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if ®frhl$ olh Æountn pigimi.
is s u e d
monda v
J. H. ÜPT3N,
T en a s.— One vt'ir,
m o k n j . n o ,
$3 00;
thre« launtb», $100.
Fire copie*,
bu .'
v«»r,* $13 73 ; Ten copie*
••• y**e. $2* 00, a mi C ut id v greater uum k.r,
■* $2 50 per annum.
B *teorí^srí.,i» nutet
C ü lïït ïï
f paid etr'rt'tf i ’ h
Saltin l’cisintss liirtc'srn.
Extravagance in the administration
o f the government has not become so
In a very few months, nominations fixed os to be beyond correction. There
Notwithstanding the ship’s manifest
for the office o f Preside it must be made is no substantial difficulty in the way o f
reports, no railroad iron or materials,
r . K
by the great political parties of the public economy now, but there mey be
1 Saui Olnrke and Dr. Loryea insist that country, and we have never before seen a few years hence,
f l o i r i
\ í ;
g i u !
there i*. I f this is so. why not state at * f>“ ‘ c*wheu there was as much oncer. — which is ^omforting, indeed, And
HIS M 11,1. IIA VINO BEEN ¿NTIRELY once, what it is— what kind of material, i i tainty as to the men who were to be then he gives ps some figures, which are
; chosen by the respective organisations. not so full o f hope. He says that it took
rebuilt inti ie and the niott improved
They forgot to mention that, W e are '[’ here may be a dearth o f commanding
^ tilin g machinery introduced, i* nt-w running
two hundred and three millions to carry
to fall capacity. V e inauufecture
opposed- to being humbugged, and we mind just now, or there be too many on the goverement in 1867, and one
propose to ventilate tke wetter a little great men; but sure it is that no one hundred and forty-four millions to pay
D o u b l e E iI r a
has yet obtained a position in either the interest, and that it will take two
The Albauy Journal has already done
party that warrants the prediction hundred ar.d forty millions to pay all
Extra, a n d
the public a kindness in this Way, by that he will be uomiuated for the exalted
expenses, but interest, in 1868, and
showing up the falsity of the pretensions office o f
President. Even
Grant, one hundred and fifty-two millions
Superfine Flour.
o f these foreign adventurers. W hen without a political record— without more tor inteaR*. Thus we see, that
Not aarpa***! \>y any brand on tb* Pacific Elliot WM here « . April,’ l8 0 7 , nea'rij !
Mr. McCulloch, although “ there is no
I ™
' « « %
- .
\ ’
J that politicians always lucur in % long substantial difficulty in the way o f
one year ago, he claimed to represent ( cargcr> and with his sharp, successful
economy now, ” predicts more expense
Lars« Order* UUd at tha ahorteat notice.
a Company that had one hundred and ! sword, and his wilderness o f mtllitary each year, as far as he was calculated.
Flour. MiJ i l i a and Bran «old at the fifty miles o f iron, and that it was j laurels, is not sure of a nomination and
And ie accord With M cCulloch’s
Hill, at whuleaule only.
comes Mr. Semator Sherman,
spoiling for a place to lay it down, and
to be no spontaneous current o f popular who proposes, although it is not pre.
that this valley was just the place. Gov. favor setting in the behalf o f any aspi.
tended that many o f our bonds are pay­
Woods and Sam Clarke gave him a con­ rant. Every body is waiting to see
able in gold, to make them all so, as a
d««2t t/
» F . G R O V E R , Agent.
tract, and he went off promising to ship what every body else is going to do. measure o f relief, we suppose. H e only
All are waiting for “ something to turn wants to crystalize and solidify the
the iron ftom New York within 60 days.
