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Spilyay Tymoo
Reduce shower
Rnihinir whether bv tub or shower.
is the single largest use of hoi water
in most homes. You may have heard
thai lub baths cost a lot in hoi water.
But hot water for showers, which
typically use less hoi water than baths,
costs more lhan mosi people realize
about 3 to 4 cents a minute if you
have an older model shower head.
Fortunately, it's easy and inex
pensive 10 reduce your shower costs.
If your family takes showers regularly
you can save $2 to $5, or even more,
each month in water heating costs.
How? Simply replace your old
showcrhcad with a new, water-saving
model that delivers fewer lhan 3 gal
lons per minute (gpm) of water.
If you've ever installed a flow
restrictor disk in your showcrhcad,
you may be reluctant to try a water
saving showcrhcad because you re
member how unsatisfying those
showers were. But new water-saving
showerheads provide a full, forceful
spray. It's likely that a ncw.spccially
engineered, water-saving
showcrhcad will give you a better
shower than your present model.
Saving hoi water also means re
ducing your household's total water
consumption. If you pay for water.
you II save on your water dim, ioo.
you ii save on yuui wuin cm, w. iv p.. . . 0 - - -And
if you regularly run out of hot model you like is to feci the spray ol
..wni cKmrhii4c tuhen vkiiinu friends
water, a waicr-savinx Miuwum.au
will probably eliminate this problem.
The actual flow rate of a
showcrhcad depends on the water
pressure in your home. That varies
with incoming water pressure, pipe
diameter and competing home water
Older showerheads typically de
liver between 4 and 6 gpm. New
models deliver between 2and 3 gpm.
Anything over 3 gpm wastes water
and money.
To measure the flow rate of your
E resent showcrhcad, all you need is a
ucket and a watch that counts sec
onds. Turn on the shower to the tcm-
Baked sweet potato
14 cup sweet potato or yam
dash each of salt, pepper, nut
meg 1 Tbsp. milk
Combine all ingredients. Beat until
smooth and creamy. Bake at 350
degrees F. (175 degrees C.) for 20
minutes. Yield 1 serving.
Carrot pineapple cake
1 13 cups all purpose flour
27 packets Equal tabletop
sweetener, sweetened with
Nutrasweet brand sweetener
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
12 tsp. baking soda
12 tsp. baking powder
12 tsp. salt
1 cup grated carrot (about 1
12 cup vegetable oil
12 cup drained, crushed pine
apple 2 eggs
14 cup chopped nuts
8 packets Equal tabletop
sweetener, sweetened with
Nutrasweet brand sweetener
1 Tbsp. cornstarch
1 cup apricot nectar
2 or 3 drops lemon juice
Mix flour, Equal, cinnamon,
baking soda and baking powder. Stir
in remaining ingredients until dry
ingredients are moistened. Pour into
a tube pan. Let set for 10 minutes.
Microwave uncovered on Medium
HI (70) 5 minutes or until toothpick
inserted off center comes out clean.
If toothpick is not clean, microwave
about 1 minute longer. (Parts of cake
will appear moist but will continue to
cook while standing) . Let stand a few
minutes; remove to rack.
Combine Equal and cornstarch in
Honey bee sting not as painful as yellow
What's the difference between a
yellow jacket and a bee? An impor
tant question because the two are
often confused. Here are some dif
ferences: Yellow jackets sting fre
quently, painfully, don't leave a
stinger in the skin, and a single in
dividual may sting more than once.
Bees, I mean here the European honey
bee, are much less likely to sting, the
sting is not as painful, always leave a
stinger imbedded in the skin (remove
it immediately!) and a bee can only
sting once because it dies after
stinging you.
Yellow jackets are heavy-bodied
wasps, black with yellow markings.
They live in nests located either at or
below ground level, or suspended
above ground in an enclosed, papery
nest. During the early summer
months, banting "workers" search
for protein food, usually other insects.
They are attracted to any meat-based
food. The food is carried back to the
nest and fed to their young. Later,
towards the end of summer, their
tastes switch to rotting fruit, fruit
juices and other sugary items.
