The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, October 30, 1896, Image 2

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    T H E
W E ST .
! to distincion and w ealth to her children.
T h at is why I like tho country. T hat
is why I d o n ’t w ant it dishonored.”
Bv v M c F im r v Si ppoi-Tr.iu
“ 1 w ant no class feeling. Blessed is
— AT—
t eotrntrv w here the rich are cx-
I offer the following clipping« to the
L ank C ounty ,
O kbgon
ag sn t ami th e poor economical !
voter» for th eir consideration in th is
- - - ÏIY - - -
th a t country where th e rich
cam p a ig n :
cb ca th e rso n .
and the jxoor ex trav a­
“ Tin: « I S « ! » VSD T .tliC t V»»E».”
U nder this title th e F ig ht-H our H er­ g ant. A rich sp endthrift is a blessing.
ald, the able organ of organize 1 labor in A rich m iser is a cu rse.”
Eugene, Ore. Chicago, th e - most widely circulated
tìa n lin e r, Ore. labor paper in th e world, p rin ts th e fol­
lowing able and patriotic e d ito ria l:
P erhaps the most lam en tab le feature
of the present cam paign will be fo ind
It seem s to lie evident that the spirit, in thp p artial suueess which has atten d ed
li no t th e letter of the law will be viola- the efforts o i certain politicians in so a -
led in Florence next ftieeday in the iug th e d octrine th n t one class of citi-
m a tte r of judges of election. The law zens can only succeed a t th e expense of
governing tlie m atter plainly says that another. T here never was a moru per-
th e th ree judges shall dot he ot th e nieious doctrine preached, n o r ono th a t
sam e political party. The republicans, would engender more h atred and dis-
rtf course, can support th eir position by tru st between man and m an. Ignoring
claim ing th a t one judge belongs to tho ■ a «m ali and insignificant m om ent who
dem ocratic party and sim ply sup ports a subsist on inherited w ealth, it may be
republican in this election. Itis c v M e n t adm itted th a t there are two classes in
to th e fair m inded man th a t this sim ple th is country—two classes in which the
, su p p o rt of McKinley this fall m akes the (atc of America, its future, its success or
dein o crrtic judge a republican ns far ns failure, i.s prosperity o r decline, a rc in-
ih is election is concerned.
separably connected. These two classes
.1. \Y. B o rs a »
F b . vxk 1‘ ogekh
B ï M. I>. L andis .
T h at there is more interest taken i
t |,;s presidential election than any on
previous is u idisputed. But why e
this so? Is it the tariff question, is
the financial question, or is it som ethin
else? If it is th e tariff question w
have tlie four great political parties
their convent ions and platform s a -linitlc
■ Front tho Guard:
Street corner discussions on th e cu r­
rency question are as comm on these
days as fakirs a t a circus, and f illy as
in teresting.
A correspondent says:
I ran up against one this week th a t
gave me a th o u g h t w orth repeating.
A hlustrous gold hug had fallen u;«m
a long-haired silver m an, a u l a s I
it to be the financial question, and if
ia the ûnuncial question why do I
McKinley or H anna forces «till talk tm
iff? However, since some of them ins
on tariff talk I would like to s iy a fi­
words on th a t subject.
In tlie tirstpiaee I regard tlietariffque
tion settle I as it has been proven beyon
a doubt th a t wc m ust have a proti ctiv
passed was giving him a coup de grace
chosen language.
“ The only men who are advocating
this free silver craze are th e damfools
who never had fifteen cents to th eir
n am es.”
To which the silver i. an replied:
“ It doesn’t stren gthen vour argn-
F our years ago the McKinli
law was in force and tariff was the issri
and tlie election resulted in defeat to t.
McKinley and in giving control o
both bouses to the tariff reform ers. On
wottl I suppose th is m eant death to pro
teetive tariff, but w hat was tlie resul.
