The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, May 28, 1897, Image 4

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W hat
W ilt in g I p a T error.
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T h in k s l i e K u n w i A b o u t H e »
a n d H 'o iu e a .
You will find ono coupon
lusUlo each two ouuco Lag
aud two coupons inside each
four ounce bugof Blackwell’s
Durham. Buy a bag o f this
celebrated tobacco and read
the coupon—which gives a
list of valuable presents and
how to get them.
O’j the plnif, rm of ihe passenger sta­
When a woman wants to brag toother
tion lay a man nt full length and asleep women, she says it ’i such an awful bore
1 m » m I > | R e M iu b la u c e l a Face* t o th e in the noonday sun, and sitting beside to keep a bankbook.
him and using an old hat for n fan was
A b o r ig in a l T ypo
A « la d y o f H e a d .,
The most fatal kind of heart failure
his comrade. The man asleep hod a
W it h E sp e c ia l A tte n tio n to th e K rai-
rusty o!J revolver lying on his breast, is Ihe kind people don’t die of.
«Leut« o f P en n sy lv a n ia .
Women have such queer ideas about
and in one hand was clinched a home
* It ¡« an extraordinary question in an­ made bowio knife. The station agent, literature because they think in dialect.
No man who likes to listen to his lit-
thropological science which has been who hail been up town on business, re­
propounded popularly of late. The in­ turn ¡1 anil demanded of the oueawake; lie child when she says her prayers can
“ Come, now, but what ore you fel­ be wholly irreligious.
fluence of environment upon tho race
When a woman «ays, “ That’s just like
resident in the United States must in lers «loin around here?”
"Hush, man, hush!” was the whis­ hr !” you may know she’s tickled to
the course of four centuries produce cer­
tain marked and undeniable physical pering rep?/. "If yon wake him all of hear it.
A girl never thinks th t the man she
ivsulrs. It is not generally oeknowledg- a sudden, some ono is sure to be killed.
m irries is going to be the kind to wear
<-d by American anthropologists that For heaven’s sake, speak lower!”
his old eoat around tho house.
there is a tendency of reversion to tho
"Red Hoss Jim, the terror of the
When a girl gets married, all the
type indigenous to the soil. But foreign
students of race, with more perspective, plains. He's robbed more stages, slaugh­ women who don’t like her begin to
have offered interesting food for reflec­ tered more Injuns and killed more wh.te u .;teh for her bad traits to show in her
tion. A writer in the Chicago Tiines- men than any other critter in the children.
Sold With
Jieruld, commenting on the assertion of world. ”
When a woman hears that a man she •
“ What do you want here?” continued has met has done something bud, see
the French authors that on this conti­
nent the American white mao has varied the agent,- who neither lowered his w i.l never m.niit that she d.dn t expect
it all along.
toward the Indian type, offers a support­ voice nor seemed to be in four.
“S-s-g-s-li! Great lauds, but do you
Very f-w vvemen can preserve their
ing study which is curiously fascinating
court a sudden aud awful dt atk? I will respect for their husbands when they
— possibly vastly important.
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a il
First, the familiar faces of the carica­ tell you what we want. We want to git see them get rattled making a speech
in public.
turists’ creation are called in as w it­
I ABSOLUTELY GDAR ANTF.RD rure nn’ r” *'0» «onstloation. Ca«c«r»t« nr. the blent I.nnn
nesses. The liankee and the southron- Jest before l;e went to sleep Red Hoss
A chili! carries its new found happi­
L ie nnd hn»ki„.r~: nn
ffrip "r »rine.but muse raa; nntnrul results. Snm-
large and looae limbed—of these pictures Jim scz to me, see he, ‘RuLie, you keep ness to the one it loves best, a woman
U 1» «■« Hyklat fra». U . STHII.IMI UBV|FI>1 CO., eliirnrn. Cnn.. orKfir York.
nre types, even as the stout, full faced awake, nnd when the station agent to the one she hates most.
John Bull is a type fouud in another comes baek tell him (hat I don’t want
As soon as a man grig his first gray
environment. Both American favorites to shed bleed if I k n help it. If he kin hairs he begins to beast Io his wife of
English Drinking Songs.
of the cartoonist have high cheek bones pass us down Io Colfax, we ll make it the business worries he has.
