The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, December 18, 1896, Image 2

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    T H E
• r ' K a w i í «vgxT m m
x v s . i i i í
—a t —
riM SM TB,
K n e n lc s
L m M* CoChTV,
P resident Cleveland 1> m »eat to con-
|r«M hl» last annual m essage *• «*»«*
. -
a il
K xb .
Wilke» has
Mr. B. F.
From Chicago T r f iJ ,'» '
p-ireliass l a
e x ecu tiv e of ’. lie U n it* ! State». T he te!inl aB,| „ iig m uf th e Polk
O *MO* j>aper w qu ite long, treating of v a rio u s uieu,
space to the condition of affaire
ia Ou- *n“P-
for a -
Preparations are being m ade —
ba end th in k s th e
U n ited S tates C hristm
as tree at tho Fiddle c re e k
would not be ju stiflel in racogn itirg
school house.
J. W . B ounds
s B ugen»,
O te. the independence of tho Cubans n o w ,
The m ail bus failed to get through
F ba XX ItoGzra t
I G ardiner, Cre. thou gh it a n y r e ia tim e. H e aaye on tim e th is week
P erhaps oti a t-
the r s tits of exam in in g th e applicants count of high water.
I itm inform ed that Mr. Norton who
for certain consular positions have been
E v o s k f ta sa o a to have another pape
been liv in g on t h e M il e » p la c e (or
H . W Hose w h s published tiie Mixtera* twa, ttciai
several m onth s haa »old hi* crop nml
tor at Cottage G rove-L eoiall for a few governm ent during the year endin g
hoiteeho'd goods to Mr B. F. W ilkes
m onth » has secarad cewtrol of th e June 80, 1894, a s -e -d th e r e e lp t s for and taken his departure.
«1 A b plant and j i a p i s . s acen to the sam e tim e by |25,flOS 3»5 70. Our
Messrs. Dlilard Price an 1 Fred K a n
e ter t a rnpubUcan paper.
| Im ports and exports both show an in- of Dallas are here cam ping oh th e i.igis-
' creuse in ttie past year. Statistics show lami ; they uro i rapping and inei'lem aily
T a * M o n a of Florence s « seem to be th a t U,» U n ited States has produced looking lor li.m ,ertea,i». Mr. K m re-
Il In
i a favor of retaining R«v. I. G. K n otts ajw u, onc-fourtli o) tiie gold and one turned In D..da* th is w e e k .
sell Ids propers there lie will purchase
no p a s t « of th e Preabytoriaa church,
„4 t in silver p rolacad in the
a farm in
th is
neighborhood. 'Hiesi-
I It la to be hoped that tlio necessary wari(j ¡B jgpg. That part devoted to gentlem en are very favorably im pressed
salary w ill be raised as it would hs hard t[ja subject of im m igration is worthy of with the i'»niitrv.
to find others w he cWOid fill th e places
atten tion .
sh ow s
th e
1 aum ber of im m igrants landoJ last year
is greater hy 84,131, than tho num lier
T»D raFfflfl h ili of th e U n ited States
previous year, and including all irn- P om the In te r Ocean.
I t ) now jus one . entury since the
U a b e g o u a . t e U t o year endin g J o n . m igranl, arri; iB){ wh. M, ro M v w .
prasiden v oi tuo U nited .States iieeauie
30. IM S, » • Imported 82J.871.748 p ou n d .
n flJ
a pr zo e t;e fought for. W ashington
« 0 t e M 0 O lM .M .S 1 7 . In th o ynnr en d - M lg a in , t 26.37 per cent tl.a v o .r to -
w as osa ... wo I, but not ready a n ta g o n ­
» . » « « . «*«■ i “ P °rM •»
, ore. The country send in g the high est
ismi. 1.1 1796 a not» J o n Adam s got 71
672,861 107 poonds v .lu o d at ft» .* propon ion
im u r a „ . ¡ , Portugal w ith
6 3 > ,5 4 3 .-Or«go* dprfw fturfsi.
