adrcrtiacrs.
Professional card's will bo inserted at $12 00
; . Transient advertisements must be paid for
in advance to insure publication. All other
advertising bills must be paid quarterly.
Legal tenders taken at their current value.
Blanks and Job Work of every description
furnished at low rates on short notice.
; SuAll advertising bills must ba paid
Come, Mary, throw your work aside,
And let jour tronbles bo ;
Leave care and toil and sin ko awhile,
And Hpcnd an bonr with mo.
"We'll seek the cowslip on tho bank,
The priinrnpo in the lane,
And happy fights and stands afar
Shall make us young again.
It's lang my love, Mnee you ifnd I
Have heard the blackbirds sing,
Or caught, by running brooks or woods,
The glory of the Spring. .,
It's long since you and I hare trol
The paths where hawthorns blow;
Then, Mary, fling your work aside,
And let your troubles go.
The trees shall bond to welcome us,
The flowers shall clasp our fet,
The very been shall hjmn our praise,
Id murmurs soft and sweet;
The winds thall swell, with ready voice,
The chorus high and loud,
.And we'll forget the busy world, my wife,
And all its busy crowd.
A thousand thing await tH. love '
Blue skies and balmy nir
Green fields whoso very fight shall make
- .The. heart forget ita care.
. Then never si;h be glad to-day'
Throw sorrow to .tharwtm- "X"
Nor pause till we have left oar ills
A Summer's hour behind.
A Race For life.
We had taken- our cargo oF whale
oil, and were on our way home. Being
short of water, we had dropped an
chor in a beautiful hay at one of the
Easter Islands, in the Pacific ocean.
8., the second officer,'' 'with hi3 boat's
crew, put off in the niht with a raft
of casks, intending to fill them with
- water and start back fcHhe ship before
' we were discovered by the natives, who
were not friendly especially as wc had
had a difficulty with them already.
"That raft's nearly afloat, boys,"
said Mr. SM at ten o'clock or there
' abouts; "we'll be off in half an hour,
and the black thieves can bag their
heads. Halloo! what's that?. Takj
a look at the ship, Dick."
The exclamation was drawn from
him by a low, dull booming sound from
the direction of the ship. Jumping
- into the little stream, from the bow of
the boat, where I had been lying. I
parted the mangroves and looked out.
The ship was all ripcht, and nothing ap
peared to awaken distrust; but while I
looked, a puff , of white smoke rose
from her waist, and I saw a dark ob
ject run up and down from her taffrail
to the end of the spanker-gafF, several
times. It was the "wheft," or recall
flag, which did not blow out so as to
show .well, the day being hot and still.
r. The ship was signalling our return, and
runniD the wheft up and down was to
emphasize it. In a few moments
: the dull boom of the cannon again
'-reached us.: '."!
'The wheft's Tnnninjr up and down
sir, and they are firing the gun," I re 4
ported to our onicer.
"Launch the boat off with her
: boyi," said Mr. 8., sharply and deci
.sively; "there's a screw looce some-
.; . . i t
wnere; tne sooner we re on me Detter.
" ' Off she goes." r i.v.f .&.xf-?
We ran the boat into the water, ship
!t)ed our oars, and started for the ship.
As we passed the raft I remarked,
"The raft's all afloat, sir."
"Pull away never mind the raft;
lay back, my lads," was - the reply, as
we left the anchored casks astern.
The sun was hot, but we pulled a
lon, sweeping stroke, that was rapidly
taking. us out clear of the point, when
the signal-gun again boomed forth its
warning, this time much louder rand
wore startling, as we were eonsidera
bly nearer than when It was first fired.
Au bands hacUbcon lookiojr anxieuslv
touqd to discover the cause of the evi-
dent uneasiness on boatd the ship, but
nothing had rewarded pur search. We
knew that we mustbe visiiblo from the
ship, for they, knew just where to. look
for us, and wc were less than six miles
distant. ' What could such anxiety on
their part mean f,'U:.i:i',ujl$ , v.
f 'Lay :back, men," said the . third
mate, .commencing to "back up" the
after oar for the first time since we
started ; "lay back ; there's the devil
to pay ; some where, that we can't see.