You've probably noticed that
yellow jackets are early and numer
ous this year. We think there are at
least two reasons for this. One reason
is that more queens survived our
warm winter, thus more nests were
started-. Secondly, our early, warm
spring allowed nest building to begin
costs by installing water saving
ivraiiire and pressure scilina you use.
Hold the bucket under the nozzle for
exactly 15 seconds. The number of
quarts of water you collect in 15
seconds equals the flow rate (in gpm)
of the showcrhcad. If you have a
combination showcrtub and the lub
spout leaks while you use the shower,
lake a 15-sccond flow rate measure
ment of ihc tub spout leak. You're
paying for that wasted hot water, too.
Most water-saving showerheads
arc priced between $10 and $25.
Some cost as little as $2. Most
manufacturers make several models
with similar spray patterns but dif
ferent features. You can expect to
pay more for a model with pulsating
spray, spray pattern adjustments and
a "soap-up valve. You'll probably
pay more for metal than for chrome
plated plastic models.
Be sure the package specifics that
Ihc showcrhcad delivers fewer than 3
gpm at 80 pounds per square inch
(psi) of water pressure.
Don't assume that higher flow
rates or higher prices mean a better
shower. Recent comparative tests of
showerheads suggest that consumer
satisfaction depends more on spray
nattcrn than flow rate. Preferences
arc personal. A good way to find a
bijvi .. ........ 0
onH neiohhnrs
New showerheads form their spray
two ways: Non-aerating showerheads
typically produce a continuous spray
from a scries of holes. Spray patterns
arc similar to older models. Aerating
showerheads mix air with water in a
tiny chamber to produce many drop
lets. Aerating showerheads produce
a more forceful spray and may be
Hand-held, or "personal ,
showerheads typically have the most
gentle spray .and lowest flow rates.
Hand-held models are non-aerating
and allow you to precisely direct
Installing your new showcrhcad
Replace your old showcrhcad in
three easy steps:
1. Most showerheads attach to the
shower arm (the pipe that comes out
of the wall) with a hexagonal nut. If
your showcrhcad is mounted on a
ball at the end of the shower arm,
you'll need to ask at a plumbing store
for a "ball arm type" water-saving
showcrhcad or a "ball-arm adapter"
that allows normal showerheads to
2-cup glass measure. Stir in apricot
nectar and lemon juice. Microwave
on HI (100) 2 to 3 minutes or until
To LAUGH is to risk appearing the fool;
To WEEP is to risk appearing sentimental;
To REACH OUT for another is to risk involve
ment; ToEXPOSEFEEIlNGS is to risk exposingyour
true self;
before a crowd is to risk loss;
To LOVE is to risk not being loved in return;
To LIVE is to risk dying;
To HOPE is to risk despair;
To TRY AT ALL is to risk failure.
in life is to risk nothing. TheMan, the Woman, who
risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing.
snnner and nroceed more quickly.
This will make more sense after I
describe the yellow jacket lifecycle.
Yellow jackets are social insects -they
live in nests controlled by a
queen whose sole responsibility is to
lay eggs. She begins a nest in the
spring by laying a few eggs and
raising these workers to adulthood.
At this point the queen no longer
leaves the nest to hunt for food - the
workers provision, expand and de
fend it. The queen merely eats,
watches TV (sic) and lays eggs, the
ultimate couch potato! As spring and
summer go by , the nest grows as new
workers are reared and assume their
role. By the end of summer, nests
may contain hundreds of workers.
This is why yellow jacket problems
are more common in August and
The nest has also produced a crop
of new queens and males by now. By
the time of first frost, all of the
workers have died and all that remains
are the new, fertilized queens. The
new queens find somewhere pro
tected to spend the winter then begin
the cycle again when the weather
warms. Two points to remember -only
queens survive the winter, and
they do not return to the nest built the
previous summer.
Control: Often yellow jackets re
quire control because of where they
build their nests. Here are some dos
Warm Springs, Oregon
w iiKiiiltfd. Or renlace the shower
arm with one thai has standard pipe
2. Loosen the hexagonal nut
(turning counterclockwise) on your
existing showcrhcad with a wrench.
