The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, December 16, 1898, Image 2

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    T H E
W E S T .
I (or
tiiis ' j g
winter, ned it may be that some io-
F ltO J I O IT . B J X T L A H O o S H E S P O N D E N T .
—e o a u u fc o c is s y prida « uonai.M.,— i The final winding wp of the war will
peeuoiotia «tates^eo who will l«e drop-
I be accomplish«! when the treaty of
ped from Uncle Sani'a pay roll at the
| peace is signed, which will 1»! very soon.
W ash , Dec. 5th, 1898.
close of the present congr ess, will also
The importance of the subject d e a lt; handle some of the Panania Canal
F lobbncb ,
L ane C ocntt ,
O beoon The Globe Democrat says:
I Spain will sign tiie treaty
E ierj with is ample excuse fur the unusual Company's money, which it is under-
demand of the United States is conceed' iengtli of President McKinley’s annual stood will be liberally spent to block
L-r e«l. The protocol stands exactly ns message to congress, the greater portion Nicaragua canal legislation. The house
jh e
raeonia Ledger:
The annual rejiort of the eomimssion-
vr of navigation is an interesting and
valuable document—unusually so at
this time, when the question cf build
ing up our American merchant marine
senate io
is | ¡»connected
with and ovwu«««...
I written.
I »• Philippines are ours, of which is alaiut the war, » the events is the W
» doubtful UW
IJ , the
» •»«? cvnint.
j only
f Their control, disposition and form of lending up to it, connected with and known to Ire overwhelmingly favorable ,0 that of the future policy regard».
government have been determined and following it, up to the acceptance of to the construction of the Nicaragua
the Philippines.
will lie American. Porto Rico is a part our terms of peace. Too general tone canal by this government. There are
Commissioner Chamberlain shows by j
Florence, Or. Dec. 1G, 189$.
of our territory, and Cuba is entirely of the message is highly com mended ; signs that the administrât
ion will use (act» and figures how the commercial j
released from Spanish sovereignty and also the handling of the more or less
i its influence njaii the house in favor of marine of Great Britain, France and
T he B boadaxe lias taken up its claim. Thus ends the war of 1898 with delicate question connected with our canal legislation.
i Germany, which has increased so rapid­
former course of finding fault with the supreme triumph on the field of battle ' acquirement of the Philippines. It
ly and which lias been a prominent
officials of this county without apparent-' and in the treaty negotiations. The irte írom rancor and 'oniiinst, al-
factor in tiie increased trade of those j
ly much regard whether its complaints I power of the people of the United States though fully re ognixing the un prece­
nations, lias been built U'i by subsidies.
are just or not. In the Inst issue Sheriff in a righteous cause lias again been den ted achieveinents of the i-otinlry ¡ti
ft does « not
an i expert
x i’ ;» i
t u v i require
t 'iu iic m
I I t to
u detect
Wliilv the United States paid last
H ith e r , and Assessor Burton were shown to the world, and more im press-i the wa with Spain. I,« dominant note the «e fiere r from kidney trouble
* wy
" ........ ....................— I
" • " c c i n o n » a iu iic y “ ir o u u ie . The year only $10,000 for this puriiose, Great
, --»»
N i f i trie«« I A n i saas u ta *i • 11 «•
n llr x .le
T l.o
........ „
singled not especially for attack. The ively than ever. It was no party
U patrio ism of t ie highest o r d e r - p s t - , hollow checks, the sunken eyes, the Britain paid in subsidies to steamboat
I ¡road a xo claims that the expenses of J faction that forced the war. The people rutliuitt
ciinli as every go
_ d i Anieiican
a -
< .
1 * A£<
»1 '
riotisui such
lark, puffy circles under tiie eyes, the j lines to the east coast of Asia alone n
tlio county assessor’s ofliee ure altogeth- decreed if. Their indignant sentiment feels, egardless i f p oitical affiliation sallow parsnip-colored complexion indi­
■ illion and a quarter dollars, and
_»r too great and says: “ The assessor of swept over all barriers. They asked and can endorse. If the sentim ent in cates it.