They passed tlie W ilson-Gorm an Ini
m ent to call a man a dauifool, I know which is t.*c highest tariff measure tn
T here is no charge against the county are composed of the em ployer and the w here I can buy a p arro t for $i th a t country has ever had except the McKm
court, for one of the judges has been a em ployed, all workers with hand or will call any h xly a dauifool. And tho ley hill wliicb is only about 5 per een
dem ocrat up to th e presen t e to ctio n .' brain, and eai-h ns d ep en d en t upon tlie point of it is I can get him eheap be- higher th an tlie Wilson bill. Wha
N eith er is (here any charge of dishonest o th er ns is the fate of th e governm ent cause lie talks th a t way. If he d id n ’t b etter proof do we w ant th a t a pari,
vote counting, hu t there is a charge
of upon both. W hen a politician tells you use th a t style of speech he would he elected on tariff reform d are not giv
unfairness and injustice, anil a plain vio- th a t yon can only succeed by adopting n o rth $25. You notice this h ab it of an y th in g hut high tariff. I t is true how
lation of the spirit cf the law on tin -p art ñ policy th a t will ru in your em ployer, damfooling a man cheapens a parrot ever, th a t the tariff laws m ust h.
L ane C o
rts houie where’er the hear 1«,
Where’er it« loved ones gvell,
Is An 0?d Stand W ith An Up To Date Stock of n®a,res $
In clue« or la cottages,
ih iu aeed haunt» or mqry dells.
__________________________________ —T»WMsfï 11 -59 a ye«
Tis bright wh re’er the Iran is;
its fairy «pells can brfa
fresh fountain« to tho ildenies».
And to tlie desert sp#'g.
There are grveu isles I every sea
O’er which alTectMtfUUe*;
And a haven on enc|tti«ge<i shore
Where love s tlw r f that guides.
the ^ s t ­
ane county, O re g o n ,
ail matter.
Wo Desire to Make Speedy Sales, AndAn“ 1 no“ ee* i,cents ,er
rts free where’er t? heart Is;
Nor chain not aem-on don
W illin g to Take S M A LL
May uiiecli the mJ-1’® aspirings,
l ’lie sp irit’» pea ng hymn.
PROFITS, A n '" " '■ w 'E S T L J
in Many Cases None Whatever.
I’lie heart gives I-1 It» ht-anty.
it- glory anil i- power,
Tis «unlignt t</>© rippling stream
And »oft det» < i'» power.
If You Want to Save Money TRADE W IT H
K indness is pt always lenient.
OneerfulneSl is the road to longevity.
C ontentuicn is better than divina-
oiis or vision.
US, And You Can Do So.
Rules Are Such as to Leave no Question as
Ig n o ran ce’sometimes so dense th a t
ou can not dr it up.
To be prepiled for war is one of ti.e
C o n s id e r a tio n
C ash
lectnal w aypf preserving peace.
After a ma makes a prediction he
orgets nil abut it until it happens to
ome true.
Be your ehra.-ter w hat it will, it will
.e known an no one will take it upon
( ur word.
Glenada sobool opet
H all’s Family Bills '
Bryan Club meets V
Sclir. Mi»yfl“» e r wa
Several Mapleton p>
chute Saturday.
Di Sh-
i tw enty n iiim ftL
Election next Tues<
eposit yonr-ballot.
K i-iscinzer hiii-l lv 1 m
« Monday afternoon,
Very uniq a; path-
hihlrcu at Ml'S. Kali
SUPPLY |M e»*rs. Nee.v and
new rud'hir 1,11
Should Call and Obtain
of th e republicans which can easily
be you can safely set the man down a s a as well as a m an. 1 w ouldn’t do it changed every few years for it
is tin
H e wiio tigns w ithin hinuelf and
refuted if eith er of th e th ree judges
so m ountebank—or a polit’cian— whichever any more if I were you, and I ’ll tell d u ty of congress to prote t any new in rules pass.oi, desires and fears, is more
desire. We hold th a t “ an honest man is agreeable. Nor can the m erch an t or you why.
d u stry as soon as it is shown th a t by a m an a king.
