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    PAGE 4 June 25, 1993
Warm Springs, Oregon
Spilyay Tymoo
E Coosh EEWA:
(The way it is)
Letters to the Editor
"Spifysy SjJBdltS11 Parents show willingness to learn, courage to change
Well, all the fathers had their
day: It was June 20th and a very
special day for all the dad's across
the country. A day that is set aside
for those men who have done
above and beyond the call of duty.
A time to say, 'Thanks Dad, for
what you've done and what you
stand for!" A day when dad gets
all the compliments and is ap
preciated. What do dads do on fathers
day? Well some work, while
others, well work too. Well some
do anyway. No matter what day it
is there arc always things that
need attention by good "Olc Dad."
Dad may get to use the car once in a while on Fathers day. Trips are
always a way dads spend their day...Golfing, a movie maybe. How
about traveling to a rodeo? Some dads would rather be able to
participate in a rodeo during fathers day. Although Rodeo's are one of
the very toughest sports in the nation today many dads are very much
cnvolved in that activity. Even though it is tough on a guy, he enjoys
it very much. Many, many old timers say if they had it to do over again
they sure would. Even though there were many casts, braces, slings
and stuff worn from injuries received during one of those exciting
rodeo's. Legs and arms in casts. Yep! It's a tough sport alright but a
lot of fun and a big challenge.
This is a sport where the participant is self disciplined, and is
gaurantccd nothing, and he can set his own schedule, he is paid
nothing and all the pay received is what is won in the contests during
the show. After a good season if he is lucky enough he can qualify to
participate in the National Finals in the fall. To be able to participate
in the National Finals is not something where a cowboy says, "I'm
going to the National finals." No sir, each cowboy who makes it to the
National Finals has to cam his way there by making as many points as
he can during the regular rodeo season. This is the way it should be in
all activities on getting to the National finals is by earning their way
there, and not by just getting up enough entry fee to enter. In the rodeo
game there arc different regions throughout the country and each
region sends it's best two cowboys and cowgirls from each event to
participate with the contestants from the other regions and Canada.
Again this is all on the participants own expense for travel and
transporting his animals to parcipate. And to win the National Finals
is worth the effort.
Ooops! sorta got carried away with the rodeo game, "HUH? Well
a lot of dads like to do this. PO W- WO W'S, there are many who do this
While many would rather just get glued to the Tube, watching
Michcal Jordon beat Charles Barkley. Aaah-Nah-Chi-Toon!!!
To the editor,
Dear IFA parents and guardians.
Today is my last day as the Infant
Follow Alone outreach coordinator,
and I would like to thank all of the
parents and their babies in the pro
gram for their participation. You have
all contributed to the success and
growth of the program and made it a
very enjoyable and satisfying job for
I leave this job feeling very posi
tive about the parents in our commu
nity. In the time I have worked with
the program I have not met one par
ent that didn't want or care about
doing the very best for their children.
Parents have questions as to appro
priate parenting skills and sometimes
need help to make changes or add to
those skills. I am so happy that our
parents are willing to learn and have
the courage to make changes when
necessary. Parenting is not some
thing that comes naturally but is
something we learn and continue to
learn over the years.
The InfaniFollow Alongprogram
will not end with my leaving, Bar
bara Poncho will be the new IFA
outreach coordinator and the program
will continue to be available to all
parents and babies.
My special thanks goes out to
Jane for all of her wonderful help and
most of all her friendship. Thanks to
Julie for allowing mc the freedom to
run the program in the way that
worked for mc and the parents and all
of her positive and encouraging
comments at my performance ap
praisals. Thanks to Normandie for
her help and good suggestions when
I needed them. Special thanks to Nan,
Dorothy and Bonnie for being there
when I needed to make referrals and
their being available for my parents
to talk to about their concerns.
The IMS people have been great,
providing information, pamphlets
and opportunities for me to contact
Earcnts. A special thanks to Dr.
arnett for returning my calls and
the special interest he has in the program.
To all the Early Childhood Edu
cation employees, I am going to miss
all of you, the little chats in the hall,
being able to peck into a classroom
and watch the little ones et play,
running to the kitchen for a quick
chat with the wonderful, hardworking
gals and their good food. Th is job has
been such a good experience for me
and everyone I have met has touched
my life in some special way and for
all of this I am very thankful.
