The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, December 11, 1896, Image 4

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¡® M w
C et
C h ristm as
G ifts
-A -IsT D
l.n g llsh Drinking; Kong*«
T h e best ef th eE n g lish drin k in g Fongs
•Mere w ritte n by th e (irainutintn of tin)
««vclitretith century, men w ho trolled
■nut tin if rigorous M litin n u t s , linked
«w cetly togetln r in flowing verso, w ith ­
out the sm allest th o n g h t c r fear <f
«hocking anybody. F rankly indecorous,
■they invite the w hole w ide vve.rid to
elrink w ith them , io em pty tho fiiiui-
m ing taukard passed from hand to hand
and to rrcl homo through the frosty
■treets, w here the' w atchm an grins at
th e ir unsteady steps, and q u iet sleepers,
»w akened front dull dream s, echo w ith
drow sy sym pathy the last sw elling ca­
dence of th eir uproarious song. W here
th ere is no public sentim ent to defy
avert Lacchannliau rioters and •baeclm-
li.lia n verses cease to bo defiant. W hat
.edm irahlo good tem per and sincerity in
F le tc h e r’s generous im portunity 1
Drink today and drown all sorrow;
Vov «ball perhaps not do it tomorrow.
He«*, while you have it. two your breath;
Thi ro is no drinking ufo r d* »th.
Then let ns sw iil, hoys, for our health.
Who drinks well loves the commonwealth.
And ho that will to lied no sober
Falla witli the leaf, still in October.
Upon th is song successive changes
h a v e been sung, u n til now its v ariations
jtre bew ildering, and to it wo owe the
«war popular und u tterly indefensible
glee roared c u t for generations by m any
a in .ty ta v o ru chorus:
Hr who yoea to tied and go«.« -to bod sober
Fnlla aa the leaves do and dies in Cctnlwr,
Jtut he who got a to tied and goes to bed mellow
f.lvsa aa ho ought to do and dies uu honest
— Agnes R epplier in A tlantic.
S o lid ifie d P e tro lc u o t.
Clover* un <! feliamrock.
E n g lish clcv rrs are Irish shnir.roek.
P erhaps no g reater m yth exists titan that
relatin g to th e .h u m ic, k. S t. P atrick
would find clover in alm ost all p arts of
Ireland, as he would iu E ngland, nnd
it v.r.s a fittin g emblem of the T rinity.
.Constquei’.tly there is little doubt that
he used it as an illu stratio n . How the
little fiction th a t it is a d is tin c t p lant
and w ill grow o n ly iu Irelan d has been
m ain tain ed so long seems inccmpre-
hensible unless it is duo to th e pccnl-
lirity of E nglishm en w hen regarding
i iohi tilings Irish.
It is alm ost as uh-
ta rd ns regarding L ever’s d iam eters as
typical of the Irishm an of today, prob­
ably of any day, i s ha appears to have
had us g reat u g en iu s in in venting ch ar­
acters ns in inventing stories. Ireland
largely owes its clorern and sham rocks
i to its limestone. A round D ublin, wlirro
: limestone is not vel-y prevalent, the in ­
ferior type of clover, the yellow trefoil,
1 is commonly em ployed as a badge, its
convenient shape, ow ing to its lop root,
rendering it convenient us u buttonhole
i In lim estone d istricts the w h ite clo­
ver is more comm only used, though
there in no definite rule, as is shown by
tin- specimens collected by natives in
nil parts of Ireland now to be seen in the
D ublin niusenm. These specimens wi re
allowed to go to flower, and four dis­
tin ct varieties o f clover nrare prest nted,
each frequently. Even the large lid
clover is included. T here is no other
p lant show n, Lrcuuso there is no other
shamrock. Tito m ytli is destroyed, hut
• th e clovers rem ain, and it is due to
th eir presence th a t tho Irish pastures are
m rich and so vuluuhlo fi r grazing.
They havo ttcee. m il larid fe rtility , ami
they have di.lie so ill E ngland. Tin re-
fore th eir p ro c u re in law ns m ust not
¡lot regarded as p re ju d ic ia l.— London
; Standard.
