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JUNE 1,2011
ireceTOiry Is b&di
Summer Credit Recovery will be back this summer. If you are a
Tribal descendant or Native high school student who failed a class
this last school year, then you will be eligible for our program. We will
be starting on June 13 and it will run to Aug. 12. The hours for the
credit recovery lab will be Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m.
to 3 p.m. All other hours will need to be by appointment. Examples of
classes we have to offer are Algebra 1, Geometry, Physical Science,
U.S. History and English 1. Qualifying students in the Willamina
and Sheridan school districts will be eligible, though students from
outside the area may be eligible with a letter of commitment from
their schools. The cost for the program will be a $50 deposit, which
is fully refundable upon completion of the program. For more infor
mation, contact Christopher Bailey at 503-879-4534 or by e-mail at B
Dear Grand Ronde Tribal members:
Some might feel that the 2008 Bureau of Indian Affairs-conducted elec
tion was a failure because Tribal voters overwhelmingly approved only
one amendment out of the three proposed amendments.
On the other hand, I feel the 2008 BIA-conducted election was a success
because Tribal voters had the "freedom of choice" to vote on each proposed
amendment based on each amendment's individual merits.
In the pending "Constitutional Amendment - Enrollment" Secretarial
Election, it seems like the four proposed changes to our Constitutional
Membership Requirements should be treated in the same manner. By
that I mean Tribal voters should have the "freedom of choice" to vote on
each proposed change separately. I write that based on 25 CFR (Code of
Federal Regulations - Title 25) that our Tribe is subject to.
In addition to the above, I would like to set the record straight for those
who do not seem to understand where I stand on all of this.
Since the passage and approval of the 1999 amendment to our Tribal
Constitution, my No. 1 priority has been our membership requirements
and working to see that Grand Ronde Indians, who have the correct blood
quantum, are allowed to enroll in our Tribe, which is their Tribe.
All of the members of my immediate family, which is myself and my four
children, are enrolled Grand Ronde Tribal members. My mother and
my three siblings and all of my nieces and nephews are enrolled Grand
Ronde Tribal members.
Countless other Grand Ronde Tribal members, as well as myself, have
publicly advocated for the total removal of the requirement to have a
parent on a Grand Ronde roll that is presently part of our Constitutional
Membership Requirements. Based on the findings of the Enrollment
Requirements Ad-Hoc Committee, the majority of our Grand Ronde
Tribal people who are being denied have been denied because of this
requirement. Yet, most of those who fall under this requirement have
one or more ancestors on the Restoration Roll. In a sense, because of the
parent on a Grand Ronde roll requirement, we are denying some of the
very people that Grand Ronde was restored for.
It is my belief that Grand Ronde blood is ancestral, meaning it comes from
our Grand Ronde ancestors who were on Grand Ronde rolls or records
from the time our Reservation was officially created by the presidential
Executive Order of June 30, 1857, up to and including Restoration.
In my opinion, our Tribe's membership requirements issue is not entirely
about split and denied families, but more about who is a Grand Ronde
Indian and who is not. I write that based on our Tribe's Constitutional
Membership Requirements from 1984 to 1999, which required an appli
cant show "lineal descent from any person who was named on any roll or
records of Grand Ronde members prepared by the Department of the Inte
rior prior to the effective date of this Constitution." Some split and denied
families do not appear to have those ancestral ties that were supposed to
have been required at the time that they were allowed to enroll.
In closing, I continue to urge you to contact each member of Tribal Council
about this issue and others that are of concern to you.
Leroy Good
Roll 892
Dear Smoke Signals:
No doubt you have been hearing on the news about the terrible tornado
that hit Joplin, Missouri, and cut out a half-mile path of devastation.
I received a note today from Toby McClary saying that William and
Laura Daugherty Mix were trying to reach me. They live in Joplin and
have lost everything. Presently, they are living in a motel yet they are able
to receive mail at their former address because the post office is holding
their mail for them.
Please hold this family in your prayers. If you can help, please write to
William and Laura Mix at 2110 Delaware, Joplin, MO 64804 or call them
at 417-629-6519.
I know we see Americans suffering from floods and tornadoes and think,
"What can we do to help?" This family puts a face, a phone number and
an address on the current event that happened in Joplin and I am sure
William and Laura would appreciate any help we can give them.
William and Laura have four children; Billy born 1985, Jeannie born
1989, Sally born 1991 and Thomas born 2002. (Jeannie has a newborn
son born on Mother's Day of this year.) Praise the Lord, no one was hurt
in their family, but they have to start all over from scratch. They aren't
sure yet where they will live.
Laura is a Tribal descendant. She was denied membership for the reason,
no parent on the roll the year she was born even though her mother is a
Tribal member. She is the daughter of Tribal member Alene Low Daugh
erty and Alene is not in good health.
Laura is the granddaughter of Floyd and Tribal member Rose Mae Tyler
Low. Rose Mae is now deceased.
Laura is the great-granddaughter of Robert and Marteen Jefferies
Tyler; the great-great -granddaughter of William Henry Jefferies and
Madora Lafflore Smith; and the great-great-great-granddaughter of John
Edward Jefferies and Josette Quenelle and William Smith and Elizabeth
Thank you for your kind consideration of William and Laura Mix and
Lord's blessings to you all.
Rosemary Jameson
Roll 883
Grand Ronde RoyaOtty
Royalty participants and their parent or sponsor must attend all required
events (powwows, parades, fundraisers, organizational meetings and others).
Absences can be prearranged with the Royalty Coordinator. Three unexcused
absences will result in disqualification from Royalty. Royalty participants are
expected to stay for the duration of the events. This includes helping set up
for events, such as meetings and parades, as well as dancing during Grand
Entry, InterTribals and staying until the flags are retired unless pre-approved
with the Royalty Coordinator. Participants are expected to speak in front
of large groups of people. Royalty participants must be willing and able to
dance. Remember: You are all part of a team and are expected to treat
yourselves, running mates and others with respect at all times.
J Applicant's Name: J
Mailing Address:
Phone (Day): (Evening):
Date of Birth: Age:
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Sponsor's Name, Address and Phone (if different than a parent):
Why do you want to participate in Royalty?
I Applicant's Signature i
I Parent's Signature
Sponsor's Signature (if different than a parent)
Return this application to: Public Relations,
I 9615 Grand Ronde Road, Grand Ronde, OR 97347
Deadline: 5 p.m. June 17
Participating in Royalty Court is an excellent opportunity for Tribal girls and
young women to learn our traditions and powwow protocol. Participants rep
resent the Tribe by attending powwows and various community events.
We encourage all young woman ages 5-18 to join. Participants must
provide their regalia.
Serving on Royalty Court requires a considerable commitment from the
participant and her sponsor; travel, fundraisers, classes and meetings are
required for all competing participants.
Little Miss Grand Ronde 5-8 years of age
Junior Miss Grand Ronde 9-13 years of age
Senior Miss Grand Ronde 14-18 years of age
General Requirements:
1 . Enrolled Grand Ronde Tribal member
2. Must be alcohol and drug free
3. Never married, no children
5. Attend school regularly and be in good standing
6. Sign and comply with Royalty Guidelines and Agreement