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MAY 31, 1888
Don't forget to vote next Monday.
Next Saturday is Labor Day, and a
lot of our tired men will take a rest.
The new Walter A. Wood is still in
the lead. See it at Riley Cave's place.
Mrs. W. N. Barrett visited relatives
in Portland this week.
'-Campaigning" has begun in earnest,
and the eloquence of the candidates tells
upon the hearts of voters.
School reports and obituary notices
are crowded out of this issue, but will
appear next week.
The following has been received at
this office for publication, but was ac
companied by no signature: "Samuel
T. Holmes died March 24th, on his
ranch in Dakota, aged 31 years. He
leaves a young wife, but no children."
The trial of Landreth, the Polk
county murderer, took place at Dallas
Monday. The jury, after only five m:"n
utes "deliberation, brought in a verdict
f murder in the first degrre.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., one of
the justices of the supreme court of
Massachusetts, and son of Oliver Wen
dell Holmes, the poet, will probably be
in Portland in a short time.
Mr. O. P. Point left at this office
yesterday a Brown Leghorn hen-egg.
which measures 1 inches by (J inches
in circumference. In thi statement,
both longitude and latitude are con
sidered. A colored man in Indiana is rapidly
turning white. That's nothing; there
are plenty of men in thi world who are
naturally green, while others feel blue
occasional!)', other look black at one,
while iiite often men turn white or red
in a Miigle moment.
The good opinion of the public, in
regard to A ver ('hurry IVetorul. i
con tinned by clergymen, lawyers, public
speakers, arid actors . All say it i the
best remedy for alVectiom of the throat
and luns.
The democratic "wing dam" party
charged that J. I. Apperson paid no tax
in thin county. They were astounded
when Mr. Apperson showed from the
record that he paid more taxes in one
year than all the democratic candidates
had paid in the last nine year. Ifow
have the democratic? candidates covered
up their taxes? --Oregon City Enterprise.
Such i the reputation of the W. A.
Wood machinery that Walter A. Wood's
name i a household word the world o er
Do not fait to see the latest improve
ments on these famous machines.
Com party 'ft, O. N. (., of Hillsboro,
was present at the decoration exercise
at Forest (!rove yesterday. The com
pany was met at the drove depot by the
brass band of that place, and inarched
thence to the cemetery, w here appropri
ate exercise took place. After the cere
monies, our company was conducted to
(he college campus, where refreshment
were served by citizens of Forest Ornve.
In these piping times of strife
between two great political parties, and
the branching out of a third avowing
the destruction of one or both, it be
hooves everybody t appear to the best
advantage. On Main street, opposite
Tualatin Hotel, you will rind Herr B.
Areenson, the tailor, who will turn old
suits into new, and make new suits to
order. Call and examine his goods and
price. 17m-1
Dr. .Tosephi eudorsc the statement
of Dr. Osman Uoyal, that "the Oregon
State Insane asylum can never be an
institution for the highest good so long
n it is made the prey of politician and
part of the political machinery of the
Neither mind nor body can act
healthfully if the blood is vitiated.
Cleanse the vital current from impurities
by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilhi. This
remedy .purities the blood, recruits the
wasted energies, and restore health to
the debilitated system.
Wlien j-oii come to town it cost
you nothing to see the wonderful Walter
A. Wood, ami hear about it marvelous
work last season .
Mr. J. J. Morgan ha just purchased
a pool of t",W bushel of wheat, pay
ing therefor 7? cent per bushel. This
wheat Wat stored in or i to be delivered
in .Mr. .Morgan's warehouse at Hillsboro
und Keedville. He also bought NOOt)
bushel of oats at " cents mt bushel.
This i the highest price paid in the
county for oat during the present season.
These figure are favorable to farmers
and there is yet a little money in agri
culture. Prof. Bauer' class in rapid writing
closed tat niirht. after a most successful
term, and his pupils say that hi system
is the only Mireessful business style.
Prof. Haner is not only a superior pen
man, but an uneoualed instructor. The
writing school will continue under thej
instruction of Miss May Newell, one of j
J'cof . Baiter's pupils of McMinnville, who
i- an expert with the pen and teaches
rapid writing from the beginning. First
lessons to night. There are many young
people who cannot miss such a grand
opportunity for improvement. Miss
Newell comes to us highly recommended,
and the tuition will only le $1.50. Pu
pils of the age of ten years and upward
will be received. , Supt. Vincent anil
Kev. C. M. Bryan speak in terms of
praise of the new system.
Uiley Cave can show you the finest
mower, the most perfect binder and the
best hay rake in America. See for your
selves. Hurklfii'i Ariilra Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, (-happed Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and
positively cures Piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction, or money refunded. Price 25
cents per Ikx. For sale by Hillsboro
Pharmacy .
To Ladies Visitino Portland.
