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    Smoke Signals 13
SEPTEMBER 15, 2013
Graves teaches basket class
Tribal Elder Connie Graves teaches a basket weaving class, which is
open to the public, at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Elders' Activity Center.
For more information, contact Tribal Cultural Education Specialist Brian
Krehbiel at 503-879-4639 or U
Recycle Center moved
The Recycle Center has been moved to 9675 Grand Ronde Road.
For more information, contact the Tribal Facilities Manager at 503-879-2407.
5. '
W Id I- 'f
t em r
A marketplace for Tribal
communities to find health
insurance and financial help
to pay for it
1 . What Is health Insurance?
Hear rwanc prcect you and jw '-aS from largo
b ft t) pr9 fo aome of a of me costs of nneoVel
cm Even, you 9 sevce it Tr or Uban oSan
dwt hrh wr-c proctj you case you need a
hofta stay o loeoa'ty cae
2. What is Cover Oregon and how Is It
different from Indian Health Service?
Cove Oeon $ t ne orfim "ie.p4ce where yc. car
en oi m hcth romance fr yOtxseK and your Jmxy Covet
CV9 offer pans hom prorate Twrnee compar-e ad
pool nneorc progams Usng on topKaxton. you can
efXy or coverage ana nai hep to py for a o portion
o your coverage There are to aooHonei benets to
ervo'led memben of lederaiiy recogrved Tf'bes That yoo cart
arvy gel trvcogh Cove Oregon
Wirn heahh insurance from Cover Oregon, you cart sud 90 to
your Tribal or Urban trxJer cfcrwc Heaith insurance mil pay lor
tfvng that your Trfcel or Urban ird-an d nx does not provide,
such as meotcal specal'Sts tfor iumpi. a cAfokvv5T) tests,
emergency nxm visits, and nctp-ta' ce-e.
3. If I enroll in a plan through Cover
Oregon, where can I get my services?
You can continue to 9c to your T-ibai or Urban !rd an ctr
to get services, or you can 90 to a doctor l:ed m your
insurance plan H you cocvnje to use your Tribal or itrbn
lndan dime be sure to let them knew you have nsur ance
coverage so they can t!l your insurance company for the
service they provide you.
Cove' OffCor.COrr
I f.SS TovrOR
1 ii :.j.7'
4. How will gotting health Insurance
help my Tribal community?
T-t z)c btxroets cttenhj .rvtc.tvinu it
y? he it- nu VK) yoc c get re new
C' Ow re3 arl e you- .nuraV to n- or 0
T.iti or U't1 inoW-. 4fK bnelt D- t t Our
Tj,ive COrpinv ?r 'ncuO cAgfc Concaci
S-w :OP Wit aoot o Voog
received fro -n&ance caier, 7:o
mce evjrces to ov tnoca se-vce t r tocjj 'evel
5. What are the additional benefits for
enrolled Tribal members of federally
recognized Tribes?
fttduced o no cost sharrcp fc sefict
Month y et'caiert peioos
10 pertty i& ntyi hv-9 he-tf- rsufjnce
6. Will I have to pay my Insurance
premiums each month?
vVhen you wst CoverOegon com yv Mf be sked
some questTons that hep deteirine if you Q-
fc ftnfKai hep to cove al or part O your morMy
preaiiurr. moVwduaH and fa"e quaJy o
lew- 01 ro-cost insurance options.
7. If I go see my doctor, will I have to
pay for the visit?
If you are a member of a federally "ecoowed Trfee
and purchase heifth dnsoance through Cc'er Oegcn,
you tv1I never pay any ctedcusle or co-pay arrj"is
vher you oe". seryces Worn your Tf taJ o' Unban ircn
'Arvc H you meet certn tncome teveis. you may aso
Cfcal'y (or nc cost-sharing t ny doctor visrl
8. What If I sign up and want to
change plans later?
Cover Oregon has an initial open enrcJlTtem period
from October 2C13unjl Mach 204 However, rf ycu
are a member c' a federally recognized Tribe. Cover
Oregon allows you to change plans once eacn nnonth
9. If I qualify for the Oregon Health
Plan or Healthy Kids, do I have to enroll
In a coordinated care organization?
f-tC. ecar ldr- n3 A. MAS HtnrfH can CfOOS
to gr. frt her cae ttwrx I'fc a Uran lram
tf.c "tfted a manjaa ce pian o eord)r'
Cat VJniKW"
1 0. How do I document my American
Indian or Alaska Native heritage?
i yc. are it enroled tsf-rtoe c a ftrdnj 'ecx-wd
T't 7C- 4 he 9C riayi to crowJe oVcurtTon
pat confc-Ts fOw enroerer Aijt p'oo'. Ccer
0egon - 'e7.e tNrse c-oru benets Cover
Oreoon r a access tne foaoww-g as cor. cr o
our f rrnoersMJ a T'iba etoent ca- ox T- o
pauport. or a enier fVonn fCajr TC aWrrrr you
are a nerrH Tne Oregor. Health "an d h-
K.dB rr a net eOure doourrencat or
,j.1l1Sirj" rift ?trv s; . r,M..
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