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THURSDAY.......... JUNE 88, 1883
A Woman from Austria.
Near the villre of Zilling
dorf, in Lower Austria, lives
Maria Haas,' an ihtelligeirt and
industrious woman, whose story
of physical suffering and final
relief, as related by hetstelf, is
of interest to English women.
"I was employed," she says,
"in the wonc of a large farm
house. Overwork brought on
sick hcftriache, followed by a
deathly fainting nrul sickness
of the 8toin:ich, until I was
unable to retain either food or
drink. I was compiled to
take to my bed ic several
weeks. (Jetting a little Utter
from rest and' quiet, I sought
to do some work, but whs soon
takrn with a pain in my side,
which in a little while seemed
to spread over my. whole body,
and throbled in. my every limb.
This was followed by a cough
and shortness of breath, until
finally I could not sew, and I
' took to my bed for the second,
and, as I thougld,f or the" lasT"
time. My friends told me that
my time had nearly come, and
that I coirld not live longer
than when the trees put on
their green once more. Then I
happened to get one of the Sei
gel pamphlets. I read it, and
my dear mother loiight me a
bottlo of Skiukis Syrup.
(Shaker Kxti-.u-t
which I took exaetlv hecordinjr
to direction-, and 1 had pot
taken the whole of it before I
felt a change for the In-tter. My
last illness began June 3d,
,1882, ami continued to August
9th, when I hei'an to take the
Syrup. 'ery sxn 1 could do a
little light work. The cough
left me, and I was no more
troubled in breathing. Now 1
am perfectly cured ; and oh,
how happy I am! I cannot
express gratitude enough for
bEiOKL'a Syrup (Shaker Ex
tract of Koots). Now I must
tell you that the doctors in our
district distributed handbills
cautioning the people against
the mo Heine, telling them it
would do no good, and many
were thereby iniluenced to de
stroy the Seigel pamphlets; but
now, whenever one is to be
found, it is kept like a relic.
The few preserved are bor
rowed to read, and I have lent
'mine for six miles 'around our
district. People have come
.4mle pi get me to buy4
it" . '1? . 3 I 1 " f
i ue met i nine jor xnem, Know
ing that it cured me, and to be
sure to get the right kind. I
know a woman who Avas look
ing like death, and Who told
them there was no help for her,
that she had consulted several
doctors, but none could help
' her. I told her of Seigel's
Syrup, pnd wrote the name
down for her that she might
make no mistake. She tMk
my advice and the Syrup, and
now she is in Perfect health,
and the people around us ant
amazed. The medicine has
made such progress in our
neighborhood that jeople say
they don't want the doctor any
more, but they take the Syrup.
Sufferers from gout who were
confined to their leds and could
, hardly move a finger have been
1 1 !i rrM
cureu oy ii. .inert? is a gill m
our district f w ho caught a cold
by going through some water,
and was in bed live years with
costiveness and rhcumaticpair.s,
and had to have an attendant
to watch by her. There was
not a doctor in the surrounding
district to whom her mother
had not applied to relieve her
child, but evei v one crossed
tberrmelve:; im.l sai.l they could not
help her. Vv'lmu v r t'ne little bell
rang1, which i vn in our place
when anybody is tl I, uV t!iou,'U
, Burely it was for hci ; bat Seigel'B
Syrup ami Pills vS'uJccr Jlstraitt of
Roots) saved her life, and now she
fiehht-- ITit erj'uoCly was aHtonishcd
when they saw her out, knowipg
how mny ye.vrs nho liad leen in
bed. To-tiny hhe aild.-A LtT grati
tude to miuc- for GkKi ii mercies and
Sijel'B Syrup. JIaeia Haas.
Shaker Medicines are now leinr
old in all p:u t- of the world, ami
are working wonders, as shown in
the above case. A. J.' White,
v 64 Warren St., New York.
Forty Thoi'aad Ellet f PaelSe Shr
Lloe at Lowest Esttaat.
Sam Francisco, June 23. In the
recent report of Prof. Davidson to
Superintendent Thorn, of the United
States coast and geodetic survey,
upon the fisheries of Alaskan waters,
he made an estimate of the ocean
shore line beyond the Archipelago
Alexander, for which latter he had
measured the shore line in 1807.
This estimate seemed bo large that
lest it might be doubted Prof.
Davidson has recently had all the
shore line platted again and partly
measured. It exceeds L is estimate.
This last measurement was submit
ted to Thorn who has authorized its
publication. Tais gives a total for
Alaska of 26,364 miles, or including
the coast of Oregon, California tnd
Washington territory 30,004 miles.
Prof. Davidson thinks when surveys
are made, the rueandertngs of the
snore line will increase this amount
fronv23 to 50 per cent. ThU we
know from experience on the At
Ian'ic coast where the irregularities
are not nearly so great as upon our
Northwest coast. Already regular
surveys in the Archipelago Alexan
der demonstrate channel that were
not knownt many new, .harbor.. ajvi
1 " ' , . .
i - , . .
