The independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 188?-189?, January 02, 1890, Image 4

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TUUH-DAY ...JAN. 2. 15-00
(Continued from lout wee':.)
- oas are you oner, nttte oner bo as ea;
"going to show the fine buckles at a student's
balli Kay, fla tbat is not like you.
"1 ara coiaz to pray dear Jenaa," the
- -I ; L. I I . .. . m . 1 tu :
7':" "L"T m .T
S .7t-.t SWA B1IU tvj v a-' vr -
1 as yea do, for your deed laughter's sake
or tho birds ted the Cowers will diu of
hunger and thirst. Take the key and prom
ise fne."
He took the fcay and promised.
"Do cot let them see those buckles thine;
they will rob you." he added.
Cebee ran from him fast, every 'moment
that was lost was so precious and so terribla
To pause a second for fear's sake never oc
curred to ber tine went forth as fearlessly
as a young swallow, born in uorthern April
days, flies forth on Instinct to new lands and
over unknown seas when autumn faiia.
Kectaaity and action breathed new life Into
ber The hardy and brave peasant ways of
her were awokw once more, Kbe bad been
strong to wait sikastly with the young Ufa in
her-dyinj out drep by drop in the heart
k-kneN ol n.j'T delay Stw ,- .""ni au"
to throw herself into strange countries and
dim perils and immeasurable miseries, on
the sole chance that she might be of service
to him.
few human souls here and there can love
Ckcdogs, Bebee's was one.
tt was dark. The May days are short la
the north lands of the Scheldt.
She had her little winter cloak of frieze and
her wooden shoes and ber little white cap,
with the sunny curls rippling out of it in
their pretty rebellion. She had ber little
lantern, too. and her bundle, and she had
put a few fresh eggs in her basket with some
sweet burtw and the palm sheaf that Father
Francis bad blessed last Eu.--u.-r for who
could tell. he thought, how ill be might not
be, or bow poor
Uhe hardly gave a look to the but as she
ran by its gun Ion gate, all ber heart was on
in front, in the vague far oil country where
be lay sick unto, death.
She ran fant through the familiar lanes Into
tberity Klie wa not vry wire where I'aris
was. but he bad the utuue clear and linn,
and she knew that people were al way coming
and going thence and thither, so that she hud
no fear she should not tliul it.
She went straight to the big. busy, bewild
ering place In the lroKld quarter where the
iron borse fumed every day anil uight along
the iron ways. !Sh had never been tlieie
. before, but she knew it was by that great
highway tlait the traffic to Paris was carried
ol. and she knew that it would carry people
alio aa well
There were bcIU clanging, lights flashing,
and crowds pushing and shoutmg as she ran
up a little gray figure, with the lantern
sark glimmering like any tiny glow worm
s-.tray in a gas lit city
To Paris f she ukpd. entreatingly, going
where she saw others going, to a little grausd
wicket In a wall.
'i'.'jfy-even franca quick 1" they do
ir-aoded V her
Bebije gave a great cry, and stood still,
trembling and trying not to sob aloud. She
. J ..alt. M . i. f . L. L, n . 1 9 . 1
ten tnai.youiri anu strengtn sod love ana
wuiing Kiet ana piteous prayers all went for
nothing as this world is made.
A bop flatbed on her, and a glad thought.
She loosed th silver buckles and held them
WcXjd you take these! They are worth
a derisive laughter; rome one
m oath begone, rough shoul
t.craway Khe stretch-l her
jously. ' '
, 5u- -oh. pray take met I wall go
.-the shiep, with the cattle only, only
ft J lake ire I
?.J But in the rush and roar none heeded her;
6om thitf snatched the silver buckles from
her hand, and made off with them and was
lost in the throng, a great iron beast rushed
by her, snorting tiame and bellowing smoke;
there was a roll like thunder, and all was
dark; the night express had passed on ita way
to Paris.
Bebee etood still, crushed for a momeut
with the noise and the cruelty and the sense
of aHisolute desolation, she scarcely noticed
tbat the buckles had been stolen; she had
only one thought to get to i'aris.
"Can I never go without raoneyf she
asked at the wicket . the man there glanced a
moment, with a touch of pity, at the little
wistful face.
"The leal'; is twenty francs surely you
must know t mt be said, and shut bis grat
ing with a eang.
Bebee tuie I away and went out of the
great, cn I, tumultuous place, her heart
artea 1 and licr brain wa.sgidijy. buttbesturdy
' Sx. jt i. . ...... . 1
r Tpill gv '-.Jl ut I uaiuie I on- lu lievu.
jFr i Toe, e is no way at all to go without
old woman whom she knew a little, who sold
nut aud little pictures of saints and wooden i
piMiumga unuer iue trees in tne avenue naru I
old woman shook her head.
no. dear There is nothing to bo
done any-'core in the world without money
Look. I cannot get a litre of nuts to sell un
less I pay beforehand."
Would it be far to walfcr
-Would it be far to tcalkr
Far Holy Jesus! it is right away la the
heart of France over two hundred miles,
they say; straight out through the forest
Dot but what my son did walk it once and
be a shoemaker, who knows what walking
cotts. end be is well to do there now not
that be ever writes. JVben they want noth
ing people never write.'
"And be walked into Paris!"
'yes, ten years ago. He bad nothing but
a few sous and an ash stick, and be bad a
fancy to try his luck there. And after all
our feet were given us to travel with. If
you gt tiero and you see him, tell biia to
send tee eainethicg 1 am tired cf selling
nuts." .
Bebco eaitl nothing, bat went oa her roc?.
since tbere no other way but to walk she
woclJ tate that way ; the distance and the
hardship did not appal two uttie fuet that
were csfcd to traverse so many miles of siid
If summer dust and of frozen winter mud
uchlacchingfy year after year.
TLa time U would toko made ber heart sink,
indeed, ilo was ill God knew what might
hiip-ca. But neither the length of loagusi
ncr tho fatigue cf tody daunted ber. Si;
Ll7 saw bis eyes dim witi pain and his lips
turned with fever.
Bij rrould w&i twenty miles a day, and
then, perhaps, the might g UfU ber eisa
thero on hay wegons peddlers' carta,
people had always used to be kind to bur
Arylow ae cour.Md she Cilfint reach Paris
well io Ctecn days.
&ho est under a khrise In by street a no
cent end counted thi opper pieces she bad
ea t:rr . they were few, acd the poor pretty
i ..:;: a that sbo might have sold to gat
iitf waM fJia
r . - : : 7- : j : I
HM fifttl tnffiw YJr&tttT MVMI MM OO0BO I Tka ---. t.i . t.. t, I i . " V V tT I 3
e v a a a i -an
eggs; ah thortipfn she might live oa that; atM
had wanted tdVufce the eggs to him. but after
all, to keep ire to ber until aba could reach
pari was t ha one great thins.
Wbata 4ing it b to have bwn born
poor; and t'l have lived hardily -oue wa ti
i-.o;ight to ucr'.
Then she put up the anus In tha linen boaoos
4 her gown, and trimmed her tittle lantern
tnd knelt down In the quiet darkness and
trayed a moment, with the hot aouued tears
-oiling down her face, and then rose and
tepped out bravely In the cool of the night,
m the great southwest road toward Paris.
Her way lay out through the forest, and In
at sweet green woodland she wa uot afraid
no more afraid than the fawus were.
