The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, October 07, 1898, Image 3

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    t h e
w e st
R ag al w l m
th e senatorial v o t e .
tb a 1— 4 p a n .
G R E E N L E A F IT E M S .
w b cilM o n * i a 4 <
^ P U B L IS H E D
M O B K IN Q -
« • p a r a t e U a llu t T a b e a In B o th H o u se « .
k ST
C o r b e tt L ack « T e n V otes.
—F lokexcb , L ane C ounty , O regon .—-
B itli houses
• • -
• - •
„___T humb : |1.50 a year in advance.-----
Entered at the pout-office at Florence,
[jine county, Oregon, us second-clans
mail matter.
Local notice« 8 cent« per line, each Insertion
7, 1898.
^ E U G E N E
To Buy
0------ o f ------- 0
Take a look at A O Funke’s stock of
At Prosper, on the Coquille river, the
seines are making catches of from 1000
to 1500 salmon to the haul.
The Lillian was beached Monday at
high tide to give an opportunity for
Supply tightening the propeller which was
loose on the shaft.
The mall carrier informs us that the
first of this week there were three
vessels in the Umpqua ready to go to
sea with loads of lumber.
The first mail from Eugene to arrive
here since Monday was brought from
head of tide yesterdav. In wns brought
in from Eugene by Bangs’ stage.
And don't forget that you can get
Lost—Monday afternoon
Glenada and Geo Shulls'» place, a
the best goods for th e -----
Indy’s cape—Finder will plence return
tiie same to Geo Shultz.
J R Cleaves the well known jeweller
has been at work in Florence for a lew
days and will remain about a week yet.
He can he found at his old placo in
★ Y O R A N & S O N , ★ Meyer
A Kyle’s store.
The Shoe Dealers,
W E S T L .IN G S .
G C Cumpton lout a fine cow a few
0 W Hurd shipped some of his cream­
ery products on the Long.
The Wisdom boys of Point Terrace
Lilted two large bears last week.
The sides of the new vessel will all be
planked up as high ns the deck today.
Mrs A Sluilte who has been very sick
fora couple of weeks is now on the gain.
Hood’s Pills are eary to take, easy to
operate. Cure indigestion, sicK head­
The Glenada school bell is now heard
calling the children to their lessons as
ol old.
Miss Ertella Bean of Mapleton is
contemplating a trip to California in the
near future.
Finesalmon trolling at head of tide.
Capt Steear caught five in about an hour
last Sunday.
The mechanical hall at the slate
agricultural college at Corvallis was
burned last week.
M Xoffsinger and family have moved
into the Hadsull house and are now
residents of Florence.
Paul Bollman a eon of J W Bollman
of Elmira died nt Corvallis Sept 29th of
pneumonia. He was about 21 years
Guard: L I. Marsters lias sold the
Minnesota Hotel to Al Montgomery of
Mohawk, who will continue the busi­
O for n bridge over Daaiiwuod creek !
George Hale bought n band of calves
on Deadwood creek the other day.
Martin Olson ol Deadwood lias been
buying I eef cattle and driving them Io
Mr Wilkey, who bought the Joe
Wldsmnn place, bus moved on it with
his family.
J U S senator Tuesday. The result show­
ed that iio I mh I v had a majority in either
7 ^ ^
j house. In tiie senate the vole was os
In order to reduco my stock of good»
1 follows:
The Ablest and Most Successful
between now and Jan. 1st, 1899, I have
Specialists in the World.
George....................................................... ....
reduced the price of alPgocd« to CCfcT
Your Own Home, and allow you to
• Eakin....................................
ill and a small per cent to cover expense«
Mr and Mrs Lucas Wheeler of Eugene pay when cured.
H ew itt........................................................ 1
■ W illiams.................................................... 1 paid a week’s visit to tlu ir ranch on
during the sale.
Nelson creek.
1 C otton........................................................ ]
Granville Lundy of Alpha took bis
Total................................................ 30 wife to Eugene for medical treatment
The following is the vote of the house. last week. Her health is very pocr.
Thousands of promising young men
‘rior to sawing lumber with a straight have their lives and future usefulness
Corbett........................., ............................ 23
George.........................................................10 saw, Frank I’otterf of Alpha lias been ' ¡ wrecked l.v INDISCRETION AND
Those goods are mostly new, bought
W illiams.......................................................4 running a circular wuoJ saw with bis ï 1 PRIVATE DISEASES. Tiie symptoms
for the Fall and Winter trade, and will
until cured, are portray*! on tiie coun­
Eakin....... .................................................. 3
Seth Simmons, witli his son and 1 tenance and in tiie actions of the vic­
bo sold without reserve. It is tlio largest
D u n n e... .................................................. 1 daughter, will remain on the Luke creek tim. If neglected or improperly treat­
E llis............................................................ 1 homestead for the present.
ed, other organs become affected, and
stock carried for many years thus giv­
Emil Robert's little fruit dryer lias sooner or later there are serious results.
ing a great variety to select irom
Total.................................................60 run full time this year. When Emil Our New Method Treatment will posi­
This gives Corbett a total of 3« while didn’t run it Mr laimli dried on shares. tively cure these diseases.
