The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, April 03, 1896, Image 4

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    P ic tu re s q u e V ie w s
T h re e
-A .IS T JZ )
S iu s la w S c e n e ry .
Z E K T ID S .
T h e M an W h o T r ie d I t a n d t h e W a y O le
S ch em e W ork ed .
Colonel Henry Wattersou tells a story
d t au old compositor whose life had
been given up to hard work and tho fol­
lowing of occcutrio ideas, cue of which
w as that the human race slept too
much. Ho had several theories to ad­
vance in support cf his idea. One of
flVeui was to cut down tin usual num ­
ber of sleeping hours by gradation uud
finally arrive at a state where, by prac­
tic e , ono would bo satisfied with a nineb
sm aller umount of sleep than one was
A German Cuatouj-
Ouo of (bo most i uteres ting function*
of tho up to data betrothal is tho shop­
ping expedition, whero the two mothers
und fathers in-law to be, with their re­
spective sou and daughter, go out 011 an
appointed morning aud bring home a
bruom, a carving knifo and fork. < alt
collar, a llible, a brass door knocker, a
candlestick, a pair of bellows. Th.s is
a revival of an old German custom of
presenting a youug pair w ith what they
consider tho seven emblems of tho v.
virtues th at go to make up a perfect
household. Tho shopping party is con­
cluded by u luncheon of the united fam ­
f lo w t h e C ip h e r, W h ic h 1« N o w I'nivtrK ai,
H a d It« O r ig in .
I attended a funeral tho other day
where them was a lovely flower piece
w ith the Lgnn.s “ 80 ’ in the ecut r.
The deceased hud been fam iliar all his
life with that signal, having been con­
nected with telegraph or newspaper
business fur nearly 8u years, and yet I
doubt if over l.o or any one who con­
tributed to the flower piece knew or
dreamed how JO camo to mean any
thing, especially finis, or tlio end.
As a pint iu telegraph history I w ill
explain how thia signal, which lias
come to mean so i l l i c i t , had its origin.
L i k e a gicat many other expressions, it
v s siaiteel accitlelilally, an it were. In
tlio infancy of the telegraph business
tb. patch 's were su it pa.d or collect,
many < f them abbreviated 111 telegraph­
ing, and all new paper el.spatches w ire
m t only abbreviated, hut scut collect
There were 110 news agencies then, as
now, and papers had friends in all ti e
towns, who wero authorized to send
them dispatches to bo culled lor.
Every beginner in the art of teleg­
raphy was g.veu a look of abbrevia­
tions and signals, which l.o had io com­
m it to memory anil practice till ho bo-
camo expert in the.'r use. A nting those
sign .Is that of ¡10 was found, aud it
nn-..ut "collect pay at 1 ho oiher end.”
Whether a news «L. patch or common
I nsiucsa me. - a g e , i f not p.cpn.d, tiie
signal 80 v s
taclird. As ml press
dispatches w . - ¡ aid for where rcceivto,
they all had 80 ul tho end. ¡So when (
news agencies 1 ,'g a ti their w ork tho t i g - 1
nal was lctam cd, for they were still
paid for whi l e n ee: veil.
T.. a a'gnal has < omo in these days to
ho a naive sal finis to all press dis­
patches, private, special and general,
anil u secondary meaning, or perhaps,
better, a legendary meaning attaches
itself as " t! o ria l” and is a 11 uj er ami
beautiful expictsiou of the fin s of a
telegiaph 14rio ter or 1.1 y other pi-tscn.
Ji well may Ln a sign 1 to the sp r it­
ual 1! sp.di It of a human n .il to tho
great center o f rewards i.nd us ¡1 notice
to estim ate its vali e v hen received and
"collect ¡nay a t tho other en d .” —¡at.
Louis I ’o.,t Disp.neli.
To show his couf.dence in his theory
P u t t o S tr a n g « U so.
lie began to practice the new idea as
follow s: Ho usually slept nine hours.
Tho old beil which in early days stood
Ho explained that he would cut this on Belfry hill, north of the town of
»¡own to 8*^ hours for each week that Council Grove, K an., and was rung to
Jiassed until ho had reduced his number warn the settlers of the approach of In ­
< f sleeping hours to two, w hich, lie dians, is now used by n cit.z-11 us a
claimed, was all that was needed by flowerpot in liis garden. For many
any ono.
years after its original purpose was
The time vront by. i i.d tho old follow goue it was the common property of tin
had kept to his rule laid down aim various religious denominations of the
finally reached tho two hour time.
town and was rung to call the people to
Ho went along for several weeks devotions. Due day it wa.s blown down
•leeping but two hours daily, devoting in a storm and brokou This destroyed
tho tim e gained in reading aud advo­ its usefulness us a bell, and the e.lizen
cating his idea. While there was a no­ sat it inverted in his garden und planted
ticeable decrcaso in his weight, ho flowers in it.—Philadelphia Ledger.
aoeincd to stand it very welL
Fam e.
