The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, November 20, 1896, Image 2

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    T?ECE W E S T ,
■ From Ashland TlJ.'iift
The first slep t were taken in AsbUml
— ST—
K n o o jie s
- UÏ
.„»> offers Words
iw t T h n n .u y io r r i.B t « hoped
O beuon prove ft general m ovem ent over the state
(or some kind of registry law in Oregon.
' I t is p r o v e d to dreniate th e petition
P n P n „ M W . the «fio. lion wliioh
of Eneomage r.iliwi rewiirJ wbirb tbi8 iatlipaign
incut to IIis Followers
.,-»»■ i>”>• *«» Tliev are lint vaiiqiiisheil
t l i s c t t i e r s o B . r r i ,„ ,,i
____ state for signatures. From every p«>r-
* n ',’
i lion o( the «tate siin e huit w eek s elee*
----- -—
lion eouie the reports w hich indicate a Bryan Advises Silver Men to Continue
,1. W . B o csiw
; F.ngeuc,
general sentim ent favor ahi« to ,the en-
to Fight tha Gold Standard Un­
G ardiner, Ore, actIllvnt of
law th a t may not lie
J'axXK B ogess :
til Conrinoed
c f T heir E rror.
----- —----------------- ------ -------- decided uaionM itntional hut which may
Denounces Gold Dem ocrats for
3Vcr ome the d. of tlie p resen t'
Laboring Secretly for McKinley’s
which foster
! Jcvre
Election, and Says No Personal or
T h era id cons idem Ho discussion 8 ° ’ ! ¡|i,.gRi voting nml emour.'.ges fraud in
Political Friend
Need Grieve
Jr,g on among th e fisherm en here, Mid t p_.e((ons
uh« state. The petition
Because of His Defeat.
nemo decisive steps will probably
,.¿¿,1^ as follows t
ta k e n by them to have a change mad.
OHEWS RtGisTRATI<M le . vove .
L incoln , Xeb,, Nov, 6—Br an today
rich est rew ard
lias brought.
“ In tlie face of tHe enem y rejoicing
in its victory let tne rod I* called Ur
tlie engage.uent an I to urge all frwft Is
of l.iinetallisui to renew th eir allegi-
an e to the* cause. If wo are right,
ss we ladieve we are, we snail yet
tr u m p .,. U ntil oiiviii ed of ns. e rro r
let each udvocatt of Ì,, m elai. i»ai con-
tiiiue his work. Let all Sil <-r clul>s
retain their organization,
past , r fu tu re.'’
As concerns tlie quantity of whal is
lo la- ruad lucre is a sing e r.i e Head
much but not many books.
“ ru in s of air Amere an woman rvfus-
¡ng to vuie w.tii all t ‘e «
“ u( fc” l'
a linn . to be rignled.
“ Never isTy or re 11 ha I h <J ,s, "h
t .,ey arc liic wars l oi tuieves, l» ,an c
Is Au Old Stand W ith An Up To Date Stock
W e n esire 'o Make Speedy Sdo
regular t ,,.y ro '1 y«u of your money, ) > ir t ' .
m eetings and ein u ate literature.
“ O r opponents nav
an I y uf ?r,n 'iples.
“ T ere - no policy like
a J
in M.’ n / Cases Nana Whatever.
this cam paign and m ust "how p u t tlieir a n,| a good manner is the last t..m_
theories to te -t. of talk- the world, en.ier Io get a -ood nami oi
If Y oj W to 3 ve Monoy TRADE W IT H
In th e fishing law a t the r . x. -...(-m i,
tJ(C unilergigw;(f (r ivh,|M of an gave out i he follow ing:
„ ( t h e legislature. A . th e b,' \ ’’Q'' bon( Sl baH„ b aIlU an lion^ , VM,n ^ . , , n
‘T o th e B im etallists of
or- oitb
in* about ‘sound m oney’ and an ‘lion- to supply the w ill of it.
