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    PAGK 8 December 11, 1992
Warm Spmnc.s, Orkgon
Spilyay Tymoo
To apply for a job sec Frances
Allen, lo ask about job details cull
ihcconucl person listed, to advertise
call Jeanne Thomas. Job opening
are a follows:
Sr. Staff AccountantFinance
BranchJudy Johnson
4-11 Youth Aide & Secretary
SupportExtension ScrviccsArlcnc
Independent Living Counselor
Social ServicesGail Rodger
Exhibition CoordinatorMOU IS
M. Hammond
Maintenance WorkcrAIOlI ISM.
Secretary ReceptionistBuilding
InspectionsMargie Tuckia
I'owcr Sewing Machine Operator
WS ClothingB. Courtney
ScamstrcssWS ClothingB.
Daughter born
Willy and Laura Fucntes arc proud
to announce the birth of their
daughter. Teresa Marlcnc, born No
vember 22 at Mountain View Hos
pital in Madras.
Teresa joins brother David and
sisters Molly and Jcssi.
The grandparents arc Ken and
Ernestine Stevens of Warm Springs
and Barney and Pat Ahem of Madras.
' J v n J
i l : ir r . ,
' "i ' A I - '
Warm Springs Fire and Safety sponsored a Fire Prevention Week Poster contest in November. All classes at Warm
Springs Elementary participated in the contest except the second grade classes. Winners were Angelina Perez and
Gunner Bailey, Kindergarten; Walsey Thomas and I lalsieKnouf, first grade; Natalie Mitchell and Jefferson Greene,
third grade; Kit Wells, Adrian Merrifield and Shamona Charley, fourth grade and Foster Sahme andAlina Savala,
fifth grade. All entries will be entered in a national contest sponsored by the insurance company that covers tribal
On Patrol
By Captain Don Courtney
Drug Task Force arrests four
In the most recent search warrants
served on two residences in the West
Hills area, members of the WS Drug
Task Force found various amounts
of alleged marijuana and cocaine that
resulted in the arrest of the head of
The first of two warrants served,
task force members located what ap
peared to be cocaine along with a
substantial amount of cash that re
sulted in charges for possession of
the drug and charges of child neglect
as a result of having the drug in the
The second warrant served pro
V -75
Subscription to Spilyay Tymoo
Send subscription to:
NAME : ;
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $9.00 per year In the U.S.
$15.00 per year outside the U.S.
All members of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs will receive the Spilyay Tymoo at
no cost. Spilyay Tymoo is published bi-weekfy by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs,
Tribal Council announces
position vacancies
The Tribal Council of the Con
fedcratedTribesofthcWurmSpring Reservation would like to announce
the following vacancies:
Appellate Judges (9 positions)
WSTC 203.(X)I (I) The Warm
Spring Court of npcals shall con
sist of judges apxi(itcd for a term of
three year by the Tribal Council.
The judges shall be adult members of
the Confederated Tribes. One of the
judges shall be appointed a Chief
Aptvals Judge by the Tribal Council
and shall be responsible for admin
istering the Court of Appeals.
WSTC 203.00 1 (2) "At least three
judges assigned by the Court Admin
istrator and approved by the Chief
Appeals Judge shall sit as the Court
of Appeals panel on each case. The
court administrator shall rotate as
signments so that each judge sits on
an equal number of cases.
Land Use Planning Committee (1
Tribal members only
General Duties: This committee
shall serve as an advisory body to the
Tribal Council in the determination
of practical use of tribal land. The
committee shall operate under the
supervision of the Tribal Council
which has delegated specific author
ity listed below. In the exercise of
advisory and authority functions, the
committee shall cooperate with other
duced a large quantity of alleged
marijuana after one household
member turned over part of the drugs
in an attempt to keep task force
members from searching the resi
dence. On further search, again a
large quantity of cash and various
drug paraphernalia was found lo
cated throughout the residence along
with more marijuana. Both subjects
were arrested and face charges of
possession of drugs, the sale of the
drug, possession with intent to sell,
and child neglect.
In the second case, both suspects
were arraigned and plead not guilty
with trial pending in early 1993.
