The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, June 17, 1892, Image 1

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fol. 3.
Florence, Lane County, Oregon, Friday, June 17,1ÎÎ92.
N(|. !>
„ mann ’» m ajority ... th e state is th e main loe.1 reliance of th e p e o p le .lw .lj
argne „go th e elnnn|.ion,hi,. of the ocean w »,
f. for
The B ritish governm ent has, how ever, th a t they ought not to he expected to a jo in t allair. Brit«....... ruled the w ave,
itbing over 5,000.
« C alifornia ,” th e San Francisco come m ost nobly to th e rescue of th e work at less than a certain wage. The and C o lu m b ia ..... freight m arket ■ now
Buffering ones and shipped them sixty unanswerable logic of facts replies th a t I B ritain rules, and America’s hum,
niner confesses, “ we acq u it about
' barrels of Hour. If th e re are not too th e employer will—and m ust, if he is to as the first m aritim e power in the world
tv-seven per c en t of our m ale inur- i
m any of th e sufferers th is tim ely boon carry ohr business and not sh u t up shop is pretty much histm v. Those whoso
will relieve them for tw enty-four hours alto g eth er-,v d u ce wages in some pro- experience is compressed w ithin th e
e national dem ocratic convention at least.
t>ortion to the reduction in his own i past, ten years w ill find it haul to believe
. a t Chicago J u n e 21. T here will
hard struggle betw een C leveland j
kill for first place on th e ticket.
A svoobbtiox oflere., bv th e Eugene profits. By all mean« let the men share th a t the stars and stripes ever waved
|o r ,, (ea, ure o(
th e master’s prosperity when trade is over quite the largest m erchant navy in
placed on Eugene’s F ourth of Ju ly p ro ­ prosperous. But, on the other hand, 1« t
tii com m endable zeal and cogency gram , being th a t of laying th e first t hem be prepared to accept the inevita-
jeople of F lorence have Baid, one rad 0,1 the Siuslaw & E a stern R ailw ay, ble Cheerfully when commercial shrink-
the other, we will have a F o u rth of *8 surely one deserving of consideration, age necessitates a reduction in wages.
the world, hut tigmes, except when ma-
nipulatcd by hahit-nm l-rcpute politi-
clans, are generally conclusive. The re-
ally sui prising thing, however, is not
tin» decadence of the American shipping
R ailroad m atters are warming up
industry, but th a t so progressivo a na­
agaiirsiiiee the political lever has cooled
tion, with almost sixty million pairs of
T he subsidy of $100,OCX) asked for by down. The subsidy is reported as only j
| eyes eternally on th e m ain chance,
the Siuslaw «.A Eastern Railroad C o m p a­ wanting $10,000 to reach th e $100,0(H)
should have allowed tho total to go back
ny, to construct a railroad from Eugene notch If tliis is secured by to-morrow
I oven a ton.
to Florence, lias been nearly all sub­ n ig h t it is proposed to start out a party
T he Port Orford T ribune is responsi-
scribed, and as a result th e dem and for of surveyors the first of next week to
property, both at Eugene and Florence, locate line and set grade stakes. It is blo for th is: “ Eugene Pierce and one of
celebration th a t will o u tsh in e any and a more pleasing feature th an tliis
could not he placed on the list.
?r attem pts.
DI inty sale d a y ” is a K entucky in-
ion th a t m ight well be copied else-
Tbey afford a regular m eeting
for the sale and exchange of all
>s of farm stock.
E fact th a t Coos county gave R ork,
is daily increasing, for every one ap p re­
Boples candidate for congressm an,
ciates th e great advance th a t will be
m ajority would seem to give th e
made as soon as work begins on tho
the senseless gabble th a t H erm ann
road.—Oregonian, J u n e 13.
tial to th a t p a rtic u la r d istric t.
C aliforni a is not a t all proud of being
[ ove is on foot to still b e tte r the
called an earthquake country, nor do the
Ing facilities of th e G reat Siuslaw
people a t all enjoy the sensations which
One of our leading lu m b er men is
a tu m b ler produces, how ever slight it
n San Francisco n egotiating wfth
may he ; b u t when it comes to a com par­
nen w ith th a t object in view.
ison bet ween the u d o u i deinngw d o n e by
republican n atio n al convention eartlnpiakes and th a t w rought so fre­
ilv in session a t M inneapolis placed quently by cyclones and tornadoes in
nination for a second term of pres- tiie E ast, th a t state can a t least put. in a
necessary th at work begin before July th e Anderson boys accom panied by Asa
first. All subsidy notes are invalid if Carey went out to th e bird rocks la^t
work ¡be not commenced oil or bofore week, where the la tte r rem ained, pack­
ing eggs for th e steam er. They say th a t
th a t dute.
. th e num ber of eggs lying on th e rocks
1 i t is vast Astor estate has been p ra c ti-! ,
,, j
, .
j when they arrived was surprising, and to
cully entailed. It is held in tru st and is __
■ .
; say th a t th ere were 1000 dozen would
administered thus for th e benefit of tho
not be un exaggeration. Thia en terp rise
living representatives of th e family.
bids fair to become a.’i im p o rtan t In-
A ndi^grow s with astonishing rapidity.
• .
$200,000,000, uiid us New7 York d evehipT T ‘U’" : x W W ^ W a W f i ’iTtif
I leggo
and increases in population th is prodlg- i induced tiie I nited States congress to
ions fortune m ust continue to swell.