est lioi'ar* tiiey m ust now elahora‘e
“ Jke ety a i i a m art in
the U nited aud defend
lue r linan ial sysie u,
m ,-and de omul are tne best me I. im ,
rends, th e catching ol salmon 18
phw wiah ¡n tb u po|,li;ar eie - S tates: Cons, ¡oils th a t m illions of l.iy- Everv st.qi taken hy them should be fur all suiiiu lc and iielan ,iol.< an p i.
bi.lden from the first day o
t jOns of Oregon, hereby pledge o ar . ft* al hearts are saddened by tem porary publicly onsidere by t,.e silver clulis. s o n ; t vy ar ■ I c i l y to ah an I a u ru
,o th e fifteenth day Of December. t
,aw defeat, I beg to o.fer a word of nop.,
Our cause lias prospered most w..ere a || o l a e c o ing. ’
several years past the largest ru n ot
( e|u o u rag t.UK.nIi S o cailso e ver money question nas been t.,e ion„-
-«Jnc thing is certain, that if you de-
silv er salmon in th e B.uslaw and most
uiore ,)raW( earnest est d.s-ussed among the people. D ur- s h e im provem ent in anything, il will
u t th e o th er stream s on th e coast has
and devoted th an t„ose w..o have es- ing tl.e next four ye. rs it wall be never lom e to voa an .dental y.
(JE N E R A It
US, And Y oj Can Do >0.
V o S j o I i
a* to Leavo io Question3s
gome in tho la tter p a rt o
tto K O
o(. e[]a .(iug aUi.b ri,f,istr.a lioIl hiw>
,,vise.I lue cause of h,m etallism , l’.iey studied all Ol cr t.iH nat.on, even more must begin in a .iishii t resolved pur-
in Novem ber.
And the be: erm en
A n J ¡„ (u rthl.raIIl.e o{ guid p „ r ,« Se have fought for c nviction and have
tliaii it I is been stud.ed .n the past.
pose to make a change for fne Het ter.
m an y of whom depend upon *
! #B(, uniU<. (|uB >4,nelil eonvi- ion of t .e fought w ho all the zeal which con-
“ l’..e year 1 lOJ is not far aw ay. Be-
“ He a - ta u t if t i e op.i >'. i T i l >3E \ \ II > D E S I R E TO L A Y I N
they can make fishing to ptova e m ,<s- ne .vg<i
berfe(or> W4J |,,.re |,y ask th a t vic.tion inspire.«. Ev oils
m s will prove fore m at year arrives inieriialional f„r e real deeds s..ou d ..ever, t..e
w anes for th eir families, are o ige.l tb(; S u u . OvBlral c „ll4l))itlee w netner lo ry are rig h t or w ru n ..
bim will cea-e to de eive. Be- oppnr.uu.ty for v>od deeds is A in w d
, the Republican State C entral C om m ittee w netoer they are rig h t or
S hould Call and Obtain
eith er to allow th e fish to get away a t
H avi,u llu„,. llieir ,lllly a, t;, , y saw il.
r,.e thing for ns
fore tuat. year arr.ves t.iose w io nave for . ou day by day.
the risk of tlieir families suffering, « ag lliay (M) „ ^ s s a r e for tl.e organization they have nothin
regret. Toe
cal.ed Incinse.ves goni stali lar i demo- to long for is toe goodness hot toe
to fish du rin g th e close season, w Inch ,
lJtlle has been her-
r - witl l e o.oe bitiieitiii.sis and be g h ir i.”
a , law -abiding eilisen , they are un
c b l l < , ¡(1 vverj. pri. ,ri
„,de.l s toe a,Ivan e agent of p r is-
“,y p • fc t aousekeepiilg is
w A., our pariy or ,av
he o ne rejUl -
w lllin g to d o , Tiai Object of
witftin .tbi|> lfe.,,e,-«1,0 w ill, all uonorabie pvruy. If ms policies r al p r o -
’Q. © <L. © ^ © ■’Sb O
licans and luiis open eneiiiies Before n,,| Io most lieailtifui .male
season Is to allow s suibcietit m iuher
tbuir 1>Q>ver ».mil im press up- p erh y io th e A m en, an j.e..ple, loose
tiiat year arrives irastd w i i 1 imve eo - making—m tee t is often to it
tt a 4 a
of salm on to re*ch th e spaw ning
on t i,e legislature tits ne.'essity o fs irm who opposed him will soare hi th a t
ViitueU stil, more of lu e p‘ Op!e tuat w.n.e a little judicious s;t.riling and
to keep Up th e ru n of Halt in tlio river
prosperity. If,on tn e o th e r hand, Los
to p r.v ate uel- disorderly mess is uiguest
tuc trust s a neii .n
in future and to preserve the fishing ‘
o( th i„ pöh, .es p.ove an injury to
th t t ,e
'V pe.,p e
tare an l io pd'»ti« safei) ; hefore t . a t ..II.”
