The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, October 27, 1899, Image 4

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C c ^ o t ’- p A t i o n ,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
H e a r tb w r n ,
.A -Is T ID
E N D S .
that your liver
is uut ol order. The
best, teedteine to rouse
cure all
these li!?, ia fern: I in
I n tr ic a te
C olum bus’ In tp rem lu n s on HI« F irst
tr o d a c tio n to flm o k ln f T ob acco.
It was on the islnnd of Cuba, hi th«
lutaniu of H92, that the oho of tobacco
nag learned by Buropcnua Colombo«
W * a « H a p p e n . W h e n a S ln < l. P r q je e tl» . aiakiJi the first mention of the wood la
t a M a a l ? B a n t a I n t o T w o H u n d r e d Hep- ais diary under date of (Jot. IB. When
M D e a th « M H * a a d ac aud hi» men landed ouOttbaB shore«,
¡lie kindly natives, who mistook them
for incsseypi'rs from heaven, brought
Tbn.hnproveuituta in i modern gnus I
linnierotrfofferinga Among these,
laveVtnl braced a ll calibers, from that of p stated by tbe aduiirnl in his diary,
I e small arm firing a projectile» only ! ».C
ra,aBiue “ dry leaves, which must be
»• ere,some
• lO'third of an Inch ill diametc« to the I om otaing much prized by them (the
l muster which scud« a «olid piece of ’ mtiveg), for they had already brought
i o«L IS inchea through and w eighing tne some in San Salvador as a present. "
Ever half a ton. N ot only havo tbe gnu«
L ittlo heed wag paid to these leave«
improved, but also all their accessories, in tho heginntug by the Spaniards. They
i pocially powder and projoctlles. Tho were in search of gold aud saw no pos-
nokcloss powder
jjo w u e r of
u i the
m u present has , ab ility oi eouvcrtiug miserable weeds
t Gauged the oondiUoHS of war almost Into that precious commodity. In tho
i.s mach a« modern , armarne
' jourso of time they began to uotice that
Keeping stop with theeo advance« *s th« native» woyt to and from their
have bc*« tho«e niado fa tho various j ri|i« g CK and tho sharo smoko esonped
i lasse« of prA^ertlea. Bveti tho sm allest from their months, “ in a truly diabol-
i.f these, w ith its case hardened bullet, icui manner. ” Soon thoy discovered
is far ahead of the old fashionod load y ,ttt these unclad children of tho w ild s
" ta llo t used in tho sm all arms of 80 carried in their bunds a “ burning
visits ago.
stick," which every now and then they
One of tho most effective of modern would put into their mouths nnd blow
) ,-oJoctiie« Is tho shrapnel. It in one 1-f □ut a cloud of «moke. T his had a most
t io f&rflia oFeaAa shot The other» Were lieu theiiLh loojf/us i t Is recorded, to tho
n o Q ldfashiinedtffnpo and canister. A Btiafiiards, an,] thoy inquired, as w ell as
i —■
to ho a ooHeaMon tficy conM'by'signs, into Iho custom.
i,f missiles in a caso, which breaks up
They learned that tho burning sticks
■ ither In tho gnn or at somo point in were composed of the dried leaves so
I ight, thus setting freo its death deal- treusured by tho natives, and that tho
oustom of smoking the fragrnut weed
1 ig particles.
A« soon as the caeo 1» broken each of was supposed to lesson fatigue on long
thoso particles goes on a separate path, Journeys. They tried it for themselves
i ud i t ’s a sorry day for tho muu struck and found this actually to be tho enso.
I y one of them. AU of thoso falling On many a troublesome jaunt thereafter
l imn a pleoo of level ground would they woro refreshed hs tho pleasant per-
ji.'.irk out an Irregular oval, whose area fumo curled upward from their own
v tries w ith differing conditions. It ha« “ burning sticks.” — Detroit Journal.
b eu found that the best point to burst
t'.n si .-apnel is about Bis yards abovo
S P E C U L A T IN G O N S H I P S .
ai d 00 in front of tho enemy.
