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    Page 2 April 17, 1992
Warm Springs. Oregon
Spilyay Tymoo
Record turnout at polls April 2; four incumbants re-elected to Tribal Council
. Jij
Raymond Callca, Sr.
Jacob Frank, Sr.
ix j 7
Branch of Education commences work
The Branch of Education is re
vamping, getting organized, setting
goals and projects for the upcoming
college year.
Mike Clements has recently been
selected as the new Education Branch
General Manager, which will now
function as a separate Branch of the
Tribal Organization. Clements has
worked for the Tribes as the Program
Planner from 1977 to 1983. In 1984
he became the Assistant Fiscal Ser
vices Manager. He served as Secretary-Treasurer,
Larry Calica's As
sistant from 1986 until the reorgani
Forestry seeking gopher trappers
The Branch of Forestry is soliciting names of Tribal members or
plantations. Training will consist of working with a Tribal Contractor
for approximately 40 hours in a field setting. If you are interested
please fill out the form and return to the address listed below by April
17, 1992.
I 1
Q Yes, I am interested in learning how to trap gophers. I
MAIL TO: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Branch of Forestry, P.O. 1
Box 1239, Warm Springs, OR 97761. ATTENTION: Forest I
Develonment Officer. I
I 1
Spilyay Tymoo
Staff Members
Spilyay Tymoo is published bi-weekly by the Confederated Tribes
of Warm Springs. Our offices are located in the basement of the
Old Girls Dorm at 1115 Wasco Street. Any written materials to
Spilyay Tymoo should be addressed to:
Spilyay Tymoo, P.O. Box 870, Warm Springs, OR 97761
(503) 553-1644 or (503) 553-3274
FAX No. 553-3539
Annual Subscription Rates:
Within U.S. - $9.00
Outside U.S. -$15.00
' ' 'j
. ' "r-'
"Vf . .
If ft..
! 7
v. , -
i t ' V'
Kathleen Heath-Foltz
f-v?i ...... -
Wilson Wewa, Sr.
zation. Clements returns to the or
ganization from private business. He
is married to Maxine and the father to
2 children. Clements reported to his
new position March 16, 1992.
Coming aboard on March 30, 1992
as Director of Education Services
Program (Higher Education and Voc
Education) is Myma Courtney, who
is no stranger to this department as
she worked as Administrative As
sistant to Levi Bobb, Education
SpecialistOffice of Training Ser
vices in 1985-1986. Courtney also
worked in other positions in the Tribal
Organization in the Realty Branch,
Tribal Court as a Court Clerk, Ex
ecutive Secretary to Vernon Jack
son, Sccretary-Treasurerof the Tribal
Council and most recently transferred
from the Tribal Court Judges office
to take on the Higher Education re
sponsibilities. Myma is married to
Pete Courtney of the BIA Roads De
partment, is a mother to 5 adult
children and 13 grandchildren.
Ramona "Teddi" Tanewasha
came to the Education Branch last
October 7 to the position of Educa
tion Counselor. She works closely
with the Junior and High School
students, guiding and counseling
them towards their educational goals.
Teddi transferred to this department
from the Community Counseling
department where she worked for
nearly 20 years. She is the mother to
2 daughters and 1 son with grand
children. The Education Programs Secre
tary is Carol Dick and she is the first
person that students and visitors and
telephone callers make contact with
when seeking information from the
staff. Dick has been in her position
since November, 1990 and has
worked for the Organization prior to
her job in Education.
An Administrative Secretarial
position will be filled the first part of
May and the staff person will work
directly for Mike Clements, General
This department works closely
with Central Oregon Community
College, Warm Springs staff: Geoff
Bury and Marilyn Hart; and other
departments such as EDD, Culture &
Heritage and Extension.
The entire Early Childhood De
velopment staff have moved under
the direction of Clements.
Tax info available
There is a phone number you can
call to check where vour check is in the
TURN phone number is 1-800-829-4477.
You will need the following infor
mation: 1 . The SOCIAL SECURITY listed
first on the tax return.
2. Filing Status: Single, Married
Joint, MarriedSeparate, Head of
Household, Qualifying Widower,
3. The exact amount of the refund
you are expecting.
The number to check on your
4988. The hours for State Return in
formation are Monday through Friday
from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. Use the rotary dial
service the automated information is
out of order.
s & ?
Zane Jackson
Joe Moses
Congratulations to four
newly elected Tribal
Council members!
Museum calls
If you are a member of the Con
federated Tribes of Warm Springs,
and an artist or craftspcrson, you are
invited to donate one or more works
for display in The Museum at Warm
Now under construction, The
Museum at Warm Springs will open
to the public in January, 1993, with
grand opening celebrations scheduled
for spring, 1993.
Within the permanent exhibit hall,
a display entitled "Made on the Warm
Springs Reservation" will feature a
variety of traditional and contempo
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AVi7 Bryant was in Warm Springs April 14 to kick off his campaign for state
senate seat representing the newly formed District 27. Bryant, a republican
from Bend, will run unopposed in the May primary and says he will probably
run against Bob Pickard in the November general election.
f V 7
' -.--'
.11 V:-'--a-.v
Bernlco Mitchell
Rita Squiemphen
for art work
rary art works, craft items, and other
local products on a rotating basis.