NO MORE HIGH PRICED Months rolled away and nothing was
public liabilities into a burden that can­
In such a condition o f things, there not be shaken off, nor diminished. The
G O O D S F O R S A L E M . d on e; and finally the glad new* was j remains but one course— The People, nail ia only slightly driven now,— he
telegraphed from Salem t«> Portland, on ; through the press, and from the stump; wishes to send it through and through,
the 13th o f A n oin t Ust, that th , iron ! 1,1
larf * nd,
m ” V ‘ kj and clinch it on the other side.
up the matter themselvs, discuss it and
A ll these gentlemen cover up their
and rolling stock for twenty-five miles j decide ¡t
They must fix upon caudi-
real anxiety for the safety and protec­
was purchased and awaiting shipment Jutes, either for their superior talents, tion o f the bond-holders and the tax.
direct to Portland. Clarke come out in or for the especial priciplea they may collectors, by impracticable pleas and
th .
Record with . groat blow, Mating [ • !" * « » '• W * ar. o v .r .h .li..o d with
plans for a sudden return to specie pay­
o a m i
c »
letters inquiring “ W ho is “ to be the ments, which they think a popular
D I O IN 1 * 0 0 .
that he a. A Clarke, «. #c y, Ac., Ac., |>ecnocratic candidate?” “ W ho is the
measure. But how this great thing can
had actually received letters from Elliot, p 0»t in favor o f ? " “ Wrhy “ don’ t you be done in a twinkling, when the United
h e y h a v e r e c e iv e d t h e l a r g e s t
Stuck v»f Sample and Fancy Dry Good- at New York, stating that he had pur- suirirest a candidate?” “ What is to States owes at least ten times as much
Clothing, Boot* anil »bore. Groceries and Crock
in bonds; greenbacks, Ac., as there is
chased two locomotives and eighteen be the ch ief issue
•ry, and can m U m r* of thus and
Wrc hare repeatedly declared our b e ­ specie in the country, is hard to demon
miles o f iron, and that it would soon go lief that the leading issues o f the com .
A BETTER Qt A LI TY, for Lets Mon<b,
strate. W e are just as anxious as any
out in a light draught vessel (I t would ing contest will be the payment o f the
citizen o f this great Union to see spe­
been of! red ia this market since th. have sunk the Great Eastern.) Now Public Debt, and how to diminish the
cie restored to common use. But we
war. ha*
those letters must have been written in terrible bnrden o f Taxation. And dare not hope to see it done in the time
here and now, we declare our preference it may take Mr. W alker to write a vis­
Glv« him a C all a a f see far yeureelf.
Jaly. A few days afterwards, some
for George H. Pendleton as the man ionary letter, or Senator Sherman to re­
where about August 20th, telegrams best calculated o f all who have been
port a bond holders’ pill. On the con­
were received, stating that the iron for named to fill the office o f President, at trary, we believe it will be a tedious
twenty-five miles was then shipped, and the present crisis. Hi9 record is pOTe process, requiring great patience and
and spotless. His talents aud his eio. courage on the part of the people. And
afloat. The Winged Arrow and IlattH
qucnce are o f a high order. Aud he
G. Hall, said to have materials for stands forth as the only man who is not moreover, we believe, that o f all o f the
leading men who have broken ground
Pcrine dTCo., left Boston and not New afriad to take the side o f the taxpayers. on this whole subject o f finance, George
W e have entered upon a most crit­ H. Pendleton has advanced the most
York, and sailed in October, and not in
ical period in our country’s hisotry.— sound and sensible views. He alone
August, and they bring not a bar o f a
The policy o f the Radicals cannot, con­ ha^ advocated the interests o f the peo­
DE1\ T 1 S T S.
railroad iron, ac:ording to Perine'sown tinue. It has been tried and coudetnned.
ple, as against tne insatiable demands
Now, there It has covered the land with corruption
FFICE oa State »treat, ever Gill*’ B«ok admissions in Portland.
ow the bond holders and the office-
Store, Salem, Oregon.
are just three lies in th is: 1st, the ships and immorality. It has reudered all roldcrs.
