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    Smoke Signals 13
2011 Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Contest Powwow winners
Junior Girls Traditional: Decole Wilson, KlamathNavajo, first;
Oteskwebeeksakl Shebala, BlackfeetNavajo, second; Kaylee Johnson,
PaiuteHaida, third; Denae Smith, YakamaNavajo, fourth; and Makenzle
Aaron, Grand Ronde, fifth.
Junior Girls Fancy: Aureiia Johnson, PaiuteHaida, first; Grade Ponyah,
LakotaHopiDine, second; Autumn Sky Johnson, Warm Springs, third;
Carissa Jackson, KlamathModoc, fourth; and Maya Moling, Kechua
Mesheeka, fifth.
Junior Girls Jingle: Cherokee Eagletail, Northern Dene Canada, first;
Nizhoni Tallman, Yakama, second; Leilonnie Wilson, Klamath, third; Tia
Butler, SiletzYurokNorthern Cheyenne, fourth; and Jocelyn Hernandez,
Siletz, fifth.
Junior Boys Grass: Marcel Allen Jr., Grand Ronde, first; P-Nutt
Ponyah, LakotaHopiDine, second; Sky Smith, YakamaNavajo, third; Hawk
Squetimkin, Colville, fourth; and Robert Sampson, Warm Springs, fifth.
Junior Boys Fancy: Evan Ponyah, LakotaHopiDine, first; and Jonathan
Perdiguerra, ApacheShawnee, second.
Junior Boys Traditional: Aiden Ponyah, LakotaHopiDine, first; Bobby
Butler, SiletzYurokNorthern Cheyenne, second; Isaac Butler, SiletzYurok
Northern Cheyenne, third; Devyn Leigh, BlackfeetCherokee, fourth; and
Gus Garcia, Siletz, fifth.
Teen Girls Jingle: Camille Ponyah, LakotaHopiDine, first; Destiny
Buck, YakamaWanapum, second; Nakoosa Moreland, Grand Ronde,
third; Nixa Rice, Northern Cheyenne, fourth; and Courtney Molimer,
Mesheeka, fifth.
Teen Girls Fancy: Numu Wockmetooah, Comanche, first; Ivory Gardner,
Nez PerceSpokane, second; Destiny Summers, WascoKlamath, third;
Mia Peacock, no Tribal affiliation listed, fourth; and Kateri Whitehead,
SiletzColville, fifth.
Teen Girls Traditional: Kelly Ponyah, LakotaHopiDine, first; Raedawn
Wahl, Klamath, second; Melissa Moccasin, Lakota, third; Keteri Howtopat,
YakamaOneida, fourth; and Savannah Ingram, Grand Ronde, fifth.
Teen Boys Grass: Desmond Madera, BlackfeetColville, first; Nathan
Norwest, Klamath, second; Tyrone Sitting Eagle, Siksika, third; Cody West,
KarakPotawatomi, fourth; and Deon Smart Luit, Yakama, fifth.
Teen Boys Fancy: Manny Totus, Yakama, first; Davey Madera, Black
feet, second; Garrett Begay, Yakama, third; Jared Jackson, Klamath,
fourth; and Sheldon Jishie, Lukaachukai, fifth.
Teen Boys Traditional: SanPoil Whitehead, ColvilleSiletz, first;
Garyson Johnson, Warm Springs, second; Josef Perdiguerra, Apache
Shawnee, third; Logan Butler, ColvilleSiletz, fourth; and Tristen Eagletail,
Northern Dene Canada, fifth.
Women's Golden Age: Wilma Buck, YakamaWhite Swan, first; Gwen
Point, Sto:lo, second; Bernadine Robertson, YakamaWalla Walla, third;
Leona Ike, Warm SpringsYakama, fourth; and Rose Starr Peters, Sho
shoneUte, fifth.
Men's Golden Age: Charles Tailfeathers, CreeBlackfeet, first; Greg
Red Elk, Sioux, second; Albert Summers, Wasco, third; Don Moccasin,
Nakota, fourth; and Lee Sorrell Horse, Northern Cheyenne, fifth.