At Boitxford she shrank a little. Indeed.
Store thore were the open air restaurant,
uid the cafe garden all aubt for the
Measure seekara from the city, bare there
srere music and laughter, and horses with
jrass hell, and bright colors on high in the
srooden balconies, and below anions the
I ilming hawthorn Hedges She had to go
;Urou;rh it all. nud s!ie shudderui a little as
iheran. thinking of that oue pru-eletM. dt-bth-sm
forest day wbeo be bad kied ber first.
But the pleasure people were all Itusued
aritb their mirth and mischief, and took no
jot ice of the tittle gray figure In the starry
sight. She went on along the gramy roads,
ander the high arching trees, with the boot
jf the owis and the cry of the rabbits on the
it Illness
At Uroenondael. In the Heart of the forest,
midnight was striking mi she entered toe vil
lage fivery one was asleep The lights were
til out. The old ruiued priory frowned dark
under the cUmhU
til-.e shivered a little again, and began to
feel chill and tired, yet did not dare to k noc k
st any onjf of Uw clutwd bous doors she bad
no money
Sm she walked cn her first ten unknown
miles, meeting a few people only , and lieiug
altogether unmolested - -a small gray figure,
trotting in two little wsien nhoes.
They thought her a iea.sant going to a fair
ar a laiv mill, and no one dui ber more barm
than to wish ber good night in rough Flem
ish. When the dawn began to whiten above
the plains of the east, she saw an empty cow
bcd filled with bay. she was m little tired,
and lay down ami rested an boor or two, as
a young lamb might have lain on the dred
clover, for she knew that she must keep ber
strength and busl-aiul ber power, or never
reach ai-ruxs the dreary length of the foreign
laud to Parts.
But by full sunrise she was on her way
ga:n, bathing her face in a brook and buy
big a sou's worth of bread and flet milk at
the first cottage tlmt h pad in bright,
leaf Uiwerod lloeylaert
The forest u till all around her, with Its
juiMLe life . f Imtih and lUsom. and mur
mur cf m.H-t and of fiird She told her
IteaiLi, praying as slie went, ami aa almobt
t;,l would not 1. 1 hlrn die. Ob. m not till
ti:i:l kiei Uim owo iuoii, and could ilk
"lib him.
The hart's ran arrows the path, and tf.e blue
tutteri!ifs fVw almve bead i'here wa. purpl
i loom of piiiewtKxt, ufil sparkling venlureof
.-pon and elm 'llu-re were di-tnnt church
carilhins ringing, and straigbt golduu shafts
of sunshine streaming
She often felt tirtil. and her wooden shoes
were wearing m thin that the htt dust of the
road at noomLiy burnt her feet through
t liem. Sometime, too, she felt a curious
brief faiiitness such as she had never knowu,
for the lack of food and the long futigue be
gan to t-!l even on ber hardy little lody
. But she went on bravely, rarely doing leas
'.Hin ber twenty miles a day. and sometimes
more, walking often in tho night to save
time, ami lying down in cow sbed or under
haystacks in the noontide.
So she walked on until she reached the
trailer of Fratn-e. She lon to get a little
fcftfr.y. she licgan to see the blue sky and the
-:rrn level always swirling ronint ber as if
ore one were spinning them to frightim ber,
still she would not te afmid. she went
H, ami ou. and on. till she set ber l;u-t step
on the soil of Flanders.
Here a new, trunge. terrihlo, incompr
hensible olistarle opposed ber; sho bad uo
they tlirut her back and
to tier as if she were a
criminal She could not understand what
they could mean. Sha had never beard of
those laws and rule. Ihe vaguely compre
hended that she must not enter France, and
stunned and heart broken, she tlropped down
under a tree, and for the first time sobbed as
if her very life would weep itself away.
Sho could sec nothing, uiulerstaiwi nothing.
There were the same road, the same hedges,
same fields, tho tuma white oottages,
ad peasants in blue shirts and dun hued
xi n in the wagor.s.
diCcronce, ere they told her where she stood
was Belgium, and where they stood was
France, and that she must not pai from one
into the other.
The men took no notice of her. They went
back into the guard bouse, and smoked and
drank. A cat sunned herself under a scarlet
bean. The white cloud sailed on before a
southerly sky She might die here be there
and nothing seemed to caret
After awhile an oM hawker came up. he.
-vax traveling with wooden chicks from the
3lack Forest. He stopied and looked at ber,
uid asked ber what she ailed.
She knelt down at bis feet in the dust.
"Ob, help me: she cried to him. "Oh,
pray, help met I have walked all the way
from Brussels that is my country, and now
Piey will not lot me pass that bouse where
f.e soldiers ore. They say I bave no papers
YVhat papers should I bave I do not know
hen one has done no harm, and dotw cot
owe a sou anywhere, and has walked ail the
way Lt it money that they wuntl I bave
none, and they stole my silver clasps in
Brussels, and if I do not get to Paris 1 must
diedie without seeing him again ever
again, dear U(xl :
She dropped her bead upon the dust and
eroucheti and sobbed there, ber courage
broken by this new barrier that she hail
never dreamt 1 would bave come between
herself mid Paris.
The old haw ker looked at her thoughtfully.
He bad e u mnch of men and women, and
knew truth from counterfeit, and be was
moved by the child's agojiy
He stopped and whispered In ber ears
"tfoc up quick, and 1 will f eta you. It is
against the law, and I may go to prison for
it. Nevermind, one must riak something in
this world, or ele tie a cur My daughter
has stayed behind in 2aaruus sweetbeartiug,
her name is on my purport, and ber age and
face will do for your Gat up and follow me
doso. and I will j;et you through. Poor little
soul! whatever your woe is it is real engn.
and you are ich a yoiiug end pretty thing
(jet up, the guards art in their bouse, they
bave not seen . follow me. and you must not
ipee.k a trord. they muss take you for a Ger
mac. dumb as wood."
Sho got up and obnyed him, not aompre
betiding, but only vsiguti!7 soeta.'X thai be woa
fricccUy to ber. cuid ntiuid pa bar over into
The old man citule iittlo comedy at the
barrier, and .Ided bt-r a though she were
his daughter for losing her way as she came
to meet him, and then crying hko a laby
The guaria looked at hor careieJy, Jotcd
the hawker on ber pretty face, looked the
papers over, an-1 let her through, believing
her the child of the clocltmnker of the Harts.
Some lie nre l.lcied as truth.
I haveilcn? wrong in the law. but not t
fore Uod. I tturik. little one. " said the Her
"Nay. do not thank me, or go on like that .
wear) in M'ht of t b customs own stili. and
if ttiey asj iHl. t wHild bo the fotir
thinking of htm for whose ake sltelifwl come
Now thnt Fl:e u rrally In hL home she
was happy. Iir.ppy tlumgh her bend s.lie.1
with that dnii odd pain, an-' nil th sunny
glare went round and round likw a grrat
gildeii limi!!i.iiig lop, such cs th labie
ci.".p--l ttieir li.oid.- .it at th Keriiexe.