Colonel Shrapnel of tho British serv- I!o w U n d e r w r ite r . G a m b le o n O verd u e
V l ’i»«ted n t L lo y d s,
|. i first invented shrapnel in 1808. This
i r l y form consisted simply of a ^phor- I When a ship is overdue, an opportu­
jt d shell filled w ith bullets nnd a bnrst nity is sometimes afforded for a gamble-
!■, i charge of powder in the «paces bo ■ at Lloyds. It t un be readily understood
t ,-cou. Tiiis w as a crudo Invention, that underwriters who nro interested in
v tiich soatterod the fragments too much tho •‘overdnes" are only too w illin g to
. id was liablo to go off when not ex- ( get rid of tho risk by paying a premium
1 oted anfi not do so when dosirod. on tho insnred rate to those who aro
•i his form was improved upon daring w illing, on their terms to relievo them
i .ir civ il war, and tho modern shrapnel j of their responsibilities. The premium
«• in bo considered tho most dangerous varies w ith the chances of the vessel
i f nil life destroying projectiles. It con­ turning up; the smaller the chances the
sist« of thsBB-'fllurta-—tho tube, tho huso higher the premium and vice versa.
Tho rates paying on “ overducs” serve
and the head. Tho powder ohnrgo is in
I ho base, wbloh is firmly attnehed to os accurate barometers of the probabili­
the body either by olectrio w elding or ties or otherwise of I be ship ever being
by screwing. Loading from tho linso heard of again. Theso underwriters who
h tho center of the body 1« a tuho spcculuto on “ overdue«” are generally
Is also filled w ith powder, which known by tlie significant name of “ doo-
the fti«« a t the Jtolnt of the tora "( .,T be insurance on an “ overdue”
' carries the fire to the main may pass through many channels before
Between 800 and 800 bullets tha «¡lip is. on the one baud, “ patted'
upon a diaphragm just over the at Lloyds as “ m issing,” or, on the
iitsder charge. These are held In place other hnud, she arrivos iu safety.
A ship is never “ posted” until the
y a matrix of rosin which Is melted
oiniuiuco 1«
is inorouBuij
thoroughly mummu
satisfied that
and poured upon the bullets when in committco
icr case is hopeless, and until tho owu-
Vlaoe. A skeleton oaso of oast iron cou- her
»-4 A lf e
fw ,e»ch bulla«,}« c is of p e sa m e opintpu. Before "post-
put up for a week in-
in ug"tn
g ’* a utitii*
until* is put-up
i hood is jiut on Ih the same man­ viting any information concerning tho
lier a« the boao, and when tho fuse hi vessel. If this elicits no nows, the com-
Insnrted the projectile Is ready for use. mittee nt its next meeting votes the ship
t-mne shrapnels havo tho bursting charge as “ m issin g," auil a notice is posted ao-
iu th e head InstoaT of the l»sc. Tha cordiugly. Tbe loss is then settled and
fuse used la rather opmpMcaM. but the pnifl f iK If .m ay be Incidentally re-
» ulted States Mas as (food a diuo nfl marked that “ posting at Lloyds cou-
«here la It Is a tim e fuse and in actual stitutes a legal death certificate for auy
one on hourd the missing ships.—Good
V * t has shown its reliability.
It can readily be seen that ono great Worila.
«dijootiou to tho shrapnel is its high
gmallfttt and Oddwt R e p u b lic* .
>u«k The ftaMnlmio costs about «8.80.
Gourt is the sm allest republic os to
k fceaam ocoa la Mmaliy suppMefi w ith area, but Tavoloni Is tbo sm allest re­
«i*rae styles of ammunltiiXi— the solid public us to population. Gonst is only
«hot, the shell and the shrapnel. Home ono m ile iu area It is located on the
batteries are also «applied w ith canister flat top of a mountain in tho Pyrenees,
P -ruse at close quartern
. . . The
I between Franco and Simin, and is rooog-
| , the canister have
ave u Wider dhmenduu. injzcd by both of those countries. It is
|.«M tso the oaae ' h r e a a . nI’
up ~ ... cue
. Rnn governed by „ n pp^ideut
president aud a council of
t «ulster w n . need to repel the famous , a Jt w #- estublighw, iu , B48 uud haa
t .arge led by tho Coufedorato general 180
hitailta. The president is tax
«i m otive effects human valor w as of no
The shell la used to dertroy inanimate
oi-jeota as w ell aa animate oues. It ccn-
11 la of a hollow east iron shell, w ith n
luse and buratiug obargu of powder.
*» ne famous «hot fired during the put
t og of the fables nt Cionfuegns is a
j- -ud example of its uso. The Spaniards
)i..ving token refuge in and behind a
|i hthopse, a aliell was fin d by one of
«..•I «hipet Wlffch. striking U fairly,
burst and utterly destroyed the struc-
1 ne, killing many of the soldiers.