The best of the English di inking songs
and usnally excellent straight noees. all right some day! if he can’t ’ ”_
The real reason why women like eats Everywhere Kitty had bought the quotation—
"Then vvhal?” asked the agent.
Those witnesses are not, of coarse, scien-1
is probably beeause they non't eft. n Browning and Tennyson, Shelley and Lang. vfere written by the dramatists of the
“ Then I won't answer fur things. track mud u.l over the floor.
sovrntfenth century, men who trolled
Bhakespearo she handled wkh great veneva
»ideally admissible. The faces given us
out their vigorous srulimeuts, linked
l>y the caricature makers are impres­ He’ll tuke It ns a personal insult, you
After a girl gels married she never Shutting, however, the tomes with a bang.
see, and once aroused I can’t hold him. ” gets off her old joke about cigar ashes
sweetly together in flowing verse, with­
sions, not testimony.
Byron she searched, and Swinburne so burn* out the smallest thought or feur of
"You are n pnir of miserable old keeping moths out ef ihe carpet.
Scientific, however, is the study of­
shocking anybody. Frankly indecorous,
fered of the Pennsylvania Germans—a trumps, and I want you to dust out of
When a girl locks so happy when she Gcsse, Austin Dobson, Stevenson, Moore.
they invite the whole wide world to
happy, thrifty, frugal people, who have here!” exclaimed Ihe agent in still gets her engagement ring, she is think­ Lcuves of each one she was futilely turning,
drink with them, to empty the brim­
been subjected to American conditions louder tones.
ing how she w ill enjoy showing it to Hopt less her search as ever before.
Heavens and earlh, man, don’t you another girl.—New Y,rk Press.
ming tunkmd passed from hand to hand
for nearly two centuries, with very lit ­
Then wearied, tearful, bho angrily flirted
und to reel heme through the frosty
tle intermingling with other races,
Out of the library—rushed she distraught.
L . s giVeit up,” tiuu she pontlngly blurted, streets, where the watcl.mau grins at
much less than the English people in
“ hor I have forgotten the lino that wo tlieir unsteady steps, and quiet sleepers,
New England or in Virginia.
awakened from dull dreams, echo with
It is true that the pervasiro and be­
drowsy sympathy the lust swelling ca
guiling Irish have intermarried some­
what with these old Pennsylvania set­
A SHOW ER IN THE VILLAGE. dome ef tlieir uproarious »on?. Where None who are engaged in any o f the mechanical
there is to public sentiment to defy ,
tlers, but in the main it is a very exclu­
This W ord P icture Som ehow A w ak en s even bacchanalian rioters and baceba-
sive, pure blooded Palatinate stock
pursuits can succeed without reading and
Data have bccu seennd relative to n
l.alian verses ecase to be defiant What
studying this standard Magazine of Sciences
large unmber of school children and to
Over m e v. hole village that stillness t timirable good temper and sincerity in
adult males from 85 to 60 years of age,
s wnu.ii only u buiiday iu summer Fletcher’s gmerous importunity 1
and mechanical Arts. It is illustrated with
and many copies of portraits of origiuul
t«,i produce. It is nearing Ihe noon
Drink today and drown all sorrow;
You shall perhaps not do it ten.o-row.
settlers. It appears thut stature ln-
hour, aud there is a glare of suulight
all modern cuts of latest inventions in all
B< st, while you have It, use your breath;
evtry w here.
< Teases and that other important gener­
There is no drinking after death.
alisations may be made, tentatively of
Tne quiet of the s'.rects seems to be
the branches of mechanism, and its fund of
Then let uh swill, boys, for our health,
course. The increase of finger reach is
iutenKiu, d as one approaches the corner
n -o drinks well loves the commonwealth.
marked, and the head measures are im ­
where tlio suiail stone church stands
knowledge is inseparably connected with in­
And he that will to bed go sober
lu lls with tho leaf, still in October.
alone, 'Ihtie is u service going on in­
"The anthropologist places consider­
side, and the lolling music of the organ
ventors and mechanics.
