The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, January 08, 1897, Image 4

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    Three ★
£ »
- .^
* * * * * * * * *
^*ltch hnzol, «logwood nod the m aple hern,
P And th ere th e oak and hickory,
L inn, poplar and th e beecb tree far and n « ir
Afi th e eatjrd e y e cun see.
Wild ginger, wahoo, w ith it» m a n balloon,
\ A nd brake« o f briers o f a tw ilig h t green.
(A n d fox grup<’ri p lu n x d w ith Mimnier, a n l
strung uuxmu
' Of m andrake ftow»*r betw een.
fM ep gold green ferns and m o « « » red and
Mnta fornrvMr. naked m y th ’a w h ite feet—
A n d cool nutl enlm n • »React» far aw ay.
With ewer fa llin g beat.
Old log« m ado m e t w ith d< a'h. rough bits of
A nd tan gled tw ig and k n o tted root.
A nd Hunfthine aplanhc«, and groat pools o f dark.
A nd m a n y a w ild b ird ’« flub».
H er« let m e ait u n til the Indian dusk
With copper colored feet come« down,
Wowing th e w ild w o o d w ith «tar Arc and muak
And Kh/uloWM blue and brown.
•fhen «Ido by ride w i’h som e m agician dream
' To take th e o w le t runted lane.
H a lf roofed w ith vines, lu l by u firefly gleam ,
T hat b rin g s m e hom e again.
—Madiaon CuWein in “ U ndertones.”
C«,c V ie w
o f ,1,*’ h lio r tlia n d o f H latory
a n d C lironoloK y.
Heraldry cun make the world a glori­
fied world. It is u quurry where every
one may hew ai d n sea where every oun
may dip his oar, and if heraldry be­
came again a lino urt she could lie once
more the bride of history, w hile art
with'lier tum ult of enthusiasm alono
can deck her fittingly. Without art
heraldry is an uncouth and dead tiling;
•with art she liveth for every ouo and is
truly a aeience
Heraldry creates intf'TnfidlZS curiosity
and stimulates bislorio imagination.
Mho awakens inteiy-st ill generation»
gone by and should bo taught, suys Mr
Ruskin, to the young men iraideus
of the street and lane, for heralnry
helps to decipher tlio forgotten hand­
w riting on the w all and the glorious
reciiid of our ancestors’ doings und
striv.ngs and progress and upward
clf.ubiii»» in the long c-usado against
tyranny and slavery and ignorance and
* Thut heraldry is the shorthand of his­
tory and chronology seems to bo now
allowed, and heraldry, in a sense,
should be the application of the line
urts of sculpture and painting to fam ily
history. It is tho silent lauguage which
Christendom adopted and developed at
tho time of the crusi d, s. In silence and
in hope she spulie, through the eyes, to
the heart of Christendom, of the Jioblo
deeds of her children, and she is alto­
gether indispensable if the heraldrio a l­
lusions in Dante, Chaucer, Spenser,
Shakespeare, Scott, etc., aro uot to ho
entirely lost.
Heraldry has received the sanction of
centuries, und uhorahlof thetruestiain
is neither -finicking, fretful nor faulty,
hut full of goodly joy and at times even
of pious mirth. And if some peep and
matter at. m I iiis '"'», forgetting that tho
abuse of unyi.'-ieg Is no argument
against its proper use. others see and
learn tlint heraldry has educational
value, is to many a race u wayside sac­
rament and broad its potent in­
fluence— namely, that nothing must be
done to tarnish tho fam ily escutcheon.
In England also, in the abseuoo of
hereditary rank, oout urinor is the only
distinctive mark of birth and high
blood for tlie untitled nobility.— Nine-
»hetrtfi Ci
H ea v y Juw tlcr.
It seems that abnormally stout people
have their uses in tiiis world as well us
other things. The other day, as an ex­
ceedingly corpulent old gentleman was
leisurely proceeding along Regent street,
n detected pickpocket, who was fleeiug
at the top of his speed from two myr­
midons of tho law. violently collided
w ith him, and the pair rolled over in
the gutter together, the stout gentleman
on top.
Tho pickpocket made stream ins tint un­
availing effort» Io extricate himself
from under tho mountain of flesh, but
tho corpnieut gentWiiimi remained a
fixture until the pursuers came up and
captured the rascal.
Theu the fat man pi«ked him self up,
nothing the worse for his mishap uud
oved off w.«Vi tiie remark that so long
c'fiad brentb In h.tbody, h it weight
world ‘ always bo thrown on the side
of law and justice.
