The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, April 16, 1897, Image 2

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L amb C ocxty ,
O bboqh
T he follow ing letter was published in 8- F- Chronlcta:
W hile the so ial philosophers of the
I the E ugene Register a short tim e ago
R egister’s world are diligently tailoring to Un­
I W e copy it in full with the
com m ent on it.
prove tl,e ,x>n,,ition ll “•"»‘‘ind, and es
It seem s to us that theta words from
- • - IV • - -
of “ »•
H W E V f H E R S O N i‘ te~ berofl^ * ^ uapplytotl,e
open to them,
the , 0 a punching bag in the public gy.nna-
>lwaJf* I
isures a tives to the
“ First cast out the beam out of thine
own eye and then sh a ll thou see clearly ">a««.v i,.depen leu e to any m an or
woman who has he w it to seek it. This
- ------- — —— - - - - - i to cast out the m ote out of thy brother's
is t h . section of som e original line of
I e y e .”
H o». S . M. Yoran, of th is city hftfl
husincss or o c opation, consistent with
M t r iiT o s , Feb. 28, 1897.
form ally applied for the position of col*
tlie a b ilit.e s of t ;e wsge-aeeker, and
C o w r y O ol ' iit or L a »« C ounty ,
lector of custom s at
Portland. Mr.
m eans of which itie tat'er uay con-
Dear Hire:— I send you today a list
Yoran is thoroughly c o n i|« teu t to fill
of all the h o ls I nave in inv district; tribute som e needed service to his fed-
th e position and we would like to see
, an,I also mail book - hack »ml send my low -, or lend s hand in |ierfecting th is
Idin get it.— 0 . S. Journal.
great, unwieldy social structure of ourB.
Looking hack a couple of centuries
T iie political status of congress iias
I have m ade up my m ind that as far
E d ito r
P r o p r ie t o r .
nt hist been figured out,
th e
m emliers as I ai. concerned, to turu over to
M cDowell, of
noS ior **’ w le “‘
O hio, ami Mr. DeVries, of Oalifornia,
1 '>**• »*“
have indicated their preference to 1« 1 * h*“ he
classed at» dem ocrats. Green and Sutii* :
erland, of Nebraska, have gone with the
th eu l'
not thing to look
K vm enie
I're’ ’n'-'1 the-v overruling harm onious design
H e that docs you an ill turn will never ,
W. H. V
forgive you.
punchers. W hether they
Indolence is a stream that flows slow ­
can punch the bag to pieces is yet to be ly on, yet it underm ines every virtue.
seen. T he senate civil service com -
W hat can the virtues of our ancestors
m ittee is preparing to m ake an exhaus-
profit us, unless we im itate them ?
| (¡ve investigation of the working of the
Apparent truth lias its use, but gen-
working of the civil service under those
nine truth, a greater use; hence it is s
rules, but that isn ’t going fast enough
part of wisdom to seek it.
[oy som e of th e opponents of Mr. Oleve-
A necessary part of good m anners is j
land's num erous exten sions of the rule,
observance of tim e, whether
and Representative Corliss of M ichigan,
one ,h “‘ >’ra ti >,s
in re*“rd to re,or*“ - beauty, and by and by will t*o a com ely
in tliis district and
D eceit shows a little m ind.
lias offered a joint resolution providing on m atters of business or pleasure.
To know ones self is the first degree
ami instituting a com parison between for the repeal of every exten sion made
last adm inistration. Mr. of sound judgm ent. The understand- '
society as it tiien was and as it is today, under the
Lo the
the drearies! [lessniusi must acknow l- Corliss tried to gel im m ediate consider- ing and not the w ill should
edge that the sis-ial organisation of th e ation for th e resolution, but Speaker guide.
world is gaining in sym m etry and Reed would not have it th at w ay, so it
Every man m ust in one sense ed-1
cn fusion tickets having designated the idaiun populists) as I aiu in a populist
parties to which they really b e lo n g .! precinct. I get abuse enough when I
Mr. Lewis, of W ashington
W asii ., April 5th, 1897.
Tne civil service rulea may be likened
detected, .ertain
pop ulists. W ith this change the houM ; w on’t he when they get into offiie. Ho
I say give them a chance to bang them
stan ds on party vote. a . follow s: Ite-
publicans, 203; dem ocrats, 132; popu- •clves “ntl it will cure t u e n quick
enough. Look into M. J . U udsail’s
lists, 21, fu sio n isti, silverites, 3; va-
justice proceedings and see tu s reform :
rancies, 2.
