The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, February 10, 1893, Image 1

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    i Vol. 3.
Florence, Lime County, Oregun, Friday, February lo. iti'.i:t.
No. 13.
i i u v ’a bill to in c o rp o ra te ! T be B razilian govermnen lias now been
piece of property means a great .leal
Senator a — h «»
to into competition for our sell,»»I bonks, a
I „.»•l»t-s<-J tbe I,U,,8C F ri,,ay ev el"
the country. Let us have annexation, i circular setting forth a uniform vcliediita
E ü , . » » « " * ) ' « “' “ » « « « « " ’• m ediately complied with force will be
The Portland Dispatch says: The “* p n " ‘
* Hh * l,‘‘ h
l,wl,h’ bei»
used. There is little dillerence in the
barbers of tins city have sent to Senator mu#U‘omPlv
“»’«««»» into curopctl-
----- .
...LfanHirn n f ; B razilian and Chilian incidents, save tb e
WvKxlward for introduction in the legi.- t '““ f° r
h a',o»‘l,un
.Iiur’« bill for the m a n u fa c tu re ot
I uller
. .
f,_ ho flir wav m which the efforts of the aggrieved
latnre a bill providing for the chising of “ ““ “
,b ” "U “ ’ k * rd
i hooks bv the sta te , to be tur-
liiiiOl DO ■ .
lm« n atio n to secure satisfaction are viewed
barbersho,« in the state on Sunday.. ' i'“‘ '“ “#l
. , «t actual cost to the student, has
|w!ieJi '
by o th e r powers ami by a disgruntled
They say that other place, are clored bv
WhU,‘ #ml Wi“ ‘ WbU,‘ ‘’“ ‘b
l^ d e iu to h ______ ____ an d unpatriotic faction at home.—Ore-
law so that Sunday can be enjoyed as a
i t jlll,».pa»»e'l tne legw uaure w hich - gonian
, ..
, state hoard of education bad no spr« i»|
ua.v of rest, and they would like the
all those unable to tea.l th e |
' .„„ion oi the U nited s ta te s of th e . ........ .
V anderburg uh „, c i sanie privilege forced on them, lliey
„1,,:.,. ,, ,
, ,
ni,er, ,lx the maximum rate of books.
P ”
i the bill in tbe senate to provide for tbe Claim
that people can be shaved as well
I .wive franchise.
I ......................
. ,
In wdoition to this, »11 school-Imok nub-
I publication ol county expenditures, o n ou Saturday
as any other dav.nmt seven
llsbers, whose tsioks mav I* adopted,
TheSenate bill to a p p ro p ria te $-000
pOgterB) |,e neglected to add th a t it . . . .
(lavs in the week are too many to work.
I „r* salmon hatchery on t in s ..„ ,.iu
¡n t rO(Llce(| by request, and ever . .
, ,
must e»taIdisli deitositories nt comeu
It is understood that the cheap barbers
lent points in the stale for the general
I , is referred to the
co m m ittee on 8jnce be has been the object of derision
are opposed to this measure.
, ,
distribution of text-book». Instead ol
I Series after its seoond re a d ing.
! in th e eyes of the country press. One
Senator Blackman s bill dividing tbe 5 this svstem of depositories Is-ing es'ah
There will be a great deal of m ud flung paper ia not objecting to tbe bill, bow-
percent road fund among tbe counties lislied at the cX|>vii*c <J the state, the)
Lithe legislature after its a d jo u rn m e n t ever, and that is tbe Woodburn Inde­
according to area passed the senate yes- must now hereafter Ini established by
L its members will be called all sorts pen d en t, for its editor is tbe father of it.
terdav, blit shortly after this King’s bill the publisher« whose Iss'ka are adopted
IJ fools. However, the fools arc n o t all
came from the house, linving liven passed
A new in d u s try , th a t ol m anufactur­
G overnor l’ennoyer is not a very en­
in the legislature.