She wus happy, she felt sure now that (v
would not ll bun iie till she ot t him. Sh
was quit.- glad that be had left her all that
Ring erritiie winter, ror ne naa .earnet, ,
miil-rt . 1 tm-u ja. ....I. .... .r. I i f t t t. rtf.dnrlth ;
Weary as uhe triw, and strange as tbe pain
in her head inad her foe!, she was happy.
very fcappy; warm flush came oa ter uttto M(Md of the new Italtintore. took tho
ptvle cheelrs a sfcj. thought how mnn he would ; . , . m.
kiss them, ber whole body thrilled with tbe chpae tourlta to Africa. Many of tltem
old swrt nameletss Joy that sbe bad sickened I were wise enough to make their wills be
for in vain so long. I fore starting.
Thoup-b sbe saw nnthing else that was
around her, .be saw some little knots of mot j
roses that a girl was selling on the quay, as It was a -little piece of iron not mora
she used to eti tliora in front of tbe Maison 1 than an inch long that got into the cut
dullou She had only two sous left, but she, a , d prevented its working,
stopped and bought two lit tie ncebuds to i , , ' , , .
r," . . .1 . catiirfn- the frightful accident to the in-
iu 111 oun. lie net usea lorsrvnir imu
... S o.k
I ' k raw wKi icjm iuni iw wiu . . uii r. (mjii ut CI Wfjm?l wflKBIB f 4rl IB U I
The girl who sold them told her the way to
the street be lived In, it was not very far off
the quay. Kbo aneiuod to float on air. to have
wings like the swallows, to hear beautiful
music all around. Si' j felt for ber lieads, and
said aves of praise. God was so goml
It was quite night when she reached the
street and sought the number of bis house.
She spoke bis name sofily, and trembling
very much with joy, not with any fear, but
It seemed to her too sacred a thing ever to
otter aloud.
An old man looked out of a den by the
door, and told ber to go straight up the stairs
to the third floor, and then turn to the right.
The old man chuckled as be glanced lifter
ber, and listened to the wooden shoes patter
ing wearily up the broad stone steps.
Behee climbed them ten, twenty, thirty,
forty. "He must be very poor:" she thought,
"to live ao high," and yet the place was wide
and handsome, and had a look of riches. Her
heart beat so fast, sha felt suffocated, ber
limbs shook, her eyes had a red blood like
mist Boating before tLem, but she thanked
God each step she climbed a moment and
she would look upon the only face she love:l
"lie will lie glad oh. i am sure be wul I
glad I" she said to herself, as a fear that had
neter before come naar her touched ber for a
moment if be should not care I
But even then, what did it matter! Since
be was ill she should be there to watch bim
night and day; and when ho was well again,
if be should wish bar to go away one could
always die.
"But ho win be glad oh. I know be will
be glad!" sua said to the rosebuds tbat she
imivrLaA tr tSim 2 lrl
me save hs life, what else do I want moref
His name was written on a door before her.
The handle of a bu'i bung .wn. she pulled
it timidly. The door unclosed, she saw no
one. and went through. There were low
light, burning. Tim wera heavy scout
that were strange to ber. There wis a fan-
tastlr gloom from oM armor, an l old weapocs,
and old pictures in the dull rich cuaaibers.
lhe sound of her wotsien shfs was lt in the
softness and thickness of the carpets.
It was not the borne of ,ijor man. A
great terror frote ber bcart If she were not
wonted heref
She went quickly through throe rooms, sen-
Ingnoonct, and attheendof the third rhf re
"It is I Beliee." she said softly, as she
pushed them gently apart; and sbe held out saw. A man with fifty good treed will
the two moss rosebud. I ta ke in from $300 to $500. and so it goes,"
Then the word died on her lip, and a lK, senator Cullom's comtituenU under
great horror froze her. still and sdent, there. ,
She saw the dusky room as in a dream. J stand the art of making cider jelly?
She saw hint stretched on the U-d. leaning on
bis elbow, laughing and playing cards upon
the lace coverlet. She saw women with
loose, shining hair ami bare limbs, and ruble
and diamonds glimmering n-l and a bite.
She saw men lying al:Sii"ou tho coin h,
throw ing dice and drinking and laughmg
with oue another.
Beyond all she saw the pillows of I
hi Im1 a beautiful, brow u. wicktil lotjkiug
thing. like sotiss velvet sn.-ike. who Ifuu-d
over him as If threw ilun n the painted cards
Un the !ae, and w ho lu-ii viiil ali:t bis
iu.mi, .nir u .ij
coils of dul gold all a-glittt-r tn it.
Autl atsjve it all there were tilers of s i:i
and flowers, clouds of smoke, shouts of iauu-
ter, music of "shrill, gay voice.
She stood like a frozen creature and saw
the rtobud iu her band. Then with a great
. , , . . . J ii ...1 . 1
piercing cry she let the roses fall, ami turniM
. ? t .
and tlisl. Al the sound hi looked upend saw
her, and shook his beautiful brown harlot olT
hint with an
But Beliee flew down through tho empty
chambers and tho king stairway as a tw-o
flies from tbe hounds, her tired feet never
paused, ber aching limb never slackened ,
ihe ran ou. and on, and oa into the lighted
struts, into tbe fresh ni.htair; ou, and ou,
and on, straight to the river. '
I'roci its brink some man's strength caught
and held her. She struggled wit'j it.
"Ijet medio: t-t me LoV sho shrieked to
him. aul straineil from biui to r"t ct t':o
cool gray silent water thet waiuid tor ber
Then sho ht all coasciou&uea; &i;d saw the
stars no more.
When she can 10 back to anr senso of Lfe,
tbe stars were shining stul. and tiu fai of
Jeanr.ot was civluig ovtr ber. wet with
He had followed her to Paris when tliey
had missed her I'.rst, ami bad come straight
by tram to the city, nicking sure it was
thither she had come, and there had sought
her many days, watching for ber by the bouse
of FUuuen.
She Juddered away from him as to held
ber, end looked at bun with blank, tearless
"Do not tonch me I Take ran homo."
That was r.'d she ever said to hi a. fts
never asked liim or told him uuytains. tio
never noti'."! that U was strang.t tiiat bo
nhould litv 4iet:a here upon tlie river Lank.
Co let her bo, and took ber silcutiy in the
oool nij;Iit back by the u-ou ways to Lrc.bcut.
( To be oontinuril.)
New Fashionsi in Funeral.
"Are you an undertaker?" asked a
lawyer of a witness in court. No, sir;
I am a funeral director." was th reply
That 1 one of the latest fashion ia
funerals. The man of the hearse now call
himself a funeral director Itrge f utier
al are going out. too. as an adept 111 the
burying art tibserves. except "among the
poorer and among foreigner '
Where there used to le fort v or morf
carriage at a prominent citizen burial
there are now not more than from loin
Jo eight The misons for tin seem
based on common sense. The long ride
to a ground, tbe PUinliii- iiu.
the damp earth while the la--l service
are Tforiiisl adWeii to the nervoti? j
strain and excitement, sometime caust
serious and fatal illnes
Kspeeially this ha leen noted in timts
when pneumonia was prevalent Tint I
lamentetl Ir (JeorgeSI Heard attcrided
the funeral of tine of bis friends wbc j
died of pneumonia ,,.e weather j
raw and ilatnp Dr Uard went homo j
a rew
days Hi wife attended ln
In a week she wan carrusl oil
with the same disease.