But against wen iu battle formation
tnu shrapnel Is the more effective. It
i .ids a perfect shower of missiles which,
t Hina iu the midst of a company,
r «-»old afuiosl annihilate IL' Many testa
to show t h k
Hhrapuels flrnl from a gun a mllo
«way to ons Instaui-e aud a m ile nnd
two-thirds in tho other were mode te
t.rlk e a Itonrd target one inch thick.
T he fuses wero set off by tho couhiet
«ud burst tbo projectile into 200 or 800
j.irta, each of which was capable of
<i- aliug death to any livin g tbiug in its
j .tip heteeus were placed at ladioati-4
«1 laonra behind the target. These may
I - conalderefi as representing a battalion
i t Infantry Iu column of couiptudi*.
1 ram the number of hits upon a ll of
inem the efficiency of shrapnel tiro
«gainst close order formation may bo
j .dgrtl.
In oue shot 162 hits were made by a
• p « le stxrapucl.. In «iiuther 210 kit» are
tjM-Tdfd, bu| these Are D"t »0 w ell scut-
I red. Imagine, then, the effect of a
v ell placod shrapnol upon a group of
l>ni such-n« is hero n>prp»«it«<,
*Tb« «’«drr «an reaiftly uuder land
pT y w art are now waged at greater
distances and w hy hand to hand con-
fiu ts are almost uphoard o f.—Now
k'ork Herald.
,* *.» • been mate
I lia M ista k e.
“ That politician is a ’ha« been, ‘ Isn’t
hef" remarked the observer.
" K o ," replied the captious friend,
“ 11« isn ’t w e n Ihat. .lie 's merely a
' « • d to »kink he was. * ” Washington
- -
i h
. _ -...
-> &
T h e I r r e p r e s s i b l e S m n ll B o y .
This is a true story, and it really hap­
pened In a N ew York fam ily. It looks
as if it m ight bo an old story brought
up to date or renovated for the occa­
sion, but it is exactly as tho small boy
arranged it and not to the edification
of his fam ily. Tho small boy was very
fond of ice cream. It never cloyed his
palate. It was w ith the same delight
that ho saw it each tim e brought on the
table, and upon each of these times he
showed the exuberance of his feelings
by crying in rapturous tones: “ Oh-o-ol
Ice cream 1 Ice cream I Ice cream I’*
much to his mninmn’s annoyance.
“ People w ill think we never havo ice
cream or anything else to eat, ” she said
to her son one day. "Nov/, we are going
to have company to dinner tonight, and
I don't w ant you to say a word when
the iee cream is brought on. " The small
boy promised. He really was a good
j little boy, nnd lio intended to mind.
But when the cream was brought on
tho old feeling of rapture w as so strong
that he forgot entirely nnd 'cried out
ns nHusl. Then lie remembered nnd stop­
ped short, looking very repentant. lie
had not Intended to call out, and his
mother was mortified. He changed his
tone en tirely :
"W e havo Ice cream almost every
n ig h t,” he remarked carelessly.—Now
York Times.
raeTX’ria^*>Wdto^m! ’ ' tioehum h,
J ' -
o i LHIre-n»«.
In an old Indiana case a man named
Shailcroes undertook to live up to his
name by running an unlawful ferry,
but the decision of tbe court said to
aim, “ You shall not cross.”
The nanio of an adopted citizen of
the Chickasaw Nation, whoso adoption
was canceled and who was thereupon
expelled, was Run Hannuh.
A California woman who said in licr
will, “ I have no fear of the hereafter;
I) my Lord, teach me to livo right,
then in dying there Is no stin g ,” boro
tho prophetic Christian nemo of E u­
The name Dr. Physick, which might
bo looked for iu some allegory, appears
as the name of a real person in a recent
law report.
Homo peculiarly suggestivo combina­
tions of names in the titles of cases nro
these; People versus Kaiser, Priest
versus Lackey, Kick versus Merry, Pro­
tected Home Circle versus Winter,
Grant versus Lookout Mountain Com­
In reminiscences of tho early Minne­
sota bar Judgo Chnrlcs E. Flandrnu
tells in the Minnesota Law Journal of
an argument before the supremo court
in 1868 by ox-Chief Justice Goodrich
on behalf of an Indian convicted of
uinrder. The Indian's name was Zu-ai-
za, but as the counsel could not pro­
nounce it he always referred to him in
his argument as “ my client, Ahasue­
rus.” — Case nnd Comment.