H e was all right ,«reu se lie was a pop,
has gone to join the num erous bills and
ucate h i,„aeif.
H is books and teachers
an resolutions which are aw aiting the ap- are
|,eip s_ a man is not educated
lie pointm ent of the house com m ittees. ! un( || j,e |,aa the ability to sum m on all
graceless and useless
Mr. Oorlis says that President M cK inley hif m en U l powers
in vigorous
nated or altogether
-T erms : »
W e Desire to Make SpaeTy S j I o 3, \n<i V »
W itling to Take S M A L L
tim es
and p u b lic a n -a n 1 m e ounty will have
places sm oothed away
than are
not stood
P R O F IT S And
Look at thu
F u n k e ’s.
Schooner M
US, And You Can Do So.
R u , e s ^ r e S u oH 38 t o L t a V O ,10 Q ’J d S ti JR 3 8
Get your jo
W est office.
Spray puni|
here, Eugene,
to V A LU E-
D on ’t fail ti
m eeting tomo
M iss Lilliat
Acuio school I
J ’i
E . T. W hit,
new bicycle o
A ll kinds ol
bulk a t—F .
Should Call and O btain
before m ankind sdopted th e joint resolution to charter t|)e(n w |,iie it is m erely wasiiing lhem so
M J5 A
f f li
Î .
can take .om fort in living an I the jars
The Floret
A ssociation li
T lie Mink t
chandisc to tt
English language cannot express
count. Suicide, as u rem edy .or hard , to him mid lie m ay print it if no lik es,
tim es and poverty, or hard tim es and ■
f . K kowi . fb ,
w :
If You W ant to Save Money T R A D E W IT H
a vessel to carry the grain w hich has |j 4aj they reappear again in the sunlight
my and frictions of .KMetv’s inner m ech a n -, ^ „ c o n t r ib u t e d to fam ine strick en n]Qre p{(lia, ied and more sh in ing than
courage, bating not ono jot of heart thoughts of toe . onteuip’ ible reform in jaill I*. elim inated ; and here is where ¡ I1(|ja by citizens of the U nited States. It ever. Adversity em bellishes those that
the original thought, the tactful servi.-e, : ttiwn adjourned „ „ til W ednesday, » nd ¡t cannot cast dow n. By the law of
«nd hope, hut steering right onward, this district or precinct.
Pietist- excu se my long letter and if „ .„ .t ever have it- value and be assured the present understanding is th at it w ill | nature a man all0uIj have m any chil- a a a a
In early life in Oregon nobod) knew
an yth in g but hard tim es and povertv. you think the editor of ti.e R egi-ter „( ,,n ».i,pt rv* ognition.
only m eet W ednesdays and Saturdays dren
H e sl;oukl raise them w ell, bo
• »r- un til the senate acts on the tariff b ill.
| Uiat they m ay
llgc(ul. anJ he should
D ut there were no suicides on that ac- w on’t take offense at it, please hand it
W e > wnnot all fin*! o< ■i panon
deeper poverty
perienceil— had
a dvbrt . sino
Glennda scl
ami philosophy are lieing taxed to m ake
ex- pay for the pop’s reform.
Entered at
Lane county,
m ail m atter.
If. Many Cases None W hatever.
The house is taking things q u ite easy , ouia without hurting them . They are T H O S E
“ H ard times and poverty" Is the e x ­ and of course F. B. W ilson, who de­ solid the foundation»; yet props ami since the passage of the tariff b ill. It , ike tlie rocks of granite th at the sea
cuse given for a num ber of suicides manded liouds of Huhhiird for costs, lailts are everyw here needed, sharp an- met Saturday but only remained in covera ¡„ tiuie of tem pest w ith its furi-
A s if m ultitudes who have known hard did noi know au ym in g— lie is a r e - ! gles i»iii>t lie rounded and the rough session a short tim e, during w hich it oua waVea, fancying that it is drowning
tim es and poverty—harder
E d ito r
subordi­ bas the authority to rescind those rules, ciae t(( efjeet j,,8 proposed object. It is
top­ but tliat lie th in k s it would only lie not a| Waya the man who has seen m ost
pling towers are lieing pla .id in repair, right for congress to assum e th e re- or read m ost who can do this.
and all the resources of modern science sponsibility of doing so.