For tho same reason consideration
of health men no longer stand alxiut a
grave with uncovered heads in bad
weather. The tendency, moreover, t
now for 1. 11 tii' not to 140 to Init ial at all
Thee are attended nly by the male rela
tive of tilt family who am in sound
The strain nt the nervous system and
the danger to th health of women
make the sanitary re.iHon dotibly strong
in their casw. Indetst. r:irials are often
iuw conducted prt v.tily that carc'l v
anylsMly i present ut the nctual inter
merit except the undertaker's men
When there are pa llbea rent, hired a
sistants carry the coffin, while tho pall
bearers walk beside them. Tbe heavv
burden of the coffin would fretjuentit ,
exhaust pallls-arers completely. este
ri illw wlu-n lhr -,r.. M mpn On th.
whole, all these mrslern changes seem j
dictatd! by sensible regarti for
health ami comfort of tho living.
Mr. Erastus Wiman got Pan America
into tbe frying pan at Niagara.
Iook out for the end of the world any
where along the lastof thi month. Tbe
AdventisUI aay thera is to be D
postponement this time.
That ancient tab. the PensacoUi. in-
clined plane oar at Cincinnati.
A bouquet of women writeki fells us in"
t newspaper letter what would vio
f they were men SomtXof their sub
jections are so gtx! that it) Is surprising
:bpy hare not adopted thect for thenv
That was a graceful sentence In Mr.
Blaine's welcome to the maritime con
ference delegates: "The spoken lan
guages of the world will continue to be
many, but nccest.ity compels that the
unspoken language of the sea shall be
Attempts hare been made to ateal the
skull of tluicrson from his grave in
Sleepy Iltdlow cemetery. Concord. Man.
If the scoundrels would steal Emerson's
es-wiys iiisicad. and try to imbiite some
of the wisiloin that emanated fnm the
sage s skull in hi, lifetime, they woulJ
learn Imw to et into U-llc-r L.uinei
than purloining bones.
Tle supreme court of Indiana has do-
&; . l . . l !.., i r 1 i i '
a , - ,,ulr ,DU;"
nght to a road as a wagon ha, and need
not get out of the way for fear of fright-
emng Inrses. Horses must be educated
! to the sight of bicycles. Io America thm
riilM.aT crosiin " ' roads
7"' crossings over country roads
1 ian l!"rf 14 in Europe, Our tiwory is
that people have eye, ears and brains.
and can lookout for themselves and train
their horse-to do the same.
borse to Uo Ine sma.
Senator Cullora has been having a
jnunt around among his constituents.
J. - , ,i , ,
U .u Plnt 10 record tliat he renders
; tht verdict: "I do not Ihwve the people
of southern Illinois were ever before in
1 sm.n a pr.,-rou condition tliey are
. ;.',. , . ,
i now -f"P" pn-JuoeJ aliuwlantlj.
I lie apple crop u;at unyiiung 1
The Ileal Dlacorerer of America.
A correspondent of T)i New York
Sun writes to know who really did dis
cover America. It seenn that it was
discovered fair hp ,;uare no Ks than
live time ln-torc tt took," a they say
( of vaccinatiou. 1 lie gentleman wlio tills
the chair of mediueval history in The
Sun othce replie at fcl.ows:
Well. If yon wsnt U know exartly. here Roa.:
I from f!i,.l .liT,rJ tl. mi.
i rrn c(ast f Alllrrloa in ti ,U1UU4. Cf a A. I)
' p, 4. IIMn. tjkiuanien inline over, and in 4J9 stiii
; iu.r The aborigine .iiJ n.t exclude litem In
t T-) monk fioui Iretir.l K.-tt!.si 10 l -eUi..; In iwi
j Ujarm. from N.M-way, sailed alootc Nova Borfia
! u,i Labrador, beinn ll tir-t tur.,swn to see tit
i shtstwof theeoiitiiieiit l-it. tax loelauoor. nuul
1 . , . , !.., .
a ettlniietit 10 Ktvxle IhUiuiI In iM A. l Id 117V
Madoc. ITiDoeuf Wales made a setllemwot suaie-
m Here in the wet, ami io I4vj CVIutiiUus duxv
ered t' e country Uoluiubus taad tb first prao
tic. busiiiesM Uiscovery 1
ForoHt ry.
Without making tr much fuss, the
forestry congrea has accomplished grat
j gtssl since its organization, some ten
' year ago. At the session just ended in
j Philadelphia, report from all sections of
' the country hhowed how d,-eply interest
i in the subject is growing. Profoundly
j interesting were rt'port.-fif ntmg forests
; from the treeless plains of Illinois and
' Dukotii. ,S much r.tteutioti is paid to
I the subject that in Mine part of the tree-
i-s went, within the iifetime of some
j old enough to recall this congress, then:
I will grow luxuriant forest.
J The congress has tl trio valuable work
j in ascertaining what trees can bo ac
j climated in given localities. Among
I other valuable achievement too much
' cannot be said of the interest it has
; aroused among tho school children o
the subject of tn planting. Many
1 school yard that lifttt n years ago were
' as desolate as Sahara liav Imh-ii trans
formed into bower f Iteaiity under the
, kindly influence of members of the for
i estry association. Children have learned
to love the beautiful and U neticent tre'-.
Taltnage'N Church.
From Maine to the four new states,
from Oregon to Florida, sympathy and
regret will stir tho breasts of men and
particularly of women at tidings of the
burning of Parson Talmage's church,
the Brooklyn Taliernacle. However the
manses of people disagree on slitic or
theology, they all read Talmage's ser-
i nions. lie has reached the popular heart
I as 110 other preacher of his time, except
j Hcecher. has done in thi country. For
j vears. regularly every Monday, good
, grandmothers all over the land have
j seated themselves. newspaer in hand.
I spectacles on nose, and read Talmage's
j sermon, every line ami letter.
Hut the lire that consumed Talmage's
church could not put out the lire in the
tlauntleti parson soul 111 trustee
announce that the church will lie rebuilt
immediately, not indeed on the same nf intense hotnes is produced, suitable
site, but farther away from the business fur iron anrt btwj welding, and other op
center. It is rather remarkable that oration in metal work. Tho next in-
u.u , the .nd fire thai l.a,nHU,ed
TaIniage.. cliurcll ir, IrooUjrn n thU
The first one occurred in
Decern tier. 1S72 The present r-aniza.- , heat is produce.1 with the oil that it coi
tion is not so rich a Hardly 8Umes furnace, chimneys and everything
anyltody is. The congregation were ' ad iacenb.
sun mirueneu w tin debt lor ttie tiuilding
just dest roved.
Meantime the indomitable parsou who
ha brought consolation to so many
hearts, now aks consolation for himself
and hi ieople. Since be and his church
have included the world in their Chris
tian iiiit!tVtr:liotis, they now npeul to
the world to In Ip them rebuild their
TaU-rTi.ii le. The parson will himself ao-knotvl-.lgi;
with his own hand nil sub
scriptions sent to hiiu. T. I Witt Tal
mage. Urooklyn. And tiewsnaner read-
-rs will .tiU have the jtonday sermon
! Wright's (Wr Const i pat ion
j I'cmedj stiiuiorttt s and aiK digestion
j and pr moies a ie:i!thy and regular
Hp"0 ' i"eU
Children take it
Jieadny. Does
! cn-itit e,:,
rot irritate the most
It. SId In IlillslMtro
' """n Dr. IWIhv. Fore t Prove.
