The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, July 20, 1900, Image 4

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{ A f ltó lK E M » s a t
” • o W r;\e .* fc -A è !0 a ,
* i
- n
' H
'P f ^ c r a
! N O T IC E F O R
K o w B a l l o o n s A r « M a i l* .
Balloons aro man ifacian.d of gold
bcnUr'H skin, which, though small toy
United States Lund Office,
one» had been inado f it. conld not be
Roseburg, Oregon,
produced in sntlicient quantities for the
May 21, 1909.
large balloons until Colonel Ternpler in ­ Notice is hereby given th at in compliance
vented and perfected the process, which with the provisions of the act of Congress of
Ju n e# , 1878, entitled “ Au act for the sale <J
is briefly ns follows:
The gold beater'» skin is made up of tim ber lauds in the Stales of California, Ore­
Nevada and Washington Territory,”
quantities of a certain thin animal gon,
Charles IL Morgan of Florence, County ol Lane,
membrane (30,000 of these are required state of Oregon liaa this day filed in this office
for a balloon of 10,000 cubic feet ca­ his sworn statem ent No 1047, for the purchase of
pacity), which is first freed from all the NW *4 ol Section No
in Township No IS
fatty substances and then SoakedQn u 8 Range No 9 W. and will offer proof to show that
solution of glycerin and water. They the land sought is inoro valuable for its tim ber
are then applied to boards cut in the o,,,,tonc tHan for agricultural purposes, and to
form and to the size of the gore of the establish his claim to said land before the
balloon required. Others are then super­ Register and Receiver of this office a t Koscbnr,
posed, until a tTiickness of four layers Oregon, on Tuesday the 14 day of August 19U0.
He names as witnesses:
l i a s been reached, greut care being taken
Amusa F. Hurd of Flczcnce, Oregon, W. IT.
that no air bubbles remain between the Weuthereon of Flo;enée, Oregon, Mrs Lottie
skins. A fter this fourth layer a method Hurd of Florence, Oregon, Robert H. B ern­
of strengthening is resorted to in the h ardt of Florence, Oregon.
Any and ull persons claim ing adversely the
shape of a not manufactured of skin
A fter thiri net two or three more layers ft,*>ve-<le®cribed lands are requested to file their
of membranes are applied.
I < Iai,n!' in th is office on or before said l i day of
The whole is then allowed to dry, and Auau-t 190°-
J Ï B ridoks ,
a notation of boiled linseed oil is used as
a varnish. The fabric is then quite in ­
dissoluble, and the membranes cannot N O T IC E F O R P U B L IC A T IO N
by any possible means be separated from
one another, but sometimes, to render
U nited’.Rtates Lrnd Office,
this homogeneity the more perfect, a so­
Roseburg, Oregon,
lution of bichromate of potash is sponged
over the fabric.—Pall Mail Magazine. | Notice Is hereby given th at May in 21, compliance
ih r a
Vienna, the capital of Austria, is
chiefly noted for producing three tiling»
—coffee, music and women. The word
“ Jolly” describe# the temper of the
Viennese woman most aptly. She lives sworn statem ent No 1(M6, for the purchase of
only for today and lets the morrow take the n E L of Section No 28, in Township No IS S
care of itself. She is as good a house­ Runge No 9 W, and will oiler proof to show th at
keeper ns her German sister, but not the land sought is morfe valuable for its tim ber
or stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
q u ite so particular. She is quite as eco­ establish his claim to sflid land before the
nomical, but dresses herself more artis­ Register and Receiver of this office at Roseburg.
tically. She is ju st as good a mother, Oregon, on Tuesday the 14 day di August 1900.
but a more loving wife. She is some
He names as witnesses:
w hat nervous, and the quarrel with her Charles B. Morgan of Florence, Oregon, Aninsii
husband is us regular as the amen in F. Hurd of Florence, Oregon, W. H. Weathersoii
her prayer. The truest and prettiest of Florence, Oregon, H ubert l i . B ernhardt o
type of the beautiful Viennese woman Florence, Oregon.