'Au Im itative M onkey,
Olio of the drollest instances of th«
m onkey’s kceuuc.-s of obscrvation and
power c f m im icry th a t we have met
w ith is the follow ing: A retired adn i-
ral and his w ife liv in g at C heltenham
had u favorite n oukey. One e.ay the
lady, h earing a strange noise in tlio
dining room, looked in to see w h at it
was. Tbo sight w hich met her ryes w as
a ludicrous ono. Heated in the arm ­
chair, w iili the a d m ira l's sm oking cap
t i his head and the ad m ira l’s specta-
t l e a r n his nose, was tlie monkey, and
iu Lis hand w as the open newspaper,
w hich lie shook and patted, w hile ho
jabbered and gesticulated w itli great
emphasis a t th r e a t, w hich lay blinking
on the h e a rth ru g . It w as a clever and
carefully studied im itatio n of the testy
old a d m ira l's tone and m anner when
leading to his w ife some passage from
1 io new spaper w hich excited his w rath
or indignation.
It is strange th a t so little attem p t is
made to u tilize this strong im itativ e
faculty in monkeys. They m ig h t easily
tie trained to perform as atbletes and
acrobats. Some 50 years ago an Italian
count, w ho had it villa oil the shore of
Lake Albano, kept a monkey w hich ho
hud tau g ht both to row and sail a email
■kiti. The monkey used to navigate this
tiny c raft w ith grout skill, b u t u nfor­
tunately one day, when (lim bing tho
m ast, ho capsized the b ra t and w as
drowned As jockeys, monkeys m ig h t
surely be m ade useful and w ould fulfil
every purpose for w hich tlio m anikins
who rid e on ra re horses are artificially
stunted and sw eated.—C ham bers’ J o u r­
Many thousand dollars
worth of valuable articles
suitable for Christinas
gifts for the young and
old, are to be given to
smokers of Blackwell’s g
Genuine Durham To-
You will find
one coupon inside each
two ounce bag, and two
coupons inside each four
ounce bag of Blackwell’s _
Durham. Buy a bag of f
this celebrated tobacco
and read the coupon—
which gives a list of val­
uable presents and how
to get them.
Three ★
Stars in
ivernor i .
iretary of Slat
.reasu rer. . .
lapt. Public I us
Itate P rin ter
Attorney Gen er
And The
î 2 Œ .' ai ö
ïupretue Com t
an d
e tz n c i.
S O I E N - C E S Í X « ? '"
W ith
> 1
■ ft
Clerk ..........
S h eriff.........
T reasurer
gulmnl S ipw ¡a
Hurveyor. •
---- „
F o r
a t
Justice of l’>
S a le
L ighthouse L ights.
T he claim some .time ago wet forth by
I ’aul d'H um y, a French naval officer,
In a scries of papers contributed to
tif having originate «1 u process for the
successful scliditleation of pttro leu m
lighthouses m Europe tho rem arkable
fo r com m ercial anil in d u strial purposes
statem ent is made th r t the lum inous
h as bten fu rth e r explained by him.
range c i a lig h t of 500,000 candle pow­
F rom th is account, sum m arized in The
er iu the M editerranean (14 m iles) is
V isib ility n t r ig h ts at N ight.
Progressive Age, it appears th at heavy
Board of ft
The resu lts ef the experim ents in equal to th a t of o,00t),000<aindlcs in the
common oil has been converted by this lig h t visib ility conducted by the in te r­ chuutiel—equal to u ratio of one to ten—
in v en to r into a solid block, ns hard as n atio n al conim iltco 'U behalf of the lienee, it is added, that, w ith tho excep­
Xone who are engaged hi any of thè m echanical
ilia hardest coal, burning slowly, g iv ­ governm ents of tho U nited States, G er­ tion of the elcctiio flashing lig h t of
in g off an intense heat nud show ing m any nnd the N etherlands have liccn P lunier, near M arseilles, of 600,000
One two story house in Florence with lot 50 x 155 feet. House
not th e slightest sign of m elting, a ton ' handed in. The G erm an section gave as candle power, the m ost pow erful n in-
studying this standard Magazine of Sciences
of such fuel representing us m any as (10 tbo distance a t w hich a lig h t of 1 can­ oral oil lig h ts recently installed on the heated by furnace. W ater handy. Eight rooms besides basement
tons of coal, and the space occupied by dle power became visible 1.40 m iles for j French, Corsican, A lgerian and T u n is­
and mechanical Arts. It is illustrated w ith
one ton of it being about three cubic a dark, d e a r nig h t, and 1 m ile f o r a ian coasts of the M editerranean do not for S1100.
