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    12 March 26, 1998
Warm Springs, Oregon .
Spilyay Tymoo
Job openings
The following job openings as of
March 23 are currently advertised by
the Tribal Human Resources depart
ment. For further information call
Amelia Tewcc at 553-3262. To ask
about job details call the contact per
son listed.
i Committee Secretary; Admin.
Svc. Ctr.; Lynn Davis 553-3257
Court Interpreter; Tribal Court;
. Lola Sohappy 553-3454
Substitute Teacher Aide; ECE;
Sue Matters 553-3241
Teacher; ECE; Nancy Seyler 553
3240 Food Service; ECE; Nancy Scylcr
Staff Accountant; WEDD;
Marcia Soliz 553-3324
Executive Director; Gaming
Commission; Orthclia Patt 553-4890
Database Specialist; GISFor
estry; Eric Brandt 553-2416
Fisheries Technician I; Fish &
Wildlife; Colleen Fagan 553-3233
Fisheries Technician II; Fish &
Wildlife; Colleen Fagan 553-3233
Fire Fighter (12 positions); Fire
Mgmt.; Vernon Tias, Sr. 553-1 146
Engine Operator seasonal (4
positions); Fire Mgmt; Vernon Tias,
Sr. 553-1146
PC Specialist; OlS; Tammy Gates
Secretary; Legal Aid; Patricia
Leno-Baker 553-3269
Reserve Officer Volunteers; Po
lice; Sgt. Tias 553-3272
Secretary; Housing; Carolyn
Johnson 553-3250
Community Bldg Custodian;
Utilities; Cecil Brunoe, Jr. 553-3246
Maintenance (2); Housing; Rudy
G. Clements 553-3250
Sales Person; Museum Gift shop;
Loni Tias 553-3331
Accounting Clerk; Indian Head
Gaming; Harry Hintsala 553-6122
Kahneeta job openings
Apprenticeship Professional; Rcc-rcation-now
taking application for
future positions such as Cashier, Rec
reation Aides, Lifeguards, Kayak
Guides; Food & Bevcragc-now tak
ing applications for future positions
such as Servers, Cashiers, Attendants,
Buspcrsons within different areas;
Saute cook; Gift ShopConvenience
Store; Spa Assistant ; Massage Thera-pistEsthetician;ManicurislPedicur-ist;
Front Desk-now taking applica
tions for seasonal positions such as
GSR. PBX Operator, Bellpersons,
Shuttle Drivers.
All positions at Kahneeta Resort
requires the ability to speak, read and
write English.
Lifcguarding classes will be held
at Kahneeta Village pool by the
American Red Cross in the next
month or two. Check Spilyay Tyinoo
for actual dates. Classes usually run
for three (3) days.
Applications for any of the above
positions arc available at Kahneeta
Resort Personnel Office or Front
Desk. They can also be picked up at
the Tribal Employment Services,
please ask for the Kahneeta applica
tion form.
Completed applications andor re
sumes may be mailed to: Kahneeta
Resort; Personnel Office; PO Box K;
Warm Springs, OR 9776 1 or dropped
off at KahncctaTribal Employment
Services or faxed to (54 1 ) 553-1 0 1 5.
Other job openings
Registered nurse; License Practi
cal Nrs; Fitness Instructor; Civil In
spector; Secretary; Social Service As
sistant; Bilingual receptionist;
WaiterWaitress; Cook; Care giver
CNA; & Yard Delivery person all in
Dental Assistant; CookCocinero;
Practical nurse; Journey level mill
wright all in Warm Springs.
Cook restaurant & waiterwait
ress in Shaniko.
Park Aide; Conservation Aide &
Marine Engine mechanic in Culver.
Jefferson Co. Sch. District 509-J
Vacancy notice of Title 1-C Mi
grant summer school
Educational Assistants; Depart
ment Secretary; Custodian; Combi
nation bus drivereducational assis
tant; & Teachers.
Located at the Madras Elemen
tary School; closing date is April 24,
1998. Interested applicants should
contact: Jefferson County School
District 509-J; 445 SE Buff Street;
Madras, OR 97741 (541)475-6192
Fax (541)475-6856.
Seeking bids
The Small Business Development
Center is now accepting bids for the
Warm Springs Plaza, retail shop 4
located at 3240 Walsey Lane, Warm
Springs, OR right off Hwy 97.
Also bids for the following open
ings are now being taken: Janitorial
Service at the Warm Springs Plaza;
Landscaping at the Warm Springs
Plaza; & Landscaping at the Small
Business Development CenterBusi
ness & Economic Development De
partment. Deadline for submitting your bid
will be March 31, 1998.
