The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, September 15, 1893, Image 1

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tow ards Florence.
•i’ol. IV.
IL I). C H A M B E R L I N ,
g o v e r n o r ....................Sylvester I’ennoyer
.Secretary of State
Geo. \\ . MeBriile
T reasurer......................... P h ilip Metcheo
Supt. Public Instruction E. B. M cElroy
State P rin te r................. Frank C. Baker
........W. ]’. Lind
A. Bean
Supreme Court { > ..................It.
. F. A. Moore
Judge Second D
1 istrict...... J. C. Fullerton
Attorney Second D
istrict..S. . Cuiidon
G K A . iF C D I iN 'iE iF L
S T A G E L IN E .
H. H .
- - Oregon.
B a r r e t t , P r o p ’ r,
Leaves Florence Mondays, W ednes­
days and Fridays.
L. R. J O H N S O N ,
Arrives at Florence Tuesdays, T hurs­
days and Saturdays.
Connects with Steam er and Scotts­
burg Stage Line for Drain.
Also with
Stage Line for Coos Bay.
All my ivoik will b e w arranted to give reasonable.
satisfaction: Call on or write to me at
FJoresise, - - Ore.
. A. II. Fisk
. . . Ell Perkins
J udge
B ros .’
w h is m a h
Stage : Line,
S u rg e ry .
....... James Parker
O ver L a k e C reek R oad,
jClerlr................................. W. it. Walker TI10 bi<t work nt the e u ’-t K<sxonublc Prices.
Ottico over Uremie Store,
B E T W E E N KLT.KNE & H E A D o f T ID E .
.1. E Noland
E ugene
O re g o n .
T reasu rer.. .........................Erank Reisner
____ _
AsaesHig'.................... ........... McPherson I
Leave Eugene M onday and T hursday m orn
School Superintendent J. G. Stevenson !
H O ' i A C t - i J . C R A IN ,
Leave H ead of Tide Tuesday an d F riday nt
Surueyor. . . , ........... ............C. M. Collier ,
Coroner................................. J.
H arris j l 'i l v Ì i C i ì l
’ I B U T l l i l i l K C l noon.
W hism an
Amt D ealer in Fine W atches an d Jew elry
S ugano
T r i d e n t ............. ............B- F- Ai,u-V
R ecorder...............
■ W ill
S te a m e r
H EN R Y A. GAY, Agent
K vlel
Of Salem, Oregon.
I Thin is tli" K .
¡i. ;':riiTi< c coinpHny of the
M . r . 1 a ra c i
. .... ¡. \ . : ; a o u a ric r of a m illion <iol-
F r-in k W ils o n Lu -. I’lim t ■ < I . .........ami farm property a
I specialty. A<Lir' -< me !tt <om linvr, Oregon, mid
.Leonard Christensen ; w ill t ¡ill u p m you and inauro your property.
M arshal................. ........... C. B. Morgan | -
Justice of P eace.. . . . II. M. Chamberlin
É H ie a d
Bros., Proprs
O re g o n .
o ,^ 'w . H m d ; State Insurance Comp’y
Board of Trustees
T id e Motel,
-----“ “
& obarts
S A IL S ----------
On the 1st, lOtli anil 20th of each
Single trip $3.00. R ound trip $5.00
Florence to Yaqnina.
For Passenger and F reig ht Rates
See - -.....................
V i. W . N E K I Ï , I’r o p ’r,
¿ ^ “ Tables furnished with all th e del-
M eyer & Kyle,
Florence, Or.
- I icocics ol th o season. M ild game, Fish
RESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Florence, am i E m it in season, Best accommoda-
j S R h Æ
t t f &
l !
« - • « ■ » f ” " " “ " « p ’ 1“ '-
O “ '-™ S T E A N Ig R “ C O O S ,”
p’clock a. m. and 7 p. in . Sacrament of reasonable.
o------- W ill m a k e -------- o
th e Lord's supper on 1st Sabbath o f -------------------
January, April, July and October.
...„ m
E 't T I f 'Y l I
H I Y L ’ R E G U L A R D A I L Y T R IP S
Everybody is welcome to all the servîtes. F. t < t > I
f '.1 I i t
A ll
Pastor requests Christians to m a k e . 1 -
— • Between----
Jbeuiselves known.
