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    8 March 31, 1995
Warm Springs, Oregon
Calendar Updates
March 31 -Awards AssemblyK-2 1:50 pm & Gr. 3-5
April 7-tarly dismissalNo Kindergarten. End of 3rd Qtr.
April 23-29-National Volunteer Week
April 27-Awards AssemblyK-2 1:50 & Gr. 3-5
2:30 pm
May 7-13-Teacher Appreciation Week
May 24-Early dismissalNo Kindergarten. Building
May 29-No school Memorial Day
May 31 -Awards AssemblyK-2 8:50 am & Gr. 3-5
9:30 am
June 7-4th & 5th Grade Graduation 9 am in the gym
June 8-End of Year Powwow
June 9-Last day of school. No Kindergarten. Early
dismissal Grades 1-5. End of year Awards Assembly
K-2 8:50 am & Gr. 3-5 9:30 am
June 12 & 13-Building Inservice
Girl Scout Classes recycle to improve f uture
The Western River Girls School
Council will be holding an open house
on Wednesday, March 29th, at 7 pm
in the WSE library for the purpose of
establishing a Brownie Girl Scout
troop. The troop will be open to all
girls in the first through third grade.
We would like to encourage inter
ested parents and other adults to at
tend and possibly become troop
leaders or find out how they can be
Girl scouts in an informal, educa
tional experience designed to help
girls build skills and confidence.
Participation also helps girls to build
healthy self-esteem and increase
awareness of self.
If you have any questions or ideas,
please feel free to contact Helena
Jones, Warm Springs Elementary
Community Liaison at 553-1 1 28. We
look forward to seeing you at the
next meeting on March 29th.
Mrs. LaPage's 4th and 5th grade
class at Warm Springs Elementary
are doing a recycling project at the
school. We are recycling white pa
per and notebook paper. We do not
collect newspaper, construction pa
per or colored paper.
We collect paper from the differ
ent classrooms every Friday. We look
through it for paper we don' t recycle.
Then we put it in the green recycle
bin. Nancy Collins, from tribal sani
tation, will collect the paper from the
bin and take it to the recyclers in
Portland. We are going to see how
much it weighs. We want to find out
how many trees we can save. We are
making a graph to show how much
paper the school recycles for the rest
of the school year. We love recycling
because it is fun to us.
We are recycling paper to save
more trees and keep the environment
clean. We should send less garbage
to the landfill. If you recycle you can
get used to recycling every day.
We recycle so we can keep our
future clean.
February food drive benefits needy families
4 I
tm 9 aa mi
- - .
Fourth and fifth grade students at Warm Springs Elementary sort through paper collected by each
classroom at the school prior to recycling.
i ' ' I . ..-41 ., '
Special Notice to Parents of 4th & 5th grade students
The current 4th & 5th grade students at WSE will be moving on to the new
Middle School for the 1995-96 school year. We are requesting that all parents of
4th & 5th grade students contact the WSE office to update the student registration
form currently on file. Specifically, any changes in address, telephone, emergency
contacts, or health information. It is usually easy for the WSE school secretaries to
contact someone from your family in case of an emergency because we are
familiar wifh the community. The new middle school staff will be at a disadvantage
to make efficient contact with parents if the information that they receive is not up
to date. Thank you for your assistance!
Counting helps children learn math-
Warm Springs Elementary second grade teacher Daniel Brown with proud students who participated ,,
in the Jefferson County Food Drive. Leola Hensley's third grade class also participated in the food
During the month of February Springs community and it was very Kindergarten classes received cookr
WSE participated in the Jefferson successful, so successful that Warm ies and juice compliments of Adult
County Food Drive. Springs food bank was stocked and & Family Services. :
Curtis M. Wise of Adult & Family we were able to send food over to Leonla Hensley's third grade class
Services here in Warm Springs was needy families in the Madras area. and Daniel Brown's second grade
the coordinator of this community WSE also conducted a "Best classes had the best decorated boxes
effort project, which included WSE Decorated Food Box" contest in con- and contributed alot of food items
and Early Childhood. junction with the food drive. which earned these two classes a
Curtis stated that this is the first Overall, the Kindergarten classes cake and ice cream party,
time this has been held in the Warm brought in the most food. All the
u lAa g"ood way to teach children,
simple arithmetic is to build on their,
informal knowledge. Learning to
count everyday object is an effective
basis for early arithmetic lessons.
Young children are comfortable with
numbers. Just watching the enjoy
ment children get from songs and
nursery rhymes that in vol ve counting
is ample evidence of their natural
ease. These early counting activities
can set the stage for later, more for
mal exposure to arithmetic. When
teachers begin by using children's
informal knowledge, then proceed to
more complex operations, children
learn more readily and enjoy it.
1 . When you do things with young
children, form the habit of counting.