Germany five and a half million marks,
this county ;» allowed by law $3 per day, - that the reign of atrocity in Cuba lie cougre-s is representative of that of the
A physician would ask if you had
anil lias from the first of April to the ended and united in all the sta tes,1 country, and it usually is, the message ■ rheumatism, dull pain or aelie in the ft is no wonder, as tiie commissioner
says, tiiat tiie growing trade of the
first of September in which to do the pressed forward to fill tiie requirements will be generally commended
back over the hi|>s, stomach trouble, de- Pacific is rapidly slipping away from us,
work and in case the court think» beet i of the government. On April 23rd war
H'liile the legislation of the session o f ; Slre
,,rir>site often, or a burning or "because we have deluded ourselves in­
it may extend the time until the first, was declared : On May 1st Dewey won congress, which opened today, wil have ««»‘»«V
P »«ing it; if after passing
day of October, thus giving the assessor marvelous victory in Manila bay; on little direct connection w ith 'th e new ly ! “ *ere i . an unsatisfied feeling as if it must to the belief that the Pacific trade will
seven month« or 163 days in which to 1 July 3rd the Oervera fleet was destroy- acquired territory of the country, sever- be at o«™ repeated, or if the urine has become ours without taking ordinary
precautions to meet competition,”
perform tl.o work.” The assessor is c d ; before tl.e month was out Santiago ! »1 of tl.e regular appropriation hills no- ; a bri«k dust deposit or strong odor.
The British government pays $3.10
rllowed from April 1st to September 1st surrendered with 21,000 m en; on August tahly those for tl.e army and for the ! W lien these symptoms are present, no
nautical mile to the Canadian Puci-
to complete tiie work of calling upon 12th the protocol was signed, and
on , navy, as well as the hili for the increase ,lnle should lie lost in removing the fie gieamsliip company
the residents of the county and obtain- November 28th the Spanish peace co m -; of the regular army, will furnish* texts cause.
Tbe commissioner urges a relaxation
iog from them a list of their property missioners assented
. . . the treaty proposed, for many speeches on that subject, .and
Delay may lead to gravel, catarrh of
of our registry laws to meet the present
That however is by no means all the The war lasted 219 days,
few days the talk of senators and representatives lbe Gladder, inflammation, causing stop- ¿olldiviong ¡n ,
the Pacific—this upon the
or li tuts io do in a year ns several ¡ beyond seven months.
indicates an intention to lake full' ad- i Pa«e . and sometimes requiring the draw-!
which tiie Paris andI
months are necessarily consumed in ; It has been a year of desiiny with the vantage of those texts
. . .
------ ------- Consequently ln8
Gm urine witli instruments, or
i . . . .
• 1
writing out the assessment rolls alone great republic. The clash of arms n r n ,a i , t „ .
» ,,
o • ,
" *ork Mere admitted, that Auieri-
’ '"'■‘-'»»"O'lirnifl car- the debates of the present session are 1 ,nay run 'Mo Bright’s Disease, the most
can vessels be built equal to those
to say nothing of the other work be- ried our flag to victory on opposite sides expected to be unusually lively and in- dangerous stage of kidney trouble,
longing to that office. Mr Burton is an j of the world. Much happened that was ! teresting.
Dr Kilm er’s Swamp-Root, the great
If the United States coasting régula- [
efficient officer mid has placed on not foreseen. It is always so in war, for
There is a disposition among piombi j discovery of the eminent kidney and tions are applied to commerce between !
the assessment rolls much property "war legislates.’’ Our fleet struck the
' ' ent republican senators to tight shy of I la d d e r specialist, is a positive remedy tb
is country and the Philippines, as it
that liad previously eacapeil taxation enemy wherever lie could be found and
committing themselves cither for or I for such disease. Its reputation is will be to that of Hawaii and Porto!
and the Broaduxe is unreasonable ill our soldiers fought under tropical storms
against holding an early spring extra is
Rico, mudi will be gained. What Com- f
asking him or any other man to do the I in tiie trendies of Santiago and Manila,
session of c ngress, to consider financial easy to get at any drug store that no miesioner Chamberlain says of tiie trade (
work of that olfice in any such length of separated l.y half the circumference of
! legislation, regardless of whether failure one need suffer any iengtli of time for
time. It the editor of the Broudaxe j the world. Their valor led invarablv
of Hawaii applies equally to the Philip­
j of the pre.- f nt suasion to pass all the i want of it.