A. R obixsox , Pastor.
Jn.. C ash 'R
Florence and Head of Me.
E TH O piST EPISCOPAL CIIURCII paid up cash c a p it a l , - - sbo . ooo
G eneral ofliee a t Seaton.
service. Prencliing at Glenada ev- surplus and pro fits , - - $co,ooo
pry 2nd and 4th Sabbaths at II a. in.
Rrayer meeting Thursday, 7 p. m. I lor- A .C O V N T S S G L Ï C I T E D - K N O W L E S , N E E L Y an il O E T T Y S,
O w n e r s.
pnee: Preaching, 7:30 p. m. Prayer
ineetinz, Friday, 7 p. m. Pt. Terrace:
Preaching 1st and 3d Sabbaths 11 a. nt.
Beaton, saine, 3 p. in. All welcome.
II. M o y s , Pastor.
’i n a « THE
la a fc b
7 AND . ■ ”
~ ~ I
l, I
General Lyon« Poet, No. 68.
meets after the first quarter of the
moon, linear mouth.
....................- -
en r
f u r n is h in g
« .i-
G. W. Cit.ivEX, Commander.
R. F. Alley, A djutant.
EU C EN £,
U . W. Perpetua Lodge, No. 131,
meets every 1st and 3d Saturdays S ’ J
A O. a each
Members and visiting "
E xpress T rains Leave Portland Daily.
I N orth
6:15 p in l L v
P o rtla n d
A rl8 :2 0 a ni
12:07 p in I Lv
L vl2:14 a in
10:16a m I Ar San Francisco
L v |7 :0 0 p m
Above tra in s stop a t all stations from P o rt­
land to A lbany inclusive: also Tangent. Shedds,
Halsey, H arrfsbqrg, Ju n c tio n ('ity . Irving, Eu­
gene and a ll stations from Roseburg to A shland
S o u th e r n P a c ific Co.
1 F. A A. M. Siuslaw Lodge No. 107.
Regular sommiinication uu second
(Saturday night in each month. _
A mos H adsai . i ,, M . M.
* ii c j
Charles Branham, Secretary.
c? A I & A
’. A I O ,
a m I Lv
p in I Lv
p m | Ar
A r|4 :8 0 p m
Lv 10:26 a m
L v |7 :'io a m
D in in g Cara o n O gd en R o u te ,
6« S
I U P O u l l m
L! F? H gJ G
» Bw Ve « » I ■
brethren in good standing are cordially
invited to attend.
A. F. H vun, M. \\ . F - L L l l
B u fio t S le e p e r s .
attach ed to all Through T rains.
O. O. F. Heceta Lodge No. I l l , meet-
__ every Wednesday evening in Lodge
H all, Florence, Oregon- Brothers in
good standing invited to attend.
J . L F rax isii, N. G.
L. C. A ckeulev , ltcc. Sec.
r t o
l l e
West Side Division.
I P r o G
B etween P o r tlan d
o s s
from Lane County Wheat.
P a t t e r s o n , E n n is &
A. R. B U T T O LP H ,
Notary Public,
5 v. o
And Collector.
Office tw o doors w est of Florence H otel.
O. V/. H U R D ,
Notary Public, Land Ag-t ( I ) ' S
W in e s
C. D. T H O M A S,
C o r v a llis .
Manufacture the Finest Crades of Flour
T h
" ic tn v .s
F granary of -
a w.iv
T I m h khil of, pluck. I
i -
u cum ulation of facts peint
Q£N £R A L
The tide of di siiti}
L iq u o rs .
7:30 a m I Lv
P ortland
Ar I 5:35 a in
12:15 p in | Ar
C orvallis
Lv | 1:00 p m
At A lbany ami C orvallis connect w ith tra in s
of Oregon Pacific Railroad.
KXrkRMTOAniH ¡.UIY -:.Y-' IT I Mi'.v.)
4:io p m j Lv
P ortland
Ar I 8:26 a m
7:25 p m I Ar
M cM innville
Lv | 5:50 a m
Through Tickets to all p o ints in the Eastern
States. C anada and Europe can be obtained nt
lowest rates from L. O. A dair, A gent, Eugene.