All nparetion* performed by a* are warranted
left Boston, and not New Y o r k ; 2d, occupations hazardous and uncertain, I This is no new theme with us. It
te fire Mtiafaetion.
and has assigued to the varied host of is now more than two years since there
One of the firm may be found in our they sailed in October and not in ~ A u -
taxgatherers the entire profits o f all appeared in these columns a proposal
office from 8 o’clock a. a., until 4 r. a., of
g u st; and lastly, they bring no railroad pursuits.
k d . M c C a u l e y ,
toiredeem all the bonds in greenbacks—
181 j
iron. But to follow this matter a little
From June 3 0 ,1 8 6 6 to June 30, a id then to redeem the greenbacks in
further; they represented when here 1869, it is ascertained and estimated at gold at their market va 'at. at the rate
H O T E I * . first, and when Perine was here last the.T reasury that Twelve Hundred of, say, one hundred and fifty millions
Millions have been and must be paid per annum. The entire W est favors
Corner o f *tate and Liberty Sta.,
winter, that they did not want aid from
into the coffers o f the Federal Govern­ this idea or propositions similar to it,
O regon; had money enough to build ment, to say nothing o f the State, city, and Mr. Pendleton ia the chosen repre­
their road without Oregon money. Next county, township and other local taxes
sentative o f those who intend to make
a v i n g l e a s e d t h i n l a r g e , ihingwe hear, they want three thousand It is boastfuly estimated that taxes for
it a test in the coming Presidential
Com modiou* and Elegant Hotel, i* pre­
election. A s Mr. Pendleton’s views are
pared to accomtn lato both permanent and dollars a mile from the people, in cash
nearly six Hundred Millions a year— in accord with oor own on this most
transient boarder*, in the BEST STYLE, with
They are also proposing and this, we repeat is more than the en
or without Lodging. My old friend* and guest», subscriptions.
vital question, and as his record on
and the traveling and resident public are to ask Portland to aid them as it did
questions makes him a fit and ac­
cordially invited to extend to me a fair share
e f patronage. I assure them that no pain* will the old com pany; and lastly, why don’ t ing, therefore4 can be added to the gen
ceptable Democratic candidate for tbc
bo ffsred to accommodate them to the BEST
they give up the old company’s name, eral wealth; all the profit o f all the peo- Presidency, we still take pleasure in
. A , .«
.., 4
, . pie’s toil and frugality must go to the sustaining his claims.
Belem, Feb. 9 , 1MA7.
unless th e , intend tf posstble, to rob i t ! { ^ h o l d e r . , and to the e and mill.
W e repeat that this financial question
o f the land grant and State aid, which, tary office holders, and their legion o f
must take the lead o f all others in the
for the honor and good name o f Oregon, adherents.
coming canvass. It cannnot be smoth­
for fair dealing, we hope that any at­
W hile Radicalism has destroyed and ered, nor squelched, nor strangled, nor
tempt o f this kiud will be met wiih the uprooted the safe practices aud sound put into the faithless keeping o f pro­
customs o f the Democratic party, it has fessed financiers and interested money
public scorn it deserves. I f these for­
built nothiug that can stand. But in lenders. It mast be so settled that the
he fnder - igned have opened eigners who have come here, from the taking down the tottering fabric which
whole people can join in the arrange«
this New and Commodious Hotel and are
determined to kee it Second to no House in Lord only knows where, have so much these fanatics and fools have reared, ment, and be enlisted in a constant and
Kaleas. Their te* a will he furnished with money, why don’ t they go on with their we must begin at the highest turret, and courageous effort to restore amoug na­
level it brick by brick— and may not tions our woanded national credit. The
Give them a call, *od try them. They have work ? W h y have they stopped sur­
undermine and blow it up.
people who are embarked in this mat­
deuble and tingle Koom* for Ladies and Gen-
veying? W h y do they try to humbug
The tariff must be adjusted— the sys ter are n^i to be intimidated by hard
people by surveying op one street and tern o f excise must be totally remod­ names. T o be called “ repudiatora,”
y R W a m and Cold Baths in connection down another at right angles, and pa­ eled, the Southern States mast be re­ “ cheat»” and “ villians” by the corrupt
with the Hens«.
rading their instruments around from stored to the Union, a id their millions cliques who fatten on the labor o f the
of untilled acres once more restored to country, does not terrify them. TJiey
day to day, when every engineer is
L A C I-R A W K L IV E R Y «T A B L E ,
the reaper. Government expenses and will not turn back. They have been
laughing at such sham performances ? national taxes roust be reduced, and taught by the honest and loyal radical
Corner Commercial mod State Streets,
la I'm, Oregon.