II) Dress Goods and Dress
Full line of Lt d os, Geuts
should attempt to do all the work o f ; to the same result. Wo lost many he-!
However, if you prefer to first test its
legislation actually necessary makes an
Almost the entire value of the annex­
the assessor of banc county for the roes by bullets, but, not ono prnoner
Children’s underwear. |
exira session imperative. Senator Alli- wonderful merit«, mention T he W est
ation of Hawaii to tiie developement of
entire year according to law between nor a (lag. We never gave an incli of
Serges, Cashmeres, Henrietta, J
In Fancy Articles can be
i son was asked plainly whether lie was j and write to Dr Kilmer & Co., Bing-
j American navigation in the Pacific is in-
April 1st and Octo'ier 1st wo venture to ground. From first to last it wns a war
in favor of an extra session to consider bamton* Y for a sample bottle telling
Ladies Cloth, Suitings Water-
found Fascinators, Child’s s I
! volved in treating the islands as an ex­
say lie would stretch the time even in which only the work "forward” was
financial legislation, but he adroitly i 1,11 aboul *l> 1,0111 su,lt absolutely free by
tension of our boundaries, bringing us
more than he did in saying there are heard. The armies of the enemies e n - ! declined
* Hoods,
to commit
him self and mail.
Wittens, í
; from 1,500 »o 2,000 miles nearer the
seven months of time between those counlered were as large as our own lin t !
, -
answered the question by sa y in g: "The I
markets of Asia and Australia,
the indomitable American spirit drove
. .
president must decide whether or not CANADA’S TRADE WITH THE UNITED
Equal in importance to the Nicaragua ; | Gimps, Velvets, Silks, Satins
then from intrenched positions and
binet, Hosiery,
YTrsuLk*««r 7 Ladies qjjd
S aid an em inent divine: Your pa-
the new congress shall s|>eedily assem­
canal, this subject should receive early
j compelled them to suFFender. This is
j>er telle you when to go to church, to
ble; we have nothing to do with the
. congress,
. ... .....-
. *
ETC., in all Shades.
Gents’ Neckwear ETC.
attention by
and some ....
the record that will go into history of
county court and probate court and
question.” He wns also avers«* to e x ­ Xew York "Commercial Advertiser:"
! tlio rising of a great nation to rescue a
when to send your children to school.
pressing an opinion, saying when asked ' Onmida’s preferential tariff is not i ' l l 11
t l A Ik lftM i . . . . .
can goods I in
American vessels, and « the
| ncighlairing people from exterm ination.
It tells you who is marriu I nod who is
to do so: "So many tilings may happen working exactly to the satisfaction of
Spain would not free its colonies on
«lead, who is born, and many oilier
in tiie next three months that a predie- | its ingenious framers. The intention
j any terms nor consent to intervention
things you would like to know. It calls
tion nt this time regarding an extra of this law was to encourage imports
! in their behalf. It prefered war to giv-
attention to the public enterprise and
session must be nccissarily bused upon | from Greut Britain at the expense of
oilier- t|le
n Ulere8t . speculation
, .
i imports from the United States, but it
. freedom . to Cuba by
j sale
»«c or umcr
mlvocatc the bust schools, of law and
j wise, rhe island accordingly has been
seems to operate pretty much the oilier
order in town. It records the tnarriggc
Secretary Alger says, in his annual
At their meeting last Saturday even­
wrested from it and it must part also
; way. During August last, the first
of your daughter, the death of your son
ing tiie Masonic Lodge of Florence1
report, in favor of bis recommendation
with its main possessions in the Pacific.