Wktl la It That Is Killing muj Trm
uiloeMt Mr?
an increase of shore line of over 50
pe cent. . At the very lowest esti
mate it is claimed there is certainly
40,000 miles of ocean shore line on
the Pacific belonging to the United
States, and this does not include
the great bays opening directly on
the ocean, the estuaries of great
rivers, etc.
Important Questiens Answered.
"What will be the effect on labor
of a departure in American policy in
the direction of free trade?"
"If free trade could be adopted
to-morrow there would be an instant
shrinkage of values in this country,
Probably the immediate loss would
equal 20,000,000 ,000 that is to
say, one-third of the value of the
country. No one can tell its extent
All things are so interwoven that to
destroy one industry cripples anoth
er, and the influence keeps on until
it touches the circumference of
human interests."
"What do you think of the polit
ical outlook?"
"The people of this country have
a great deal of intelligence. Tariff
and free trade and protection and
home manufactures and American
industry all these things will be
discussed in every school-house in
the country, and in thousands and
thousands of political meetings, and
when next November comes you will
see the democratic party overthrown
niajioui o.rporrby a cyclone.
All other questions 'will be Jos t
sight of. Even the prohibitionists
would rather drink boer in a pros
perous country than huYt with cold !
water and hard times."
"The preservation of what v
have jjoL-A ill be the great question.
This is the richeKt country aud the!
most prosperous country, and 1 1
believe tbm the people have sense
enough to continue the iolicy thtj
has given them these results. I
never want to see the civilization of
the old world, or rather the bar
barism of the old world, gain a
footing on this continent. I am an
American. I believe in American
ideas that is to say, in equal rights,
and in the education and civilization
of all the people." Ingersoll.
The death of Kaiser Wilhelm, x-ov-Hoffman,
Ranker J. V. Urexel, IJut.
Gov. Ioi8heinier, Dr. Carpenter, Chief
Justice Waite and Uenl. B. II. Brewster,
in quick succcHion, and all from tht
Mine rue. although having dilTerenl
name, is turtlinjr.
March and April arc fatal months, not
only fur conhuumtives bat also fur man;
diseases more dixguised but none tht
les fatal.
Gov. Hoffman ha'l heart disease. Gov.
Dor&heimer, apparently a strung, well
robust man, over six feet hili, eickenf
and dies in four days, of pneumonia.
Chuf-Jnftice Wait meets the am
fate and he was apparently th personi
fication ( vior.
Drex, the l'LilatloIpliia lanker, and
Brewster, Ex-Atty.Geid., were uMen!j
cut off in the niilt of jrrrat iim-tulnes
by Briyht's lieas', and lr. l'urH-nter.
the well-known Npw York physician,
suddenly died of kidney diet-ate utrr,
hating $upecttJ that he was at aii
troubled therewith!
This reminds uscf the case of The.
Frank Hawthorn, of New Orleans. II
was lecturing before the Louisiana uni
versity on the peculiarly deceptive char
acter of Kidney diieafl and the methodr
of microscopical and chemical tests.
After having shown specimen aftei
specimen of diseased fluids, and
very clear the pointJhat kidney diaeafe
may exist without the know h'.lue ot
suspicion of the patient or practitioner,
with gracious Belt-confidence he re
marked, "Now, gentlsmen, let me shrw
you the liealthy water of a etro-; Well
He applies the teat :
He staggers ! a '
" ""entiemefii 'I have made a terrible
discovery!" he gapa, "I myself have
the fatal Bright dieeaae !"
In lets than a ear this ie-ialit ot
the commonest and m st fatal of dieael
was dead, lie was a ' tim of ad -ance-1
Kidney disease The pr.ence of whk'hta
himself he had never suspected ! '
I B. PRICE. M. I)., a gentleman and phy
sician of the highest standing of Hanover
C. Va, four years ago, after trying
very other reitdRy for briyht's di.-ieaae. in
cluding famous iuinra! waxtrct, cured him.
elf by Warner'a Safe Cure, and March 2.
1SS8. wrote: "I have neTer had the slightest
ymptnns of my old and fearful t ;-iubt."
MR. JOHN DOHEKTY, f Cm.o.. i. N. H.,
was given up with Bright's dire&e hy the
best physicians in 187'X 1 1 was in a dread
ful state. After usinff .'.nd beintr cnrl in
1881 by Warner's Saf fure, in 17, he
wrote: "I am better than ever."
JOHN COLEMAN', Lsi-, V.0 tJrw. St.,
New Haven. Conn., wu first tuken ak in
1873, grailually raa down until he had pro
nounced Bright' disease, rheumatism and
all tne other deceptive sins of kulnev dn
ase. Ths beat ulnmicians in New Haveu
could d nothing for him. Ha then bexau
xunntc Wttiuer's Safe Cure, 'J00 Uttlei of
which he and his family have uaed aud he
is coifa.