w ants to he watched and thnt
rascal m anufacturer long succeed when th e
“ In th e first place, when you call a little assistance it would he profitable to
God givesien power, not th a t tl ey
ought to b e.” If all three judges in this w orking classes are idle or poorly paid, m an adam fool, you may be talking to the its „ w ner and operatives and make us
.nay look gjat with it, hut th a t they
p re c in c t were Bryan supporters our It is only w h in the employe is a eon- w rong m an. He m ight not take kindly more independent of other nations by­
may do gocw itli it.
j .resent judges could easily sec the injus­ sinner to his fullest capacity th a t all can te your m anner. B ut if lie did, it isn t producing ns well as consum ing th a t ar-
D isaoncst chooses tho m ost expedi­
cnce in ninetv-nine tim es th a t lie will tiele. Then again, why is it th a t tin-
tice of it.
enjoy prosperity.
tious routeyirtue tue right ono though
The comm ercial and m an ufacturing
free trade wing of tlie dem ocratic party
T hose fakmcbh who have files of
industries of A m erica were never so m ent in the m atter it will he im possible is supporting M cKinley? T here is noth it he more rcititous.
agricu ltu ral papers ru n n in g bark for
W hat thtpoor people are really In
sorely pressed as at present for lack of ever after to m ake him believe in your ing more certain th a n th a t concessions
a num ber of years, will find it profit­
of is pportunitv and sym pathy.
activity in business. Tho w orkingm an
have been made and it is unreasonable
able to select some date—say the first,
sh ares in tlie hard sh ip as a n atu ral con- sus in uno, it m ight be falsus in om ni­ to suppose th a t the free trade dem ocrats I'ney w ant chance and they w ant a
of October—and look a t the m arket re ­
sequence. The politician, takes advan- bus. Possibly you m ight w ant to deal have conceded anything as they would friend.
ports which come nearest th a t date each
tage of the general distress, and, to w ith th a t man in after life, and you recei e nothing in return, while on the
Regret isnavailing when a debt is
y ear. D raw off a table showing the
fu rth er his own ends, tu rn s class against would find a coolness aroan I th a t would other hand the argum ent is strong that contracted hough a little prudence
price of w heat, oats, barley, rye, cattle,
class. Among o th er things, the worker t a k e fuel to warm up th an you the McKinley forces have yielded since m ight hav<prevented its being eon-
hogs, b u tte r, cheese, eggs, hay, hops, i s t o l d t l m t t e only rem edy for present ’ ° 1“ 1 *’"> "
t h ® *‘rolit ° 1 t,'e ' leal t hey have received the support of tee r.e tc J .
you m ight luaae with him . D amfooling
etc., for each year. Then when you go
conditions is a greater volume ot money a lilan i a good deal like trying to knock Oleaveland forces in th is election w ith-
Like a beitiful 11- wer full of color, i
to a political m eeting take th is table
witli which to do business. The hnsi- him down with th e handle of a two- out which, they would have no chance but withoUiccnt, are the fine but. fruit­
along with you and you can tell w hether
ness m an, with greater experience and edged butcher knife,
i for victory. If fu rth er proof is wanted less wortlsd him who does not act
tlie figures the orator quotes aro correct
b etter train in g in such affairs, sees that
I refer to the Toledo Blade, a leading accordingly
w h eth er they justify the conclusions the trouble is due to an u ltogthcr differ-
1"H c N “ ',v HOOK SPO O N FREE
republican paper. In column 7, page 4
Im presses firmly fixe I in the mind
w hich hc'druw s from com parisons of
e n t cause; th a t an ¡(illation of currency; I read in the O hristian S tandard th a t of the issue of Oct. 15 1898, may he and long -Jrislied are erased with great
prices at one p articu lar tim e w ith those
would necessitate a read ju stm en t of Miss A. M. F ritz, Station A., St. Louis, found, un ler the titie of “ a silly ohjec-
dilliculty.How im portant then, they
of some o th ers.— Iturnl .Vorf/ncr««.
I values, preceded hv a protracted sea- Mo., wou! 1 give an elegant plated book tio n ” , toe billowing question and sns-
should heuoit ones.
Goods as Represented.