¡77.69 p e r , en t, then
T n i I owa Prohibitory G igaret’e law Per cent, Russia with
Seem s ta be knocked e a t
Tha tobacco “nJ ■“ 0,1 to 8w ''d*“
w ith 54.59
Votes aud
T il
J e .tersoli 67,
country w itnessed tue beginning of po­
cen t l i t i c i sir.fe on a national scale over one
° n ‘y E l8 particular price. During (n is first of
troat boa « ocovorw l that th e S la t , law P "
bo Otrioacod because it interferes
law . .
__ lh a lataratata eotBinerre law
•b ip m ettta ef cigarette» w ar. ra. eivad
■ •
i m
from N«w York and Mid in nrijiittul five-
c oat potk ages.— E xch an ft.
T M ntjOMcnoM su it brought by a D e­
troit aooE
w ere going through an
avenue of trees and there was noliody in
sigi.t lie leaned forward on l i e handle
bar and kissed m e!"
••W hy, th at was dangerous w asn’t it?
Ii v<>,, had sw erved ever so little the
m achine would have upset and thrown
you both off.”
’'Yea hut I did n't sw erve.”
U m
a Prima Donna So Charmed aa
A kac ricaa Audience.
Hou. A Oalicy H ull w r ite so f ' ‘ W hen
Jenny Lind Sau« In Oastle Gnrdcu, ”
| or -fbe L adies’ H om e Journal. Of her
g rg, appearance—her first song— ill
A m erica and the unprecedented euthu<
siasm cho aroused Mr. H all entertain-
iu gly and graphically w rites: “ Hark to
the voice! ft is beginning the first bar
i t ‘Casta D iva,' front ‘N orin a.’ The si­
lence in tlio and 1 eno« ia intense. Sha
has snuu nuly 11 few burs of the m atch­
less cavatin a before a!! m usic lovers
recognize that w h ilo other artists havfl
endeavored n m ake som ething or.t of
‘Casta D iv a ,’ Jenny Lind is emi**'dying
it. There i s the gradual growth of sos-
lenuto, then rhythm ic n iidu laiing, now
high n o u s, s s trium phs of pure exprts-
f on, and not of m erely physical m arvel,
and finally birdlikeecstusy c i trills. Be­
fore her is an abyss of hush, into w h ich
she pours th at voice, the very soul of
song. She ceases, and tim id ly— not
proudly— bow s and is 1, tiriu» whtui the
audience, not conteut w ith m aking the
o tu a j Am erican dem and for an encore,
arises cu masse, aud repeats w ith four-
fold energy and epirit the alm ost frantic
ilcnious I ration w itli w hicti it jireetcJ
j euny Lind upon her entranco. The an-
dienen ia literally w ild. N ever has a
singer sostirri d her listeners before. Thfi
thunderous applause keeps up for m any
m inutes, u n til tha audience eecins e x ­
‘‘Trained m usicians aro praising fh<J
fluency and precision of Jen n y’s chro­
m atic scales. One is em phasizing w hat
he term s ‘the inspireei v ita lity of L ind’a
v o ice,' aud the unanim ous verdict seems
to be th at never w ere heard in conceit
room sw eeter tones. Even w h ile haired
veteran*, w ho have listen ed to M alibrau
and her sist«r Viardot, or to G risi, or
^ f,e ja¡(]e tiem i jp, a n pronounce Jen-
com pany to restrain the of the governm ent was for pensions
fight really began. By that lim e Jeffer­
U n it* ) States agricultural departm ent aIJ(j mB;n t»ining the pension depart
son had liis forces Well in nan I, yet lie
|poa» Ha annual diatribulion of pum pkin 1JH.a t
£iv. ( , i u atten tion to tha debt
w h s confronted by an Ansalo n fiefoie - e
•aada apd aneb, Will hardly auccaed in OI-
Pacific railroads and th in k s
was through w itii Bad-. Aaro i B irr of
)tt purpose, bwt H w ill m c e more air the g0;ae gU pt a|,o u | j io o n be taken to
