The West. (Florence, Lane County, Or.) 1890-1921, October 09, 1891, Image 3

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S tatistics place Oregon as th e second
w h eat producing state in th e U nion.
T he city of M inneapolis has rejected a
proposition of consolidation w ith St.
One th o u san d dollars m ore th a n th e
price paid for land is H enry M itchell’s
rew ard for planting eight acres in sweet
po tatoes. H is farm is a t Sweedsboro,
N. J ., and good seed w ith good tilling
b ro u g h t him $250 an acre for th e sweets.
Silas Swim and J . T. Brow n are under
a rre s t on th e charge of m aking bogus
wolf scalps out of wolf hides and col­
lecting th e county bounty on them . It
is said th a t Brown has sw indled his
co unty out of between five and six h u n ­
d red dollars in th a t way w ithin two
A m an nam ed F ran k R asiniui, f o r m ­
erly of C in cin n ati, was lynched at
dlesborough, K y ., in Ju ly . Kassi
friends have been q uietly a t work
since raising money from stone-ma
all over th e co u n try and have had
tectives a t work to ferret ou t th e n
of those who composed th e lvr
p arty . I t is stated th a t $15,000
ed for th e purpose. The otln
ning J o h n Colson, sheriff of th e
arrived in M iddlesboro w ith a larg
se of m en to serve w a rra n ts upon a njum
ber of leading citizens of th is place in­
dicted by th e grand ju ry now in session
for th e m u rd er of F ran k K assim us. The
nam es include Chief of Police Maples
and four p atro lm en , th e city a tto rn ey
and m any o th ers. T he u tm ost excite­
m ent prevails as it is feared th e re is a
m otive u n derlying th e charges which
does not ap p ear upon th e surface.
Of to-day and the future is
the Man who can see a City
before it is built.
A City after it is built can be
seen by anybody.
T hom as W alker, of N ational C ity,
In th e Louisville, K y., city cour
C alif., ex h ib ited ten big onions, th e pro­ o th er day Itev. George Moore, p asto r of
d u c t of his farm , in th e San D ieg o : the colored B ap tist C hurch on Seventh !
C h am b er of Commerce a few days ago. stre et, had a p relim in ary tria l charged
T h e largest onion weighed live pounds with stealing a Bible, a clock and a c h a n - ,
and th e sm allest two pounds, and th e d elier from th e ch u rch . M r. Moore was
w eight was tw enty-four arrested on a w a rra n t sworn ou t by Dea­
con H ezekiuh Davis. O ne Sunday when
One of th e largest logs ever c u t in th e th e tim e arrived for Sunday-school and
s ta te of W ashington was floated dow n th e church doors had been opened it was ■
th e Snoqualm nie river recently. It was discovered th a t th e Bible was not to be
a lir log th irty -tw o feet long am i eighty- found. F u rth e r investigation revealed
nine inches in d iam eter a t the n p p eren d . th e fact th a t th e ch an d elier, which was
Ten horses could not drag it along th e th e sole source of light for th e n ig h t ser­
skid road to th e river, am i live yoke of vices, had actu ally been rem oved from
oxen had difficulty in h au lin g it. i t th e ceiling and sp irited aw ay.
broke dow n six feet of th e bank in slid ­
ing in to th e river.
congregation had been accustom ed to
Thom as H ickey, of D iana, N. Y ., bad th e fam iliar tick of a big clock th a t hung
a sin g u lar experience recently.
H e on th e side wall of th e building. B u t on
c au g h t a b ear cub in a tra p , lint w hen the Sunday in question, it, too, was
ab o u t to kill tiie gam e th re e or four stran g ely m issing. Deacon Davis a t once
FboiiKM K is a nourishing, w ide-aw ake tow n situ ated ab o u t th ree m iles in la n d
bears m ade th e ir appearance. H e shot began an investigation an d found th t
from th e ocean beach and upon th e n o rth shore of th e Siuslaw Bay. It is th e d ia ­
one of them tw ice, and having only one m issing articles a t th e hom e of t mond set am id th e pearls of our beautiful valley. It is th e only sea -p o rt tow n of
cartrid g e left he shot a t random a t a n ­ p reach er and l»n<I
Lane eouuvy.
county. ouiiiouig
S tanding un
as Florence
tlm a g gently
shqws tow ard l th e
rre sted .