in d u stry . As th e ru n of , aim o I com «,
, tuose
,„SL. BUppo,
u.ra do
T ìig P e o n i e s ’ M E R C H A S IS .
As t wo buttons in an em pty box will
year a r m e a t . e evoK oi tlie gokl
la te r now th an a few years ago we h u n k
not be.on,; io l e o n c e ,.o.dinw class Hlalhlard will he even oiore evident make more clatter vUim tell boxes well
the open season could safely he extended
invite;on fro o ,e p.* >,> ■*, ,rrc- or io tue jiriv. etg ed class will su .er t iey art* now. a <1 U ie people will tilled, so two ideas in an empty iiead
till Nov. 15th and still a sutlicient
spoc.tive ot party, with to .s purpose in in common w.ln who opposed he reud\ to dciuan 1 i an Amern an will keep toe tongue w gging. to tlie
n u m b er be left for spaw ning, ih is
Idin, l’he fra uds of bim etallism bave liilan ial p.i i y f r Amer an peo .o u t sioti of t..e sit .ering pit lie w.iicli
w ith th e hatchery in successful opera­
not been vanqu.K.,ed. t hey bave sim ­ p e a,ni will jo.n witu us in im m ediate ...ust needs . ross its way.—A .s '.rse.
tio n and perhaps o th er arrangem ents
ply been over, o,ne. They believe the iCtloration of the free and unlim ited
“ eio aiie liigu so :eiy is a certain
Keeps a t illi lin e o f E x ira ( . i i f i l i t i
th a t could be m ade, should be sutlicient
gold standard is a tonsjnracy of toe coinage of goal and s.iVcr a the pres­ clique.if peop.e in every great , it\ w ,0
to keep up the run of salmon and give
S alem , Nov.9—
Nov.9— The
The annual
anim ai tilau k s­ money eqangers against toe welfare of
e n t legtt ral o of iti to 1 wit.mill Vi l­ a rm .a te io m e -.selvei t. e idle, f e
ille fisherm en the benefit of .the giving pr n'ation was to lav issued the tiu.aan ra -, and u n td sonvui ed
in , lor t . e aid or ohi-'iiltol any o. er qllestaiu oi ora.ns, of . ..pacity, of lac nt,
season a , late in tlie fall as they could by*c0Vern o r L .rd.
fn e proclam ation of tu e ire rro r they will continue the
of power in manhood an I woman..ooil,
n a tio n ."
make wsecc a. fishing.
■iq fulljr» ua follow s:
w arfare Against it. Tuts contest ban
\V. J . BftYAN.
does not enter into t ,e oter.e tiiat
II A K D W A lil..
I .O l/ lh «N F l.< I F .
“ For Xfic manifold blessings vonuli- lawn waged th is year under great ein-
governs t its c a n ,f u • t «a I n . i ' i.’ ’
sufid to us durin g th e p ast year, it is barrassm enls and against great odds,
ilA IS e - tiA l’ft.
M E D IC IN E “ ,
N l T S «k f A N E 1J«“,
“ it ■ 1 1.n : vit io t ;i trp H ' n s « l t 'r
lilting th a t we, ns a grateful people For the first I im. luring to is genera­
in . no .«*r so.