I 1 , v f
ii j o mr
hf !iL. .,miri
etji! tho Wl
rJUla.ff drod. man taowa ai yft o.
rive all-pervading deadliness of that im
ponderable agent he is using so freely in
this century of electricity. Within a few
months twenty men hare been killed
horribly by electric wires. They were
mostly "linemen" who climled tho pole
on which the wires were Ktrung to nl
just them. A few met their death from
live wires falling upon them in the i
street. Six of tho twenty deaths have
occurred in New York city since Sep-
tember. That of Lineman Feeks, w
bU body lying across the wires in full
. . . , . it,, ,
Blgrn ui iiuiiurens ikm", tiro unu mukK
issuing from the nVslt w here it touched
the wires, and blood dripping from it
into the street lielow, spattering the mul
titude, was the mo-t liorriil and fciefc
ening e cut of a g-ncratioii. Tiie only
grain of comfort in ilie slnx.-king tragi? iy
is that, in the judgment of tMison, Line
man Feeks died so quickly that ho prob
ably did not endure much tor,tur.
Lineman Feeks was adjusting the ;
wire-"dead- wiresttt the top of a Ui-
,e Somewlre in the hun-
dntU , of eWlric sht wrw thM
... N- vrb In , munl:nilM nk
rir- in hioh rh in.Urin.
' N MW WS right
,n thtf Hn4t pilCo. It crossed th tel
wiM at (!ier int that wUI
now flreVtfr unknowrn, anJ rired iu
, , . , .. ,
death deahn current along the whole
j length, past the pole which Foek
climbed. For one instant the lineman
oUCiied tho telegraph wire The next
insitant a burnin" : curb lav across the
instant a burning coi p lay across ue
,)ttwork of wir. w ith an awestriekeo
throng gazing up fr.m tli street. Tlw
w,a.' endtl
T1.n tht. ..... Wfut .... fron. hcmiLvi
llien trie try wtm up irom a urriliexl
public Hury the wires. But F-din
even that would not insure safety
The imperfectly insulated wires would
only be put out of sight. The current
could come through thu ground, through
an office floor, any where, and iiil work
its work of terror. What would then
insure safety? an Er ,in, Sun reporter
rjtked the Inventor. Only a knowledge
and regulation of the strength of tin
current, he answered. IVrfwt insula
tion cuid not be aiu'oini.ll-!.. .1. 1 a
too strong for ile-m to
carry svere forced over tho sttre, high
htt would Im-instantly prod uce.1. w h-b
woul.l set lire to the l.'Wuiating sultauoe
n,i it. The onlv fttcurit V would
; - - . 4
Is in not M-rxling over tlto wire a cur
rent strong enough to kilL An amount
strons enough for this, a Eli-on ha. al
ready, is 1.00'J volt. The next !
step in the progr.- of electrical wii-nce.
i....,.r, .... u.:tt 1... : .. .. ..,...1.,; ... I
of the strength of the current. At t!e
same time there must be redoubled care
in insulating the wires. An electrician,
after th. FcnL tragedy. niadi an ekaia
ination f stime of the wire strung over
New York Mreet. and found not Icsj
than lifty mile of them impniTly in-
There ha lieeii criminal c:trel...wiif.s
even in taking the precautions for safety
that were understood erfectly. IVr-
liaps more care will l; exercissl. So
far. thougli. the titilv result ha leen
that hilter tU ti rt li.i ; an I recrimination
have broken out a:u.;ig tho electric
lighting and t h-grajth companies. Hut
nothing can hrii.g lack the lives of the
hr;tve fell.w who were sacrificed
tirisly death ilari-'e 011 the wire tiiat
criss-cross o;ir r-trit-l
The marine conference was invited
during President Cleveland's adminis
tration to meet in the United State. It '
object will Is? to fix on uniform sea regu
hit it ns for all m.-iiitiiiie nations. At its
close, it thfi-iotis will le submitted to
the respective governments for adopt i jii
or rejection. Among the most prumi
nent matter to come before the dele
gates will ! a system of uniform nu
rine higiiahng for all the world, the load
ing and sea wort In lie-. of vessel, life
having service, warning of storms, ocean
lane for steamer, necessary qualifica
tion for ollicersaml seamen, shipwrecks,
notice of change in lights and of dan
gen, and the establishment of a Ieruia
pent intemation.-d iuariti;:iecoiumisin like those proposed have lie
come a ntves-.ity on account of thL con
now follow the oceans in all directions
It ia quite p.'usilile that before tnant
years I lie common fm-l of the country
in region where ga is not nttaniahle
will be crude petroleum Several in
ventions for t!;is purpose have lieen
made, more or less satisfactory The e
troleum Ls conducted to the burner from
a tank at a safe distance. At the burnei
it is converted into t-pray and mingled
with a powerful current of air. A Hume
TWllIon wiH ix, to utilize it for private
jw.ellings. One of tlio greatest dilTicult
ies hitherto has been that so intenn a
it must have struck terror to the
hearts of tho Scotch school master to
see their pupils parading the streets,
hearing banner on w hich w ere inscriled
their just and reaonalle demand as
follows: "Abolition ef the Cane. Lee
Hour in School. Less Parsing, and No
Homo Lesaons." The demand for l "e
' parsing and less can in?: s-tru particu
larly reasonable. Vhe;i parking goes out
of fashion in education. j-oph- will won-
, tier how so t:iui h tim enme to lie sp-nt
i over it.
Cheapest, stronr;et and best
Wright's (."omptnind Kxtract d Sarsapa
riila. Iitils, piiiipfes, erysipelas and
rough kin 1'ee l.o'oie it. Clcsnes and
enriches the lili..I. S!d l.y Hillshoin
rhsrmacy, and Dr. Ilowlby. Forest t'rove
TO make:
Oellcloos Biseait
Aik rar Grocer for
iStiiitt I'm.
Makes nwlyry lh-es mineral.!, and often loads to
sclf-destr Vtioa. lUtr. afier estius. sick head
ache, besiburn, sour rtoms' h, mental depres
sion, etc. tf re ranted by this rery common auJ
lnrrrsiiiif disease, lloisl's rtsrspsrli:a lone
the stomach, creates si s i petite, di
ret!nn, rvlleves headuche, clears the tuiud, su l
ceres dysepii!a.
In a TfrrlMe ronl!tlon.
" f ow my lire to flood's f-'srt..arll1s. Tor tw-
year. 1 m In a terrible cotniitiou 1th ! ('-la.
I could cat nothing soda rrseken, and mv
welif'it fei! from 170 to V poim.i. M.nhI s H,w
amirllla belfHHl at m.c.a.,4 afier u.imt
i unties mas entirely cured. have Hwii my
CKHul weiKhf, 170 otinil, sni have li'l f' tit-IIei t
heajth r-.vrcinee." T. J. Wiuo,a-J, l,t soik.i
hfrevt, ijike 'lty, I'fttb.
Uca.Iaclic Hot Plaxlies.
'I had hes'larln. hot (lslie.-,'ie
ive::in m i.nt niv Ixilv, pain j;i ji, . ri'iii
u it'll (re.pi. -lit tiitiiirif.i; I iim1
pur l. a iih the U-.t r.'- .l;. i .u 1j l
l.t-ai'li t !-a i, for J'nir.-ur. II. mi..', ;ir- :
i !-"', r-iial.le, ani nir-." i . Wiu-j.;
x ..
b'll 1, .!.