We wish to call their attention to our
Ready-made Suits. Our $10.00 suits,
good value for $12.50; our $ 14.00, ex
cellent value for $1(5.00. All wool suits
from $14.00 up. Dressmaking in all
branches. First-class fitting and stylish
make-up. Ladies' own material made
up. D. Portek & Co, 147 Third
street, Portland. mlO-lm
The enterprising citizens of Golden
dale are fast erecting buildings in which
to temporarily conduct the business of
the town. Wc see by the Sentinel that
Masters & Benson are again on foot
occupying one of the qw buildings.
It is reported in Hillsboro that
corps of engineers are in the Green
mountain coal fields, in the employ of
some railroad company. Further, it is
said the Southern Pacific railroad com
pany intends constructing a branch rail
way line from Hillsboro to the immense
coal deposits, which will open to market
large bodies of timber along with the
most extensive coal deposit on the coast
Judge F.A.Moore, of St. Helena,
nominee for joint senator on the repub
lican ticket, for the counties of Wash
ington, Columbia and Tillamook, was in
Hillsboro Monday. Judge Moore thinks
the prospects for a grand republican
victory are excellent. The judge will
poll a full vote in this county.
Mr. Barnard, brother of Mr. J. L.
Barnard, of Hillsboro, was in town re
cently. Mrr Barnard has charge of the
Raymond excursions, and conducts ex
cursion parties from Philadelphia, Bos
ton, Chicago and all points in the East,
to place of interest in the Pacific
Northwest, j He i an assessor in Boston,
and puts in the time not employed in
that position in conducting excursions
Mr. Milton Richardson wa in Hills
boro last Meek. By the provisions of
his lather's will, he i made executor
without bonds. Mr. Richard-ou ha
been living near McMinnville for several
Dr. R.Nixon's dental card wa run
on 4th page of a recent issue, through
mistake. It appears in usual position,
1st page, this week. Dr. Nixon is a
first-clas dentist, and deserve pation
age. His charges are moderate, and he
is willing to let a part of hi profits help
sustain a good county paper.
Mrs. Lamkin, who is sojourning at
Monntaindale, paid her liege lord a brief
visit this week, accompanied by her
family. She came ner having a serious
accident when driving In, ow ing to the
horse falling. Both children were
thrown from the cart, but fortunately
escaped with a few scratches.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Boscow, of
East Portland, were in Ilillslioro Sunday
visiting relatives. Mr. lVoseow is con
nected with the North Pacific canning
company, of hast Cortland, which i
alout ready to begin operation, and
will start to fanning gooseberries in a
'ew day. There is a large demand for
this fruit in California.
Mr. Joseph Hare, of Bismarck, Da
kota, was in Hillsboro this week, visit
ing hi brother, Hon. W. D. Hare. He
was under the impression that it rained
eonstantly here, and expected to find
everything 1 afloat. He was agreeably
disappointed. He was accompanied by
his mother, Mrs. Helen Dare, from
The ladies of the Christian church
will give a dinner and supper in Hills
ljoro next Saturday. Ye hungry mortals,
march to the fattening altar.
Grand Medal awarded to "Davies
the Photographer," for the best display
of photographs. Mechanics Fair, 1887.
Gallery, Cor. First and Taylor Strs,
Portland, Ogn.
Teacher examinations are in pro
gress thi week. Supt. Vincent is pre
sent In his unapproachable stature, and
has a number of teachers lnwed at the
Aristarchiau shrine, seeking to ascertain
the depth of their learning.
Sunday morning James Fields, driv
er of engine No. 4 of the fire depart
ment, hired at Magoon Bros. livery sta
ble one of their finest horses. When he
returned at 7 P. M. the horse was scarce
able to stagger into the stable, was trem
bling in all his limbs and covered with
welts, having evidently been lashed and
drven to leath. A veterinary physician
was immediately called, who gave his
attention to the poor animal until it died
in great agony about 2 a. m. Oregonian
The Vulur mi I iiilerdralnlns;.
Ever since underdraining was first in
troduced, farmers who had not witnessed
its effect were accustomed to say : "Oh,
yes, we presume draining will make the
land drier in the spring, and will enable
us to plow the ground and get in the
crops earlier and with less work, but in
the summer the land is so dry that it
bakes into bricks. We don't want to
drain it and make it drier. It is too dry
now." Thousand of farmers iu old
times made such remarks. But, thanks
to the agricultural press," thanks to
farmers' clubs, thanks to fair and
farmers' institutes, and grange meeting,
and to railroads, that make it easy for
farmer to travel to and fro, whereby
knowledge is increased tlwtnks, in
short, to the wonderful age in w hich we
live, we have not for several years heard
this objection made to underdraining.
It is true our old friend the Deacon still
says, "Give me a good open ditch so
that I can see the water run." But all
farmers now admit that draining is a
good thing, and would be glad, as our
old friend Timothy Bunker, Esq., said,
to have the "bottom knocked out" of
every w et spot on the farm.