Pearson s Week
» 7 - _________________
A r tlflc ls l lla lu s o r ••’»on
Art igperinieiit which illustrates in a
very curious manner tlie aetonl philoso-
, ( the forma:ion of halos or "sun-
bus been made by Drs Brewer
jixoti and is explained by them as
ys: Take a solution of r'nui and
| a few drops of it over a pane of
It w ill readily crystaliae iu
octahedrons, scarcely visible
eye? When lia r pane of prepared
i is held between the ob erver and
son, cr even a candle (w ith eyes
Very ciuse to I he smooth side of the
glass), there w ill be seen three different
bat distinct and beautiful halos, euch
at a different distance from the lum i­
nous bud/.—rit Louis Repahlia
A Itoyal h r t r U m ia .
VifuJate shall of Persia was an excel­
lent draff*n>au. On his visit to England
■even yearsS^gd hr „keiched the artist
of The Graphic ar thut grntli man was
sketching him, and tlie royul drawing
was dashed i ff with a keen y d uuexag-
gerated power of oai’iouture not often
»net w ith iu an ainateor'a work.
Alfcaiy claim» the honor of having
Ufidn tiie first carriages manufuotgred
outitw in this country, bevi ral were
tioilt in the year 1814, and the event
w as duly noted at the lim e a» au evi-
deuce t f the spreail of V n tu d btatce ou-
H tn rr III of France waa surname«!
f he Minion, it 1« said, ou aw ount of his
rom pltance w ith the w ishes of the e w
•n ò oubiecentim eters equal
>• standard ntcusurts in use
' *
A lk a li I k e K sg ta ta » W h y C o lo n e l P o lk Is
Mot U p to O ld F o r m .
“ Colonel Handy Polk, the real estate
agent, is the most enterprising man iu
Ibis commnuity, is lie not?” inquired
the credulous tourist.
“ Waal,’’ replied Alkali Ike, a promi­
nent citizen, cautiously, “ not to draw
no comparisons. I'll say he’s middlin
enterprisin, or rather used to be, for he
'pears to be sorter Iosin his grip the last
few years. ’’
“ If that is the case,” returned the
tourist, "I wish I might have the pleas­
ure of seeing him ut his best, for, from
his present mo'hods, I should uot call
him at all conservative. His mode of
procedure in the recent attempt to— er
— ah— transplant tlie county seat was
little less, tt seems to me, than Napole­
o n ic.”
The operation iu question was prose­
cuted by a gung of radical citizens who,
having failed to bring about the re­
moval of the oounty seat from Rocket
City to their own bailiwick by means
of the ballot, proceeded at the dead
hour of night to tiie rival hamlet, and,
headed by Colonel Polk, pried off tlie
side of tho courthouse, dragged out the
safe containing the county records, load­
ed the same into u Jackson wagon, to
w hich were attached six half wild mules
with unshorn tails, and set out across
tho scenery for home as the crow flies.
It is probable thut the attempt would
have been crowned with success had not
the embezzlirs of the Reat of govern­
ment presently begun to debate upon
the vexing question of who should fill
tlie vurious offices llu s suddenly made
vacant. The cavalcade first hesitated
and then stopped, and the members
thereof said unto each other, “ Yea.
yea!” and “ Nay, nay!” and other things
not to be recorded here. While they
were thus energetically engaged the
men of Rocket City, who were them­
selves early birds npon whom there
were no flies, came careering through
the gash in the atmosphere Which hud
net yet closed up behind the colonel
and his satellites uud fell upon them
with ferocity and sucli other weapons as
were at hund, dispersing them to the
four winds, and dragged tlie county seat
back iu triumph to Rocket City.
“ For clean rut, nnambignons enter­
prise,” commented tlie tourist, “ that
attempt stands unique, so fur as my
knew ledge extends.” »
“ Aw, yes,” acknowledged the ycrn-
clous Isaac. "That was all right enough
an lr igiit have been called enterprise.
But old Hundy huiu't what he used to
be. Ago is heginuiu to teil on him, I
reckon. He iiad to have help iu this
operation, but a few yeurs ago lie alwers
estimated himself able, siuglo handed,
for anything un everything that turned
up. He believed in goiu it alone all
biiggin the uqdivided profits. When lie
drops down ycre, liis entire stock iu
trade consists of ills nerve, a package
of ordinary mow in needles an u can ot
condensed milk without u label. Thur
was no doctor jrere then, an Handy rus­
tles around an stirs up a smallpox scure
that flightens everybody senseless an
then whirls iu an vaccinates tlie whole
outfit of us with condensed milk ut $3
apiece, casli down. \\ hen it was all
over, lie had capital enough to go into
business, all we turned in an elected him
mayor us a murk of respect an admira­
tion for his enterprise."—Truth.