From the Captain's Desk
Snow and icy roads are proving
again that even the best driver can
be made a statistic as reports from
the reservation roll in on multiple
motor vehicle crashes.
Consider these tips as you travel
the roadways this winter:
1. ) Let a loved one know where
you are going and how long you
might be.
2. ) Make sure your vehicle is in
good working order before you
travel. (Gas, oil, anti-frcezc, wind
shield wiper fluid, cracked belts,
snow tires or devices, etc.)
3. ) Check or carry safety items,
(road flares, first aid kits, ice scraper,
fire extinguisher, extra blankets or
coats, spare tools, spare tire, water,
4. ) If travelling over a mountain
pass, you might check into the cur
council committees and management
Specific Duties: The Land Use
Planning Committee
1. ) Has the authority to grant or
deny conditional use permits in ac
cordance with Ordinance No. 56,
Article 6.
2. ) Also ha authority to request
and secure information for review
and recommendation to Tribal
3. ) Review and recommend to
Tribal Council: a.) The Comprehen
sive Plan annually changes; b.) Zon
ing Ordinance changes; c.) Land as
signments, cancellations; d.) Sites
for housing, business, industrial de
velopment. 4. ) Establish firm cooperative
working relationships with federal
and tribal agencies to develop
projects and planning capabilities.
5. ) Submit monthly report to
Tribal Council based on work plan.
6. ) Update work plan two weeks
after objective completion dates and
submit changes to Tribal Council for
approval. (Copies to be sent to inter
nal department and committees).
If you are interested, please sub
mit a resume and a letter of interest
before December 24, 1992 to Tribal
Council Office, attn: Doris Miller,
P.O. Box C, Warm Springs, Oregon
rent road conditions for closures, etc.
Listen to your local radio station for
the latest information.
5. ) Extreme cold conditions, your
gas line might freeze, consider some
sort of gas anti-freeze. Consult your
mechanic catalytic converters might
burn out with heavy use.
6. ) Drive defensively and buckle
for safety.
Gang Activity
With the gang activity becoming
more known to area residents, word
in the community got back to the
WSPD that there was not just the four
recognized gangs in the Warm
Springs area but that in fact there
were sixteen organized gangs.
This information not confirmed,
will provide useful down the road as
community members prepare for the
December 14 meeting at the Com
munity Center Social Hall.
Dick Stein of the Portland area
youth gang task force arrived in Warm
Springs this past month where officers
were given instruction and training
on gang related activity and aware
ness. Of most recent, an anonymous tip
sent officers to the rural area as a
report came in that two young adults
were assaulted by a gang that were
trying to get them to become mem
bers. One was reported to have been
cut to the throat however as of this
article, this information was not
Gang awareness, December 14,
1992 at 7:00 p.m.
Identify the location of this week 's geo-quiz and win a year's ubscription lo Spilyay Tymoo for yourself or a friend
and a Spilyay mug. tall 553-1644 after 1:00 p.m. Monday, December 14 .
More letters
Poos? Street residents request cable service
To the editor,
I am writing this letter to inform
Macy's Mercantile that their cable
system for Poosh street is not in
working order. I just moved there
and I expected that there would be
some kind of cable for patrons of this
street, because I've went to other
people's houses in West Hills and
they had television.
It would be nice to be able to come
home from work and be able to watch
some news or watch a movie after a
long day.
From what I understand it nas occn
that way for some time now, so I have
Thank you-
congratulations. A lot of times I felt
-I " A .A . I'm
happy I have a husband who encour
aged me to go on and fight. I did! And
I'm glad! We need a lot more caring
people such as yourself. Thanks
Tricia, and may the good lord bless
you always.
L.M. Saunder.
Happy Birthday
Granddaughter - Neice
Tilda Tip-its Walsey
December 22
daughter to Ronnie Walsey,
Edith Johnson
grandparents: Richard Walsey,
(Sr. Wilber Johnson, Sr., Wapatoi
Anita Walsey, Satus; Ruth
Love you Uncle,
Ted Walsey, Jay Hunt Walsey,
Grandma Anita Walsey, Jenny
& Ted, Jr.