Spring her, bjys, spring her !''t t
All felt as if, as Mr, S.Jiad said "the
devil was to pay : heroic whet'H "wo
laid back with a will, shooting our light
boat through the water at a rate. that
soon took us clear of the point., The
earnestness of the ship's men 'was all
explained now. There, less than a
mile from us, fair abeam, and paddling
rapidly for the ship, were at , least 20
canoes, holding probably, forty-men
each. To resist such 'a - force in our
boat was hopeless ; our only hope of
salvatiou laid in gaming the ship before
they did. . ; ; .. , r. .
As wo were pulling; straight for the"
vessel, ana trie canoes were, aiming ior
the same point, we were of course .rap
idly ncaring each other; Our aim was
to be, ahead of the natives before the
converging lines of our . respective
courses should mecl. It was a hanl
race to an uninterested spectator it
would douutle have been very line-;
but .wo' didn't think much ol it. Poll5
ing for life, the stakbiwa loo heavy for
the contestants to enjoy it. ' No breath
was wasted in talk, for none needed
urging tp lay. out Uic last ounce" of
strength. The musket in the bow
bothered jrac a little I m'ssed a stroke
and tossed it overboard. The third
'mate said nothing,-but ceased heaving
on the ' stroke;; oar a motneu t, to ' toss
over the other, So much weight was
gone, and that was of more import
ance than all the fighting wo could do,
if we were overhauled. , :
Wc had reached within a mile of the
ship," when it was evident that if there
was anv ad vantage in speed, it was on
our side--we were certainly a little
ahead of the other racers.' The sav
ages, a set of naked, howling demons.
eager for vengeance, and accustomed to
the heat of t the climate, plied their
piddles with "a will ; while we 'were en
cumbered with clothing, (not much of
it, to be sure, but still enough to inake
a difference), and were bat a few months
away from the cold and cheerless re
gion of sea north of Dehring's Straits!
Kut "men will work hardjfuiT life we
did. Five minutes more would decide
the race, one way or the other.
We had pulled - in a direct line for
theship: but the sarages had headed
a very little across our course, hoping
in cut us off, so that sonie of their ca-
noes were oow in our wake and well
astern. - Jlut the leading one was a lit
tie on our quarter, and not more th.in a
ship's length off. Two ry tar', practice
in whaleUoals h;iI trained our muscles
well, but, though we.had many a hard
trig after, "fiwt boat " we had Siever
seen occasion for sucli exercise as this
race was giving
us. and achiux wrists
and labored breathing warned tne that
not many more miles would be needed
to finish me; nor were -the others less!
distressed.' One man only of oui crew
seemed freshr Peanuts the black Por
tuguese, who bent his long back as he
reached the blade of his eighteen ftot
oar nearly forward of mine, and then
beut the st
bit of wilipvv, without ",'turning . a ha'd
withsweat." t Ifalf blinded with thq
perspiration which streamed rromotir
foreheads into our eyes, wc could noj
spare evettheniomcntrquircd to drv
our facef, but labored on, scarce, able ta
see our oar blades. thd' sllelBci in qui
boflt, brokeo onlyby the,1 rariidi steady
rollocking of the oars 'and the11 'deep
breathing of the r6worsI il.traalibl
strangely with the infernal Jyellings ol
our : pursaerSf Mr. could see thi
ship, offcoursei as he faced that wayi
but the boat's crew, could nott and the
imru raaie. couiu. not see xne canvasc
but neither party could 'spare an in
starit tq look around. 1 Momenta were
too precious just then. Peanuts was
the first to break thejsile nee which had
been observed since we first saw the ca
noes. Gnashing his teeth at the eii -CtrjJiel
said, half to hJraajcirliiail half
to. them . '.lV ' ' '::' '' if
'i "yqatWa-'Tff31106'. ybii, '
and suddenly elevating his .voice to i
yell, he contlnued'we beatoe vou I" "
"Do worop'em aiiy, Dick ?" gasr
ed Mr. S , without turning romnd. ,
;?;?t.yes ir, I think we do a little1 ar .
