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    Spilyay Tymoo
Warm Springs, Oregon
April 3. 1992 PAfiR 7
Working mothers are part of
If you are an employed mother,
you are a part oft large and growing
At times, as working mother,
you may feel overwhelmed trying to
juggle your roles of mother, wife and
worker, and you may feci guilty about
it How is this affecting the lives of
four children or that of your husband?
low docs it affect your own life?
1 icre are some major points based
on completed research:
1. A mother'! full-time employ
ment, by itself, is not likely to harm
her child.
2. There is virtually no difference
in school achievement and social
achievement and social adjustment
between children of working moth
ers and children of non-working
Owning your own business can be rewarding
"A business of my own" is a
magical phrase. It haunts, intrigues,
inspires, motivates and challenges
many people. Owning your own
business can be very rewarding. It
brings independence and allows you
to do something you enjoy. But along
with the benefits come certain risks
and the possibility of losses. If you're
thinking of storting a busincss.dccidc
what you are going to risk and how
much you will to lose.
Owning your own business will
mean long hours, going without some
fringe benefits, limited vacations and
no cost-of-living salary adjustments
just to name a few. Another factor to
keep in mind is that owning your
own business is more than being
"technically good" at what you do.
Planting a vegetable garden
Planting a vegetable garden is not
a complicated and mysterious pro
cess. Success has a lot to do with
following directions.
The planting directions printed on
the back of vegetable seed pockets
include three basic principles that
will improve your chances of success.
Plant vegetables at the right time.
Planting seeds at the time recom
mended on the seed packet will re
duce the risk of frost or hot-weather
damage to young plants.
Plant vegetable at the right depth.
Vegetables planted too deep take
longer to come up, if they come up at
all. There is also the chance that
weeds may grow up first around the
area and crowd out vegetable plants.
Plant vegetables with small seeds,
such as cabbage, carrots, radishes,
and lettuce, one-half inch deep. Plant
vegetables with medium-sized seeds,
such as beets and chard, three-fourths
inch deep.
Plant large-seeded vegetables,
such as beans, corn and squash, one
to one one-half inch deep.
Plant vegetables the right distance
apart, especially when planting in
rows or wide beds. Correct spacing
allows each plant to get its share of
Fungus infections attack new leaves in spring
Warming weather brings new
spring leaves back to many landscape
trees, but the combination of wet
conditions and warming temperatures
can result in fungus infections in
hawthorne, sycamore and willow
The fungus diseases attack the
Hoeing is best for weed control
Planning to attack weeds in the
backyard garden? Put away the
sprayer and grab a hoe.
The use of herbicides to control
weeds on such a small scale isn't
practical. The problem is that most
home gardens have at least a dozen
Or so vegetable varieties - few of
which tolerate the same weed control
Nor is there any one weed spray
New report documents high species numbers in experimental forest
Most people equate high biologi
cal diversity with tropical forests.
But local scientists are finding
amazing numbers of species in the
forests much closer to home.
A new report by Oregon State
University (OSU) entomologists
documents an extremely high
biodiversity of invertebrate creatures
in the H J. Experimental forest, about
40 miles east of Eugene.
For more than three decades, sci
entists have been tearing apart rotten
Quick easy pizza
1 (8 inch) flour tortilla
Vegetable cooking spray
2 12 Tbsp. no-salt-added tomato
2 tsp. minced onion
14 tsp. dried whole oregano
14 cup (1 ounce) shredded part
skim mozzarella cheese
2 tsp. grated Parmesan cheese
Place tortilla on a baking sheet
coated with cooking spray. Bake at
400 degrees for 3 minutes. Turn
tortilla; spread tomato sauce evenly
over tortilla, leaving a 12 inch bor
der around edgcSprinkle with onion,
oregano, and cheeses. Bake an addi
tional 5 minutes or until golden. Cut
into 4 wedges. Yield 4 servings (66
calories per serving).
3. Children of working mothers
have as much personal attachment to
their mothers as children of non
working mothers.
In other words, your work does
not have negative consequences for
yourchild. What is important is what
you are like when you are with your
child. If you ore guilty, worried and
frustrated, this may interfere with the
time mothers and children spend to
gether. Choose what is most important.