Jewell Minnick
Education department, family provides student support
To the editor,
I would like to take this time to
extend a thank you to the Education
Branch and especially to my family.
June 10 marked the end of another
year of college for students at COCC
and other colleges around the state.
If-M X I Finals week seemed to be a welcomed
ItemS TOr Sale endtoaworthwhileycarofstudying
UIIU UIC iUlllllltl 3 SUN It UII1C IU
spend with those who have supported
me throughout the year.
As Director of the Education Ser
vices Program, Myrna Courtney has
done an outstanding job. Besides
king an excellent liaison for the
students Myrna helped put together
the Care Package program that rec
ognized students who obtained 3.0
For sale. Kcnmorc electronic dryer
(top of the line). Almond color.
Asking $275.00. One computer with
imagewritcr printer, color monitor
plus WordPerfect and othcrsoftware.
If interested please call 553-1041.
Pm truly sorry
To the editor,
GPA's or better. For mc it was en
couragement that let mc know that
people truly cared about my accom
plishments. I would also like to thank
the contributors of the Care Package
program as well because without
them the Care Packages could not
have been possible. Myrna always
seems to be willing to help in any
way that she can. If I had any prob
lems with the tuition or if I had any
questions the person that I talked to
was Myrna because I knew that she
would do what she could to help.
Myrna is a valuable asset to the stu
dents, as well as the department, and
I hope that she stays with the program.
I would like to extend special
thanks to my family and to my rela
tives. Often times there are days that
I have a wife and mother who under
stand the time that I need. Sometimes
I feel bad about not being there for
my family on special occasions such
as birthdays and at times when my
father needs help with his caulc, but
they always seem to understand and
are more interested in mc doing well
at school rather than being the help
ing hand that they need. It is their
understanding that helps mc to ac
complish my successes as a student
and for that I'm grateful. Someday
all of this "misery will endand I will
have succeeded in reaching my goal.
Until I reach that goal I will continue
to draw on their support, and so for
the past and for the future THANK
Travis Wells
I would like to take this time to
apologize for driving under the in
fluence on April 27, 1993. So once
again I'm truly sorry for what I did
and I won't ever let it happen again.
Joseph (Jay-Are) Starr
P.S. Hi Mom
Roads department explains "No Parking" areas
A dad at his sons stag party raised his glass and proposed a toast. "To T'ShlftS f OT S3l6
my son on the happiest day of his lite.
Son: "But Pop. "I'm not getting married until tomorrow."
Dad: "I repeat. To my son..."YIKES
"Why I didn 't listen to Mother, I'll never know !" screamed the Mrs.
"She told me not to marry you!"
Mr. who put down the book he was about to throw. "She did?"
'Christ," he said, "How I've misjudged her all these years." YIKES
T-shiits are on sale for $10.00 each
as a fundraising activity for the up
coming Kalama family reunion. The
reunion scheduledfor June25-27brings
family members together from as far
away as Hawaii. Hawaiian members
will be performingexhibition dances at
the Pi-Ume-Sha celebration.
Shirts may be purchased from Joni
David at 553-1230 or William Moses
at 553-1891.
In reference to Don Courtney's
article "On Patrol," Spilyay Tymoo,
June 1 1 , 1 993. To assist the people of
Warm Springs with a better under
standing of why "No parking" exists
in certain areas, the Bureau of Indian
Affairs, Roads Department would
like to share the following:
Did you know that all streets and
roads have a width that is designed
for your safety?
A minimum of 1 1 feet is required
for each traffic lane of a two way
street. Shoulder widths must be a
minimum of one foot additional.
Minimum overall roadway width
therefore is 24 feet.
Vehicles cannot be parked along
a roadway unless they can be parked
without encroaching on the traffic
lanes, which means the vehicle can
not be in the 1 1 foot minimum travel
space. If the minimum width of 1 1
feet each side of centerline is not left
open, a vehicle can be ticketed,
whether or not the street is posted
with "No Parking" signs.
Many streets in residential and
business areas have curbed streets.
The width requirement pertains to
curbed streets as well as uncurbed
streets. The streets in many housing
developments such as West Hills,
Mobile Home Park, and others do
not have street widths to accommo
date on street parking.