It is strange, however, now that
farmers are thoroughly convinced of the
value of underdraining, that some of our
agricultural writers, wanting, we may
suppose, something to talk about, have
started the notion that draining in
tensifies the bad effects of drouth! Of
course there is no truth in it. Land
that needs draining was never injured by
draining either in spring, summer,
autumn, or winter, in seasons cold, hot,
wet, or dry. American Agriculturist for
Much has beeu said during last week's
canvass by our democratic friends con
cerning a law which allows school lands
to be sold at a reduced price. The bill
therefor was introduced by Mr. Lock
ett, of Baker county, a democrat; it
was strongly urged by our democratic
governor, acting as chairman of the
board of commissioners for school lands;
it was recommended to pass by both
the house and the senate committee on
public lands; it was voted for by every
member of the house who was in the
room when the bill was put upon its
passage (57); it was voted for by every
member of the senate who was in the
senate room when it was there just
upon its passage (20); it was also signed
by our democratic governor. But Sir.
Paulsen voted for it. and he is therefore
a very bad man, so say our democratic
friends. It is strange that he could not
have voted "nay" when every one voted
But what about the law? It is true
that the price is reduced to one dollar
and twenty-five cents; but the lands so
offered have been held for a great many
years, are isolated, hilly, or for other
reasons comparatively worthless, and
the moBey received for them, well in
vested, will le of far more benefit to
the school fund than the land. It i as
serted that quite a large amount of
these land were bought bv Portland
speculators. The law limits the amount
sold to one man to 320 acres. It fur
ther provides that he must make an affi
davit before a notary public that he l
over eighteen year of age, a citizen of
the United States, or has declared his
intention to lecome such, and is a resi
dent of the state; that the proposed
purchase is for his own benefit and not
for the purposes of speculation; that he
has made no contract or agreement, ex
press or implied, for the sale or dispo
sition of the land applied for in case he
is permitted to purchase the same, and
that there is no valid adverse claim
thereto by any actual settler.
The price of any land heretofore sold
by the board of commissioners, but
may revert back to the state, is not to
be reduced. The law, if rightly admin
istered, closely guards thi land against
speculators; if it has been sold to such.
the provisions of the law have not leen
complied with.
To the voters of Washington county:
As charges have been made against me
in relation to the Itondsmcn of W. I.
Pittenger by Mr. E. Schulnii-ricW, one
of the democratic candidates for the
legislature, and at various oiiits w here
I had no npK)it unity to publicly con
tradict the same, I have concluded to
make such denial in Tiik Indki-enuent.
He ( Mr. Schulmerick ), at Glencoe and
at other places publicly asserted that I
proosed to Mr. T. H. Tongue to intro
duce a bill in the legislature for the re
lief of the Pittenger landsmen, Thos.
II. Tongue, Mr. C. Schulmerick and Dr.
F. A.Bailey. I positively deny that any I
such proposition wa ever made by me
cither before or after election to the leg
islature. After my nomination two years ago,
and before the canvass commenced, the
charge was made that the republican
legislative ticket wa nominated for
that particular purpose and Mr. Tongue
informed me and the other candidates
that the bondsmen neither expec ted nor
wanted such relief, and authorized all of
us to make such statement, and such ,
statement wa publicly made on the j
canvas of that year. i
Thomas j
The alove statement is correct. I ;
K.,1 ns ntlmr 1'nnvnrmlinn with Mr. !
Paulsen than alovc-stated and have de
tailed no other to any one.
y Thoj. II. Toxm-K.
Mo.NMOiTii, May 2$, 1883. There are
about eighty stinlents in attendance at
the Normal, and all ure buxy preparin; (
for examination, which legin nest
week .
The property of Christian college has
leen lately tranferrel from trustees of
Haid t-ollejje to the Oregon State Normal
School Association : Judge N. L. I'uttler,
l S. Powell, A. D. Griggs J. B. V.
Buttler, and D. W. Driskel.
Commencement ii fast approaching.
The exercises will cover three days of
commencement week, beginning with
art exhibit Saturday evening, June 9.
Sunday, at 11 o'clock a. m., baccalaureate
sermon by Kev. A. T. Adkins, of Corval-
lis. Monday evening, students reunion:
Tuesday evening, entertainment by liter
ary societies; Wednesday, graduation
day, exercises beginning at 10 o'clock
A. m. Alumni reunion, Wednesday
Graduating class of 188 consists of
twenty normals, three collegiates, and
four commercial students. This is the
largest class that has ever graduated
here, and represents ten counties of Ore
gon, and one of Washington territory.
Supt. E. It. McElroy was viiting the
pprtnal last week. lie earnestly urges
all to attend the National Teachers asso
ciation at San Francisc o.
Iia Fit A MIS.
Ibfir Uaalnea H.tnina;.