Prîtes W ü l be Found Reasonabl«
H erb is a peculiar state of affairs: son of u n c e rta in ty ,d istru st and loss to
_ •
, ,
w e r:
stam ps. I sent fur on.; an I found it so
l-'ratein.- is the reeipro.-itl affection
Tho states th u t will vote for free both em ployer and employe an d lie , useful that I Showed it to n.y fri.-n-ts,
“ M>' ‘’«nioeratic friends here argue
the sentiurit which inclines man to do
silver prixluee 190 per cent of all the takes his stand accordingly,
i and made v 13. in two hours, taking or- th a t the restoration of the McKinley
; unto ot he as he would th a t others
gold mined in the country, 100 per cent
T his is about th e situation which ders for the «poon. The hunk spoon is a tariff law would not sta rt up the Ajneri-
should duuto him.
of all the silver, 100 per cent of all the faces us at the present tim e, \\ hose hoiwelioM necensity. It can imt flip in can m anm actures, from the fact th a t
to the dtali or cooking vessel, being held
In peaulu-re’s nothing so becomes a
cotton, 97 per cent of all tho corn, 92 per advice and exam ple are we to follow—
they have got m ore goods on hand than
in place hv a hook on the bacK. The
as nlest stillness and hum ility;
cent of all the barley, 87 per cen t of all t e politician, whose chief aim and ......... is Kon.ething th a t housekeepers they can poashdy sell, and th at it would
oats, and 80 per cent of all tho value o f g reatest con t-rn Is to secure political imve needed ever since spoons were first he unw ise of them to m ake more of any I but whenie blast of war blows in our
I .
all farm products. Can it be possible patronage ami public otiice, or th e im e iite d . Anyone can get a sam ple article when tliev are now overstocked ears, th e ru ita te the action of the tiger,
th a t the anarchists are th e producers of m anufacturer and business m an, who spnon by sem llng ten 2-cent stam ps to w ith it. Please answ er.
T. J . It., ; stiffen thdnew s, summoii up the blood.
Iiax eev ery th in g a t stake, and whose im ­ Miss Fritz. This is a splendili way to R iverside, N. C.
Woe toie man who can stand calmly
this country?—>Suknt Journal.
make money around home.
poverishm ent m eans fu lu r im poxerish-
‘T o e ‘restoration of the McKinley
Very tru ly , J eannette S.
A man down in San Francisco has m en t for tho m an who w orks for
an d
M A T E R I A L .* *
law ’ is not an issue. No one expects it, ¡or m iirrr. He may think it a fine
loe Groam Alada by a New Process.s
lx-cn sentenced to tho penitentiary for wages?
, thing loi, as proof th at he is an easy
not even M cKinley nhnselL ”
life for try ing to sw indle a man o u t of
; man of t world and not a meddlesome
I have an 1 -e Cream Freezer th at will
$20.000, and it did not take them hut a
freeze cream in stan tly . The cream is political parties to tn eir own d e d a ra - en th u s.t; but ull th a t it di es prove is,
short tim e to do so eith er, b u t about
put into the fre -zer and comes out in- ttons, which place tue financial question th a t theurit of justice and judgm ent
two years have passed and one of the
stan tiy , sm ooth and perfectly frozen. piiraillolinl lo any m in g belore ti.e peo- ; has dep cd from him.
Extracts Front an Address Delivered
i niH HHtouislivH p<*nple un<l A crowd will
most villainous crim inals in history
p*e with tiiv v r aa tu e m am issue. I call
Dilliitv is a severe instructor, s e t'
in Chicago.
gather to see tho irevzer in operation *
of the Pacific coast—one D u rra tlt—has
and t, ey will all w ant to try the cream , a lten ticn to some of the coinage laws over us the suprem e ordinance of a
not suffered tho penalty which he so
“ Money Is a part of n atu re. No m an Y’ou can sell i ream as fast us it can I mj which may bo found on pages 219-211 of parentaiiardiau, who knows us better
justly deserves.— it iacci’IZ.- 1C r io t.
He th at
, ever made or created money. It is In- f,,‘hlc an'l “ell freezers to m any o f them secretary C arlisle’s report for 1893, th an w know our-elves
------------------------- i
* " o would not i-uv an old style fre-z r. „ , ; , ... .. . , ...
