The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, August 14, 1896, Image 4

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-Ä-IXriD E J K E D S .
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1
W l here
n re X
P ’iunJ-.c
n in lta stone
Stone foro«.
Conics F
ro m .
V o often hear it rem arked, and par-
ticn lu rly a fter tho eruption c f „ volcano,
th a t jTurnieo «tone ought to he plentiful
and cheap, as quan tifies m ust have hem
ejected d u rin g the volcanic disturbance.
A s a m a tttr i t fact, however, none ct
the w h ite stone in general use is obtained
from active volcanoes, i t comes from
the dej ( sits of the article discovered in
one ( r tw o quarters of the globe, tlie
best of w hich is at present to be found
in the island of L ipari, situ ated in the
T yrrhenian sea. The island is m oun­
tainous in ch aracter and consists of
tuffs and lavas, and of highly siliceous
volcanic products. The d istrict w here
the stone is found is called Campo
Blanco or Monte Petalo, 1,500 feet
•hove the level c f the sea.
A fter riding a considerable distance,
p artly along precipitous paths sufficient­
ly dangerous to lx- interesting and partly
through vineyards untl ever grassy
plains, one alm ost comes suddenly upon
a s< em ingly snow clad valley, inclosed j
by hills, also q u ito w hite, and the w hole [
glarin g ly bright on a sunny day. Into
those h ills w orkm en aro unceasingly
digging d te p burrows, w orking w ith in
by candlelight.
In th e ir excavations
they come across m any lum ps of pum ice !
ttone, w hich are placed in baskets, sub- :
sequently being conveyed along th e v al­
ley to the seashore, whore sm all boats
are loaded and sail to tho seaport near 1
by, w here tho stono is sorted, packed
an d shipped to d ista n t parts cith er b y ,
Way Of M essina or Leghorn.— Popular
Science News.
v r n 1 c u t FARM.
a T "
Stars in
About seven miles up tho Siuslaw
river from Florence, and situated on the
bottom lands of th e river, is one of the
best farm s in Lane county. For grain
or pasture land it is unexcelled, and
the best proof th a t ii produces th e finest
varieties of fruit, is th a t th ere is grou-
inje a large orchard consisting of the
choicest kinds of fruit-trees now in
bearing. Tbi« farm will be sold as a
whole or in ten, live or one acre tracts
to rn it purchasers. W rite to 0 . F. Ken­
nedy, llo ren ee, Oregon, for particulars
a n d prices.
- ' ano no other .
H o w J im Sanders ite p e n *e d o f H is V o w
N e v e r to B e T u k e li A liv e .
■cretarr o
W hen the sheriff w ent over from
Golden H ill to Lucky Valley after Jim
• - l y i -iD D L f
ipt. Puhi
banders, w ho w as w anted for shooting
ate Print
Dan W illiam s in a quarrel over a gam e
Y o t, t v lll U u d o o , c o u p ,,,,
•.jiorntiy <
of cards, he d id n ’t even take a gun
I m id e e ac h I wq o u n c e b a g ,
a n d t w o c o u p o n s In s id e each
along. He found his man iu a saloon
ipreine C
f o u r o u n c e b a g o f B la c k ,
and asked him to stop up and take a
drink. J im complied, but kept a hand
w e l l ’s D u r h a m . B u y a bag
vige Sece
on his guu. When they had drunk, they
o f t h is c e le b ra te d tob acco
sat down, and the sheriff told three or
a n d r e a d th e c o u p o n —w h ic h
ttoruey H
four funny stories. By aud by the puz­
g iv e s a li s t o f v a lu a b le p r e .-
zled Jim broke out w ith :
e u ts a n d h o w to g e t th e m .
“ See here, Joe, did you come over aft-
- er me?’ ’
o a
“ Waal, I thought you m ight w ant to
Scientifio American
S O IE 3 S T O E S ;
jog along back w ith m e ,” w as the reply,
Agency for
i “ N ot much. I ’ll never be taken
alive. ”
tidge. . .