month that the full 25 per cent, prefer elected the following officers to serve for 1
and tiie illness of your wife freeof charge.
that it be provided in tiie legislation for
If this is hard the choice between pence
ential rate took effect, the total value lbe coming year:
It ecte forth the advantage and attrac­
increasing the regular army t> 103,000
and war was made by Spain itself and
E W Cobh, \V M ; R B Mills, S W • j
of principal articles exported to Canada
tion of your town and Invites immigra­
men, that natives of islands occupied by
Tl.os Steear, J VV; J I Butterfield, Sec ;'
it well knows the limits of defeat are not
tion, and is first to welcome new
our troops may be en listed : “These
set by the looser. In all the new and
August, 1896, before any preferential T r u ^ J -'o e o B Camp'“» D ^ J ^ A " m "-’
comers. Yet in spite of all these and
men are acclimated, understand the
unautieipited questions involved th e,
rate was established; while tiie exports I.eod, J D; A Brund and \V \ Cox
nutnerois other lienefits, some people
language and habits of their country­
United Suites has risen to tlio occasion. !
from the United States into Canada 8,ewnrds; S J Brund, Tyler.
° X’
■ay heme papers are not half as good I
men, and their enlistm ent will not only j
It lias lived up to Dewey’s victory and '
aa eity paper«, that they have no in-1
to a rightful future share in the coin- i give them employment, but also have
gust two years ago. More significant will be held on Tuesday Dec. 27th.
terest in their business or success. I
the tendency io enable the government
jn e n e of the Pacific. The islands
still, the increase in exports from this
The borne ps|«*rs are like the home I
to get into closer touch with their peo­
T he editor of the
j taken from Spain were in any case lost
country was, in many cases, in inanu-
Newport, (Vt.)
church—to often neglected by those
ple than it would otherwise be able to
is a pronounced sceptic on
to that country. They would have been
faetured goods.
It only illustrates
who are benefited by it.
! sold or otherwise transferee! to European j do. Tiiis would also relieve ( our own anew that the flow of foreign trade
the hatchery question, and lie does not
! men Iro n to n in g in those climates to a something Canada eniinot control with- liesllate 10 8Pc«k up in meeting, p.
low ers if we had released them. Our j
T ub P ai ' itc Lumber Trade Journal,
large extent, and [would, Ifmoreover,
demand for their possession was wholly
out seriously injuring her own people. tiral experience I,as demonstrated, bow-
an authority on lumbering says1. " T h e
enable the volunteers to be mustered
logical, and, in fact, a necessity >of the
Canadians will buy foreign goods and ever that the artifieal propagation of
prospects for next year in the Inmlier
out of service and return to the avoca­
1 situation. The great majority of the
products where they can obtain them fish lias been successful. Nature lias
trade of the Pacific coast never looked ' iieople approve of it and time will show tions of civil life.” That last sentence
cheapest, and in production of many of " Ot n' i,Je 9uel' Provi8ion for the c
brighter than they do at tiiis writing.
will do more to hurry army legislation such things tiie United States has an 1,10 youn8 fish l,|at more than 5 are of
that they were well placed w hen they fell
5 to 10
Copious rains have fallen in California,
than any other one tiling. Every sena­
■ into tlio ban la of the nearest enlighten-
advantage more than equivalent to the
CC"1 oi a fc’iven natural brood
assuring a lioiiiiteous crop of cereals; fir
tor and representative is besieged witli 9-
15 per cent, advantage in duties Canada l>e 8aVed’ wlierea8 it has been shown
1 cd government. Great consequences
priers have advanced in San Francisco; i
requests to get this or that regiment of
gives British imports. Tiiis advantage n?POf’te,1|y that at least 75 per cent of
will flow from our just an.l triumphant
the redwood men are obtaining better
volunteers mustered out, and they all will grow greater ns the United States l,l08e having artificial
war with Spain. All honor to the p c o -'
care are preser-
returns for their Imnlier than formerly
j pie, the administration, the army and know that no considerable number of improves in industrial organization and ve,)— F’iiAi'nj; Gasetle.