his own party was im p atien t. H e could
foolbib and neodleoa waate of tho p e e - ga v # tiie governm ent from further loss
nut wait f r tu s uutfij.* of th s Declara­
pio'a nMMWP bp congress ia an effort to kUh» daht is not paid . H e think»
tion of ludepwndence to lie uou ired with
“ m ake itsslf aolid ,” and thu s h elp era- th at tha present tariff law would yield
eig h t or four years m t ie presid en cy,
ata a aentim rnt th at w ill put » ,t 0 P to enough revenue to m eet tiie exj,cnees of
and he ca ne very near cu r ry ia i o f to » a y Lm d the superior of those old tim o
tho governm ent were it not for the de-
H.—JHarirt K « i m ,
H ovantyinreo to soveaty-tu ree «>“ « angels lu realm s consecrated by
L , ■ -. -
I pre«»Ion in business prevailing through-
B aiut C ecilia. "
was tho » a y the electoral cullege vote
•aMM is again candidate for out t he cau m ry. H e is in favor of
sto o l, A dam s com ing m third w ith j
paaaidaBt of tho stato s c ia t o . H it retiring th e greenbacks and suggests
six tv -eig h t. If Burr nad iud j u i ino.-rf
ooaapctitors aro A, J . Johnson of L iao
bonds for Hint purpose,
Awful Experlrnea ef a Cliirago L^an fn a
vote, or in the house of rdpra.-eiitanves,
MUsOuri Uotcl.
rea lity and L. L. Patarsoa of M arion,
where the draw w h s se ttle i, had be, u
"T h e r e n t o,»aKiccah a experience i».
T bo namoa of tbo follow iag reprosenta-
successful, ttiis country would have had tny trnveh, " « lid the taan from Chi-
Hooa are spoken of in conectioa w ith
, tf
. ,
t » _ : ..
oat?o, " w a s w hen I awakened in flic
a ....................
very different tiiatory;
U nion rnidcla c l the n igh t in a M issouri hotel
’ tnn ..................
tb o sponsorship. O so. W . R iddle, of
County School rtuperiatcadent, C, 8.
m ight have ueeti shattered before it had end beard n chain clunk in m y room. I
•aw glaa coan ty ; H eory L. B -nton. of H un t, :s arranging for a local teacl.rrs'
fa.riy beeu cem ented. T hat was a d on ’t know w h ether it i i tho (uwociatinu
t J o h n M . Soiuar», of L a n ; in stitu ts i© ha held at Junction City on
of a cla n k in s rhaiu that m akes tho
narrow escape fro a a tert',ole, one aoued co dism al or tbe mere fact e f be­
J . M. Brawn, df Morrow ; and Jonath an «lie last Saturday ia January. Prof.
little appreciated until tiie cuara l«r of in g uw u k c.ed by a noise that chows tho
rna, Jr„ of M nltm om ah.
H u n t ia m aking tlia in stitu tes general
presence tJ som ething liv in g , t u t I
Burr cam e to be know n.
H e was a
don't knuw c f n m ore unpleasant uwak-
th rou gh '»* tiie county and w ill licdd
. I jo i tig m an of fas» isu litig w ays aud brìi- r a in s.
W h i c h i s tha rourae of true econom v 6 or 10 during tha c u r s e of . . tho
year. '
“ I snt tip in ted , br.t could aca noth­
toe tbo people of F lorence? To raise y ne |lM a ir(fSMjy been held at Spring- ‘**n l i>* rl,,•
ing, for the rcotn w as as dark as a pock­
tb o HtfflTT a t — and baild a acliool U ., » __,
___ _ m u . . . u
.u _
! T oe n ext m em orable con test was the
et, ned my heart thum ped w ith suspense
field and other» will be held at tlio m ost
. 1 one which once m ore put in tn s hands oi as 1 heard tbut weird clank, clnnlt,
wbtlo m aterial and lal,or aro central , points
in tha cou n ty.—G uard.