“ Then th a t settles it. L e t’s hev au-
j other drink. ”
They drank again, and (he official
Sold W ith
told a very funny story about a tender­
jlerk ...
foot’s experience in Golden City. Jim
Sheriff .
laughed as loudly as the others, but
r n o v 31* p a T E N T S ,
presently grew serious and said:
*' w ® v T e o " “ s? fn ° H “ "T rot. ?>
“ Say, Joe, you can ’t take me a liv e .”
v “ ( (,-s -61 B roadway , N ew Y ork
t 'n i v I
bntent. in AmeS'ca
“ W aal, wo w on’t w orry about th a t, j
wliool 3«
♦ii/ . 1. in int talkCn ou* f,y us is brought bpfnra
! Jim , ” w as the reply. “ L e t’s hev anoth- I
“ by ? n«Ucu s ire n tree of chargo la tho
p u rv ey o r
i er nip and than a gam e of cards. ”
Jorw ier.
J Tlie gam e lasted u n til the sheriff had
bidtice <>
, lost about $20. Then ho ordered drinks
Count h hl
and s ig a song. When the song was
j finished, he said to Sanders:
Jim , h e v n ’t I m ade things pleasant
fu r you today?”
R ipans Tabules.
You hev, Joe, and no m istak e.”
R lpans T abules cure nausea.
A Ix -g , a C ru tc h a n d a W h o s l.
T reated you like a gentlem an__
R ipans T abules: at druggists.
I h ev n ’t I? ”
'I he win 1 Imnn had only ono leg, hut
R ipana T abules euro dizziness.
“ You certain ly hev. ”
lie was riding w ith all the ussuraneo
R ipans Tabules cure biliousness-
“ T h a t’s my way of doin things.
and ease of ¡,n expert, and ho evidently
R ipans T abules: one gives relief.
( Now I w ant you to tre a t m e like a gen-
could have “ scorched” had he M, de­
R ipans Tubules assist digestion.
I tlem an. Go back to G olden C ity w ith
sired. He had on a tasteful, q uiet bi­
R ipans T abules cure bad breath.
R ipans T abules cure liver troubles.
cycling suit, and his one leg was neatly
R iw rJ ii
Ripans Tabules: gentle cathartic.
B ut I shot Dan W illiam s over thar. ”
incased in h a lf a p a ir of knickerbockers.
R ipaus Tulmles cure constipation.
“ Of course you did. ”
Across the han d le bars of tho w heel lay
R ipaus T abules: for sour stomach.
‘‘And they w ant to hang m e.”
u crutch. At T w enty-sixth street he
R ipans T abules: pleasant laxative.
“ Of course tliey do, but th a t’s noth- I
alighted easily and gracefully, loaned
R ipaus T abules cure torpid liver.
in to me. I d id n ’t m ake the laws. I
h is wheel against tho curbing, adjusted
R ipans T abules cure headache.
1.1s crutch and hobbled into a cafe
w as sent out a rte r you, and I w ant to j
R ipans Tabules cure dyspepsia.
take you back. I could hev sneaked in ;
— ^7
When ho tam e out, the people who had
Rlputis T abules cure flatulence^
None who are engaged in any of the m echanical
and got the drop on you, but I knowed
seen him dism ount laid gathered in a 1
tw ould h u rt your pride. H evn’t I bin
little crow d iu tho interests of science
pursuits can succeed w ithout reading an d
tender w ith you. Jim ?”
to see him m ount his w heel again. I t j
C s rtlflc a te x »; D e a th .
Vou hev, Jo e ; but I don’t w ant to
w as a vi ry sim ple performance«. He
W ho can tell how m any persons are
studying tins standard Magazine of Sciences
gave a glance of m ingled am usem ent buried alive every year? How many be hung. ”
I s pose not. but see how nice I'v e
and trium ph at the c ro u d , p u t bis foot eases of suspended anim ation aro thero
Aa I
and mechanical A rts. I t is illu strated w ith
on tin. stop of his m achine, grasped the on record, and how many horrors th a t used you. W ould any other sheriff hev
le ft handle bar firmly w ith one hand are never known save by accident, when done it?”
all modern cuts of latest inventions in all
T. M.
.“ No, I reckon n o t ”
gave a vigorous push w ith his crutch once in a w hile some grave is opened
“ O f course not, and if you are hung
and gilded easily away. ‘•T h at’seasy , ” and discoveries are mado th at shock
the branches of mechanism, and its fund o f
lie shouted hack over h is shoulder to tho whole com m unities. There is not, up to won t I boss the job and m ake it as easy I
knowledge is inseparably connected w ith in-
date, any certain test for death, a l­ as possible? J u s t como rig h t along to
'Hie people looked ut, each other in though there have been experim ents and obleege mo, Jim . ”
One tw o story house in F lorence w ith lot 50 x
155 feet. House
ventors and mechanics.