Do not increase your stress by wor
rying or feeling guilty about things
you cannot do. Accept your limita
tions and help your family accept
Take care of yourself. Your sense
You will also be responsible for mar
keting, advertising, bookkeeping,
taxes and many other aspects in
volved in managing a business.
Develop a business plan Be
fore you start your business, sit down
and write out what you want to do.
Writing a business plan helps you
think through your business idea and
decide if it will work.
Define your business This
definition docsn'tneed to be lengthy.
You should be able to summarize
what it is you intend to do, the image
your business will portray, and the
types of services you will offer.
Identify yourcustomcrs Define
your customers by geographic loca
tion, age, income, family size, sex,
lifestyle, etc. Your definition will
sunshine, water and nutrients from
the soil. If you plant seedlings too
close to each other, the vegetables
will not grow as large. Excessive
tops on radishes or other root crops
result from crowding.
Prune ornamental shrubs whenever needed
It's never too early or too late to
prune ornamental shrubs.
Homeowners can prune most or
namentals in the home landscape
whenever needed without endanger
ing the life of the shrub. However,
most pruning is best done either in
the late dormant season (early March)
or just after plants bloom.
Prune shade trees and summer
blooming shrubs in the dormant
season before growth starts. Prune
shrubs and trees that bloom early in
the spring soon after blooming.
The blooms of summer flowering
shrubs grow mostly on wood pro
duced the same season. Most late
blooming plants will produce better
flowers or fruits if pruned severely
each spring.
In the case of trees grown for
decorative fruit, the heavier the
new leaves as they appear in the
Leaf and twig blight in sycamores
causes the young leaves to turn brown
and die as they emerge from the buds.
Leaves that survive later develop
brown spots on either side of the
main leaf vein. The spots eventually
for all the weeds that compete with
Weeds are best controlled by
shallow and frequent cultivation,
ideally with a hoe. It may be hard
physical work, but it's more eco
nomical and efficient than modern
also avoid the use of fertilizers
containing weed killers.
logs and hoisting themselves into
canopies of 200-foot trees. They dug
holes, waded streams and netted
anything that flew. They found, ac
cording to the new report, more than
3,400 kinds of insects, mites, spiders,
millipedes and other arthropods
crawling, swimming, flying, bur
rowing and feeding in the 15,800
acre forest, run jointly by the U.S.
Forest Service and OSU.
"We are seeing some of the high-
43rd annual bull tour
Plan to attend Wasco County's
43rd Annual Bull Tour. This year's
tour will feature stops in the cen
tral portion of the county. If
youwish to join the caravan, our
main body will collect at the Dalles
Auction Yard and head south at
around 8:00 a.m.
Complete details and times for
each stop will be released soon,
but you can expect to see some
excellent cattle and hear about
body condition scoring, using
EPD's percentage cattle and han
dling equipment and facilities.
Plan on attending the famous steak
feed at days end. We think you 11
find the full tour to be a worth
while event
a large and growing group
of well-being is important. Schedule
one regular mgni a wcck iot youiscii.
If you are your last priority, you will
wear down quickly.
Spend quality time with your
child. Quality lime is time to: share
feelings; listen fully: hug. hold, show
love; explore, discover, learn; create
together, and share dreams, fantasies,
hopes. Plan to spend some quality
time each day with vour child, at the
breakfast table, before dinner, or at
Link work and parenthood. Talk
to your child (and husband) about
your job. Have them visit you at
work and get to know your co-workers.
If you are an employed mother,
you have token on a tough and excit
help you determine the types of ser
vice to offer as well as methods to
market and advertise to them.
Find your competitive edge
Who are your competitors? List their
advantages and disadvantages. De
termine the reasons why customers
will come to you instead of your
competition. This is your niche in the
Set objectives Objectives are
the starting points in planning. They
will change as your business changes.
By changing in response to outside
trends, your business is less likely to
Develop business skills There
are five types of skills needed in
Technical the service or product
Marketing the ability to teach
your customers.
Financial - the ability to maintain
and understand the importance of
controls and records.
Supervisory the ability to work
with employees, if any.