(dank, accom panied by u strange sh u f­
«w * * r 10 e ’ ‘
ehaap, or to w ait tw o or throe years and , W . - r . glad to hoar thia a . it 1. pomi- co“ ’ r—
flin g noise that w as qu ite a i niysfcrinu«
p M k a b ly p a y a » n e b l.ig h .r price tor
tb at r r o ,v i. , r H uBt wiU vOM|dtfr That w a s ,» 1824. w..«n t..r»o great char- and bnfifiiug. I reached under a y pillow
aud drew cut m y ” —•
“ R evolver?” suggested tbe man who
b oth fa their education from w b ete
vftunty. I , m ay n ot ho in tha can- fr o n t-J a c b so n , p ol.ti a. o r g .n .x e r;
finishes everybody’s eeuteuces
th e y wonld otborwiaa ba, u> say n oth in g u r # | Ui# e<. uWy but th i, *
tllB 1Ilore John Q hncy A Ia ns, t >a ac.w lar io po.-
“ N a w , my w h isk y fla-k. I took a
• f r . n n . n g a risk of in ju ry to a
why U . houia
in for . Hies, »ml H .n ry Olay, the m ost m agneuc p u ll that w ould have m eda m e w ife
g iv e m e a tem perance lecture if the
tboir boaltb from tha unsanitary vo»««1- , Una, m .lilu ta , a . teachers on tha But.- Pol‘tie“l loader thia c u n t r y ever had,
could have ter n w e ” —
a i oto
d noase
kn aM r f
. law m u lt spend
. . a week , , a ..
. . a o l sx cep r lin g - Jam es G. B iain s or
“ A ud w h et bicutno c f it?”
tton n
e l l 1 toe
tim e an a a near-
“ The w hisky? ’
i ,i
W illiam M ;K im ey. From th at tim e to
I ly a m onth a wages to attead the county ,
“ N o, no, tho clan k in g ghost.*'
l r te prapneed in tom e quarter» to .
, i.
hi» deatu, atiuut a q la n e r of a century,
“ tVell, I f e llr f f ta sle ep u fter aw hile,
— e-
ma» ,tu te in Eugene, w h ile teacher» living
nCer a Mate bounty of one ren t per .
. .
. ,
: the Whig» of tue country could not give and when 1 pot cp in the m orning and
in th e vicin ity of Ju n ction , Springfield,
ponnd an bast »agar
th a t nltall ^ 1 ! ¿ b u r g 7 'o 7 e M w .u ’ .n d O o tU g . 'u rov. “ I“ « - » « ? « •< ---------
------------ ’-------- investigated, I found out w h at it w aa ”
"A m aniac?”
aaanufactored in Oregon. It is poa-
V an half the e x - »°-v iB “ ‘e W“ iUi UuUW’
“ N o ; I w:i* tbo on ly mr.niao It was
! can attead it w ith la
It waa in 1840 that the m ost m em or­ curled np under m y ted, chain and all,
e»ble tb a l tbia fostering rare is b est
I pensa and a leas oi m uch l e u liina.
able cam paign, as a cam p lign , was w it­ and it turned out to be n pet coon that
foe tba industry, bat it is doubtful,
the hotel people ow ned and v, bieh hud
nessed in tuia country. I l waa a cam ­ escaped from its quarters ntid found its
do grant an increase nt taxation »a
tb e state would task s tha industry
paign of song and hurrah.
Ila iriso u w ay to m y room. But I w ou ld n't put in
and would work disaster
was wafted im o tha ex ecu tiv e olfice on »nother n igh t lik e that for a f.trui uud
AH w ho are, or expect to be, interested
w ood lo t i” — St. l.o u is Republic.
tw o
yoara. All in thia
m ,*«« w ill be glad to know th a t tbe w in .» of auag. V ery crude those
A Cncek Tor S700.