* *
$ 2 5 0 ,0 0 0
To Be
Given Away
f W
this year in valuable
articles to smokers of
.ru stics In th e Itongh-
“ We used to call him the cactnz edi­
tion ’of Blackstoue, ” suid the major,
wh.o hud lived iu Texas long enough to
make a fortune, "and the blind eyed
goddess ncs'er hud 3 more peculiar rep­
resentative. Tlie law never bothered
aim a bit, but tie reverenced equity.
He had a dignity all his own, but never
»Bowed it to interfere with his Jove of
a joke.
“ ‘How old are you?’ asked one of the
I vyers of a veuerable spinster ou thff
“ ‘I was born in '45,' she snapped. "
“ 'B. C. or A. D. ?' quickly asked the
¡udge. And the mature nnrtden disowned
I r brother because he would not chai-
I age the court.
“ ‘Is thia your first offense?’ he asked
tif a convicted horse thief.
“ On being assured thue it v ’ the
judge said, ‘Then I w ill only give you
yy yeais instead of 100, ns I would have
do. e hud you been un old offcmier. ’
"A miller hud bought ten barrels of
apples from a farmer and brought ac­
tion to« c o v e t on a claim thut tlie bar­
rels were undersized, cuusing him a loss
of three bushels on the deal.
" 'How ditl you get the barrels’’ asked
the court of tlie farmer.
“ ‘Bought them full of flour from the
miller. ’
• ‘ Whereupon the court gave t lie farmer
u verdict and taxed tl e costs against the
m iller.” — Detroit Tree Press.
Stars in
w.'ftçÎAWhttis j, n .r
ÌA^ . *Gv. TMiAxw/ .
pi- ‘•rn Hf
'üiii i
You will find one coupon in­
side caeli 2-oiiiicc bag, and two
cou p on s inside each 4-ounce
bug. Buy a bag. readtbecoupoa
« 1 s c bow to get your share.
; G m y?Jn ’ T
And The
p ’ ncL I
&ot - uh . oooQooooooooeoeeoaeeeaM^
S C IE N C E S .
¡ s e n d
W ith
’W E S T - &
A H y g ien ic R estau ran t.
A in g g e s i i c n w o r t h y < f fall pridr© i*
pnt forth by a rr | orary journal for
ladies. It is to tlie eftret thut somebrs.y
should sturt a restaurant in which the
waiters should be instructed to refuse Io
srrve any si qui nce ot dishes wliii li en­
viously make for indigestion. One can
easily brlievetbi l the world would be
»lie better, the healthier, the happier, if
this proposal were widrly carried out.
Meu have been known, for instance, to
wash down ryslers with brandy uud
water, Lut Buy have always been scriy
None who are engaged in any of the mechanical
for it afterward. hlnoentsat tlie British
museum have been observed to drii.k
pursuits can«««! wifi «nt reading and
O tt o two story hou e in Florenej with lot 53 x 155 foot.
tea with veal and hem pie, and their
studies have suffered from the combina­
studying this standard Xlaguzim of ¡Sciences
tion. U io world, in shirt, is full of heated liy furnace. Water handy. Eight rooms b. sides basement
und mechanical nrts. It is illustrated with
middle aged men v.’ho would enjoy their
middle age ever so much bitter if in for «1100.
mod- rn cuts of latest inventions in all
their youtli tiny had fi und their way to
restaurants where snob delicacies, as
One house with lot 50 x 142 and blacksmith shop with lot.
the branches of mechanism, and its fund of
veal und ham pie, dressed crab, lobster,
mayonnaise and cucumbers were only I lo u s e is w .il finished.
Only blacksmith shop in Florence. Both
knowledge i inseparably conned! d with in­
to be prreurul upon production of a
medical certificate of fitness to receive for 8900. Blacksmith shop sold separately if desired.
ventors ami mechanics.
Mold with 1m
them.— London Graphic.
R o r S e ti©
e it t l i ©
o m o © Scientific American.
D ead lUan’i* C laim .
One quarter section of land, heavily timbered 2 | miles from st
W est at dubbing rates.