V. T. CliAWFOTil. propriet-w St. CHiarles
Hotel, Jiichuiond. Va., and well known all
through the South, several yrars aijo was
in the death-agony from kitluey disease,
convulsions and briyht's disease. The beat
Philadelphia specialirfts in such diaeane
pronounced him practically dead ami in
curable. Everything else failing, be to..k
Warner's Safe Cure aVundantly aud re
gularly, until fully restored to health, anrl
now he says, "After a lapiw of many yer I
am as sound as a dollar, with no sniptnis
of my old trouble. 1 owe my life to War
ner's Safe Cure. "
Kidney disease is the niont deceptive,
ho most universal, tbe most ftttal dis
ease. If the most learned men cannot kno?
without the use of iiiiuwcopiral and
heniit-al tests that -tliey have kidney
litease, how much more i' tie ln"i-
uait to Itf, nnknonn to himnrlj, in lUf rt,
Ileavj Storm at Lextajcton.
A wind storm and cloud burs
struck sear Lexington, Morrow
countj, reeentlj, killingthree per
sons ana wounding a aozen or more
About 2 o'clock the stage driver was
at Petty 's place where he had uu
hitched his team. . The wagon was
washed down Willow creek about
fourteen miles.
Seven buildings were wrecked in
Lexington. The cyclone first struck
a prrove below Lexington, destroying
the same and blew down the barn, ii
Mr. Brocks, injuring Mrs. Jirooja.
She died in about two hours.
It struck H. A. Parkin's houe
and barn, two miles northeast of
Lexington, leveling it to the gronrj l.
Mr. Parkins was very sick in brd
and was thrown 100 feet into tl o
middle of tbe road." His recover is
doubtful.' His babe was . throvu
about 200 feet, and received a blew
ort the head and died at o'clock.
Mis. Parkins and two other children
wre slightly injured. Mrs. la?id
Parkins, also there, clung to b-r
babe and came out with a brolctu
arm. ' j
Tbe Bocher school house is li-d
acroas the road, and in it were Vo. '
Powers and seven pupils. AUywe j
injured. Tvo sutTered coricusbicn
of the brain and have not yet rallied.
The others will recover.
It is heard that a woman numeq
Parker was badly hurt at Sand Ho,
low. George Cannon had an am
broken. Much damage was done to
barns, farm machinery, etc., in Ike
track of the cyclone.
: I. L. Smith &Bons
MaDnfaotarera of and Dealer jn all kind ot
FJK, X1KII1 31 and LAW IMtlCF.I
Alao, a nne anaortment of
Pietura Moulduiff, Picture Framed, Mirrors, Lace Carl aina, Window Shade. Tpholator
(Jouds, Wall Paper, Spring and Top Mattreanen. IN Iowa, ete.j alw
Doors and
Blinds !
Frniui n, Mriildiii, ISriieki-ta, Ktai. I ii.idiuK MnteriaU, Stair KuiIiiik". Italosterw,
Newel 1 1: i i, li.ulH-r, etc.
9 .Pill
taT - r
ty LOTS in GUncoe, with a Ketiid -nee
4- ana liarn arid a Store, Willi a Hall l. re.
This property in well loented ami the
buildings all new. 1'rioe, f 1001).
ACUKS of Fir hrnsh land on the
road north of HillMboro lata milt.
iTioe, Jf:.'..00
r- ACKES of Timljernnd lSrnsh Land,
1 I with ncrei cleared. Tuin Inrd is
watered by McKay'a Creek, and on the road
north of Hill.sljoro two luiles. I'riee, f.T.
( ACUKS, with Honse, Hani. Orcliard.
vf and l.raer clear, aud 'J.'t acr in
grans: iniiiiodintt'lv on tbe road two iiiili n
north of llillhboro. t'ricc, fltkio.
IOT on l!nw Lin Street, well lornted.
-J wirh fionse, Itnrn, Well and a good
Diehard tPrice, f40U.
" ti A Acres of Land. ! mile from K. Ii
1 l at Ddley. 4 mile from wli! nnd
Organ in the Lead!
It hat a cane wholly ITNIyfK IN I)RS!1: urjmssinlv Iwautifiil. and mt
together on an KN TMtKLY NKW I'KINCl t'Li: n.iu.. tJuU- iii-t.a.l of
wrt-wt. It irt alwt MOl'SK VIU H)V, liv a!e ..lit
A handsome hraeket LAMP, of Gold tinnlird in. lal, iittaehed to each or;;:m,
insures light Ik.Hi Knfe and convenient
ThUOrgan, with its full and partial nt-U of HI'.EIS. iU diffen-tit NTOPS
and COUFLEHS-nor.e of theiu d'iit jriv- nitialwrleHit variety of COM
BINATIONS and EX Pit ESS I ON, and in SWEEIM-SS imd UlCliNESS of
TONE, it it fully equal to any innke.