Probably no, one
thing has caused
such a general revival of trade at the
Hillsboro Pharmacy as their giving away
to their customers of so many free trial
bottle of Dr. Kind's New Discovery for
Consumption. Their trade is simply
enormous in thjs very valuable article,
from the fact that it always cures and
never disappoints. Coughs, Colds,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, and all
throat aud lung diseases quickly cured.
You can test it before buying by getting
atrial bottle free, large tiz $1. Every
bottle warranted.
Col. Irish addressed our citizens at
1 p. m. Ex-Gor. Woods will speak here
to-night at 8 o'clock.
All the late novelties in job type at
Thb Isdepksdent office.
(From ocr Regular Correspondent )
Rev. Mr. Towelson, of Tat oma, was in
the Gro-e last week.
Napoleon Davis, of Salem, well known
in Washington county , was in the Grove
last week. Mr. Davis is a delegate to
the national democratic convention in St.
Louis, where he will labor for the nom
ination of Gov. Pcnnoyer for Vice Presi
dent. Mrs. Scott, of Portland, is visiting
with her son, Robt. Stevenson.
Jesse Caples had a runaway last Mon
day, which came near resulting seriously.
He was thrown violently from the wagon
and came near having his head crushed
with a large cream can thrown from the
vehicle with him.
J. G. Boos and family, A. Vosper and
family, and N. C. Merges rusticated on
Gales creek one day this week, and had
a very enjoyable time.
Mrs. Sloan started for New York city
this week, on a pleasure and business
J. U. Smith has invested in a bicycle,
to the disgust of the other ball players,
as it is not likely that he will be able to
take part in the ball games until he has
been patched up, at least.
Students and teachers in Pacific Uni
versity are making preparations for Com
mencement and it is expected that a large
number of outsiders will be present.
The thermometer registered 98 degrees
in the shade last Tuesday afternoon, at
the Grove;
Grant Hughes took a buiness(?) trip
to Hillsboro last Sunday.
W. S. Macruni i spending this week
in Portland.
Oliver Hinman, of Ellensburg, W. T.
made a flying trip to the Grove recently.
Fully 250 proii listened to ex-U. S.
Senator Slater campaign sMech in
Vert' hall last week. The democratic
side of the taiitT question was shown lib
in a very able manner by Mr. Slater.
John Ireland lost a valuable horse last
Tuesday, supjiosed to have died from
heart disease. The animal dropped dead
on one of the streets here while hitched
to a hack.
As usual, the McMinnville base ball
club failed to put in an appearance last
Saturday, to the disgust of the Grove
loys and a large crowd w hich had come
from the 'outside to witness the game.
This is the third promise the McMinn
ville boys have broken with the Grove
club, and our !ov are getting some
what tired of it. After having written
that they would -le here Saturday if
the devil didn't interfere ," they not
only did not come, but also either wil
fully or negligently forgot to advise our
Ihjv any further in the matter. The
Grove boy are anxious to play any club
in the valley, not even excepting Mc
Minnville, but hereafter their promises
will Im treated with that supreme indif
ference which experience lias shown it
deserve. Whenever they come, how
ever, they will le treated as though they
were the very cmttodiment of ideal base
ballism. The Grove club has a game
arranged with Oregon City for July 4th,
for a prize of $"), and expect to play
the Willamette, of East Portland, be
tween now and that time.
S. Dana Thomas, formerly editor of
the "Pacific Pharos," is iu the Grove this
Lack of time prevent an extended
notice of Decoration day observances at
the Grove. Will say more next week.
Hammock are raging in the Grove.
The girls play lawn tennis, and the Itoys j
go swimming.
may 29: John Angel, th Portland
real estate agent, was in town Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wilcox, of McMinn
ville, visited relatives in Cornelius last
Mr Peterson is building a new barn
and otherwise improving his place.
Prof. Itauer lectured at the school
house Saturday night.
Miss Newell's attempt to organize a
class in penmanship Monday evening
was a failure .
.The exhibition given by the school
cViIdren last Friday evening was a sue
cess in every way. The house was
crowded. Forest Grove and Hillsboro
Ixjth being represented. The proceeds
amounted to $23.75.
Hot, ! degree in (he shade, and still
It is not certain that Portland will get
her big hotel, but Vernonia will have one
in a short time. It will I e run in first
class style.
Neither Ingles or Ponteroy have agreed
to vote the prohibition ticket yet.
To whom it may concern ! after election
instead of going up Salt river, pack your
trunk i. nil go to Nehulem. Several of
thecandida tes have concluded to go there
if defeated. Stureibcr.
Brarf 1 p.
You are feeling depressed, your appe
tite is poor, you are bothered with
Headache, you are fidgety, nervous, and
generally out of sorts, and want to brack
up. Brace up, but not with stimulant,
spring medicines, or bitters, which have
for their basis very cheap, bad whisky,
and which stimulate yon for an boar,
and then leave you in worse condition
than before. What you waut is an alter
ative that will purify your blood, start
healthy action of Liver and Kidneys,
rextore your vitality, and give renewed
health and strength. Such a medicine
you will find iu Electric Bitters, and
only HO cent a bottle, at- IlilUboro
(aO4 Ptirst.