It •"«’«to th«« ( olum hian Exposition in th a t
f of tiie U nited States, B enjam in plea in m itigation of dam ages oil behalf
m, and for vice-president, W hite- of the earthquake.
eid, editor an d pro p rieto r of the
I r is th e uncertainty of the assured
ork Tribune.
m ovem ent of the law from guilt to pun­
estimate can be m ade of th e pos- ishm ent, which makes m urder common
cliievem ents of th is G re at Siuslaw
when once we shall have received
,d connections w ith th e outside
The indications now point to a
com m encem ent of w ork, and
mce fairly sta rte d keep y our eye
tire n t Siuslaw .
Coos Bay Xetru say« “ th e Chance
in tiie opium
are false.”
luted with J .
btain of th e
tra d e , an d all such
A ny person who is
J . W in a n t, th e pres-
C hance, know s full
bat this square, honorable gentle-
l far abvove th e m ere suspicion of
ng in th e “ opium tr a d e .”
Salvation A rm y 25 years ago con-
[of only two people—a M ethodist
ostracised by liis ow n com m un-
account of his conventional ways,
is wife. To-day it stan d s before
)ple a fully-equipped organization
>ore th an 500,003 a d h e re n ts, 0,000
would tax a genius in extravagance to , *'*'•' h»wn th e y d e c la re d t h a t th e c itiz e n s
dissipatifuven its ordinary income und of Chicago would provide nil th e neces­
only inconceivable lolly could b le a k it sary funds, mid when congress was asked
for an appropriation of live m illion do l­
up. X
lars to fu rth er th e bCheine there was a
A n emi . n em ' w rite r lias tin s to sa y of
position from all q u arters
and lynchés not uncommon. W hen th e advertising: “ In all towns whore a of th e U nited States, excepting «if eotfrs«,
is published, every m an
... ,
law of a state moves surely and w it h be- newspuper
the city of Chicago and tho country su r­
coming celerity against tiie m urderer, should advertise in it even if nothing rounding it. But now th e proposition
Judge Lynch will hold court no more, , more th an a card stating hi« mimo und has taken such simp«' th a t it is likely to
hut until then Ivnch law will continue ! the business he is engaged in.
I l does
receive a great «leal of support, it is
to he enforced, and its enforcem ent ex­ not only pay the advertiser, hut lets the now propose«! th a t th e U nited State«
cused by its m inisters upon tiie ground people a t a distance know th a t tho town treasury shall coin ten million silver
th a t th ere is no* security to society in in which you reside in a pros(ieroUM coins of th e w eight ami fineness of th e
the disregarded and uninforced laws.— community of business men. As the present half dollar, which are to la« legal
seeii is sown so the seed recompenses. tender. They are to la, stamps«! with
Neaer pull down your sign V bile you e x ­ such inscription us will m ake them suit-
Tin: grateful R ussians who received pect to do business.”
ahl«1 souvenirs of the celebration of th e
th e cargo of grain sent by charitable
As tiie follow ing appeared in the Ore­ 400th anniversary of th e discovery of
A m ericans fur tiie relief of the famine
America, and are to la, paid out in de­
have been showing th e ir gratitude by gonian th ree days after election itcu n n o t
fraying th e cost of com pleting th e work
presenting a splendid antique silver tea well ho spoken of as a yarn gotten up for
of preparing for th e inauguration of th e
service to the captain of the Missouri, the purpose of furthering Mr. W alker’s
exposition. T he secretary of the treas­
who brought them th e grain safe and j political in terests:
lame county cer-
ury is to purchase A m erican silver bu l­
sound. Now it happens th a t tiie M is-, tainly I uih u very accommodating county
lion in addition to tiie p resent m onthly
souri is a B ritish ship, and th a t Captain clerk. A claim ant above Jaaper had to
purchase to an am o u n t stiflicient to e n a ­
F inlay, who sails her, is a British cap- prove up on liis claim but unfortunately
ta in , and lie gets all the eloquent thunks i he was sick and could not therefor ap- ble liiiu to comply with th e term s of th e
vvhich th e Russians m ean t for th e ir ! pear. In order to save the mini lltiga- act ami th e sum of $4,(XX),(MX) is appro­
priated for th e purpose. It is claim ed
American friends.
, ‘»°n and trouble, County Clerk W alker
th a t th e c«ait to the governm ent of five
gathered tip his papers and seal ami ap-
P heimiminaxt am ong th e laboring j ^ r e j |,j„ ,w.|f )x.f„re the sick man and million dollars In th is coin will not ex ­
ceed $3,500,(MX) am i th a t very few of the
classes are th e much to be rcgrel’cd
| esji|,,ony.
coins will be presented for redem ption,
iFti r.Ni' as have been th e «Iona- strikes. In England strikes are now nu
k>f this c o u n try to th e starving I tnerous,»while in tiie U nited States thej I T he anxiety of American commercial as they will la, generally kept by th e
, '
♦ .
W n rk in trm en c a n n o t las men to hurry through some kind of free public as souvenirs of the exposition,
¡ns, A m ericans are not th e only are not a few. U oikingnicn (annoi
. . .
i i that
•!.„» the
«I... present| su»p
oiect Indicates that clijr
eximsitinn is l«a*ate«I in ( dii-
who«« hearts are touched by a too earnestly rem inded
ou.iuuig w
* | hilc.tlie
tin..- H not one which it favorable to per ca p U im «re «bout to chan«. tbeir cago it belongs to the whole union, ami
|wix». T here lias been a terrible
dating experim ent. in the co-rcie^»«!'«- That tho time it rip . for .neb Americans in general would not like to
It of suffering in N ew foundland,
j(} M]|
very a proceeding few will deny. Not so long see it fall through for want of funds.
p i tiie sh o rt catch of fish, which is ' of employers
. 2,000 barracks w here services
d daily, and an an n u al revenue of