Any and all persons claim ing adversely the
is th a t which comes from tho south. In
above-described lands afe requested to tile their
common w ith tho m ajority of her Euro- i claim
s In this oflice on or before said / I day of
poan sisters, tho Viennese makes mar- ! August 1900,
riage her goal, hut retains her girlish
J. T. B ridge «,
way«, her jolly spirit And lunch of het
beauty, and even to guess at her ago is
not only a crime, hut an ubaurtlity.— N O T IC E F O R P U B L IC A T IO N .
Edward A. Ktoiner in W om an’s Home
U nited Btatc« Land Office,
Koseburs, Oregon,
May 22, J900.
In Ecuador, one of the South Ameri­
Notice 1« hereby given th at in compliance
can republics, the bark of a tree Which j with
the provisions of the act of Congress of
grows on the slopes o f the Andes is J u n e s, 1878, entitled “ An act for th e «ale of
utilized for tho making of hjnnkets. tim ber lands in the States of California, Orégon,
.Tho blanket is over six feet long and Nevada and Washington Territory,” Robert IL
over five feet wide ami is as soft und B ernhardt of Florence, County of Lane, State
pliable ns though it wertj made of flan- | of Oregon has this day filed in th is office hi®
nel. I t is alaiut the thickness of n '*“1 I sworn HtaMmeiil No 1054, for the purchase of
flannel blanket and can bo rolled tip nod I lhe NE ®W ' • “ f pec,lon No *’ • lu Township
-------------------------— .
I tln n k e ta o f B a r k .
put in a strap w ithout hurting or injur-
Ing it
r e i,i\
,___ ,
This tree or hark hlunkct is merely a
«trip of bark cu t from a section of ih ho
tru n k of trie blanket or doinajagun troo.
,Tbc Indians mako a cutting around the
trunk to get it, and they prepare it by
booking it in w ater until it is soft. I t
Is then ¡Kiundcd so that tho rough ou t-
a d o can be stripped off ami tho lnsldo
alone left. The Inside lu of fine fibers so
Joined tngethor by natiirn that It makes
a beantifnl blanket, warm enough to
lie used ns a cover uml soft enough for
a mattress.
P o lfio n
14 ;
B e r r ie s .
A yonnx tailor tianict] IJorry, lately
ancoccdtui Io his father's hosincsa, once
■vut in his account to CliarlM Matthew»
■omewlifit chotid of time, wbnranpon
Matthews, w ith virtnons rago, wrote
him tho following note:
“ Yon m ost lw a gooao—Berry to send
mo your bill—Eurry, before it is due—
Sorry. Your father, the cl-ler—Berry,
Would hnvo had morn son«'». You m ar
look very blnck Ut ny, mid fool vvrV
bln« -Berry,
but I d o n ' t c u r e a atraw —
Berry for you «ml your bill Berry.“ __
■••Cycloputlia of Anecdotes."
S a lt
7 ’ "* S. “ " T S° '*
S m a ll C h n n g * .
T b .- (
■ ! :
OF T H £ ^
t h e
N o t II a u c
d a il y
Only $ 0 . - 7 0 a Year.
The Weekly Chronicle
August, woo.
ltd nam es an witnesses:
Mrs Lottie H urd of Florence, Oregon, Amasa
K Hurd of Florence, Ofegon, W. H. Weathoraon
of Florence, Oregon, Charlo« Thomns of E u­
gene1, Oregon.
AiiyniiH nil persons eltilm ing Adversely the
above deflcrlbed lands are requested to file their
claim« 4n tills office on or before said 1 itli day
of August l ‘.KX).
J. T. B uidgk «,
Land Office at R o seb u rg , Oregon.
June 20, 1900.
Not le d « hereby given th at the following named
Mettler has filed notice of his intention to m ake
final pro<>f in «upport of his claim , and that
■aid proof will be made befoM Joel Ware, U. 8.
CoininlHjfloncr nt Eugene Oregon, on Scptcin-
I ht 4th ltoO, Vlr.: W illiam Fcrrlt on hid II. E.
No. 7727 for the W'„ KE‘4, K’a S W 4 Sec. 2.»