bv that bodv; so Mr. Blackman sue-
ing laa-t sugar, ia living thoroughly dis­
thusiastic supporter of President-elect
The house Thursday passed a bill fo ra C leveland. On being asked for tbe use
cussed by tbe citiaeu'a of our county's
, |15O) homestead ex em p tio n law . of tb e state cannon to fire a salute in
metropolis, A dispatch to the Oregon­
Were has been an a tte m p t to pass such honor of C leveland’s 'inauguration be
ian from Eugene savs: A a|s*cial H ire l­
slaw at several previous sessions, some- said : “ Xo permisrion will be given to gives King the credit, rids bill distrib- ing of the tmard ut trade was held lust
. I....... < ..... .
» s as low as $1000; b u t its friends say „ . „ t h e ».ute cannon lor ((ring a » )„ (« H
this bill will easily go th ro u g h tb e sen- over th e inangtiration ol a Wall »tree! >, i r '
U htij"«r thvre 1« »'J.'.t«l. » tt. . ..............
I’" '-» ' 'y 111'" ;"
plutocrat a . president ..( th e U n i t c l .
State»." The
l h k l , ol
.ti,a r
l..l.,ry et tl.t.
'''“ ^ ^ • N x r O H U l.te e a K V .n c l h-'tntU
The Salem S tatesm an is to be con- , : , ; ; , T 7 7 a r \ h t , t r ' S ! B H ? S n i 3 ,,
? I
................................... .
> , , «***y-wír*
patulated upon its e n te rp rise in issuing
, .
Morrow, G rant and Harney, $20,000 this (ll|„,r
wnd the probable nut
isplendid supplem entary ed itio n last ,l' J * >l ^ " 2 2 ______ -_______
year, and about (3,000 each year I'01'** |(M)|t for Ilie am-reaa of amdi mu instltu-
ittlc. It contains half-tone cuts of quite
T be editor of tbe East Oregonian says niter. Some of the Eastern <»rvgnn
| J<( „ „„
w r,.„„g
iDumber of the m ost p ro m in e n t of tbe th a t th e Oregon m ilitia is e imposed of counties get a big »lice of Ibis fund, but M,„| ll)ni|„ n x,.n fM\.nablc repirt, I n-. .I
lUles representatives an d sen ato rs,
spindle-shank youths and tbe entire lot tbe valley eotintiea are in a generous
fM, ,g tt, |„, („mid them, and
unong which is a splendid iikeness of would not keep a t bay a cur dog. The mood, and want to help out the rmuls of , , K,
,,, ,,ir ,.»,„.,„,„.„1 ol 11.« agri
¡mtur B. F. Alley.
W allowa Chieftain adds there is no law
the sparsely settled districts s al< o. t u;lurrtj d e trim e n t «t Waahhigt.m. lie
Hie bill appropriating $00,000 for th e to prevent (be £ . 0. m a il (re m h a ving Sta n -iiia n .
-a ..I I.
• •
¡.„r it imt if In
>rki’a fair has passed bot h houses of bis opinion
and i expresatng
it, tun
m ,
I m i w ill lind in
¡legislature, b u t will in all probabil- will come over to Joseph be w ill m i i
be vetoed by th e governor. W hen a single company of thia despised militia
£ . |h1 (iH8 adopted a bhiHtvring utti-
Vnlted >i.«'« s « M e
int.el,lion o( t |„. ibwaiiHit annex»
led about it a few 'days ago be said , forty m en, any one of whom will
(|1|(>Mlio|1) „ lt,| ,|,e b u n io n Telegraph
Itn.l fn iin .l I«.. 1'l.ue tin
I ! .-
I eifle eoeat wbar» the rnmlttioitaa w e re »«
IgVoFsbU) l
ll»«’ ihd»i«tn
Hl I
pr< "bit e im MMNMNM i mid MM IM ’• • ’*
of the beet, show a very high |ier»eht»ge
of sugar. Fuel, water, alia, tabor ami
lead the governor’s m essage of two vinee him of bis mistake in about two makes tbe threat Unit (n e a t B rita in w ill
o th e r mn'c»»«iics ean I * secured at »
irsago.” An effort will probably be m inutes.
not permit aiincxalioii It also says minimum cost, and an empta market ««n
de to pass it over tb e veto should it
T h e Oregon
le g isla tu re
T b t.m la y tha t tbe ,m licy of the I : « d States w ill
lie found in tbe W illa m e tte valley for a
H ta e * ^ p o tt,« « r d m l .» « r f M t t .