swercd T ; - for I coud see that the gaj
between us had increased. i '
"Hurrah boys I" continued tho third
liebgth every stroke. I can see thoguri
barrels shine there's man in the tops
with muskets. Lay back, boys, anothv
ei-.half. mile and we're gafc" . ;
Encouraged by the prospect of vic
tory in the race, hope and a feeliug of
d .'fiance lent new vigor to our weaken
c l and over exerted muscles J and as
the sound of a cheer from our ship
mates reached our ears, telling ui how
e gerly we were watched,5 and t how
roady orrr companion were1 to; assist us;
if possible an answering shout 1 went
back froni us--drowried though it was
in the yelling of the' natives. : 1 tn -1
"Keep your stroke now, men, keep
your stroke now,'' said our officer ;
"don't hurry your stroke we'll do 'era
Irown yet keep your stroke and lay
t ack ; one minte more and we're there.
Steady and cool's the word. Ha 1 there
j ocs a musket.'' . ... .. f - I
We heard no report nor the whiz of
the bullet, but a coni motion, in the
Reading canoe indicated that some one
was hurt. "Aha ! you black dev 1"
screamed Peanuts, "come on ; wc killee
ou you black dev : Peanuts rum.
elf was black as the ace of spades, but
as very fond of applying to other ' col
! red men the term ,4blaek devil so
ften applied to himself. A mordent
aterand wo could hear the report of
ne miKKeis wuicn mc men in me tops
vere tiring at our pursuers, anu tne
vhiz of th bullets over our heads.
Some people rnny think the' whist-
in?- of bullets nice music, but I don't.
frankly acknowledge that I prefer
pven tne dulcet notes or trie worst
land-organ. Hut "on this occasion
inly" I enjoyed the sinqing j of , the
leaden messengers and so did the jest
f our crew. In spite of himselfand
his admonition to ob to keen Cool, a
fy oil of exultation broke from the third
mate, and was joined m by all hands.
o had good cau-e to exult. Several
of the natives must have been hit,
judging from the confusion in the fore
rartst canoes, which still pursued, but
had evidently lost heart in the chase,
ho that we were rapidly gaining, alway
from them ; and we could distinguish
the shout of-our shipmafesr as they
chetrcd us on, mingled with rapid raus
ketshootmg and cursing at; the sav-
ft V.1 - -.
ascs. , Ana-men came tuc ciiief mate ,s
hail, -Pull round the stern, Mr. S.
pull round the stern." J ' ; ' '
: 'Ay, ay, sir," answered Peanuts ;
and so tnddenly had our spirits risen
that something akiu to a laugh took
place in the boat. , ' j fr i
, , We shot round theships stern, and
along side ; in a few seconds we were
in deck exhausted , tut iafc. Kach
man grasped a wea'pon to face, the foe;
but they evidently had no intention to
attack. On the contrary, they were
paddling as fast as possible to get out
of tange of the bullets, which were
being sent at them from the deck now,
asv well as. from the tops. The signal
gun, from which the "assorted" charge
had uceu drawn before signalling to us,
had been reloaded, and was pointing
out of the waist at the canoe. :;Mr. S.
rushed to the galley for the 'hot poker.
and returned wUh it .in," his' 'hand to
fire the cannon. , : : ."'V :l
"Stop, M r. S,,"; said the mate;flor
(rod s mercy, stop. Ihefe s no use in
k 1 . t -J ' . J
killing tne rpoor wretches -- they re
clearing" out. 'as fatt-as they can, now
Stop' firing,' men,' he continued, -' shout-
ing to the crew. :-:.-ll,r-i AT
'The firing sooo ceased ; but Peanuts.