Then he began to talk of further re­
“ Mr. Speaker," exclaimed a member
ducing the limo, and when enthusiastic
talked of the possibility of ono doing of tlie New South Wales parliam ent,
w ithout sleep entirely
“ my colleague taunts 1110 with a desire
Ho sot typo and was an old baud on for fame. I scorn tho im putation, sir I
the paper. Ono morning about tlireo Famo, sir! What is fume? It is a
weeks after ho had reached his low shaved pig with a greased tail, which
sleeping m ark tho compositor at the slips through tho hands of thousands
case next to his noticed tho old man and then is accidentally caught Ly
had dropped his head upon his anus, soino lucky fellow who happens ro hold
th at were folded over tho case. It was on to it. I let the gre y tailed quadru­
near quitting time. All the forms were ped go by mo w itlioutau effort lu clinch
up. aud tho old chap was not disturbed. it, s ir ! " —London T it b i t s .
Ho had gone to sleep. Tho oflico was
T e le p h o n in g "I lir o n g li s n o w .
»ion deserted, w ith tho exception of tho
Professor A. II. Thompson, chief of
jan ito r and tho sleeper. Tho janitor
the United States Geological survey, re­
was instructed not to bother him.
Tho next day when tho first men a r­ turned from the Black Hills a few even
rived ho was still sleeping 11s they had iiiga ago. The government has two par­
left him and snoring so hard that ho t i e s in the hills, one ut Rapid City and
jarred tho typo in the case on w hich ho the other at Deadwood. The professor
found the Rapid City party entirely
Eorao ono told his vvifo where lio was, snowbound and tells a tale of how he
got communication with them lie
arid she concluded to let him sleep.
lie slept on in that position for 20 worked his way toward the men until Then they curried him to a bed he camo w ithin speaking distance. By
a t homo, still sleeping. lie slept for ¡¡2 that time further passage seemed to be
n*'.r.itl U p !>»• lin q u e tit D eb to r«
hours, and when lw wokn up ho had for­
l a U u aiu rt 1
.tu n.
gotten how to set tv|ie aud hud to learn occasion to resort to a peculiar expedi­
"J11 t v . t till 1
l.ini i.i B ni­
to read ugain, although his memory wus ent. They mined through the snow
Tho snow ai led as a conductor of sound, ton. T ia n i'll mc.Lii li.iii como to tin
good in other respet —»'• baugo.
and w ith sonic dia.cnlty they made one center,” ii aihcil an angry man tlio
12elt- S p lic in g .
another understand.—Denver Republi­ other day wli.le roasting a th catriial
The cement splice is, according to • can.
manager who owed him a few hundred
w riter iu The Wood Worker, tho most
dollars for i.eiv .ecu rendered. 1 told him
n r o w tte on I n s o m n ia .
prifci-tly satisfactory method of joining
that 1 siipjio: cd he would tie ¡1 clap tho
Sir Jam es Crichton Browne, the Eng­ debtor into tho d a irie s Blreet jail.
together tho ends of a belt. I11 leather
Melting such a splieo is comparatively lish expert 011 brain diseases, asserted in "T h a t's j j t v.liat I w ill do if l i v e r
•xsy to make, ns the ends of the belt a popular lecture last week Hint insom­ catch him lim e, yc.n h et.” And then
Mia. be scarfed to a (bin edge w ith an nia is not attended with such diastrous tho mad actor explained how easy it
ordinary iron bench piano, but bofore consequences hr is commonly supposed, was to get even with people o f that Edit
rabbor bolts can bo thus treated it is it is not as dangerous ns the solicitude of in tho l.t'.h. No m atter w hat tiio debt,
licecssary to cut them down iu steps, or the sufferer. lie suggested that the tier v ,lm e or bow it Wan contracted, all
esetions. A four ply bolt may have three brains of literary men. who arc tlio most 0:1c has to do is to r er a complaint
sections, eno thickness of tho canvas frequent victims, acquire the trick of anil ti n t fettles it. If one who owes is
1 °il— "nt back several iticlios, another the heart, which takes a dozo a fraction uverae to notoriety, bo'll hardly take
iciness cut bncktwo thirds of the dis­ of a second ..Iter each heat and so man­ tho poor debtor's oath, which releases
tance, a third thickness cut back ono- ages to get six’ rest in 24. Sotm him for ¡1 cerium number < f years, but
Ihird of tho distance, while a thickness brains in cases id insomnia sleep In sec­ does not w.po out Ins ohbgatious, hut
ef canvas is left untouched at tho bot­ tions, different brain centers going oC w ill linger in tlio bastilj unii 1 ho e..n
tom, tho other end of the belt being duty iu turn.
intere.-t bis friends orrealizo ou his col-
treated iu tlio sumo manner, so th at
la.eral und settle.