Count the stairs you climb; count the
steps from the door to the street;
count the white dogs you see; count
the black cars. Once you start, your
, children will think of lots of things tcr
' " 2. Board games, cards or dice give
lots of chances to count and work
with numbers. Games with play
money are especially good.
3. Shopping trips are great for
learning to work with numbers. Ask
a child to pick out four apples. Read
the prices on items as you go through
the store. As children grown older,
they can really think about prices,
budgets, making change. Say, "This
can of tomatoes costs 69 cents. Could
we buy it with three quarters? How
much money would we get back?"
4. Have children cut coupons out
of newspapers and magazines. Let
them keep track of how much money
is saved by using them.
5. When a child is trying to learn
the multiplication tables, take turns
giving problems at the dinner table
fAiHAiu will liAln pvArvrlnp
children to solve. "There will be six
children at the party and we want
three cookies each for each one. Ho w
may cookies should we buy?" "If
you get $1.50 per hour for baby sit
ting, how much will you be paid for
3 hours?"
Proceeds used to
purchase items
This week three heavy duty pic
nic tables were ordered from a por
tion of the proceeds from pepperoni
and jerky sales. This is just the begin
ning. We also have plans to purchase
otherplayground equipment and toys
for the students at WSE. The tables
will most likely be set up behind the
office in the grass for the students to
use during recess times or for classes
who would like to go outside for
Another planned use for proceeds
is to fund the 4th and 5th grade
graduation ceremony at WSE on June
Early Childhood Education Center News-
April is going to be a very busy
month here at ECE!. It is National
Environmental Month as well as
Child Abuse Prevention Month. April
9-1 5 is National Library Week. April
1 6 is Easter. April 23-29 is the "Week
of the Young Child" and National
Volunteer Week, locally chosen as
Environmental week.
Remember to set your clocks for
ward one hour Sunday April 2!
Watch for children's art work to
begin going up around the commu
nity as reminders of the Week of the
Young Child. Take your child wih
you to look for their work; it will
boost their self esteem, and yours!
Also remember to check out the
children's art fair at the Warm Spring
Parents of the Month
Congratulations "Parents of the
Month" for January and February
1995: Patsy Lenbek, Lois Smith,
Caroline Tohet, Rachel Smith,
Saphronia Katchia, Sylvia McCabe,
Nadine Scott, Nancy Johnson, Marcia
Simtustus, Lavina Colwash, Missy
Scott, Alice Wyena, Danell
Tailfeathers, Barbara Poncho, Shana
Johnson, Rachel Doney, Debbie
McGill, Kris Sampson, Arlene
Winishut, Neda Wesley, Angie
Govenor, Esther Culpus, Rosanna
Jackson and Paula Brisbois.
All of you are great and we thank
you for your continual commitment
to and support of your Head Start
Parent Club Raffle
Tickets are now on sale for the
ECE Parent Club "Made in Warm
Springs" Raffle. The drawing will be
held May 25, 1995 at the ECE Cen
ter. All items to be raffled are made
or donated by ECE program parents
guardians and staff. Items donated
(or pledged to be donated) so far
include: beaded barrettes, dream
catcher, cloth bag, god's eye, beaded
earrings, woven hand bag, 3 dream
catchers (2 heart shape & one round),
child's doll board, beaded buckle,
beaded hair barrettes, 2 doll boards,
silver necklace, beaded earrings,
beaded hairpiece, woven coin purse,
wall hanging, hair pin, small boy's
outfit, child's pink wing dress, 2
shadow boxes, yarn bag, baby moc
casins (hand tanned and cut beads),
baby quilt, hair clip, 3 pairs of beaded
earrings and other beaded items, more
is still being donated!
For those parents who would still
like to donate an item, they are due to
ECE by May 23, 1995 by 5 pm. You
need not be present to win. Proceeds
go to wards the ECE Parent Club gen
eral fund. Tickets are $1 each or 6$5
available from some program par
entsguardians and staff and Parent
Club officers. Buy your chances now
to win one of these terrific hand made
Remember to donate your
Erickson 's Sentry Saver Shields!!
ECE Egg Hunt
Easter Sunday, April 1 6th at 1 pm
will have the annual Easter Egg Hunt
at the Warm Springs Community
Center. Anyone interested in helping
hide the eggs can meet at 12 pm that
day. The hunt is designated mostly
for children under 8 years old. The
hunt will be divided into three parts:
for ages 4 & under, 5-8, and 9 &
older. They'll be hunting for colored
Easter eggs and for plastic eggs that
can be turned in for prizes. The
community's young children and
parents are invited to come on down
for some fun at the community cen
ter, Easter Sunday morning for the
annual ECE Easter Egg Hunt!
ECE Events
A big "THANK YOU" to the Se
nior Citizen program for allowing
the ECE children to share in their
"Honor Senior Day" celebration.
Children, staff, parentsguardians and
families joined in honoring our se
niors at a mini powwow on Friday
March 17, 1995 10:30 to 11:30, some
Head Start classrooms then ate sack
lunches in or around the Longhouse.