ara aarnaatly i s favor of .»tab . 1!e iry N
- l h , W M l.m gtoa tD . O, * » » - • • * » “ • * . “ <* “ >ey at.rred the
caca n comcaiiau w ho e t t -
j a factory hot tlio protection land lawyer, h a . revised Oopp’a P ro.- ‘»•^t.- of tu« praplo *nd were vote-
financed Edw ard E Rire. E larllin g nr
aisowlfl coma fram tha general gov-
th e statem ent racy seem , it is neverthe­
povtor'a Muniini. Tue m ineralogica! part
arsM ont and not from tba state, except af th eto jrk has boea allouai entirely re-
The n e x t m em orable cam paign was less Irne I hut w hen th is farceur retired
from Mr. R ire s ccm pany ho owed the
p m k a ra th at th e sta te m ight properly w riu „ by a Ojior<ldo a i o in i| engin ecr, tw enty years later, w u ea tue Heart* at
manngrr 6700. To Mr. R ice ihe courii-
•so m a t
m illa
from t a a s t i o n .1
who hoe lia I years uf e x p jn e n s as a the iNNiple were set on tire hy the torch yjon Was not alene o n o r a si— it w asalao
irksome. One m orning, w hen lie was
X ooa U m acre» sn ln vatad ta beets pruapector, asaavar And su p erin ten d en t oi ll*s W ide-Awakvrs
„ ,
, . .
fr ettin g under it. he learned that tho
m igh t
ba released
from taxation.
Each cam paign sin e then has had its aclor j,atj gecuirj a jjrst (a te engr.gc-
of m inee and Unita ) States surveyur.
B a t a a u to oon aty of one rant per
sensatiunai features, hut was not so m e ut nt a largo salary. He sat dnv u
The hook it a popular treatise on assay
and w
letter, C»ishing
powod saama ob jeclien ab le.— f/iUx&ore ing aad im nsralogy, a a l w ill be found broadly individual a . 1766, 1824. ISiO, X
. d rote
e m . au
“ " for
an immer,iato
rem it
eoerytb in g. baaidra putting tha children
The president th in k , the what wo trust w ill be a long series of
departm ent Should he m ade self
centuries, there have been hut few cam -
•uppwr*'«*» "**“
pal^n , ut a,| ,.<,uiparabla to the ,,ne now
chargee o» aacohd cUaa m atter to bring
m vlu.ilvuirntf uut, nune tluU
'fib** BuiiiktMr of li^nHiouvrfl
o-n a-a voa‘^ etjaal it in real vacitemeuL, Kept
on the hat Jun e 36, 1804, was »70.478
up to tiie very lust.
tha greateat num ber ev.-r reported
T ie first conical was not m uch of a
Nearly one third the entire exp en se contest. It was not un til 1806 th at the
“ W lien we
F lon .n,.e o n , o, , tl.
W Btrs, p.,int. oi actera in Am erican nistory camo to the
a sioi t o a d w io w ish to discover m ines.
The first part of
N ow th a t tho tim o la draw ing near
w h en tha eownty oanrt eansidera m at-
U o ile d
g iv o ,
B lairs m ining law s and regula-
lationv, how to locato and survey a m in-
claim ,
18<W> ”r lsa 8
tho ,u r
T .iese five cam paigns are
»• »U nd out w ith apocial prorni-
IB P01^ 1' *1 Kanal«.
GOOD dfILL 1,4 B Jo
N E -S -
funns and m uch I
valuable in fo rm a tics. Tiie prieo is 50
W hat is called m e *‘ m o o ,1 WiU of a
,-vats at the princip al book stores, or oi huviness is i. erelv tiie cu m u lative etis* t
•OSS rand dratTK-ta nod changing tba tho aatliar
, of con tin u ity. 8o w itli an ad. tiie longer
I af old oa,-», and appoints tha
it run* the greater its value. A business
that lia<l l>ccn continued lor fifty tea rs
a tha anauing year, would
would lose its good w ill in tw elve rnonti »
16 a a l
» gaod p iaa ta mak j an »Ran
if on. e stopped, and very few men would
. .. __ . . .