But the greatest joko yet, is the fact above all, our, currenoy must be placed paper*— by leading radical orators and
that the Salem clique o f State House upon some bianis that will insure a by radical Isgislatures, and Radical
steady approach to the final payment Congresses, and by a patriotic judiciary
8 . D U R B IN A CO.,
officials who manipulated the thing have
o f the public debt and a certain and not that private interest must and should
Aft their Old Btai 4, with a New Fire-Prooi got together and elected twenty more remote return to specie payments.— bend before public necessity. They
Brick 7 aat Completed.
And now Congress has been in ses­ have seen that when the public exigen­
E would r opectfally inform our old Directors o f the “ Great Eastern ” Co.;
friends and uatomera that we arc at our and to fix the thing just right to a hair’s sion for some weeks, and the people cies demanded it, the holders o f a prom­
old place of basi^-as, with a New Fire-Proof
turn to their rulers with painful atten­ ise to be redeemed in gold, had to be
Briek Stable, couvenieotly arranged ; each breadth, they have selected their men
tion to learn how these grievances are satisfied with legal tenders. Now there­
•tall is ventillated by a floe ia the wail.
to be lessened
President Johnson fore, when there is an overwhelming
Strict attention nod the best of forage
given to all stock leA ia our «are.
with Loryea’g politics put down on the utters the finest sentiments on specie public necessity to redeem the bonds
no 10 tf
list as *• miscellaneous.’’ W e appeal to payments, which he thinks should be in legal tenders, who is bold or base
resumed— well— as soon as possible.— enough to resist or refuse ? Is there
sensible people, if such operations look Ex.Secretary W alker, agrees
with not precedent for it 7 Is there not policy
thC' President, in a visionary letter, in it 7 Have not the brave generals, and
N ext Door to G. W . Gray & Co.,
which nobody pays any attention to: he wise Senators, the eminent judges sod
•ays we may pay specie by borrowing lawyers o f the land given this doctrine
the eoin to do it w ith ! Then Jay Cooke their sanction 7
J . E . CLARK, orugglst At Apothecary.
T he Gadsden (A la .) Times says that has had something to say. A nd last
This rushing wsve o f public senti­
ARTICCLAI »ttention given to putting for the past two months an average o f and most important come Secretary ment esn no more be stayed than the
nP Physiciai Prescriptions and Domestic fifty wagons per week have passed M cCulloch and. Senator Sherman, o f
waves o f the ocean could be stayed at
Pnpsnlioni, in a careful aud axpeditious
through that town, filled with dissatis­ Ohio. The Secretary, like the Preident the command o f the insolent Canute.
f*r I'tM iir ’» Pcaa MaoicnuL fied Georgians and Alabamians snaking writes down the most beautiful seoti. The people mean to pay their debts—
v u m fr.
homes in thn western states.
ments. H e assures us that
they want to pay tnslr debts— they
NO. 3.
only wish to ehange the style and mode
of payment o f the promises they have
given. In this great and indispensable
purpose, Mr. Pendleton seems now to
be more able to serve them than any
other candidate for the Presidency —
On this issue we intend to support itis
nomination— and we qnMr into the c o n ­
test with full confidencaB M ic ju-tier of
the measure and o f tn^wnerits and
success o f the man.— PittsburghPa.)
One aquere— ten liuea or lea»—first jsaa
ft t
Lech additional ioaertion. -
$ I
A liberal deduction will be made with yeerl f
advertiser*, or porsona advertising largely.
Legal tender* taken at tbeir current value.
