The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, March 25, 1892, Image 1

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Florence. Laue County, «»regoli, Friday, Marcii 25, 1882.
I IN C o u a p n o
th e
Xo. I'.».
S outhern Pacific j ¡ng one h undred and tw enty m en,In*
lotteries illegal. T he au th o rities have th e black ' paupers to A m erican ports
last taken the m atter in hand ami would be forced to carry them back nt
»IiaiiJ-oad is ballasted for some d istance , eluding the famous discoverer. It woul
^ R 'i t h rock
have required a lle e to f over ten tlioffl
nn proceedings against them for th eir own exjiense, for they would not
A « M O K E - v t^ .x u locomotive has 8and 8Hel‘ 'e s s e ls .to have carried th f
irpution of franchise.,' on th e ground lie allowed to land. A real ex«xlns of
t th eir franchises were exhausted, ! colored people is th a t which has tak en
een b u ilt in Illinois which is said to '» “ Hittide of people aw ay from Europe
irf th e y ear 1492. A nd w hat a sensation th eir charters repealed and th eir right place from the S o u th -E astern to tin«
ork adm irably.
th ere would have been w hen th e great, to operate a lottery under any ch arter South-W estern States. Some parts ol
I T he to tal value of th e e x p o rt, of m in - '
o( boatg g(Jt o „ t „ „
,ong vovagc heretofore granted revoked by th e udop- ' South C arolina and adjoining States
eral oils d u rin g last y ear was 0 5 ,3 5 1 ,-'
8turm y A llalltic-, w i t „ whM tion of a new state constitution. There were nearly dejuipulated by th e rush of
41.o, ag ain st
$51,657,302 th e previous te a r0 a llj
foreboding th e ^ re la tiv e e le f» lis pending in th e legislature a bill mak- colorcd people to th e state of Mississippi
behind would have w atched th e etui- ing it a felony to operate a lottery with- where they were welcomed by ow ners of
.T he profits of Baring B ros., th e well* gfrints leaving th e old land for th e nevv^ out a charter, and if the bill should jiuss J l‘irgo plantations in w ant of cheap labor.
^knoun London bankers, d u ring th e past well know ing nutnv m o n th s m u st elap se ami th e em uta elw uhl decide th a t th e
year exceeded £100,030, and th e d iv i­ before they could receive news of th e ir old charters were nullified by the const!- j
o rd in ary intelligeueo
dend was live per cent.
d e ar ones.' Now all is changed. G reat tution, th en th e au th o rities would be in 1 holds his financial destiny in his own
M ichigan turned out 5,940,000 barrels ( ocean steam ships carry h u n d red s of a position to stop th e whole business. hands. I t is so with every city o r town
of salt la st year. T here are one h u n - , passengers and m any tons of freight The im provem ent in th e m oral tone of th a t has a reasonably la ir location. I t
d ied ami th irtee n firms in the S tate en- i across th e ocean in Idas th a n a week Kentucky public sen tim en t has been may rest in th e rags and d irt of poverty
gaged in th e m anufacture of salt,
! and news of th e ir safe arriv al in th e very market! during the p resen t genera­ or it may rise to queenly position, ac­
O ne needs b u t to jo u r n e y only a few 1 ’)orts oi tl,e new world is Hashed undtir tion, and those social dondiCions which cording to the am o u n t of intelligent e n ­
m iles into th e bills north a i d e a s t ()f ! tb e ocean by cable, so th a t th e re is no rendered N usby’.s location of bis ficti­ terprise ot its citizens, 'h ie situ atio n of
tious exploits a t K entucky Cross Roads
Florence to realize th e im m ensity of th e ' e,rel,en8c hw those left beh in d .
our young city is ipdyed grand. Tim
a b rillian t sarcasm have radically
fruitful land to our rig h t; th e lim itless
a g ricu ltu ral lands surro u n d in g
T iik other day as a m an nam ed
changed, ami the change has no t h u rt
sea to our left—our clim ate is the envy
S tan d in g on an em inence a few miles B ran d t, o^prospeetor of C reede, Colo.,
Kentucky in the least.—O regonian.