Hood's Sarsapariila
M b dnifl-f. II: sit fer Prejmn-d on'
.v :. I. !( b i. '0 , Ap-hecMilcS, i.oh,.-;i, 1-
IOD Docos One Dollar
Timber Land, Act June S, 1T.)
S. I.tiro OrriCB, i
4JK40OK t'nr. nvoot.
Octolirr 31, l'K )
VOTICC is hereby nivt-ri th-tt in compli
i snco with the provisions of tie Ac
f Counte of June ;5. 17", entitled "Ai
trt for the sale of timber ltnU in tl.
State, of t'alifoiiiia. Orcuoti, Ntv ida. an.
VVash'riLjtim Territorj," Annie II lMinn. ti
t.iHt Portland. County of Multnotn ili, St-
t Orrtrou, ba tins d iv tileo in tht tlic
tier sworn statement. Sit. 171". for the pnr
iba of l,ot t. . , -.Md 4 of hection N, r
n 'lo'SIiMhtp No. 1 Sol til, No.
.Kst. and will oiit r "i'if t. sliow t list t.
rnd sought is more va 'thlile for it tiinlx-r o
tone tbsu for rgrieu tnral purnse. mi
o estKblisli ber clniui to snid land b -foi
li KetMter and ltee-iver of this ofllee r
reon t!it. Oregon, mi 'I il I. USD A , ifi
Htb dsy of Februnry. ls.
hh nniues as witiieses: Anlliony Mirnn
V. Mi sire and Amnsy M.wr. of Pnosl Veil
r:d W t. OrissoM, if Itst Porihiini, al
f llultnonifih (tuiity. Oregon.
Any nnd all perwiiis r'siming ndverst 1
he alMiVe-descrtbed lands nre r quested t
I their claim in this orlic or In f. !
nd l:;tuciavof Kebrutrv.
7 iOt J. I . APPKUMIN, l!etister.
1 in l-r Lund, Act Jtme 1ST.;
xtmri: roi: iTULiiniuv.
S. !.! - i:r.
Oi.i-.oos (iii.ll!. iiiM.
i ;ct..i r .11, I '..
)ltl'K ! li-. I it n t at iu C"iiie!i
S'li-eHllli Hit. iiii. is'otirt i,t t1 c
t Coll jtess if .fujix I'.. lri7H, elill'ltil "At
ft for the s'e of titnUr l.ilitis 111 tin
'Hten of California. Diegoii, Nevttda. ttin
iisl. iln. ton Terntary," IS. A. i Jakes. i'
rtlund. Ctttjntv of Multnouisli, ;
f ( In '.on. bus ft ed in t o l.iii
is sworn st.iteiiient, .Vo. I7;l7, for the pur
mwof tlit X. VV. of Section No. s, .
owtisliip No 1 South, K.Mii.'e No .' Vt sl
id will oiler proof to show tiiat t)e lain
ught is tct ire valuable f..r its tin. Iter o limn fr arioulturtil rtirp.ei.. im.
t-HtHblinh III clrtllll tn Sll.l lilld l.l f.i .
le llrxittvr and liet-eiver t tlii il ce m
reooit t if v. Orecoii. on 1 ill JiSD V V , t li
h tiny if f c!rnury, lX'X
He lieltieM mm It liesM s: K. 1'rrtVe, I'.. I
itis, F J Pttters-iii Hint L. il. Si:ne
rjjer. all of 1'ortiaud, M jltno.u ,h Couutt
nv Hiid all persons clumiiii! tulv-rM-l
nbove dt sc. ilied I'tlid nre rc'l'lt tf .1 t
e xiifir claiius in tbi o.'liee 0:1 or lH.f..r
id lith tiny t Februarv. s:i.
MOt J, I. APPi:i;SON', l.t -i.h r.
Land t)tm k at Oregon City, t bvjron, t
iVo-miier in, Ks;i. j j
OTICF. i hereby given that the follow
' ilig-n.'imeil m ttler has lilel notice ol J
tis intention to make final proof in snppo.
f his cl.iim, nud that said ptoof ill lie imiilt
H-fore the t ottnty Clerk of Wnsliittiytoi.
'oiinty, st HilUlioro, On pm, en 'i'ilL'H
AV." .Ifttnmrv :to, ls'.xi. vix: Carl .lulm
iter-on. Pre-emption I. S. No. 'oSi", f. .,
he S. W. j ot N. W. , 1'.. I of N. W. i,
md N. W. ', . f N. P.. j of sis'. l p. :
v.. I:, r. We t.
1 ! imine- the following u itne-v.' tn provt
'ii-eontitiiu.ii reiileni-e niio.j :n.l i i.luv.i-
:on of, s-iid I.itid, vi.: C. V 1 1 1 -.. V.
.tmllH-rg. If. P.iki-r. timl II. tio.lvole, :'
( h ii'voo.1, Wa liint:t' n 'i i.nt v, Oreo::
Cf. ti J - T. AlTLKsoN, ih-aister.
f'tirrnf ml tr-lmmuem secured, lne.
f ronlstered, sml all oilier cuii-w- in
Hie I'Htent Otllee and liet're tlio lourl
promptly and cart-fully prosecuted.
I turn receipt of Mattel r m lift fit tf In
vention, I Inske esri-fiil exuiiliiiHtioti, Kil l
mlvise s to patentability 'rrr uf rmivtf.
With lay tilllee ire-ff irioxti ffuttx
the l'f tent Itffire, and twin! In p.-rsoiittl
mieniUmv there, tt Is apparent ulisl I tutve
iix-rlor lH-ilittes lor imikiriK prompt prt
ItminMry witr-lie, for the more vt irons ttnd
susimiu1 proMM'iitton of appltewtloiiH lor
pHtenl, Miel ior slI. inlniE In all husl Hess i n
tru.ted Utny CM re, Iu Itie sliorUt poilblf
,,f'fl.7flTK, Hint e.relialre
nttentintt given ft fmtent Otiminemm.
Inforitiatton. tulvlisi and h-11 rt-lervooes
sent on reuutwU
Solicitor n, I Attorney In I'stent I e.
H umhiitfttttn. It. C,
i Mention this per. tjpp. I ivtttnt OlRee.
ae uuviCxtcariDit
Issued SCarcb aud Sept.
(each rear. It Is an ency.
elope dia of useful in for.
matioa (or all who pur.
cbase tbe luxuries or ine
necessities of Pie. We
jaa cloths you and furnish you wit-
all tbe necessary ana unnecessary
apiuitxtoes to ride. walk, danoe, sleep,
at. fish. hunt. work. fO to chuxcb,
ar stay at home, and la varloas sises,
styles and Quantities. Just -cure out
what ls required to do all these t-irgs
CGFJFORTABLT. and fflu cw make a fair
estimate of tbe value of tbe BUVEB8
JUIDE. watch will be sent upoi
receipt of 10 cents ta P'-T psstsffi,
'.1-114 XicU-aa .vcai;o. C!k'o, X'.l
31ncy to Isoan.
I will .nan nittncy in sums of f'OOO 1
to uywaros. ipiy real estate security
t i .
sought, nrne.thr-e to five years: com-,
mission not to exceed per cent.
W. II. ItirCKKIt.
Tenm for Sale !
i ,.f .