Tp. 1J 8 R HI W est
H e n am e« the fallow ing w itnostes to prove
hl® continuouR residence upon and cultivation
of, «aid land, v iz :
William Kirby, of Mapleton, Oregon, Spen­
cer Lyon®, of Kngeno. Oregon, William Perk
eraun, of Eugene, Oregon, 1 1). UJboon, of
Eugene, Oregon.
J T B k ipo f «,
Register '
la n d O ffice, at lio«eburg, Oregon.
MISS UEfij’E W ilt MAh.
Shewlnfl the L'nl eJ State», Dominio»
of C a m J i aad Northern M :xioj
M l» !!!.
Map 'l of
th e YVorSd
l IK O T 1 I K R B I DM .
S «U U2 >md €*«! tike M au ^n tl
I hav® been suffering from headaches ever
«lace I was a little girl. I could never ride in a
oar or go into a crowded
Jft ' i t * * * * * * SS S S S S S A JUAA4S 5t place w ithout getting a
hesdacheaud®lck nt iny
stomach. ,1 heard about
Jtlpans Tabules from an
R i-p -A -N S
aunt of mlno w ho wn®
taking thorn for catarrh
o f tho stomach. She had
found auch relief from
T h e m o d e rn s ta n d ­
their U6o aheodvlaed me
V» take them too, and I
have been doing so since
a r d F a m ily M e d i­
la. t October, and w ill
any they have com plete­
c i n e : C u r e s th e
ly cured m y headache®.
I am tw enty nine year®
old. You aro welcomfl
c o m m o n e v e ry -d a y
to use this testimonial»
Mrs. J. B ecokuyo *,
U ua
L1 í
ADDlt 'l l
A I. II. d o Y ( » l . n « l ,
Tr p i i : >r fl F. Cl.rnnMo.
. A
- R
rd a
W ith
- B
I lot
B ,i
S c ie n tific A m e rica n .
■ me
None who are engaged in a n y of tho m echanical
p u rsu its can succeed w ith o u t read in g a n d
studying this stan d ard M agazine o f Sciences
and m echanical A rts.
■ me
I t is illu stra te d w ith
«h i
G. I
all m odern cuts ¡of la te st inv en tio n s in a ll
the branches q f m e c h a n ise , anti its fund o f
know ledge is inseparably connected w ith
yentors and mechanics.
Sold w ith
0 . '
T ue
»H .
»A l
W est a t clubbing rates.
y 1 tir ..n i c l e f o r » n o Y e n r .
p o a l x x c p r o p a i u o » iu .x p M .ii d > u p « r »
4 ntor rtyk- poekvt contain'!..- r a t Mr,;™ TarciM packed In a paper carton (without d a » ) h now for oala
'« - I * ™ »
“ Intended for th . poor and S X n o Z i T
f ™ o / . no " <UC’ "‘
<'-J tabule.) can he had by mail by «ending fortyei -!,t c e n ts to tho Rlrar,
ti”™ 1 ‘ |jCo,<I’Ai*T'
10 ^nrucf Street. Nc^ York—or a single carton(TXN tadt - les ) w . il 1». Hont for five cor L
^ " J i ^ ^ B“ y ^ *“ ''o!' id o f » tnegr!.-,>rr.g. n.»ral .torekeepor», new, eg. nb, and at rente hq-Jor Dtorre
and bri ber shop®. Ih ty bom»u p«uc. Induce »let p uud pi'olong lif j Oue gives relief,
visit D R . J O R D A N ' S grcst I
c n lte d »Intea I and Oflice,
United States Land Office,
Roseburg, Oregon,
May 9, 1900.
Roseburg, Oregon.
Tho largp«t A natom ical Museum
Notice is hceeby given H i n t in com pliunce
June, 12, Woo.
In tho W orld.
’ with the provisions of the net of Congress of
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
attra ctio n In the Citi’. A
iOût.<k rf,4 » ijh tju r \Uii*vrt.
Ju n e 1,1S7S, en titled “ An net for the sale of w ith the provisions of the act of congress of
T * ' c n 3 « j » c * •« ••» , o r n n y c o n t r a c t ­
lim ber hinds In th e Slates o California, Oregon, Junc3,lHTs, entitled “ An act for the sale of
ed iff
C « il« - 4 l lit ’
Nevada, mid W ashington Territory,” Catherine lim iter lands in the States of California, ,
; th e old est r p ,- î iiiHton th • Pacific 1
I CoreiL I stool h in -<t 3t> years.
