Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 188?-1910, September 23, 1909, Image 1

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Southern Section Wants to
Post Office Department to
Millionaire Hunter, Harry
Organize a New
Prohibit Its Delivery
Whitney Referee in Cook-
to Children
David A. Felter of Bandon
Many Attractions on the
Peary Wrangle
Is Patched, Pumped Dry and
Celebrates 94th Birthday
Sept. 15th
The oldest man in Coos county
is David A. I-elter of this city, who
on September 15th celebrated his
94th birthday
Mr. Felter was
born in Hamilton county, Ohio
September 15, 1815 where he
grew to manhood, moving to Indiana
later to Missouri, then to Iowa
and afterward to Kansas and was a
pioneer of the thiee last mentioned
states. He was one of the judges
at the first election held in Warren
county, Iowa, Indianola being tin
county seat. Mr. Felter was not in
Civil war himself but did his duty as
an American citizen by sending
three sons, the oldest one dying
shortly after enlisting, one of the
others was our well known a nd
highly respec ed citizen John W.
Felter. Mr. Felter Sr. has been in
Oregon about 13 years and is very
much attached to the place, and for
one of his age, he is certainly hale
and heai ty, and from every indica­
tion stands a good chance of living
to be one hundred years old.
There is a remarkable coinci­
dence in the Felter family. The
old grandfather’s birthday is Sep
tember 15, his son John’s is the l>
and the little grandson, Howard
Hoover was one year old the 18.
To commemorate the triple event,
the family gave a dinner in their
honor on last Sunday to which a
few friends were i ivited and a ven
pleasant day was was enjoyed by all
The dinner was served in courses
and everything that could be
imagined to tempt the appetite was
in evidence. After dinner a few
hours were spent in social conversa
tion, listening to music etc.
Most of the gentlemen guests
present were comrades of the Civil
war, and many interesting incidents
of that greatest of conflicts were re­
Mr. J. W. Felter exhibited a copy
of a Vicksburg paper, of the date of
date of July 2, 1863, two days be
fore Generat Grant took the city.
There were many iccounts of Rebel
victories and one would have thought
from reading the paper that the wai
was all over but the shouting, and
that the South had won, but the
editor of the paper no doubt told a
different story two days later, as the
city was then in the hands of the
“despised yanks ”
Another interesting picture on
display Sunday
one of
the four generations of the Felter
family now living.
They wete the
aged grandfather David A. Felter,
the son, J. W. Felter, his daughter
Mrs Willis A. Hoover, and her lit
tie son, Howard Hoover.
Card of Thanks
We desire to express our heartfelt
thanks to the kind friends who as
sisted us during out late bereavement
A. J. Counts,
M r . ami Mrs. W. I’. Holman.
F or SALE— A gray mare, gentle
and staunch. Also three yearling
calves and one winter cow .
to Thos. Ashton, near Lainpa..
Los Angeles, Sept, 18—As a re­
suit of a mass meeting at which it
was resolved in favor of a divisi n
of the state, a committee of ten met
today to take preliminary steps to
pi omulgate the division planned.
Southern California counties am
ci'ies will be invited to the conven­
tion to take the final action.
There has been trouble brewing in
California Hr some time over various
conditions and the south end of the
state is very much dissatisfied am
ii nee the action in favor of a division
of the state.
Ground and Big Crowd
New York, Sept. 20—The testi­
mony of Harry Whitney, millionaire
sportsman, is considered of prime
importance to the Cook-Peary
controversy. Even Peary’s support
ers now believe he based his de
nouncement of Dr Cook on the
fact that Whitney had failed to tell
him at Etah that Cook had reach­
ed the Pole. Cook declares that
he exacted a pledge from Whitney
not to reveal the fact to Peary or
any member of his party. A partial
substantiation of Cook’s statement
comes in an Associated Press wire­
less from Battle Harbor that Peary’s
cabin boy who heard Cook’s nar­
rative of finding the North Pole was
placed under pledge not to reveal
the fact to Peary. Whitney is now
believed to be hunting in the vicinity
of Baffin’s Bay but may be expected
to cable or telegraph from that point
any day.
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The Post Office Department at
Washington has issued a statement
tabooing the delivery of mail to
school children. The post office
in Bandon like other places has been
much annoyed by the school chil­
dren flocking to the post office soon
after school is dismissed, and later
by parents complaining that they
didn’t receive their mail, the latter
being occasioned by the young peo­
ple losing it. A Washington dis­
patch says: “The postoffice depart­
ment has decided that children going
to and from school shall not be al­
lowed to get their parents’ mail, so
do not blame the post master if your
children are refused the mail. The
postoffice habit among the children
has become a nuisance both to the
public and the postmaster, and the
department has done wisely in mak
ing this decision. This hrs been
one of the postmaster’s greatest trials
as the children go to and from
school daily, never fail to call for
mail, many letters are lost and of
course the postmaster is blamed.