M isfortunes and trials attack noble
|K>rtioiiH are
Is An Old S ta n d W ith An Up To D ate S to c k of
llardw are.-
ed by the last
A ll teachen
atten d the te,1
T he San F r
T ie
• J 'T J i U ¡KJ W est one yes
P eons'
pentcra or »lone ¡..aeons in th is wor.d, i Mainliers of the sena e com m ittee on love them so that they may lie happy.
"hOoSe these useful . finance are working night and day on -jo get married when a m an is young is
T b esu p rcn
!,,!,y **", . |,e tariff bill, their intention being to healthy ; to choose in no m atter what
jo v e rty as an excu se f ir suicide, is
[R epentance is good for the sot
callings and nave .........
to grit
q u ite on a level with the intelligence ' Ed.]
SIK I ex.-client workmen as to l'a al wavs go over the entire bill item by item . If class, a grad, honest g ir l; to love her
certain of em ploym ent. Those among they have arrived at any conclusions, wjt h all bis heart and soul, sn d to make
th a t dem ands debasem ent of m oney as
it davs
us who feel that tney have no talent I they have not announced
a m eans of relief from hard tim es and
them , not- her a reliable com panion and a prolific
ork •one.'
| for chiseling or planing or using saw or , w ithstanding what purport to be asscr- m oth er; to work to raise liia children,
Keeps a full line »f E xti - h (/lialit)
poverty. Hard tim es are riot delightful;
Frank F ox
! ham m er, may find occupation in per-
but they produce this good, that they ' Oregonini»;
tions to the contrary.
Few people an,i to leave them when dying the ex-
-y on the Robar
force abandonm ent of sham s and hum ­
lielieve that the clause m aking th e new am ple of his life—that is the true m ean-
C h ief Anders
bugs, and com pel return to prudence, on May 15th, a m onum ent to W asm ng- t ,|B wa9te tualeria| th at t .» hit»/ hand duties go into effect April 1st, will be in ¡„g anj object of life; the rest is only
A .O . Funk
acl (-dependence sn d com m on sen se.— , ,on ‘or which a
the bill w hen it passes th e senate, error, crim e, or folly. In truth the
num ber of tin
soliciting subscriptions for alm ost 8«
In thia atate the . ondttions of life although it may be left in un til just average man is only above am bient H A R D X V A R E ,
T IN \\ A R E ,
L O O T h & M .O E ft
used in sturgi
I years. It was at an anniversary m eet- ' are
t e com forts ,,f
Crescent Bi
before the final vote is taken, for the hum anity on one single plane, virtu e;
N l i h * i a n l ii
E virythinu taken into consideration ing, held in that city on July 41!., » 8 I L ||i ( e a o easy of achievem ent, that it is
»75.00 w heel
purpose of keeping down im portations. sn d as there can be no virtu e w ithout
C R iA R » ,
I l R N i b l l l S f i f'l.M ii E ugene, (acta
it is no idle konst to say th at in all ' by the P ennsylvania Society of O iw in a shan.e to our com m onw ealth and to
The western senators w ho have been hum ility, those alone have the right to
A. O. Funk
probability O regon's gold mino»
and woman com posing it, I
so vigorously protesting against the or- consider them selves the superiors of
can s for the c
equally as rich ns those of ’ be K ootenai ' advocating the erection of «udì a m on- t)ia) we |WTU a single a hie-1 k > lie. I '
' der ¡»»lied by president O leveland just others to whom the know ledge that Goods as Represented.
P rk e s W ill be founrt P.fgaon.b < o f m aterial w.
or A laska findings. At least it is worth J un ien i. Among tlie uiemlwr* present ; pau|ær ¡„ 0(lr
¡a possible that j
la-fore the close of his term , setting off 21 they are superior is denied. T alent and
w!l0 all>iaill, a ,lpon t i.e alm s of
som eth in g to tHke into consideration were m any otHcers who had taken p a r i' lht,
N e a t Sundi
I forest reservations in tlie west have part- especially its higher form called genius,
th a t in Oregon the m iner and pr.>spect- in the revolution, and to e enthusiasm ' K0,.lety (>r llpon th -t,o u n t' of his '" " '¡ally gained their ponit. The national is involuntary. It is not th e result of
tim e the littli
or need not suffer the hardships one
egge he has I
forestry com m ission has been sum m oned the efforts of m a n ; it is like beauty, the
, o „ „ j ,lia prolH.r p|a,.e ¡„ ,„ e l
lieura of in other d istan t countries, seem ed to prom ise its early cxeciition.