I >r.* ,s .. i fro i one
1 I KN
An agreem ent for su b m ittin g tlie 8|„ ,u |,j m ake duo u.-knowleiigement to tion public attention 1ms Iseeu eeutered
“ T oe-peoji.c of t .e U nits I Butis* bo o x o .t « v t • i t io 1 1 1 1 . it so.tics fir a
Venotuolan q u e stio n 'to arb itra tio n lias A lm ighty Go I. I n r e o g n tio n of tin s upon the money question as the uar- s.ioiltd never tie unm .u.ittil of t ie
doiinile on 1 ,n , a.
1 an from
wen arranged between Secretary Olne y ¿ „ ¡y , and in m ty wita t ie ti ue- am ount issue, and this has been done g t.iey o s io m e
Go i of es six u n c i i. *r 0 ' i v i i 1 *r. i ;
eso n tô d .
P r î t e s W il l i t í o u S e vii. mt
■ e . ■ ■
¡¿r th e U nited States and Sir Ju lia n ||(,n Oved eusto n, an I in a -cordan e wit i in sp.te of all attem pts upon t ie part Ila. oils tor o.s wat .ifut .a re u n i n
eye. A o ita .e ;lo«V'r .eves i.o ey to
Panneefote in behalf of G reat B ritain . tliu proclam ation of tn e president oi of our oj pouent- to prevent it. Fne mis 1 l-.c.n Iro n disaster a n l hoc, - i k i'i. 's ; .r leu no .e o t e
Cldef JuHtieo ol the U nited lbu iTuite.l States, 1, William V. I-or.l, republican . «invention heal out ilelu- j.o.liti-d out to t cm ti.e'way of j.ea e
tat es is to select, two a rb itra to rs, the g o w rn o r of tne state of
f regon. do sivo hopes of uiternalional him elallis.ii and .uipp uess. Nor Sooutd toe« ever
-V - S >
“ .dig it I give o insel o any y ting
hief Justice of E ngland two, aud King jdsignato and sat up a-t T hursday, the while the rep hb.ail leaders la' ored reluse to a know e Ige w.tti
hearer. I wo l'd say to aim, ‘ Fry to fi -
'-■Si".VL* '-'«•trilr. valaa*«*.'-
Stcar of Sweden and Norway leas 26th day of November, id tJ, as r i t u a t - secretly for goal m onom etallism .
hearts l..c.r proticiiess to turn away q te.'it tne o u p in ol" your letters."
Iready bzun chosen as th e fifth ar- giving day.
“ The-gOtd standard rats nave trii u G d 's tea'.lings and
to In (inks arid . f-' t tat s no oust wuole-
itra to r, Vener.uela will not have a
“ Gn tiiat day I recom mend th a t th e publicly a.lvocated t n e ele. t.on of the wtt.i «mini after o au
sti ne so iety ; le a n Io adm ire rightly;
spresentativo In th e
lioard. Sixty peopi,, abstain, as far as practicable, Indianapolis ti ket, w.nie t.iey lahore I devices.
tin" :re it p'eusur • of is t Note
ears of actual possession is to con stitu te (ronl tn e o : 'upations of every d tv life, secretly (or the ele. turn o: toe r e p u l-
“ l’o toe end tout tnese tho.igots w nit great men a* a ire d : tney admired
[tie. In o th er words, territo ry th a t an ,j m a t they asaeumle in th eir usual lii an to ket. T rusts and i orporulaius may lx; q li. ittmeil, »1 is li title, 111111 “n
.real t lin*«; ti irrow sp rits a I uire
ins been in exclusive, nolorions, and . pia, es of worsiiqi and offer praise and have tried to excite the fear ot law- a day especially appu.nt d, we suo Id
basi'lv, and worship me niy "
d u a l usu for tiia t length of tim e by m to Go I for to e pea e and | t asiiess, w ode they have been delyina jo it toeem r m apj.ioa mug m e t..rone
T at p ivs.cul d ring w.iieii uu ler ex­
¡roat B ritain will lie hold to belong to pm aperity I esiowe.l upon us, for toe tne law, anu American financiers nave of grace w ith praise and suppo-
cite nent an I tiie impulse of a love of
h at country,
. h ealth and happiness with wnicli lw boasted tney were custodians of the cution.