If the nut is hard to loosen, wrap
several layers of cloth or cardboard
around the shower arm and hold it
firmly with vise-grip or water-pump
pliers while loosening the nul. This
reduces the chance of breaking ihc
pipe inside ihc wall and scratches on
ihc shower arm.
3. Install the new showcrhcad. (If
your new showcrhcad doesn't include
a rubber washer, first wrap some
Teflon plumbers tape around the
threads of the shower arm). Tighten
the showcrhcad and lum on the water
to check for leaks around the nut. If
tightening ihc nul doesn't stop the
leaks, remove the showcrhcad, wrap
Teflon plumbers tape around the
threads and reattach the showcrhcad.
4. Test the temperature of water
from your new showcrhead to be
sure you don' t gel scalded when water
pressure changes in your house. Flush
a nearby toilet and feel the shower
water temperature with a cautious
finger. .
Other ways to save hoi water
While you're thinking about hot
water, reduce your water heater set
ting to 120 F. First check the present
lempcrature of hot water at your
faucets with a meat or candy ther
mometer. If the water temperature
exceeds 120 F, reduce your water
heater setting. For electric water
heaters, turn the power off at Ihc
circuit breaker or fuse box and reduce
both top and bottom thermostats. For
gas water heaters, set the red knob
near the bottom of the tank to "low".
Measure the temperature of hot wa
ter from your faucets again in a few
hours. Readjust if necessary.
If your water heater isn't insulated,
install an insolation blanket. It re
duces lank heat loss.
Lowering your water heater set
ling and insulating your tank may
save you $1 to $3 a month.
If you have a combination tub
shower and the tub spout drips while
you're taking a shower, replace the
spout. Carefully remove any caulk
around the base of the spout. Unscrew
the spout (counterclockwise). Take
the old spout to a plumbing supply
store to match the mounting. Wrap
Teflon tape around the threads of the
mixture is thick and clear, stirring
once. Let stand 5 minutes. Spread
over cooled bread.
and don'ts: (1) Do treat nests at night
with an approved aerosol insecuciae;
treating at night will assure that all
workers are inside and relatively
calm; (2) Don't pour gasoline into
ground nests - this is a dangerous,
environmentally harmful and an il
legal practice! and (3) Do use prod
ucts specifically made for yellow
jacket control - products containing
for treating nests.
Trapping: You've probably seen
yellow jacket traps for sale in yard
and garden stores. These traps use
smell baits to attract worker yellow
jackets into a trap from which they
(according to theory at least) cannot
escape. The baits are synthetic odors
that mimic either rotting meat or fruit
juice (guess which one is best &
when - see above). When the synthetic
bait runs out try fishchicken flavored
cat food andor apple juice as a re
placement. The traps can provide
some temporary relief to picnics.etc.
by drawing workers away from
people. They are not effective for
nest control however.
A note of safety: Some people are
allergic to the venom of yellow
jackets and some are allergic to bee
stings. This reaction can be life
threatening. If you are particularly
sensitive to yellow jacket or hornet
venom be cautious in late summer
and early fall when these insects are
the nir
new spout and screw it into the pipe
in the wall.
Tosavc water andcncrgy.convert
an existing bathtub to a tubshower
so you can take showers instead of
baths. Simply replace the tub spout
with one that has a showcrhead pipe
connection. You'll also need to buy a
shower curtain and rod.
Enjoying your new shower
You may prefer a hot water setting
that's different lhan the one you used
with your old showcrhcad. Remind
everyone in your household to test
ihc water temperature before getting
in the shower.
If ihc spray of your showcrhcad
changes, remove or disassemble the
showcrhcad and check the nozzle for
particles. You may want to clean the
nozzle every six months.
Ask everyone to give the new
showcrhead a few days trial before
deciding how they like it. Try dif
ferent flow rates. Many people find
that reducing flow improves the feel
of the new showcrhcad. Reducing
flow also may make the shower
quieter. Your household will soon
get used to the new showcrhcad.
Remind everyone that ilsignificantly
reduces energy and water consump
tion and saves you money.
Field Day to cover
Orecon Slate University Ranee
Field Day scheduled for June 30,
1992 will cover the subjects of
Ecology and Management of
Rangcland Weeds. Range Field Day
is co-sponsored by OSU's Depart
ment of Rangcland Resources and
Eastern Oregon Agricultural Re
search Center, Bums.