Every instrument sold with a SIX YEA PS Gl'AUANTEE.
I am now introducing tlieiw elegant inst rmn. iiH into WiiNhiii-toii County at
A MAGNIFICENT SAMPLE may lie ween at my honm in I'ok hI Grove.
Call anj esniuine.
jlOtf 3IISS. .II. II. I'.I.I.IS.
Lively Stable
LYONS & HAKH, Proprietors.
OrdorM for
Attended to protuptly,
lU)iuender thn l'hieo M AIN HTltLL T
opiiotiit the 'J attlatin Ilott-1.
IiillUro, Or., March 'i'2, 1MH, tf
Notice to the Public.
mi oj aealh, wtio Uo'S not lee I a will ij-4"e uji r.inm urove, v.itn i...UKe.
laforinerlv. hut who docH not thii.k anv- ?,,JJru' , "tUel ,1!'sfir.Y f"u huil.Mngx.
:hinr aiwciallv ail him, and Ik.s phV- '"t.T "T,ou'1? .terl, and will
ncian tnav pure hi... that he v.iM L,, racreu at?
. . . rlnJ- lO or 1.". m-ies almost clear, and tlio remain-
no longer coats
a Fortune
Theso revolvera are an exact
duplicate of the celebrated
.33 Calilair, using
; an absolute bargniu at per acr.. I J
OA Acmm, with Saw mill and a losing I
team, tnree rexitienceH a.ul xtm-e
Jn .tlieae days, people re. o-nie that it der i hinsh laud that will m ike a fl
s uiflrr tn iirivput ilt.i'u t n ..... . ;. Imrn. Uium nf a llied id ilil.. M.- Ti.: '
arrival Mu nrc . nen von know
hat yoo may le in the latest peril an I
.ot have any idea of the faet from anv
left nod act of ill-feeling, the wi"d
:on rise to purcne is to follow the counsel
tnd experience alxne outlinel, u't 1
horonghlv renovate the ayHteni. !eaiMe
he blood", tone the nervea and itiMire
rour own life against thcc O'lmn n,
nysterioua fataliti
t luiriiH.
. one-third of thin property or $!...
Thia pronertv i.- well locaU-il. nix
milea from K. l. Iwill m il the midi-i.'ed
(Government Tim her.
l'l tBLo, Colo., June 24. United
.States Marshal Mitter returned to
day from the mountain slopes along;
the east hide of San Luis valley
where he had been looting after tbe
timber depredations upon the timber
on government land.-t. River saw
mills have been operating there and
he reports that after a great quantity
of lumber had leen taken out the
mill men got into quarrels. The
employes triel to burn out the
timber in their respective canyons.
The result was that in the prevailing
dry weather and strong gales over
twenty square miles of the finest
pine timber in the state has been
uVhukhu, . . Tho Marsual m.h ilia!
nnna n ci
U f re
acues with ATWo srouYifoi se:
of Ka-veii rHi!R. hII I rd iinisli. mul si i
1 larti that n.t :lt. nit ort'li.ird f nil ..ndH i
of fruit and all of tl: koi iII fruit-. ! 'ITti-t
i ti!;u-e is fav.r d-!y lM-:itftt on .Mam Str- I in '
MililKr.. 1'iul will mi it n in: ii .." mi.nsu ;
1 will Kell t-itlier linlf -f this platf il-r :m- .
Invi-d part for nr tin iiniti;i .vh
f..r Vi, or at!l of it f..r
inn A(,,j,s "f lni . 'i .r.s
I "v from (:i4t.n. and i, n,.! i
S-l:oil :.'.".. i of v ar.d :.' ; rn s
!.l .lied ami clcil urid I', ni-rex ! -i nil
Fir ai.d Hazel. Tliero 1-1 an or. linr.! .t I.V
l ariii; tr-s. and is water d ly a hp
that lu-v.-r faiU and well. 'I'ln
on a i ooil road, and n'r wimn.I. Pi i.i i;.
caiih m:d K"hI tiotet. ."().
mm I V !! d ai:d III tllll vat I.Ml. llle(-. VVn
O"' Smthof llill.lairo. well wittered: lava
M .4
AT AT .V A' sm i I
V Aateauuo vJl M
I now have my Nev
In operation, nnd ata maliu,' ,i
very superior grade of Flour.
The public, in invited to gjvo
the New Process Flour it (i ial.
Will Iffp roiislaiitly on Ii imI
n full line of Flour, Pi in, etc.
FxehangH businest ilotio Jvvith
Call and Sec
Foi'kHt m1'OV
And K't "ir tnoiieyV worth of
Drugs, Medicines.
Tollot Artlclofi, Envolopos
and Papor, Musical Mer
clinndiso. and everything usually
kept in a Pu-Ht'ChiMS Counliy lrm?, ji jk
mid Novelty Store,
Carelully iii)Mimd d at h 1 1 hoiirs.
diU f
A Stot k of I'.nrkv lunt and
Milliiif' Oils. Ilighf ft lunrkct
prieo paid.