I will pasture horses at $ 1 00 per month
eolta. 75 eenU. Pastnr first-claa. Good
tiring water. Stock salted rgalarly.
fence in Rood condition. Batweasi fiOO and
GOO acres of pasture. Where there are four
or five horses, I will g after them, on appli
cation. Address:
23f 3m . Oaaton. Oregon.
J. E. Gaston, Win. McFarland, and
Sumner Tigard have commenced on their
contract of fcl ashing for Chas. Gault.
Mrs. Burnham is very ill, caused by
over-heat a few days ago.
Humps are getting to be plentiful ' in
thia vicinity.
A ball will be given at Butte Grange
hall on the evening of July 3rd. The
proceeds wilt go towards the purchase
of an organ. AH are cordially invited.
Beefbend has a good supply of the
Rain is needed throughout this part of
the country.
Look out for Uncle Jim McKay . He
has a new target gun all the way from
the East. Dead center now.
Fire got out in Egypt last week and
destroyed some rails. Little damage
Born, May 13th, to the wife of Chas.
L. Shaver, a daughter.
A. Gustinand Mrs. M. A. Tigard have
returned from Salem, where they have
bees attending the State Grange.
A Mart.
So ynu want to borrow ift'iOO to start on
'If you only had $300 capital yon hue
a chance now to establish a btihines t hat
will grow into thousand, and perhaps
millions, eh? All you need i the start
ist! Well, my son, I don't know aliout
investing $500 in you until -you have in
vented something in yourself. I want to
see you trot one heat, anyhow. In-fore I
deride whether you are fafe to baek.
Liten to me, my on; the man who can
make a $.'.00 Lupine1 grow into thou
sand, and pcrhap million, alway get
the $500. Always. Here, I II tell you
what I'll do with you. I'll give you a !
dollar. Now, a man who can make a 1
million out of five hundred can a-i!
make five hundred out of one. Good lye'
my boy, good-bye. Don't osk too h ml, '
if you don't want to get rich. And re
memlier son. the man who get another
man's capital to Mart on u-o ill v s"',u' ;
all hi life working for the other man.!
Start yourself, my loy. It will I
work if you're going down hill. I'.ur
Tlie salmon catch to date thi si a-ion
is belie veil to le alwuit up to la: t season's ,
figure to tin lime. Ttiere are alM.ut I
400 les iMiat on the river this car than ,
there were lat, hich will iive llm-i- j
that are enjjage.l in llshin:; a bettei 1
chance to earn something.
Tlie cati-h per Im.hI of late sea-on .
doe not romp me cry favorably with
that of former years. In lST one lait'e
cannery reported a catch to one lat of i
4,0:fi; in Hi8-J and 1SS.-J the same can j
nery reported an average of l.Uot) to the !
Itoiit ; fir last year an :iera.;e catih oi :
tS.0 salmon to the Ik. at is
a im lar lieM riru.l
Your stomach, of course. Why .' lie
cause if it U out of rder you are one f
the most miserable crelures living.
Give it a fair, honorable clirince un.i ce
if It is not the best friend you have in
the end. Don't smoke in the morning
if you mut smoke and drink wait until
your stomach is through with bri-:iKfat .
You ran ttriuk more and smoke i:i ic ii
the evening and it will tell on yo'i le--.
If your food ferments and ! m i
digest right if you are troubled with
Heartburn, Dizziness of the head, com
ing up of the food after eating, l!;!ius
liess. Indigestion, or any i. titer trouioe
of the stomach, you had best ue fin-en"
August Flower, as no person can u-c it
without immediate relief.
Nehalem Headquarters!
r. w. ncNun,
ioitXF.i.n s, - - oici:;o.
A larg aiiaortwent of
"T.leno Clothing
Furnishing Goods !
Com r wing all the latent stylea iu 11 V I S
At Vrrnaula, rhalein Valiej,
Wbers rood of ever? dewrintim tre kept
constantly iu ntock.
On and after April KHb. I will rnn .- Stee
frun Cornelius to 'oluiubi
County Htaita leaves my Htore in t'orin lniH
for that place every TnesJ.ty. ly
after th arrival of the mail train frotc
Portland, oarryin aneii.:-r find lifjhl
Jans 1C 18M7. ,r
eonsiiiting of
Houoec and Lots !
tsTTerms made easy to Parchawra.
: For farther information, inquire of the
L. m. i;osm:v.
Hillsboro, May 18. 187. ml9-tf
Adiuliilwf rator's Tiotlec,
r PllK undoi-si'med has leen by tl: Cutm'y
I Court of Washin gton Coii.!y. (n-cguii.
duly UNinted AdminiHlrat'ir ot ill.) f a-..- le
of ('art Lit-Im now, (Icecuiu d. All i'.-v- n.
having flail,! ttain:;t haid Fsti.le, f ie
hereby notified to present ihein to me wi:h
proper voucher, nt inv residence noiit.ii oi
Hillsboro. or at. the 'law oIUcm f K. Jt.