feet, as ag ain st th e huge space required rainy nig h t. The A m erican experi- ■ exceed 8(5,000 eaudio power, having a
all modern cuts of latest inventions in all
fo r the coal. A t a recent gathering of tin ills show th a t a lig h t of ono canule lum inous range of about So m iles in av­
One house with lot 50 x 142 and blacksmith shop with lot.
experts, M. d 'H u m y exhibited samples power is visible a t 1 m ilo nnd one of erage w eather. On th e other band, in
the branches of mechanism, and its fund of
a F. A A M
of tlio urticle and experim ented witli threo ru n d le power is p lainly visible at the channel and in the bay of Biscay
Only blacksm ith shop in Florence. Both
Rx R ev' d o
them . On the table were several cakes 2 miles. A 10 candle power lig h t was the largest m ineral oil lights have lu ­ House is well finished.
knowledge is inseparably connected «dtb in­
Batiird^y mg
o f tbu solidified petroleum and of low i seen w itliu hinoculur at 4 miles, one of m inous powers up to about 200,000,
grade nils o f various sizes and shapes, ■ 29 a t 5 m iles, though fain tly , and ono [ and the electric lighting flash lights up for SilOO. Blacksm ith shop sold separately if desired.
ventors and mechanics.
Sold with T he
T. M. M a h o
and iu addition to the cakes there were of 113 candles at the same distaueo w ith- to 22,600,000 and 37.500,000 candles.
W est at clubbing rates.
sam ples of the sumo lu el in dry powder ont difficulty.
F u rth er, the m axim um lig h t of French
O.te q u arter section of land, heavily timbered 24 miles from store
and paste, the petroleum powder ami
To he on the safe side th e experim ents lighthouse tow ers— tliu t is, tbo height of
I *
pasta m ixed together and pressed form ­ were made w ith green light, as it lias tho focus above ground—varies from anti post oiliee and 2 miles from school house. For 8300.
« A. R '
in g a hnm ogrneous mass, w ith a great been conclusively proved th a t if a light about 50 to 70 m eters, but s< me tow ers
meet- *e
specific gruvitv, hard alm ost as stone, of tliu t color fills tlio required tests a are, of course, on very elevated posi­
of each uim ii
One hundred and sixty acres of Agricultural land 12 miles from
and, w hen burning, giving off a llatuc | red lig h t of tho sam e inten sity w ill tions, so th at, taking the h eight of the
S. I
hOO tim es its own volume and a heat more th an do so.
focus above tho sea level, the highest
M oll n ig h ns g n at as oxygen. Tests to
It w as found th a t the candle power light, th at’ of Cape B ream , is 751 fret
ilsterm lu e the ’ production of smoke or of green lig h t w hich rem ained visible above the high w ater sea level, w hile
sm ell failed to lu d io tto the em anation 1 at 1, 2, I) and I m iles was 2, 15, 01 aud its luuiinouspovvcr i s 6,000 candles and
o f eith er of these.
100 respectively. It w as noticed, hovv- its lum inous range 25 miles. This lig h t
’ ever, th u t great care had to he exercised is an oil light, and the geographical
T im e to «'Hit » U n it .
in th '1 »election < f the shade of the col­ rauge, or direct visibility of such lights
T h e s e offers are m ade for a short
B. E.
T he v ital statistics clerk fe lt rath er or, so as to give the m inim um ilitcrfer- on high elevations, is usually in excess
th a n heard his visitor enter I lie office. , enee w ith the intensity of the light. of tIn ir lum inous range, the n verse of
tim e only an d those who wish to be­
He looked up from the desk and Iu hold The sliade adopted is a c h a t blue green. this, however, being comm only th e case
com e ow ners of Real E s ta te in F lo r­
» cadaverous nnd woebegone individual, Yellow and glass green should not he. . w itli electric coast lights.
in whose eyes was the feverish g litte r employed. The tests may he ( f interest
ence an d th e S iusiaw valley can not
M achinery Lubrlcutlon.
srf ohm to whose lids sleep comet li net.
to railro ad men and seaineu.—Progress- 1
This m onthly m agazine is one of the W!|
’’F(>or comm ission throe doors to tho ivo Age.