of every one who has sp en t a n ig h t on
east ir o n Cape P e rp e tu a one sees thous- was w orking over B atchelor M ountain
A bovt a year ago th e re was a groat our beautiful bay. T he anil of o u r vast
am is upon thousands of acres of land j he stum bled upon a find w hich raised
tiia t will one day not far d is ta n t be th e j him from com parative poverty to opu- deal of talk about a probable exodus y( trib u ta ry co u n try is m ost prolific; our
garden spot of the G reat Siuslaw valley, lenee. H e hud ascended un alm ost j>er- colored people from th e U nited S tates bills are ribbed w ith valuable m in e ra ls;
The hills and valley possess a soil black pendieular wall and was nearly a t th e to Liberia in Africa. T he schem e got a i our num erous lakes are clothed ip nu-
and rich, w hile down th e bill sides and top w hen he noticed a crevice like o p en ­ good deal of grratu itio u s advertising and , tu re ’s g ran d est beauty, w hile our w ealth
»H-uhfctinn t
m eetings were
th ro u g h the valleys flow sm all stream s ing closed by a boulder. H e pushed
I **
«■ . ►<»«.. <a bet
aWwy th e stone nmf lounf?' « « opening •. VrofflB ,•** ♦!»<) &p
*be rTtW #W (|
large enough to a d m it bis |><xly. H e en ­ sébem e. I t was said tira? tí.
tered, an d , after a fewr step s, was w ithin I.ilx'ria would be so grbat th a t a fleet ot w ants of m ail. The g o v ern m en t is im ­
a cavern, th e roof of w h ich , vaulted and passenger and freight steam ers would be proving o ar h arbor am i building a m ag­
tive surely can n o t rem ain «lorrnant for hanging with stalactites, showed crop­ required to be kept ru n n in g continually nificent light-house. But we have no
m any years longer.
pings of pure silv er ore ru n n in g $10,000 between A m erican and African ports to railroad ! T ru e; yet we have som ething
carry th e colored em igrants and th e ir el- a hundred tim es betör. Railroads u su ­
I T he sad story of , P e a rl H enderson, to th e ton. T his ch am b er is 50 feet wide
icela hack to the laud of th e ir ancestors. ally have but one track and are very
th e seventeen-year old P o rtland boy, and 200 feet long, am i co n tain s ore
enough on thejeurfaee to m ake B randt a | G reat tb in *B were e x I’ected to be aeeom ex,tensive to keep in rep air. O rii m art
who lost his life in th e prize ring on th e
lilt...... .. 1« „ o il w orthy of th e cunshlor-
ito n ln s th e silver th e cay- ' PlUbcd. The A m erican negroes were to of com m erce has a thousund trucks and
ern co n tain s utensils, skeletons and re- j e,v^ lze
African HavageH and convert each one is free w ith no expenses for
« tio n of every boy and young m an in
m ains e v id en tly those of cliff dw ellers, tb e ,,‘ t0 C h ristian ity . It was said th a t repairs. These track s on th e broad Pu-
t he land. N either of th e boys engaged
b u t th e ,a n tiq u a ria n discovery is lost in tl,e nuked " " ,lionH of th « ,h‘rk c o n tin en t ( ¡lie ex ten d to every city am i country of
in the com bat bore bad rep u tatio n s, nor
in te re st in th e phenom enal silver find. • becoming civilized by contact w ith th e ir im portance on th e globe. W ith th ese
was th
anim osity betw
them , ;
■ V
t 1
1 t
B ran d t rem ni,., 1
<¡„,1 „»
American cousins, would require elotli- tracks already laid to every port of the
b u t th ey were goaded on by th e ir friends
’«Toiled th e find a t C ieede, and
Lth e to w n 11 Moil KB if iu In in n n O . ,wf l,i<r »<g, Blld UltlliOIIS of bales ()[ CottOll WCI’C e a rth , it only rem ains for us to “ build
to engage
1 rt
; . . . .
. .
gage in th e contest. N otw ithstand-
strik es, w ent wild. H u n d red s left for i ‘° be d ip p e d every year from th e South- s h ip s,” “ build s h ip s,” “ build s h ip s,”
ing that the autopsy on Henderson,?#,
,, .a
‘1' 1 t h e ( ’liff t)w cll<M -flnin,
i« iu
,.f e rn S ta te s to A frica. B u t a f te r a ll it r.p- to b lin g the w ealth of every elim e to our
l»odv showed th a t his h e a rt was affected. | n re 1
lkJ c la ,,“ > as 11 l!j caHetk a t ,
r f i , f ♦,
unce- B ran d t and his backer w ere of- l’earH th n t o n ,y M,xty H‘,gl,t coIored 1 * ^ young city. We are n o t able to build a
th e re still rem ains th e fact th a t if t h e r e 1,
i ,
, ,
fered $100,000 efish for th e claim bv a pie were persuaded to leave th e United railroad fur through the in terio r, bu t we
had been no such com bat be m ight have
syndicate of C alifornia c ap italists, but S tates for Liberia last year and some o f , can build ships, an d in due course of
liv ed to a good old age. T here are so they refused,
these retu rn ed disappointed and impdv- tim e am i prosperity th e iron horse w ill
m an y harm less ways in which boys of
So much a tte n tio n bus been a ttracted erished. If th e exodus of American ne-I bring us th e w ealth of our rich in lan d
f u r intelligence m av find a m u s e m e n t,!.
