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Page 4 Spilyay Tymoo August 7, 2003
Letters to the Editor
time &t
4-H camp
By Ashley Aguilar
Spilyay summer reporter
What do you do when a
group of 4-H campers strive
for your attention? The answer
is, you give it to them.
Wow. During the two weeks
at 4-H Culture Camp was the
best experience I had all year.
Working with the children was
the best. All the kids are sweet
and so well mannered.
I'm glad they could find a
place where they
feel comfortable
about being a kid.
Although some
out of the litter labeled me as
mean, I hope they find that I
was doing my job to the best of
my ability without trying to ruin
their fun, I enjoyed listening to
them talk about their sense of
what was important in their lives.
The classes taught the chil
dren how to bead, make baskets,
listen to old stories, ride horses,
learn about their health and ex
press their feelings through natu
ral art. I joined in with the kids
in the classes and found it was
still fun to do the stuff that they
were learning. Every year I learn
something different. This year
I figured out how to create art
using nature's makings with pine
cones, twigs, leafs, plants, etc.
In the previous years I've al
ways managed to make good
friends, Valerie and Carina in
2001, Jenny in 2002, Delores,
Cassie, Vernon, Fred (kitty),
Justine, Isabel and CeCe in
2003. It was a good year thjs
year, and the counselors were
great. They were really nice and
enjoyed my company as much
as I enjoyed theirs.
Bedtime was hard. All the
kids just ate, boosting their en
ergy levels and making them
selves more active.
I have to admit it was fun
yelling, "Turn those lights off -it's
time for bed." And listening
to them giggle around to each
other in the dark.
I'd have to say some of the
girls just thought they were so
sneaky it was funny. This little
girl (I'll call her Miss L) just
thought she was quiet, saying,
"Meet me in my tent after the
counselors fall asleep, okay?"
The other counselors and
laughed at Miss L and said,
"You can be a little sneakier than
that. Next time don't say it as
loud." The girl counselors
laughed and thought that her
actions were cute.
( )h my gosh the horses were
tight. I love riding horses, I just
cant find the time to do it. I larry
brought his horses and they
were so cool. The only negative
part about them was when they
were trotting, it hurt my bum,
but when I get them running
that's when the fun begins. The
horses were well trained and
very obedient to the rider.
My favorite part of camp
was swimming in the ice-old
water when it reached 97 de
grees in the shade. In its own
sort of way it rejuvenated my
energy and cleansed my spirit.
The absolutely worst thing
about camp was when all the
campers left. I could no longer
hear their conversations, laughs
or footsteps, just the wind blow
ing through the trees and the
other counselors packing up to
I can't wait till next year, be
cause 4-11 Culture Camp is
something that I look forward
every year.
Toe Ness: What kind of
snacks do computers cat?
Answer: Microchips, Yikcsl
Rodeo success
The Simnasho Rodeo held on
July 19 was successful due to
many volunteers and the pro
fessional rodeo crew.
The Suppah family sends a
special thanks to you all.
Endurance race crew: Jacob
Frank, Missy Scott, Aaron
Culps, Billie Suppah, Buffy
Hurtado and Family, Dez
Raffle ticket salespeople:
Annette LeClaire, Three War
riors Market, MM Butch
Hurtado and Family, Missy
Scott, Fudd Suppah, Rena
Suppah, Leland Thompson
Rodeo crew: Evaline Patt,
Hobo Patt, Ray Roba, Trevor
Hurtado, Jabar Davis, Captain
Moody, Jacob Frank, Chuck
Dick, Robert Heath, Custer
Wells, Vern Heath, Delvis
Heath, Johnny Smith, Daniel
Gilbert, Tad Skaggs, Edward
Heath, Larry Scott, Leslie Bill,
Johnson Bill, Fire and Safety,
Fire Management, Annette
LeClaire, Butch Hurtado,
Colliers (bull fighters), Mike Alps
for bulls, Jake Grossmiller, an
nouncer. Match race: Vernon
Thank you
Family and friends,
I'd like to thank one and all
for helping us. We lost two fam
ily members and it was a great
loss for my cousin Bearcat and
mom Rose Mitchell.
Everyone in the pink palace
would like to thank the singers
that came and helped after we
lost our little brother. It helped
us out a lot and we that stayed
here re listening and. helping ,,.
one"'another4o keep"' Strong"' '
Hodzie, Perry, L.T.,
Mouse, Mit, Rose Mitchell,
and Frankie Kalama Jr.