P c r t - r t lo n o f ttio Risrrto.
when tlio cuds nro biongbt together tho
I know several New Yorkers who
The mechanical stiength of a cyclo havo run against creditors iu tlio bean
Sections left on one end w ill replace
ilio so cn to n tlio oilier end of tho belt. needs little ooiunieut when u ito in-|i huig and la v e suffcri d. Home joke
To obtain tlio best results it ie recom­ wheel weighing 20 ounces sustains w ith
uhout th eir l ic.iretralii 11 mid the ques­
mended that the belt bo put into n press out permanent distortion the weight of tions put to them during the piece: s of
after tlio operation of cementing, blit in
adm inislcrirg tho poor debtor’s oath,
tho absence of that tool tho belt may he port* at four points only under the run but most all agii-e that the Boston law
laid flat upon a board anil fasloned by-
is a puritanical provision that shonld
driving a iinnthor of shoe pegs through weighing less than u no pounds will he m aterially amended. Bosfouiaus who
the belt into tho board, allowing it to carry a man weighing Hit) to I,
are dodging pri ce s ii m is aro a g ita t­
rem ain thus un til the cement lisa bit pounds, und even a 21 pound ma h u e ing a change tin t w ill perm it them to
carries .« gi-ea’er load with safety than pay up on the m siallm ent plan instead
end then clorely rutting off the pegs.
•ay other »«lucla.
of being fun i <1 to cash in tho full
A u s tin ('o r b ln F m b a rr u M ed .
amount or rem ain a gne; t of the Charlos
H u w t o l i r r p Is r in u n « F r r s h .
' " The biggest man identified with New
stieet hotel. If gui lt 11 law was on the
It Is not generally km wu that I«.» ms Now Yoik statute books and was rn- j
Y ork’s principalsessidoresort is Austin
Oorbiu, the head and front of tho Man­ may bo easily and almost indefin.telv forced hero—well, tiio Tombs or some
hattan Beach eompauy. He is a hard preserved under glass home, one year, otliei privoa would be holding hundreds
worker and probably sees less of his were purchased on tho Fourth of July, who now look as if they owned tlietow n
own profit ublo pleasure grounds than and, by way of experiment, each one Instead of in: rely owing the tnv. to; t uple.
kits of tlio clerks who hold down desks was put miller an inverted goblet. Thus —New York L etter in RitUburg Dis
in the offices of tho (Jorbin Banking kept from the air, they were finally re patch.
eompauy. Mr. Corbin’s name caiuo up moved, ou Christmas day, iu perfect
P o la n u ln z b y Tlnui-<l f o o d .
during a talk with mine gentlemen iu oouditiou uuil us juicy as ever.
Some light is thrown by The re
the corridor of the F fth Avenue, and
upon tho mysterious <-. 1 * of poison 1
one of tho groups remarked that, while
Aliens—that is, uiiiiiitiiriilized for
Corbin was a hustler, lie w asn’t much signers residing iu this country—are by tinned food v.bnli lroni time to In -
of an after dinner orator. " A t a Clover found only iu the north mid are mostly are reported. 11. iy ate b n 1 vid to I
club d in n er," said the story teller, Canadimw, who come to tills country for due to neglect of the caution npa 11
"C orbin, who was then president of 11 working season mid return to their eating tinned finals that have 1....11 e-
Reading, was oalled upon to make a homes in Camilla to remain during the posed to tho air lor loine tin e after I ■
iny «iieiied. 1 heev.iet m anner in w b -
speech. Ho uujvilliugly arose, slam- rest of the year.
poisonous »iib.ilnue ’.s, technically k,. a .
mered and finally remarked. ’Mr C hair­
Bromine w a s iliseovcrcil by Ballar« as “ plom iiiues," are generated so 1.
man, us I am not accustomed tospeeeh
ly t : not known w ith e n ta .n ty . I
m aking I am gr, ally embarrassed*— V Mnutuulier in 1826.
fact th at they are protiue. I 111 sufiii 1
’A ud,’ uttered u deep voiced guest at
R ltht Ho W m .
quantity to i.m .e veiy gi.ive sju.pio..