A. Cassidy, of Gardiner, County of Dougina, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington Territory " I
State of Oregon haa thia daj tiled in thia oflice 8nm uel It. Wilson of Uaidlncr, Cuim ty'td
T « o :t» < m«>M and m i d d l e f
liis sworn statem ent No liaiy, for the purchase of Douglas, State of Oregon has this day tiled ¡,, !
A r e d tu« »1 w ho «re Bnfferln< , j the N }a S K S E '- . S K '. See. 11 SiV
this office his sworn statement No. KBs, fur
See. 12, In Tow nship No. 2, s. Range No. i t w ., th e purchase «»f th e K 1 » N W ' N w
N E !.
’ years. Nor
..... ! p h . " ' . ■ :>«bi ilf.v 2m l
, l” :<
■« o r , r » « . o . a i t i „ I I I t •.
anti will otter proof to short that the land sought N E «, S \V ' , Meet Io No. a. In Township No I
» **’’
«I «' r n
e t i i 'i o il n i n r - J
1 e r p m f to shov,
i bivH . « J o n n n ito-«®, « d ir e i.
fur agricultural purposes, and to establish Ida ; that th e land sought is mot,' valuable for it®
} O f f rfi,H<<nar, e l « . By a o n b i.< » o ! ,.n «,f «
re m e d itM , o f n r. a t c m a t h f p c« er. t h e D o c to r 1
■ claim to said land before the Register and tim ber or stone th an for n .i. -i ultum l purposes,
t w ill n o t i
Receiver of th is oflice a t Roseburg, Oregon, on aud to establish his claim to -ail
i’..t.?J I
» r e lie f, bat i>- r t n
• |
Sfti;1 ,and ,,efore
i •
a to p e rfo rm
Saturday th e lth day of August moo.
the Register mid Receiver of thi oflice
' m u .tv !. s. '.,■»
i k i ' ■ i.
ht* .1 f a il a m i (
lie names As witnesses:
. sqii i f
.1 1 n , h « -4... -,
, r , e m iu v n » ’
eburg, Oregon, on Ti.catla
day of
» lu Ik*......I i l l V -*>l®»*A»e* o f ’ I r n .
H ugh Cassidy, of Gardiner, Oregon, John August 1900.
W Y P IIII.IM t h i ' i - m i g h t y e il, Pleated from '
Joyce, of Oartilner, Oregon, John Henderson, i He names as witnesses:
I the
«tern w ithout th • ;:.«•*o f M e r r ii r .i.
T i u »K* • fit* U by an l • t I l n d le a l ’
I of Gardiner, Oregon, W ilbert Peck, of Gardiner,
Andcrxon of Gardiner. Oregon, W F p
I eu re .
I t n p i n r e . \ qui. k
O regon.
of iardincr, Oregon, Ma -k Smith
t t >r P i l e « . fl'f« « u i'c nm! F l « f a l f l f l , b j ‘
Of Elkti
I D r . J o r d a n ’® ape«*;»*.! p i i n l c * - - i * t h >«in.
Any and all person® claim ing adversely the Oregon, Jo h n Smith • uf E lkto
. Oregon,
K V K R Y SIA M applying to un w
•vili recel vo 1 above-dcMTilrd lands are requested to file their
Any and all per®«
i our *i.,.*:/-«< ofHa. o f >o®co(oplnlut.
ig ad versely the i
claim® in this office on or before «aid «tii day above desi-rilæd lands «re
JS C V K S in
'»iUeste«! to file !
i everperr.f* ire un-k r'nke.
, of August 1900.
th eir claims in this office ou " before said 28th
.K?. k’.1**
day of August, j 900.
V K K Y R f .iS O X A i ...
J. T. B kidgr «,
T rea tm en t po-wm ally or by letter.
W r it e f r » -k.
11 om »I'
1 fl A M I I I !<■}>:. M ailed E iikk . (. A valuable J
b«H-k for m elt.) Call or w rite
(Uetweec Sixth aud Qeveuth J
T H E E n S M n P n iJ T f lN ,
o .
