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" . " '
"Search Begins For Members of Grand Ronde Tribes "
(To better assist us in locating tribal members, the following article
has been sent to 36 Indian publications and newspapers!) .
"Are you a member of The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde?
If so, then we are looking for you 11 The Confederated Tribes of Grand
.Ronde '.Indians were among those Oregon Tribes who were terminated by an, Act of
Congress in 195h, today we are working at reversing this Act and in becoming
a Federally recognized tribe. As a part of this effort, we are searching for
and .urging all Grand Ronde People (or descendants of) to enroll now in order
to. establish eligibility for the benefits that will be available, especially in
Health; and Education, once the Tribes become restored. Our monthly newsletter
is available to. all known tribal members. Enrollment forms may be obtained upon-
request, for each family' member, by writing!
The -Confederated Tribes of Or and Ronde Indians, Inc.
: P.O.Box 9h
s. Grand Ronde, Oregon 97317 Tele. (503 ) 879-S253"
V1 'I;- ''The Enrollment Project is progressing favorably with the 1981 Forms now
k being-taken through-out the Grand Ronde community. The Grand Ronde Road area
Tt -". has been finished and the Star Route is nearly completed with the Salmon River
- 5 " Hwy, ,-to be started the coming week Upon completion of v this community, the rest
of the state of Oregon will be convassed using one Contact Person in each designa
' ted .town, in order to better reach the Grand Ronde People. Those people who have
y.' already applied for enrollment but, who reside out-of-state, will be sent the new
I l8l forms via the mail. Once again, we are requesting that all new forma be com
f. f ' , - pleted-fPlease, answer every question--Signed--Date4--8nd
j", fieatef -Baptismal Record; unless have already sent in. these records with the old
i enrollment forms
'. We have found, since up-dating our Rolls, that Our People of The Confederated
, Tribes' of Grand Ronde Indians, are now living in 13 States and our age-bracket ranged
K4 't"3' '6eeks,to(93 yearp As more data comes about, we will continue to pass on tfii'o
W Ttlop0! 9 do keep all pertinent1 information coming in concerning our
- v ," '? Tribal 'members j every little bit helps. We need to keep moving forward, a Tribe
united, towards our goal -Restoration 1 1
iA SPECIAL THAnK-IOU to all Our People who have so graciously accented us into
i- thei homes already, to fill out the new 1981 forms on Enrollment Health and Hous
ing, ana jor tne patience ypu nave snown to us.
K-' iSSKii:
We d like , to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very
Vlt)$f' CHERYL CARL ..
Enrollment Clerks
. nftt-
The goal of self-sufficiency for our tribe today is a different one. We don't have
a reservation richvwith timber. We don't have federal benefits in the areas of
: healths-education and welfare. This is why Restoration is an important component
to achieve our longyxange goals of becoming a recognized tribe again and implementing
our ;plans towards" sej.f-suffici.ency. Re-establishing the trust responsibility with
1 thetfederal government will provide us with the tools to become a productive tribe
': ; to - meet; the ever-changing challenges of the world today.
r,T h i'i - Tribal Council -