Sold w ith T h e
‘‘W ould it be a g reat favor to you?”
astonishm ent. ‘'W ell! w elll” said tho trials innum erable. A fter exhausting
oi eat
I t Would, and it w ould show mo heated by furnace. W a te r handy. E ig h t
rut. man who had been one of the most a llo t' Hie resources of science, medical
W est a t clubbing rates.
rooms besides basement
interested observers. ‘‘The cripple may experts have arrived at the conclusion th a t you w as a gentlem an to boot. I'm
throw his crutches to the winds. T h at th a t I be only certain test of death is the a gentlem an myself, and I kin appre­ for $1100.
scheme discounts a wooden leg. ” __New lo n d itio n e f the Li lly. U ntil there arc ciate a gentlem an. ”
York Tribune.
"W aal, Jo e .” said Jim , after a mo­
unm istakable signs of decay, death is
One house w ith lo t 50 x H42 and blacksm ith shop with lot
by no m eans a foregone conclusion. Tho m ent s thought. “ I did say I w o uldn't
A ll o n i l.a , H uch,
sense of sm ell is tho very best possible go, aud I did think I d id n ’t w ant to bo H ouse .s w e ll finished.
Only blacksm ith shop in Florence. Both
curious und exceedingly unusual guide III such m atters. Even the eyes hung, but to obleego you aud to show
freak is reported by a deer h u n te r to
E. E
arc not to be trusted, as there aro cases these critters th at I know w hat good lor 8900. B lacksm ith shop sold seperatcly if desired.
F o rest and stream . T he h u n te r w as tip
on record w here bodies havo become a l­ m anners is I ’ll go along w ith you. ”
HI W exford county, M ich,, and got on most black and yet life w as not extinct
Ami ten days la te r Mr. Sanders a t­
a deer tra il th at had hoof m arks p lainly
In one instance burial was delayed tended a necktie social and w as left be­
O ,„ q u a rte r uectio,, „ 1
h eavily tim bered 2 J m ile , f,„„, storc
m ade by a buck. A lm ost all h u n ters of by unavoidable circumstuucoa u n til tho hind when the others started for home.
deer can fell a buck from a doe track. | friends became alarm ed by the color —D allas News.
and post office and 2 m iles from school house. F o r 8393.
A fter tra ilin g the deer and g ettin g w hich they mistook for m ortification,
in vi
w ith in a r a l of it the buck leaped out’ and, fearing some outbreak of disease,
I n B ic y c le P a rla n c e .
I. G
of a clum p of brush and got, knocked, they si u t for d isinfectants and sanitary
He— D earest girl, the tiro of my
One hundred and six ty acres of A gricultural land 12 miles from
dow n w ith a b u llet through the head.
experts. Before they arrived, however,
The deer ditl not have any horns, al- thero w as a m arked change iu the up- of yonr charm s. Bo m ine and let us F lorence for 8300.
hough 11 Ji-ycar-old and w eighing 150 pcurnuce of the body. From a purplish rule tandem through life.
jxiunds. F u rth er, if never hud had any hue like a bad bruise it gradually b e­
She—How sw eet and strange! You
Tins m onthly m agazine is one o f tlie ver H a l
came lig h ter and assumed a lifelike have scorched your way to my affec­
Does w ith horns, bucks w ith three color, and w ith in a few hours there tions, and I cannot back pedal against
best printed in th is c o u n try , and is soli
lm rns. dozens of spikes and m alform ed
your attractions, I surrender the h an ­
horns have often been reported of M ich­ '* i V ev*'b'ii<'< s of re tu rn in g anim ation ( d le bar of my life to yonr hands and am
to all subscribers a t ra te s withihtk
A lthough several physicians hail
igan and Other A m erican deer, hut this in attendance and tho person was
sure you w ill steer our united lives
a 'td ity o f a ll to p ay. I t ¡8 finely illm
is th e first hornless A m erican buck re ­
Bounced dead the result proved the u n ­ w isely.— P h iladelphia Review.
ported, although some European deer reliab ility of th eir decision.— New York
T h ese offers are m ad e for a short
ti.iiid and p resen ts th e n am es of faux»
som etim es lack mi -Ii weapons, b u t yet Ledgfr.