and storks of lunihe.* of nearly all kinds
the volunteers will I k * ordered mustered
the navy.
better utilizes its natural resources.
are from 25 to 33 per cent, lower than
out until congress provides for the en ­
| S ome free silver papers are claim-
ono year ago. With all these good
listm ent of regulars to take their
T ‘' T
',a9 gained
vi“ <>ry
T hu C obvaujs O azbttk savs the
from the decision of a Michigan court
things t' e mill men of northern Califor­
pla«*es. It is Iwlieved that this peculiar
school 'aw should lie so amended that
nia ai d tl e Pacific m rdiweat and the
situation will keep men quiet who other­
P R O P R IF T C »
The war I a*tween Spain and tiie U nit- We do not ° H
f " l<!!Wl ten',er’
the Il eal year would end June 39th ¡n-
dealers in central and southern Cali­
wise biltcyly oppose the bill providing
8Ce bo"' it haagained anything
, stead of Mareii 1st. Unless an act was
ed States formally came to an end last that it did not previously hav,
fornia have reason (or rejoicing.”
for the increase of the regular army
passed changing the time for holding the
e as the
Senator Hale sees nothing but trouble “ atllr,laT c ' e|'iog w hen the treaty of law plainly says that eilvi
or dollars are
No, B rother A mi «, we are not o x - ' annual school meeting, the term of office
and expense in the annexation of the peace was signet! by the commissioners legal tender for any
ercised in the lensi atioiit your article ol lbo directors would expire during
of Spain and America.
Philippines, and declares his intention
people do not know that
representing that there are no populists ,be
J”’«’’ and the election of a new
to tight tiie ratification of tiie treaty of ‘ Two copies of the treaty were mmle difference in respect’ between silver
among Sheriff Withers’ deputies. But ’brector might often change the plans of
and signed one copy being for the arcli- dollar:
peace to the full extent of his ability,
and fractional currency.
an editor is expected to be able to un t be hoard. In ca se one director was
regardless of what other senators may ives of each nation. Each copy con-
swer any question that may lie asked ,,PP,”,,,'I 1° lbe « ishes of the other two,
do. H ale’s pictures of the calamities tains the English and Spanish text in
and as we k ow some poop e culling 1 be fHirement of ono ol these and the
parallel columns.
likely to follow the ratification of the
them selves populism who hold opinion« ’’b^boti **f another holding the same
Now that the treaty is signed the
treaty of peace would be truly awful if
at variance witli what you expressed in opinion as the former minority mumtier
will be oblige«! soon to take
lie could make everbody see through his
Deficient Blood Causes Lose of
your article, we asked for information , ol tiie lioard, might result in such
to the restoration of the
change, being made na would «li.troy V ” « ” »
" ° l bee" for8° ,,en
A|»p«tlt* and Final Broak D o w n -
as to who is to decide whether a man is i
necessary to
Hood's Sarsa.varMia Cures.
1 • tiiat Mr Hale drew some very weird diplomatic* machinery
popnlist or not. Form your answer how- ,bc work of the former board, w hile
“ I lost my appetite and about all I nTed
picture* of what would happen to thia friendly relations with Spain. It is not
ever yon are as ready to make an ,,t‘1*b*y the old nor the new board could >
on waa iced lemonade. My .trength w „
country if it dared to make war on customary at tiie close of war between *11
gone. I was ao weak I could hardly
atte upt at ilnlging now as you were *’•' bebl r,'8l'onail>le lor the transactions
two nations to send the former minister
croaa the floor. At last I w a. taken very
before your rest of the last two years,
ol the year. If the time of beginning I Spain, w hich were a long ways from
what actually did happen; Ihetefore his to represent ono country nt the capital 8*ck One physician told me m , blood
<he school year was July 1st instead of
of the other.