Thanks to our ECE cultural com
mittee for their involvement in orga
nizing this event: Vivian, Nola,
Phyllis, Patsey , Marcelene, Doots and
Sylvia. Thanks to teachers and chil
dren for all of the beautiful gifts you
made and gave out to the seniors. We
know how hard you must have
worked to make them just right.
Thanks Policy Council and Parent
Club for sponsoring one hour of the
wagon rides.
The parents who spent time teach
ing the children dances for the pow
wow are : Gene Harvey, Gene
Sampson and Lovey Colwash. Along
with the teachers you did a great job
and we appreciate your involvement
with the children. THANKS!
More thanks are offered to the
infant center parents and staff who
volunteered and lent their assistance
with cleaning and "fixing up" the
playground outside the infant center
Thursday evening, March 16th: Jim
Julie Quaid, Sue Matters, Sheilah
Wahneta, Toot Pennington, Geri
Lillie, Lawrence Polk, Charlene
Winishut, Snyder Lawrence, Deanna
LePage, Kadoo Trimble and Chet
Becky Van Pelt Their hard work
was immediately recognized by our
little ones who now have a safer
place to play and enjoy the outdoors
this spring.
Upcoming Events
April is root digging month for
our Head Start children. Each Head
Start classroom will pick a day that
they will go into the root fields and
dig after the Root Feasts are held.
Parents are welcome to join their
children on these excursions.
April 6th at 1:30 pm will be the
quarterly meeting of the Health Ser
vices Advisory Committee. On the
agenda will be planning for the up
coming physical and immunization
days for 1995-1996 Head Start and
Kindergarten eligible children. All
interested are invited.
Thursday April 20th is pre-3
Physical and Immunization day at
the Health and Wellness Center. Asa
service to the community, ECE and
IHS are coordinating this day to al
low parentsguardians of children
who will be eligible to enter Head
Start in September 1995, to have
their physical done and up date their
immunizations. An up to date physi
cal and immunization form are re
quired for a child to enroll in Head
Start. If you miss this day it will be
your responsibility to take your child
to the doctor for a physical and to
obtain an immunization certificate.
Your child must be 3 years old on or
before September 1, 1995. All par
entsguardians need to bring proof of
income such as: pay stub (not draw),
income tax statement, letter from your
supervisor, AFS letter, or proof of
other assistance. Also, bring custody
papers for foster children or children
in joint custody. Bring a copy of your
child's birth certificate if the child is
not enrolled in Warm Springs.
Physical and Immunization Day
for Pre-Kindergarten children is
scheduled for May 4, 1995.
"The Week Of The Young Child"
is April 23rd-29th. Watch for
children's artwork throughout the
community during the first week of
April. Other activities planned for
this week include:
Monday-Clean up day here at ECE
(Water & Soil will donate garbage
Tuesday, Fun Run 10:00 am spon
sored by Pod A staff; Wednesday
Zoo Day, if you have a trained ani
mal or would like to share your pet,
the zoo will be on the ECE patio. It is
best that you stay with your animal in
case smaller children get afraid and
make it nervous. Infant Center chil
dren will go through first beginning
at 9 am, Head Start and Kindergarten
will have between 10 & 12 to visit
the zoo;
Thursday- Penny Carnival for
children 3-8 years old and parents
guardians at the WS community cen
ter from 6-8 pm. Activities will in
clude: fun, games, cake walk, fish
pond, darts, fun, a concession stand
for the whole family to eat, ring toss,
fun, face painting, clowns, fun, penny
toss, spin the arrow & win, fun. ..hope
you can make it! Thank you CPS
staff for volunteering early to help us
out with this event
Friday-Parade 10:30 am start at
south end of ECE at the Longhouse
parking lot, parentsguardians and
community members are needed to
be a cheering crowd, so try and take
a break and make it over for the
"The Week of the Young Child"
will kick off with a luncheon or din
ner at the Simnasho Longhouse ei
ther Sunday or Monday; dates and
times have not yet been verified so
watch for future announcements.
Saturday the 15th will be the Rec
reation Department' s Mini Marathon
and 1 mile fun run. In honor of "The
Week of the Young Child" we are
encouraging all parentsguardians to
"Go The Mile With Your Child".
This is a good example of a healthy
fun activity for you and your young
Parent Education
ECE and Community Counseling
are working together to reach fami
lies and offer information about child
development and parenting. Parents
are invited to ECE conference room
3E every Tuesday from 10 am to 12
pm for ten weeks beginning March
28, 1995. You are welcome to join us
for any and all sessions. Child care
will be provided.
The Nikasookie Tribe of Florida
wishes to give a BIG heartfelt
THANK YOU to all of you who
donated items to them during their
time of need after Hurricane Andrew
destroyed their community. They let
us know that all the goods that were
sent to them were received and dis
tributed to those who needed them
most Your generosity is appreciated
by all the families you have helped.