Over 6.000.000 PEOPLE U
viiurm iru i mtbst mvsrrcr to tbs
For sale by Hardware and Gua Dealers overywbere.
Manafactnred by THE MAKLI5 FIBE ARM 3 CO., Bew Hsren, Cona.
V i
For I0C3
Will t rumUnl
ftlpllt'ntit-i, m i
tMt ttrxM u iiitf it
1 InvjiluatJlj to at'.
t-vvrr frm mutic
V?. M. FEHH Y ACO.,Uotrolt,rc,icl
... ... .... iii. ir. a.
B Olll ''WI . PHO IBIIIiUl I'm III 'Tie VlBlT OSB
c.f vvrrf jnjou roLtvinpFttlng u y I n r O f r M C
tllUIIMUlllH lrlllllf IHllllllI, Hh I lnHlly I0 iup'll. 1.1 1 'I..
Iial Ut !", K'lit !iriu 1. 1 krt ami iikinlnd
rlt f.r Iiui.hhi eiM.'lo. lil. .i.fl. I lur.m.,
llMluJlUS' C rllii Kin f ID III. wurlli ill lliwil.
U( K, M I llIHI,
it u Lexer N. V.
Oreran Pacific R. II
J." HI I en Slioriei'!
IIoiiih' tA'Ht Time!
Ad'oiiiiiiodntioim l'nriiriMiKeil for Comfort
and Hatrty ! I-'ures luid I'leihM via
ViHjiiiii.i nnd the Oh'i'oii J .njilop-
Jlietlt Co'h KtfHIIllillijM Mil H.I. I HH
I linn liy anv otlur route be
tween nil Hliil'i in t hit
W'llMinettH V'lih-V .V
M;iu I'riuifiHCo !
( l.xrcp! S'liiil'iyti,
Id-rive Vi.i'i.n:i . . . 7 no
Arrivn Corvulh .... In If
Ai nvH AIIimiiv ... 1 1 H'
J-;ive Alliimy I i'
A rrive Cn vullj-i 'J m
Arrive Viuiiiiia . " U Id
tri'1'i'H nnd Calif uiii.i (ruin:
Alhnny nnd Coi vnll'.
"illlel t Hi
I'll re hetwi'in Coivallii. Alhnev Mid Sun
l'l'iUH'irti'O -It. lil Hl.d CiiIiiii, IjlllO; Kail
Hint Mel r:i'e, K.'.I.IM.
' ( HAS. C. llfMil'l ,
Al l;,'. (1. A I', Alt,.
VM. M. IIO.'.C,
i( III-! ill Mi'lllMfJcr.
)) miIIim, Or.
Macrazine Rifle.
Frtr(raaullcm,aIttoM. TWSWM14 sSna nH rrf
fj fumiM, mm tmm mmtj alwlMri, as nts M lk mmtkH
tllmummM Cr MAKLI M VMMK ABMS t P.. Jw, fwi
Do TOU feel dull, languid, lowpirited. 11 fe
hf. and hirtewitoUiljr mixerable. both I'hysl
eally and mentally ; experience a flense of
1 ullnesa or bloatm after eating, or of srore
new," or emptinecw of tooiach in tb moro
tnsr. ton true coated, bitUir or bal taste in
tuoutb. irrefralar appetite, dizziness, frequent
beadaihea, blurred eyesin lit, "ttoatinBpeeUs"
before tbe eves, nervoiia firoatratum or ex
haustion. Irritability of temper. Jiot tlunhea,
Jternatinr with chilly aeosatSTna, Bbarp.
titiu transient r-aim Lero nrvii there, cold
feet, drowsiness aitcr meula, waicef ulnnw, or
disturbed and ti.irofreshiiiK step, constant,
Indeacribahla feeli;jf of dread, or of Imuend.
Idk calamity?
If you have aR, or any conalilerahlo number
of these irmiitiims, you are siilrrin from
v'mfc miw. cuionwii or Amera-an tiiuiali
Msds for alt slsrs of rsrtrldirra wtilrh sra owil In but of the fnttnvlnsl
z.iii. vw i f.i. i vktiiii, v in i w lurnmrr, Jllrl. n, Kruilllglou
W Iiium-j-kcaaedjr, Matitb Wsnsua t atea for all cues aa4 uiskus ul
Nil Kill, PArtK AID IIASS. tt
Ckcapcr and Better thaa mnj otkrr. Kraa lur fric Llat of tluw tuols 14 i'-
imfwoturliiK CoiuiMiiiv. c.
kxlHIU. Haw llou, ca. '
ITie value of the timber already
destroyed is over f 200.000 and the
fijg is Btill raging.
Deaths Front Sunstrokes In Xew York
and Boston.
New York, June 24. To-day was
the hottest June day in this city's
history, there being 99 degrees re
corded in pome sections. The list of
fatalities from sunstroke is the
j largest ever recorded here in Jane.