. . .
. , .
, .
by* clie g reat L ouisiana lo tterv , th a t few groes to Africa continues at this rate it co untry. Jx*t us no t wait or worry for a
Í o at tlws barbarous m ethod m a y ,well la» ¡
i . •
• ,,
1 people are aw are th ere are o th e r lottcr- will be a good m any m illions of years railroad to our in te rio r neighbors. Let
lliseard ed. Of course th e boys follow i ,
,, .
. .
, . , • ,
n .i
i .i .
■ .
u u ■
les in th e U nited S tates only less objee- before th e last black man says farewell i them do th a t. Ia«t us build as we can ;
I lie exam ple of grown up m en in sitc li1 .
. . .
tion al th an th a t in stitu tio n because to th is co n tin en t. America is a b e t t e r build sh ip s; stcuiii-ships ; sailing sh ip s;
■ n a tt e r s , lm t tin y
s h o u ld ” " u 111 M1 o j )e ra tj,,g on 5l Sliu, i |e r scale. A n u n i-! land thafi Africa, and the colored peoplei w h alo b ack s; an y th in g .
pure cool w ater. T he land can easily
‘be fitted lor th e production of fruits or
ebreals. This vast a re a of co u n try so
easily cleared and w ondrously produc­
■ hat if on», ai rises a t th e age ol man
i xid w ith . m h ¡1 i in hi h a I, h i
her of years ago th e K en tu ck y state lot- of th e U nited States seem to have sense ; I am willing to set u p a rt 100 lots in
t e ry was a well-known concern, hih ! «lid enough to know it. -Schemes to de|x>rt Florence to be sold for th e benefit of the
io good niddel fo, any yi»un_ m an w h
¡sins to becoim a good and u Gnl < it >
w ith th e t4*m)Hers e f , them to Africa w hether gotten up from
“ sld|>-huilding fu n d ,” and g u aran tee
th ro u g h o u t th e e n tire country. , purely p h ilanthropic m otives or w ith a
th a t every dollar realiaed from th e ir sale
B zen.—Hillsboro lu<lepeiide>it.
1 he state withdrew its recognition from ; view to creatin g traffic for steam ship shall lie s|*ent in th e construction of
L ast year a m illion ami a q u a rte r of it and it d ie d ; hu t th ere are still five lines are alw ays likely to fail. The good, su b stan tial ocean craft, to ply I mj -
■»eople left Eurojxi by ships for o th e r regular lo ttery oom pnnies operating i n ' steam sh ip m en would find it much tw een Florence and o th e r ports.
^ ■ o u tin e n ts, over a m illion taking steer- th a t cnm im m w cnlth, one o i them hear- easier to jiersnade th e black people of | W ho will join in th e en terp rise? The
^ ^ g o passage ami nearly a q u a r t e r <<i a ing th e peculiar title of th e “ H enry ! Africa to come to America th a n to in- dem and for vessels is now g<xsl, and
tiillion tra v e lin g au cabin passengers. C ounty Fem ale lottery* C om pany.” duce those of America to go to Africa. when th e Punaiuu Canal is com pleted,
|f such un exodus had taken place im- Tliese have paid th e ir licenses regularly F o rtu n ately th e A m erican laws relating th e dem and will Ixs enorm ous and profits
pediatelv after th e discovery of Amer- to the city of Louisville, and continued to th e landing of aliens in th e U nited , large. A few m ore ocean vewels of our
I’a by Colum bus w hat a fleet of boats th e ir business unm olested by th e state K t a t e s a r e n o w s o s t r i c t t h a t t h e r e i s n o j o w n w i l l p l a c e u s i n d e p e i i d e n t o f a l l c o r -
lould have lx*en re piired. The lle e to f auth o rities, n o tw ith stan d in g th e new d an g er of such un influx from Africa ,sjrations, powers or p o tsn tates of th e
Poluinbus w u sisted of three ships carry- constitu tio n contains a section m aking T he steam ship com panies which b ro u g h t1 cu rth .
G eo . M. M il i . ek .