40 are required for an election. The
Herman Steinhauer spent the most of
first joint vote will be taken tomorrow.
thousands of you who have committed
a month’s time nursing hack to health
Both of Lane county senators and
offences against tiie laws of your na­
his cow which was found at C C Evan’s
ture, and are now paying up for it.
Representatives Brattain and McQueen
place with a terrible ax-wound in her
Those weak, aching backs, l-ossof Sex­
voted for M C George while Represen­
hack. He wants Evans to pay damages
ual Power, Failing or Lost V itality,
tative Gray voted for Bennett.
and the latter refuses.
Frequent nnd Painful evacuations of
The W est has for sale one years' tiie Bladder accompanied by more or
tuition in the Holmes Business College less smarting and tiie escape of par­
Senator Reed has introduced a bill of Portland. This is one of the leading ticles of albumen in the urine with
into the legislature extending the open business colleges on the coast, having ropy sediment, all point to the decline R a n g in g in clo th from $ 1 .5 0 up. P lu s h ca p ea fro m $ 2 .5 0 upu
season for fishing on coast streams and English, Commercial, Shorthand and of your manhood. There are hundreds
C otton b la n k e ts at 50c, 65c, 75c, 81.00, and 81.25 p er pair.
it will probably be passed at the present Telegraphic departments and we offer who die of this difficulty, ignorant of
session. The provisions of the bill are this tuition on casv terms.
'Wool “ from 82.00 to 88.00 per pair; mo«tiy saiem m«uu(«ctura
tiie cause. Tiie doctors will guarantee
as follows.
a perfect cure in all such cases, and
C alicoes at 20, 25, and 30 y d s ., for 81.00. N e w e s t s t y le s
Section 1, That section 2 of an act to
healthy restoration of theG enito Urin­
amend sections 3 and 6 of an act entitled
ary Organs.
C hicago L. I ,, m u slin 5c, Cabot W . 6c, Cabot A . 7c, w it h h a lf
an act to protect salmon and other food
I will buy all good shipping apples
READER- -Are you in trouhloT
cen t red u ction b y th e bolt.
fishes in the state of Oregon, and upon offered this fall. Parties having any Have you been treated and never cured 7
all waters whleh the state lias concur­ either write uie or call at Acme.
You dare not risk a return of the dis­
I B C ushman .
rent jurisdiction, and to repeal sections
ease. It may appear when happy in
3489, 3490, 3491, »492, 3493, 3494 , 3495,
Inmestio life. Our New Method
3496, 3497, and 8498 of Hill,s annotated NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Treatment is your refuge. If diseased,
laws of Oregon, filed in the office of the
consult us confidentially.
Men’s and Boys’ clothing at prices
secretary of state February 22, 1893, be
Land Office at Roseburg. Oregon,
WRITE (enclosing stamps for reply)
September 17, 1898.
be amended to read as follows:
will astonish you. This is an op­
Notice is hereby given that the following-
Section 2. It shall not be lawful for named settler has tiled notice of bis intention Voice.” Sent free. All letters kept
any person or persons to take or fish for to make final proof in support of ids claim, and strictly private ami confidential. All
portunity to procure your winter »up-
salmon in the waters of the Nehalem,j that said proof will be made before C. II. Hol­ answers sent
plain sealed envolope.
plies practically for cost. Remember
Tillamook, Nestitcca, Salmon, Siletz, den, U. 8. Commissioner at Luke Precinct, j No C. O. D. business.
Yaquina, Alsea, Siuslaw, Umpqua, Coos j Douglas Co., Oregon, on October 29, 1898, viz:
tiie place and call.
Samuel R. Lowe, on h. e. no. 90-56 for the lot 2
hay, Coquille, Sixes, Elk, Cheteo, Rogue sec G; lot 5 sec. 5; tp. 20 a., r. 11 west and
Consultation by Mail Absolutely Free.
river, Windchuck, or any of their tribut­ se’4. sec.31; tp. 19 a., r. 11 west.
aries, from the twentieth day of No­ He names the following witnesses to prove !
vember until the twentieth day of his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, viz:
December, or between the fifteenth day 8. B. Colvin, B. F. Wilkes and Darius Vander-
Remember we carry a general assort­
of April and the first day of June.
burg of I«ake Precinct, Ore., and J. L. Furnish of
a u n d e r s & Co-.