*?d h# ***• “ * medie‘oe but
A n exchamok proposes a change in March 1st it would cause inconvenience doleful talk isn ’t fetching any tears of
It did not help me. I had orettv
lost all faith in medteinea, but t h o u g h I
the law that would niHke it the duty of in the country districts which usually
T1*e San Francisco Examiner and the would get one bottle of Hood's Sara«™,,
probability of Nicaragua canal W est for one
the county treasurer Io collect nil taxes, have their school open «luring I he spring
vear <2.50 paid
a«l- rtll. and try It. After taking that b o £ e
legislation is going to I«
he a g.tod thing vanee.
I w a. much better, and .o I go, two mor, (
This would divide the work more evenly and summer or early autumn,
w ith
between the sheriff and treai-urer and ihe school vear commencing in the
W A K T X n K V K R Y V Ilr R P
fo r " T l
,OW ° '
1 keP‘
l'h lii|i|iin i.,'■ | „ M i i n i l
we believe would be a better way than spring, the board can then make tl.cir Il I . I « • « l o t ) of Ih r hy
the <ioi,.rnin<-ul »>
A TERM of school should be el .iS«*«l Hood a barsaparill. until I had used tZ
•ai, l«l I I I , I,.rim i to the W«r l>« p«rinieiii. Tlo*
the present arrangement. The treasur­ arrangements at once for tlio entire >>>ok
b° t,leX 11 h*’ don<‘ un"t**kable
Wii, w ritten In arm y campa at «an Emu- with some kin«! of dt-nioustration.
All «ood to me and I w i,h all my sufterina
m u . on iha HaeiSe w ith tlenrn>l M e n iti, lu
er is the custodian of tlio county funds summer,
WOrl< I’"’-'«’ " ’ ‘« « r J « sort of climax sisters would try it.” Mas. A EvFnar J
OA|- E OR exchange
W e d d e r b u r n .l^ n .
and should be the collector.
» . ' " m
H a m i ^ m i n i c . m h a r ' ¡i;;: the Kh001 not
Teach«* rs en­
W i x i ; n - n e n i i . Tai - r w o n r m ri:a«u«., is ......... i — .. ... .
A hooae and lot
t i l l , , l « l e i o inaiiaac our Im a liip ., m ih m own '«aule , at
Honanra for asema joy best eu iiess wl.o work to a final
, the
, fa
. ll . o l —r----
• --------
in G ím ala. The
Hin! Iiearh« eeiiiiile». I l I , m u I n ly nfltec » m k u
H i i n f i l l o f iirlalu a l piet ure, taken by anvrn«
We h s re made arrangements hy
house i» ¡o bT 21 fept
T ue rvai.ic echo >ls of Eugene have I eiuiilu *ted at hume «alary - i r a l u h l p a n a H
l 'III l.hi «l.kaaoal.h.»» .... .
noi"! « l c r e in e h .il culm inate t l , . b « t „ u s . ^ , „ ^ tbe
»nJ one atopy rnd
v aa ra m l expenaea -le fln ile . hnnaKile. no ni.ire
co un n«et Isruing a m onthly magszinc no la « saler«. M onthly f ; a Iti letvii«-«, Kn U i X ^ A f c
“* * • ’ of t , e P -P i''. teacher, patrons
fo «» dm «ta. Pr,w „
Also i eood woodabed Orego, « « will furnish the Weekly
i'lum* self adiln">a»,l ,|aniiH«i eni elope. Herb,
MtlleJ tl.e Eugene Tubile Mciiiw! News. g n i P i v » i . Pepi, af, i h lc a s u .
°n pre , ¡W i por
¡»n with thp W rat for ons vest
liuumuce » a« , chicaso.
,tn«l all con cern ed .-.’? 5 Juunial,
Rrticnlar ’o any address for the sum of fwo do!
Hood's P ilb
'" W éc „
oS„ ,
‘»rs, payable cash ia aJvauce.
E d ito r
P roprietor.
With Seasonable Goods, and as usual of
first class quality. “OUR AIM:’’ to Sell
l a u c
First Class Articles at Most Reasonable
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Auction Goods of any kind.
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are Hats and Caps, Boots and
Shoes, Oiled Clothing and
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(,0. tF\i¿*. if'-
P V lÄ R j
sörejsi V e
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y^yaniliill ¿I
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