whose blood was up, and who was fair-
ly teaming with rage; saw the Laptain s
"pepper-box" ; lying; on the capstan,
snatclcd iit up, ran to -the waist and
snapped it at the vent of the signal gun
For, ; once, the wretched pepperbox
went off the first time it was snapped ;
a deafening report ensued, the? spikes
and other missiles , spattering ; thickly
in the water around, tho retreating ca
noes, ami doubtless doing much, injury
wo Shad , no racens of telling how
much t while the ? overloaded i old cun
kicked tMjuaro over the main hatch,
landing on ! its back' with the carriage
uppermost, against the -opposite bul
warks. That was the last shot fireuU ;
i --rj; h:;t :ix?--'jx -a'i'-i
TpjRONTO, May 4 -TrPfepnratlonsfor
thq filed .'River expedition cqntinuo
Lnfsre.nuantitjes of military sfores are
being - dispatched to Collidgwood 'laud
Fort 'William.' ' Volunteers in' ''crcat
numbers are arriving. V: - ,l
V New, York ,'M'ay 5V A private con
lerence was iieia ycsTeruay at oncrin
O'Brien's office by leaders of the i Ybiing
JJemocracy, ;for the jpurpose, it w rii
niored of .azreeiris upon:? termsr of eo?
alit iofj to be offered to, the other 5 wJd
of the party. -'-l ;
i A Sunday school teacher at Ohiqa go
ppeusgs tthe( poy) w ho aots .the best dur
ing tho year, ond comtnitrrtfio racist
lestamont. a meerschaum pipe.
Telegraphic Summary
" ' . . . ? 1- IL.II-I.X .jm-V t
New. York, May 3. 7 Arrange;
ments are progressing for a public meet;
irig of merchants in favor of the
treaty ! for the acquisilion of Samana
Argument was -made , in the, Su
preme Court to-day on the niotiou to
dissolve the injunction of he JiifisK
bhhholders against the hne Company.
Tlio decision is reversed. E ; m :.
NEW YbRK, May - 4.-It 1 is 'stated
that Johu Morrissey. will soon resign
member of Congress an nrcnnnt of I
liWicallh. : - . ; . : r . '
-.--o . . t-
Hon Kdward Pierpont. IT. S: Dis
trict Attorney, left this city on Monday
for Washington to consult with - the
President io relation to his proposed
rewguation and the nomination ? pi. his
successor. . j i -
The solicitors of the Treasury De
partment are ordered to New York to
investigate the charges against Collect
or GrinucU, made by a , large number
of, prominent business men, in session
at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. :H
Wasiiinoton, May 3. The 21st
annnal meeting cf the American 3Iedi
eal Association is convened at this city?
1 our; hundred are p resent, represent
ing rupii of the . State .Asciations and
medical schools of thq country. The
report of the committee on credentials
was read, 'excluding certain delegates
on account of going into consultation
with qolorcq physicians. A minority
report of an opposite nature was also
made." -t - -;
Ottawa. May 3. In the Commons
last night a bill was reported for the
government of the Ked Hirer country.
The new provincqjs to bo called Mani
tqba, and will , contain Il.UOO. square
miles. The unorganized tract is to be
governed by (he Lieut.4 Governor of
.uauuoua, ana win ue nnaer a separate
commusston, and its atiairs regulated
by order in council. .t ltH t :
Loxdon, Mar 3. -The great t race
for two, thousand guinea stakes t New
market to-day was won by. McGregor,
beating the second horse, Norwaoby,
New ORLr.AXf, 3Iav4. A tBmlxnz
affray occarred last night between . Jno.
Jlarrett, local reporter on the Pttamfhe,
nd ex special officer. Smith.; ; fhe lat.
r - . '
ter was mortally vrpundea, aoa 1t; tuc
former slightly. A! gentleman was
shot and dangerously j wounded during
the dilhculty. The cause was animad
versions of that pa p4r on the: special
metropolitan police. arid the publication
by, Smith bf.a scurrilous circular ou
Parrel t. "::' .' " '' j. ' 'I',""'
Nkw IUven, May 4. Gov, Eng
llsh1 was inaugurated to-day. In hi
message'" he rec'onuijends a cbhvcntiorf
for revising, the-State Constitution1, to
facilitate tho operation of tho liftct nth
1 TiteNTON. Mhy 4
-The elfy is with
out ; police. u, TlitJ lime for which; "the
oil iurco was appointed has, expired
nnd tbe'Cotnnioa Council. having faiU
cd ""politicallj to orntfize.'hd new fdrco
U appointfcd.J -i-y-nt': -.'.a r '-" ''"--v
Washinoton, May 4.Tn tne Scn?