«oast tow
el«*gyninn or cemetery. The
people worship in a chura!» outside of
their own territory, and the doad bodies
ore slid down to a oemetery in tho val-
loy below. In that vulley all the bap­
tism s and marriagos aro performed.
Tavolora 1« 12 m iles northeast of Sar-
1 dinin. It is an Islam! five m iles long by
a h alf m il« wide.
Its total population
consists of 66 men, women and ch il­
dren. Tho women go to the jiolls w ith
the men and elect every year u presi­
dent and eouucil of six, all serving
without pay. Tho luhabitnnts support
themselves by fishing and raising fruit
and vegetable*. Tbe republic bus u<>
army and no ntivy.-— Cincinnati E n­
M a r k e t U «ol«tli> M o il b r a il* .
The market price of “ «ealps, ” ns
agreed upon Ix-tweeu tho early French
colonists of Louisiana aud the Indians,
with whom they bargained to fight out
tiieir battle« witli hbstlle Indians for
tlietn, varied w ith circumstances. At
the time the French were nt war with
the Alil-uuious a “ scalp” of one of the
last named, when brought to them, was
|>aid for at the rut« of a gun, live pounds
of inuaket balls nnd as mtioh powder.
“ On th« 14til of March” (1704), write»
Do La Harp«», "a party ef 20 Chicncln*
(Ollickntuws) brought iu four Althtiuinu
scatps. They were- given for iMU-h scalp
a gnn, five i-onnds of hulls mid as much
of powder, according to the contract
mode w ith them .” — New Orleans Pica­
ttavmt w i i rantt*.
(Jpulein» rvfvr*»09S •*»<> fell
4X ' “S » iir i »0.1 cor t or ov» »rxcixt
I i W1H lti»theiuoAt ii»»9»»l i r i- 8ition«)V9r
I s iS
I e
The people of Dresden aro very polite,
«ooverpollte that they not infrequently
bring down ridicule upon themselves.
It used to be told in that city that a
Stranger wus one dny crossing tbo great
bridge that spans the Elbe and asked a
native to direct him to a certain church
which he wished to find.
••Really, m y dear sir,” said the Dres-
dener, bowing low, “ I grievo greatly
to say it, but I cannot tell you."
Tbe stranger passed on, n little sur­
prised nt this voluble answer to a sim ­
ple question. H e had proceeded but a
short distance when he heard hurried
footsteps behind him, and, turning
round, saw the same man ruuniug to
catch np w ith him.
In a moment bis pursuer was by his
side, his breath nearly gone, but
enough left to say hurriedly; “ My
denr sir, you asked mo how you could
find the church, and it pained me to
havo to say that I did not know. Just
now 1 met my brother, but I grieve to
say that ho did not know eith er.”
A« H e U n d e r s t a n d s I t .
"As I understand it," remarked tho
intelligent foreigner, "yon Americans
regard George W ashington's hutclict as
the emblem of truth. “
••Yes, sir, th at’s rig h t.” replied the
American proudly.
“ Then, when statesmen or other in ­
dividuals who have quarreled, bury the
hatchet. I sup|>oee they cease to s»*’ak
tho truth?"— Detroit Free Press.
I n a p lr ln i r H o p e .
‘ i: :• •' iui
Addr*“ '
Droit Bid.-..
Sold by à»’ medicine dealers.
Mod ••,i>,-w7»I.e,-«wl;li «oniwh »»Hl-
flMctlon that .*
roooatBcad them.
Havo been p .tihleC » .r eix/ut uut»e years w ith
w hat I call.*» ♦»»:!-. a hil .« c F s em« Jrur oft rop’tlarly
ontxj a rt-aek- W
b y dti’ermit pkyalclanj
that 11 wna e.i-1,( J ‘
th, r l which I had
•averaL I h>
*. ■ t»
xiia-jltHl, l»ut the at-
taok» contiir. ’. 1. h M r t-u ud» rileemanta o f
Rlp4ui»> Tabu.-, s I d aU .re
but had oo faith
In thniu, but .to m elje «/. efc3 din-.» a friend In«
(timed me fc> U s fh .a i. U&- •• taken but tw o of the
•m a ll S cen t l»ojcu o f the Tabuks and have had
no recurrence of the uttacff». Have never given a
teetlnicel'il ic- ft/.ytMna hefto-e, but the great
am ount of go» ! wLUh I t-3hc - e baa Lieenooae me
by Rlpatra Tabuied lu d iu .e nte to odd m ine vo the
m aay testlmonlald j o u uoubtloee have In your
. T. D b W i r .
potwessk'n now.