R. K oehler /
E. P. R ogers .
Asst. O. F. and Pass Agt.
Portland, Oregon.
From Terminal
Interior Points the
Is th e lin e to tu k e
It is tlie Dining Car Route. I t runs
Through Vestibulcd Trains every day
in the year to
an d
Composed of P in in g Car* liiiMirpnaowl,
P u llm an D raw ing Room Bleeper«
Of I.nteht E quipm ent,
IS C E L L e K
F R ID A Y ,
ER 15.
No. 22.
W 93.
Au art -ian well struck at t'haiulier-
1:In, .' nth D ak >t:i, has a flow of 3tM)0 ; F arm and G arden N otes - The L abor
W orld—P o p u lar Scientific
gallons of water per minatte.
ar.d O ther N otes.
1 a . a id : ii. dial journals have a new:
tin a '.’ t h a t scarlet fever is eateldug lie-i
FASHION P A A .'.R A 1H 3.
: a wl a t is known us the peeling period.
o i l the moon the earth .
Short basques pra Is shortly to 1
Honey improves witli age.
W ould a jip i’u r to bo sixty-four times I
fashionable again.
The orchard is a good place for the
lure.t r than the sun dues to thg resjiUnis
year is a e -m -, u. , ,
Cropon fur tills tit
fortable fabric.
Be pic of good sense, delie:u-y anil r e - ; Every farmer should have a few- col­
if" ''h 'l.iiiK.nds li a uemt. have oyelids that are sharply i onies of Lees.
Velvet Bog collars
represent a Parisian (• and shade at least half tile upper 1 Chat! makes excellent bedding for
Skirts untile of bh«*! i
in 1 worn 1 part of the eye.
either box or narrow stalls.
with plaid silk blor-Y
The dam should never suckle when
. To i oako 1003 cubic feet of illumiiiat
and effective dressej
iug gas ’.¿ght poumU of coal, costing two heated. This is one tiling to guard
TTcpp. sgTilre'^SA. S.
/~ff- 'TeWfS ¡TfTd Fillr gallô'nfffif naplilha, cost- ngainst.
aio of tug twelve cents, are required.'
¡ng in folds at the e
To make bees pay , cimose a placo
the features of autumn jaekels.
In an article by Doctor B. Schlichter, where thera is plenty of shade, water
Some of the beautiful black fans are of on the historical evidence as to the an ti­ and honey.
paper, decorated with gold, and m o u n t­ quity of the Zimbabwe ruins, the writer
When colts aro six weeks old, give
ed on sticks of gold lacquer.
claims th at tho works are pre-Islamie, them bran and ground oats, and at the
The latest parasols are m ile of lace and eoul 1 not p issibly have lieeu built same time give them lessons in drink­
and lined with rainbow chiffon, and l a te r than six centuries before the Mo- ing.
hammeudan era.
have gold mountings on the handles.
Vse large hives, with plenty of suiiers
Killing aimless dogs and eats is tho and provide shade. This w ill lessen the
Heal lace veils, of tho largo old-fash­
ioned size, which delighted cur grand­ very latest use to which tlio scientific liability to swarm, although only some.
thief of police of Hartford, Conn., is
mothers, arc coming into style again.
Be sure when yon thresh your wheat
The neiv hats show black wings, putting electricity to. In the rear of tlie to stack tlie straw so th at it will turn
either back or front or at the side, and : tat ¡ ii house he has had a cage rigged w ater; then you will have one cow
bunches of cherries are often used w ith up with electrical connections. The comfort in plenty n e x t* in te r.
cage is just large enough for a dog to
After the honey season is over, take
A new grenadine for trim ming pur­ stand in. Tho fore feut of the anim al away most of the honey from the bees,
poses is checked and spotted with a re t upon one electrode and his hind feet so th a t they will not rear a great num ­
upon another. When he is in position
color, and is used over silk of a third
ber of tiees that will to consumers only.
an electric current is switched on.