• m
h» »
T h is m o n th ly m agazine iB one ot the vejjgj
best p rin ted in th is c o u n try , and ii« ^M
to ail subscribers a t ra te s within
a b ility ol all to pay.
I t is finely »■
tra te d an d p resen ts th e n am es of ft
a u th o rs as c o n trib u to rs.
T he W
a n d th e C osm opolitan a re sold
duced ra te s a t th is oflice.
l i e i.o iu e s a s w lto e s s e -.
en tire contents o f th is m o n th ly m agazine
are upon a plane a n d ,in keeping;w ith it?
m otto.
T he A ren a’s g allery o f .e m in e n t
th in k e rs is a group or interesting
w om en, and th e ir thoug h ts
consi.leration of r.d jxxiple.
eohl w ith T he W est .
Itrert« w‘th Tn^ „
- » it. >0.1
It ic i llf t i...
We do not take possession of
our ideas but are possessed by thsai
They m aster us and force us into th e arena,
Where iike gladiators, we must fight for th em .”
Such is the exalted m otto of th e A rena, an d th e ”
men a n d
are w orthy tho
The A rena
Hurd o f j
• Tetraov,
< athertno A. « a..sidy, of Gardiner, Oregon,
Joint Joyce, of Gardiner, <)rwg
jol, , Heuiler'
son. of Uartllp«r, Oregon, WHb«r. ! \ i e(
Gwlsltuer, t'regtnc
Any and all persons olaim tng adw reglr th e la n d , are re»..«»,.«. u ,m e , hl ‘
c la im « in th l« o r.icc o n o r before mid Rh , | , . Zf
A u jlltt. 199tt
Vniteil States ljtudOflice,
I’ll lied States hand Ofllee.
K„.-eburg, Oregon,
is hereby given th at in comnlianee
M».v 9, 19«!
tv. h t h e p r o . m m ,
, ln.
o f c o .« re ^ 3
Notice I, hereby given th at lit rntnpliaitc.
Jum ... lv,.s, entitled “ A llaet for the i æ of ti in
ç.-ed lltk.-«r»,J»-li pinte, «ml lUu.G.tien» Oriirtluti
tate.-t, nrttauo. oiq u t.iw and rtrteuj up to dot« d«agn«
land» in I the »Late» of Crdifonii
Ju n e 3. 1ST», vntitlvd “ An act for th e .a !c o f
Hl Washington Territory Charles
tiintwr lau d , in the SUteaof California. Oregon,
me. County of Lune, Sla.v f Oregon
Nevada, and W ashington T w rltuiv.” Hugh
’ Plod lit th is offie« M as«
t'«.s»i<ly«f Gardi.icr. Oregon, Count' o’ Dnuaoi-
», hi
Pi < hm«© of the NE >4
sta te ot Oregon haa this day Bled in this oflio,.
h l. «worn »latvn.cut No. 1 Itos, for the purehn-e
Î4 of sec-
o f t h a N C, NE i , s w . 11, w
w . . o: -,o ,
"18 8 Pance No 9 w
Prenamakin« »««>o mlM. fanvj work, howwbold bU;
No. W, III to w nship No. a s . Rang* N, i | w "
How that tiu
•hurt »tori««*, currwnt topic«, etc
8«te«rtb« t«> da
Only aoo. yearly. l* d y a^vub® wanted £>«»»4 ter tern
and «1)1 offer prouf to show that n ,e j ,,.,
fit® tim bar or «tore
sought Is more valuable for Its tim ber or stone
>ses. ami to cshibibh
th an for ag ricultural putposea.and to estaWiah
b l, claim to m id lan d ts lore tire Reg.«ter and
j Receiver of this offira at Rore burg, O regon on
s a tu rd a , the 4th day of August, !■»«).
P atterns
¡ T o ti« J»
K I .......... .
f -
» - - r ot.
-s» I.
’ I
make yqur selec tio n .
W E S T .
A «*|u»t ItM),
J. X- B M P ’»«*,
- . í '
I have been n great sufferer from constipation
for over flve yeari. Nothing gave m e any relief.