ate, Morgan-presented ndditionaf ' pcti
lions asking Congress to abolish nation
al, banks and redeem j tho bonda, depos
ited by them as .security.; to isue fiHy
inillibris of tfea?ufy n6lc3 and hiake
the same' reeeivable.1 for enstoins And
duties itnd all other taxes collected - by
the Federal Qovcrnnient, and tp pay off
tho'.SvfQ' borjded .- pb't. n ,n i
; Hills passed to aid in the' construe
tion of the Oregon Branch of the Pa.
cifiQ Ilailroad," andj Ruthorizing tbe
Sdut h e tri. 31 i ti n esot a" Hall road; to co h -nect
theit Hn0 with tbb Northern : IV
cifie. in-iiiii-i l--t?:-:Jr: rJj ':i
In the House, a bill to amend the
bankrupt act 4 in relation to its opera
tidn Vas Introdiiced.i " .l:'At":;Vt:: i -
v ociis 'uvni iiie coninimcc on uic
.decline .fuAmerican commerce, report
cd a but authonziug a niail steamship
service from, New rO,rlean3, inontblyi to
Tamiic6, Vera Cruz'auUavanar j
i ClilAcioJlMajr 4, A j Washington
; special: say i, that-a j combination has
been entered into tweeu the .friedl
; of tlio ' various" !SouifieVn racifiolta.il-
Toad Tifiiea and' ihoie of tlfe 'Northern
Pacific- for the'purfsd iof geltin'botlv
m?8Bures fijLbrouglrjt Congress, cm Tho
Sput hern r ro en t-eem disposed to, unite
urjoh the Fremont route. v ,
jfjo, t V M B u s O h j".JIayt 4 ryp A j$ is-
patcliv says i in ruiorecT tfial Eto,rs
''McLean and llalsteaUapsed';:. thrddgh
here with' thitr?frie6d8 on MoriVlay,5 On,
tbekay tOiGanridaito fight a du&U.j
. . ... i ....
McMiuuvllIe, VamhUl Co., Oregon
'Particular attention given to the studs and
practice of Criminal Law, Collection of Claims,
2ot8, Accoauta, etc. 4
JT. K.; SITES, ; M m ;
IMiysiciaii aniJ Kuireon,
t allas,
Having reimei practice, will ive fpedal
attention to Obstetrics, and the treatment of
the diseases of Women and Children.
'C30Offieo at his 'residence.".
XWy & CouKscIIor-ai-I-air
Dallas, Oregon,
Will give tpeeial aitention to the collection of
Claims, and nil business entrusted to his care.
ltEFEltKNCE.3-.Hon. John Burnett, Horn.
It. S. ttruliau & Simpson, Hon. A, J. Thayer.
b,;f.-.jbod9 iti. i., h .
Physiciaii and Surgeon,
Dallas, Oregon
OFFICE At Jficho!. Drui Store.
H a . JA. IS. TUSSIEIt, '
A t it 'y Con 11 sel I or-a t-a w
io5v;,v-v ogx. J
.Special attention given to the 'Collect ion of
claims, at jo the toy in;, Boiling and kaeing of
Ileal Ktttate, and Convey incing. n
Justice of the Peace for Dallas Precinct
OFFlCE-io Polk CoVxtY Times huildiog,
Mnin isf rcetT of.poiita Court HouoV
rM. V. D J liFFIt I CJ,' M D.f
riij sicinn a nil Surgeon
i iJ" 12ola, Oregon.
' Special attention given to
Drat'Atie of'Wvroen.' .
Obstetrics and
'. t . J. 1 DAVIDSON, SI. D.t
riiyniciaii and nrgon,
V' ' Independence, Offti : 1
; T. V.'I5r Emlirtc. : .
f ''iMITT," YAMuirlL'c6.V;OREOOX. :
!ivjrijr,;Offie t residence, i .. J4yl :.
Attorneys & Cotinsenofsat-Lat7,
-ImAI-liSl. Oil I2C.OX. 1 j
t . a r
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law;
i- -. ."'''.'.
WiU practice In all the Courts iof Record and
, .,.i.,r Inferior Conns of this State.