I want
to Inform you,
fa words o f blgnefc«
pra'.jo, o f tho lx neilt
I have derived from
BlpunH Tabuies. 1 an, a
prof* prioebi ourre end
In tlxti prof ce»lon u clc;tr
toad la a!wt»ya necdod.
Kl :-anb Tabun » does It.
After one
four d m i self c.,«-tely
run down. A of in« on tho
advice o f Mr. Geo. Bow­
er, Ph. O ,
k v e., Jersey City, I
Ripuns Tabt’bd w ith
grand rem its.
I SAT. S»PB ft nvcr.t ra<T<-—- ! n n conrt'pftlloa
for O 'breve year,. N otnlus sa v e me aur reUor.
P y foot aud leg» au«l abdomen were bloated ao
I oould not wear shoes on my feet and only a loc-a
dress. I «aw Mtpaoa Tabuloa advertised in our
d u ty papal*, bought mut . i and took them as direct*
•d . Ik .v ’i taker, thorn about three weeks and there
U suck .ft chaugo! I an» not constipated any more
aud I ow e It a il to lUpans Tabuloe. Xam thirty*
seven 5-ears old, ha*« no occupation, only my
hou«cliold dOtlr-s and nursing my ale« husband.
He Lus had the dropsy and I am trying P.ij una
Tabules for him. He foci* snmo l etter but It w 1*1
take Mime Ume, he has been sick oolong. You
may uw m / Uttar and aia»o os you like.
^ y a m ljiH
Mi». Mxr.Y G obmar C laiiu .
5 t-.
I have been suiTerlm» from headache« over
since I woo a little girl. I could uover ride In a
ear or go lu to a crowdod
place w ithout getting a
bculachound slckHt iny
IS sto,uuch. I hoardahouI
Rlpans Tabuies from on
mint of mine who wus
tr.klug them for catarrh
o f tho stomach. She hud
found such relief from
Ihtlr ubo ahoadvlsod mo
to tuko them kto, and I
have Loen doing so since
last October, and w ill
F£>> they havo oomp’o to
ly cured my henduchoe.
I t»m t ..oary ulna ye -rs
■aw:»*’ .- -u
old. V nt a w wnlconia
•o usa th is testimonial«
Mu. J. Eno LMYail»
T hree
T h e modern stand­
ard F am ily
M edi­
cine : C u r e s the
common every-dav
D e s ir a b le
ill of humanity.
Mother ryaa frontlod
w ith k f i r t h a n
eJo.‘p’'s«8’if)81, eaurcu TiV
Indi4O3tlOD, for n good
m any vomit - Otto duv
she 8ft\z n teatknontpj
ha tho psj>er Ir.d'u^.u?
R i 1» a r i TahnJe3. M»e
determ ined t o cl* * them
a trial, Tvai
roiljvft«! by th eir u-n
a n d n o w f air o e t b o
Tabulae regularly. Hhekccpe r few ca r t^ v Ripens
Tabulae in tho ho’ico en d nays she w ill r.otlxs w ith ­
o u t them. The *»ei rthorn, in d itrieplesencM have
disappeared w ith the tndli;eetlon which was
form erly r-n
a burden for her. Our whole
fam ily take the Tnbnlet regularly, oapeclully after
a hec-rty meal.
m other «« fifty yoan* of age
and lo enJoy’nT th? beat o f health end ep1r*t9 j c I jo
eat«* hearty meal«, an ticpoeetbIHty before eho
U xj > » lo a m Tubnloa.
A s io s E . L lalkbk .
Mr seven year old boy
suifcretl with pains in
hl3 Loud, constipation
aud com plfllnci of his
stom ach. Ho could not
cut like children o f his
do and w h a t he
did c«t did not agree
w ith Linn H e w c jth la
and c f a flcflrcn colov.