~ -» h lk
dealt with in th a t way.
factory of very large capacity. An effort
to the UtuteJ s.»,c» ol "'C „ „ t l y v o le « the ..........
will I* made to eslabllab stall a factory
‘ince President L incoln’s tim e m ore
0 ..-J
tires of tbe suprem e c o u rt have been l u d . l d . b l ... .. S , l - n v bd .4 0...
Engliabmen cannot I» so fooliali us to
jointed by P resident H arriso n th a n T hursday introduced tbe following reso sup, rone th a t iit h e l. 'n ite d S tate-w ishes
v other president. In all be has lution for annexation which was e -n to annex tlie »Sandwich I-»«'"»-- »nd ,h r
curred in by the house: “ Resolved, by
ned four men to th a t post, w ithin
i-la m ls w isli to lie annexed, the anm xa
tb e senate, tbe bouse concurring, that
! of President L in co ln ’s record.
tio n is to la* prevented for fear of «¿real
our senators and representatives in con­ Britain That nation d - a not poweae
Me are Justices Brow n, B rew er and
gress be requested to use nil honorable
A-r measure, deter-
r»s to succeed respectively Ju stic e s
m eans to secure the annexation of tbe the power of veto
fllcj M atthews, Sam uel F . M iller and
m ined by tbe representatives «»
H aw aiian Islumls to the I m llte ! " u 1 nrases,
H niun-o »>j
pli 1‘. B radley; an d now Judge
,1.. A
t.. th e p ...u »
>11 Edm unds Jack so n is to be tb e ¡ and th a t the secre ary «
. , ,,r ,, », ,.r ... gmernmei t in regar»! t"
................. ............. ..........
saaor of Justice L am ar.
rep resen tativ e, in congress.
ly has gent an u ltim a tu m to Brazil
..... .
' l!l(»
...................... ....
land alioobl no- dep i 0
to bull
reparation und damages,
a.te 1 until pa’ience is cxliautted, bo|»ed. ae tin a« i
A tine farm « < B » acre- situât» «I on
^ ^
K o re m « .
T h is
r-h|t|| ........w ||y , , <lrr M,„| vim- mai le
liolto,n land, having nearly a m ile lake
fro n ta g e Ten -« re . n m k r lo ltlv a t.» .»
|(j , „ o n , . ( » . h d j « g.— l orcbar«l > e i
,(>mr |h , o
, f, r»-»ins in a frame
come lin o i . - u i o » » ,
— - -------
......... „a
led ami | « | » r e .l, g— l
„„to m i.iin g -, ami si.« U J alt h u d . »»•!
....... I
,i,|, „in d
- l’rictt oí farro, *—
-■ - —
1 •
revolóte... i-b . " .
0¡ o, a e
case som ew hat sim ila r to th a t la -
thoroughly diacnaasd «‘J ¡t8
,M,llcy and create pre.e»le.,i« n
n the I’nited S tates a n d C hili, and j erally »” '*
— —— —
•er statesm en are not accused of i W ashington. M ini« m
, n«c««sarj
» « . k hill. " h H .
fo conduct nor cred ited w ith a de-1 m en of the nati'Ui 1
. ,
T ,„ . H a « - . . , . . .
time given f-»r
A l,|(| y ( ,„
fu rth e r
W r tu « l.r .
nv. ! n n 'i’H 'iin h tn im r
| , 1., u, i . .j ....r „ « l » i l l l - - - l . l l r r - l -