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    Spilyay Tymoo
Warm Springs, Oregon
April 11, 1996 5
Language lesson review reaffirms students' learning
Exercise HI:
Write the following numbers in Sahaptin:
1. four
2. twenty
Exercise V:
Look carefully in the following Word Search to find as
many words as you can. You should be able to find 36
different words! These words can be found in the salmon
colored Alphabet Book.
3. sixty-three
Exercise L
Match the following Sahaptin and English words:
1. mrismuscn a. cattle
2. xdtxat b. crow
3. miimfm c. deer
4. yaamash d. dove
5. shushamsh e. duck
6. qwalqwalli f. eel
7. d'a g. stcclhcad
8. asm h. turkey
4. one hundred
5. thirty-eight
6. ninety-six
7. seventeen
Exercise II:
Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the word in
the parentheses.
Exercise IV:
Write answers to complete the following
conversations. Choose from the following answers:
Naaptit nash aptiutna.
Nfix ashwi
Ii nfix pdchwai.
Wanfshaash (your name) .
1. Person A: Mfshnamwa?
Person B:
2. Person A: Shinam wanisha?
Person B:
3. Person A: Mfshnam chikuuk wa payu?
Person B: Chau. ;
4. Person A: MmampiiutnaTananmfLamtxpa?
Person B:
5. Person A: Niixpachwai!
Person B:
To register for Warm
Springs, Paiute and
Wasco language classes
call the Language
Program at
I-t; f.
Warm Springs Elementary School news
New stage curtain arrives
During Spring Break the new
velvet stage curtain and back drop
were installed in the gym. It looks
great ! Be watching future newsletters
for information on a play, or plays,
that will be presented using the new
improved WSE stage.
Video Camcorders on buses
The school district has many
school buses, and hundreds of routes
each day. A small numberof students
have caused problems for others by
violating the conduct rules contained
in the student handbooks.
To help prevent and monitor such
occurrences, the district has installed
video camcorder stations in its buses,
and from time-to-time will be
videotaping bus routes. The cameras
are not visible to students, so they
will not know when they are being
If misconduct or violation occurs,
and if it has been recorded by the
camcorder, the tape will be reviewed
and the evidence analyzed. Students
who do not follow the bus safety
rules may be referred for disciplinary
Pictures and sound on these tapes
are protected from disclosure as
"student records," and will be
governed by appropriate school, State
and Federal rules on student privacy.
If a tape is used for disciplinary action,
the parents may view the tape. Tapes
not used for disciplinary purposes
will be erased and re-used.
Should you have any questions,
or need to view a tape, please contact
Don Vandcweghe, Transportation
Supervisor for the District, at 475-
"The Great Kids Book" for
Robert Johnson, Julia Haskins,
Bianca Becerra, Warner Williams,
Steven James, Michael Bobb,
Natasha Lucei, Elsie Blackwolf,
Noralisette McKinley, Pearl Stwyer,
DeMirra Schroeder, Delmer Davis,
Nathaniel Garcia, Trever Tewee,
Jessie Reaney-Greenwood, Wesley
Spino, Rodney Katchia, Leonardo
Cue vas, Norma Tainewasher, Shanda
Culps, Marian Oakes, Derek Kelly,
Hoss Suppah, Julian Wallulatum,
Josiah Thompson, Theo Arce, Turina
Wallulatum, Alvin Moore, Julia
March All Stars
Orlando Tewee, Mary Hoptowit,
Weston Heath, Rachelle Begay,
Carina Miller, Julia Wallulatum,
MaryAnn Brito, Isaiah Tewee,
Cecilia Brunoe, Robert Cortez,
Monique Johnson, Robert Johnson,
Paul Miller, Jodene Greene, Sonny
Yahtin, Robert Thomas, Jr.
March Students of the Month
Nelson Wolfe, Cameron
Wallulatum, Keevin Adams, Rebecca
Taylor, Julia Selam, Kenny Hicks,
Kelly Blueback, Liane Wabaunsee,
Jerald White, Addie Estimo, Shirelle
Adams, Myntora Aguilar, Davis
Stwyer, Cindy Gilbert, Arnold Aleck,
Matthew McGill, Mychal VanPelt,
Shardae Miller, Francis Kentura,
Ashley Aguilar, James Jim, Sasha
Mitchell, Dominic Davis, Bryson
Sutterlee, Edward Weaselhead,
Robbie Bennett, Desrai Wells,
Norma Tainewasher, Simon Jim,
Brittney Kalama, Cameron Nathan,
Clarissa Picard, Candi Rhoan,
Maurica Cortez, Rudy Stevens, Owen
Danzuka, Andrea Whiteplume,
Curtiss Dickson, Ernestine Ruiz,
Johnni Smith, Sissaley Graybael,
Natasha Herkshan, Raenele
Weaselhead, Kista Flores, Amy
Martinez, Hazel Martinez, Brook
Warner, Coleicia Moses, Latasha
Boise, Kristina Cassaway,
Edwardene Henry, Heather Johnson,
Angeledith Kalama, Devenia
Kenyon, Liza LeClaire, Sallie Polk
Adams, Tiyanna Tuckta, Matthew
Craig, Heath Crooked Arm, Estcn
Culpus, Delmer Davis, Willyum
Hoptowit, Steven James, Dino Jones,
Casey Lillie, Woodrow Poitra, Julius
Simnasho March Students of
the Month
Lorien Stacona, Vern Heath,
Jaylyn Suppah, Charlene Moody,
Zeena Kalama, Melody Berry,
Michael Berry, Edmond Kalama.