Sold with I hi
Upon this song successive changes
able value upon certain proportions or
fuintij Warted fir m wi.oiu reaches tne nave been si • g, until now its variatiens
relations between measures,” says the
lies ,t. u s . i tsouisido. Rows of Louses are bew, and to it we owe the
student of the subject. "Thus tlic length
withelos d blinds uud unoccupied uoor- ever popular aud utterly indefensible
of tho head and the breadth of tho hoad,
stips la, nt the eye on i tary side, aud glee reared out f< r generations by many
■when compared, give numerical expres­
down a narrow lane laar at Lanu a a lusty tavern chorus:
sion, which is called tliecephalio index.
fit hly painted bain gleams hotly iu the H p who goes to 1,,-d and goes to Led sober
To find it the length is divided into tho
u.-, tho 1, „vis
do ....v.
and i.R . in
t„ vt
c , tober,
In ice so, smut, 'in te e or lour pigeous Sull»
breadth and the result multiplied by
have llnt.iled to tho roof uud uro suu- But 1,0 Who gG s to bud and goes to bed mellow
Lives LS he ougnt to do and dies an honest
100. A head oue-hulf as wide us it is
nmg and sor.,y cooing.
long would have an index of 60; one
N, nr tho door of the chuich a horse
-Agnes Ecpplier in Atlantic.
t hree-fourths as wide as long would
and boggy stauu, and nuw and aguiu
huve an index of 76; ono as wide as it
the animal, bothered by, stamps
Solidified P etroleum .
was Jong would have an index of 100. earc to live two minits longer?" replied
and s| lashes iu me suanovv pudene un­
The claim some l,me ago set forth by
An OM Hug.
There is up race whose head is normally the man with the hat as he worked it
der hmi.
Paul d ’Huniy, a French naval officer,
So many oriental rugs are made in
so wide as to have an index of 100 or so more vigorously. “ How many limes
A dog trots lazily np the street and of having originated a process for tho
narrow as to huve one of 50. The higher must I tell you that he's the most dan­ this country that repp, si nlat veg of the stops en his way io and bark ut a successful solidification of petroleum
the index, of course, the broader uud gerous man this side of tho Rocky moun­ industry recu tly h ,1 u Inuring before fev, boliiu tl sparrow s, Ci.o of the pigeons for commercial and industrial purposes
sounder the head; the lower the index, tains? Let mo whisper in his ear that congress Io call attention to the preva­ it. l.s wr.h dignity atiess tne root, uud has been further explained by him.
the longer anil narrower the head. Ger­ yon w ill pass us down to Colfnx, aud lent practice of undervaluing imported un lh .iiis into the uir wnh a from this account, summarized in The
mans generally are notably round bend­ ho’ll wake up by degrees and be ns rugs at the custom b i ases and to ask Wo iring s1 und and disappears.
Progressive Age, it appears that heavv
This monthly magazine is one o f the
ed. Topiuard gives for some people of pleasant ns a June mornin. S-s-s-li! for u higher lin y, fk v. ral Cl:' ago cou-
The sound of the organ hand cd quite common oil has been converted by this
ceins are not only making ori mal ru. i away aim oniy the distant c.uckmg of u
Isirraiue the iadoxof 85.8. The average What are you g, in to do?”
best printed in this country, and is sold
right along, I t h e y arc also diSiUlbiuheu 'ihobuu-
index of 100 Pennsylvania Germans is
the hardest coal, burning slowly, aiv-
“I ’ll do ihe whisperiug for you, aud
81.0, which is notably less and nar­ it you get a free rido down to Colfax out lime its Moil as spuce.
light betras to huve taken on u daikci itg o ff an intense beat and snowing
to all subscribers at rates within the
"Do yon make antique rngs here, shude.
rower. The heads of our uortheru and just let me kuow, w ill you?”
not the slightest sign of melting, a ton
too?” I inquired Ihe oilier day of a
eastern Indians are still longer anil nar­
A sh..rp gust of wind sweeps up and of such fuel representing as many as 80
And the agent, w ho was nil lioue and grinning A inenian, who bad risen fn m
ability o f all to pay. It ¡8 dusly illui
rower. We cannot at prcscut make a muscle, seized the man with the hat
down tne struct und rushes thro, rh tn: ton» of coal, aud the space occupied by
further comparison with profit. What ami lifted li.m up and flung him ten a half finished piece of work.
foliage of mu bltepnig trees, 'ino spar­ oue ton of it being about tbr.e cubic,
trated and presents the names o f famous
“Oh, yes,” he said, showing bis rows liial o uupieu tne street are not lu-
we have already said may prove erro- feet away from the platform. Then he
i ■ignl. Mo living Hung is to he seen, anu feet, as against the large space required
neous when we learn tho aetuul Pulati- seized the pistol and knife and heaved ivories; “dees rug, when he fin «h
authors as contributors.