The results cf some valuable (x p rri-
afford to Ignore th e m .
l i g h t , ” said the official glibly.
nu nts ou tiie lubrication of m ach in ery ,
best printed in th is country, and isrffl
A Ainu 1 m
H ero to H is Typew riter.
” 1 don 't w an t th e poor commission.
hearings havo Isen n t lrrtli by Air.
The •. .ystery c f m en ’ll lives in the 1)( vvranee m an adtirtss l i fore the C ivil |
1 want, to see y o n ,” said the intruder,
to all subscriliers at rates withinth ;-
w itli som ething very like defiance in w orld, out of w liirii illusions are spun, Engine, rs ’ institute, London. H is ob­
h is voice and ye t w ith th a t undertone has alw ays had a g reater influence in servations show th a t olive oil becomes
ability of all to pay. I t is finely ill*
o f despair tliut aroused th e sym pathy ol d eterm ining tLo fate ef w em in I tian is black and thick after passing through
readily adm itted. To feel truuxniitteri the hearings rcveral times. T his oil,
trated and presents the names of
th e o h rk .
A complete
"A n d w h at can I do for you?” asked through the ring finger the eh etric after filtrutiou, w as composed of 16 per
as contributors. T he H
! th rill of business, of polities, of clubs, cent of oleate of lead, 9.67 per cent cf
the latter.
Description of the
“ I t Is n 't w b at you eau do for me, hut . of the still ing m oventiu ls in the life of oleate of cc id and 74.62 ¡< r i r n t c f
and the Cosmopolitan are sold
» t u t I r a n do for y o u ,” responded th< i m en, gives auy woman vaiitugo ground olive oil and glycerin, tlio oleate acid
Property w ill be given
visito r. ‘‘I ’ve been try tug to do alto ­ over others of her sex. B ut in tho actual in tho olive oil appearing to attack
diiced rates a t this office.
g e th e r too m uch, ,uid Evo got to have a ’ conimerco of business, th e ri.n n n u iitty lead, zii.c and copptr w itli great activ i­
On application
rest. 1 don’t, belong to no union, and of affairs, the w ear and tear of daily ty. Thus disks of m etals used in the
I 'm w iliin to w ork overtim e when it's life in offices and ( levators, this mystery m utinfnelute cf le e rin g s wore immersed
necessary, but I 'l l be Illumed if you vanishes. A ceuple of typew riters at iu oleate arid, occasionally draw n up
a i n ’t tro ttiu me a beat th at 'ud d is­ ‘ luncheon w ill illu stra te haoly n situ a­ out of the acid s o u s to he exposed to ■
tan ce anybody lint me. I'v e got to have tion y, t to o jiew to he fairly reckoned ' tiie air. Lead and zine rapidly corroded
sh o rter hours anil a day off d ice iu up. Over knife and fot k they w ill match aw ay, copper was corrodetl to a less ex­
Awhile, au if J do n 't get ’em, I 'l l quit, i em ployers as sm all buys do pennies.
tent, w hile tin and antim ony w ere not
O ut cf hours tho boss is only a man upprccialdy nfiici'.el. In regard to tiie
" B u t niy d ew sir, I n ev tr saw you ' of whose necktie they may disapprove, com pressibility ef alloys, it is suggested
leffidtg J u w e r employed you. W ho are or of tiie way ho wt ars his h a ir or p: r- by th is authority th at no alloy lie used
iiaps of h is g ram m ar, ami it may ho he u n til it is e.ttisluctorily tanionstrated
you, an y w ay ;"
" l i e ? Oh, I a in 't uuyliody hut H eart appears g reatly to th e advantage ot th a t its point ef first yitlel is eonsieitr-
F ailu re. T liu t’s w ho I be, nu 1 mean some young m an a t a neighboring n a- a lly above tiie g re a t,st load or sboek to
V hine.— Mary Gay H um plireys iu S crib­ w hich it w ill l e subjected iu use. Iu
W hat I »ay,” —D etroit News.
fis tin g the effect upon sett n a ta l hear- .