Women's Fancy: Crystal Howell, PaiuteLummi, first; Aggie Meninick,
Yakama, second; Shaneesha Mountainsheep, DineCrow, third; Christine
Point, Stolo, fourth; and Arielle Bitsuie, Lukachukai, fifth.
Women's Jingle: Paula Shebala, BlackfeetChoctaw, first; Jodie Star
light, CreeTsuu Tina, second; Kayla Johnson, Warm SpringsLummi,
third; Norene Sampson, Warm Springs, fourth; and Julie Johnson, Pai
uteShoshone, fifth.
Women's Traditional: Leah Brisbols, Grand Ronde, first; Sisiley
Scott, Warm SpringsSioux, second; Mallory Jones, Navajo, third; Celeste
Nunes, Yupiit, fourth; and Cheryl Stinnett, KiowaWasco, fifth.
Men's Grass: Kelsey Haywahe, WascoAssiniboine, first; Colton Tohan
nie, ShoshoneNavajo, second; Tyson Wahchumwah, YakamaNez Perce,
third; Saul Jurado, Siletz, fourth; and Washie Squetimkin, Colville, fifth.
Men's Fancy: Adrian George, Yakama, first; Rod Begay, Yakama, sec
ond; Aaron Wright, Klamath, third; Freeland Jishie, Lukachukai, fourth;
and Stanson Yazzi, Navajo, fifth.
Men's Traditional: Irvin Tso, NavajoDine, first; Sheldon Shebala, Na
vajoDine, second; Bryon Adams, Yakama, third; Colin Chief, Saskatch
ewan, Canada, fourth; and Mike Ponyah, HopiDine, fifth.
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Photos by Michelle Alaimo
Tribal member Koosah Quenelle competes in the Junior Boys Traditional
dance category during the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde 201 1 Contest
Powwow at Uyxat Powwow Grounds on Saturday, Aug. 20.
Drummers sang hearts out
POWWOW continued
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the Eagle staff, with Chris Tinney
(Lower Eastern Cherokee), Al Mill
er, Tribal member J.J. Lafferty and
Norris Merrill also carrying flags.
Blackstone, from Alberta, Cana
da; Seekaskootch, from Saskatch
ewan, Canada; Indian Nation
from Yakama; and Grand Ronde's
own drum, The Woodsmen, served
as host drums. Fourteen visiting
drums also played.
"Drummers, sing your hearts
out," said Tribal Chairwoman
Cheryle A. Kennedy. "Your mes
sage is very important to us."
They did, and dancers from the
Grand Ronde Tribe responded with a
message of their own: Tribal member
Marcel Allen Jr. took first place in
the Junior Boys Grass dance; Tribal
member Leah Brisbois won first
in the Women's Traditional dance;
Tribal member Nakoosa Moreland
won third place in the Teen Girls Jin
gle dance; Tribal member Makenzie
Aaron won fifth place in the Junior
Girls Traditional dance; and Tribal
member Savannah Ingram won fifth
in the Teen Girls Traditional.
Lara Ike was Head Judge and
Freddie Ike Jr. was Arena direc
tor. They are both members of
the YakamaRock Creek Wasco
Hal Eagletail (Tsuu T'ina Na
tion in Alberta) was master of cer
emonies. He has performed in this
capacity across the Northwest over
the last 22 years. B
' i i i i i r - ' .."''''''
Tribal Elder Nora Kimsey rides in her "float" during the Confederated Tribes
of Grand Ronde 201 1 Contest Powwow Parade from Fort Yamhill State Park
to Uyxat Powwow Grounds on Saturday, Aug. 20. At 1 02, Kimsey is the Tribe's
oldest living member and that was the theme of her "float."
Tribal Elder Dorothy Greene, right, walks in the 1 p.m. Grand Entry of
the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde 201 1 Contest Powwow at Uyxat
Powwow Grounds on Saturday, Aug. 20.