T h e W ot
for the ocal. At a recent gathering of
nato type. We assume now thut the them into a bed of weeds, and as Red two linndretyear o .!,’’—Chicago Time
tne newly puinteu burn. Unit a momiul experts, M. d’Hurny exhibited samples
sold ut re­
Palatinate Germutis were of medium Hoss Jim sat np aud rnbbed his eyes he Herald.
ago lookia bteim-d and busier i, seems of Ihe article and experimented with
stature, light haired, blue or light eyed, was cuffed oil loth ears and kicked over
to huve taken ou a cooler tinge. The them. On the table were several cakes
H »r,l On« F or 1’ic Old Maa
dneed rates at this office,
round headed, with a finger reach of a barrel of salt. He never uttered a
hret ze bus med quite away, and there of the solidified petroleum aud of low
", ” said the thoughtful lift
t.013. We find that the Pennsylvania word, never stopped for a look, but
grado oils of various sizes nnd shapes
of the railroad p i,blent, "if hat­
»Teniian children are dark In hair and when he tumbled off the platform lie si'ii
Then u null, sulleu sound mat seen, and in addition to the cakes there were
band aud wife are ieu_ y cue’ ’_
• yes, that the men are probably of in­ followed comrade on a straight
“ As they are, my boy, ” put iu tJ| like ih ern a rit a distant tram steu.- samples cf the same fuel iu dry powder
creased stature, that heads appear to be course out en the prairie, and trth hail railroad
upon me an. It conns again, and men •mi paste, the petroleum powder aDd
; resident.
lengthening, that arm reueh appears to a guit of eight miles nil hour when they
“ —why is it you make ’em pay l , is no uiislakiug n — .t is luumlur. A paste mixed together aud pressed form­
lie increasing. In all these resjiecta the passed over a dip and disappeared.
flurried Inn ians across the lane und ing a homogeneous mass, with a great
fu restoiii.e «;i your road?"—k liiei.
IVnnsylvania German varies from the
d . appears behind u Lead just as tun
specific gravity, hard almost as stoue
I t W n . Q u it. R e g u la r .
assumed Palatinate typo aud in the di- 1
Iaic,e mops lua.k the dust covered Bit,
« hen burning, giving off a flam»’
T it F o r T at.
lection of the Indian If our assumption
When Deud .Shot U..1 roue into Hays
walk. Drops are lulling evcrywhei
800 times its own volume aud a heat
proves valid, we may claim thut our City one duy on his broneho, with his
Mother—You don’t ku« w how ye
und us tiny increase in number tuey ,
well nigli as great as oxygen. Tests to
evidence shows change, which, if oou- hut pulled down o r r liis eyes and a worry me. dear. Why, my li.Jr is iu
ereuse in zr. xhere is u g ,.,.ie p.a
deteimine the production of smoke or
tinned, may form an Indian type from hare! look around his mouth, those who in« gray!
ou tne muuwuik, en ihe ho-se to,
siuelJ failed to indieato the emanation
the German. ”
knew him said that he had come for
Fiorrn—My, how yen me t h..t. through tne t,e ..-, which Leio.nes mo-
of either of these.
All this, it must be noted, is abso- blood. Ho hadn’t, however. Ite had worried grandma! Herl. .r is ail whin. an t more hun,ud until n g, neiules into
Int. ly distinct from any of the reasons come to have uu uuui with — London Household W as.
a st, uuy rum of lulling run,. Thu Juuo-
T im e t o C a ll a H a lt.
for dismissing the tendency of Americans Dave Kills, who had lately been ap­
seape is aii—obt so ut out ti. m bigot
' We do not take possession of onr ideas bnt
Tho vital statistics clerk felt rather
It» Dt-lliiitiou.
to revert to original types from the in­ pointed city mnrshal, and when they had
biowiy nun by huruiy pen upuhn i
♦liau heard his visitor enter the office.