I t lias been demonstrated beyond a
‘■Ilehiiholtz,” says electricity “ has doubt th at tlie male anim al always im­
The “ Eulalie” coat is a cream white
cloth jacket, trimmed in various ways shown that the fundi of the eyes are presses the external characteristics,
themselves luminous, and lie was aide
to make it appropriate for many occa­
while the internal organization follows
to see, in total darkness, the movement
tlie femulu.
of his arm l y tho light of his own eyes.
Mode shades in gloves are very hand­ This is one of the most rem arkable ex­
If a colony becomes quecnless, and it
some with the purplish dress goods now periments recorded in the history of is not desired to unite it with another,
in vogue, when the gloves to match are science, and probably only a few men give it a flame of brood from another
not wished.
could satisfactorily repeat it, for it is colony containing brood in its first
A hat made of and trimmed with very likely th at tlie luminosity of the stage.
shucks is curiosity on exhibition in Ti:s- eyes is associated witli uncommon ac­
It is always a good plan to have one
kaloosa, Ala. It is the work of Miss tivity of the brain and great imaginative or more
oxtra hives on band,
Mary ltyan.
power. It is fluor-escence of brain ac­ according to tlie num ber kept, so th at a
swarm may be hived as soon as possible
¡Strings of flowers anil foliage arc car­ tion. as it were.”
ried about the throat, tied in a bow, and
Artificial m iniature auroras of the bo­ aftor settling.
the ends allowed to fall some distance realis variety liave been produced by
When a swarm issues keep out of its
down the skirt.
both Dc la Rive, tlie French savant, and way and let it settle w ithout any cere­
The rage for iaee is greater than ever I.enstrom , the Swedish astronomer. In mony. Moro hives are lost by intorfer-
before, and from thirty to forty yard.s of professor Lenstrom’s experiments, which ring a t this time than would be if they
Valenciennes laee is »Tnoderate amount were made in F inland, the peak of a were let alone.
high mountain was surrounded by a coil
for a silk muslin dress.
The best time to introduce a queen is
The newest of waistbands are com­ of wire, pointed a t intervals with tin in tho middle of the day, when tlie
posed of seven rows
oh ' lined to­ nibs. The wirq was then charged with greater portion of tho bees are busy at
gether at ujiervaliJ 1-y 1
imitation electricity, whereupon a brilliant aurora work, full of honey, and consequently
appeared above the mountain, in which in the best of humor.
gold finely ehasetl anti rm
Bo on the alert fur blackleg in tiic
A ribbon rosette, won b m g floating spueti’oscopic analysis revealed the
ends extending half way down the -l.irt, g u e u ¡ s h -yellow rays so characteristic in yearlings and calves, and if it does ap­
pear be ready to treat it on first symp­
and placed a t one side of a square cut nature’s display of “ northern ligtlis.”
toms. Have a supply of saltpeter with­
bodice, is a fasiiiuitabie dress ornam ent.
in reach and look out fur overfeeding.
I t will be a relief to the wearers there­
Fortune smiles on the man who hopes.
If you have m anure gutters behind
of, and to the community at large, w hen
Killing a hobby is sometimes very rest­ the cows w heat eliall makes a fine ab­
Dame Fashion decides to remove tho
sorbent. If you have no better use for
cut-up fussy gingerbread work from her ful.
skirts and bodices.
It never hurts the value of gold to call the chaff, and can store it where it will
keep dry, do so, and use it next winter.
Large Leghorn hats arc dec orated it brass.
A box stall is the most comfortable
with while silk mull anil small while,
I he corner-stone of a lawyer’s house
way in which a cow can be fastened in
birds or wings. The hats are iniended is a fool’s head.
for wear in the country. A black note
No man can be a real king who does the stab le; it is only a question of first
cost; can you afford it? Next to the
is sometimes given to .hem by the use ol not rule himself.
box stall comes the chain or rope fasten­
black wings or aigrett: .
Mark th is: When you worry you
Gowns of striped ..India lawn, with have ceased to trust.
All improvements have to be by slow
full skirts and blouse waists and tiny
All eg:s will count ns such, hut only
degrees and in full accord with the nat­
ruffles, ate very pretty, and I est i f all,
the good ones will act.
ural surroundings. The farm stuck Is
are enol and comfortable. They can he
bought, for a few dollars in tin- -l..,p, j \.A lling can make us richer th a t does always equal to but never better than
not make us thankful.
tho pasturage and care :ven by the
and are delightful for morning we :r.