Huston, in HilUboro, within nil months
from this date.
'this Mnv 1st, ISHS.
m:i-t " JIM I S AKIIAHlt.
Notice to the Public.
I now havo my Nev
In operation, anJ aia making a
very superior grade of Flour.
The public is invite! to give
the New Process Flour a trial.
Will keep constantly on Latnl
a full line of Flour, Hran, etc.
Kxcbauge Lusiuess tlone with
A Stock of Jliickwliont ami
Milling; Oata. Highest market
price paid.
s ,v
"s t I I
Hejler in Drii'jr. Nclici:ie, I'ainl,
Oil. i:t. hclu; lio...-i l,ept con
h t . 1 1 1 1 1 v I'l SI.k I .
o'-'l tf
I .l VI1 'ol. WIN.
Meat Market!
Main Street, - mrLSBOIvO
Choice Beef
And Pork!
Kept c. list :i:i!l-on hand.
liiuhesl iii.nL el price paid
Crete. la Inn, Veal and llo:r.
Fair ricalii:- to All !
M : i i 1 "a I i o ii i " r:t n t vtul
Please Give us a Trial
I (IT on
liase Line Street, well loeutej.
lj illi lli.nt.i-. H.nn, Well .-in. I n i'l
; n Ii. rd
I'rii-e, iftoo.
Aer.-Hof l.iin.l. mile from U.I.
lit iMlll V, '4 Mile from w-liool iij.ii
inileH fr ini J-'orcHt tirove, with hoiine,
b 1111, mill other lieeefs.i ry funu build int. j
Thi a place id thoroiildv wnteretl, imdwill
uhLc. a K'Httl i t K-li or liuirv f irm, villi tliel
le.i .t cunt. -.1) or ;u-ieH in ci.ltiv.-Uion, find
lo or Here nbii.t clear, and the ri-in.iiii-
id r is brusli land that will tn ike a ( ihI
bum. Home of which in Alder lint. Tim M
nn ul. solute barHiii nt -'1 .OO jh-r ncre.
i AcriH. wilhSaw mill r 1 . 1 11 I .firiiii;
! I t'", three icxid, ix-i-k mid Uiree
btiriiM. 'I'hiw pro-rly in wi-ll I.Miatinl. nx
lulled t rom II. II. twill ik II Hie iiiidivii'eil
one third of I Iiih property f'-r ?I Vo.
0 of ;ieveii roonw, all t urd tictnli, nnd n
barn that aunt l(l, an orchard of nil kind
f fruit and all of the Mtitnll frniti. Thw
place 14 favoniblv loealeJ on Main Street in, ami will unit a mini of ineaim
1 will well either half of tlii plain the i 111
pr.ed Mirt for nr uniiuproved
for frt, or r!I vi it l..r
inn Willi-, 4iK I.'.Mi i'; Mil. IS
I'M" from fttit.i.ii. mid ' ' mile Ironi
St-himl: nen-tn.f p'ow l nnl and 11 acres
hlasheil 11 ml si(liil and II iicriK of sn.all
Kir n tut il.-ivl. 'I here i .-01 01 ehatd of I .HI
leariii(; Ini, Mi.l in wattled bv a !;'ililt
til it lievt r full aisl 11 Weil. I Im I mil ixy
1111 n 'ixi. load, and near scho .1. I'ih-c, in
cash and i'.mI note.i, K.V.Vl,
j ) KOI. WITH uotsi: AMI V. HI.
1' I eiici U Mul in eiiliivat ion, I 1 i. e, '
ui Afi;i:s, iMMpnovi n. c, aiii.lh
nil Kiilih of lilll-boro, uell wntfled; I.HM
i well and ie;;r the Oeaiiiery nt l ariiiinu'toii,
' and c. 'iiii-K out tithe road. I'riee, t.J .
mt:. i.iiuii; ami
nrr.HI'.-e I l: il.lele-e, villi nil u.-eert-Hni
v Oiiitiiiid.ii ;, bear n- I'ruil 'I n e t, and
Six bill, rii Ml.d t t ar t'. new Ilin L block
in liiil.l" I 1, f-.r s-ilv id 'i. t.
Q Atf Ii iai!i-H fi' ...' ll-llsb.l.i. If.
O" ' .-i?.-'-.n.f plow and .i.ii f
i.n:i!; Ii-'ii ..t,i. a;. 1 '.ii lie. .. in
on In
,nrd. '.a I in w,,t.scJ iii.i. ( io-
f I ' 1- - IV ....'.....I .....1
.it : j.')-.
road, i'r' n.i!ei fr.t 11 crnniM'j: W,$ n;ilej
innii i, 1 - ico, f e-v w J.