Management the ability to do the
planning as well as pricing and other
aspects of business.
pruning, the longer it will take for the
tree to bear fruit
Some shrubs to prune in early
spring include: hydrangea, roses,
pomegranate and shrubalthca.
Prune flowering fruit trees or
shrubs that bloom along the sides of
the branches or on spurs of last year's
wood in early spring before growth
starts. Remove excess branches and
water shoots or suckers. Pruning will 1
provide more light for the remaining
branches. Cotoneaster, firethorn,
holly, flowering quince and
hawthorne fall in this category.
Prune shrubs such as redtwig
dogwood, yellowtwig dogwood and
coralbark maple severely in early
spring to develop vigorous shoots
with young showy bark.
Prune early blooming shrubs and
trees immediately after the blossoms
can merge and cover most of the leaf.
Severe infections can cause the tree
to lose most of its leaves.
Willow twig blight causes brown
spots along the mid-ribs of new
leaves. The leaves become scorched
and withered and eventually drop.
Hawthorne leaf spot causes small
reddish-brown spots on the upper
surface of the leaves. After a wet
spring, the spots can be numerous
and the infection severe.
A copper fungicide spray is rec
ommended to help control these dis
eases. Apply the first spray when the
buds first open and the leaves are
unfolding. Spray two or tree more
times at 10 day intervals.
In addition, prune infected twigs
and branches, where possible, and
destroy them. Clean up and remove
fallen leaves and twigs regularly to
prevent reinfection.
est biological diversity reported from
any place, said John D. Lattin, di
rector of the OSU Systematic Ento
mology Laboratory in Corvallis.
"There are 143 known vertebrate
species, 460 plant species and 3,400
species of invertebrates in the HJ.
"There is a great deal more di
versity in temperate habitats than
people realize,' continued Lattin, a
co-author of the report.
Studies with invertebrates can help
scientists discern long-term, subtle
environmental trends, such as global
warming or ozone depletion, he ex
plained. "How can we tell year-to-year
variation in weather from global
warming unless we monitor from year
to year over many years? Inverte
brates give you a fine-grained im
pression of diversity because of the
sheer numbers," said Lattin. "On a
percentage basis, they make up about
87 percent of the biological diversity
of the forest"
The new publication, entitled "In
vertebrates of the H J. Andrews Ex
perimental Forest Western Oregon,
V: An Annotated List of Insects and
Other Arthropods," will serve as a
bank of information for scientists,
explained Tim Schowalter, forest
entomologist with the OSU Agri
ing challenge. If you arc a mother
who is trying to decide about em
ployment outside the home, you can
expect exciting and frustrating
changes in your life. If you are a
mother who chooses not to work
outside the home, know that you have
chosen in child care and home man
agement, a very demanding and im
portant job with its own rewards and
Registration is now open for the
16th annual Oregon State University
(OSU) Gerontology Conference
April 14 and 15 in Corvallis, reports
Clara Pratt, director of the OSU
gerontology program.
Theme of this year's conference
is "Aging: Negotiating Change" and
features sessions of interest to fami
lies caring for older relatives and
older persons as well as profession
als working in the gerontology field,
she points out
Workshops on such topics as
"Negotiated Risk: Choices and
Change your
Losing a job is traumatic, whether
it means loss of the entire family
income or a second income upon
which your family's standard of liv
ing depends. Is there anything you
can do to case the burden of such a
crisis? Definitely yes.
Once you're over the initial shock,
don't panic. It will do no good to
blame yourself or think the world has
come to an end. Blaming your spouse
lor what has happened or taking out
your frustrations on your family will
not help. Make what credit payments
you can. Face the reality that you are
unemployed as soon as possible so
you can make plans for finding new
Remember, when you lose your
have faded. Cut out the older,
branched or twiggy growth. These
shrubs will grow new wood and form
fruit or flower buds before the end of
the growing season. Included here
are camellias, dcutzia, forsythia, li
lac, spirea, moonlight broom and
flowering plum.
Pruning prevents shrubs from be
coming overgrown and formless. It
also keeps plants healthy by remov
ing dead, diseased or injured wood
and improves the quality of the plant
Personalized bricks for the Fair's
Fountain Plaza area are still available
for sale and, if ordered by May 30,
will be installed for the 1992 Fair.
