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    PAGE 4 October 30, 1992
Warm Springs, Oregon
E Coosh EEWA:
(The way it is)
Letters to the Editor
fit fAtt
There arc some important
issues being discussed concern
ing policies here on the reserva
tion, and they should be addressed
with careful thought. Your input
is very important on these issues,
which could effect the future of
ouryoungcrgencrations. It is them
that we arc trying to protect. Ev
eryone has ideas of their own con
cerning these policies but never
step forward to be heard. Your
ideas would be greatly appreci
ated by everyone if you would be
willing to express yourself. Who
knows, you may have an idea that
might be of real value to the whole
tribe and may even solve some problems. We do have many issues that
need updating every now and then.
Here arc issues being questioned at the present time and some feel
should be discussed and changed if necessary. Article III, Member
ship. This is the automatic enrollments and adoption requirements of
the Tribal Constitution and By-Laws. Section 2 - Membership of
Descendants; (a) Every child of one fourth (14) or more blood of the
Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon,
born after the effective date of this amendment (4766); and (b) to any
member of the Confederated Tribes; (c) who maintains a residence
upon the Warm Springs Reservation at the time of such birth, shall
automatically be entitled to membership in the Confederated Tribes.
Basic requirements: 1.) Must have 14 degree blood of the Confed
erated Tribes as interpreted by Resolution 4301, using the 1940,
Census roll as the Base Roll; 2.) Must be born to a member of the
Confederated Tribes; 3.) Must maintain a residence upon the Warm
Springs Reservation.
This is one of the issues that needs some attention where your input
is very important. Take numbers 1 and 2, they are pretty much in line
of the requirements. Number 3, perhaps should be reviewed just a
little, because of several problems that we face here in Warm Springs.
One of the biggest problems is employment. Some have training in
certain fields but there is nothing here to offer them a job, or to provide
them with suitable employment. If they go elsewhere to work then
their children will not be eligible for enrollment. This is one area that
needs a little attention. A person can go to work elsewhere to make a
betterliving for his family and lose out on having his children enrolled.
Or, he will have to quit his job outside and come to live here where all
the jobs are pretty much taken, and where can he work? There arc some
people who say that an Indian is an Indian no matter where he lives and
works, while others say we must have this law to keep our heritage in
tact. So where can a person find a job here if he has some sort of trade
he has learned in school. Well, he can cut wood, build fences etc., at
some rate just barely enough to put food on the table. This is
discouraging to many. And now with all the children going to school,
each year the graduating classes are getting bigger and bigger, pretty
soon we won't have enough jobs for all those who are coming up.
This is where your input is needed because this is getting to be a
critical issue.
It is a fact that there have been some well trained people who have
had to give up, so-to-speak, and come back to the reservation for
enrollment purposes. Another thing is wages for our people when
starting on a job. We have had some very good employees who have
had to buckle and quit jobs because of such low starting wages to
where they couldn 't afford to feed theirfamilies and pay their bills. Yet
others come in and start at a higher rate than they deserve. Some don't
even have the training as some of our local people but yet they get the
better breaks, it appears. Take our hiring policies, it says Indian
preference, qualifications, B.A. Degree, or 15 years experience,
etc.??? Non-Indians who write these qualifications don't even have
those qualifications themselves. Oh Well, these are things that I'm just
rambling on and on about, which don't have any effect at all. But your
input on these matters can mean something because you may have
reason to complain on certain things to better our policies. I think I
should quit now. Ecoosh-Ecewa-Tamunwit. Ahh-Nah-Chi-Toon! !
Toe Ness
There are three ways to get things done.
You can do it yourself.
You can hire someone to do it.
Or forbid a teenager from doing it. YIKES
SS ss ss
There was this golfer who told his wife, "It's true, I love golf more
in I love you." Then he said, "But I love you more than tennis."
Experience was unforgettable
To the editor:
I would like to thank everyone
whom was involved in my prepara
tion for the try-out I attended to make
the Professional C.B.A. Team, the
Yakima Sun Kings from Yakima,
Washington back in August.
The whole thing went extremely
well. It was an experience I'll never
forget and hope to repeat, as I was not
chosen to the team but invited to
come back again next season to try
for a spot on the roster again! The
head coach Robert Rcid and his staff
did an admirable job in working with
each individual on their skills. They
made everyone feel welcome. It was
some of the best head to head com
petition I've experienced. Very
skilled individuals bringing out the
best in mc. Allowing me to take my
game to a higher level. It made mc
feel real good to know that my per
formance there at that tryoul equalled
and exceeded most, or even all my
expectations. I would like all my
teammates to know I look forward to
this upcoming basketball season,
playing here for Warm Springs! I
think our team the Magpies should
be as good as ever with experience it
will bring into this coming season.