Among the rich mines of Leadville is and p i t office and 2 miles from scho d bouse. For 8300.
one called Dead Man's Claim. It set ms
a certain popular miner hud died, and
his friends, having decided to give him
One hundred and sixty acres of Agricultural ¡and 12 miles from
a good send off, hired a man tor $20 to
act us sexton. It wus iu the n idst of Florence .'or 8-300.
winter, there was ten leet of snow on
the ground, anil tin: grave had to go six
feet below that. The gravedigger sal­
lied forth into th« snow, depositing the
corpse for sufe keeping in u drift, and
T h ese offers are m ade for a short
*or three duys nothing was In aid fiom
him. A delegation sent to find the fel­
ti ne only and th ose who wish to be­
low oiscoveied him digging away with
ull his might, but found also tlie in­
com e ow ners of R eal E s ta te in F lo r­
tended giaveconvert« d into thoeutrutico
of a shaft Striking the earth, it seems
ence an d th e S iu s law valley can not
This monthly magazine is one of the
lie hud fouud pay uh k w ortli if30 u ton.
affor J to iz n ^ re th e n.
The «1« legal,on at oncestuktd out ( Iu.ins
best printed in this country, and iat
adjoining his, und the deceased was for­
to all subscribers at rates within the
gotten. Later in the season, the snow
Iteyon d lle a c lt.
having melted, liis body was found and
fihe wrung her linn«,» in helpless an­ given un oroiuary burial in another part
ability of ull to pay. It is finely illua
guish. “ To think, ” she cried, “ thut on of the camp. — boston Journal
trated and presents the name« of famous
such a slendt r thread hangs Ins safety!"
Mile sobbed ill ugony.
A T est o f C o u r te .y .
as contributors.
T m Wxrr
Meantime the cord by which her hus­
It happened not lin g ago that I find
band's bicyc le was triced high up to tne occasion to i« quest a friend to deliver
Description of the
and the Cosmopolitan are sold at re-
ceiling of the sommtr kitchen didn't do an urgent letter for me. 7 bo li tter con­
a tiling but d e sk maliciously. — New- tained business of importance which
duced rates at this off co
Property w ill be given
York 1’ress.
was private in its nature, us it rone« Hi­
ed a debt. I o hand my friend u sealed
On Kappl caJon
Natl Kndlagn.
letter was to presuppose that he would
*‘I don’t seo why yon don’t have hap­
py endings to your novels, " said the so­ read it if open. To give it to l.ini un­
sealed was io r.isk the possibility of a
cial cynic.
‘‘Happy!’’ cried the author. "Why, third party reading it, ltr the exigen­
cies of life are many, uud letters arc
I m an y the heroine to tho hero every
know n to have in eu dropped.
time. "
I ponder« «1, pi rph xed, but decided
“ Yes," returned the cynic. "That's
that courtesy wus one of the first laws
just the trouble. "—Chicago Post.
of ««s'iety ami left the letter epiu.
With un easy bow n y ft lend received
W ill P r o v id e th e C on d ition .
Boy—What wages w ill I get, doctor, the note; theu, seeing I lie open flap of
the envelope, iiistaully gun.intd it
if 1 come to work for yon?
Doctor— Wages? You w ill get my down.
lh a t, I said inwardly, is true ccur-
services free. Wliut more would you
"We do not take possession of onr ideas but are possessed by I
A fte r a K ecord .
Boy— But, doctor, I am never ill.
They master ns and force ns Into the arena,
Doctor—Oh, but you w ill be. I ’ll see
"Strang',“ laid tho man w ith tho
A l i r a til U ‘ id l 'p .
H o m e Ilorw eiu
Where like gladiators, we must fight for them.'*
to that.— Detroit Free Press.
strong cigar nl»« nimiudeoiy.
“ Wliut'a going iiiiliir a t .i:g!i‘?" <?>.' |
8ome horses enuuot bear to bew ith ’r.t
"Vihat s strange?” askid the man
motto of the Arena, and the
ii itidari u p it veimiu u« lie ro.tolif«!
company, es|ieciully iu tha fields, win.«
A B oth er V iew .
with tho meerschaum.
li i.iso on Gr, ,.» street tbeotbor u g it .
others apparently it, and ni <y I .«
entire contents of this monthly magazine
"1 was thinking i f a friend of n inc lUiduight t ■ Ibid i e duot.i o|ieii uo.l tb>>
“ It slwnys makes me glad to see a
seen grazing always apart fi >al a troop
who rlaiins to have found u i ubaolutciy family opt iu llii' y.u.l. w hile the forms ou some large common or fell. I hava
woman acting silly over u poodle.”
are upon a plane and in keeping with its
“ Why?”
pertict fouutuio pern ”
of two meu l.iy m tlie sidewu.k us i! known a horse,of mature y . s fall us
"Always writes, never drips ink uud
“ Bccuuso it shows what a bad bring­
The Arena’s gallery of eminent
deeply and desperately In lovu with a
ing up some lucky baby has escaped.” never gets out of orih r?”