Four men, one woman and fire
children were killed and scores of
persons prostrated by the heat in this
city. Brooklyn and Jersey City hare
similar records.
IJostox, June 24. To-day was the
I. -ii-.i r it rwi
Leads as Photographer in the Northwest. ; wojrar. a ue mercury
Pictures of the moat prominent men and was 98 in the shade. Thero were
women of Oreoon and Washington may. . , ....
be aeen at hia Rallery. Towne'8iJeVtri w i several sunstrokes, two oi winch
in nia instantaneous pictures ot tin o its i .,
the remarkable malts obtainedr ueing tbe were t.a
wonMv ec. au wno tuui nia srauio. in en
Uzgiag to any size, in any style, from any
' kind of picture, he guar ant era to pive a
better class of work, at a lower price, than
any gallery on the Pacific Coast. All wish
ing pietores enlarged will do well to secure
estimates before ordering elsewhere. Cor
respondence solicited, and all orders will
receive prompt attention. Studio 8. W.eor.
'First and Morrison st a., Portland. Oregon.
Uilious Dyspepsia, or TorMd laver, associated
With DvgneDSia. or Imilkn-Htiim. Tim
ooinpncated your disease bus becoma, the
greater the number and diversity of armo
fotrw. No matter what staire tt bis reached.
nse- MamsUbI 41aMas bM.H.,.1
" " " v bf aavsaivu vfll jiucvferr
will sutMlue it. if tiiken ftriintr hiI.
tiia for a iraMonabk lemrth of ti inn. t e iu
cured, complications multiply and Consump
tion of the huoars. Skin Diseases. Heart li f Me
lt heu mat ism. Kidney Iliseasie, or ott-r irnive
mahtdiea are quite liable to s-t in ami. sooner
or Inter, iiifiuew a. fatKl tnmimt !..nT
Dr. Pierce's) Voidest Itledlral Dla.
?i?wr7 ??! P0!1"1.1' "P00 layer, abd
thromrb tlatt mreat bliod-purity inir criran.
cleanses the system of all blood-tulnts and lm-
puritiea, iroia whatever cause arisinir. It Is
equally efficacious In acting- upon the Kid
neys, and other excretory orraoa, deanauia'
strengthening-, and healing their diseases. Ai
an appetizing, restorative tonic, it promotee
diw"tK" !tJ itotri.irf tVwtiJi.K
botb flesb and strena-th. la nwiarial diatrieU.
this wonderful medicine btia gained great
celebrity In curing Fever and Ague. Chills and
Fever, Dumb Ague, and kindred disease.
Dr. Pierce's) Oolden ItledlcaU Dlgw
cry .
from common Blotch, or Eruption, to thn
worst Scrofula, tlt-rheum. " tvverorea."
caly or Uooab 8 kin, in short, all diseases
caused by bad blood ar conquered by thia
powerful, purifying', and invisroratlns; medi
cine. Great Hating Ulcers raplilly beat under
. bin'rn Influence. Especially baa it mani-
well and near t!ie Creninery at l'niiiii:;: m.
nmi coi u a on t t- tli roitd. I'riee, iK VvK
i V nrrntiLed lieidence. with nil limn
snry ut'nildin.t, liearaw Fruit Tree-t. i nd
Six 1-otK. Nituated tiar the new brick 1 l - k
in lliilHtxiro, for sale at fi.U5l.
un Acres, t miles T ri iu iiniHUoro,
(jf acres of plow and 15 acres of twist ire
land; housi, barn, and 70 living tree in
orchard, and is watered by a uprin. I r..N
li uiilea from achtiol. and in on a fixl
rmid, l'i miles from erennierv; Ki'i mi en
from Portland, i'riee, lr'ni.(iii.
mTy Acrea,2 miles from llill-tlioro,
I bonne, liHrn. orchard, well, wisd
sbed, etc., and 40 acres nnder plow aud in
meadow. Price, L,1(I0.U..
I have other land of nne quality t.i
niimeroux to mention
Ileal wtate- A cent.
I, . . poiency in curing Tetter. Ecaema.
Erysipelas, Boils, Carbuncles, Sore Eyes, Scrof
u'!?.lsore and Swellings, llip-JolntDiSMeeu
t; tf
& Boscow
IIIMeMlOItO. Oltl .0,
tiavk JtsT Ki:ct;iVi:u a wmx
Selected Stoek of
Mm Out
Millinery Goods
"oita Mrii im'S,- Goitre, or Thick Meek,
and Enlarged Glands. Send ten cents in
stamps for brge Treatise, with colored
plates, on Skin li-asrn, or the same amount
lor a Treatise on Scrofulous Affectiomk
J22?h,Ic!SIMe. '7 "sm? fc Plereen
VMea nedieml Distoverr, awl rood
digeatioo, fair akin, buoyant spirits, . Ttal
strwurth and bodily bealtlt will be oataUished.