>Iy foet aud legs and abdomen w ero bleated bo
I could nut wear shoos on ray feet and only u loos«
dress. I saw Itlpuna Tabules advertised In our
dally paper, bought som e aud took them us direct­
ed. Have taken them about three weeks and there
Is such a ehang*! I am not constipated nny more
and I owo It a ll to Rlpana Tabules. Ia in thirty«
seven years old, have c o occupation, only my
household duties and nursing my sick husband,
lie has had tho dropsy and I am trying It!pan»
Tabules for him. B e feclg some better but it w ill
tako som e time, t e has been flick co long. You
may u sjtu y letter and name as you like.
Hrs. M ary OoniiAW C lark «.
If Y OF’
Stars in
iil o f h u m a n ity .
Mother w as troubled
w ith h e a r t b u r n and
flleeplesauess, cauced by
My «even-year old boy
Indigestion, for a good
•uttered w ith pains m
many '-ear®. One day
? Ida head, constipation
•h e caw a testim onial
and complained of bis
lu the paper lud«»rsing
Stomach. Ho could not
R lp a n a Tabules, kit® »
cat like children o f hl®
dàtermlned to g|v® them
ago do and w h a t he
r» trial, wm t r e a l l y
relieved by la e ir u»e
did eut did not agre®
a n d n o w t a k e s th o
w ith him. Re w as thia
Tabules regularly. She keeps a few cArtona Rlpana
. ..
a *eff"on color.
Reaoing rome o f the testlm nla’.s In favor o f
Tabules In tho house a ad gays she will not be with-
R ip « » Tabule«, I trie I thorn. Klp.hs Tabulc, noi
c u t them. Tho heartburn and aieeplebsncns hav®
H n V 6 HSVV“ bt t
rarea ley youngster,
disappeared w ith th e Indigestion which wns
»bo heudncuc, have dU».-)pwlrC(jt -d
formerly so g r e a ts burden for her. Our whole
goixj Cotn.ltloQ end hit never com plain, o f h l,
fam ily tako the Tabule® regularly, eapoclally after
•tom ach. !Io l.inow a r-d. eliuhhj
1 boy Thl»
a hearty moal. My m other N fifty years o f ege
wonderful elianto I Mtrlbu'e to Klpni:, Tabule,
and 1® enjoying tho b esto f health and ®pirlts ; also
I nm BatlsfUd that they w ill benolll nny one (from
eats hearty meals, a a Imposa!tdlity bef, > •, «ho
e cradle to old age) If token according to dlroo.
took kit«?® Tabules.
A xtox H. B lai kkn
E. W. FB1CB.
O S iK
--¿ C
copy or wrapper .
to Inform » j roc,
In words o f high«,:*
praise, o f th® benefit
I have derived from
Rlpana Tabules. I am a
professional nurse und
In this profession a clear
head Is a!w- ya needed.
Rlpans Tabr’es doe® It.
After ono o f rr.y case« I
fouc 1 mt self ecuipletely
run down. Acting on tho
advlco o f M r . Gk o. Pow-
er, Ph. o .,
Ave., Jersey C ity, 1 to«>k
Klpaus Tubules w ith
grand results.
r b r c - M 'k ' 8Snlid)2>T«
O f,
r S
T H E C X N T A U n C O M P A N Y . N E W Y O R K C IT Y .
T H E CHnONTCI.rl ran k s w ith the grea test
nrwxpaperH in the U nited S tates.
T I i" C’IIItO?;;CLT’: ha.- n o o n the Pacific
Coast. It leads aJl in a b ility , enterprlM« and
THIS UHIlONICXsK’S T elegrap h ic R eports are
lhe la test and nr at reliable, its Local N ew s the
fullest and splcieut, ana Its K dltorlids from the
ablest pens In the country.
THIS C H R O N IC LE ha.«, a lw a y s been, and a l­
w ays w ill be, the friend and cbam plon of ths
p-».¿Je, hm eg a ln et cnnibmaXlon«, clique«, cor­
poration«*, <»r oppreeslon* eJ any kind. It w ill be
Indcp. iid. nt in everythin g, n eutral in nothing.
ft tecla
For Over
T h irty Y ears
Aperteci Remedy forConslina-
Hon, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and L o s s O F S L E E P .