Please contact the Fair office by mail:
2330 17th Street NE, Salem, Oregon
97310,orbyphone: (503)378-3247.
Those who bought bricks during
the 1991 Fair will be able to see the
"real thing" during this year's Fair
which is August 27 through Sep
Grass tetany in
We've had a couple cases of grass
tetany in beef cattle reported already
and you should be aware of this po
tential problem.
Grass tetany most often occurs in
cows nursing calves under two
months of age. It also occurs when
grass or grass hay make up a large
portion of the diet Cloudy, windy,
rainy weather with temperatures be
tween 40 and 60 degrees seems to
affect both the cow and the grass she
consumes. Recent conditions fit those
parameters nicely.
Feeding legume or legume-grass
hay mixtures seldom result in tetany
because of the higher levels of mag
cultural Experiment Station. The 168-
page report contains information on
habitat function, plant or animal host
relative abundance and literature ref
erences. "This type of information is get
ting hotter as we are becoming more
concerned with species conserva
tion," said Schowalter, also a co
author of the report.
Schowalter studied the inverte
brates living high in the canopy of
the forest Using ropes and pulleys to
hoist themselves into the giant tree
canopies, technicians captured many
kinds of invertebrates hundreds of
feet off the ground.
"The biggest surprise was what a
complex food web was up there in
the tree tops," said Schowalter.
"There were lichens and fungi in
tercepting nutrients from the air and
canopy detritus as well as foliage.
Herbivores ate the plants, then
predators and decomposers all
cleaned up before anything ever
reached the forest floor.
"The number of species we have
up there in old growth western
hemlock and Douglas fir canopies is
quite impressive," said Schowalter.
The diversity of tin critters like
springtails and miles in a small patch
of forest floor surprised ecologist
Andrew Moldenke.
conference set
Challenges," "Dilemmas of Depen
dency," and adapting to low vision
and hearing loss will be of general
interest to anyone seeking to under
stand the aging process, Pratt be
lieves. Keynote speaker will be Jim
Heyncn, Seattle, writcr-in-residcncc
at Lewis and Clark College. Heyncn
is the author of "One Hundred Over
100," a collection of interviews with
100 Americans who have passed the
age of 100. He will speak Tuesday
morning, April 14.
Early registration is ad visablc, she
standard of living after job loss
You can still control your fi
nancial situation, if you plan care
fully. File a claim for unemployment
insurance benefits.
Talk with your family. Discuss
what is important and, work with
them to make adjustments. Try not to
default on payment
Be prepared to change your
Course offered
"Living in a House of the 90s..." a
community education course offer
ing practical suggestions for eco
logical living.
Our housing choices and lifestyle
impact the environment The chal
lenge of the 90s is to maintain
affordability and quality of life while
reducing environmental impacts.
To address these issues, a four
evening course entitled, "Living in a
90s House" will offer participants
methods for integrating energy con
scrvation, solidhousehold hazardous
waste, water conservation and home
safety strategics to create a home that
works for them and the environment
The course will be offered during
four consecutive Tuesdays, begin
ning April 4, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The
course is offered through the Central
Oregon Community College (COCC)
Community Education program in
bricks for sale
tember 7.
Bricks can be bought by individu
als, companies or by families. A quick
survey of the bricks already bought
and laid shows that bricks are bought
by a variety of people: past and
present employees and commission
ers of the Fair, Fair exhibitors and
concessionaires, and others who have
strong tics to the Fair.
beef cattle a potential problem
nesium found in the legume hay. But
in open winters such as this, we find
the grass is growing rapidly and early,
and presents a tempting choice to
When a cow begins to suffer
tetany, you may see the animal be
come excitable, with ears erect and
they may appear to be blind. They
also lose coordination and stagger
and go down. Once down, they may
experience muscle trembling, grind
ing teeth and violent convulsions.
Death may follow.
Positive diagnosis is difficult be
cause a number of other diseases
may cause similar signs. You may
east of Eugene
'We found an unbelievable diver
sity of critters in the soil," said
Moldenke, research associate in
OSU's entomology department. "We
found 200 to 250 different creatures
in one square meter. You can't even
find that in the tropics.