The encroachment of alien weeds
onto western rangclands is one of the
most perilous and perhaps leasl rec
ognized problems facing land man
agers today.
Ever-increasing numbers and dis
tribution of weeds threaten Oregon's
economy and environmental quality
by reducing wildlife habitat, livestock
forage, watershed potential, recre
ational opportunities, and property
Successful weed management
programs must be based on sound
ecological principles to reduce the
competitive ability of weeds; replace
weeds with more desirable vegeta
tion; and maintain plant communities
in high ecological condition to resist
weed invasion.
r-. Our 1992 Range Field Day will
focus on the ecology and management
of several important rangcland weed
species. Much of the information
presented will be based upon research
conducted by the Department of
Rangcland Resources and the East
ern Oregon Agricultural Research
The program will be of interest to
ranchers, agency personnel, and
others with a stake in rangeland val
ues. Alcohol problems
Seldom a day goes by that we don 't
read about, hear about, or see on tele
vision something about alcohol addic
tion. Movie stars talk about their road
to recovery, businesses are concerned
about the effects of alcohol addiction
on their employees, and elementary
on uicir employees, anu euancuuuy
Rut u1rinm fin we hear about alco
hol problemsamong the elderly, points
out Vicki Schmall, Oregon State Uni
versity Extension gerontology spe-
It'sestimatedthatatleast lOpercent
of those 65 and older have a problem
with alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol
ism in older persons is seldom identi
fied, diagnosed or treated, because
many are mistaken for symptoms of
jacket sting
most numerous. Bee stines can occur
anytime bees are out of their hives
but are far less common.
Be sure to read and follow the
pesticide product label. The label is
the final word on what does or does
not constitute a legal and safe appli
cation. Eggs Parkhurst
12 cup (4 oz.) low-fat cottage
14 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 can (4 oz.) sliced mushrooms,
1 jar (2 oz.) chopped pimentos
2 Tbsp. chopped green onions
with tops
2 hard-cooked eggs, wedged
Hot cooked noodles
Place cottage cheese and
Worcestershire sauce in blender
container. Cover and blend at medium
speed until smooth. Pour into small
saucepan. Stir in mushrooms, pi
mentos and onions. Gently stir in
eggs. Cover over low heat just until
heated through. Ladle over noodles.
4-H Calendar and Fair Dates
Juno 22-26 Summer Week at OSU in Corvallis,
July 23-26 Jefferson County Fair. Theme is,
"Harvest & Heritage"
July 29 - Aug. 2 Deschutes County Fair, theme is
"Blue Jeans & Country Scenes"
August 9-14 4-H Wilderness Enrichment Camp at
Trout Lake
August 12-16 Crook County Fair, theme is "A
Country Gathering
August 20-23 Wasco County Fair, theme is
"Celebration Along the Barlow Road'
ecology and management of weeds
it. r CkM tk nr mill inrlitfo TiM
The Droeram will Qualify for 5
pesticide applicator rcccrtification
credits with the Oregon Department
of Agriculture.
Morning session:
8:00 Coffee and donuts
8:30 Welcome and Introduction
William C. Krueger
8:45 The Ecological Process of
Weed Encroachment
Larry L. Larson
9:15 Whitctop: Ecology and
strategics for Control
Michael L. Mclnnis. Larry
L. Larson, Dan Sharratt,
Richard F. Miller and Gary
L. Kiemnec
9:45 Yellow Starthislle Control
Douglas E. Johnson,
Michael M. Barman and
Ronald T. Mobley
10: 15 Break
10:30Goat Grazing to Restore
Degraded Sagebrush Steppe
Lesley Richman and Dou
glas E. Johnson
lLOOThc Many Faces of
i Cheatgrass
1 1 :30The Role of Management in
Preventing Weeds
Thomas E. Bedell
1 2:00 Lunch (available on-site for
a nominal price)
Afternoon session:
1 :45 Field Tour of the Alder
Creek Area, Baker County
until 4:30 p.m.