Communication* of a personal character will
be charged half advertising rates.
Blanks of every discriptioa furnished at lew
rate* on short notice,
Legal and transient advertisements most be
paid for in advance to insure their publication.
Advertisements not marked the length el
time for which they are te be published, will be
insertedtill forbidden aad «barged accordingly.
All advertising bills must he paid quarterly.
[From the N. Y. Tribune, Jen. ! t ]
Mark; Twain Asks for Information.
T o^^^E ditor o f the Tribune— Sir :
I f yot^^in, LIMish you would give me
some iitform ^ M o f a man by the tiamo
• f George F r f l f t Train. It is for an
uncle of mine R ia tl want it. My uncle
has had a pretty hiard time o f i(|nnd if
auy man does deserve sympathy, and if
any man would appreciate that sympa­
thy; it it he. He ia in the decline o f
life, and wants to be q u iet; but you
know he tried Walrussia, and the bears
State Agricultural Society.
outated him ; and then he tried 8t.
Thomas, and the earthquakes outsted
him; and so he hung up his fiddle, so
speak, aad cm elnded he would wait
Thursday, March
12.— The com­
and look around awhile, till Govern­
mittee to prepare preminm, reported
ment bought some more property.—
same, and recommended, in substance, And, while he was waiting, somebody
that the next anual Fair commence recommended him to hunt up this gen­
Monday, Sept 28, and continue six days; tleman, Mr. Train.
that David Froman be
ch ie f marshal,
They said Mr. Train was a slow, quiet
and Richard Duval do, for pavilion; J. s jr t o f a body, and had no israsoreurious
notions about him, and that he was
II. Douthit, D. Jefferson, and C. N.
going over to the o!d country to buy Ire­
Terry be appointed to revise consti land for those persons they call Fenians.
tution. and report at next meeting o f so­ They said he was very popular with the
ciety; W . J. H crren ,J. II. Moores, E. English Government, and that if the
M. Waite, D. Jefferson, and S. Parker Engli-h Government would sell to any­
body, they would to Mr. Train. They
compose executive committee, and said that if Mr. Train concluded to take
granting licenses be referred to said
my uncle would have an excellent
c o n i.; all tickets and badges be placed chance to buy into a quiet locality iu
in hands o f treasurer, and compli Uork or Tipperary, or one o f those
mentary tickets be nnder control o f the calm religious regions there, by speak­
ing to him early.
president; that the corresponding sec.
So my uncle went after Mr. Train,
rctary communicate to J. II. Douthit
but he was building a couple o f railroads
the unanimous wish o f the boardf that out W est somewhere, and before my
he remain a member; that superinten­ uncle got there he had fiuishcd those
railroads and was making Democratic
dents o f classes be as follows:
speeches in the East. It was a consid­
Oattle— J . Mugone, Clackamas.
erable disappointment, but my uncle
Horses— Nos. 1 and 2, Samuel Crow; always had a great idea o f doing busi­
Nos. 3, 4, and 5, D.'Stewart, North Yaw. ness with a slow qniet man, and so he
hill; No. 6, 11. J. Ladd, Portland; Nos. came E ast Lut he came the last part
o f the journey in a canal boat (it being
i and 8, Geo. Riches, Silverton.
his nature to prefer quiet and safety to
«Sheep— Nos. 1 to 4, Thos Smith, speed), aud so he missed that man again
Roseburg; Nos. 5 to 10, John Cogswell, Mr. Train had got the Democratic
E. L. Applegate, and
B. Herman party reorganized aua all straight, and
was out in the middle of the R ocky
were constituted a committee to prepare
Mountains clearing off a place and driv.
statistics regarding resources ofO regon, ing away the buffaloes, so that bo
and the present condition here o f agri­ could build a metropolis there. But
culture, manufactures, and commerce. my uncle went iu au ox wagon, and he
missed that man again. Mr. Train had
The report was unanimously adopted by
finished that metropolis and paved it
the board, which then adjourned.
with the Nicholson pavement, and
a o u p la o f daily newspapers,
E.ngene City.