,• ,e ; ixme
«• ion-nee « does
i « j «* h on ground m
enoy slopes
had him a arrested
lb ,? ‘
U?i‘ Hon.ber
it forms a p a m oum a
o th e r one, but failing to bring him down parson ad m itte d tak in g the a r t i o L U , ^ i n ^ ’’ “ “n ,‘ic1,“ ,i,hhI
. ,
. . . . r
. 1 m cscriuable harm ony. A t our feet is th e beautiful ex p an se of write?, VJdft1 II’
he was attack ed by b ru in . H ickey ja m ­ he
said th e Bible belonged to him
again aroused from its wonted shindiers hv a slig h t ripple th a t loses itself w ith a
m ed th e gun barrel down th e b e ar's an excuse for tak in g th e clock ami chan- j gentle m u rm u r along th e pebbly shore, H ith e r and th ith e r Hit sm all boats a n d
th ro a t, an d , after a hard struggle, suc­ delier, be said th e congregation bad only steam ers; a t the w harves ju ttin g into th e w ater lie p r o f i l e r s which regularly ply
1 to o th e r to w n s on t h e c o a st.
ceeded in k illin g him .
given him forty-eeven cen ts in a m o n th ,
It has been bu t a very sh o rt tim e since Florence and th e w onderful sh ip har­
In felling a big tree a t Ivoryton vil­ am i he bad to live. He was held over bor at b er feet were taken into more consideration th an th a t of a good location for
j salm on fishing. Since th at lim e it lias made gigantic strides in com m ercial impor­
lage, in th e C onnecticut valley, th e o th ­ on a charge of larceny.
tance, while during th e year just closed over 1,600 fam ilies have settled on th e rich
e r day, th e woodsm an drove his ax into
land th a t surround the tow n. Wo have a town of over 4M) population and daily
a big round stone exactly in th e h e art of
th ere are added num erous nam es w iiich help to swell th e grand total of o ur popula­
it. W ith difficulty he exhum ed the
T he plans are announced for an Odd tion. Nearly all branches ot trad e mid business are represen ted , y et we are bucked
rock w hich weighed th irty or forty F ello w s’ Tem ple, to be erected on a down by a country, th e resources of which will sustain m anv tim es th e nuinlier now rop-
pounds. How th e stone got into the town stre e t corner to th e dazzling height resei.tvd. Fifty thousand dollars is now being vx|»cmicd by th e G overnm ent in th e
im provem ent of our harbor, ami larger appropriations are sure to follow.
tru n k is a m ystery to all th e farm ers of 560 feet, an em inence w hich su rp ass­
w ho have noted th e phenom enon. Still es th e W ashington mi n iim en t by one
m ore curious is th e fact th a t th e stone foot and tiie spire of th e Cologne c ath e ­
Three miles above Florence is situ ated th e beautiful town of Acme. W hile
had not affected th e tre e ’s grow th .
dral by forty-live feet, says th e Chicago
n .!.I., w ill II.
thin town is not so large as Florence it is none th e less a prom ising town and will be
Post T in h c e so c u n u l te
- — will,
-----y --
a ----
m p j- le
ni lu« t, a M,|i||il|g ligll( ¡„ tlu , siuslaw valley’s future p ro s is rity . It is called " th e Town of 4
G eorgia is going to tax bachelors. A
a b,w,ne8S building, ex cep t as to th a t M ills,” and a more ap p ro p riate num e could not have liecn given. S urro u n d in g
bill for th a t purpose lias been brought
in to th e G eorgia Legislature and th e com paratively sm all portion used by th e Acme is a soilmurveloiis h i its fertility , prcshicing goisl grain, g<s»d grasses and e x ­
cellent fruit ol all varieties ; soft, pure, cold w ater in th e deal-flow ing m o u n tain
Fellows for lodge rooms.
