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    PAGE 4 January 21, 1994
Warm Springs, Oregon
E Coosh EEWA: The way it is
Letters to the Editor
"Spityoy Spool" Member questions enrollment adoption practices
To the editor,
Hello, it's been awhile since I've
written anything to the community
of Warm Springs. Last night I had a
dream regarding enrollment and I
saw families with their children pic
tured in the Spilyay Tymoo. The
people pictured had been people I
knew had enough blood percentage
to be automatically enrolled, yet their
picture appeared like the enrollment
pictures before. I'm wondering why,
but this is what promoted me to write
to you.
The day has come where Native
Since the big shake-up in the
athletic programs in the state, with
the shuffling of schools into dif
ferent leagues and categories,
there has been several comments
made through general talk here
and about. A lot of people say that
this will be a lot tougher for the
Madras White Buffaloes to be
going into the Tri-Valley league.
They say it will be tougher for
them to win games down there.
I think these people don't really
know what they are talking about.
And by saying that it will be a
long time to be able to compete
there. With their attitude such as
this will put a mental block on the kids minds and it could happen.
Making our kids feel inferior to those in the Metro area. "That's all a
bunch of bunk!"
The entire state who has the 3-A level schools are all equal in size
of enrollments which makes no difference what school it is. There are
no dominant schools in this level of competition and if there was they
should be in the 4-A class. A powerhouse comes with a group of kids
or a class of kids who have played together for several years and when
they are seniors in high school they are at a point where they can
compete with anyone. A power house can come from any community
throughout the state and not because they come form the Tri-Valley
league. There are schools like Astoria, Douglas, Henley, The Dalles,
and many, many other communities who put out terrific teams in
football, basketball, track and just about any sport there is. Sometimes
it's from the Metro area, the southern part of the state or the northeast
em area. It just depends on who the players are and who the coach is.
Some schools develop a strong team from a good coach. Good
coaching, well disciplined bunch of kids will do wonders for a school.
Take the Madras White Buffaloes at the state championship play
offs just a few years ago when they were the No. 2 seed from the
Greater Oregon League, and were the way, way, down underdogs at
the toumey, where the sports casters didn't give them a soortins
chance at the beginning of the tournament, yet the team played their ' in yet. I was hoping she was in so that
nearts out and surprised many, many people of what they could
accomplish by doing what they were told to do by good coaching and
team spirit They made one upset after another until the final game for
all the marbles in the championship game with Cottage Grove, a school
who just dropped from the 4-A ranks and should have still been in the
class 4-A, status just nosed out Madras by one single point for the
championship. They had one of the biggest and best players in the state
at that. But with the determination the Buffs had they had a lot of sports
caster eating their own words of who long the Buffs would last at that
tournament. Yep! Cottage Grove was just dam lucky to get by the
lowly Buffaloes at that time. So it don't matter how many experts there
are around saying that it will be tougher for the Buffs at state. At that
on their way to the finals at that tournament they defeated a highly
rated LaSalle team on the way. How about them Apples?
So instead of saying it will be tougher , say it will be interesting at
first. Sure there will have to be some adjustments to be make. A new
route of travel, new schools to visit, but much shorter distance of
travel, and it will even benefit the fans who follow the team as they will
be able to do some shopping in the Metro area, especially during
uinstmas time.
Kids are kids no matter where they go to school. They put on their
clothes the same as any other, they walk like everyone else and act the
same, the only difference is the travel will be in another direction. To
the part of the state where its much greener. Like the old saying goes,
"The Grass Is Much Greener Over There." Just because we're isolated
next to the East side of the Cascades don't mean we are out of it by no
means. The travel is one great improvement to the whole situation,
because the longest trip to the Tri-Valley League is shorter than the
shortest trip to the GOL. It will be interesting to see the big change and
I'm sure and confident the kids can handle it with out any problems.
Because like I said before, Kids are kids no matter where they live.
Indian's and descendants of Native
Indians are asking their tribal coun
cil for recognition. Was it that long
ago that the tribal council forgot the
day when the Native Indian asked for
United States to recognize them. Is it
that long ago that we asked for the
right to self-govern? If it has been
that long ago and the time has come
to close the enrollment process and
pass down the Native blood to a
chosen few, then must we begin re
cording blood lines and publicly ar
range marriages?