III* Loratinn.
are able to w hip tho hom ed oues.
tim e only an d those who wish to be­
“ I live in a tow n, ” said the bewhisk
A Son I n th e I ’c n ltc n tla ry .
a u th o rs as c o n trib u to rs.
T h e IV bi
cred m an, wlio w as tilted bnek in tho
W o od P u lp .
"E pigrainim itio sentences are in ter­ hotel c h irr sm oking a rank cigar,
com e owners of R eal E s ta te in F lo r­
■“ id tlie C osm opolitan a re sold at re
A new and efficient m achine for esting, Imt tin re is such a th in g as being
w here a father, tw o sons and an uncle
g rin d in g a log into p,,,,, r pulp and pro­ too strongly e p ig ram m atic," said R. F
ence an d th e S iu s law valley can not
all m em bers of the same fam ily, ran
•laced rates a t th is office.
d ucing a superior q u ality o f film -
U aruett of Louisville. " I was going io r office ut the last election. ”
scribed in Tho M anufacturers' H azetti into L ouisville from Memphis. On the
‘'P ardon m e ,” ventured a bystander,
as h aving a m etallic base, heavy and train was a w h ite haired old lady, w ith
but w h at p art e f Ohio are you from ?"
over an inch thick, pierced w ith holts, whom chance drew m e into conversa­ —N ew York Sunday W orld
th roughout its surface, uud the intiet tion. Wo became q u ite friendly, and
surface co rru g ated ; w ith in is a heavy she told me th a t she w as going to v isit
A« t o th e «Tourney.
eyelimh r. the ou ter surface of w hich 1« her son, whom she had not seen for tw o
Mr. F erguson (w ho has been ready to
corrugated, the corrugations ru n n in g in o r three years. He had w ritten a few sta rt to the th eater an hour or m ore)__
a direction opposite to (hocusing. Now weeks bi fore, asking her to visit him at L aura, if you had to take a train for
A more complete
when the cylinder is set in motion ami Louisville, nam ing a certain hotel. She
heaven, you w ould get left.
a lo g o i wood is placed between cylinder «•ranged her affairs as quickly as possi­
Mrs. Fergus,,,, (butte ,in g her gloves)
and easing, the corrugations strip the ble and went. A t tho station she was
Discription of the
I Lon t know w beth. r I would er not.
w.HMl into as.,ft, fluffy, fibrous m aterial greatly disappointed not to meet her
b n t if I did catch it I know I would
in uppenmnee nearly like cotton—ao son, mid I aeeonipauiedhei to the hotel havo to travel w ithout any escort —
Property w ill be given
n early like it, in fact, as to be m istaken I he clerk had n et sivn him , but gave C hicago Tribune.
for th at article by the u n in itiated . In me „ letter for the lady. As « o n as she I
’ d° not j ake s » m » i « i of o n , id e a .
On application.
th e fhiul stage of th is sim ple operutiou n a il Hie first line she faulted, and 1
N o H o p e In T h a t Q u a r la r .
th e fibrous m aterial is foiced through hnrrii illy sent for a physician, picking
l ’ , l '" '
C harlie P ayw ell— Say, old man, w ill
th e holes w hich pierce the easing of the up the le tte r The first paragraph was
you lot mo hav<‘ $20 u n til tomorrow?
m achine,
My lhMi M otlur—1 nni now in the
s « e » ¡ . ’ ho
m o t lo o f ||m
- «
W . t » t h e m . ’*
«Johnnie GooriJoy—C an ’i, my dear
P’ >",'"<>ary.’ 1 was sh.x, but read
boy H av en 't g,„ if. Why d o n 't you
lliifT o lo C a rp .
fu rth e r Hi,. i„,xt paragraph said : ’I
„ f lh l, mo
Wc have a fish in the H |iuoig riv c r h a te a good po.iti,.« w ith the eontraet- nsk Howard? He m ight let yon have it
w hich does net f e d on an y th in g except oi*. and it is impossible to get n w iv
“!» » « |.l«„o , n, | i | l t .. ’
aC' " " "
vegetable m atter, and its nam e is buffalo Come on to F rankfort. I have already pect to get a do llar from him ; he owes
m e $50.— New York Sunday World.