H ouse com m ittee on hygiene ami sani-
m s; excellent tim ls-r, e ith e r lor fuel or building purfsises, is a b u n d a n t in th e
T here is no business b u ild in g of th is streu
latio n has report««! it favorably. U n ­
surro u n d in g co untry.
d e r its term s it will cost a G eorgian $25 size now in existence. T he Masonic
to begin th e bachelor business a t th irty | Tem ple, now being erected in this city ,
y ears of age, am i on the rising scale of w ill rise to th e h eig h t of tw enty stories,
The clim ate of this country is a m arvel of |>erfection. To a person who bus e x ­
>25 for five years, a m an of sixty ami I or 275 feet, am i th e A uditorium tow er is
over w ill be a t th e expense of $200 per , eighteen sto iies, or 270 feet high. But perienced tin- cold, wet, sleety spring, th e hot, sun-scorched sum m er, th e fruoen
a n n u m for th e privilege of going w iti , . ! P'«« th is Ossa atop of this Pelion and the blizzard blasts of w intei in th e M iddle, E astern am i N orthern M iddle States, it is
su m m it would still come eleven feet hartlly possihl«; for him to realiz«; the change. H ere th e average te m p eratu re is,
• ait u wife.
egrees am i for
sh o rt of th e project«;«! Odd Fellow s'T ern - I *°r MPr*,,K» 61 d«‘grees ; for sum m er, <15 degrees ; for a u tu m n , 51 degrees,
Service offici­
The New York Sun says: A very re­ pie. Of o th e r buildings h ith e rto con­
als to the d ep artm en t a t W ashington. T his low tem pei•ratur«; is caus«*<l by th e J a p ­
m arkable ease is th a t of an old lady, a sidered high Chicago lias no luck. The an c u rre n t which Hows from th e South Pucilic ocean an«! nnslifiea th e clim ate of
m em ber of one of the most prom inent
n t W. C. T. U. Tem ple is 200 feet high th e th e Pacific Coast states in the same m an n er as th e A tlantic gulf stream tem pers
txx n r b u t seldom , while
laiuilies of G uilford village, on tbeS oun J . C hi,ago hotel 109 feet, th e M onadnock p ,e clim ate of G reat B ritain ami Irelan d . T h u n d er «forms oc
atru etiv e phenoneuia
w bo has ju st been adjudged by the tow
building 204 feet. B ut th e com bined u n . unknow n. It is no uncom m on th in g to see flowers in bloom
in the o|s;ii a ir in
..u th o rities to be insane, and was sent height of these th re e surpasses the Odd m id w in te r.
io th e M iddletow n asylum th is week, Fellow s’ Tem ple by only 17 feet. In New
s h e h as dw elt in her big hom e w ithout York a tw enty-eight-story office build­
h u m an com panions for years, but her ing has been projected for a lot on lower
T he Himdaw and E astern {Railway and N avigation Company hua
hom e was t’uirly overrun with cats and Broadway, bu t th is is to reach the tr i­
completed a perm anent line of wurvey tatw ocu Eugene
«anaries. It was not known th a t her fling altitm le of only 550 feet.
m ind was unsound until a few weeks
The m illions invested in sky scrajsT« and Florence, through Acme, and it will not In; m any moutliH ixdbro
ago, when she called a t a New Haven an; no t paid ou t for sen tim en t, b u t to they will twgin grading. Tin; man that owns property in either Flor-
hotel w ith a sm all arm y of cuts and th e end of earn in g «lividends for th e in­ enec or Acme at that time will 1x5 the capitalist of tin; Siuslaw V alley.
birds. The proprietor decline«! to ac­ vestors. In th is com m ercial age th a t fact A nother enterprise of great ini|Hirtanc«; is th a t of the. big saw-iuill now
cep t h er ns a guest on account of her m ust be accepted as an excuse for tu e ir being erected by K im ball, Stevens &. Co. T his mill will have a capaci-
* * P»
w i!l
pets. T he officer» visited h e r a t h er exiltt-nee. F .i7 h ^ w ,Z r in h resting H e y ; 1-''
h o m e, am i found in one box fifty em ­ may b e n s feats of arch itec tu ra l e n g in -'
For further particulars relative to these towns uddress
balm ed cats and about a dozen preserv­ «•«■ring, these lanky structiir«*s are essrf-n- |
ed «•anaries, w hile squads of cats pa­ tially ugly am i offensive to th e eye. .
trolled all h er i«i»artiiients and the house
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rang w ith th e shrill c h atter of song birds.
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