The : ight cross for you is tho one you farm and farmer.
Very deep collars of lace and emhroid-
A Texas farm er destroyed the lice on
ery are among tho new Im p N a t i o n s . don’t want to take up.
Ii y o u r scales and measures aro wrong his cattle by rubbing them with raw
If one has some piece of "Id time la c -.
onion. It took two or three onions to
they may be set around an old-fa. hi-ao -i vour heart is not right.
embroidered collar. The laee i w a d e ,- The man who would be a leader must each animal, but not one louse escaped
death. Here is a pointer worth pasting
sulflcientiy so to fall over tiic tup. of the always bo the first to start.
The more a mother loves the more she in your scrapbook. Don’t forget it
next winter.
Green is one of I he most popular can see in her child to love.
shades of tho season and appeal’s in
The science which has ever kept the
Sin iely is what people try to be when
great variety. Some of the newest tints they know they aro watched.
leail of practice in bee culture lias dis­
are exquisitely delicate. Among the
covered th at the laws of breeding bold
We forget all about the roots of
novel combination! of this popular i
just uh truly among bees as among our
tree when we are eating the fruit.
I shade is with blue, brown, rose, yellow
higher anim als, th a t there is quality
What tho world needs most is
and Venetian red.
among bees, and th a t by selection we
more preaching, but more praotice.
may greatly improve our honey bees.
Ja lin been
Take tho conceit out of some men
y tin diti who
un: •nd<
Although there may be much work
there wouldn’t be enough left to stuud
to do on the fa r m the orchard should
bave i r i i "
a a nb.- f to for t he oid
IV aid to ho much
not be neglected. Spraying should l.e
Beople who can talk about tliemaolvos continued to keep off the (roit scab,
lighter, Hioi h - i 1 I » nave the merit
r . ii tend uf holding it,
and in the pear orchard to keep tlie
of she 1 liti:
pears (nmi cracking. If the trees are
as does llaiiim. r ti ge.
Tlie man who gives liapplnOM to an ­ heavily loaded, much of the smaller
A modification of tho blouse Pica
a very long skirt, upon tlieedgcof which other cannot be altogether miserable fruit euu be I out with great
is set a bias frill f the m aterial. The himself.
1 lie man who says the world owes him
sleeves arc very full, the nock is shirred
] in, and a belt and neck ribbon of em­ a living itliiw js lias an
broidered velvet, with deep frills at collecting the debt.
(ndiuiiu unions bold a statu eonveii-
shoulders and wrists complete thia pret-
I.'ipe tomatoes will removo iron rust. I t'l n.
’ ty model.
Kub on while tho goods are wet.
Stonecutters lyon thirty strikes this
Lace parasols in black or w hile are fa­
Warm milk used ns a wash at n ig h t, year,
vorite w t dding gilts, and ili< . i be ae
coinpanieil by a pretty parasol ea.-i— a maki hard, coarse oraoiigh skin soft.
Chicago is tlie Mecca of tho unem-
Interesting Articlq I-*
Cuiiotis Tacts 1 ■ th: B rig h te r
Thoughts i fi
: long narrow bug of satin drawn together
at the top by satin ribbons. The c:. is
' lined with siik, and between the two
folds of material tlie violet sachet is laid
A comfortable and appropi to I d . '
tiieycle costume ij ’ f corkser w di ■ ' uni.
is a hi ivy cord at
W ::i-t w ith bi
The lim uber of wm I:men's daily tick­
I by Di don ruilw aya d u rin g
1383 was 18,912,338,
Oxford, N. J iron workers are w ill­
ing to accept a eat in w :■ gts ra th e r th a n
a shut down of tlie wurks.
marks the iron business,
many miners being idle and small ship­
ments of ore being made.
The Iron Trad ) Review says tlie re­
sumption of iron mills dues not promise
to la: of long duration.
It is said th t t there are 820J lasters
ill the country, and th at 3090 of theip
are at work upon machinery.
The coal m iners’ strike in South
Wales ¡ ’ so serious th at tliousanils c /
troops have i een ordered to the scene.