Each item will be labeled with the
name of the artist or craftsperson
who made it.
The Museum is expected to attract
more than 100,000 visitors each year,
providing a remarkable opportunity
for artists and craftspeople to show
their work to a large and diverse
To make a donation or for more
information, call the Museum office
at 553-3331; or stop by the office,
Monday through Friday, 8 am. to 5
..... . kj, , . ,. J
A record number of voters turned
out at the polls Thursday, April 2 for
the 1992 Tribal Council elections.
The election had a record 61 percent
turnout, the bicgest ever in recent
history, as 1.025 of the 1,575 eligible
voters cast their ballon.
Elected from the Agency District
were Zane Jackson, Rita Squiemphen
and Bern ice Mitchell.
Representing the Simnasho Dis
trict will be Ray Calica, Sr., Kathleen
Heath Foltz and Jacob Frank, Sr.
Joe Moses and Wilson Wewa, Sr.
were elected by their constituents in
the Sccksccqua District
The candidates fared as follows:
Agency District- Levi Bobb, 1 10
votes; Daisy Ike, 111; Zane Jack
son, 269; Nathan Jim, Sr., 78; Urtn
Leonard, Jr., 109; Robert Macy, Sr.,
147; Bernice Mitchell 172; Alvis
Smith, Jr., 91; Rita Squiemphen,
174; and Irene Wells, 165. The fol
lowing individuals received write-in
votes: Donald Lewis, Buford John
son, Nancy Johnson, Olivia Kirk,
Mary Danzuka, Austin Greene,
George Danzuka,Jr.,Tcrry Courtney,
Jr.Tonia Mitchcll.Sid Miller, Alfred
Smith, Jr., Lynn Davis, Lylc Katchia,
BoBo Blodgctt, Verbena Greene,
Ramona Tanewasha, Mary Ann
Mcanus, Art Mitchell, Max Mitchell,
Bill Katchia, Louie Pitt, Jr. and John
Katchia, Sr. There were nine spoiled
Seeksecqua District: Tom
Kalama, 14; Joe Moses, 43; Henry
Palmer, 18; Brcnda Scott, 22; Karen
Wallulatum, 33 and Wilson Wewa,
Sr., 35. Gcraldine Jim, Carol Wewa,
Virgil Windyboy and Lauraine
Hintsalaeach received write-in votes.
Six ballots were spoiled.
Simnasho District: Ray Calica,
Sr., 183; Kathleen Foltz, 144;
Delbert Frank, Sr., 129; Jacob
Frank, Sr., 135; Picrson Mitchell,
126; Tony Suppah, 74; Grant
Wahencka, 129; and Prosanna Wil
liams, 34. The following individuals
received write-in votes: Bruce Jim,
Vincent Wallulatum, Cynthia
Moody, Ron Suppah, Sr., Louie
Tewee, Bert Simtustus, Janice
Clements, Everett Patt, Charlotte
Shike, Ellen Thompson, Charles
Calica and Ramona Starr. There were
11 spoiled ballots.
The newly elected Tribal Council
will be sworn into office Monday,
May 4.
Denotes incumbant
Conference set
The fourth annual Comprehen
sive School Conference on AIDS
Alcohol and Substance Abuse will
be held in Portland May 4 through 6
at the Red Lion Hotel at Jantzen
Beach. Theme of the conference is
"Strengthen the Spirit...Through
Family, School and Community
Partnership." The conference is
jointly sponsored by BIA, IHS and
the Red Cross.
Keynote speakers at the event will
be Dr. Eddie Brown, Assistant Sec
retary of the Interior; Dr. Everett
Rhoades, Director of Indian Health
Services; David Matheson, Deputy
Commissioner on Indian Affairs; and
Ed Parisian, Director of the BIA of
fice of Indian Education.
Deadline for hotel conference
reservations is April 17.
For further information contact
the Office of Alcohol and Substance
Abusa Prevention, BIA, 1849 C
Street, N.W., MS-3-SIB, Washing
ton, DC 20240 or call (202) 208
6179. Correct addresses
Are you wondering why you
haven't received Tribal Council
minutes? We are presently updating
our mailing list. If your address has
changed or you have moved, please
call us and give us your current ad
dress. Contact the Tribal Council
office at 553-3257.
Diabetes classes
The Warm Springs Diabetes Pro
gram is sponsoring a six-week series
of classes on diabetes. The classes
will be held every Tuesday beginning
April 28, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00
a.m., in the Warm Springs Commu
nity Center. Anyone is welcome to
attend. Registration is not required;
however, if you know that you will
be attending, please call Susan
Mathew, Diabetes Nurse Educator,
at the Clinic at 553-1 196 so that she
can plan for handouts, chairs, etc.
Each class will cover a separate
topic so if you are unable to attend
the entire series you will still benefit
from coming when you are able.
The topics to be discussed are:
April 28 What is Diabetes?
May 5 High blood sugar - low
blood sugar
May 12 Treatment of diabetes
May 19 Self-blood glucose
May 26 Preventing complica
tions of diabetes
June 2 Learning to accept that
you have diabetes
If you have any questions re
garding the classes, or about the
Diabetes Program in general, please
call Susan or Candace at the Clinic