I want
May 21, 199a
D id n 't H s R i r a ,, A ll t h e T im e .
N o tic e i® hereby given that in ^.»’upllanee
An elw lrical rn g in w r who stntti'ra nith th ® prevlulniia of the act of Udngres® of
once entlenH'rrel to be cnrrel of the June 8. 1878, entitled “ .In set for the sale of
habit, nutl for th a t pflrpcse went to no tim ber land® in the Htate® of t aiiferniA, Oregon.
institution near D>«to». T ito itm tager, Nevada and Washington Territory,” Amaaa F.
Hunt of Florence, County of b u t* , State of
q n rttio n in g hint, nsked:
Oregon liaa thi® day filed in thia office hl®
' “ Do yon stam m er all the tim e?”
• sword statem ent No low, for the purchase of
“ Nuii-nurf-nuti no, sir; o-o-o-only ' the 8K • t of S e'tlo ’i No 21. in l'oau«hlp N olA F '
w bn-w htl-w lia-w hen I t-t-t-talk, ait." Kang* No 0 W, and will «After proof to «how that
— Iilevtrival Review.
the land sought 1® more .valuable for It® ’lnibi'r
j or atone than far agri« ultum l purposes, anti to
PintiMdid» may lie Uat'k os well as f«ti»ldi«h hl® claim to ¿aid laud lahtre th e ' For tadI m . mt I. girl*
. „ and litt.'® chfidreo That
ler a n d Reeelvei of thisoffi« « at K«i®ebnrg, • •In !«jri»*h •• chte -rff.
«•'» ®
rff< ♦ «•'!
U___ _ bT tie i
white, and sotue aro bine, red, yellow, , U R r eglu
«ther reuera® Na«r •«> eq'iai for rtf l< M.d peifrr® a
e f o a , o n Tue*lay the 11 d a y o f A u gart iWO.
croon, pink and orangat but th. r.' is no
He name® a.» wltneMe®:
violet diamond, ttlUmagh, in addition
Rol»ert II. Hernhardt, of Florence, Dregon,
to aiuetliystN. thi re uVe sapphires, r u ­ Chariem H. Morgan of Florence, «'r»'gon, Mr®.
-re B A Z A R .
bles and garnet» of th a t eblor.
Lottie IIu rd n f Florence,O w fon, tv. H. Weather
•o n of Florence. Oregon.
A n y a n d a ll p e n c il« eia im .ia g a Iverwly the
m an endowed w ith greut perfection
w tthont gttod breeding is like oue who above described land® are rwjueetedVT tile their
elaitn fl In thi® office on o r bof«»re »aid 14 day cf
ha» h is pocket« full of gold, but altvaya
I have uipfl Ripens Tabrlw w ith «otnnch c«tlo-
foction that I can cheerfully recommend them.
Have been troubled for about three ycara w ith
« b u t f. called blHous attacks com ing o:> regularly
ones a r. eok. Wag told by UUTerent physicians
that it w as caused by bad teeth , o f which I had
Mverah I had the taath ex u a o ted , but the at«
tacks continued. 1 hud Been aCrertiscment« of
Klffans Tabul»3 in oil tho papers but had no faith
In them, but about six w eeks since a friend in ­
duced n.e to try thorn,
taken but tw o of tho
•m ull 5 cent b oxes of the Tabules ae.l hav< had
Do recurrence * f the attacks. Have Fever given a
testlm ml&l for anything before, but lhe great
am ount o f good w hich I >elie^ • has been »¡one n.e
by Ripens Tabules Induces rw-
ad 1 /nine to the
many testim onials you doVwUv^ have m your
possession now.
A. T. D x W itt .
T ;» 0
lsv .*
May P, iOfifi.
Notice 1« hereby given th at tiie fallowing«
named »cttler h at tiled notice of hi® Intention
to make filial proof jn support of hi® claim , and
that ®aitl proof will lie mwde'beford Reg. A Rcc.
«t Roseburg, Oregon, on Au<u«t 4, IWA). vis:
Hugh Uasutd;. on hi« il. K. N. 1803 for thoSW ’4
NW »4, NW «t SW ' 4 See. 10 T ?l 8, R 11 W.