The children on the enrollment
vote list must be given the enroll
ment process agreed upon in the con
stitution, or are we rewriting the con
stitution or just ignoring it because it
is the easiest method to operate? Is
there a chosen descent process that is
being used for politically or finan
cially stronger families? As the
bickeringgoes on in the, "fish bowl,"
of the council chambers, I have
questions. I am asking that the stalling
of the enrollment vote, by a few wise
guys, be released for the voting
members of the recognized tribe who
have been given the right to make a
Traditions dictate helping others
To the editor,
I am writing this letter today while
my pain and anger is still very fresh
of the intimidation I endured by the
actions of our tribal credit depart
ment when we lost a member of the
family, who is a Umatilla enrollee. I
am hoping this might draw the at
tention of our elected Tribal Council
I picked up a credit application at
8:15 because nobody was in the of
fice until then, (I had been waiting
since 8:00 a.m.). I asked if my appli
cation could be treated as an emer
gency and the person waiting on me
asked me why. I said, "I want to help
my mother with funeral related ex
penses such as providing food and
cooks pay-out items for a give away."
She asked, "Who died?" I said, "My
uncle at Pendleton." She then told
me that the relationship had to be
verified. I asked her how did they get
verification. I was told that the credit
department requested the vital statis
tics department to call Pendleton
Agency to verify the relationship.
By now I felt very violated of my
privacy so I asked if a certain credit
officer was in. Of course, she wasn't
she could verify my relationship af
ter all her mother has enjoyed the
fruit of my great-grandfather s allot
ments with my mother, her sisters
and her brother. You would think I
was asking for thousands when I re
quested $500, which was denied and
split in half.
My mother told me we would have
to work with whatever I received.
We bought $100 worth of groceries
and $100 worth of blankets at the
Family Bargain Store. My mother
who is always willing to help and
seldom goes anyplace empty handed
had made eight shawls in a very short
time so we packed those up too.
I will never, never forget the tradi
tions I have learned from my beloved
mother. She told me even if the credit
department intimidated me, we would
have still found a way. And to never
get discouraged when anyone tells
me I don't have to be a part of any
give aways if I can't afford to.
I have seen the abuse of emer
gency loans during funerals and of
the funeral grants too but in my case
I turn over all I get to my mother who
then walks me through each little
detail. I am sorry that my mother had
to fumish her family tree. I'm sorry
to have put you through that mother
especially since it was your dear rela
tive who passed away.
I am hoping that by my writing
this letter that your relationship will
never have to be questioned whether
your relative is from Umatilla,
Yakima, Nez Perce, Navajo, shee-ap-poo,
Paiute or Africa.
I was also asked if I went see the
Welfare (tribal) or applied for a do
nation from the Tribal Council. I said,
"I would never ask Joel Munn for
anything, he's worse than you," As
for the Tribal Council, I couldn't ask
them because funerals of my family
are our own responsibility. It isn't as
if I am ever going to leave forever but
I will be here to pay my bills back to
Tribal Credit.
I have one other concern and grant
you, I know of others who have no
ticed, tell me you can't get the loans
out and it takes three weeks or longer
and I will have to say, "Limit your
breaks to 15 minutes and by pass the
time we see three of your workers at
yard sales for at least 30-45 minutes,
on a working day." What next?
From, "Tishk-na-tume-teyukt,"
my Umatilla Indian name given
to me by my Umatilla relatives, I
am Eliza Patt Greene
democratic decision through the vot
ing process.
I just hope I'm not too late to
advocate for the children and
children 's children, who are in limbo
wondering if they are a descent of
their native culture. My daughter,
Sophie, experienced rejection. This
hurt me because it is the beginning of
her plight.
Please, tell us one way or the other
if the right to expect a democratic
vote is written in our constitution or
if it is halted by the prevailing cus
tom exercised routinely in defense of
personal opinion.
All in a dream, which awakens the
Margie M. K-Gabriel
Happy Birthday
Hilbert Williams
January 27, 1991
Fr. Mom, Dad & brothers
Commitment is important part of marriage
To the editor,
In the Oregonian sports page it
talked about Michael Jordan practic
ing to have a try-out with the Chi
cago White Sox baseball team. The
"Big Show" as major league baseball
is called. The article spoke of a feeling
of why is he being allowed to do this
without paying his dues in minor
league ball? The Big Show.
Do you know we have a big show?