MY Kntire Stock of Millinery Rnd Fane
Iry Umm1-i will Im c.Hed out witlm
the next two weeka at
es !
which is Scrotal Ofthe Lansns Is arrested
aiKl cured by this remedy, if tTken inthe
earlier statres of the diseaae. From Its mar.
velous power over this terribly fatal dicease.
when first offering- this now world-fa m-d rem!
.., KVonu, ir. rierce tnought, seriously
of enllinfr Jt bis "COKSmii-rioN Cvkx." but
'OKSrapuoN Cvkwl," but
mni nun a iuu restneuve for
a rani ui no which, from Us wonderful com
bination of tonics or atrenDtlwninir aM.i.
or bewxt-olenngintr, anU-bilioQs, pectoral, and
wuuuivc iirupcrueav as unequaicil, not onlv
ADDI7C nd six centu for ntatae.,
rflliLl-.and receive free, a costly box
of (roods which will help all,
of either sex, to more money right away
than anything else in thia world. Fortanea
await the workers absolutely anre. At once
Addrees Taua fc Co., Aansta Mais.
as aj retmHiT for Consomption, but for aUl
Cbrouic Disease of the
Liver, Bloci and Lunno.
JJ'Jwk I-unirs, Ppittinnr of Blood, Short.
neas of Breath, hrouic Kaaal Catarrh. Brcn.
chJtls, Astiima, 8vere (itugbe, and kindred I
affections, it is an efficient remedy. ;
ti'Lowv1)rure'8t8' " 1fl"0 or U -ottld '
a ST 1 Send ttr nml in afamma T T- - I
book on ConsuptionT diaa,
Cfirlf t Cispssssry i3socTafiea.
A uplriidid rtumrtanity Is" oaTetx-d to nil
wthiiio anythui in my line. ' v
S. C. Itoliei ls'
1 I will not be resjxiisible for any h:l:s
win It. Schmeltzer,
contracted by my son, Kd
irom tnia uate.
1 ated Schol I Ferry, May 29, 18B8.
iu:.l .M liAMEh SCUMKLT2EK.
Canned Goods,
and Cigars.
Dress Goods,
EVliilinery Goods.
IresH Trim tiling,
Z .
And Fne of
Purnichinc Goods
For Itadiertand Gentlemen.
'I 'in; i:i:rrin h :. vi.i: i.i iai:k
1 I'lipiile T.-iv Stallion. ;ll iinke Hie
S.-su i( ssh in V ;.sliiii"in Cieirly us
I Inn davM. id Win. Wi l.-r .. t w r
ville; 'lli'irsd.iy null nrnl nil I i ill v ii.n.ii,
at lireeuvill-; nil tdlt.-r il it rt lit lli. f irm ol
the iiiwlerM mil. null-1 .i-.t id JIiIIiIhiio.
Sort !
Tlie St-asou
liiMiir:iiw-v .
SEI.I.M wi'Il'Ii", ovi-r I VI I .!imiK; m by
old UoliuiiriKo, n IVleh- nli: il nil hy Wanh
iliilnli. he l.v old I'lllull, of I'll 1 1 for
m.i; :M d. mi Old N ill v, owned by Win. Jolin
whi. .f tilmciie, ii.iw dee. n l, known hh
he I'.iiH . i.i re, Klie l.y imp Kumlder, it
t horoiii'iilired.
Every MWHible earn will I l iken to (ire
Vi lit fwciJeiii-i, but no reHkaiaihility
1". M. 1 tCK-iS'.
flt;lnbor. AvrJ: f..
I believe Piao'a Cure
for Coiiauiniition aaveil
nir life. A, II. DowKbi
Editor Kmiiiiier, Ilen.
ton, N. C, April 23, I87.
i - - :. ;
7 I Uustang Linimonl I
TI Mrxiciw Witst.kk Ll.liiniT, Prnrlrnlrm
I MHfvUt tu iimJIuMJ Wuliilullll. '1 . i.
. Six 7 i
tZmw. Xik
i S i
Ii '
H 3mm M'
. 10.00 fs fa
v 'Is a
rT .11,1, y.rr-i b S
I Dwatoairb Hrup. Tastes iriMXt. Use I I AmW
J u tutin. Hi.liJ by drnifgwts. I I w t. XT
1 'jtiTinrVMiri larnn -rrnr
II Hkiij wuuaiiikri noLi.iik' ifuu "
ill I'
Oregon Development Co.