Rending some c f the testim onials in favor o f
Elpttiis Tubules. I tried them. U pon.’ Tubules not
only relieved but actually cured ir y youngsUr,
tho headaches have disappeared, bowels ere tu
gvMxl conditim i and ho rover com plains o f hl*
stomach. He is now a red, chubby faced boy. This
wonderful change f attributo to ltlpans Tubules.
I on* unttflfiod that ths? w ill benefit any ono (from
tbo cradle to old age) if taken oooordlug t<> dlreo*
w - FB,C#-
S t a r s
A nd T h e
▲ now 6tylo pocket cja-ui Jr." srv nn»*N4 tabvlss pack«*» In a paper carton (without gio.*») is now for sols
a n d
Cnr»JCAt,(JoMrA'’Y. Xo C □, ’• vx< Hew Y ork-er a sln-lo cerU>n(Trw iabclks ) will Jx Font f r n .a cents.
R lpatí 3 T a bulk may .lobch ’i ;f »oo.? *roccrs,gonAr d rtoralrocpors, uc’ * t<7cnfce and at seine l.yfarsw rss
and barber chop*, ir. -, infrb t»m . •udtioe slnop »nd prolofg 1M«. G«**> givee
A ’V f ’V
I !,1
I f t ? 8
' 6
- f' ■ .
w ••
M .
n. -Vn
-u r
f f i ç w K ;T2F*™J
i ¡ >
3 e (S
obtaniC’Cii.r.u r .iir a t a i
S ert bd::ino •'■* c- inet* t fo ç M o d ér a te 1 t o s . r
, K'-n * r:-? i; 1, ______
(I n v in e » ; . o . p -;- h o t o . W e « u lv 5 .-fiy
Jiw trn tü ;l« f.-.-n o t'ch a , t <-. O n r f e n n o t d n e t ili«
c w
f und foroi.iiP countries re n t froo.
_. A . s w a w
5 o - f PaTTNT Orr c-T.
O n ly
E S T -
W ä u HIKÖTON. D .
suffer from any c i the
, i y?"i;
i f ITif
men, cotne to the oldest
Specialist on tbe Pacihc Coast,
1053 KarkelSL’4 JC52.
V o tin g ; m e n and m i d d l e
ty g e d m e n who are suffering
1 from the effects o f youthful indiscretions or ex­
cesses in maturer years. Nervous and Physical
t “
The Weekly Chtonicle
$ 1 . 5 0
(In clu d in g p osta g e) to any part o f tbe United
Ctates. CanadD and Mer.lco.
T H E V .E i.K L f CI1HONICLB« th e b iK b U a t
and mo«! comp-lei«» W eekly N tw vpnpcr In tbe
w orld, p rin ts reyulfl-rty l l X ’okunua. or sixteen
par.'s, o f K ew s, IdtejsnturC and G eneral Infov-
m atlon; nlno a uiaijnU lcent A gricultural and
H orticu ltu ral D ep artm en t. Thia la on e of the
g rea test dopnrtrr.cnts in an y paper on th is
Bwerythlni? w ritten is based on e« -
pnrkmco in the C oast S taten, not on Ikiatern
m en's k n o w led g e
their ow n localltlca.
* itä ta M
f l ï ï ï S F I E 311«
pursuits can succeed w ithout reading and
studying thi3 standard Magazine of Sciences
and mechanical Arts.
I t is illustrated w ith
all modern cuts ¡of latest inventions iu all
» e b lllt y .I n is x J t e n c y .L o U ManL»»o«l | ’
tho branches of mechanism, and its fund ¡of
P r » a ta to r v h « r a . fjoiaorrhop n, < » le e t,, |
f r e q u e n c y o f V r isiu tlsiff, e t c . B y a
knowledge is inseparably connected w ith in ­
“ T h e P hilonophy o f Etarriage,” i
i free. (A valuable bock for men.)
11 G r e a t M u s e u m o f A n a t o m y (
T* T*
i None who are engaged in any of the nioclianical
I combination o f remedies, of great curative pow- , |
<r, the Doctor has so arranged his treatment
that it will not only afford immediate relief but , |
permanent cure. The Doctor does not claim to
perform miraclea, but ¡5 well-known to be a fair square PbyMclan and Sur’». n, pre-eminent
in his s p e c ia lty - " £ > is e ik 8 4 M I o f * 2 en ,
N y p filS l* thoroughly eradicated from the ’
system w ith o u t
fio r e itr .r .