“Postmasters have been notified
that the department is now prepar
ing a new postage stamp of special
design, which will be ready for is­
sue to postmasters about September
20, to coir memorate the discovery
the Hudson
in 1609 and
introduction of steam
of the
navigation on its waters by Robt.
Fulton in 1807. The stamp is cb-
long in shape.”
With glowing colors and merry
The steamer Bandon is now
glee the big Bandon street carnival
afloat, having been sufficiently patch­
opened this morning with a rush and
ed up so that the ,vater has been
a vim that spells success.
pumped out and she is ready to be
Attractions galore have arrived
towed to San Francisco, put on
and the crowds of people, coining
dry dock and repaired permanently.
----- ooo------
from various directions, are enjoy-
The Bandon has met with con­
ing themselves to the fullest extent,
Duffy is Dead.
siderable hard luck in her com
This is the time of times in Bandon
paratively short career, but she is a
and she has on her gala attire this
good vessel, and will again be made
The town dog “Duffy” has pass­
morning. The program for three
sea-worthy and perhaps from this
ed away, the cause of his death pre­
big days of festivities is all complete
time on she will be more lucky.
sumably being old age. He was
and the carnival committee has
She is the peer of any boat olying
owned by Frank Blackerby, but
worked with a vim that couai not
along the Pacific coast and carries
everybody in town had a c’aim on
fail, hence the success of the enter­
750,000 feet of lumber. Bandon
him. He could do most anything prise.
people will be glad to know that
that any oidinary man could. He
There ai e people from all over
she will be put back on this run
could play ball like a professional,
To Organize Grange
Coos and Curry counties and still
again as soon as she is repiired.
and was a great favorite around the more are coming.
------ OOO-----
The end came last Fridav
The program as outlined by the
Cyrus H. Walker of Albany,
mor» ing, and everybody was sad. committee follows:
Oregon, and a state deputy of the
Duffy was given a decent burial and
Rev. Win. Horsfall has been ap-
State Grange, having or­
a base ball and the colors of the
Archdeacort of the Epis
Bandon ball team were laid in the
Balloon ascension, band concert
with jurisdiction over
casket with him.
May he rest in at 2:30 p. m, Bab/ show at 3:'»« P- field and Gravel Ford, is now at
work in Bandon and vicinity and the coast district between the
peace is the wish of all.
First construction work on
and expects
to hold a meet - Umpqua and Rogue Rivers. The
landon-Port Orford
-- -------<XKJ-----
next Saturday appointment was announced Mon­
Crowning of carnival queen at 7:30
day by Bishop Scadding of Port­
Women Swat Men With
p. tn. Flash light parade at 8 p. m. to organize, The outlook is en-
con raging, Bear Creek has been land, who has been spending some­
canvassed and the farmers generally time at his summer cottage here.
Balloon ascension and cannon act; favor a grange preferring Bandon as The elevation of Rev. Horsfall wi 1
Springfield, 111, Sept. 14-Women
be gratifying to the many triends of
band concert at 2:30; domestic cul­ the most central point.
delegates struck men delegates over
The grange has stood the test venerable divine. In his new ca­
inary and needle work exhibition
Notice to Mariners
their heads and shoulders with uni­
over forty years, as a national pacity all matters relating to the
and awarding of prize for same at
berellas while the masculine del
• lat Iron building. W iter carnival organization, and has secured legis­ church in this section will have to
egates fought among themselves at
at 4: 00 p. m , consisting of launch lation, state an I national of vital in be taken up with him ami the most
Mr. fl. H. Delanty of Aberdeen,
the opening session of the National
racing, swimming contest and U. S terest, not only to the agricultural important matters will only go Washington, reports that there was
Convention <*f the Yeomen of
life savers capsizing drill. Fire dis classes but to the bodies politic as through him to Bishop Scadding.
14 feet of water at mean low water
America yesterday.
For sometime it has been Bishop
play at 8 p. m and dancing all even well. It secured the tax of ten cents
the Grays Harbor Bar on Sept
The trouble started at the outs t ing
per pound upon colored oleomar­ Scadding's wish
and that in the new chan-
of the meeting,
It is charged that
garine. An effort is being made to Horsfall of the
nel from Hoquiam to Old Grays
an attempt was made to seat del
have this tax reduced to one cent parish work ami 1
Harbor City D ick a shoal has
Curry county and dairy day; per pound by the next congress, announcement of
egates who said they represented
running from a point be­
lodges in Illinois and other states to balloon ascension and doublet rapeze hence the dairymen should stand any new assistants, it is expected
No. 6 and 8 for a
which charters had never been is­ act; band concert at 2:30 p m; with the grange to fight this reduc­ that he will do so just as soon as In­
distance of about 2700 feet towards
sued The excitement was intense grand free street masquerade with tion.
is able to find suitable clergymen.