T h e TelrptiM lM * l*:»r.
lugs when the shaft sustained (t la avy
"We do not take possession of onr ideas hut are possessed by«
A G erm an new spaper asserts that
pressure a piece e f iron w as found to
lleiitiitt Pasha, tho ch ief of th e s a l­ leave no m ark upon u surface softer
They master us and force ns into the arena,
About 80,000 of the in h ab itan ts of Her
Lilith, AiiRTn’n First Wife.
Tonrhlnc Connktenry.
Hu hear considerably b etter w ith their ta n 's private police, is a plum p, th ick ­ than itself.
like gladiators, we must fight for them.”
The old Talm udists had a queer leg­
Prison V isitor— Ah! Hero is a cel!
left ear th an w ith th e ir right. T his lias set Frenchntnn. In 18S4 lie w ent to
Homo*» Great Fire.
of the Arena, and th e
laa-n observed in co ntinually increasing
In A. D. 64, 10 ef the 14 m unicipal dences of re finemeut. A ud th a t beauti­ by the A lm ighty. According to the
m easure for 15 years. When the eimse Frenc h embassador. A bdul H um id took
entire contents of this m onthly m agazine
w as sought for, it appeared tlyit tliosi a fancy to him and desired him to o r­ d i-triets cf Io me w ire uiKtroyed by a fully worked nu tto of "H om e, Sweet story, L ilith was Adam’s original
w ho are th u s affected are freqm nt users ganizo a d ite e tiv e force for s, t vice about reiifi.ig r .o teti iu s t’g atn l, it it said, by H om e," on the farth er w a ll—is it pos- , ‘Ttelpmee f ," and Eve was the after con-
« « upon a plane and in keeping w ith its
n r Neto. T ie nun. le r t f lives »ible thut th at is the handiw ork ef the sideratii'U. The Talm ud says that L ilith
. if tho telephone. The listening part of the palac e. A rorps of bludgeon meu th e
th e in stru m en t is generally held in tin
The Arena’s gallery of em inent
I the dust e.f the' earth. K e n after the
W arden— ll is, sir.
left hand and pu t to tlm left ear, while surprised tho P arisn.n agent, Houduis, hundreds, but the value cf the p ti petty
i'ri-i a V isitor— W cnderfnl! And for breath of life hod been breathed into
thinkers is a group of interesting men and
the rig h t hand is often used in taking a few years ago, when ho invited his destroyed euui.ut even be estim ated. l!y
lKdos, etc. Iu tho eases observrd the colleague's help in arrestin g a notorious the em peror s com m and, tt.o..sands of w hat offense ag ain st the law can such a her ears (you w ill rem ember that the
Bible s a y s ’‘no strils" in Adam’s cose)
■objects heard the slightest sound sw indler. Tapping at th e m ulelaetor’s Rnumita rendered ss uud etoti- man be couth re,?
women, and their thoughts are w orthy th e
W arden— w ife b eating; th a t's her entire nature changed to such an
th ro u g h the telephone w ith th eir lelt door, the T urkish olfi rial felled to earth tn te w e ro em ployed iu rem ovii g the de­
consideration of all people. The A rena is
i extent that she became a veritable dp.
ears, but could understand little or the scrvaul w ho ep em d it. and the p ar­ bris aud rebuilding the l u t e i d city. all. — Boston ( 'ourit r.
nion. About this tim e the devil came
im rhiug if tbu in strum ent were put to ty proceeded thtongli the house, knock­ Nero, to dive tt tl.e rd iu n i < 1 the crim e
sold with T he W est .