Eilsl eja-.n'iti ltiiiii.liiiit h. 'v iin h il 1 1 1 r
mid .-J in I i i!i..- ,'.i, rrimi i'l ill I Hii.iint
ith the lr.ill.:t I I lie ( tri'i ;i ill I '. liie Kiui-
ru.-iil i !i.ii imiiiv ,
M.!Ui f'ii';;,
I in i .! ii .,' i. t i .i n;
'. !'i Wi ill . iil'n , .hue
iliiu ,.'!t" . .' y, , - I u. f-.l i , ,1 iily . v
l-.n-iti i-.i I Ii-"- .hi M, ii. I iy, J I l e .ii'. y h . 1 1 , 1 i v , " 17
r.'f.ti-ui i l:-- '.,( hn 'niilio , " W
Willunn (ti ... ' ' ;io
I'.tml vvrtNAt
I'.'.'-li in h .1 n'lu-'iliiv, .1 nly C
H ill. Hin t e l. v '', H
I '.iii.I i l n I l '; '. i ... " ' j i
llliiini ile ,-..I'i.I'iv, " 1'4
L.i.tei n i iii'.'i ii I'rnl ' , " :m
N ill.uiu lie iilii y. Aujf. f
The Coi.' Hiiv I'i' i t ven Hit' i irl,t in i litm;
Hll lliii lii l s illh? tliilei,
h. Ii. 'IIIHV, C.ti. I'. , V. Aii iiI,
;in Miiii'i'iiiiii iv st .,
a"l If I'liini'Mi'ii, f .ai.
SimiIIm i n raellit ('omitini) '
'lime E luf eti
I Uiik Im It,
I'oillitiiil mill
otl llitmxl
SlIU 1
California Cxnesa Train Hun Daily
Ivtwern 'orUaii nnd P.nn irrrinciaco.
ortliind n I. M.
Sail Emu. :;kj J', M.
A unn K.
K I'liiiieiMe.i , MA.M
I oi il.ind. . Iiii'iw A.M
The bkst Contrh Medi
elne is Fiao'a Cubk f or
Cowhumptioji. Children
take It without ohjeetion.
liy all druggists. &V.
I I BsStUoiu
J 1 - intj
m watfcE Auisnial
f i
Oouh Mjrrup. Tastas timtd. Dse I
. M .1.1 ty d rutnnMa. I
All Linda of Ei
?'fw'if-;,i;jf'S-; X- -v-"" :--','"-, ;:' '.- '. W.".; v..,;.;;'';'
l Pnalnee taken in
111 AVE $.-.,000 TO lAiAN ON FIH8T
clasa real eatate aeeurity Hate: 8 per
eent If liorrower ya taxes. Will be
loaned for a tern, of three years, and in
snnisof not leKnthnn
rciifr IhtHff, .un'.tSHniLiij,'
I.SBVa. . I Allll
Tv.u.ira i, i it,..,,
r iK . hi ,SI, Culmid ;i:4ft I.
..TT ts Z 1 ,
. M.
Caveats, and Trade Marks obtained, and all
I'ATKNT ItCNlNEKSeonducfed for AH)l
t it ciFFicK is v. .
PATE ST OFFICE. We have no miV
aK'-nciea, all hnmnea direct, hence run
tranaaet Patent hnaineaa in lend time ami
at L1S COST than those remote froi.
Send model, drawing, or photo with A
criition. We advise if patentable or ti I,
free of charge. Our fee not dna till p:,t.ut
is secared.
A hook, "How to Obtain Patent. with
referenoea to actual clients in your Nt.itw,
county, or town, sent free, AdUresn
V, A. HXOW 4L JO.y
0poite Patent OSloe, Washington, D. 0.
For necor.tiiiixhitioi, of Neeond Class I'ltt-
aell'erH liltMI'lied to I : il enn ' ruins, .
The O. A C. It, It. IYitv eniniei'lioii
with all the nnulur traum on the ;hm Nidu
divintou ftoiu Hie foot ot E Hi it'l l,
West Hide IHviuion.
Mud Train llail y, e.viejil Siiinl.iy,
Portland 7:K) A.M.
IlilUboio M.1 A. 11.
Corvalli l:;UI I. M.
liilUhoro fi:Ot P. M.
llilhl.oro m 41 A. M
CorvnlliH 1 :':.',' M
lll'Uiiiti..ri:(i:i , M
I'oiti Mid ..;: ir c. m"
I-?At Albrmy and Co.'vullis Ountiect wttb
trains of the Oregon i'
I'xprcha Train l.nily, exei ol Sunday,
l rVK.
Porlhind, 4:.'rf)P.M
litllshoro.. CiO'il'.M
HiJihlMin. . ,7::)A.M
IlillnUiio. , i;.(l ,m
Ml'MlU'llll,N;M) F.M
IIiiIhImho. 7 "lAM
Portland ".UK) .f
II. KOEIILKIt, AhhI. U. I', .. I', ,
Manager. i
Send 10 ci iil i jiuHl,'!
we will mail you
royal, valuable, s; ' ,
ot (,'imhIs 1 tint wi' f
tu the wu v of ii' "
Won ar at once than any thing eh
lea. ltoth aenes of all ai.c can Ii m. .
and work in spare tin e, or all tha .
Capital not rii'iired. We will atari yov.
liunieusM pay .um for Hume wh.t Htrtr 1st,
once. Htimmon & Oo., Portland, Mama