carp. T h is fish in every w ay is superior len ted a house for US to live i„. • R
w ith its
A rena’s gallevv nr
to th e H erm an carp. The buffalo carp us tl.n e h o u r. t„ firing , |10 lllotbcr ,Q
em inent
A R e fo rm e r
we sh ip in carload lots to New York in cousen-usiiess ’’— W ashington ¡Star
re « »K^oup of interesting
«« A fter nil, Raid the thoughtful girl,
th e w in te r season, and a t tim es they
men and
th e presentation of an engagem ent
’ o m e n , a n d th e i r t h o n g l i i 8 a r e
sell a t a fa ir profit to the lishenuan. l i i
T h e F u tu r e U r . ,
rin g is a relic of barbarism , a rem inis­
th e su m m er they are shippi d to all parts
w orthy the
1 know
t by u h « good fate mv
^ ^ tio n o fa llp e o p !,
r f tho west. Wo learn th a t no one in thonglits have Is on alw ays fixed tipnu cence of obsolete conditions. ”
t hat. s so, ’ w as the enthusiastic re ­
A rena is
N ew York except the Jew s eat the b u f­
th in g s Io come more th an upon things joinder. ” i ju s t w ish it were the fash
««Id with T he W est
fa lo carp , h u t we thin k if seme ef the
pres, nt. These I know by certain ex ion to givo b ie y c le a ” — W ashington
g e n tile s w ould try tin m they would he js rieneo to be b at trifles, and if there
su rp risi d, as they are a purely vegetable I mi n o th in g more eonsiderable to come btftr.
e a tin g fish and exceedingly sw eet hi tho w hole being of nlall j . nothing bet­
A Y o u n s C a lp r lt .
th e ta s te .— B eardstow n ( I lls ,) L etter iu ter th an a trifle. B at there
N e w , w h a t c»n you do w ith a set o f taw .
is room
F is h in g Giutettc.
hound iu the rholcoat calf
enough lxf< re us iu th a t wo call eter-
B w,?i.‘ b‘ aTr" ’k" i
P‘M ds his rausv
With m hlxft nnd n OOdlag laugh!
C h a n c e d Met»ntn<s.
the m ind , t m an feels itsell lessened
Whsg torts in the m a tt, r of r . n o lt.d » a l l,
“ I t ’s very funny, "re m a rk e d old Mrs. and straig h ten , d in this low and narrow
Inqx l to a tr r n jn dsnip nt. you
p ts ro re r th« «trongpst action falls
H oinesjain, “ how the m eanings of
stati— w ishes anil w aits to see som ething
th«s c ulp rit*« only two.
w ords change. N ow. w in if you and |
greater. A nd if i ; could discern another
Tho toglaW ton at H prliiyflcld n ila b t
w ire young, J«al, an orch ard w as a lot w orld a-eom iug, on th is side eternal life
Enact laws a ll throush the day.
t>f fru it tn-ca. Yet, bore is Mary Ellen — a beginning glory, the bent that earth
And then am , ,,d ’em d a rin g the nicht
w ritiu th a t h er fri, inis, th e V an Ellens, can bear— it would bo a kind of ilu -
And clinch 'em in every way,
a t th e ir Inst p arty , hud the p arlo r dec­ m o rta lity Io enjoy th a t prospect befcrc-
V.* !.* " " I'1 ,,f ,'oa’ " fc“’ •" *b» uss
F ull E nglish C ourse .
IJf old tim e dogma or new
orated w ith . rcliids. P re tty poor decora­ hand, to see, w hen th is theater is d is­
When the l i ( l i t . . . t law ia ao fa ta lly i.— •
________ n»EN CH AND GERMAN.
tio n , 1 c all i t . ” — N ew York Jo u rn al.
solved, w here we shall set next ami
I f the c u lp rtt'a cnly tw o f
branches .
w h a t parts, w h a t sain ts aud heroes, if
M y action in any c o u rt w ould I l a
B ookkeeping , S horthand , T elegraphy
A« readers for publishing house.« I m ay say s<\ w ill appear on I hat stage
A Jury would And for ms,
and mngazuieft w om en show a n m ark­ an d w ith w h at luster „ml oxaeltenoy.
B u t when I am oonrt and Jury I
able instinct in the ability to dincuver H ow ,,i.y it u o tiid 1»'. under „ view of
Am helplesa aa man ran be.
And The
a n d
a n d
Scientific American..
F o r S a le
s A "Lii©
O ffic e
A F-
n U
the c n s M n p n u T o
THE arena .
They are more d u o r n :'
N ^ c x te kas terrors, and ao, In i
M« vous .sure---