i to W ashington to talk over the m atter gift of God. That is why it is of second- i
A t the city
and uleo, that here ho is w ithin reach An ap p eil for funds was at once issued ! W(>r|J or |h e m,rv„< ¡,e ¡a
I with P resident M cK inley who is already ary order; and posterity will only re-
week Dr. Kui
j f l a . io> „ , v <or , ;ie a,j.
o l civiliza tio n . All tiieso item s are and a com m ittee of prom inent c itile is : (or
satisfied that President C le v e la n d s member it for its virtue, its sincerity
over J . D. -Mi1
w o u ld * *
w orth considering, and although the took the m atter hopefully in charge. j |#|li ,,, o( ,n<i,ia, ria| |„jw
'bent by lO'.l n
proclam ation was entirely too cornpre- ami its com m union in universal pre­
stories abou t O regon’s w ealthy m ines T heir effoits were more persistent ; a .,kaat.,| ¡„attu tio n , displacing m any
T. G. H ead
h e n s ile . It is not expected th at tha greas. Glory for glory’s sake is a sliam e-
nrc n ot q u ite so alluring as those of su cessfnl. E ver) I mm I) » p r o v e d of the # j Hll,<(raiiai t,g -harity. So long as there
been a m emb
D E A L E R S , IN
O leveland
order w ill
be officially ful speculation. The men w ho rejoice
A lask a and K ootenai, the real chances proi>o»itiun "th us io p. rpeiUHte the re­ is a hit ->f ertile land ili olir state un-
of tlie state u
rescinded, but that as each of the reser- in their celebrity are sim pletons; the
tution was fo
are about even for finding gold, and m em brances of W ashington's glorious i nltivated , and so *onu as there is a
various are surveyed, the president w ill men who are proud of their genius are
N ow is THE
very uneven when it com es to hardship, achievem ents and t > transm it o d.slant inai! or wo.nan in the state needin.r
exem pt from the prevision of the Gleve- fools. There is one thing that is es-
and H ood's I
posterity the grateful expression of a , f ,u jt or , creai produce, no one wno can
— Oregon Slate Journal.
land order such lands as are of a m ineral pecially beautiful in great and pure
m edicine for
people's love," but e ssl. contributions j w id (, hoe or g|m<|e a;,ouia h , at a io«,
ef great cures
agricultural character, or where affections sn d th at is that, after the
cam e in with hum iliating slow ness. One ' (or p , ying em plovin en t. Ho long as
true blood pu
settlers' rights would be tram pled up- > pleasure which they afford lias passod
m em ber of the com m ittee after another tbt,re
, ai|lg|t .¡„¡,-„1,1, new fruit
A &alem ps
sw a y , there rem ains the happiness of
dieil ns the years w en’ on, hut ea-li va- j , Q
•inlr, Ki,1..e(| i„ ,o ,-ultivation, or a
r Com
It doesn’t seem to occur to som e of ‘heir recollection. V ery often an un-
Secretary W ilson th e new bead
,.ani.y Wili ailed by the surv.vors, and ' vegetable to I« .uipr-ved
w ith qo -poral
the mlinirers of ex-S ecretsry Carlisle expected grief or an unm erited roisfor-
th e departm en t of agriculture,
1 flnanv the m oney required w asohtaiueiL L ,j van, ^ | niei ; „ j a o f farming,
0 M feet of I
C- C C U SH M A N .
i that they are not adding anyth in g to tune gives to a m an an energy and a
large »ontrac
£ P Y XI T.Z-
isos to be a m ost energetic worker,
|- f |,8 ,.0i„par„tive ease witli w hich a
ran-'lunan 1 as any right to
T R E S A u R E H . running full
that gentlem an’s reputation by spread- ¡»erseverance which he could never find
w ell its an in telligen t one. Ono of his I m uch larger am ount has been
.-ure-l I o j , | | 0 h»,-k of a m arket for his pro-1
O ’ ) S t \1 A N -
The lim b e r i
I 1
ing the new s of his having been era- *n happiness. And after such trials a
first acts was to take m easures for a for the building of General G rant’s
•E O R E T A R V . and
We have o v e r rowde.1 pro
nd direct
dirti to
thorough test of the adaptability of all stately tom b may well excite com m ent,
abundan « l'io)’ed at a liberal salary to look after m an often becom es supet ior who would
fessions and callings in
I t w ill pay
the southern have rem ained sim ple and vulgar if he
th e atates in which there is reason to ! and it will recall too, the fact that
I tlie legal interests in
r e
i a
: ' ;
There is u plethora of lawyers an
believe th at the sugar heet can I w 1 L in.oln yet waits for a national m on- ,|(>.tora an,i ,u uaii' teachers and
states of tlie great banking system of J . had always been happy. H e who is
seam -
w ithout energy when young w ill never
eucccssfully grown, for growing it anil um ent other than his glorious pla.