.u - a -
l a B ara Ihn sMp af F torem a declared a
A dispatch from 8eattlo to tho B in cara , a
u„ M.„ |o r it. O n .• ad vert«,n g
panB Btotriot bp tha* uourt? If wo mako Francia, • O lironids says
is stopped, its cum ulative odovt is mat,
t a n p s r lr lr —| to tha sstabliah m aat of
lh»a afBart a a d aaucaod tlMre w ill bo no
Tha owners of tlio Am erican schooner and to e longer it rem ains dead the
s a n ia n ' i" tx ta tho caaatito- Jam e» U. 8w an have Inst tlieir case ho- hardvr it will l-e to m ake it s tis c 'itr
when started again — F.iaiars* / , * .
lAp flf th a t part of our city abartor ^ r# |l|# u n ite d Stato» D istrict Oourt
• —
» BncinrM tho city a rand fliotrict— an(j w ll, |w tO,i,pelled to turisit tho voo- anmmwM«iBini.iiiiiniiiBiii. ... mi ■
•M trawhto hotwoon tim city n»*r-. e>l
v.olatlng tho sea lia g town. T i m
th o rand raporvieor.
Moro ( a#a — B|^ „ 4 y a noted ono. as it ia the
*Ms thflra w ould bu uo lurtlw r
leitirarab ain flu rd ared
RggaaB th e ri«F l i m i « « werk uut
« M « raud ta a .
jrf| |1(na aB
^ ^ ^ p jo iu
for illegal
achoouer baa
B acarraar O saL isia ro. oin menda an
Imo BauM fairly w B h • • >• lh i* » * >Mr
n aupnrvi- appropriation of |1 4 0 .0 )0 for th e W ill-
«hu wW
teki»« |X»« ter
•avfwitot ' BirjcW
»n Amerit i « coort.
Our prauaM auparvMur
Z L T .-^ a n iS tn d
T h e r e is n o p a te n t o n
Dut m an u L c-
g o od n ess.
tu re rs d o n o t m a k e
ra s o ie » « u»d Y am lnll n orra iu Orag-m.
—---- 1— u - - s . -I— tak e» «ars of tu
SO g o o d
a s S c h M n ^ 's B :s f.
b e c a u s e m o s t p e o p le lik e to
be hum bugged.
it J
wkS th a t? ’
. . Yeg> Harry and j w. n t out riding oa
n tandem last even in g, anil he gave m e
Co. gentle- iUeb a fright 1 have hardly got over
even y e t.”
j subject», bu t v o a u ia s little th at ia very
Q iite « nmnhi-r of people in thia vi-
H e devote»
conaulerahla »unity lout their potatoes by the c-id j
Ö Ö « a tÄ « rs» n .
ul B ov. S u o tts and w;fa,
T 91L T C 0O 3 TALK .
I I the rose Bod knew h"W mock litter
It 1* than the »street »os».
Would it Bast» to »ufolti ‘ h* pet*1’
T h at never again may cloee?
I I the birdtt , : knew how much safer
Is its neat than the world outside,
W ould it t * »•» e<h<“r *J Pluole iw wings,
&» restless t ill they are tried!
W e Desire to Make SpeeJy Sales,
W illing to Take S M A LL
Rules Are Such
Th» «tate legi
lein, J a a . H ’- 1“,
A fine Bue oi
recaived at Me>
N asal cat.iT ',
by th e use o I)
Supsrvircr D
to Laave no Questiona»
Little minds arc ta iled and sub,hied
min is
A now lot of
thia week.
Dr. Sh, op'* C
io tw an ty m ina
US, And You Can Do So.
by in ¡»fori une, hut great
The Florence
|f You Want to Save Money TRADE W IT H
O.eVeroes« is a sort of a geoiu s for in-
it tho brain oî
In Many Casos None Whatever.
And the b ,y osu« gird -m h l* »rmor,
And elitbu t il l pince tu ..lie's fray;
He who would nt the sad be emwne-i victor,
here nut huger or fe in t by the wey
stru uental.ty.