" Aer, 1 miles from IliU b. . villi i
ll lioiie, ".-.rn. i.rch i.-.U v. II. i
t.he.J. etc., ai;d i.i ncier. iil dcf 1 K".' ti. 1 i j
meadow. I ru e, jl j.jhj.
) I have i.tlur t,f Can rcauJIiy tu-j
I nillllei'Oilt to III -lltl lli
ICrl F.luf Atriif.
: : OREGON'.
A Cnrd of Thanks.
wish i-j er.irent nr s'ueers t'irnhs
I t oi.r UefcUbo" mid friend. lor
tl.eir Liii:u-n t n o.r i;ir the Kiuluu m f
onr Jj jt-i. v- a'.Jac.., i t veil ul iu utt will
I n. i:vr::3"?:.
). J. t.Villiij'JN.
corxeuus. or.injo::.
j clan of building n p iuat-on.
(VirneliuM, February SI, l&j ', in Cm
r,xeouior' Notice.
VJOTICK is hereby given that I linvu
1 been appointed Kxecntorof the EntHte
of Solomon Ittieharditon, deceased, by the
County Court of Wahingtou County, Ore
gon. All peraon ..nviiig claims Helmut
Haid ewtnte are required to prenent tlieiu to
me, witli the proper proof, at the More of
Clin. TiKard. at '1 iiHrdville. in VaHhiui:toti
County nforenaid, within six mouth.
Dated Mnv. lrt.
Ksecntorof Hie Will and Tetaiuent
of Salomon lticnardson . iul7-.rt
Kealrri IIIiIm,
ACCOMPANIED with KMM-itientioua, will
be received nt the Count v Clerk's
Ottiee. up to One o'clock 1. M. of Thumdny,
June 7, 1, for a l'enee n round th" Court
lion iu HiUrttNiro, WnMliiiiHoii County,
Oregon. The riht to reject bid in renei veil,
or to modify or change the hpeeitieHt torn of
the one necepteil with consent of the biJ-
County JuVe.
Hil'.alHtro, Oregon, Mny 14, lMrtrt, iul7-.1t
IViu'lier Hxumiiiuf ion.
rJIK Quarterly Public I'xiuiiiimtiou of
1 A piil leant for TencheiV Vrtitieate
will Im held iu the Court MoiiHe nt Jiill
lioro, beinuiiiu at 1 o'ehK-k I' M., Wednes
day, May 'M, 1MM, and continuing until the
following Friday. Applicant miht le
preaeiit at the lieiiiiimif of I be exainiua
t ion 4.
County KiiM-rinteudriit,
Middleloii, Or., May I.
1'irNf nnI Taylor StrtTt,
s'Artislic Work a Specialty.
lak, Cm) a atnal tlilrr I'ulor ml et'Of nil ndvi rtin. d ol va!t l.nown reputation,
wol reaMable rate. ! will be kept in cieitt vnicty.
Old Stand !
:S.',iBAY KUW' ,"Ar,OV SOAP8
lxcLirr or lvitst
villi Of
fag QOOCiS
Hatsf Boots, Ties,
Hosiery ,
La flies' and Cents'
Furnishing Coodc, !
Dross Cootls,
Dresc Trimmings,
Muslins, Prints, Etc.
J A a vcrv lar'i, eomplc'e and will
l aeli'cb tl K.ock of 1
I Groceries,
Cigurs and Tobacco.
All of which we olTer at the vry I iwchI
Ii vim; rate for Ciisli, or in echaii(,'.i for
Our HtorW 14 in w nnj Complete, and we
invite niHiect 1011 ami couip,intn with other 1
pciei'H ruling, in we know we 1 aknoT If nil- '
der.ld. luKU I
IN AliDMION TO Ol'lt I t l.Ii LIXK
of lieneral Ulerehandine, we have for
Hale the ccUhrat.-d
Moline Pumps
The Moiine Hand Force Pump,
The r.toline Lift Pump,
TheMoline Chain Pump,
Which lire Hiiierior to any now in una, nnd
we 'iiarantea each to Kive aatinf act loll, nnd
our prieea urn the lowext.
riudebiilirr Farm ami
Spring lVaonH.
Buggies, Acme Harrows,
And a full lino of th
AnJ otter Agricultural In:pUmoiilti.
Aztia for the Oertcnn-Aniarican nnd
Qaeva Lusaraucs Cora punks.
J. 0. BOOS & CO.
alS-tt JTmt OroTe, Oregon.
A!mlniMf rnior'M Suit.