Pierpont Morgan.
— ■ - ■
yap h V i h e it in ;
” stresses and teachers at large, but as
pipe iron, wi
have it. G rit is not a w inter fruit; it
for producing sugar from it. H e has in American heart» and history.
long at cooks are n eed«! in o..r k iv hens !
appointm ent m ade by President
m aterial, Pla
never grows in the sn ow . One may e x ­
chosen what arc suppose.1 to lie the l>est i
our m eals are ill-served and dom estic ¡M cK in ley has been m ore generally
rows, buggiei
pect everything from a man of energy
varieties of bceta for sugar m aking,
lal-or is liigh-pri ed and poor q u a lity , I com m ended th at of H on. Benjam in
you want in i
to whom m isfortune lias given courage
and has furnished seeds for the pur­
select from ,
so long as our room , are ill-sw ept and Butterwortl. to be com m issioner of pat-
and am bition.
pose of m aking teats. H e has also
Mrs. A. In
We copy th e following in regard ,0 tlie fam ily m ending perpetually behind 1 **’<•• A lthought Mr. Butterworth is
S t., A lton,
arranged for a teat of the value of
he Florence sn d the surrounding country tim e, snd the little children need wise | > r. d.teil to Ohio, from w l.ence he origi-
rheum atism
product grown, by agricultural co'- from s pam phlet descriptive of Lane liom e care that busy m others cannot j ” »Uy cam e to W ashington as a member
doctor««! for i
leges and experim ent station s, sn d by county lately issued by the Eugene give
w ,o||< aa |lleaa arr |„ revrr of the house, lie is actually a resident
tim e, using
tho close of the year th e departm ent Board of Trade :
at a p rem i'ii, in the household, in the *nd property owner of W ashington.
m ended by ti
w ill undoubtly have a vast am ount
the pby-biciai
Lane county lias a good sea port at (a .lury t ¡n t:.e store, the o fice and ¡„ Mr. Butterworth was com m issioner of
W ith Hood’s Sarsapa­
She then use
of very valuable inform ation on tin s n o r v n ,.8i on » .in law and it it ex- fOi ,H y , , ,srg8 a, ,.
braina anil w l!|. patents during the Arthur adm inistra­
rilla, "Bales T a lk ,” and
im p orts,it subject that h a . never before
lh a l a rallruU(, w i„
tion, and served when in the house ou
au d alilld .t
' l.nt such of us as
A- JiriJ-y JXfr-rr
R ■ I gr
MB,erB sri
Knowles & Cettys,
The Siuslaw River Lumber (’<».
Cargoes Sawed to OrderLymbe
A cm e,
bean collected.
Enough is known sl>out
j from Eugene to this port, thus giving
county additional
(ai, , o
lu. ratlva rew a-d.
already to m ake it apparent that it ran ; lr in
p ,t.
govern m en t
be ea sily m ade one of tl.o most profil- i lg lin provin<? , he , ar; .,r a , Flor. a •» In
able sg r ic u lw r sl em ploym en ts in
»»»'»! (.„¡Mma Jetties w it.,
8lllp:o , „ie n » and a the com m ittee on patents. It is under-
stood that
President M cK inley had
voneulcrahle difficulty in persuading Mr.
expc, u i .o r
Billterw ortu to accept the
that Ids n.-ouie will lie
p laie,
cou n try. B eets a .¡table for tl.c P"r- , | iat a ,.|(Mlini.|
¡>o-o can n ot las grown in all soils or in ‘ fws| (iraf| wlll
V(..„ .|» „< J ( ) N. v w . n s
than ii would have 1-een out of offi e.