Kindergarten Round-Up
May 23rd -9:00 to 3:00
Health & Wellness Center
i If you have a child who will be 5-years-old
by September 1, 1996, they
are eligible to start Kindergarten at
WSE in the Fall. It is not too early to
fill out a registration form. If you
have any questions about
Kindergarten registration, please
contact Judy or Chele at WSE, 553
1128. Egg Drop winners
Ryan Thomas, Shanell Kalama,
Titus Kalama, Armando Ruiz, Jacoba
Best, Sissaley Graybael, Alexis
Brunoe, Aaron Hunt, Jeremy
Anderson, Cody Miller, RaeAnn
Graybael, LeMinnie Picard,
Catherine Tulee, Johnny Smith,
Candace Lillie, Shelly Greene-Boise,
Cyrille Mitchell, LeeAnn Johnson,
Turina Wallulatum, Justin Greene,
Cecelia Brunoe, Socorra Cuevas,
Marjean Alonzo, Noralisette
McKinley, Isaiah Tewee, Joshua
Bruce, Theo Arce, Tommy Napyer,
Austin Smith, Delvis George, Taima
Smith, Lindsey McCovey, Brittney
Kalama, Juliene Govenor, Tommy
Dickson, Ashley Aguilar, George
Boise, John Howe, Anthony Torres,
Cynthia Lona, Tonya Boise, Jerald
White, Martina Stwyer, Owen
Danzuka, Rudy Stevens, Maurica
Cortez, Jermayne Tuckta, Mrs.
Graham, Leidy Caldera, Kipp
Culpus, Mrs. Rodin's Class, Dino
Jones, Esten Culpus, Kristina
Cassaway, Rayann Katchia, Kurtis
Satanus, Jonathan Culpus.
WSE events
April 18-Car Safety Assembly,
K-2 at 8:50 and 3rd and 4th at
9:30 a.m.
April 22-26 - Metropolitan
Achievement Test (MAT) for 1
thru 4.
May 1 -School Council meeting
at 5:00 p.m. in the WSE library.
May 2 - Awards Assembly, K
2 at 8:50 and 3rd thru 4th at 9:30
May 14 - Fourth grade Seeds of
Discover field trip to the
Museum at Warm Springs (all
May 16-17 - Art Fair &
Scholastic Book Fair.
May 22 - No Kindergarten.
Early Dismissal for 1st and 2nd
grade at 11:20 and 3rd and 4th
grade at 12:20.
Early Childhood Education news-
Students were creative for the annual egg drop.
April 22 -26 is "Week of the
Young Child"
April is: Child Abuse
Prevention Awareness Month and
Environmental Awareness Month
Calendar of Events:
-April 8, Visitors from Grand
Rhonde, 2:00pm -5:00pm, tour of
the program.
-April 9, HIVAIDS In-House
training for staff, 1 :30pm - 5:00pm.
-April 10, Health Services
Advisory Committee Meeting,
10:00am - 12:00pm. All interested
parents, staff and community
members, we encourage you to join
us. Agenda.Planning for the Health
Fair, pre-3 year olds and pre-K,
Medicaid, Head Lice, Hepatitis A
update and other.
-April 15, DAP assessments
beginning, parents and staff.
-April 17, Parent Policy Council
Meeting, 5:30pm - 7:00pm, Child
Care will be provided.
Planned Events:
Tuesday, April 23, ECE Fun Run
at 10:00am (Hosted by C Pod).
Wednesday, April 24, PetZoo
Day at ECE 9:00am - 12:00pm.
Needed, if you know of an
unusual animal that might be of
interest to the children at the "Pet
Zoo Day, please contact, Tryna
Muilenberg at ECE.
Wednesday, April 24, "Free
Penny Carnival" at the Warm
Springs Community Center, 6:00pm
- 8:00pm.
The Free Penny Carnival will
feature all free, hands on activities
designed for children 2-8 years of
Friday, April 26, ECE Parade
beginning at 10:30am. ECE is
looking forward to seeing you parents
and community members
supporting your children for this
special event!
Parent Letter
The Week of the Young Child
i'j our time to demonstrate honor
and respect to our children today
and tomorrow....
If there is anything we wish to
change in the child, we should first
examine it and see whether it is not
something that could be better
changed in ourselves.
Cart Jung
Children are smart. Remember
how we used to imitate our parent's
behavior? We'd dress up like them,
mimic their words, even copy their
attitudes. We wanted to be just like
them because we thought they were
the most wonderful people in the
world. We can see this happen all
around us, younger ones imitating
parents, older brothers and sisters,
and older friends.
The problem is that children
imitate not just healthy behavior and
attitudes, but also sometimes the not-so-healthy
behavior and attitudes.
We get very uncomfortable when we
look at a younger person misbehaving
and see ourselves in that person.
Suddenly, we aren't flattered any
When we see thing we don't like
in others, we must first look at
ourselves to see if we need changing.
This is all we can do - change
ourselves. Others may follow our
example or they may not, but we can
be sure that, when we watch our own
behavior, most of what we see of
ourselves in others will be flattering.
What change can I make in myself
to set a good example for the young
ones, today?
Submitted by, Delson Suppah,
ECE Parent Club President
You'll need:
1 container of plain yogurt
1 cup low-fat sour cream
1 package of vegetable soup mix
To make: Combine the first three
ingredients and chill before serving.
Wash the vegetables and cut them
into coins or sections for dipping.
Taken from Today's Gifts and
Daily Meditations for families.