F .Y J R ttr M A N applying to lift w ill r e - 1
ceive (»nr firmest opinion o f h!n com plaint. .
We U'i}.l <'aardniC': a i- O S I T I V ti C U /’E 'in (
. ev e ry case v»c u- ''ertake, o r /o r je it Cue .
T h o u ^ u n t l 2>OF*ai'H.
, Consultation F R E E nnd strictly private.
1 C U A E G 0 3 ^ E R V R E A S O N A B L E . Treat- I
( inent personally or by letter. Send for book. .
in all its complications; W pcrM lRtorrhfleil,
Greatest Wec’.ly iu the Country,
h G IB IltitIC
I be cured à
Iffli.»», P f t i ' s e 1- S’ j« * ,
6 ? 7 Q
a t e
t& c o .
b E F & I ? YOU CRP V
V H E7
W ith
SnH .
u r THE
tJ ' ** ,’iÄ
«V J
i n
at Home drug -ton.) -ren ’■vm -rx ’ S. TtE low-priced sort Is latendod for tha poor and the eco&oialeaL Jne
tore- of L»13 nveo-.-jt rartonff iF - •»»H»;!..*-) can bo had by mail by ftxndlng forty-eight r/ nts to tho H ipans
ventors and mechanics.
Sold w ith
T ub
W est at clubbing rates.
THE E n S M F n iJ T A J L
the finest and largest Museum of its kind in the
’ world. Come and learn how wonderfully you |
are imide; how to avoid sickness and disease.
Wo continually adding new specimens. |
C-4 TA LOO E B Jf R EE. Cul 1 or write.
This m onthly m agazine is one ol the ▼«
best printed in this country, and to soli
IOC I Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
to all subscribers a t rates within th'
C T Y L I S H . R E L IA B L E f
L ä:
. 3* R eco m m en d ed b y L eo d tn g
' •£ Dressmakers.
(g HS E Î W ï i
H e r O p la lo a l a P a l l.
The car turned sharply around a
curve and tho tall man wlio was hold­
in g on to a «trap somewhat loosely wns
suddenly thrown from his upright po­
sition w ith a force that landed him in
the lap of a dignified dowager sitting
near him, w hile his high silk hat flew
from his head and rolled down the aisle
of the car.
" S ir," sho said ns lie rose to his feet
again w ith profuse apologies, "I am
compelleil to say that in my judgment
you were lacking in that complete
grasp of tlie strap which was essential
to the liighret efficiency in maintaining
an upright uttitnde when turning a
curve. ”
That wna all. But it crushed him .—
fh icu g o Tribune.
P a i n ( a l l jr P o l i t e .
The Doctor—Bear up. I must tell
yon tho w orst—yon can’t |<*sibly ro­
Tho Client That's a pity, fur if I'd
lived a bit longer I should have come
into a fortune; ns it is. I haven't a jx-n-
In flie French quarries of St. Triphon uy to |>ay yon with, doctor.
Tho Doctor— Well. now. don't give
stone is sawed w ith steel wire cables
' rael-tue d With Wet snti-l ' i v J passing np hope. W e’ll try to mend you. We ll
In an cAdlQKl roj* over s scrira of pul­ try. — Illustrated Bits.
leys. The wire, which runs from 1,000
N o t H e u tlo n :-» ! .
to 1,200 feet per minute, is charged us
•’Everybody seems to have lx i n pen-
It eutsrs the cut with a J. I of water and
' «iltaeous raiul, wbh h lhn*8 the . utting Honed for the office except yon ” e.i
'material. A running ruble of tOO feet served the sym puthliing friend.
••Ye«,” replied the disappointed po
can aiaku a cut 100 feet king.
itirisn. "My name is P ants.”
••Then, of course." soothir. ly i
• s r a nd H n n n ln g.
joined the other, "yon might vxpiet ti­
A bey ef 1? tbtoks he is too old to
tle among the namentionables. ”
run errand*, but tift. t he iv 21 and innr-
And stb-uce like a ponlti • fell.—
- rii d lie la giu« a :uin, —-Atchtsou «Kan.)
Clilciigc Tribune.
_ rt#«
25 cents.
,„,..<1. « « n J .
BIAISXI’ S « 4 m 4.1. .».Mb or l""“ - J " i
uaain mifiK FKPK
HooeFs PiSSs
Indigestion, Dizziness,
i0 f i«
ability ot all to pay.