Il wi» 1.1 la* ar<l lo im agine a mure
>Ua n,H,
f on.n e a
.m er. sting and ........... ,*i Hire of
'»•X . “ ¡a a geml thing for
all clim ates, but there is everv rea- a ,.,a„^mrouvely new t--wn, l<elng nrsl rv n d iiio n so f |s > h t i' »l life in tu e U nited those I, ImaiBeaa w ith the patent
eon to lielieve that they can tie su> platted ill 1887. .....
lie chief
sour, e- — , Ht-tea than is preeenteil by the .-alunei ! office that he a ciep ted . That ofli e is
cassfu lly grown in a su m lv
are ss a i on tan n in g, (i'O.d-n of to e new adm inistration at Was .in g - ! l.aoly in need of his experience, wide
area of th is country to more than
lum bering, toi». f o e se- retar, of sia le was l«,rn in
.o .n .n c r e. a log * ahin. Tlie an retary of the navy
and t!-e postm aster general are the only
is possible th at sugar l eet growing ; -j-jæ
rv about H oren .e it extrem e-
college grndua'ee. T h e se, retar., of tne
w ill in a large m easure supplant wheat ly attractive in pi y si.a l fe a .iin a , havinv lreas iri was on.-e a w at-liman
grow in g in som e of the eastern conn- m an) fresii water lakes and num erous lum lier <an l. T h e s e .r e ,s r ) of war and
sheltered v a lle i* near the o van Iw aih, ‘he secretary of the i :terior are self-
tie s in tho very near future.
maile m illionaires. The attorney gen-
m aking it particularly attractive as a
e r a l is a**o-re'rig,oTiai of tiar Lord C hief
I sum m er resort. W ithin a radius of ten , J n s liie of Great Britian. alai the sec-
to forty m iles of H oren ,e lies a gieat ratary o , agriculture >s of foreign birth,
deal of governm ent land still subject to Of such a cabinet it can be truly said
b a k ‘n<
hom estead. T his lami is ail I t -ah an, | . that it is wholly free from die* riuiina-
B « t« r ' i | »«traete
i p !T h
i non on account of Ihrth. < r e e l, et> ial
aa»d »F
tim la-r and more or less h illy , hut very
I t l .^ »1.
w en
. . .
ante. e*lents or any form or se* tion-
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T iik cownthv editor may not
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N aiioual, Star Insurance llld g., Chicago,
m ore than he pu b lish es.—G'mi. d.
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T t.a great interest in Greece aroused
hi the pluc»v position th e little conn-
'try now occupies h a sse rv e l to call atten-
show that this tnsdl-
eine has enjoyed public confidence and
patronage to a greater extent than any
other proprietary medicine. This Is be-
eaete it possesses greater medicinal merit
and produces greater cores tkaa any other.
I t la not what wa say, hot w hat Hood's
Sarsaparilla does, that
T e lle th a « ta ry -
A ll adeerlisaasooU of Hood's Sarsaparilla,
llks Hood's Banaparllla Itself, are honest.
We hare sever deceived the public, sad
thle w ith Ma to per la, I ve medicinal merit,
•a why tha people havaabldlngeonfldeaee
la It, and hay Hood's BarsapartUa almost
la the exclusion of all others.
C iM ta m a r a W a n t M s W a
M We order Hood's Banaparllla la large
qaantltlea and It to the only blood parlflor
which a druggist can boy la large qoanli-
tles without risk. I t to celling very rapidly
and customers who bay II ones are sore
to call for Hood's the next Urns. Ws be­
lieve Hood's Sarsaparilla mast possess
tree merit In order to retain Ite popular­
ity. Ila salsa exceed all simitar prepara­
tions snd Ms praises are often heard.'*
L. S o m m m A Bow, Springfield, Illlnoto.
non to the fact that Greece has no min
ister in W ashington. There was a Greek
, m inister in W asicngton a few years ago
and there is a little m ystery connected
with his early departure for home on a
“ leave of al*een*-e,” w hich has never
expired. Home say
that the Greek
Thousands of druggtata say tha
governm ent concluded th at it ■ on Id not
afford to keep a m inister and legation
m W ashington and quietly witlidrew by
tlie "leave o l al-een *" route, but the
story m ost Iwlieveil io W ashington is
t at the m inister, who adhered lo the
Greek • nem m e at all tin ee. left in a
dudgeon la -a iise he was follows,) aronnd ft the rest - la laet tbs (tas Tret Blood Portlier.
the streets by hixelliniis and idlers and Prvpared saly by C I. Hned d Ce LewelL w—v
couim euts m ade upon bis appearance.
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