Hie banquet board, ’so is your blanked
"N o w ,” beguu the orator, "iu con­ of poisontu , have teen t rought oat in 11
old road I* This completely paralyzed
Mr. Corbin, but it let him out of a*bad sidering tlie money quistion. let us avoid m ultitude , i:. -.uuees. In cue v eli
kuown ease tlie lust half 1 f 1 lie ci Mi nts
hole and introduced him to tlio customs false issues, ”
’’Right you n ir," shouted Mr. Fall of a till o f 1. '. -n r was eon: nine I with
end follies of Cluveritea. " —Pittsburg
no ill effect, 1 ut the re.-t a few days aft-
o n once, mid it turned out to be saw­ erward prov. .1 extremely poisonous. It
d u st
Indianapolis Journal.
is »uggested that us a sail•gnaiil tiiiinn
The annual rainfall in the A tlautic
fjetureis might label the tins w i t h s e x
•tntes is 86 inches; iu the southern, 68;
Man is the merriest, the most Joyous «neb notice as ’ Pne contents of th 1 tm
iu the western, 26; in tho Pacific, 62.
of all t l s ¡qs'cies of creation Above mid nro perfivtly whalesamo when eaten
below hiui all me serious.—Adilisou.
fresh from tho tin und afford g..od
Di vial on e i (h e Sexra,
food, but the public is advised not to
One of the most remarkable churches
The Catawissa river, iu Pennsylvania, expose the eontents for any length of
is to bo found at Froudr.uthal, in the was named from an Indian word that
timo to tlio iujurii ns tufltieuees of the
Black Foriwu It is built on such u plau means "getting fat ”
atinosphero. " The La et w riter even
1‘iat the men are enable to see tho wom­
goes «0 far ns to suggest ih it son e such
r n lfltlo ,| In Tluao.
en. and vice versa, for it is composed of
warning m ight be insisted on by tie
“ Anil now ” —
two wings, which meet ut an ungle
legislature,—L < nl ui News
« here tlio pulpit stands. Tho right wing
Ho stood dazzled w ith the bright
is allotted to men, aud the left one tc light that had broken in upon him.
W here tVe Are Onirx-
the women of the congregation.—Berlin
” 1 understand why wo call feet"—
great tiling in this war al
fz tte r.
He jum ped to ouo side to avoid a is not so miii It wlirie we .Hand ,.s 111
A ll I I . C ould no.
what diree: ton we ate inuring To
—"pedal extrem ities."
"M r. Lively,” aaiil the managing ed­
tho port of he ivenw o m. it s 1-011.0-
It was the year 1000, mid he was the
itor, "w e'd like to havo youdruw sumo-
only mail 011 earth who still refused to tiires w ith tho w ild aud voua time
tiling conn a ’’
against it. but wo must sail an I noi
ride a wheel.— N .w Yoik World.
"Yea, air. ”
drift. 11 ir bo a t nuoltor.—U 'lvcr Wen­
"W ithout making reference to tie
dell Holmes.
new woman. "
T h « S t e r n i C«nk*r.
" Y-yea, sir."
I II. M a u ry A ll | n M a a k s.
Tlie great lake» and the Kt. Lawrence
"O r the birycln."
valley have lucre aternia per u n tili
"T h ere’s money iu B txk»," said tho
The artist turned away iu «(lent de­ titilli any other porttoua of tlua eounny. man who 1.« v m: g and cathii-ia«iic.
ject 1«. In a few miuntee he re'uruoj This is dne to the fact that aturnis or g
“ Y es," topi u l his sea- ied fri ttd,
Mud laid a sheet of paper on the desk.
m ating went of thia district move ,1:
” 1 1:1 sure tli :e is. 1 have bei ti put-
"I'vo drawn up my reaignutiou.
rt-ctly east, while many tiug half my alaiy Itiero for the lad
V v M u g t , IM
• Ut ther auatk m ere tw the uurlheaeM
(uur ye. 1 s, aud it s oil there y e t.”
•Y* z*a/-..>
And The
e m .d
r-L lO -
Y s k
Ik Ì
r T Æ i
' _L jr ± .„
t ^
S c ie n tific f lm s ric s n .
i ».I : wh ) u ra eng ag ed in an y o f th e m ech an ical
1 u rt u;ts cun succeed w ith o u t re a d in g an d
i r
A *
s u td y iu g th is s ta n d a rd M agazine o f Sciences
an d m e ch an ical A rts,
-S '
i t is illu stra te d w ith
all m odern c u ts o f la te st in v e n tio n s in all
th e bru n ch es o f m ech an ism , and its fund of
T A.
know ledge i.s in sep arab ly e-.n in e
v en to rs an d m echanics.
el w ill. ,1.
Sold w ith
T he
W est a t clu bbing rates.
. .
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