, g
j g T h ey A t* a y s P k C 3 * .
I t is finely ¡11«
trated aud p rc sen tslb e names of faniot
authors ¡is contributors.
T bb W«
and tbo Cosmopolitan aro sold atl
^ w lr fí;£ $ (
duccd rates a t this office.
ttk »
THIS CHHONIiTAE renfcs w ith tho graatret
new»iHH»ov»< tn the U nited S ta tes.
T U E OIIRONTCI a W ha? tn»♦**«>«I t h e Paclil«
It lends a ll Iu
auU rpxlas ar.d
Report* ars
th« lataat and m«»«t reliab le, Ut- I-ooal N ew s tl.s
rutinat and Bplri.-Ht. n ru It » lriltlortals from tb s
ablest p ens in th e c^ in try .
T H E C H R O N IC t.E ban »;twrys haan. snd tJ-
way« *111 b- . the frt.n d » M eluu rp lon o f tits
p*cph». a» aftaluKt > »nibinattans, cliq ue], ror-
l-oratkiTiii, or cpiMPrivloiM a., a*»; kliuk It Will !•«
liMlep* i-b 'u t in ev ery th in g , n o i.ö a l in mMhtc-
I iF Fh®»« neuert«« ar« « -’.g H a««i
- —ry city anj . -»wn In m* Vt.h«.l ';«»•« »-7
» J • h 1’3-r dealer .1 >r« nul « • -p i mi ««r.J
¿‘jvet »o u« Or.e -,.t • 'aiript i e.etvtd 2«
► JJ Add.’CU ) cur n««m t p ji-it
j I
j* I ja lo I46W. HIH tirati, N:a Y-,k J:
Z 3
p«*N«’a or-uri :
iSp FtO ii A v e , C h ic a g o , nud f-
rS >031 Markst Si., kan Fra acuco .
“We do not take possession of our ideas but are possessed by then*
They master us and force us into the arena,
Where like gladiators, we must fight for them.”
ouch is tbo exalted motto of the Arena, and tbe
DO YOil r a f t S »NHSLE
Reversible M ap i
giios-Hn tho UsVoJ 8»at«e, 0>«ilal«a
c f C a n a d a a « J N o - f .i e - o < 3 ’x t e i
O N >>N!<! StlXtYQ.
M a p
o f
o is '
it it
n*i n ;
d ìa
W c r id
o T ir w H
ïxî .
li. d
I’tooriiU ,.
p Ch*wtMfc^
r* t i . ¿
* L
Ont reifted.
An Enuliai.-.aai. . ) Lymlagton hmi
». b'*» in a .-octinnias
r w îîe «’liv
n roo-1-
«C *'•1 *.1
♦ < n u o ta i’.» U rautici' C »lored Fl cev ?•
• a
Ilú str a les I.ate*t Ftatuuns, t a>b 3-
L f-
i n». Fancy IV «k.
" t» war’vtl for |i. a »rap m «In»" înev*ry J5
f <*.••■ «-ny
j ! j ” emt ..i » <cr a lin:« «X
* Write fur « a t nod c h er pb -
» f-
M-nl » r a n ; r . - . , i ” 1’
5 ÿ f t ü r . » THE McCALI. CO..
entire contents of this m onthly m agazine
are upon a piano and in keeping^with its
The A rena’s gallery of ^em inent
thinkers is a group ot interesting men and
M6 ' v - « : ’ « H -, New York 5
women, and their thoughts are w orthy tho
H in M .
wn? <«(t flaw 71a*» n U
W f i‘i-V » ’» r -.r i.l. f se O is T e ir ,
p osta f. y rcp û th ou
a u d pApar«
T h e C a u .e o f L a n c h te r .
E:ilu suggests tin) explr.unttcn that
taught, r is provoked by what ho call« n
iegrudatii-n, u ;.nir.g the* r e tangh
w hin v. e ail at ouei: i-enci'i-o somcltiing
dcgreMliiis. n trick-T«-. a v . - o i i » : - e r a
|» ttin , s. in some ¡>i rsr.u CTri-ju t winch
xra re n,-<-t. »sivii.,1 the i.i ivr-.iti,« of
human nature- <i-
•• r‘
i,e.. in a
l-erron cf i
tacoe r
.-.„ o
trivial ■'
\c'- -a
consideration of ad people,
Tho A rena is
sold with Tin- W est .
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