N'GTI'J'. U It by !vnn flint in i:'
tuars -,( i:ii i,der (l id ileeree of I ! t
Conr.N- C uri i,t .'i3 of Orei.jiMi for
kVlinh:ll!i ;i ',,in y. made Mlid 01 1 ; .) lit a
pt.ular t tin 'hi r io v:' i 'ti i-Mli day
of M'.V. i'V, ii lite init er of Ul 't'llu of
Jaut -H h;i'liiii, ... Meil. olid t i vill i et
cd iii .i.'n.i'.i i j; t l- ereof. 1 wi jcll nt
I U'il C I' i I t ion. 'o i l.t hii.l t t-t bidd ittlo
?;..ii!f 1 !. e . in i.uii li .r . Wa , ,K;i
f f - r,
At lloVoe": . cf bi y, lie f j'luv.
dercrit e.t true' oi' lid Lnt'ilw tor no
iiU' ! ili. lei f m iimy lie nei i aary t pr
the fiU'i e u'il r, evj en of iVuihii.i
iiu!,j"i of i i ; Mtd Jill HtK.'e it
liearrilf it i.h fo'Vv.-w tw-v;t: II Ivimr nti 1
beiiu I i the C I'll - of Vi,r.Liiu,t n t"t
Srnte if n ( r, i nil it i r pmHtuhiri
dim-rilwd rn I b-.inl.ii ra fo'Iowct
Jt. 1 m-t IVjni; lite tmu Mead I'l l"T r'
.'I'.tni I ! 11. Hti'il. d in eoV:(y ni d
Htate lifoiCMiid, mid tli-, iu tinted in tlio V. K.
KnrvevH n Lot Oof Keetiii !, mid Lot Iff
Meet ion 7. nil in i", I S. of I'.. I W.of the
Willamette c-nuiiuiu'j 4" 4'J-U'J
id I rret - 'it',i,;i'.ki rt the rinrter atrd.
on the . ii.ifi l't:e hfTwcn aeeilonn " nrul iJ
in T. 1 '- .f I.. I , of the WilJumeu.
meriJinn: miitiu, iiru.e ok...h un wcttoii
lute-H0 rod; the:i c we-it 7K lod r, t!.e.r
north 1 rod; thence, ve'iit f.'jj iod',;
thence rioith ti'K to'tn ti Uj center of cm.
tiou 0; tin nee e ist p,u rod to 1 hw place of
bei'iuuiup, eoutmiiini T'-':4 win.
Term of Knle: Oiie-tlmd of pnrchaa
price, in l.Hiid on th tiny of aale; onu
thinl in mix inoiitli, and remainder in
twelve Month from day of Hle, with In
ter. Ht on d.-fi-ned piiviueiit at tha rata of
10 ereeiit. pi ri.niium; deferred payment
tu le Mt- u nd by a moi tyajL'H upon I ho
ireiniHi" . All ooiivryiuice to b at pur
cliliaer'a eriieline,
AdiiiiiiUtrntur of tlia Katnta of Jumea
Dickaill, DeCCIlHcd. in 10 M
I ci-litn l of . J I n r bimine in thi ii, to iiiiiii.iiiici. Hint ttmir fwremokil
ellorti u.ll, iiiulcr h i uiimI niiperviHiuti, b
directed fowiiidtt thu pulilii' ood.
'I hey will continually puieliiiKM til. ir
DriiL from tin- bent inaiiiifaeturera in thu
Ert, or luivMlieie iiiiiUiti( thu tinewt pro
duct ,
Patent Medicines
Proprietary Articles
I'xmiI.m, Album. Nciiip Poohii, Npuetaclea,
Pure, i lo. Also,
'out inuid ly on hand .
For fame ries
In i.ll ) i:'i find lit hit price.
n .ill,
AS Wl.l.t, A ft
JEW 1H3 'JR7 !
In coii-eJei vntit-jy, l-.ejit ia utuck,
WlflCG AND LtQuons
Onlv fold fuv fe-liciind I'nriiofiei, on Vi.k
' iiti'i'iox. 'ili. :i.i t. i.dii li-;i, ex.eliinive ,
' Will ' ke;t, l'l.'.l.;,, lln. ri f ol'H, lUUtt 1)4 Jjl
;icooi Jii.n..
Are jrihiecl on C'''.d Afcilicir.ra,
HiliJi; '.Uu piili.e C'Jit Villi (llhil. t.
Mil J:i:!IV. M. ti e Ili .poiiiuif; Ceil., will
In mIi to ilio'V in!t ilil'llK pttt'cllflMi i:t
Miy a:f( '..' in :, s-k. and will chnM'ully l
(cud to iii;.'! it c ii! i, iii cnwR of t lui'iv.eiicy,
iii In. hhi iitue pr inisi ii.
& Boscow
iiii.i.Hiioito. Mti:;,
avi'. .11 'st ki:i'i:ivi:h a wm.ii
t-M'Icrtcd Ktie'li ol
Canned Coodc,
and Cigars.
Dress Goods.
Millinery Goods.
lr'MH Ti iiiiiiiiiiH,
And a Hue Aw;i tinent of
Furniohisig Goods
Vot f.:idiet and (HutSonieu.
All kind cf rnriucr' Troduro tnlen in
LwUttBjis. K'b-tr