A good cause
My name is Walsey Thomas.
I am proud to announce that I
have been selected with many
others to attend the Ninth An
nual Poets Convention of Fa
mous Poets in Orlando, Fla.,
winning awards as well as a
chance to win $15,000.
I am the son of Lavena Ike
and Ronald Thomas. I have
three sisters, Raylene, Dena and
Daisy, and I am the only boy. I
attend Madras High School and
I will be a senior this year. After
I graduate I plan on joining the
Marine Corp and go on in life
from there.
So far I am alcohol and drug
free and plan on keeping it that
way. I'd like to encourage kids
Birthday wishes...
Look who turns "sweet 16"
- Happy Birthday Raylene Ike
Thomas Aug. 19. Love from
your mom Lovie, brother
Walsey, Sister Dena and Daisy.
Happy Sweet 16, Raylene
Ike-Thomas. We are all
wishing you a happy birth
day. Love the Ike family
Happy birthday Dad, from
Be careful: danger
By Suzi Macy
Lire Prevention Technician
The last few weeks have
brought very hot weather to our
area, and the fire danger level is
now at extreme.
The extremely hot tempera
tures, mixed with the afternoon
winds, have left the trees and
other vegetation critically dry.
This includes conditions in the
higher elevations as well.
my age and younger to live a
good life. If I win at Orlando, I
want to use the award money
to help with my college plans in
the future, and I plan to keep
on writing as well.
I have written a lot of po
ems. I like to express my feel
ings through them. My poems
are about love, family, friends
and things that have gone on in
my life, the feelings I have.
I entered one of my poems
in a contest and was selected to
attend this event. I would very
much appreciate it if I could get
some donations to help me out
on my trip. I feel this is a good
experience for me. It inspires me
to keep writing poetry and I am
glad people like my poems. Any
help would be greatly appreci
ated. Thank you, Sincerely
Walsey J. Thomas
Wrong dog
Another family member was
taken from us this past week. It
was a precious family pet belong
ing to my grandson and daugh
ter. The dog was hand-raised and
pampered by the kids.
His name was "Ah-roo."
When you asked him what his
name was, that's how he an
swered you, "Ah-roo."
Police killed him, because
they believed a report from
some kids that Ah-roo had bit
ten a child. To me it was unbe
lievable. Because of this, my precious
pet was shot and tested for ra
bies. It turned out the dog that
actually attacked the kid was a
rottweiler. The owner hid it, but
later was allowed to tie it up.
It was a small comfort to my
' kids and I who remain heartbro-
ken. What a time to have this
happen. We just finished bury
ing my grandson's father,
Corwin Howtopat, and their
hearts and feelings were raw and
tender from their recent loss.
I tried explaining this to the
officer and sanitarian. It fell on
deaf ears. They shot my pet
yards away from my home with
family present.
They killed the wrong dog be
cause of someone's lie. My
grandson felt the pain of an- .
other family loss all in one week.
I tried in vain to explain to my
heart broken kids that Ah-roo
went to take care of their dad
and was happy and would be
taken care of, but every time
they go outdoors there's some
thing missing. Emptiness. No
more barks on happy greetings
form their pet.
Ah-roo was a timid, gentle
' XV'
When the fire danger level
reaches this point, fires can start
very easily, and a small fire can
escalate into a large wildfire
event in a short period of time.
This is a situation all of us
should be concerned with.
At this time all open fires arc
prohibited within the boundaries
of the Warm Springs Reserva
tion. This restriction includes
campfircs at designated sites
dog who loved to wresde and
play with the kids on our lawn.
He loved kids. While you're busy
shooting dogs on the rez because
they're seen as a nuisance,
please remember that these dogs
may be beloved pets and family
members also. Pets who are
faithful, watchful and are kids'
playmates and protectors (as was
Myrna Frank
Need to meet
I am a tribal member and I
feel that my constitutional rights
as a tribal member and human
being are being violated and
have been being violated and it
continues into my job site, as
well as wandering into all of the
Agency District people's lives.
We do have a Constitution and
By-Laws book that is supposed
to be law to our land.
