Spilyay tymoo. (Warm Springs, Or.) 1976-current, April 28, 1995, Image 1

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    OR. COLL.
v. 20
no. 9
April 28,
Spilyay Tymoo
P.O. Box 870
Warm Springs, OR 97761
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Bulk Rate Permit No. 2
Warm Springs, OR 97761
April 28, 19957
Vol. 20 No. 9 )
35 (t (Coyote News) -
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Spilyay tymoo.
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Coyote News
In Brief
Tribal member art
show to open May 12
Nineteentribal member
artists will open a show
at The Museum at Warm
Students advise hard
work, tenacity
Two Madras High
School seniors offer
words of wisdom to
Courtneys celebrate
long marriage
Terry and Catherine
Courtney, on April 9,
passed a milestone not
hit by many.
Retail Center soon to
be open
Five businesses will
soon open their doors at
the new Village Retail
Center across Highway
26 from the Museum.
Eggs dropped in
Warm Springs
Elementary students
participated in a egg-
dropping competition to
est their self-made
shatter-proof egg
T-Shirts silk-screened
Madras High School art
students helped produce
United Tribes win
A Lapwai, Idaho
basketball team won the
seventh annual
prevention tournament
held in Warm Springs.
Camp volunteers
Numerous positions are
currently open for the
annual 4-H Wilderness
Enrichment Camp held
at Trout Lake for the
past several years.
It's not too early
to start tfdnlqtuj
about Mom for
Motfiefs Day. tier
special day is
Sunday, May 14.
Deadline for the next
Spilyay Tymoo is
Friday, May 5, 1995
Temporary gaming facility to open Monday, May 1 with ceremonies
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1 . " .. ... - ' ' A ., ... ..,.: ....
Ifk Confederated TriSes of Warm
Springs ivitt. officially open the
temporary Indian Oiead 'Qaming
Center iayl.
Opening ceremonies will begin for
members of the Confederated Tribes
of 'Warm Springs at 7 p.m. urith
doors opening to the general public
at 9 p.m. rffe temporary facility is
located on the second floor of afi-Oee-Ta
Lodge in the former Wasco
mdTaiute Rooms.
fl. buffet, speeches, traditional
ceremonies and ribbon cutting mill
marlithe opening for tribal members
who will then be welcome to play on
the 137 video slot machines within
the temporary facility. Machines
available include Wild Cherry, Red,
White &Blue, Double Diamond,
Slam Dunfandmany more. 9$ckel,
quarter and dollar machines are
available and live g.no will be
added in June. Hours of operation
wiU.be 7 a.m. to 3a.m. daily.
Indian Ulead Qaming Center
currently employs approximately 70
individuals, the majority of whom
come from the Central Oregon area.
Spilyay Tymoo photo by Bob Medina
Indian Head Canyon, for which the gaming facility is named, remains a beautiful and awesome site on the northend.
The 20th Tribal Council of the
Confederated Tribes of Warm
Springs will be sworn into office
Monday, May 1, 1995 beginning at
approximately 9 a.m. A reception will
immediately follow. All community
members are encouraged
to attend.
Columbia fishery closed
In light of reduced projections for
the 1995 Spring Chinook run, mem
bers of the Columbia River Inter
Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC)
voted Tuesday, April 25, to suspend
all tribal subsistence and ceremonial
fishing by Friday, April 28.
The closure was announced after
the U.S. v. Oregon Technical Advi
sory Committee (TAC) downgraded
the Spring Chinook run size from
12,000 to 9,800 fish for the season.
According to an earlier agreement,
the Columbia River treaty tribes sig
naled their intention to harvest up to
five-percent of the upriver Spring
Chinook return and to use gillnets to
provide for ceremonial needs. The
National Marine Fisheries Service
(NMFS) issued a biological opinion
recognizing a treaty Indian Spring
Chinook harvest rate of five-percent
of the run.
The new TAC estimate to 9,800
Spring Chinook reduces the tribal
harvest to 490 fish.
In a conference call April 25, the
CRITFC voted to end all hook and
line and platform fishing on April 27
and close all gillnet ceremonial fish
ing April 28 in an effort to stay within
the five-percent harvest target Clo
sures are effective at 6 p.m.
Magistrate to handle non-Indian offenses
Tribes move to bring in federal
magistrate court allows for
prosecution of non-Indians who
commit misdemeanor crimes
against tribal members.
The Warm Springs Tribal
Council, on April 18, 1995, passed
resolution 9066 that will bring a
Federal Magistrate Court to the
. The purpose of the Magistrate
Court is to provide a forum for
prosecution of misdemeanor
crimes committed by non-Indi
ans against Indian victims which
are exclusively within Federal
court jurisdiction and over w hich
the Tribal and state courts lack
jurisdiction undercurrent United
States Supreme Court rulings.
As a result of a Jefferson
County Di strict Court opin ion last
year, non-Indians who commit
misdemeanor crimes no the res
ervation against Indians are vir
tually ex
empt from
in Oregon
state courts,
with the
fact that the
States has
limited its
prosecutions of cases arising on
the reservation to major crimes,
there wasn't a forum readily
available to try misdemeanor
cases when the offender is a non
Indian, the victims is an Indian
and the offense occurred in In
dian Country.
With Tribal Council's ap
proval of the Warm Springs Fed
eral Magistrate Court project,
there is a trial forum to litigate
non-Indian misdemeanor pros
ecutions. It also allows the United
States to exercise its trust respon
sibility without diminishing the
governmental powers of the
Confederated Tribes of Warm
According to Anita Jackson,
the Confederated Tribes' Public
Safety General Manger, Kris
Olsen, the US attorney for the
District of Oregon, came up with
the idea. Turning the idea into
reality "was a joint effort between
the US Attorney's Office, the US
District Court of Oregon, the
Clerk' s Office, Tribal Judges, and
Public Safety," Jackson said.
The Magistrate Court will be
in session one ortwo days a month.
"We expect to prosecute between
20 and 30 cases a year," Jackson
said. "This sends a strong mes
sage that Warm Springs is not a
haven for criminals." Jackson said
having the Magistrate Court on
the reservation will offer more
protection to the community.
Federal probation and pretrial
service officers already utilize the
Warm Springs Parole and Proba
tion facilities and it is anticipated
that this will continue without any
significant impact to Tribal Court
The target date for having the
Federal Magistrate Court on line
is early June. Tribal Council w ill
review the project six months af
ter it is inaugurated.