, I
' - !
j tt
. . . 1 1
Itooii t wetinrH iMnirw
l and Wtwi sit in ctxitt 'filer. Also,
one Cow. riving Milk: one lli ift r n:ul one
Olf. All ia uood c- nd'tion.
Addrss W. A. NKWEI.L.
Bliif LUlUboro, Or.
(C ;
v J
Tualatin Hotel
Main Street, Wt t'dandSJ.
R. WACCENCR, Proprietor.
X i!lrl wl'b tha bnt ttitiuerkxt ft-r.l, and
jOpiiiK or fA,M-tiav will be ajsra lusuiylnrf tut
, .
i Li,t !1nt Arr oninodal and I'opillar
I'rit t'ti I
CRf'CIC fnnnH
W M III rLll I LI 11
For t!;e Aooomriiodatlon of
Corrtmorcial TravoJora.
'In u.ia lioui tt e lionse.
S'-xeeutor' A'otIc.
OTICF. i lie-ehy pivon lint I, tl.e nn.
dersiciied, liav been, by tlifl toooty
krtof the Stste of nr. iron for WiibIuiib.
ton t'ountv. duly r pjsjinteil Lseentor of
the Pstatu of r rxiicit M. Wainer. det essed,
arid linvw fjiiuKlie.l n htich l.uuitur, All
iwr-ons havipu claims Bfrainst smd Fr.tste
j are heieby rnjuirejl to pies nt the same,
I i li th prop t v. etchers, to ine, v ih- lw
thre of W, N. ',.iiieil, in Hi'.U.ioro, lire-
iin, HitUiu
sit bioidbs from thu date
U tteJ thi November l.tth, lk:-n.
Liecntor if t; J'Hintrf o l'iii'i
M. Wiiioer, 1 t -ceaii-tl. n'.'ltS
I 'i si a I ..fiii:t.
VOTK"!' il'-ti.v ; ivn. t'.at I'.ie under
i (t Sliiu il, At'.n .ii.iHt ri .,f it I be Fslsie
I I. I M.. I .1.,.,.,.! I n. lil.,l l.i.
linsl HCc-.eiii' iii o l I,-, I ile in tht t'.o'ilitv
Coutt of Wimlj i j.'tnti I'oiinlv, Kt.itu of
i trefoil, lilld Sil"l ('.mil liii- t-t I 'i I ! I I!s
lAV, .iHitnsry '.Mil. I-.M. nt 10 o'el m-'. ,fi the
foreniHiii. fur the bctuii f o'ljei'.toiis t
4 lid HCO jUI. I and (Ki t net I .eineiit lliH i-uf,
f. W. IKI.k.
d.'iwi AdtiiiiHM'rHtor,
Tt' :
pjaV aW bbw ea rJ' s
Kcsdsmcn in l .c .!. 1.
I M 1 1 i.v K
Pmutltulty .'.isir:t. .t. iJkcripuvs i
SEED AKrflf Alii
fc rf;a ill L 1 1 Kl.t 10 aui
Sl I-llc jlt, lillU 11 Ul heMitl I I ll
tuiurri. It l I'ttir it. hi cur. l.v
ry roit 11-11.4 ClMtn, I'lowir
yt Fi U REKlJSuoulilenduriU
MlL.ll rJTllp. 'lM-'Crl ftun
II III h.! (1 li'.'j-tr
l'lieve I'Imo'm Cure
t'oiisumpliiiti saved
inv lito. A, Jl. How 1 l.l..
Id! i lor Kni uii or fMen
ton, S. C, April 'Zi. IH7.
The 11 est Coturh Moill
clne is Piso'a Ct'itu for
Co;stMrTio?f. Chil.lien
take it without objection,
Hy all druggists', ".".
M CURtS WI'lHt All Ui IAI1.V,
Lil Btt'M.t'!i H; rii,. Tufn tr.xirl,
CcJ tn tlr.11.. Hold l.v ilrui'i'lulR.
&'A UJwi; 'ir-
Xpfify)'!- i.i ' f!l . niltoMi 11r.11 t 1
' 111 ".: I' ; I II'.., 1
', 41 .til I 111 ''-
pII ts it t4 Ut m ct '
W . li. o., laj 1
K 1 tie. M itri-iiuiw, (.,
Vi'ti I "I liie IM'itf hit
iv " tf 'M ilk, ytui ai tttri
W'fi'lu I ti k rs en, uil lit
li.UitMT. St . Wll'es, '
tt l'f ii' I I. r 1 i I it ' tiM' t
" t m l II U J e it wr ..1 1: ,
M l. fs Nlr iluiit f SLlIf its. il .
vfi hf fa ttee Peld of th't rmn l tisliiKs n i a tii y i an.i tnU:
Shall hp Nluil Oi; in thi .m-nic,
rtit M 111 v to ua m i.H lt m all hIhm tt l. y-urt -ii H
fi atHrtiiitr msi.r ; til tm ! you ii piud'iiil dtiiit uittii
nolle ffi-i aslf-'! ml nu 111 mr n" ilie nihilit l t rm
tk hold tou will I 1.1 td k t., fiitl fust isr I f tl--on
miiM 't a t tnl in it ti t 1 't 111 1 1 st.! I ,4ftt4f tt-tt
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hi n nu f t rtiitira. I . H'i g iiml.t nut' h ft tnen 1 m, it-ad -r.
Land for Sale!
'riir. fxiri:ai(ii d ihs foh
I several 1'itrnis find a litrtre titnotint ol
first-clnsH. unimproved land, Ij iul! in 'VhnL
uion county, Oregon.
tnd others t1'-sirin; to tnrchase land would (
to well to .ive ine a call. j
Now is tbe lime 1 si cnre eotiifurtnlile !
bouit-s ou iisy tt nus,
Ililhhoro. Jtuie .H.tii.
flnjMt .mail -N
arm a tr '"""'
Donurstsii .i i ,., X-rfm7s
sna uw iii-t.,., ,,t,,( t 1 r
rsiwrta. In c.ii.n-i i L
St snd 41 1J. Hi.ikIw or V .. . , S frj
a.iutiissctiun, tuu..ty llnnt
i.iitU-m .ii. I TiirKi-l Ln......
Iiel eualilr wrimtlil
tel. im. r,.uv ..!.'!
fur to.ikiiiiiiiniu'D mill tti'lt.
i.rl . ulitl fot
aalsb, HMraltiliiv hiiH -reut . ry, tin'
i..l lie ili-lw.i liy h, i,( m.ulli, i,.I i m li.ilcff.iti
'tu-n kui l ior thy irt-uuii i' ur i ta-t.k. 1 i,. v unm
II tlil ami flajini-r. Tim hsuii a Ws kr.
VoLvtus rw mi.tiii-.l u.n tl,.. i.i.rr. 1 Hli Unit's
lisiiu'. H..m auuilul- ...I ut..ut, n. I ui. mir.
Mxter i ift. lu-l.t ii..ii l,ii,t tlieni, ...! if
' il.lM-r Villi IK . .U..v, .1, il,l, t,,it.
Ik'I.IIV H III l, T,H . ( f , it tl.-ltl i n LuU.ll
ti t -tii- an.l !.rt. -.ut""! aiiilli'tiuD.
rttltTiJ A, :SKIN,
M-riii. field, ilmma.