Beacon No. 6. The shallowest part
and followed by
for a time, but order was restored
The law taxing corporations three
------ ooo—
to feet of water at mean low
< lance and confetti battle.
before anyone was seriously hurt.
percent on gross earning is baing
deepening to 15 feet. In
There will be confetti galore, and assisted by the Pacific States Tel­
------ OOu-------
making this channel navigators are
masks of every description will be ephone Co. and other interests,
to keep to the southern
Taft Stands Pat
on sale by the carnival committee they refusing to pay this tax de­
Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. Butler
channel in order to avoid
at the Flat Iron building.
Watch claring the Initiative and Referen Sept. 19 a boy.
The shoal is com
the big bulletin board on the Flat dum Law of Oregon unconstitutional.
Four Mile is preparing to take in posed of soft mud an I is caused by
Milwaukie, Wis., Sept. 18 —In
ron building for the announce-
The Supreme Court of Oregon the Bandon carnival.
his speech here Friday, President
a slough draining Jtide flats and is
nient of each days event-.. Get in has decided in favor of the law, but
Taff devoted most of his time to the
Mrs. W ikox has returned from a not dangerous.
and enjoy yourself as you have never the Pacific States has carried the
postal savings banks and aroused
few days visit in Bandon.
Capt. A. C. Jansen of the S. S.
lone before.
matter up to the Supreme Court of
a quick response of applause when
School in District Si started last Cottage City reports that he passed
the United States.
------ OOO------
he declared he stood firin for the
week with Miss Jessie Mott as teach­ Mary’s Island fight Alaska on Sep­
The State Grange of Oregon is
redemption of the promise the Re
tember 6, 1909 at 10:53 p m. and
City Wins Case
forth every effort to get a
publican platform for the establish­
same was not burning.
Sol Culver was a visitor at the
favorable decision,
The more
ment of such a system of banks.
In the case of Ed Holland, who granges in this state the greater the Gardner and Shaw tanch the fore
President Taft said he did not to
part of the week.
antagonize the bankers but he did sued the City of Bandon, for ten pressure that can be brought to bear
To Safeguard Forests
Mrs. Wilcox and D. Gardner
not believe their opposition topostai thousand dollars, a verdict was upon the Supreme Court. The
found for the city in the circuit number of granges in Oregon is over will start to repair the toll line to
banks was well founded.
court at Coquille last week.
week. Mr. 130, with a membership of nearly Marshfield in a few days.
E'torts will be made to throw
— OOO-----
Holland claimed the above amount 8,500 and of nearly 1,ooo,ooo in
B ill of last week's issue made a greater safeguards around the for­
Camp of Sons of Veterans of damage as the result of a pile of jhe United States. A mighty power slight error. Mr. Wright was sav­ ests of the state of Washington at
ing in the new mill at R. I’. Hunt’s the next session of the legislature.
roles, on the wharf, giving way, tor good.
place, while Mr. Hunt was down the The fire losses this year have been
fall ng on him, and breaking his leg
The Veterans of Bjndon have all
Miss Marsh is Queen
in March 1908. It was shown, how­
so great, despite the orecautions
arrangements made to establish a
ever, in court that the poles were on
lint something must be done
Miss May Gardner daughter of Mr
Camp of Sons of Veterans in this
private property, consequently the
Miss Mary Marsh was elected and Mrs. Delos Gardner went to to remedy the condition. As the
city. The new camp will be install­
citv was not responsible.
queen of the Bandon carnival with a Langlois last week whirr Dr. Mann state owns timber lands valued at
ed soon after the carnival and there
Attorney Sinclair of Coquille rep­ total of 884 votes. She is today re 1 emoved her tonsils. She is getting $20,000,000 it is greatly interested in
will be at least 50 charter members. resented the plaintiff while City At
saving the forest, for should they
ceiving the congratulations of many along nicely.
I'he local G. A. R. jx»st has been
torney C. R. Wade, assisted by friends and will be crowned to the
S. J. Wilson, Delos Gardner and be destroyed the public school
invited to assitt in the work anil
Attorney Geo. P. Topping defended position of honor this evening at R. P. Hunt returned last week from system will be the direct loser. The
and will be present on the evening
their trip down the coast where Washington Forest Fire Association
the case for the city of Bandon. 7:30 o’clock
of institution* I he old soldiers can
they have been repairing the toll line. is making some headway in its cam­
Witnesses for the city were E. H.
be present until such time as the
It is now in fine shape all the way
Kern, Dr. Houston, Herb Man
paign to induce railways in timber
to Wedderburn.
seciet work is given
ciet, Steve < allier, Elbert Dyer,
districts to use oil for fuel.
------ OOO—
A. Davis is building a fine new
Mrs. L. P. Sorensen and C. R.
A similar campa gn will be con­
across Conor creek. This
For baskets and crockery. See Wade. Witnesses for the plaintiff
Mrs. Tipton will be at Trow* bridge will be a big benefit to,the’ ducted in Oregon and should re­
Wood tuff ’N burner, the House were Mr. Holland, H. N. Brown bridge’s store with suits and coals road as it shortens the hill so much. receive the-hearty support- of every
about October ist
ami Vtuxles Lockwood.,
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about Ready
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