Thow M a
are P°s8©ssed by them
filtration of the red ludian blood itself suluted each otlu r and shaken hands lie
Son—Papa, what is 1. story?
gnxs me so uuy rush b.i , m is u p.,,
master ns and force us into the arena,
in the veins of the white race. From the said, "D ive, what about this city mar­
Great II.s e r ia li— li s.ory, uiy son, is uuu the sun, wnh suitueu bnin„..
, .
Where iike giadiators, we must light for them.
a cadaverous and woebegone individual
days of the old French anil Indian wars shal business?"
an individual opinion on an aggregation Chang, s eueh m op-to ., gi.sieuing n
motto o f the Arena, and the
fireside tales of New England intermix
" I’m goin to keep eider,” was the of hearsay eviil, nee highly eolered ly m o o d .
‘ff one to whose lids sleep cometh not.
ture of that sort have Isen common reply.
the prejudice ef Ihe v.i’tmsA—New
The raiu ceases, mai ilio spurkrn
Fw r commission three doors to the
entire contents of this
"No more lioldin up the town?"
York Press.
enough. A recent novel has expressed
tr;x s g c t iy bnuke lUialSulVCS |J iz
monthly magazine
r ig h t,
said the official glibly.
"No more, Hill."
»he country knowledge in New England
sunl got.
are upon a plane and in keeping with its
"I don’t want the poor commission.
"You’ll stop it?”
that there is an occasional "streak”
Tne shower is over. — Waller il.
I want to see you," said the intruder,
"I w ill.”
from an,-entry that approach,>tl New
Traveler— But I suppose that there giiiluu in New Lohemiau.
The Arena’s gallery of eminent
with something very like defiance in
England from tho west as well as that
"Say, Dave, you can’t do it. You are an- men in K, lituokv vGio do not nriuk
T h e N om .
■which approached it from the east across a good man, but yon jes’ can’t do it. whisky?
thinkers is a group o f interesting men and
cf despair that aroused the sympathy of
the Atlantic. lit the western states and I ’m coniin iu tomorrow to capture the
Native— We never twit a man on his
The nose is iniemud for breathin
territories the great numls-rs of half town. ”
fail.ngs in Kentucky, ooh. — Boston the in,nun ior»p,aK.bguu,i,atiug. Y>. ,
women, and their thoughts are worthy the
Aud what can I do for you?" asked
breed« whose descendants find their way
"ilcv yon got a few minits to sparo?" Transcript.
has ev, r seen a horse bruutuiug otnn
the latter.
o f all people. The Arena
into the life of cities brings to boar a asktxl Dave as he gave a hitch to his
wise Until through lus l < m h i >? ALuut
It lsu t what you can do for mo, but
W ith R 'u r y th iu g 111 m .
curious and unreckomd force in the de­ guns.
■eieutnio iuve«ugaliou lias lev,’and tut what I can go for you.” responded the
sold with T h e W hbt .
" A h u ll hour. Wlint’s wanted?"
velopment of the fiber and sinew of the
Marie—I told him lliat I would net fact that the uuu.lxr of people wh,
1 VP hee“ fry,Dg ,o do “¡to­
"Como ever Io the gr .veyanl, Bill, consent to marry him until he hud re­ breathe thr, ugh their m si m s are h .-
in»' in North America.—Boston Tran­
sod select your lust resliu place, l .’s deemed his past.
coming grauuahy but surny fewer l. gether too much and I've got to have a
fillin up party fast, bnt ihar ar’ a few
Ethel—Why, has he that in hock number. Ill« consequence is mat th, n «t. I non t belong to no onion, and
N a ll a I . a i a r r l a A f r t m .
choice spots left. ”
too?—New York Sunday Journal.
