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Warm Springs, Orkgon
October 30.1992 PAGE 5
Small Business Center helps take sting out of getting into business
Local small business hopefuls gain
knowledge, assistance through
Small Business Center
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SmallBusinessCenter Manager Dave Dona,front left, stands on steps of Center with Paul Henderson, Julie Tewee, Ed Henderson,
Wanda Van Pelt and Archie Caldera.
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Starting upa business can be frustrating, to say the least. There are
forms fortaxes.formsforloans.and forms for more forms. Viereisalso
the problem of finding adequate smce for a business. On lop of all these
problems is the fad that many Warm Springs community members
do not have the business experience necessary to establish d successful
enterprise. Thai's where the Small Business Center comes in. the
Center was established earlier this year to help clear the often muddled
path to success for fledgling entrepreneurs
Managing the Small Business office is Dave Dona. He explains
that the Small Business Center is involved with a four-phase effort to
assist with small business endeavors. The Center cwrdinates the
Greenhouse educationprogram.provideson-goingbusinesscounsel-ing
and technical support, assists individuals in pursuing necessary
grants and loans. Vie Small Business Center also scri'cs as an
advocate of small business interests in the area of future building
The Center provides assistance in the form of technical, office and
resource support. In the area of technical support, services include
feasibility studies, business projections, financial analysis, budget
ing, money management, payroll and income tax and business
The office support comes in the form of mail service, answering
service telephone, photocofyying, computer, facsimile, business soft
ware,printing,wordprocessingand secretarial services.The resource
support comes through newspapers, magazines, business publications,
instructional videos, books and various on-line computer data bases.
Since its opening in June, the Small Business Center has received
over 740 contacts from those with questions concerning tax and
payroll, loan and financing evaluations, business plan development
and review, word processing, computer support and training, loan
and grant preparation, contract negotiations, secretarial supmrt and
business counsling. The Center has assisted 11 tribal member com
panies get started, with several other tribal member businesses in the
development state. These new businesses liave created 23 new job
Two local artisans, Wanda Van Pelt and Archie Caldera, both
graduates of the 10-week Greenhouse Business Education Program,
use the Center as their workplace and place of business. Five1 other
businesses use the Center as their business address and conduct office
and clerical work there. As more space becomes available, addition
work stations will be added, says Dona.
The Small Business Center holds monthly workshops addressing
small business topics, including payroll, money management, income
taxes. These topics are selected from tribal member request forms
located at the Center. If an individual requests Dial a certain topic be
addressed, he needs only to ask or complete one of the forms.
The Small Business Center has submitted a budget for 1993. In
developing the budget, the costs of fully funding the small business
services menlioneaabove were evaluated. If the proposed budget for
the Center is approved, the Center will continue to provide the low
cost, one-on-one, high quality services needed in 1993.
Individuals completing the Greenhouse class this spring include
Brent Graybael with Graybael Painting, Wanda Van Pelt with
Traditional Treasures, Archie Caldera jewelry, James Redfox with
Redfox Janitorial, the Henderson brothers with J.W. Construction,
Tom Kalama with Kalama Construction and Trudie Smith with Your
Krew Labor Pool. Another 14 community members enrolled in the
second Greenhouse session which began October 14.
The Small Business Center, located at 2107 Wasco Street, is open
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Dona says, however,
that evening meetings can be arranged with him if necessary. Indi
viduals are encouraged to contact the center for more information.
Call 553-3593.
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Wanda Van Pelt, who works out of the SmaU Business Center, shows a beaded checkbook cover she's working on.
Archie Caldera stands with the masterpieces he's created.