For more information please con
tact the Small Business Development
Center at 553-35923593 or stop by
the Center located at 2107 Wasco
The Indian Warrior - The Veterans Corner
Veterans Chemical Addictions
Rehabilitation Service Department of Veterans Affairs
Farm Service Agency offers news for March
Farm Service Agency offers the
following information to local area
fanners and ranchers for the month
of March.
Service Center Decision
The decision has been made by
the State Food and Agriculture Coun
cil to co-locate our present offices in
Madras and Prineville to Redmond.
Our office will keep you posted of
the opening date for our new Service
Center location in Redmond. Until
then, the Prineville and Madras of
fices will remain open for service.
Report Farm Changes
Farm operators and owners are
reminded to report any farm changes
to this office as soon as possible.
This includes all land changes such
as buying, selling, leasing or share
cropping. Producers must submit
proof of purchases or lease agree
ments for newly acquired land.
Accessibility to Disable Persons
USDA-Farm Service Agency pro
grams are available to all eligible,
interested persons, including those
with disabilities. Special accommo
dations will be made upon request
for those with disabilities, vision or
hearing impairment. If such accom
modations are necessary, please con
tact Cameron Kirsch at 4753869.
Payment Limitations
Certain program benefits may not
be provided until "person determi
nation" and "actively engaged" de
terminations have been made by the
county committee. For this purpose,
all producers are required to submit a
farm operating plan on form CCC
502 prior to receiving payments.
Statutory provisions require that en
tities earning payment provide the
names, addresses and ID numbers of
their members. These forms are sub
ject to spot-check, which would re
quire documentation to be submitted
to justify all certifications made.
Loans for Farms
FSA lends money and provides
credit counseling and supervision to
eligible applicants who operate fam
ily sized farms. Several types of loan
programs are available. Under the
Guaranteed Loan Program, FSA
guarantees loans made by conven
tional agricultural lenders for up to
95 percent of the principal. Farmers
interested in Guaranteed Loans ap
ply directly with a conventional
lender, who then arranges for the
FSA Guarantee. Direct Loans, which
are made and serviced by FSA are
available to those unable to qualify
for either a conventional loan or an
FSA guaranteed loan. Additional in
formation on loan eligibility, fund
ing or application processes may be
obtained by contacting this office.
Direct Deposit
The debt collection act of 1996
mandates that federal payments made
after January 1, 1999 shall be made
by electronic transfer (Direct De
posit). Currently, any producer or
vendor who first becomes eligible
for a federal payment after July 25,
1996 is required to receive that pay
ment by means of direct deposit. Pro
ducers will be required to complete
form SF-1 199A or furnish a voided
check to authorize the direct deposit.
Producers are reminded that if you
have a change in your financial insti
tution or account number to notify
this office as soon as possible.
Celebrate children
The Chemical Addictions
Rehabilitation Services ( CARS) at
the Vancouver Division provides
a range of psychological and
rehabilitation services to eligible
veterans with problems of alcohol
or drug abuse, treatment us
available for all eligible veterans.
How To Enter Treatment
To apply for admission, the
client should sign up at the Visitor
Information Office in the
Vancouver Division of the VA
Medical Center located at Fourth
Plain Blvd. and O Street, from
8:15 am to 4:00 pm, Monday
through Friday. At this time the
veteran may have a brief interview
with one of the program counselors
who will go over the schedule for
the one week outpatient evaluation
which is the next step in treatment.
The counselor will provide
referrals for detoxification if this
is needed.
The outpatient evaluation
typically consists of four meetings
over a one week period and
provides and introduction to the
recovery process for the client as
well as an opportunity for staff to
evaluate an individual's particular
situation and the staff's assessment
of his treatment needs. Prior to
hospital admission the veteran will
be scheduled for a medical
evaluation. There is no significant
wailing time for admission to one
of the treatment groups.
For further information call the
Information Center at:
(206) 696-406 1 , ext. 35 1 0 (from
Wash.), or
(503) 220-8262, ext ,35 1 0 (from
CARS Intake staff: (206) 690
1841, or
(503) 220-8262, ext 3588
therapeutic community designed to
help patients develop and maintain
a chemically-free lifestyle. To
accomplish this, veterans attend
regular group therapy sessions in
which they are encouraged to
examine their feelings, behavior, and
attitudes, and to practice alternative
ways to handle difficult situations
with out resorting to alcohol and or
drugs. Veterans also attend daily
lectures that focus on such topics as:
The Disease Model of
Chemical Dependency
Recovery Principles
Relapse Prevention
Stress Management
Rational Emotive Therapy
Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
One-to-one counseling and
individually designed treatment
plans are an integral part of the
program and are provided by an
assigned member of the professional
Whw icn't thorn nartirinatinn
" 1 1 j ",w " r- -r"" Continued from oaae 1
------1 -
I can attend community meetings and
raise concerns about children's safety.