OFFICE-Ia WatLiads.A Co's Brick, op
II a y t! e n '"&. "ITS y c r ,
: JDallas, Orcn. , Vi'f ;
Attorneys & Counssllors-at-Law,
-, , Ilalias. Oregon, , :
? praoticc in all the Courts of the State. 1 1
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law.
f .Spwial attention' given to! Collections and to
matters .perlaiuiri tq ileal fctate; r,.,u, X
t- hiwj . . -j p p s ca t e, : ' :
Dallas. Polk CuJ
uty, Ogn. 1
L J. WiaKLW, 31; B,,
Physician and Surgeon
. ' IcwisvlUe, lolk Co., Ogn.. "
Has recently returned from fthe Atlantic States
And offejs bis professiuual lerrices to the eiti
acns.of the County. - , j
Particular attontion giTi a to' Female Dis
i eases, ?Air w.-tHi ,2-tt.
I , . ;
A Wy 4&C i is n s c 1 1 o r-a (- h a xr,
Corner Commercial and State Streets,
Opposite I.att fc 1 uili's llauk,
VUl) practice in thajSupn
kaa Court and the
Circuit Courts of the Sociind and Third Ju
Vlieial Districts;
n. ntRiKT.
, , t At(oriacys-At-Lav,
jnACtlOIV El
Xafayette Oregon.
. A. P. 'VOKBES.
Lafayette, Oregon.
E. r. nUSSELt, I C. P. FERRT,
Jical Eetpte Attorney', f JSTotnry Public.
Real Estate I3roIiers and
Collection Agents,
Northwest Cor. of First and WasUagfon
. j-; - .Streets, ......
Special attention given to the sale of Real
Estate. Collections made in Oregon ard the
Territories. . i' .
PryjMJrty, town lots, improved farms, stock
ranches, lands, &c, situated in the best portions
of Oregon and W. T., fcr sale on reasonable
terms. . 3 tf
Physician, Surgeon St Accoucher,
V , Daeua VJsta Polk o., Ogu., .
I Will attend promptly to prufcsslonsi calls.
& A.-M., Da'lus, holds its rcgular e rn
rinunications on tbe: Saturday f receding
falls ou Saturday then on that day, at ono
o'clock. ' ''-''" iv v'
i Also, on the second: Friday in eaelj mcnth
at 7 o'clock, 1. M., for the purpose of Jmj rt-vc-tnent
of the Craft in Masonry. "ard ftr inch
other work'as tho Master may from' time to
time order. ... ' :;M;fJ-A'f
All Iirethren in good standing ar invited to
ttend. Bv order f the ' "'mmm ,', " 'IH'' , :
Rear testimony to the Wonderful hnative
f -Effects of -tk
i Dr. Joseph Valker's ss
a a.
anufacturcl from the native Ilcrhs an XEtPta
. ; - l Cali'ornla,
'jt-O- The Great RIooi. Putlfler ' .
flA or INDIllESTION. I? 1 LIO U?," HEM I T
K I DNfaY $nA BLADDEIi, these' BITTKll
hare keen ranst fuccefsfuU ;.4?.UCH DlSliAS
ES are caused hy VITIATED Rf.OOD, which
ia jronerallv produced by ileraBgimbnt the
lilUESritB ORGANS.- -
; Clearse tbe ; Vitiated '' Blood wheTievet y u
find its impurities hurstiul thruuh lhvtkib in
Pimples, Eruptions, or" 1-ortM;' cleaiise'Htiifn
y.tt flud it otstrueted aift sluggish u the
veins ; cleanse it w hen it is foul, and your feel
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Importing Wholesale '
Corner Pine and 'Sansoma 'StrcctsV'Pan Fran
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34 Vlalt street, N..Y., -
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Carriage and Mrn i bit in Cal
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A Variety of CIIATItr3. for, -Kitchen ciud
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Of mj own make? , f- , .
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my. stock. I shall be pleased to shotf -ou
my good snd Waiter. pleased when yr .it
' New Work put up to order, and Rt pairing
done at tbe lowest eath prico.. 1a . . t
87 UK. C. T7ILL3.
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