Section 3. In as much as the present
ment of Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and
69 Sproat St., Detroit, M id i.
J. T. B ridors ,
law is ineffective for the purposes for
' Shoes, Hats and Caps, Gent’s, Ladies’ j
which it was intended, this act shall
and Children’s Underwear, Hosiery and i
take effect from and after its approval by
the governor.
Lost ManhaoQ Ristorai.
advbbtisiso baths mads known on A P ­
lialloled separately
Be Cerei) et
Help is wanted when the nerves l>e-
come weak and the appetite fails. Hood's
Sarsaparilla gives help by making the
blood rich, pure and nourishing. Get
only Hood's.
The steamers Arcadia, Alliance, Na­
tional City and Empire and also two
schooners, after being bar bound a week
at Coos hay, cleared that port and sailed
for San Francisco Sunday.
The Myrtle Point mail stage was
robbed by two men last Sunday and as
no registered packages bad Itccn carried
for a long time on account of bad roads
it is supposed they made a good haul.
No arrests have as yet been reported.
Roeebnrg Review: Senator A W
Reed sent 2000 young rainbow trout to
C L Hadley yesterday. They were
placed in Deer creek where it is Itclieved
they will thrive and furnish abundant
sport for local fishermen.
A great mining excitment has been
aroused at Medford, Oregon over a
strike made in the Siskiyou mountains.
William Angle ami Jordan Brown nre
the discoverers and have taken out 00
pounds of gold dust in about two weeks.
Aliout 25 couples attended the dance
in the Odd Fellows’ building Saturday
evening. Music was furnished by
Marion Morris with the violin and Mrs
Carnes with the organ. The Lillian
made a trip to head of tide and back
Saturday afternoon and again Sunday
to accommodate those wishing to attend
the dance. A One lunch was furnished
by John Tanner at bis resturant.
There is more catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was sup|>O8ed to be incurable. For
a great many years doctors pronounced
it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, ami by constantly Isiling to
cure with local treatment, pronounced
it incurable. Science has proven ca­
tarrh to be a constitutional disease, and
therefore requires constitutional treat­
ment. Hall’s catarrh cure manufactur­
ed by F J Cheney A Co, Toledo, Ohio, is
the only constitutional cure on the
market. It ¡a taken internally In doses
from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts
directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the Bystem. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it fails to
cure. Send for circulars and testimoni­
The schooner Long was towed down
the river yesterday by the Lillian. Her
cargo consisted of butter, cheese, apples
and lumber.
The Benedict pile driver lias been at
work for a few days nbove Rose Hill
cannery pulling boom timber from the
hillside into the water.
An iron railing lias been placed on the
roof of the engine bouse and cabin of the
Florence reaching from the pilot house
to the after part of the cabin.
The store of W W Chessman of
Springfield was broken into one night
last week. About |6 in money, a watch als. Address.
and some cutlery were taken.
F J Cheney A Co, Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
The Eugene mail due at Mapleton
Hall’s Family Pills are the best.
Saturday evening did not arrive till
A party who came np from Marshfield
Sunday evening being delayed at Beech­
er, a rock having fallen through a this week is our authority for the fed ow­
ing • The Marshfield and Coquille stage
bridge at that place.
„ „ d a rn n a w a y a few days ago w id e
So far as we have heard Marion Mor­
tis has made the biggest catch for one loading the mail nt Marshfield. A te
aiglet on tiie river this season. He running a short distance the horses left
delivered 260 salmon at the cannery the road jumping from it down o a
Wednesday morning the result of one marsh containing numerous ditches.
After shaking things up by making the
nights fishing.
circle of the marsh several tunes, and
Guard: A box of Tallm an’s Imperial jumping over an elevated sidewalk or
apples are displayed in Coolidge’s show two they stopped and allowed .hem-
window. They were originated and selves to be caught after breaking he
raised by Mr Tallman on his Siuslaw wagon all to pieces. There were no
farm and are excellent apples. One lives lost but several persons had nar­
curious thing aliout them is that they
row escapes.
are devoid of seeds.
Considerable has lieen said about Sen­
ator I D Driver’s remurk on the floor of
the senate the other day, when some
member facetiously introduced a resolu­
tion that copies of the session laws of
1897 be furnished for the use of the
senate. Rev Mr Driver said they
would have to go to hell to get the
cession laws of that year. There is a
fine bit of repartee connected with the
incident, which li a s not heretofore been
published. One of Mr Corbett’s sup­
porters approached Rev Driver and
said they had decided to send him and
Senator Reed after the session laws
Land Office nt Roseburg, Oregon.
referred to. Mr Driver retorted, “ That
August 29, 1896.
it was a wise suggestion, for If any Notice is hereby given that;tl»e following-named
to make
niemlier from your side should be sent,
final proof in support of his claim, and that
he would never return."
«Mid proof will be made before Joel Ware, U. 8.