Happy Birthday
Susan Jane
love Mom
Happy Birthday to:
R. Andrew Paul,
December 3
Marlena, December 5
Chacho (Leonardo),
December 9
Annette, December 11
Kendall, December 18
Teresa and Tarivia on
December 20
From the Parra Family
f - mltxJ
Memorial for
Jimmy Switzler
December 19, 1992
Wapato Longhouse
Friends and family are invited to attend
A !
. v:--'i'-iy (ill- c-v.v'.A
taken this opportunity to respectively
request that they please check into
finding out what the problem is.
This would be greatly appreciated
by the patrons of Poosh street and all
parties would be in agreement with
Incentive project raises funds
To the editor,
Education Services Programs
wishes to acknowledge the following
who donated items to the Incentive
Award Project raffle and fundraiser
Kah-Ncc-Ta Resort, Intertribal
Sports, Spilyay Tymoo, KWSO Ra
dio, WS Apparel, K-TWINS Radio,
Tricia Courtney-Ike, and others.
Anyone interested in purchasing
raffle tickets, please contact any staff
Career Fair raffle tickets available
raiser is being held to motivate higher
education students to work harder
and smarter to earn a 3.00 GPA each
tcrmscmeslcr. At the end of the
academic school year in June, the top
higher cducauon scholar will begiven
a cash award.
The fundraiser is a raffle, tickets
for sale at $1.00 apiece. You do not
have to be present lo win. Drawing
will be held at the Career Fair Seminar
December 30, 1992. Contact any
education staff employee or call 553
331 1 or 3312 to purchase tickets.
Items to be raffled are: 2 KWSO
sweatshirts; 2 Kah-Nee-Ta
sweatshirts; K-Twins sweatshirts;
dinner plates; Spilyay Coffee mugs;
Legal Aid
provided on
Legal aid for tribal members will
be provided on Tuesday afternoons
at the Tribal Administration Building
in conference room 1. Half hour
appointments can be made by calling
extension 3214. Leave your name
and a phone number where you can
be reached.
Chris Eck, attorney from Marceau
Karnopp will be in the office each
Tuesday. Mornings are set aside for
general manager and staff appoint
ments. Chris is also available as a
courier for information needing to
go to, or from, the attorneys' Bend
Do you have an event you would like to announce?
Is there an upcoming activity to which you
would like to invite the community?
Be sure to let everyone know by
including your news in the
Community Calendar of Events
Just call 553-1352 and your event will be included.
The information will be shared with KWSO and
Happy Birthday!
Hazel Tewee
December 25
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year to
Alan Demmert, Jr.
From Grandma
i. i 'J
such a request.
All people of Poosh Street all thank
you for lime and consideration in this
Poosh Street resident
person in the Education Center
building or call 533-33113312.
Raffle will be held December 30,
1 992 at the Career Fair Scm inar. Need
not be present to win.
We also want to express our thanks
to Ms. Stella Langlcy and Ms. Jessica
Winishut who contributed money to
go towards the "care packages".
Thank you sponsors and con
tributors. Myrna
small girls wingdrcss; marble vase;
baseball caps, donated by Intertribal
Sports; ladies embroidered
sweatshirt; pullover shirt from WS
Apparel; sack of fresh popcorn balls.
Poem to son
Long Distance message to my son,
You are a long ways from home,
That's why I'm writing you this
You're in my thoughts every day,
You're my son, what can I say?
I miss you so very much,
So, please, keep in touch!
I hope to see you come Lincoln's
Don't disappoint your friends or me,
Bring your friends and stay awhile,
As we miss your handsome smile.
I hope that I will be here,
To welcome you and wipe away my
Closing here for now, my son,
For I have to run.
Let me know what you need
And I will do my good deed.
Tell all your friends and new
We all said hi,
Also from Norman, Kanet.and Cy.
Love and miss you much, Mom.
Apology extended
To the editor,
I would like to make a statement
and apologize for placing an endan
germent of my people by drinking
and driving under the influence of
Gale Lawrence, Sr.