Tie name® t i i e f o l l o w i n g witneusc« to prove
hlseontliiuou® roAidcnCo vpon and culviiation
OR. JORDAN A CO . 1081 Merkel St., 3. F. 4
1 of «Ai«l htnd, vix:
Catherine A. <’a«*ldy, of Gardiner, Oregon.
1 John Joyce, of Gerdincr, Oregon, John Hi nder
son, of tJarvlinet, Oregon, Wilbert Peck, oi
Gardiner, Grcgon.
J. T. D aino nr .
flier own eelretlon! «.» .very eubrerlhcr. Tenuti, »1 eoi-
Bcsidfs tho M aria Thoreau 1 W dollar»
th« jKKiple of Abyssinia for hiiu .1I chango
Usoti bar of bard rrystalliR, d salt, about
111 inch«» long and a 1, inches broad and
thick, slightly Japering toward the end,
five of which go to the dollar at tho
capital. It is a token of afT»x tiun among
the natives when friends nie»4 to give n o t i q : f o r p u b l i c a t i o n .
to each other a liek of their respective
bars, and in this way the m aterial val­
Uniled State® Land Office,
ue of the salt is also decreased.
Roxeburg, Oregon,
unte change for hi» ordinary occasions,
F a c s i m i l e S t g n a l u r e oF
o t ic
C teifitii .tostar
ttvueiy:<e.t Harer.
Greatest Wce’tiy in the Coaatry,
o f I'M O S , t K l T I PITCHTJl
,1lx Snirui *
SaUt -
Atùnt Seed e
Jvfi/*nnÌHt -
D i CtirbunafcAtffo a
IS y Xïail, P o s ta g e P a id ,
$ 1 .5 0
Promotes Digestion,Ckerful-
aess and RestContains neilher
Opium .Morpîunc no r Mineral.
°"‘'r pr‘”’f 10
«now that tile laud «ought!« more valuable for
i Its lim b e r o r »tone th an for agricultural piire
po«ss, »nil toeatohllah hta cfotm to aai<i land
before the Kegister'and eeclyer of tills office nt
Roseburg, Oregon, on Tuesday the 14th day of
lle m lo r k .
W ater hemlock is n deadly plant com
w on lu most country neighborhoods.
Its roots are eaten often in spring by
tnistuke for sTimo edible root, mid dentil
friquently results. Cuttle are often poi-
eeni'd by drinking w ater in murshes
■where it grows.
The poieon hemlock from which the
Greeks made poisons in n ne;lr relative
to the wuter hemlock. It stands from
tw o to seven feet high and lias clusters
o f sinull white flowers aud large, pars
loylike leaves. The stalk, being hollow,
1» often made into whistles by country
boys, and many children are poisoue-1 in
thia fashion.
n ilx i'd
ÄVegeiaKe PreparationfrAs-
siinBaiing fee Feed ondBetfufci -
«luí the SioiSKdis andUoweis of
(Jnclndin« i e s ta te ) to any part o f the U nited
S ta tes, « a n art a and M exico.
T H E W SluK LY CHR O N IC LE, tha b righ test
*m l n.ost com plete W eekly N ew sp ap er In th®
world, prin ts regularly 112 Colum ns, or six teen
pa^ea, of N ew s, lite r a t u r e and General In fo r­
, with th e provisions of the act of Congress of m ation: h I so a m agn ificen t A gricultural and
I JunsS , 1878, entitled “ An act (or the sule oi H orticu ltu ral D ep artm en t. T ills Is one o i the
timlier lands in the States of California, Ore­ g rea test d ep artm en ts In a n y paper on th is
E v er y th in g w r itte n !□ based on e x ­
gon, Nevada and W ashington T erritory,” Mrs I perience In th e ( ‘o a st £ ta le s, not on /eastern
Lottie Hurd ofaFlorbnce, County of Lane. State moil » know ledge of thvir ow n lo ca lities.
of Oregon hag th is day filed in this office his
H o n u lf f u t V ie n n e s e W o m e n .
O he Kind You Have
.O R E N T E . OB.