... .
D aibv PRODf.-rs have been selling at >«>nd th e power of legislatures and con- „ ¡, rm |ly a
VO1I CHn M,„
“ ,eh r t ‘>” rl’ 1
»l “ >» * “3r °
w restletith t.s strengthens our nerves
VICE p r e s id e n t .
lower prices in Oregon during the last grosses. It is beyond the
tlie power of from $.5 to $8 w o rth -d cream and six to tl11 " tu ’r vll‘ction. In 18i.< the debt of and sha-ns our skill. Our antagonist
year th an ever before. It is pretty hard to the hum an race. Money is not made, twelve fieezers i very day. This m akes ll,e U nited States including ronds, noies. is our Iper. The amieahlc conflict
a goo I profit these hard tim es and is a etc., was abo it $2,590,099,999 Which w its with ilitllty obliges ns to an intim ate
figure out a profit on the year's work, hut D ' ,M lo he found.
pleasam em ploym ent. J . 1. Casey <S e payable In com, eith er gold or silver at acquaint, e with uur object; and com­
still th e farm ers of tho slate who make
"T w en ty -th ree anti tw enty two one-
Co., 1143 St. C uarles St., S t Louis. Mo., ,
»• .
a* i
. .
. . .
the option ot the governm ent, i o de- pels us tonsidder it in all its relations.
a specialty of dairying are probably het- hundredth« grains of pure gold make will «end you full
partn ul.irs and m ior-
ter off a« a elftiiH at tlie present time than ° nt‘ dollar. T h at is the money today of m ation regarding thin I ew invention on ,nont’liZe «hver ami m ake it a mm-le^al It will nsuffcr us to lie superficial.
any o th er «iM-ciid class of farm ers.—/fu- tho U nited States. T h at is tho money application an 1 will employ good sales- tender by special contract would give
linin'. C.
the lioldar of bonds, notes, etc., an ex ­
today of tho civilized world. A h, hut men on salurv.
ral N orthw til.
to iletuand gold as si.ver would not
— — —— —
they «av, ‘C annot you make a do llar out
How a Woman Paid Her Debí»
be tlie kind of money it was w hen the
W k a k k in receipt « in svtuq,«;« of the „( si| vvr?- j eav . ‘y,.«, but when you
Oregon Gnnw Law «as applicable lo Lane lnnke n ,|ol|n r llllt of Mi|veri you have
A Indy in Lexington la y s : “ I am K inds were sold and ti e notes were is­
lish- sued. Gold would L e th e only full tegu. Made «m erit Maintains the confidence
county, from M. O. Wilkin», deputy got to put a d o llar’« w orth of silver in a 01,1
w aslier business, in tlie pa.’t six weeks tender, ft is true th a t previous to Feb. of the i•«-> in Hood’s Sarsaparilla. If a
Fish and
V a l yjau
silver «lollar. It you make money o u t of , (ul¥e |im(,o ^-.¡ ^
E v en . h)juge>
medicinares you when you are sick; If
quest th a t the sam e lm published in our som ething el»e, you have got to p u t a keeper w ants a d m iw asue-, ami any
It cures jr neighbors and j-our friends
local columns. We gladly comply with d o llar’s worth of som ething else into intelligent person can sell them with of coined silver in tue country, nut it i- when t here ailing; if it makes wonder­
ful cure!« many diseases everywhere,
the request.
| the dollar. It takes a dollar's w orth of big profit to him s 'lf. Tue
dishw asher mine I lie less true th a t about two thirds
then beyf any qnestion th a t medicine
paper to make a good paper dollar.
I t >* l»vely, and yon ean wash ami dry the of the greenback eurren ey had by this»e»rit. That is just the tru th
Another Smart Woman.
take« a dollar's worth of iron to m akes family disnea in two m inutes, and witli- tiuio been culled in, o r redeem ed att . about 11« 3 Sarsaparilla. Prepared by
, r’s
. ou t w elting
an iron d f ollar,
and it take« a d . o A
a d ban
. l r e L Is. d n Y
g . m ' M >im d
in terest h e a n n . •combine,,, proportion and procesa un­
My husband is ,x»or Imt proud ami bo
known Uher medicines, it has curative
City Disiiwaauer Co., St. Ixmia, Mo. bonds issuexl in .le t. Now let in» van powers pliar to itself. We know it
does not w an t me to work, us I have noth­ w orth of silver to m ake a silver d ollar.