Commissioner at Eugene. Oregon, on October
15, 1898 viz: Roger M. Allen on h. e. no. 7304 for
the w}< aw*4, sec. 28:
sec. 29; tp. 18 a.,
r. 10 west.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said laud, viz:
Frank Sweet, Wallace Sweet, Charles Ander
son and George Allen all of Point Terrace,
J T B ridors ,
While we were wishing for news
items this week ami after onr foreman
had been veiling liimeelf hoarse In call­
ing for copy we opened the single letter
that constituted our share of the con­
tents of Wednesday's mall and were
gratifieil to find the following which
pacified things for a few minutes as it
kept the foreman in copy for a time:
Born—At Minerva, Oregon, Oct, 3rd, NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION
1898 to Mr and Mrs L 0 Ackerly a
daughter, weight 8>i pounds. All do­
Lend Office, at Roseburg, Oregon.
September 7, 1898.
ing well.
IJ O O D ’S Sarsaparilla is the One
™ True Blood I’urifier, Great N erve
Tonic, Stomach Regulator. To thou­
sands its groat merit Is KNOW^M.
S A L M O N P L E N T IF U L .
The run of fish in the river this week
beats anything of the kind for a number
of years past. Wednesday morning
several fisherman came in with over
200 salmon to the boat. When the
Mink arrived from head of tide she
brought 2100 mote from tiie up river
fishermen. This blocked the cannery
and it was found necessary to send out
word that on account of tiie lame
number on hand no fish would be
received at the cannery on Thursday
except those caught in drift nets.
Notice Is hereby given that the following-
named settler ban filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of bis claim, and
that said proof will be made before C. II. Hol­
den U. 8. Commissioner, at Florence, Oregon on
October22, 1898, viz: Lewis Betters on h. e. no.
7357 for the sw*4 se‘4 sec. 28; n’$ ne% and ne*<
»iw‘4 , a*e. 33; tp. 17 s.. r. 10 W
He names the following witnesses to prove ;
his continuous residence upon and cultivation ,
of Fold land, viz:
W. W Neely, A. P. Walker, and T. J. Neely .
of Mapleton, Oregon and Andrew Brund of
Florence, Oregon.
J. T B R ID 3 R S ,
This sale for
Hail Orders Promptly Filled at Same
Price as if You Bought in Person.
GDAMPION EVAPORATOR. S cien tific A m erican.
None who are engagud in any o f the mechanical
pursuits can succood without reading and
studying this standard Magazine o f Sciences
and mechanical Arts.
It is illustrated with
all modern cuts of latest inventions in all
the branches of mechanism, and its fund o f
Peaches, Pears,
knowledge is inseparably connected with in­
Prunes, Berries,
ventors and mechanics.
Sold with T ub
AV mt at clubbing rates.
» —
This monthly magazine is one o f the very
best printed in this country, nnd is sold
to all subscribers at rates within the
W .1 K TE I>— 8 R V «R A L TR U S T W O R T H Y PRR8OK8 IN
thin state to manage our bu«IneM In their own
and nearby counties. It is roainlv office work
conducted at home Salary straight $'-**» a
year and expense*—definite, bonaflde, no more
noleee aelarv. Monthly $75. References. En­
close self nd<ire*aed *tam|**l envelope, Herbert
E. He**. Brent.. Dcpt. M, Chicago.
Why don’t you
A Schilling & Company San Francisco
Notions all
CASH only.
Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon.
September 17, 1898.
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of Ids intention
to make final proof in support of hi-t claim and
that said proof will be made before C. H. Hol­
den U. 8. Commissioner at Florence. Oregon,
on November 5, 1898, viz: Noah P. Robinson
on h. e. no. 6262 for the ne% nc’ L ne,l4
sec. 18; 8*4 nwJ4 sec. 17; tp. 18 s., r. 11 west.
He names the following witnesses to prove
ids continuous residence upon and cultivation
of. said laud, viz:
Samuel Seymour, John Hewett, Frank Sweet
and Fred Hewett all of Acme, Oregon.
J. T. B ridoes ,
ability of all to pay.
It is finely illu s
trated and presents the names of famous
authors as (contributors.
T a x W kst
anil the Cosmopolitan are sold at re­
t N f
t 1» t
duced rates at this office.|*
Dries (or SO cts., per T oil
............ - * ( > * - —
**Ws do not take pozseszion of onr ideas but are posaeiisd by them
They master ns and force ns into the arena.
Where like gladiators, we must fight for them."
finch is the exalted mgtto of the Arena, and the
$ 3 6
$1Q 5.
entire contents of this monthly magazine
is J
are upon a plane and in keeping with its
W r ite
C ir c u la r
J. H . M O N T E IT H
The Arena’s gallery of eminent
thinkers is a group oi interesting men and
women, and their thoughts are worthy the
consideration of ail people.
sold with Tor W on,
The Arona is
• »