111 m tlarih lu n ovatloa.
along, aud, recognising in Adam’s wife
tb o tr rig h t ears. It is therefore eon- in g insensible everybody they met. from hiui.-elt, charge d it upon the
‘D.tbhcr’a pester d id n 't w in n p riw ? ” all that w as necessary to make n first
eio d i d (h a t th e telephone has an appre­ Soudaisw uc busily engaged in succoriug C hristians, at <1 th u s be gait cue of the
be fc.rgnt to p ain t ill the cus- class gv.verncssrf the infernal regions
ciab ly stim u la tin g effecto n th e auditt ty the wounded, w hile Bounin collated the greatest persecution, in tho history ef
tnm arv g irl aud the judges had nothing is rsnaeleel ’•.•r to q u it the first man ami
oeryes, mid th e reiom tiiciidutx ti is real crim in al. Bouuiu bus a eon.l'orta- tne e a rl; C hristian chnrcb.
to divert them fte in criticising his go w ith Inm into tho “ upper regions of
m ade th a t th e in strum ent ls> used alter- Ide I k te e in P d a , and his w ife, as
<«eiu llarrels.
p a te ly at th« rig h t anil left ear.
To brown gutt barrets, v e t n piece of
creased h is sav in g -.— New York T rib ­
place for the' locaticn of hell, hut that
rag w itli e b londe of antim ony, dtp it
A B ritish patentee has the sam e ex­ is the direction the pair are said to have
into olive oil and tu b the barrel ev r. clusive rig h ts to h tsinveutieinor etiaoov- token when they left Adam as the sole
Ilnkane— I d o n ’t know bow you came
Sourer» o f H e r C o n lld fU fr .
In 48 hour e it w ill la’eove feet w ith a fil.c cry as a patente«' in the- U nited States, occupant e'f the garden. At home with
lose money Iu th a t seheme. You told
U ncle b e rge— I really ean ’t under­ coni of rust. Then rub the bat re 1 w it It and no person in any p a rt o f thee king­ the king of the sulphurous domain «he
it w as a ra re »nvestnmut.
stand you, H attie. A ll the' m arried wo­ a line' slee 1 scratch brush and wipe w ith dom nan make', se ll o r use- the- invention became the m other of devils, „ml then
la sw e ll— T h e investm ent m ay have men you know yon say have made had a tag ehpp'd in boiled linseed oil. To the rouse 11 f the pittentcc.
deserted P lu to and became a ’‘spec ter of
■pa ra re one, hut I was well don« mate lies, nnd yet you ate q u ite ready to rebtnw u, trntove lhe olel coating w ith
darknr^M. ”
o * i I g o t th ro u g h w ltb i t . —P ittsb u rg try luntrinnaiy yourself.
In d e p e n d e n c e o f < ita r.k rtc r.
tai mid «rue ry i a i't r ; then remove the
A fter th is tnuisform atien her sole de­
m niclc.
H attie — D o n 't yen know, Vttrlo grease' w ith enu-tic ))• tush.
Mndge— If Ibero is one thing I do light appears to have been in the de
George, th a t tlie ro 'sn n e x c e lle n trb a iic o
pride m yself on it is my indep> ueleneo «traction of in n o rrn t bahes. It j, PTfn
is said tlissi th« first book p rinted of g ettin g a prise iu a lottery w here »o Ik acoeks generally scream vociferous­ of character.
said th a t o u r word " lu lla b y ” is „
b i . cou n try from stereotype plate s m any of tin 1 blanks have been draw n'.—
Wie kfire —W ell, a man who lives in ruptiou ef an oriental term, " lilla a b i ’’
ly when a <haL gcof w eather is impsitd*
n catech ism by a Mr. Waits. Tills
Boston T ranscript.
ing. Iu the so u u trim win re these birds the way you <k> noesu’t have to depend
; w as issued iti N '‘W b e rk in tlx ’
are native the sign i. regarded as u n ­ on hiscbaruetcr. — lueliamipolis Jem m a I. L iln li
T he ignorant aud superstitions
JHj:j an d w as enm piled for the
.tee Ftctiaugc nt C'eeinpliiiireet«.
Jew s of th«' far east still tic nniu!, t« or
It of the < h ild t* u of several New
tt, — Yem may bv engaged, but I c .n
W hen ehi< kens dress th eir feather«, eh an n s around the neoks, wa,st, w r. „ ,
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