If 1.1 j :
I ii t it
i n i t ¡it Moy by Thcrv is big money in the business for the rem ler’s attention to the fact th at to possesses eat merit because it has
ing to d o I getreatlesa, and after reading
law —and 1 would like to have good an agent, I expect to d e a r $1,9 k) the take about $1,21)0,009,009 of m edium of
in your pupvr Mrs. R ussell's ex|H-riem-e
coming year. I neeil the money, why
exchange out of circulation and sell
selling self-healing flatiron« I concluded Bryan man answ er th e question—if the not muke it.
Miss C. K.
bonds io th a t am ount, not only left tuo
I would try it. I wrote to J . F. Casey governm ent ean m ake money by law ,
A Churn that Churns in One Minute.
country witli th a t muet« less money to
A Co. S t. Ixutis, Mo., ami they treated why should tho governm ent colle, t
Cures, nr,nee or twice or a hundred
do business w ith, hut increased toe taxes
m o so nicely th a t I felt very m uch tn -
times, b tn thousands and thousands
I have K en in th e dairy business all
“ We «lo not want the labor questions mv life and nave m any lim es el.«i-ncd
“ ,tf a “ ’o‘" u * ' l “ °
*><> “ ,e of cases. « know it cures, shsolutelv
couraged. As soon as I got my sam ple
permane» cures, «then all others fail to’
iron I started out, and sold 8 iron« tlie settled hv violen -e and blood. I want to for an hour bef.-re tattler wo ild appear, tonds. To replu« e th is decrease in cir­ do any BfCxvhatever.
th a t «ruuid culation, til v« r wetd I have K e n r« b e l
Hoo- J ’».p arili. I, known to posses. _
first day clearing $1
i since, and
_ i one
. . day
i ... willing ® to give w hat lalmr is w orth. I ehttrti m « m in «te, I o «élu le I to try- it. to the m ints tor coinage wiiicii wou.o
than a any day
Every duy fur a week I use I it, an I not
have kept tue medium of exchange up
i . . . ..
w ant to educate the w orkingm an «oh©
sold 17. I now have $228 clear money
_ I eh
_ u _ rn in a ___
otlly could
m inute, but I
o n « , r th ji known to be honestly ,d w .
an d my hand does not know I have
willing to w h at labor is k„ , ,,lort. ;ll,d |M.Uvr b u tter th a n with •« U“‘ nee>U of the country, a thing that tised, sm ,r these reasons the people
been w orking ut all b u t I am afraid he w orll,‘ I » a n t io civilize them b o th to th e comm on ch u rn . Tnia ia very ini- *»•»• b a n k s ,«npv> tully of Loudon, di.t no loathe « HOOd'’
, th a t degree th at they can settle ull th eir p o ru m inform ation to b u tter m akers, w ant, there ore silver was demonelizrxt
othcr P i r a t i o n s .
w i l l b c m . a i w h e n l . e l l b u n . H ave
<>f n ,e ,.llllrn Wlirks
„ ¡ . j , „„ . will f l .b.
l873 anii K r |w l SvvJ> ............... . h / î . ’c a M ,d e,n d Merit Maintain,
done rigid or should I quit work an 1
eh u rn an or.l nary cliurm nu in less thr.ii . .
. . .
hanker u r a t.e l t i e m il. 3,-e L ongres-
IW Second*, I have sold two dozen o
leave Idin to struggle alone.
"T h e citizens of America shotlhl be lt,e w c h u rn s in .h e past m onth. Every ’ ¡<’»»1 G.ol e. Apr. 9. 1872. T his act as
A n A nxio »-. W ii
. .
I . — frivn«ln. We have no per manvnt $•!•••»•. Uucvr mukvr th a t luui tevu me churn in I h aw nlrva<h • n u n , itavo the Ion .
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