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OCTOBER 1,2012
Currently, Spirit Mountain Casino has several job openings. Job
postings are updated every Friday and can be viewed at http:spir
itmountain.comcareers or you may call the Job Hotline number at
503-879-2350, ext. 3744, or 800-760-7977, ext. 3744.
If you are an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand
Ronde and need assistance in processing an application or have
any questions, you can contact Tribal Development and we would
be happy to assist you.
David DeHart: 503-879-3867 or cell: 503-437-2176
Misty Carl: 503-879-3813 or cell: 503-437-1679
"The Tribal Career Development Department (TCD) is responsible
for enhancing the self-sufficiency opportunities for enrolled members
of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. This department will
meet the needs of Tribal members through a progression of custom
ized processes to ensure opportunities for the individual by providing
a collaborative and trusting environment, consultation and career
recommendations. "
B Cook Assistant
Early Childhood Education
Grade: 3
Closing date: Oct 2
High School Intern
Grade: 1
Closing date: Oct 2
Silviculture & Fire
Protection Technician
Natural Resources
Grade: 8
Closing date: Oct 12
H Pharmacy Technician
Grade: 7
Closing date: Oct 12
Public WorksFacilities
Grade: 5
Closing date: Oct. 12
B Central Telephone Receptionist
Grade: 4
Closing date: Oct 12
B BudgetGrant Manager
Grade: 16
Closing date: Oct 5
B Mental Health Nurse
Behavioral Health
Grade: 17
Closing date: Oct 8
Behavioral Health
Grade: 23
Closing date: Oct 8
9 ICW Caseworker
(temporary 2-4 months)
Social Services
Grade: 10
Open until filled
1 Caregiver (on-call)
Adult Foster Care
Grade: 5
Open until filled
Internal applicants are
1. Current Regular Employee,
past their six-month Intro
ductory period, receiving at
least a "meets expectations"
on most recent performance
evaluation and not under
disciplinary action or perfor
mance improvement within
the previous six months,
2. Grand Ronde Tribal members
3. Spouse of a Grand Ronde
Tribal member or
4. Parent or legal guardian of
Grand RondeTribal member
Internal recruitment
For those individuals meeting
minimum qualifications an
interview will be given in the
following ranking order:
1. Grand RondeTribal mem
bers a) Qualified Grand Ronde
Tribal members who show
they meet the minimum
qualifications of the posi
tion during the course of
the interview process will
be given first consideration
for hire and the recruitment
process will end
2. Tribal member spouses,
parents andor legal guard
ians of Grand Ronde Tribal
member children
3. Current regular employees
Drug-Free Work
placQ Policy
Effective January 1, 2004,
all employees are subject to
random drug andor alcohol
DAN pre-employment offers.
OWhen there is reasonable
Q Post accident.
For a detailed job description,
please contact the Tribe's job
line at 503-879-2257 or 1-877
Smoke Signals photto
reprint policy
See a photo you like in Smoke Signals?
Want a copy, or several copies?
Want to see if a photo that wa9 taken but not printed in Smoke Signals
because of space limitations might be something you'd like hanging on
your living room wall?
Tribal members can order 8-by-10 inch copies of photos taken by
Smoke Signals staff members regardless of if they were published in
the newspaper.
Charge is $1 for each print ordered.
Reprint orders must be pre-paid with a check made out to Smoke Sig
nals. A photo reprint order form is available in the Publications Office
of the Tribe's Governance Building in Grand Ronde, or can be mailed
upon request. All photos contained in Smoke Signals' current archive are
available for purchase, but people interested in going through the archive
must make an appointment to review photos for possible purchase.
No rush orders will be permitted and requestors must allow 30 days
for delivery.
Requestors must be Tribal members.
In addition, reprint requestors must agree that the reprint is for
personal use only, and not for use in an ad, or for commercial, political
or promotional purposes. Smoke Signals reserves the right to decline a
reprint request. To request a reprint order form, write to Smoke Signals
at 9615 Grand Ronde Road, Grand Ronde, OR 97347, or call the Publica
tions Secretary at 503-879-1453 or 800-422-0232. B
Looking for mwjs to pay for college?
The Tribal Higher Education website is great starting place. Visit the update page today)
You can also find us on facebook. A direct link is available on the Higher Education webpage.
American Indian Nations from
Termination to Restoration, 1953-2006
Roberta Ulrich
When the US. government ended its relationship with downs of Nat rv
American tribes end hands between ts and 1966. ft was engaging in a mayave
social experiment. Congress enacted the program, known as termination, in the
name of treeing"' the Indians from government restrictions and improving their
quality of life. However, removing the federal status of more than nine down
tribes across the country plunged many of their nearly 13.000 members into
deeper levels of poverty and eroded the tribal peopled sense of Native identity,
Beginning in 197$ and extending over a twenty-ycar period, the terminated tribes,
one by one. persuaded Congress to restore their ties to the federal government
Nonetheless, so much damage had been done that even today the restored tribes
struggle to overcome the problems created by those terminations a half century
Roberta Ulrich provides a concise overview of all the terminations and
restorations of Native American tribes from is) tn sooe and t iptorvs the
enduring policy Implications for Native peoples. This is the first book to
consider all the terminations and restorations tn the twentieth century as part
of continuing policy while detailing some of the individual tribal dltwrences.
Drawing from Congressional records, interviews with tribal members, and other
primary sources, Ulrich delves into the causes and effects of termination and
restoration from both sides,
Roberta Ulrica Is a retired newspaper reporter. She is the author of Fmpty Nrn;
fmfuins, Dams, md the Coumh River.
;. American Indian
Nations from
' Tamn itlo;i to
December 1010
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ttTOUt odt AHO
co Longletf Services. Inc.
po box 889$
Chapel Hill, nc i7it$-Kfty;
Available t bookstore or
Order toll-free: S00-84S-AM4
Order by fax: 800-171-0817
E-mail: cuitomenervicetf
Please send me the books checked above
Shipping total
Grand total
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