Vehicles illegally parked are not
only a safety hazard to other road
users, but may obstruct the passage
of emergency vehicles such as fire
trucks and ambulances. In addition,
they prevent road maintenance ac
tivities such as crack sealing,
sweeping, snow plowing and sanding.
It is reasonable to assume that ille
gally parked vehicles may be ticketed
or towed away or both, according to
Tribal Law and Order Code 3 10.420
and 310.422.
Apology extended for actions
To: The Warm Springs Commu
nity, Warm Springs Police De
partment, Officer Mark Coffee,
Denise Picard and Sonnyboy,
George, Sr. and Wilma Picard,
Bruce Smith, Woodrow Smith
family, Allen, Sr. and Louise Lan
gley and to the Editor,
I am writing this letter to apologize
for being under the influence on May
13, 1993, this is an apology to the
community of Warm Springs and the
police department.
I had no right endangering the
well being of the community, my
family or myself. It was selfish, stupid
and certainly uncalledfor on my part.
I am very ashamed of myself and
actions, there are no words I can say
or write to express how I feel. I put
everything I hold dearly in danger
just for a "good time", I have no
excuse for myself.
Thank the Lord above that noth
ing terrible happened that day.
I just want to say I'm sincerely
sorry and would like to extend my
personal apology to Officer Mark
Coffee and anyone else that I was
rude to and for my conduct and
comments. Please accept my apology.
Most of all, I would like to say I'm
sorry to my girlfriend and her son.
Without you two special people in
my life, my life would be unfulfilling.
Nothing could replace you or fill the
lonely spof that would be in my life if
you were both gone.
All I want to say is that I love you
Denise and Sonnyboy. So, if you can
find it in your hearts to forgive me,
I'll be the better person that I know
that I'm capable of being.
I would like to thank you for your
time and for reading this.
Allen Langley, Jr.
If j f ' I ' j 1 - 1 If ' , - :
. . , - - - - . Ik"' ' "
- if- ir in lit U rf , i t v ;
Tribal artists invited to submit slides of work
To the editor,
If you didn't know...
The Spilyay office is located in the basement of the Old Girl's Dorm, 1115 Wasco Street Enter at the back door.
Spilyay Tymoo welcomes articles and letters from it's readers. All letters, preferably 300
words or less, must include the author's signature and address. Thank you letters and poetry
will be published at the editor's discretion.
AH letters are the opinion of the author and do not reflect in any way the opinion of Spilyay
Tymoo. Spilyay Tymoo reserves the right to edit all copy OR refuse publication of any
material that may be libelous statements.
The Museum at Warm Springs is
encouraging all artists and
Craftspeople to submit slides of their
Art works for our First Tribal Member
Art Show.
Because there was a misprint on
the deadline date in our first an
nouncement in the Spilyay, we've
decided to extend the deadline to
5:00 p.m. July 19, 1993.
You are allowed to submit up to
five slides of work that would be
We all love you
Levi & Pearl Van Pelt
Robert & Marella Sam
Chester & Becky Van Pelt
Tiger & Tates Van Pelt
IttaVan Pelt
Support VA clinic
Congressman Bob Smith is seek
ing letters from interested veterans
who are in support of a Veterans
Administration outpatient clinic that
would be located in Central Oregon.
One letter per person, please. Write
toCongressman Smith at 259 Barnett
Road, Suite E, Medford, Oregon
available for the show September
24, 1993 to January 7, 1994.
If you are unable to come up with
slides we will accept photographs.
If you need an application sent to
you or have any questions or concerns
call Roxanne Langnese-Casey at 553-
3331 (w).
Good luck to all our Tribal Artist
& Craftspeople.
Roxanne Langnese-Casey
Exhibits Coordinator
Happy 17th
birthday 1 son!
Tracy Ray Sam
Love you!
Mom and Dad
Happy Birthday Tracy
From: Wolfman, Grandma
Eliza, Auntie Itta, Sadie,
Else, Robert Jr., Neda,
JeLeah, Thomas, Eliza,
Tony and Sabel
Happy Birthday
Tracy on June 30
Jason Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Happy Birthday, Grandma
Love, hugs and kisses from
Charmaine, Prenincia, Jenny, Patrina, Tracy, Sadie, Elsie,
Robert Jr., Neda, JeLeah, Thomas, Mychal, Chet III,
Kenny, Babyann, Eliza, Tony and Sabel