The Alder Creek area is located
south of Baker City, Oregon. High
among the elderly
diseases that can occur with advanced
age. Failure to recognize an alcohol
problem results in the treatment of a
symptom confusion, depression,
disorientation, falls rather than the
real problem.
vunumj ff""" -
adults have a high successrate of com-
plcting treatment and remaining sober.
Contrary to popular ociiei, oiucr
Unfortunately, many families feel that
drinking is one of the few "pleasures"
pft in their older relative or that an
older person is incapable of change.
"If you know an older person for
whom alcohol is creating problems, it
is important that he or she receives
treatment It's also important for fam
ily members to receive counseling about
how to approach their older family
member and to deal with their own
issues revolving around the older
person's alcohol problems," Schmall
For more information about alcohol
problems in later life, what you can do
Bull exposure shortens Anestrus
One coal of cattlemen everywhere
is to bunch their calving season into a
nice short time frame. One method to
do so is to shorten the time between
calving and the co w beginning to cycle
again for rebreeding.
Tests at Nebraska show that by ex
posing your cows to a bull two to three
weeks aftercalvingcan speed upcycling
by as much as 20 days compared to
Oregon 4-H
Outdoor Discovery Team
Is it for you? it is if -
-you will complete the 7th
or 8th grade in June 1992;
-you would like to learn
more about Western Oregon
you are in good physical
you would like to spend 3
days doing habitat improve
ment work at the Oregon 4-H
For more information, call
the Extension office 475-3808.
Applications due May IS.
June 26. 1992 PACE 7
Information provided by:
Warm Springs OSU
Extension Office
1131 Paiute Street
lights of the tour will include new
information on:
Leafy spurge
Biological control agents
Research methods to study
Meet at the Baker County Exten
sion office at 1:30 p.m. to organize
' carpools for travel to the site.
For further information contact:
Mike Mclnnisor Larry Larson.OSU
EOSC Agriculture Program, Eastern
Oregon State College, La Grande,
Oregon 97850; (503) 962-3612.
Salmon pasta salad
1 12 cups uncooked, tricolor
1 can (15.5 ounces) drained,
flaked salmon
14 cup chopped green pepper
4 chopped green onions
2 medium scraped & sliced
1 small, thinly sliced zucchini
3 Tbsp. white winej
13 cup low-calorie mayon-i;
naise I
whole lettuce leaves J
Cook pasta according to package X
directions.omittingsaltand fat; drain. :
Rinse with cold water, drain. Com
bine pasta, salmon, and next 4 ingre-:
dients; toss gently. Combine :
Worcestershire sauce and mayon-'
naise; stir well. Pour over pasta; toss :
gently. Spoon onto a lettuce-lined :
serving platter. Yield 6 servings.
seldom Identified
in hem a nerson stop drinking, and why
alcohol affects us more when we are
older, contact your local county Exten
sion office. Ask for the bulletin, "Al
cohol Problems in Later Life", PNW :
342. Cost is $.75.
CrQQ tPStinCI Ol
' iu iwmiy v.
pressure cookers
with dial gauges :
Pressure gauges with clock-like
dials should be tested every year. -This
is important for safe canning of :
On Monday or Thursday being
the lid with the dial gauge, and the ;
heavy control weight. They will be :
tested and ready at the end of the ;
following day at the OSU Extension .
office. Contact Norma Simpson the
Extension Home Economist.
catde not exposed. In addition, cows in :
moderate body conaiuon were more
responsive to bull exposure than cows
in high body condition al calving.
The average starting dates for the
cycles was 61.8 days from birth for
cows exposed to young bulls, 59.5 ;
days for cows exposed to mature bulls,
and 72.3 days for cows not exposed. A
little simple management can help you ;
get your herd reproducing sooner. ;
Mountain man pancakes ;
1 egg
1 14 cup buttermilk
1 Tbsp. molasses
2 Tbsp. margarine (melted)
1 cup flour
1 tsp. salt
12 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. baking powder
12 cup yellow cornmeal
vegetable cooking spray
Beat egg, buttermilk, molasses, :
and margarine together until well "
blended. Add remaining ingredients, '.
except vegetable cooking spray. Stir
just enough to blend. Cook in skillet ;
coated with vegetable cooking spray.
Yield: 10 pancakes, 4 inches in di- ;