I at tii«
>ty, O:
Nay! tho hiastv of t h i a i i u i t dahed
Lies ro t ¡11 t'u-.ia<etve* alone,
But lu prsiaiie 1*1 a.i«uktu ->r sweetness,
111 the future to be their own;
Fur the r ,xe must blo jm if it ever knows
Of its short sweet life the best;
Au-1 the Bird l i n t 0 ice has tried Its wings
Is never ceuteai in its nest.
fr s
Is An Old S ta n d W ith A n Up To D a te Stock of
I f the buy knew h >w very pleasant
Seem tlw first lleetiux >'««’ >’* li,e -
To the men who weary amt care worn
U hl the w irW’s ever changing »trite,
Lo oi Back w ith tender regretful thought»,
Co • boyhood'» Onae a id friend»
Would he colds the y e ir , lo r paining dew ,
Or re) nee wUeu eactt one ends?
L as
C ash
a t wurk oa i tit-
w eak.
Don't buy yo
y„ii saaaaine tt
A K yle'«-
Th e devil I,»,
week and ' | l*
little short ei i
For im purity
order uve Dr
Irnu. A s u re I
above it.
The common mind is the 'rue Parian
m arble,
f it
fM O S E
to he wrought into likeness
Sh ould Call and O btain
to a Goii.
‘•There is m any a m an whose tongue
.night govern multitude« if he could
only govern his tongue,”
Tiie best part of our knowledge is that
<Jo tu H m ,
you buy y<-ur
yott «IB "ul 1,1
leave* o l and ignorance begins.
How easy it is for one benevolent be­
" ‘ HURD &
« II
T he A d - »
tb e quest c u ''
a acieutific t
ing to diffuse pleasure »11 around him!
and how truly is
kin 1 heart a fountain
of gladness, making every thing in i s
vi unity to fresde i into sm iles!
life are scattered
enam eling
the vales
human beings, ns the flowers paint the
m eadows.
They are not the fruit
Keeps a full line of Extra Q uality
Ex-qui-eu 1.
rtveil in 8.‘>> l
on her way 'i » i
aro loaded
Ban Fran, im u
sotfii-ienti v su
gle tu e m t
ntuney wu.i, h
awarded t- Si
study, nor the priv'lege of refinement,
hut a natural insiini't.
8ttrely happiness is refie tive like t
light of h eaven ; and every countenance
bright with sm iles, and glowing with
innocent enjoym ent, is a mirror trans­
m itting to other« the rays of supreme
and ever-shining benevolence.
The thought* of a d«ep, loving heart ,
or. the wings of a poetic fan e), can nev­
Goods as Raprossnted.
Prices W ill be Four.d Reasonst'i
Knowles &. C ettys,
clou Is that lower over it, or the sunny
spot of earth that lies at our feet. We
cannot fix these glea ns bv any pro e-s
of language. We can only feel that
lieauty, with tim e and eternity.
It is the bubbling stream which flows
gently, the rivulet w ,ich runs along day
and night hy tiie farm house, that ia
useful, r ither than the swollen flood or 'hST'f
roaring cataract.
Niagara excites
wo idsr. and ws stand amazed at the
power an 1 gretines» oi G i l thare, as
po irs it fro n t ,e -‘Hollow of his ban I. ’
roes S a w e d to Order
B a to n s Xi.i;ara is tuougli for a continent
or a world while t is *a no world rs- j
quires thom an Is an I tens of tu >usan is
of silver fountain«, an 1 gently !1 iwing i
rivulets, that water every
witli their gentle quiet, beauty. So with
the acts of our lives.
It it not hy great
Lata rep.;
(ie n . W e y le r
W as W O iinde
tila t Muve 1
ia thougiit tc
B lieum * I.-
t a d in oi'iei
to Bonn „I »
la tho bl.."d
Uaro due* ti.