"Although we probably know
more about the H.J. Andrews than
any other forest in the world, we still
don't know much," said Moldenke.
"Many of the creatures we found
have nevereven been given scientific
names yet," he said.
The high biodiversity of inverte
brates in streams and other aquatic
environments of the Andrews didn't
surprise Norman Anderson, aquatic
entomologist with the OSU Agricul
tural Experiment Station, another co
author of the report
"In the Pacific Northwest we have
a greater diversity of habitats than
many places," explained Anderson.
"We have a large change in elevation,
small streams running all the way to
big rivers, It's our topography that
gives us our variety."
Available by writing the U.S.
Forest Service Pacific Northwest
Research Station, Publications Di
vision, 333 S.W.lst Ave., 6th Floor,
Robert Duncan Plaza, P.O. Box 3890,
Portland, OR 97208. Ask for General
Technical Report PNW-GTR-290.
Information provided by:
Warm Springs OSU
Extension Office
1131 Paiuto Street
for April 14,15
notes, because workshops are filled
as registrations are received. Confer
ence registration is 563 or $60 for
persons 65 or older. Continuing
education credits are available for
nursing home administrators, nurses,
social workers and certified home
Copies of the program, and the
registration form, are available from
county offices of the OSU Extension
Service or from Patsy Vaughn, con
ference coordinator, OSU, LaSells
Stewart Center, Corvallis 97331
3102, telephone 737-2402.
standard of living, temporarily, so
you don't give up essentials.
Devise a plan for finding new
More detailed information is
available at the Warm Springs Ex
tension Office in a free publication
entitled: "What to Do it You Lose
Your Job," EC1 059.
to community
conjunction with the OSU Extension
5503. For more information about
the program contact Tom Wykcs at
"We're talkin Big"
theme for 1992
Oregon State Fair
"We're Talkin' BIG" is the theme
for the 1992 Oregon State Fair. This
theme underscores the Fair's long
time nickname of the "Big One."
The Fair's poster, brochure and
print ads will include the theme and
a big, proud rooster. The rooster will
also grace some the Fair's souvenir
items which will be on sale during
the twelve-day event
The only thing missing is a name
for the rooster. The fair is seeking
help from all Oregon elementary
school children, kindergarten through
sixth grade in naming the rooster.
The Fair Advisory Commission will
choose the best name and the winner
will receive a family packet to the
Fair which includes four one-day
admission tickets, one parking pass
and 10 ride tickets.
The winning name will be an
nounced in the next issue of the
Showcase which is due in early Au
gust want your vet to test blood samples
from the affected animal and others
in the herd as well, to get an idea of
the herd status. Ask the vet to check
the magnesium levels in the blood
samples. Sizable dosesof magnesium
(or magnesium sulfates) may be
recommended. Cattle in the early
stages of tetany should be handled
carefully to keep them from getting
As for prevention, be sure that
you keep plenty of magnesium min
eral available from October to May.
Don't let cattle graze grass too early;
mature grasses have higher concen
trations of magnesium than do young
grass plants. Graze legume or le
gume grass pastures first or at least
graze the least susceptible cows on
the grass first Heifers, dry cows or
cows with calves older than four
months are less likely to develop
Keep accurate records. Cows that
have tetany once are likely to repeat
and there is some tendency for the
trait to be heritable. Avoid grazing
susceptible animals on early grass
pastures or on cereal pastures, as
these tend to be the most often as
sociated with grass tetany.
One goal of cattlemen everywhere
is to bunch their calving season into
a nice short time frame. One method
to do so is to shorten the time between
calving and the cow beginning to
cycle again for rebreeding.
Tests at Nebraska show that by
exposing your cows to a bull two to
three weeks after calving can speed
up cycling by as much as 20 days
compared to cattle not exposed. In
addition, cows in moderate body
condition were more responsive to
bull exposure than cows in high body
condition at calving.
The average starting dates of the
cycles was 61 .8 days from parturition
for cows exposed to young bulls,
59.5 days forcows exposed to mature
bulls, and 72.3 days for cows not
exposed, a little simple management
can help you get your herd reproduc
ing sooner.