Ucstrils . decrease iu siz e, vvline it h .." I m vvillm to work overtime when it’s
'The greatest of all luxuries in central
Bill fluidly selected a sunny spot en
been lonnd tuat ihe prevailing nuee i, necessary, but I’ll be blamed if you
Africa is salt To say that a man cuts the south side of a knoll anil said il
One Girl*» llornan«*«.
quite au lultnor organ to mat ot , ui am i trottin me a heat that ud dis
salt with his victuals is the same as say­ would do. The city murslial called to a
lauce anylooy but me. I ’ve got to have
” My lift» Mufti b on« king nonane«,
shorter hours and a day off ouce in
\ poem «Iremo with ntnnlc grumi;
ing that he is a rich man. Mungo Park Chinaman and ordered him to dig a
art whirl In a r-apturons danno.
ears, “ The long continued use of vegeta­ hole, and then he turned to Bill with;
quently ask, d io operate on noses and ™ h ‘lc. an if J don’t get ’em, 1’H qnit.
Ausht .1.» my wml won’» und rstaad.
ble food erentes so painful a longing for
“ Waal, nt what time toiiionir km I
to»nl..rge ihem. Their ov.nns have
»«It that no words can sufficiently de expect you?”
found that they do not tulti.l m ,ir func­ be f, re* i“ y d,ar *ir’ 1 never saw you
Wonld , ru h uiy «plrit d.sqi In wop ,
gerfbe it. '—Chicago Tribune.
"About nonu, Dave,"
An i su ,h a fate Is hers who sham .
tions as well as mfy used t v It is b,.. before. I never employed you. Who are
you. anyway?
Your lot, I t»ar; I must »ay no,”
" I’ll lie ready. Gixxiby, Bill."
giuuiug IO l e i , nre,l Ly rcnuiihc people
Me? On, I ain’t anybody but l/?art
“ .No long, Dave. ’’
Elizalieth .Stuart Phelps relates that
Co i rrotp a n»al,l of , lahlppn aprtnsa.
R‘ow inuuh worse we Failure.
Gun’s v,ho I I meTn
«ins', when Longff-llow w asvisiling hci
Thi n Sigh,si: "Alaiiro! R:.s Inn-Is tru,
At five uiiuntes to 18 o'clock next
But oartliiy. H in . h is r.*U«*aa wiiirv
vvuut 1 saj. — Dtircit News.
n t her Glouivster home, she pollltetl out ilny Dead Shot Bill eatne into town
Aud aoar* In fancy'« Istundl ss I.,B„,"
to him the reef of Normun’s W<s> and with a whoop uud a yell, his t ruwho
It is u well known pl yriological fact
Th,' years rs.II past, flhe'e tw. nty-rlght.
was surpriaod to find that, although In <»n n dead run anil u gun iu either hand.
thal unukeu mu* a sa i.,, bones gradual-
And dr, amlly ahr »«arra again
hail wrecked the sehooner He»i«erus on At five miiiut(<s after 18 he was lying i
H, r gtrihua,l'a t >n,-l«s|'ul fat».
isappear. h,.b who live iu ihe
o r n n n m n t o tr a v » ’
dead iu front of the Wild West saloon,
So rval ttalay, an hhsil then.
It, he had never before seen it-
dark, lor instance, or ihe mole, who re-
and nt a quarter to I U h - inquest hail
nsi),le established house
O n e mur» >h, «Ich«, lh- n lo w « 1, r brad
•lues uuu. rground, beiome Hmd. Thus
Fnmi ’Venice to Washington
beeu coneludeti, and be was occupyiug
And m u th r s: "Tall, about r m .v,rcl
if we cease to use our nos»» f„r bream-
r»vc Imby's , rylng Wh, re’s r. » thrv-adf
the grave he had selected.
of 8,883 mile*
ing. they wul e«ase lo » x ist They will
Than » wa a V K h un W 1.1- '» r. nta.
M Qvan.
tweomc superfluous!—Pear», u’s Weekly. " ''lr»--se.l
—Faul L -Tslng MrKrnrl k Iu I p to lia tn
^ cì & D * a M '
And The
Scientific American.
jr h.
, IQV ‘.-fool
S apt I’n
State I’ll
V.tor >»> 1
• upretne t
1 Uilge Sei'
V ' ti»r le y e
J ml#«-----
.Clerk. . . .
.'ioltdiil Sa,i
Survey,, r.
Jastiee of I
C o lis i able.
« ,'»rd of T
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