Swine aud P ou ltry --C . J*. Bockhart, and was gone East again with another
lady to lecture on female suffrage.
It was a little discouraging, bat m y
Farming Implements— W . P. Pringle, relative rested about a week and started
after him again. H e eaught him this
Grains and Seeds— John Downing, time, because M r. Train had sprained
his ancle and was obliged to remain
quiet until he could get the leg remove
Domestic Manufactures V u . E l­ ed and a patent one put on in its place
liot, Needy.
that could not sprain. So lie mention­
his business to Mr. Train, and ha
W oolen Manufactures— D. W . Jones,
Bread, Cakes, A c— T. W . Davenport,
A c— J .
Strong, Salem.
Fruits— John A. Millard, Albany.
Flowers— W . H .Vandervcrt, Polk co.
Natural History, Ae— A. C. Daniels,
Equc&'trianship— Dr. E. II. Griffin,
Music— M. * Robbins, Dallas.
A . J . Dufur, John Minto, R ev. T.
Condon, J . II. Douthit, J. II. Moores,
E. L . Applegate and B. Herman were
constituted acommittee to prepare sta­
tistics regarding resources o f O ’ agon,
and the present coddition hero oi agri­
culture, manufactures, aud commence
The report was unanimously adopted
by the board which then ¿djournt-d.
A S olemn T hought . — It has been
observed, with much significance, that
every morning we enter upon a new
day carrying still an unknown future
in its bosom. How preguait and stir­
ring the reflection! thoughts may born
to-day, which may never die! Feelings
may be awakened
day, which way
never be extinguished. Hope may be
excited today, which may never expire
Acts may be performed to-day, the com-
sequeuce o f which may not bo realized
until eternity.
------- ■
N ew . — The Legislature o f New York
has just passed a law making it an of­
fense punishable with fine and irnpria.
onment, to intermarry .with first and
seoond cousins. W e suppose ths L eg-
latu reof New York knew wbat it was
about, although we doubt the propriety
o f the passage o f tke law. It is a well
known fact that the Royal family o f
England have intermarried for years,
as also have the Rothohilds o f Europe.
W e cannot see that it has in the least
demoralised them.
You are all right, sir. Put your
trust in me. I ’ ll buy Ireland, and
you shall have as good a chance as any
man. I am going to sail right away.
You will hear about me as soon as I
touch the Emerald shores. I shall get
out sorao advertisements and make my
presence known. I make no preten­
tions, but you will see pretty soon that
I shall be heartily welcomed there and
promptly eared for.”
Since that time my nnclc has not
heard o f Mr. Train He has confidence
in him, but he thinks that maybe he is
too quiet a man to make much o f a
! stir, and has not been heard o f on this
account. But have you heard anything
ot Mr. Train? Do you know i f he got
out any advertisements? A nd do you
know i f they received him heartily
there, and more especially i f they took
care o f him 7 This last is the maiu
thing with my rolative. I f they took
care o f Mr. Train it is all he caret for.
He baa said to me repeatedly that all
he is afraid o f is that he hae been neg­
lected and not taken care of. I f he
were to hear that Mr. Tram ia there, in
a strange land, without any place to
stay, it would nearly break his heart.
If you could ouly inform u* that Mr.
Train is safe, and has been received
hospitably, and has a good tranquil
place to board in, suitable to a quiet
man like him, it would be a great
comfort to the old man.
M ark T w
a in
P rofitable H orseflesh ! — I t will
be recollected that the Iowa trotting
nag Bashaw, J r .— “ Bull o f the woods"
— was lately sold for twelve thousand
dollars, to some enthusiastic tnrfmau
in Chicago. The Journal says that be
has been sold for sixteen thousand d o l­
lars. A s the nag weighs about eleven
hundred lbs, it will be noticed that Ba­
shaw flesh is worth $14,50 per lb.—
whirh proves that the Basbawa are
profitable equines.—- R egister.