A daughter of the late Judge f“ Fig
I ro n ” ) K elly, Mrs Florenco Wigchnew-
ctaky, is an Illinois factory ingp iitQf.
Mohs in tin) San Joaquin valley, Cal­
ifornia, aie threatening an outbreak
against the Chinese laborers ill the
The shoo business in Lynn, Mass., is
improving, so tlie manufacturers say,
and tin1 lal’or leaders claim th at mqrn
of the men are at work than for some­
Tlie oldest engineer in active service
on the Erie r. kd is said to lie H . L.
furlough, who runs tlie Suffern local,
11c entered the service in 1853, and has
never been in a collision or wreck.
’i’lie avi i age amount e.A! lied per week
by women in Kansas and Wisconsui
$5.27 ; in Minnesota, $0. In Indianapo­
lis the sum paid for shirt making ranges
iroiB thirty to sixty cents a dozen.
A water lumine is threatened in west­
ern X assaebusetts.
Cotton, wheat ano corn promise lose
than an average yield.
Tlie crop of oysters this year is said to
be large and of line ipia'ity.
Tho cholera epidemic continues to
spread rapidly throughout Russia.
The Gould estate lost $(1,000,090 dur­
ing the late lluctuatiou in stock.
Tlie M anufacturers’ Record reports
tw enty new cotton mills under eon-
strnctiun in the south.
Y achting experts agree th at tlie Vigi­
lant is the fastest beat of the cup de­
fenders in fair weather.
The army worm has appeared in the
eottou liolihi of the ' rhalisas and Missis­
sippi river bottoms.
The surfuce of Ftali lake, U tah, is
failing at the rate of several inches g,
A dog at Niles, Jlieli., lias beeo
trained by its mistress to carry the
train uf her dress w hen she goes walk­
The assessors estim ate that Boston's
population is about 500,010. Tho cen­
sus retiii ns of 1890 gave the city only
In order to provide work for idle mep
the city of Denver has appropriated
money for special improvements in the
Muyot Carter Harrison says there are
200,000 people in Chicago unemployed
and almost destitute .of money, and lie
fears bloodshed and riot before the win­
ter is over.
Miss Ju lia Dickenson, of F airport,
Monroe ei.unty, bequeathed $10,000 te
Taboi college, Iowa, and $40,000 to
Oberlin college, Ohio. H er total estate
is i a llie d at $125,000.
Three masked men walked into a gen­
eral stole a t Farm ington, N. M., re­
cently, made all present hold up their
hands and rolihed t l i : safe of $1,209 in
money and $70 I in jewelry.
A canning company at Chenoa, III.,
will pay a :uiu making company $750 for
having ¡niece - fully filled a contract to
produce, within live days, a half an inch
of rainfall over 3 19 square miles.
ft is siii.l t h a t M is s H e le n Gould, eld­
est daughter of the late financier, is
planning the erection of a hospital for
women. Mi
Gould is probably tho
rieliu.-it heiii
in America, her fortuuu
being estim ated at from $10,000,003 to
Charles ii. Yelm, a traveling man of
l.a l ayette, Ind., while in Davenport,
Iowa, received an lKOl dollar from a *
hotel eh :k. lie has ju st sold it to the
eiishii r of a Chicago hank for $855. Tho
coin is one of " lily four and has long
been uiiueeouutis! fur.
The much abused British sparrow has
been f-.mill i"iy useful in West Virginia
and Maiylaml, where the forests wero
.',ii ¡run di.-hi loth greatly facilitates the j ployed,
I cing d e -ti’"i i d he le rdes of pine beet­
washing of pans and kettles to which
Nashville, Tenu,
les, which n i mi" could discover any
I od lias adhereil in cooking.
bers’ Ullien.
means of getting rid of until a flock of
Ground cinnamon scattered in the j Brooklyn custom tailors liavo F
sparrows came up n the scene, and de-
ci ;■ 1;- o r c ii iie r - of c lo s e ts , pantries and
s e e n ih i:.’ iipi.n the beetles killed ami ate
in the treasury.
drive away
br ad and cake boxes
them by t thousands. Millions of dol­
Chicago K. of L. demand a free em­
la rs' )•' i 'ii "i tine tim ber is .aid to have
ployment bureuu.
h"i n "
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