“ t it , boss, we j>- t had u leet’e party donkey at first sight as the veriest mo u
"That's what ho sa y a ”
—Chicago Record.
thinkers is a group of interesting men and
yere ton gilt, ” repi ed the muu of the calf that ever visited a ballroom. In
The man with tho nucrschnum pipe
house, who tool u r.oidlo i.i los hand.
fact, such wus the poor snim il's pilialile
T h . « tiles» ,» t'k tld K a e w D e t t .r .
shook Ins head.
women, and their thoughts are worthy the
“ Wliut sort of u putty?”
plight that, ufter u day or two of com-
“ What do you think <f it?" he asked.
"Jest a nice lovtle high tea, like do puuicnship, he would not eat until the
c insideration of all people. Th«- Arena is
"I hardly know what to think ot it
white folks, s a il. ”
ass had made u start from his manger.
He's joined no liars'ctnb lhat I know
“ And where ure the gnests?”
Ou the other hand. I have known a
sold with T hu W ist .
of, and yet everything inoioaiej lhat lie
" A ll dun gene cept dese two goui'- horse, at first averse to the society of the
is working lor a lic w d .” — Chicago
leu. sub.”
same doukey, sfter awhile grow quite
P ost
_____ ___________
“ And wliat's th« matter with them?" foud of it, thus proving that platonic
R om etliln a N rw .
“ Olareome, sub, same as white gem a (fiction may be a tbiugoi alow or rapid
The Chicago '1 mu s lli raid says that 'leu at a party. Yes, sub, dev disrm- growth betweeu animals, as in human
a western gm tieniaii lutely found his bitieil too much of de tl.iwin bowl, and beings, according to iud.vidnal disposi­
cook in tiie druwiug room, gazing upon g .t.iu out doabs dey was con- tion. —Speaker.
Ì V -
etiained to sink down into a raucorons
w ith much interest ut the aquarium.
T h * L a d j A s i Has.
“ Well, Biddy," »aid the gt ntn state. ”
In The Publisher»’ Weekly is told a
“ Well, they'll get frrut b tten out
iu a kiualy tone, “ what du yon think of
here,” su d th^ olficer i s ho felt for his story of a “ lady author,” who, tn re­
“ nnre, (or, ” answered the cook, "up­ key to the patrol box. “ I'll n u g for turning galley prtxrfs of h< r book, re­
on my soul, if they ain't rule love*/! the wagon and have 'em taken to the marked to I be pnblisher that it was all
right, but she didn't like "the pages
An, Isgorru, perhaps jou wouldn't be- stunon ”
“ Please don't," pnt iu the woman, quite so long,” nor did she want "the
I ve it, but this it the first time that I
kook printed co ooe tide of the page
who bud Iss ii kt*eping very quiet.
leer saw red herring« a ln o before. "
"Linda, yo’ sh ell" cautioned the only. ”
A F e r tile I'la a l.
“ Newspaperdoin" caps this with a
husband ” We gtu a high tea. D? house
One of the most wouderfn) examples was crowded. Ebervtusly iujoyed 1ns- story of a bxikseller who. ou receipt of
of vegetable growth sod fecundity is ■elf ou de uuspislious i«\ia»iou, aad de a ccpy of an uncut book, wr ite the fol­
illustrated by tlie Asiatic pempenon. A grand »void up waa when de police bore lowing to the publisheri “ I bars re­
single seed plauled on the grounds of de do-cosh us foiuis of tw o well known ceived the b ok« yon sent. < toe of them
Feud Father— If |>oor papa were to
(Urlin Botanical society propagated society uien to d-i Bastille. Officer, da is not bound properly Two.if the edges
die, you'd have no papa.
(tide sud bottom) are left roaglq-eud un­
a vine which grew to be as large as a yo'r dooty I”
Little American— You bet I wmald, man's body in nine weeks. Il grew to a
The i fit. e t d i d ' l , and the family went cut, w hile toe other edge of ilk? leave» I
•‘•‘ “ 'Igbty aoon get me an- total Iruglh of nearly WOO feet and rip­ in nod weut to lied — M Q. i . h 1 iu De­ (top) is qnt an I gilded. Shall I lake U ’T'lT ’ J* - •
otber-^^Uir agent.
troit Free Ihc-.a.
I at half st ice or rttaro j.t?”
ened over bOtl.OOU «««is
I *