Dedication and sacrifice have got us
this far. Let's take it a step farther
and let god help us all the way to the
lop! Thanks again to everyone and
support our athletes! They represent
a nation!
James L. Scott
Come forward with support
Annual show brings visitors
The 5th annual Arts & Crafts fair
held October 10. 1992 at the Warm
Springs Community Center is termed
successful by Myrna Courtney, Pub
licity Coordinator for the Warm
Springs Volunteer Committee and
Carol Allison, Show Coordinator and
committee member.
We had 28 tables set ud bv Warm
f - r- -
' :
- f-l
t i:t
. . .- v.
1 ,,,.- a .
Springs members and residents in
the social hall.
Guests came from Oregon, Wash
ington, California, Colorado, Ari
zona, Georgia, and as far away as
Saudi Arabia. Visitors that stayed at
the Kah-Nce-Ta Resort also came to
see the items to take back home, with
We extend our "Thank you" to
Mrs. Edna Sanders, Irene Wells, Joan
Bryant, Shirley Sanders, Michcle
Elliott, Rosanna Sanders, and
Angelina Frutos for sharing art work
of the late Robert "Bob" Sanders.
Bob participated in previous shows.
This year we had a table set up in his
The show is always the 2nd Satur
day of October.
Relay race a
Imagine if you will a moment in
the life of our community....
It is late at night. A woman has
been severely beaten by her husband.
She is dazed and terrified. Her face is
bleeding and the pain seems to come
from everywhere. As she hears the
family car screeching out of the
driveway, she gathers their infant
and other children, who have been
listening to the violence. Frantically,
she searches the house for change
and children's jackets. Her husband
will be back...must hurry. She reaches
for the door, she steps out filled with
embarrassment and shame....
This is not an easy story to tell or
hear. Many of us would prefer not to
hear it. Others of us would like to
think that things like this occur in big
cities and ghettos, but not in West
Hills, Trailer Courts, or in our neigh
borhoods. I can assure you that it
docs happen. If you arc a victim, you
arc not alone...
Myths and Facts about Battering:
MYTH 1: Wife abuse occurs
primarily in the lower classes and
among minority populations.
women may have more resources at
their disposal, and, can flee to a motel,
or private physician. Thus keeping
their children hidden. But, wife
beating is common to all classes and
MYTH 2: Women who get
beaten bring it upon themselves by
nagging, being frigid, or deliberately
provoking their husband.
FACT 2: Studies have proven
that battering husbands may use any
minor frustration or irritation as
provocation. Majority of women
studied cannot identify what pro
vokes an attack, there is a strong
correlation between wife abuse and
wholly external factors, such as al
coholism and unemployment.
M YT1 1 3: A woman who remains
with her husband after being beaten
is masochistic and must receive sat
isfaction from the beatings.
FACT 3: The main reason
women remain in abusive situations
is lack of viable options they have
nowhere else to go. Financial de
pendency is a major reason, but there
arc other emotional and psychologi
cal reasons why women remain with
abusive husbands. Until recently,
wife abuse was not discussed openly
and women have internalized
mythical societal attitudes feelings'
embarrassed or humiliated by the
fact they're beaten. That it is their
fault and it is a sign of their failure in
marriage. These attitudes plus a low
self-concept produced by constant
battering keep many women trapped
in a violent home. Once women are
made aware of viable alternatives,
and develop a better self-concept,
they will leave.
The bottom line is....Do not stand
back, come forward with your sup
port. We can be able to provide ser
vices to victims. With careful plan
ning, and commitment of human re
sources, there is nothing we cannot
Respectfully submitted by Charles
Tailfeathers, Assistant Juvenile
Tribal Council Agenda
Thanks for support
To the editor:
Raised here on Warm Springs In
dian Reservation was challenging and
rewarding. The reservation is my
homeand whilel'm away in Germany
I will be thinking about all my friends
and relatives. Thank you for all the
support & love. To the immediate
family, I love you all.
Thank you mother,
Anthony L. Davis Jr.
Happy Birthday
Isaac Williams
Love & Best Wishes
Mom Elayne & John
Happy Birthday
Susan Gilbert
October 23, 1992
Love you, Mom, Dad, Sis Ellen &
Evelyn, Neph. Daniel, Elias, Kyle
& Ziggy, Neices Katie & Vera
msi ;
i ,.r
.f--r HIT Hit
To the editor,
As the Captain of the Warm
Springs Nation Road Runners, I have
many to thank for the success of our
Relay race.
I would like to thank my mom,
Richard, Monica, Chico, and Maria
for their time and effort of the fund
raisers. One night we were up until
12:30 a.m. fixing the sack lunches.