The minors dating, going steady,
living together, having a baby and
more. Yes, that is the minors all that
time, and life, and experiences are
the minors until you go to the big
show. You see there is something
about a woman and man standing
before the minister or judge sharing
in words of commitment before wit
nesses and God. That is what makes
Toe Ness
There was this Hillbilly sitting on the bank fishing when the Game
Warden comes along and said, "You've got to have a permit to fish
The Hillbilly looks at his basket full of fish and said, "Why, I'm
doing just fine with worms." YIKES
The phone rang at the Fire and Safety, the caller said, '
We've got a big fire over here.
Firemen: "How do we get over there?"
Damn it, said the caller, "Use the big red truck." YIKES
There was this not-so-bright guy watching the play-off game
between the Giants and Forty Niners when he said $10.00 the Forty
Nincrs don't score. Just then the Forty Niners made a touch down and
kicked the extra point
Then lost another $10.00, where he said they wouldn't do it again
on the instant replay. YIKES!
it the big show, the commitment.
You are in the big show when you
get up in the morning and be commit
ted to your mate not because of having
children, or paying the bills, or the
fear of being alone. All that is a part
of the game. It is the commitment
that the love, happiness, and well
being of your mate is at the top of
your li st of things to do and to express.
It makes for a whole marriage when
your mate has the same path. You
see, that is the secret to different
kinds of people who live different
lives yet are married for 15, 20, 25
years or more. And they seem to be
more in love as time goes on.
Do you consider yourself a part of
the Presbyterian Church here in
Warm Springs? Is it your church in
your mind and heart? We need to
hear from you. Drop a note in the
mail or call.
Sunday School is 10:00 a.m.,
Worship is 11:00 a.m.
Pastor Rick
The handbag (beaded)
that was donated to the In
centive Award raffle by
Luana Macy was made by
Anita Davis not Alice
Printed in Vol. 19 No 1
issue due to incorrect infor
mation provided to Spilyay.
j S '' 1
"r'-jl l
January 1, 1994 at 11:15 cm. at ML View Hospital, the first baby in Jefferson County was born. LeRon Garee Tom whe
weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces and was 22 inches in length was born to Sha wna Jackson and Terry Tom of Warm Springs.
He joins one year old sister Teola Shavon Tom. Maternal grandparents are Delmar Jackson and LoueUa Jackson of
Warm Springs. Paternal grandparents are Gary and Ethelyn Tom of McDermott, Nevada.
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Happy Birthday
with lore, from the family!
For sale
, Buffalo (Bison South Dakota)
. cape with hump, new. $450.00 cash.
Twenty-two fool teepee, extra
poles, liner, floor, no holes. $950.00
Call 553-3205 Monday and
Tuesday or 447-2695 any timeand ask
for Jill.
Thank you for
help during loss
To the editor,
I would like to take this time to .
thank the very many people that came
forth to show me their love and help
ing hand in my time of sorrow. You
all know who you are. For the loss
was very great to me and my children.
I would like to thank all the people
that came over from Washington on
such short notice, and so close to the
Christmas holidays. Also a big hug
and lots of love to my sister-in-laws
for all the help they gave me. Also all
my elders and friends and family that
advised me on how to take care of
myself at this time because my hus
band was, in his heart, a very tradi
tional man. So I thank everyone that
advised me and encouraged me to
stay traditional in our own way. For
I do want to carry on his belief in
bringing up our children, and to also
learn along with my children his
All the people were too numerous
to mention all names that gave us
prayers and encouragement to take
life one day at a time, and that time
will heal our hearts.
So with all our love and thank
you's to everyone.
Love all his 16 children and his
loving wife:
Flossie M. Wolfe, Anthony
Wolfe, Marena Wolfe, Cyril
Wolfe, Marissa Wolfe, Kanet
Wolfe, Norman Wolfe, Agnes
Wolfe, Samuel Wolfe, Lee Wolfe,
Kosie Wolfe, Glenn Wolfe, Jamie
Wolfe, James Wolfe, III, Leeann
Wolfe, Lucy Wolfe, and Nelson
With a whole bunch of love
and a great big hug sent
your way sealed with a kiss and
many, many more to come. . .
Sheila Spino
Winona Frank
Lucinda Heath
Mariel Sanders
from Jacob Frank, Sr. & family
Happy Birthday Bros
Dominic Davis, Sr.
Harrison Davis, Jr.
From Dinah, Wilbur S kids
Happy Birthday
Barbara Poncho fBlahn)
January 24
George Johnson (Big George)
January 30
From, Tony, Selena, George,
Tonya, 81 Leanna
Happy Birthday
to best
Dad A Grandpa ever
"Alley David"
January 18 -Love
4-ever, Missy A Byron