I can coach a t-ball or little league
team, or a youth basketball team.
I can urge Tribal Council representa
tives to support programs that serve fami
lies, youth and children.
I can volunteer time at a school, su
pervising the playground, lunchroom or
I can make sure that my child does
not have access to any type of gun and
that they understand thedangers of guns.
I can demand that store owners in our
area not sell alcohol, cigarettes or chew
ing tobacco to minors.
I can hold a yard sale and donate the
proceeds to a youth group or organiza
tion that works with children.
I can volunteer to be a f-H leader and
get involved with kids in an organized
1 can invite a teenager to accompany
me twice a week on my evening run or
I can make sure that my child is up to
date on their immunizations, and en
courage others to do the same.
I can volunteer time with kids in the
Recreation Program at the Warm Springs
Community Center.
I can make sure that my child attends
school and is on time everyday.
I can organize a clothing drive for
children in need and encourage my chil
dren to donate some of their toys to
another child or to the group home.
I can raise or give money to sponsor
a child for a week at camp.
I can become a private child care
provider and care for children in my
home, during the day or after school.
Want to subscribe to Soilvav Tvmoo? Movlna? I
- - i j --j -
To the editor,
Just a few short words for those of
you Agency District voters. In the
event you were not in attendance at
the Tribal Council elections, you still
have the advantage to do a write in
candidate ballot. The number was
few, and it is understandable why the
tribal members do not wish to par
ticipate in this affair, the issue was
rather obvious and the control of the
meeting was lapsed. It would seem
that a nominee can not close the floor
to nominee to nominee elections, but
it was approved. Note-no one from
Vital Statistics caught this. Also,
because there is lack of copies avail
able. Can an individual who is
adopted into the tribe run for tribal
council? A copy of this in the bylaws
available to anyone?
! When voting, do a thorough over
view of what the candidates have
demonstrated over the years, out
burst of anger, impartial, not enforc
ing codes, nepotism. ...is there a need
to continue? Not what is demon
strated these past couple of weeks.
Educated individuals, it has been
demonstrated what an educated per
son has done for our tribe.. .filled
theirown bank account. A traditional
individual, those who hide or use
their religion when the issue at hand
is avoided.
Perhaps not so bleak, was indi
viduals in our past tribal council,
Christine Tom, Harold Culpus, Chief
Simtustus, Chief Kalama. Individu
als who truly worked for the better of
the tribe, not just words to make
Please do your tribal membership
duty and vote. Most of all if the
candidate don't seem like they can
do the job, write in you best choice.
Lucy Suppah
Tribal Member
I VA Mcdic.it Center
Vanwuvi'r I )
from 1-5 Northbound Southbuund. trtltc Fourth
rl.iin Blvd., Exil l-l)
Recovery is both a personal and
a social process. ..requiring
commitment from you and support
and assistance from others to make
it work.
Residential Treatment Program
This is a 28 day inpatient
The Outpatient Treatment
Program is a continuing care
component of treatment. Veterans
enter this program following
completion of CARS Residential
Treatment Program or another
residential treatmentprogram. Each
veteran has an assigned counselor
who meets individually to plan and
coordinate recovery plans. In
addition to attending weekly
outpatient group sessions for a year,
specialty educational groups in
Assertiveness, Stress Management
and Relapse Prevention are also an
integral part of this component of
Veterans involved in the
Outpatient Program are expected to
attend weekly Alcoholic
Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous
or other approved abstinence
oriented support groups during the
initial phase of the program in order
to establish a peer group of
recovering individuals.
The Family Program welcomes
significant people in the veteran's
life to obtain guidance and support
concurrent with their veteran's
Antabuse, and alcohol
antagonist, may be prescribed as an
adjunct to treatment at the veteran's
request while(s)he is actively
involved in treatment.
Halfway Houses
Veterans who complete the
Residential Treatment Program and
who have demonstrated a clinical
need foran extended abstinent living
situation while participating in
outpatient care may enter a
community-based halfway house
with VA support up to 60 days; or
may enter a VA.
"Class of 45" for the Older
This is a long-term specialized
program for veterans age 55 and
over who are seeking treatment for
problems of alcohol or drug abuse.
The "Class of 45" Groups are held
during the day.
The goals of the "Class of 45"
program include support for continued
abstinence from alcoholdrugs, the
sharing of support, socialization and
historical experience, motivation to
increase levels of activity and the
sharing of problems common to this
age group.
The program is distinctive in several
ways to address the special needs of
this population.
Group socialrecreational activities
are a part of the treatment program. A
weekly support group is offered to the
significant others of the men enrolled
in the "Class of 45." Home visits are
made to paraaticipants who are absent,
ill or in need of individual contact.