Also the buyers of the sack lunches.
Barbara Poncho, Brandon, Big Rat
and his drummers, Jana Jackson's
girls, Nena and Gene Harvey, Joe
Tuckta and his family for their time
in participating in the Kah-Nee-Ta
dance performance.
I asked several people for the use
of their vehicle for our relay race.
Each person I asked wanted to help,
but other commitments were already
made for them. I still want to thank
them anyways.
A big thank you again goes to my
friend Evaline Patt. She gave us a lot
of encouragement and support along
with the use of her nice, big, com
fortable van. Maybe next year I can
convince her to run with us. The
other van belonged to Geoff Bury's
wife. Thank you Mrs. Bury for the
use of your van. Richard for being
our driver again this year.
I would like to thank Rudy
Clements, Noreen Greene, and
Margie Tuckta for being supportive,
loyal fans of ours.
I hope I haven't forgotten anyone,
if I have, I'm sorry. I and the team
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Monday. November 2. 1 992
9:00 a.m.-Invocation
9:30a.m.-Intcrtribal Agriculture Council, Kah-Nce-Ta
Tuesday. November 3. 1992
9:00 a.m.-BusincssMinutcs
9:30 a.m.-Committcc Board Selections EducationWSFPIWatcr
10:30 a.m.-Early Childhood Center
1:30 p.m.-Confercnce Call
2:00p.m.-CHS 638 Proposal
Wednesday. November 4. 1992
District Meetings: RE: 1993 Proposed budget
6:00 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m. Meeting
Agency District Agency Longhouse
Sccksecqua District Community Center
Simnasho District Simnasho Longhouse
Monday. November 9.1992
9:00 a.m.-Busincss
9:30 a.m.-Resolution 8363 Discussion
1:30 p.m.-Confercnce Call
2:00 p.m. -Economic Development
Tuesday. November 10. 1992
9:00 a.m.-Business
9:30 a.m.-WSFPI Progress Report
1 :30 p.m.-Range Committee - Referendum date
Wednesday. November 11. 1992
Thursday. November 12. 1992
9:00 a.m.-tribal Council & Management Mccting-Kah-Nce-Ta, All day
District Meetings: RE: 1993 Proposed Budget
6:00 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m. Meeting
Agency District Agency Longhouse
Sccksecqua District Community Center
Simnasho District Simnasho Longhouse
Old jewelry wanted
If you have jewelry that you're
thinking of trashing because maybe
part of it is broken or missing or
you've lost one of the earrings or
it's discolored in some way, please
give it to Tricia Courtney-Ike. She's
also accepting broken charmlink
belts, too.
Happy Birthday
Mom & Corwin
from, Bobbi, Duran,
Travis, Michael, Amy &
Tribal vehicle insurance
limited in protection
SpilyayTymoo welcomes articles and letters from its readers. All letters, preferably 300
words or less, must include the author's signature and address. Thank you letters and
poetry will be published at the editor's discretion.
All letters are the opinion of the authorand do not reflect in any way the opinion of Spilyay
Tymoo. Spilyay Tymoo reserves the right to edit all copy OR refus publication of any
material that may contain libelous statements.
Individual states across the U.S.
have implemented laws that require
licensed drivers to carry Personal
Injury Protection. The amount re
quired varies from state to state. This
is a "no-fault" type of insurance
coverage and pays medical expenses
for persons riding in, entering or
alighting from, or struck by, and
State mandated Personal Injury
Protection for Oregon is $10,000 and
for Washington 525,000. This means
that if you are a licensed driver you
should not only be carrying liability
insurance to protect other persons or
property but you are also required to
carry Personal Injury Protection.
The tribal group medical Plan ex
cludes payment for medical expenses
when injuries are sustained under the
above circumstances. The Plan con
tains the following statement:
"This Plan will not provide any
benefits for injuries received as a
result of a vehicle accident which
should be covered under PIP (Per
sonal Injury Protection) insurance
up to the amounts required by state
Another area of insurance the
tribal employees need to be aware of
is in that of driving your own vehicle
on company business. As a tribal
employee, you are responsible for
carrying your own automobile in
surance for bodily injury, property
damage, personal injury protection,
uninsured motorist. Since you are
responsible for damage to your own
vehicle you may want to carry com
prehensive and collision.
The insurance carried by the Con
federated Tribes of Warm Springs
protects the tribes when you are on
tr business but you must carry
i ;n t own insurance for your protection.
Happy Birthday
James Gilbert Johnson
October 27, 1992
We wish you many more
Love, Grandpa, Grandma,
Aunties-Ellen, Evelyn and
Susan, Cousins-Daniel, Elias,
Vera, Katie, Kyle and Ziggy