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Children open wide for month of dental fun, learning
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Kids offer advice on how to care for teeth
Warm Springs children
learned much durng their
visit to the Warm Springs
Dental Clinic
'The dentists are nice!"
Dennis Doney-Kindergarten
'The dentist helps your
teeth." Ryan Smith-Kindergarten
'Thank you for giving my
tooth a silver cap. My
puppy needs a silver cap
too! Sheldon Leonard-Kind.
Brush your teeth
everyday! Jose Alvarez, Jr.
Kindergarten 'The puppets were fun to
Watch." Celestine Charley-lst
"I learned that teeth can
become rotten. I learned
how to brush, floss and
how x-rays are taken."
Kristina Andcrson-2nd
"I learned about sealants,
the dental clinic, how to
brush and the dentists
needs to check my teeth
for cavities." Kaylyn Wolfe-2nd
"You have to brush your
teeth everyday and don't
eat too much candy."
Shardae Miller-2nd
"Once you lose a
permanent tooth, another
tooth will not grow in its
place." Felicity VanPelt-3rd
"You need to brush, floss,
eat nutritious foods and
drink plenty of water." ikie
Heath 3rd
"Brush your teeth two to
three times a day and floss
regularly." Jayleen Main 3rd
"We learned that if you have
too much plaque on your
teeth, they will get black
spots; these sugar bugs may
cause tooth decay and the too
may have to be pulled." April
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February was National Children's
Dental Health Month. Children are al
ways a very important part of our pro
gram at the Warm Springs Dental Clinic.
This month was even more special for
the children who got to join in dental
health activities that were both fun and
The month kicked off with several
public service announcements done by
Dr. Rick Vaughn, Chief Dental Officer
and Erica Foster, Dental Hygicnist. Our
main goal was for the Warm Springs
community to become familiar with Feb
ruary as National Children's Dental
Health Month. The radio announcements
also focused on the importance of dental
sealants. A KWSO interview with Louise
Littlejohn, Dental Assistant Supervisor,
Rcnee Silversmith, dental assistant and
Foster highlighted the second annual
Dental Sealant Week planned for the
second graders at Warm Springs El
ementary. The dental staff is very grate
ful to Helena Jones, community liaison
for WSE, for helping set up the Sealant
Week program. The dental clinic plans
for Sealant Week to become a yearly
activity honoring children during Febru
ary. As the parents learn about dental
sealants and their benefits Sealant Week
is becoming more successful. This year
parents were asking when we were going
to screen the elementary children for
sealants. It was nice to know parents
remembered last year's Sealant Week.
Parents are becomine more involved
with their children's oral health. They realize a healthy
. child starts at home. Parents should schedule regular
dental exams for their child. A child should have their
first dental exam by age one and definitely by age two.
, Dr. Beemer, children's dentist, stresses that early dental
care is the key to preventing baby bottle tooth decay and
other dental disease. Baby teeth are very important even
though they eventually fall out. But if a child loses his
teeth too soon, it may cause other problems. Baby teeth
save space in the jaw for permanent teeth, help to guide
permanent teeth into place and help children form sounds
and words. Usually around six to eight months, baby
teeth will appear. As soon as a baby's teeth come in, they
need to be wiped clean two to three times a day. By ages
two or three, a child will have all twenty baby teeth and
should be brushing regularly, having an adult thoroughly
brush their teeth for them. Around six years or so, the first
permanent teeth grow into the mouth. Usually, by second
grade, they six-year molars are fully in the mouth and are
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rermanent teeth will be growing into place while their
-V i,!, .mi!; tint :
baby teeth will be falling out.
Prior to the dental sealant week, the Warm Springs
Dental Clinic hosted a dental open house. All Head
Start and kindergarten through second grades were
invited to attend. Over 300 children toured the dental
clinic and watched an oral health puppet show. The
stars of the puppet show were Howard the Hygiene
Hound and Dinomitc the Dinosaur. The children en
joyed watching the puppets dances to the James Brown
tunc, "I Feel Good". After all, brushing is good for our
teeth and that makes us feel good. Every 30 minutes,
two classes arrived. One class watched the puppet
show while the other toured the clinic. There are six
dental units and each was set up with a dental educa
tional activity. These activities ranged form showing
the children the suction straw, water squirtcr, tooth
tickler (polisher), how x-ray pictures are taken, why
the dentists counts your teeth, proper brushing and
flossing. They even got to hold real dentures, the end
result of poor oral hygiene. At the end of the dental
tour, each child received a gift bag with a Dudley
dental coloring book, two dental health book markers,
Power Ranger stickers, a Power Ranger tattoo and a
new toothbrush. The dental staff was thankful for the
help of Henry Walden's Community Health Educa
tors, we transferred dental funds into their budget
which allowed us to order the necessary items for the
month a lot easier and quicker. This was the first time
the dental clinic has worked so closely with the Com
munity Health Educators and Tribal purchasing de
partment. Corrina Sohappy and Anita Davis offered
with support in so many ways. They helped stuff
around 450 gift bags and direct the flow of traffic on the
day of our open house. One hundred Dudley dental
posters were ordered and each WSE classroom received
one along with the Head Start classrooms and Children 's
Protective Services, thanks to Madeline Queahpama,
Vital Statistics Supervisor, for having all 100 posters
laminated and even paying for half the cost. Laminating
will preserve the posters so they may be used for years
to come.
Dudley the Dental Health Dinosaur is the American
Dental Association's mascot for National Children's
Dental Health Month. The complete an event-filled
month the dental clinic hosted a Dudley coloring
contest at the Warm Springs Elementary. For each
grade, there were first, second and third place winners.
The winning children were announced at the February
28 awards assembly. Winners received an award rib
bon, Dudley award certificate, dental gift bag and their
own Dudley poster. Each child's photo and their
winning picture were displayed in the dental waiting
We really had a lot of fun with this and especially
enjoyed the thank-you pictures and comments the
classes sent back to us. We look forward to doing this
again next year.
Erica roster, Dental nygiemst
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Coloring contest winners noted
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; 'I "Off
Kindergarten winners:
1st Elsie Blackwolf; Ms. Fuentes,
Room 2, a.m.
2nd Armando Ruiz; Fuentes,
Room 2, p.m.
3rd Justine Wallulatum; Hendryx,
Room 9, a.m.
1st Grade Winners:
1st Jennie VanPelt; Duby, Room
2nd Samantha Gomez; Graham,
Room 5
3rd Stephen Vaeth; Simnasho
2nd Grade Winners:
1st Robbie Bennett; Miller, Room
2nd Tiyanna Tuckta; Adams,
Room 7 .
3rd Charlene Moody; Simnasho
3rd Grade Winners:
1st Martina Stwyer; Gallagher,
Room 12
2nd Tommy Dickson; White, Room
3rd Eugene Bill; Hensley, Room 10
4th Grade Winners:
1st Kayleen Clements; Moore,
Room 14
2nd Jessi Fuentes; Moore, Room
3rd Monica Cuevas; Davidson,
Room 25
5th Grade Winners:
1st Camille Clements; Cooper,
Room 21
2nd Daleena Frank; Cooper, Room
3rd Tilden McDonald; Cooper,
Room 21
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