igi.iry stands a n d s u it a n l s e l l a n l
our fieeilom national honor while they were se-
-----l has blessed us, and for
“ Therefore,
I, Gr ver C.oveiait I, e rs t ie (lag aloft t iroug.i a siiower of
H hovldtmc ex p erim en t npw being (rolll pestilence and ealam ities. Lei «riti} I ;.n «r.t.) i v i j il« r u t .u . ’s fi­ prescient of toe United S the», oo
ii.iv ie u’ttigei'ii'i' «J liru 'le
UM --------------------
also devote tlie «lay
ried of p lanting oysters in Y aqiiina
...„ to the enjoy
. .
nancial ill ejielldeil.e
But Hl Sjn.e ..erebv designate an I set a p a rt V mrs
¡111111- ir t. ii'.' w u rily i.f il.,- rcwi.nls
my prove sUitcessfitF, som e steps should u u n t of hospitality and the stre.igto- oi tue e.loris oí a I.m u.s raio n d ,y, m e 2dm da., of t ie present niu.itii
of min,ir w in. i, it re e v, 8
But t..ere
him edialely bo taken to have some (¡Umg of family ties; to relieving tne and its sujqioriers; in spile of toe of N ive n ice, to be k pi an I o j e r .e I
is i nobler I.irin : in I it ,1 serves a fur
E P W M T -V
ila n tc l here, as we know no reason why „ an ts of the needy ami di-tressed, and tu re its of tue mon y len lors ut .m u e as a day of ksgiv.ttg and p
higher n.ei'il uf praise, as w, en tlie
,hey should not do well on tho S .ualaw , m e doing of ch aritab le d eed s, to in- and u b ioud, in spite of coer ion prac- t..rou„..out our laud. On tout day let
vii t ■ X man catciies a glimpse, by a
I a
,t they do in Yaqiiina. A lilt io trouble gpiring sen tim en ts of lo ialty to our liee.l by corp rations mi lu c ir em ­ all our peiqiie forego t,.e.r usual work
secretar »
fi ts i of lik itninx t i;o iglt tlie ,1 irkness,
taken with soi. etliit g of thia kind cou n try , and respect for its laws and ployes, and in spite of th e enorm ous re­ mid o cttpal on» mi I aasc nble n t..e.r
of ic i i t ’vitu'iic re.« tits of uis evil life
»ecasionally proves ol more lieneflt to (tie inain taiaau ce of public o rd e r; to putili, nil cumpair ii fund and in spile ae ustomeii places Of wois o p ; let tovin
f e r r i e ,
and .vitii it nix ity e f i r t irg.i'.t- fr i u
r e s o n
the people of a country th an if a man cultivating a just reg >rd for lue rights of lu e n ,Uneme of the nomile daily wi i tie a cord render bunks to tlie
t ie ent in x'e nent of vi i o n liubits an I
works for wages nil his life and lays a nd opinions of o th ers, and m ulcat- press, bim etallism luis alinosi trium phed Bui r of tlie Uu v. rse for our preserva­
in spite of gibes an I j ■ rs .tl.ii us ¡«.mus-
his m oney o u t in charity. We have jng a «ense of duty th a t will lead us to in ils lirai ereat fo e loss of a tion u* ft nation, and our dubveran e
h nil of Iti itself an I iiu'.ntains tlie claim
an instance of th is right a t home, fulfill as far as lies in o ur jaiwer, our fen tales, and ta a t too, by a very from ever.« t..r«ateneil d.«; for t o
with a will tiiat no cir. uiustan, es can
W hen th a t old pioneer "U n cle” David obligations us citixens and in d iv id u als." sm all p .iira lry , lias defeated bim etal­ peace tiiat Inis dw elt w ithin our liound-
Morse some ten or twelve years ago
lism for m e preseui ; fiat hi net alus n; for o u r defense ugainst distxtsti
emerges from contest stronger Hum and [HStilen. e d ring tlie year tiiat
brought a few elauis and planted them
it was four m ontas ago.
in tho mud flats on tlie Niuslaw it t..ok
lias passed ; for the pienu,oils re«« r ,s
hut little of Ira tim e. Bat who « an say
W ritten by W . F. P upps in liono of
“ I desire to com m end ta e work of tli t ’lmve follow ed tlie lutxirs o: o ir
■ these clams
bow m any good . m eals
u a lau
la u in
«««« I niL
u«|. ol
«.« li j e 11«» si l.ooner at tiu rta re e co ii.nitlees Which liusiian line ; and for all o tu er b css-
Acme, and recueil from the deck of the
have already furnished both to settlers vessel hy Miss K atie U ouerds, N’ovem- iiave joined in the m anagem ent of i cs t .at have fau n volte sale I to us.