-.5 V
"''' hua .'. Tn:l! ot.?t,n d. snd all
. .... . m. m . . - ..I oi.-M. t.-i. ooiiuucieu ur jii i fit '
i.. i t.- b'i.i. w I
nrl.' okkiVf is tvi'insfTi
PATK..r OmiT.. Vte bsve no unli-
airencies, all l.ti-ini M direct, bene esi.-
trsnsact paunt tiits nos in less time sn I
1st i.KKh COST tban IboM. rmote fi, .
I -l.miilrnm. .
i St nd iuod-1, 1 raving, or p' wi-l. (;.
ori(di"li. 'A'e Hdvt'e if patentable t t u-d,
free of cfiHre, Jtir lie Dot Unit til! p.-but '
serine.!. j
A lik. "Ho'v to i,tiiti I'nfftiti," with
fereuces to mi; jh clii LIS ill tir ttit. i
. . i i
Ooilil'V, or t- .til, ssit: I T", Ail Tin
A. N)V A TO.,
it pt,:tti l't.ieiit ))-,, 'VK.biug u-, D.C
1 j
f T
iH f.
J Of on Sit h sm! Fir streets, !0ftil)
J tu t, villi i,eW l.inI,li.B and a vnnety
..f the In-k( fruits. Ibis property is one
lock from Hit. i,ew bchool iioase. Pnoe
fW'JLI, Sell Io In tbe Thorn Addition
to IhiiHijoro nt flyores rnuging from
fclOu to i-" 10 mid thrse are bottom prioes.
' "? Arii rSof fine valley land wllbh
; and burnt ' ncres In onltivation
tiuibt red.
j 9-'K"i.(ii
io u i
I liii.VC, wit
mils north of Fores!
h cood buildirnsi all in
; villi
'Hut i w'i-rl by wells and a
I i' vt ' i n r fails, 'ibis is a
O LO'UJ ti-th MkM fe.t. l'ioe, fWO
v Jot. '
(A ACI r.S. vitb SA acres under plow sow
t fu r flushed and iu pastors, with -liod
bouse, burn, other oat buddln
hiiA phttty of sprmu und well wsten alsw
i n outbt of li, snd farm impleiueata.
10 tons buy, zi0 bnslxtls oats. Tbls f srsa
' favorably located tl1 mile northwest of
Hillslmro Prioe, f-iHtK), Other laiids Wild
be tuken In tacbsuga If suitable,
)) ACBI M, 8 n lies from Forest Orove,
MMt itinithM sum d 11 nee from Cor-
fi.ims, one nile from poslolllor and K of a
. mile irotn hiuk.I, 'I lisru is 170 seres orslri
i end '.'U co s slsslitdi L'otMi apnuion fsna
! I in 'it .il-.. two v.el! mid oae spriuui also a
e.iil oicl.i id. 'j'lns Isnn osn easily be
divnled Int., Mio.ljcr tititns. Plioe, fM.UU
per iii ie,
1 'JO
AC1II -A of f.jie Lsnd, on improved
,H n.ili-s I lien iilbor. Mid il
In Iv v cten-i l.v hpriin;. 10 or HI acres of
I ' m 1 1 , io,.,ui ','0 iii ie of brush that will
il'..! e tt liuiii, i i. it oinJ bnildlutf place,
11 ',ie Cm. I, Iv loh.J, IhlS Uud WlJl be
ol! t 1 1 1 1 foi lfl,il I,
:-ri.:HiJt l.ilVeitisetllii till list Will b
coii.iiieri-d Hin s'line f lv regular eonlract.
J oilier liimls of mi ti"'iir kuo
l.tiiiit-jous in mi ntioii
W. li. ULTKKlt,
CSfiil l(nlr Agrntf
rill.I.SlHiKu. : ; ; DhhuUK'V
Qvsrla&d la California
Noim!k'ih rnflKc Compntiy'a
lime IMvtMii Purl In nd , and
Nini I'l'iiiic'scn, ,T' Hours!
California Fxcm Train Run Dully
Hi i- t i n pi it,,,, f,,d nun Frimciseo,
tsoiitli "j North
I l.v l oitliiiid "Ar rl 4A M
I U l . I.,..:.. 1 I .
1 7:1. it M
I ' ' .W...1.I, II, I .1 ,11 t
K ill I rsliriHi'O
Locnl Pispfinpcr Daily Except Sunday)
I'.'Ol, . tl 1 I ,v
I -Mo ! M I I.V
':'.0 p ( I A I'
1 1 1 tou
as i r m
flO A M
1 i o. tie
lor nrcnrwioriviori Reoond-Class Pas
m u);ci H,tii,ci.t u to l.tpros 1 rains. ,A
.iUK..P. CMS-, itV m.n-isw
j with nil tbe repilitr In. ins on ths'a V
! Division from lliefisitof F fitreet, Pl!
j Wen! Fide IMvlslon.
Vi'l 'Irsjt li!v (I'xcrpt PiindHy).
I v
o;Jo St
.-i7 r at
1 1'm f is
K I U si
pi-"-. 1. M
f .VT-.VI AM ,uiv nnd f V-rvstliH eoniiect with
j tn u s i.t ti e 1 Pnciflo llailnmd.
' T. tin Hi ily, t Except Hundsy.
I :.,
(''IT v M
I I v
I I v
Hi U'.ero
!Mc v! innv'l I
7i ) A M
I S-'l l
Tin:di-n tickets
Jo t, 1,1, I'OIKT
Stm'ili nnd ru.d, a ('ullforula.
f n ui. r f )i t f tit t
'"itv No. :t, C.,r ViM nnd Aldnr H
I)i p..t UDve Coi tu t' F and Front btree
I 'oM HM, ObKOtlN,
V., P. KtHiiatH,
't. KOLllM'K, Asst. (J. F. A P.Ag't.
IV) '. iiHCpr n4.t
Tj 3 T1 I Q ' Tlk 1
2f fc .It. ft ft tl Tl
M L J w rtui U&Rtwttk U U
1 .MN I'liliip rilttintiK Cars, Msa
nifipi nt I " v Coni'hi h, and Flfrgsm TourUt
SJet ping Cnii, wiib JititliK fieeuf cLars.
WaslilnKtun auJ Oregon Polnfs t
tlie Fust via St. I'aal
nitil 3! In in ii poll.
A i.ititt Kmiuiiig
fit I tic liiln C'aits!
(IIKAI.S. 75 CE.N'IH.)
j fCvi r liii'de frma t lie. Count ovr the
I VOP.ll, KAN'S H f,lTV,
IU IM.lNOIflN, t
j .UNCY,
St. Louis, Chicago,
And ; H points thronttlinut
I 'ant i:ml SouUienHt,
Tout ft SIiIiis Vru I
tr r t I 1 . y tie - . .
fc-wutr. i.i..vjiiiiii itt t
Portland at 10:fl p. w.Atilf t arrlv.
at Mirn-sisilis or Hi l'.. i W
iLj.l " ' Mt 1 BU,-' rnndit m HL I'mii .,..1 xn-
spolu sud all points Last, brnith sn.l Sou th
TrMlnsl-jivit portlriiul U M n. w arrive
at lrorBj i:.)p. m.j ttonnrctinu with O.
. , f wt bots for all pi'itiU on l-iim
cor. Vkiii-Ktou, 1'wUaui, Oftgoo,