This program is open-ended, with a
fourteen month minimum of
attendance expected.
Family and Significant
Others Program
CARS recognizes the debilitating
impact of chemical dependency on
those in contact with the dependent
person as well as the family's role in
the recovery process. Therefore an
array of services is offered to the
families and friends of veterans who
participate in our programs.
Such services include:
Accompanying the veteran
during the pre-admissions process
Educational groups to learn
about chemical dependence and its
impact on the family.
Concept groups (i.e.)
assertiveness training, stress
Women ' s treatment groups
Couples or family review and
counseling meetings.
Psychiatrically Impaired
Substance Abuser (PISA)
PISA is a long-term outpatient
treatment program for veterans who
have both substance abuse and
psychiatric problems. It is designed
for veterans who have major mental
illness requiring treatment with
prescribed psychiatric medications.
Clients in PISA attend a weekly
treatment group, take Antabuse for a
minimum 6 month period, and
document weekly participation in
Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics
Anonymous. Medications are
prescribed by the PISA staff
psychiatrist. Individual therapy,
couplesfamily counseling, and
additional treatment activities are
provided based on individual need.
The PISA Program is open-ended, with
a minimum of one year participation
Patients currently active in. VA
psychiatric programs may be referred
directly to the PISA Assessment Group
meeting held Mondays, 10:30 am to
noon on Ward 30, Vancouver Division.
All others may apply for treatment by
contacting the PISA Program
Alcoholics Anonymous
Portland Intergroup: (503)
Narcotics Anonymous
Portland Hotline: (503) 233-2235
Vancouver Hotline (206)573-3063
Cocaine Anonymous
Portland: (503) 256-1666
Portland Alanon: (503) 292-1333
Vancouver Alanon: (206) 693-578 1
April is just around the corner and
with it comes the
Annual Spring(s) Cleanup
Plans are currently being finalized
for this year's project. For more
information call Housing at
sW? fefi
tsftf urn others
Send subscription or change of address to:
Spilyay Tymoo, P.O. Box 870, Warm Springs, OR 97761
I Address
I City
I Subscription rates: $15.00 per year in the U.S.
I $25.00 per year outside the U.S. or 1 st Class in the U.S.
I AH members of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs will receive the Spilyay Tymoo at
I no cost Spilyay Tymoo is published bi-weekly by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.
(-iinii'fv; obout you
Apology given
To the tribe:
I would like to apologize to the
community of W'arm Springs and the
Culture and Heritage Language Pro
gram staff for the damage I caused
during last summer of 1997. 1 never
realized all the work that was in
volved preserving our Indian Lan
guage. I feel really bad because my
grandma Nina Rowe started the In
dian and Culture Language program.
She told me how important saving
our Indian Language is so we can
continue learning our language.
All of our customs are in Indian,
our Indian Language. If we do not
learn our Indian Language it will be
hard to learn our customs and tradi
tions and our Indian Life.
Tins will never happen again, I
learned my lesson.
R it hard Rowe IV
Budget meeting
On Monday, March 30, 1998 at
7:30 p.m., Jefferson County School
District 509-J will hold the second
public Budget Committee meeting
for the purpose of receiving the Bud
get Message and Proposed Budget
Document for fiscal year 1998-99.
The meeting will be held in rooms
12-A& 12-B at Madras High School,
390 SE Tenth Street, Madras, OR.
The public is welcome and encour
aged to attend. Copies of the Pro
posed Budget document will be avail
able at the meeting or are available
now at the School Support Services
building at 445 SE Buff Street, Ma
dras. If you have a disability, please
advise Gail Stone at 475-6 1 92 about
special arrangements that may allow
you to fully participate in this Bud
get meeting.
mthi'hliHihzrtl trt'titmcnt plonnw
Please return photo
To the editor,
I submitted two photos of my sis
ter (Lana) and daughter (Reina) to
Spilyay Tymoo for publication in the
last issue. I recently returned to re
trieve these photos only to learn that
one photo was stolen (almost imme
diately). This was a special one-of-a-kind
photo, taken by a professional
photographer at the Pendleton
Roundup years ago.
This is not the first time our fam
ily had photos stolen from the Spilyay
Tymoo office, which prompted me
to write. Thief, I'm trying not to
think of you as sick or twisted-just
please, please, PLEASE return my
photo....anonymously if you wish,
or, I can make you a copy....just
please return my (original) photo. I
know the Spilyay Tymoo staff feels
badly about this loss, I just wish I
would have been notified when they
knew this incident occurred.
Mina J. Shike
'"" -11 1 l Iffll BTTfc TTfc 111 J T 1 '"' ' .niLMILjr .JUMK1- " -F'mmmmm-mitrf-m''-- . - " S