“ Cures ta lk ” in fa.or P « t J
■ n
th is cam paign. C o-opcrat,on lietw ien
a n d to visitors. And th e best ol it ie lier 12m, LS'JtL
“ An . let us, t. rough tlie inedistion of Hood's Baraapc.'llla, fi
tho clam s nro increasing in nem liess
The hour of thy uniini. O, “Ood id the w«,‘‘ Uieiirix'i's of d ish n t political oreuhi- o him tin uas tau . it us no.» to ra , ns for no other meiii-
lisa an im ism i ili»- bride I» usltfua fur thee, X'I.oils is always di Henri, but it has miplo c t le forgiveness of our s ns an I a Cine. Its great cures recorded in truthful,
and spreading all over tlie river so th at
All arrsywl tu lier garmviiiscf bridal «irire;
convincing language of grateful men aud
perhaps for ages io corns people will
hei-ii less so tats year th an usua., fil­ co n tin u atio n ol heavenly favor.
* c Hive her l.. iheo, III)' timi lies rl’» deslía.
women, constitute its most effective ad-
e a t of them
w ithout
th in k in g
“ Let is not forget on th is day o vertising. Many of these cures arc mar­
Tbuutili Ihaili and bashful lier vus w fulfill. ierest n. tin- co.innon .au se of great
Toy in 4v»l in «ealiiift-her promise, "I sill,"
im p .rtan e mis friction in a t.uinkagivinr, the needy, and by ,!«.»t velous. They have won the confidence of
o r knowing anything as to how th e clam s
-he »Heinly rit» like s tr. niulou» hint
the pvopfe; have given Hood’» Sarsapa*
ts tn c hore-originally.
il ilh wing» sd s-Uullvi, hut »ay» n.d « word. uiiiiim ll.n, I icreay xpress my • *‘r " of c.iurity let our o .b r.n g s of prai e rflla the largest sales in the world, and
sonai „rallin te to m hieni- lie m ade m ore acecp:at'iu in the sig, t have mad« neeeisary for its manufacture
Harkt ihr -..nini of tltc'iunub— 11.e rlua of
the great»-t laboratory on earth, flood’s
I he le« —
1 st as weil asta.» exe o l i e r a of t c '.xirii.
William J. Bryan is as grand in <ls-
Sarsaparilla is known by the cures it ha«
A vh railon run- Hu neh the kcel
lat as he was in hattls arrav. No Out-
“ W itness ny hand and tlie seal of made —cures of scrofula, salt rheum and
See! slittriu». «lie luova,, »lm maidenly of the national . naim ittees of tue dem o
in itie popiiasls and silver parties lor t e Uni ed H, te wliieli I ixve «anise ; eexema, cures of rheumatism, neuralgia
alato ever mails sudi a light sin<le
>lr» shilv» jt r ile . . r u l e - l.ef i. i'.r‘,cii, r.m .
and weak nerves, cures of dyspepsia, liver
lu cir e.m ioni, u n i.r ng and u.i«»uisa to lx» .iere atfixed.
andod. He asked for f t o «urterà fr«>m
II.iw ««lull) »I V riisui. I.i» |IIK t » s o d llix
■nd kidney troubles, catarrh and malaria.
>e aggregated wealth of A m erica will 'h
"D on at tlie C ity of W ashington
S u ch C uroj a s T h is P rose Merit.
Sha «insila» md of 111« disturldiis l.«*r red.
tion for future success and will lai tliis
___ ___
sight him so bitterly, but denoun sd
4lli ___
day of Noveuilxtr, in tHo year
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