Unar-1; i
half laterc*t
pries tu lu.* i
Tnurp w i ll ,1
tootiua i u i i
Ooutitv S ,
B . B ui to
Il v .
me i.low, an i every garden, an I that J
shall flow on every .lay and every night, '
niiefs u nr,
Wtirtfl pr- n, i ’i
t b « . ' A t ti e
P R E 3 I3 E N T .
an I
B f.iiu 1
I’he Siuslaw River Lumber Col
« I
T he! 1’e r k i i
W ashington
B i a liaiiri-quart
M ìlll.W S ,
C ounty p e p -
er he overtaken by words. They ficsii
through us, as we sit alone, gating
either on ¡lie distant horiaon, the bright
Warrei. Ni,
M eauu* 1
r> I
A cm e,
r s s o
tim e,
E X r n
deeds, like those of tiie martyrs, that
goo I is to be done.
It ia by the daily,
quiet virtues of life, the gentle temper,
1 1« goof qualities of relatives, and
j fr e n Is. au I all. t i lt, goo 1 is tu 1 e d one.
This ii th s complaint ef
thousands at this ssason.
They have no sppstlte; food
does so t relish an* o ft.a fail* to ai-est
cauiing savers .offering. Such p,’o Du
nesd tue toning up of the stomach sod
organs, which a course of Hood’s
r (,eck for 7o0. " In due EaisapariUe w ill g lv , theiB. n , „ o
oooroe he r,ceivrrl a ccm m uuiration by bes aud cnrlsbea the blood, cur.« ihat dis-
trens after eating sad
m ail containing a heavy m etallic disk.
T iie letter r ea d :
I n tc -n a l M isery
“ Deer N ed— Tear» received. Find Only a dyspeptic c .a knew, creates ta
inclosed, as rwjue«trd, check for TNI.”
apps.ite, evercortiet that tired fueling ,„ d
Tbe m etallic disk waa a C ., B. os Q. builds ap and su.tains the whole physics!
railroad baggage check numbered 706 syiteas. It so promptly .„ d effectively
^»Nevr York H erald
relieves dyspeptic symptoms tod cares
aervuus bcsdschrs, that it seems to have
C r l t l a a Ready F ee a F igh t.
alm ost ‘ a magic touch.”
On tho w ay to Rh-bmond bherman
O 's tr e s s A fter S a tin g .
poid h ot slig h t atien ticn to ilresa, but
I bare besn troub'.sd with Indlgsstloa
w hen he did tho stuff knew sasuethii-g
w as going io happen. “ Tbcre is going for soma time. After m tlng anything
fl’ h | tor!» 5 7 7 « rc , •• wiul Oolcual U u t was sweet I was sura to experlsnes
great difficulty and distress. Last fill I
A udcurcid c f tho staff cue uirreiug.
“ ilo w can yo u U l l : ” asked a ccm- began taking Ho d's Sarsaparilla sad aw
glad to say that ray stomach trouble has
“ «'hy. roan, tbe gen eral’s over there entirely dlssppesrsd. I een cow oat a
hearty meal of almost say kind of food
by the firo p u ttin g cu a »lean ro lln r."
T hat day C b oru w w itb « 0 cannon fell and have an trouble afterwards. Hood’s
in t o tho h an d s c f th s m n y — Imuran Sarsaparilla hs* siseeursd mt at a.rvon .
h .
H oxaioH avaan
cars» prove
provs that
------------, low s. Bach i-ursa
A F rooch savan t think s that t y the
year tOuO a sp iritual tbam istry w ill
have been <li««ovarrd that sh. uid rutire-
ly i bang« lium ua cm are. T h is w ill tc
Itreatly Hoe to e lu u istry H ih t ng tbw
h, a t c f the snu k id lapping t. u central
giobe. Ouuer
Uuuer tbe
beat <4 tt» g.©**.
tba, reign ut
¡* * • ^ - * N «»b «0a. Tros Bkwd Partie.
chem istry the earth, we are told, w l l
Pr.par^ by ç y
h e r o u e a vast p lsasare garden and tli.
Analieiin (.
fur Ida nw n
bow cat
C A R M A N ’S
Djy Coods,^c,3Mr¡9í * and pioti«"*
Just O pened.
G o o d s a s R e p re s e n te d