Our Agency District has not
had a meeting for well over one
year. Although I did ask my
Agency District representatives,
it was always an answer of, You
need to ask Nelson Wallulatum.
I asked Garland, Zane and
r - J L -
We wanted to let you all
know that you made our wed
ding day a very special one, and
also that it could not have
been such a great occasion if
you were not all there to lend
a helping hand. We want to
thank our early morning deco
rators, Alicia Adams, who is al
ways there in time of need,
thanks so much, and Liana
Tom and Rena Adams-Smith
and family. Thanks to all the
nice gentlemen at the Full
Gospel Church, and to Pastor
Hunt. A big thanks to my sis
. . f .'l ' II. I I I II -" S B ft
Editorial cartoon by tribal member artist Travis Bobb.
level for wildfire is
within Dry Creek, Trout Lake
and Indian Park campgrounds.
Sweathouse and other cer
emonial fires will be allowed on
a case-by-casc basis after an on
site inspection by Warm Springs
Fire Management personnel.
All woodcutting has also been
suspended till further notice.
These restrictions will remain in
place until there is a significant
change in the moisture level and
Bernice: When did this start, a
person never had to ask the
Chief for a meeting (at least,
long as I have been attending
the Agency District meetings.)
And I continued to explain that
I thought they didn't want to
give the Agency District a meet
ings, since we spoke up against
abuse of tribal dollars, spoke up
on police issues and other po
litical happenings. I never re
ceived a response from any of
my district representatives. I still
think about how unfair it is to
the Agency District tribal mem
bers, and how they shy away
from giving us any meetings,
whether it's to update or com
municate on community issues.
I then am beginning to wonder
if they are just avoiding us so
that it isn't recorded on record.
Maybe Agency District people
can start attending the Simnasho
and Seekseequa meetings, after
all, are we not supposed to be
all one people? When it's bud
get time, yep, Agency District
gets a meeting.
Maybe that sends the mes
sage loud and clear. I tend not
ter Jolene Soto for the wedding
cake. Thank you to our new
aunt Diane Fuller. Thanks so
much to Kiko and Luis Garcia.
We can't forget Ron Palmer for
performing the ceremony, not
only that but waiting for us as
we were running an hour and a
half late. Thank you, Emily
Yazzie. Thanks goes out to our
flower girls Michaela Adams,
Muirinn Adams-Guijosa, Caro
lina Garcia, Isabel Garcia,
Damita Soto and Soraya, and to
Traci Lei. Thanks to the
groomsmen Rigo Briones, Gar
the fire danger levels return to
a more normal state.
I lomeowncrs are advised to
make sure that the defensible
space around their homes is in
Cut all weeds from around
your home; move your wood
pile at least 30 feet from your
home. Remove all debris from
around your home and make
sure your trees are limbed.
to want to believe this of all of
them, but since I have been
employed in the ASC-TC office
I will say that my precious let
ters are not a form libel or lies.
I feel like putting up a box that
read "Questions you always
wanted to ask about Tribal
Council Office but were afraid
to ask."
I am hoping now that Gar
land Brunoe is the Tribal Coun
cil Chairman, the district would
get some meetings.
So my tribal council repre
sentatives of the Rez, don't take
this article to heart but try to
have some heart.
Respectfully Submitted,
Emma M. Smith
An apology
To whom it may concern:
I would like to apologize to
the arresting officers, the Tribal
Court system and the commu
nity for my behavior while un
der the influence of drugs and
alcohol. I'm not only sorry but
truly regret all my actions.
Thanks for your time.
Anthony M. Mitchell Jr.
ret Suppah, Adriel Pineda
Soto, Carlos Reynoso-Soto,
Damian Reynoso-Soto and
Tyler Leclaire. To our little guy
Izraii Mendez- you did a great
job being the ring bearer. Su
san Matthews also for helping
out with all the details. Thanks
to our friends who drove to
be with us. We would like to
say thank you to everyone for
being there and witnessing our
new beginning.
Sincerely, Mr. Jose
"Rami" Ramirez and Mrs.
Joy Ramirez
A defensible space is one of
the best ways to help you sur
vive a catastrophic wildland fire
event. Please be careful and re
port the first signs of any fire
to 91 1. We must all do our part
to protect our community and
natural resources from the dev
astating effects of a wildland
fire. Remember what Smokey
Bear says: Only you can prevent
wildland fires.