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    OR. COLL.
v. 17
no. 3
Ft-t.ru ir y
P.O. But 170
Warm Sprlnpi. OK 97761
Address Correction Requested
I'.S. Pritife
Bulk Kile Prrmil No. 2
W.rm Sprint. OK 9771
pilyay Tymoo
News from the Warm Springs Indian Reservation
-t -iii J -TT1" '
Vol. 17 No. 3
Coyote News
In Brief
AIDS on the Increase
The number of AIDS cases
among native Americans
has risen dramatically in
recent years.
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Seniors plan for future
Three high school seniors
talk about enjoyable school
years, now almost behind
them, and contemplate the
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Old photos tell Ceillo story
Chief Tommy Thompson
and Celilo of years past are
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Shelter Important when
finances tight
Priority should be given to
housing when bills are
analyzed. Explain situation to
those to whom money is owed.
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Annual Tourney won by
Eleventh Annual Leather
Sleeve Championship tourney
held at Warm Springs
Community Center last
weekend resulted in
Pendleton taking the trophy.
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Valentine's Day celebrated
Many Spilyay readers send
Valentine's greetings to loved
Deadline for the next
Issue of Spilyay Tymoo
Is February 14, 1992
from the
Spilyay Tymoo
P.O. BOX 870, WARM SPRINGS, OR 97761 FEBRUARY 7, 1992
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7hj Dance o fne Od Men entertained the audience at the Lamanlte Generation presentation February 4 at the Community Center.
Students improve grades by spending more time studying Jgx Workshop tO be held
One of the '90s most frequently
asked questions is, "Why do Ameri
can students lag so far behind their
counterparts in other countries?"
According to the 22nd Annual Sur
vey of High Achievers, conducted
by Who's Who Among American
High School Students, one reason is
that more than half of America's best
high school students, 56 percent,
study less than seven hours per week
- less than one hour a day - while only
21 percent study more than 1 1 hours
per week. And these are A and B
"It's no mystery why our students
are falling behind students in other
countries," stated Paul Krouse, pub
lisher of Who's Who Among Ameri
can High School Students. "They
spend 30 percent less time in school
than their peers in other western de
mocracies and they aren't being
challenged by soft curricula."
While students feel there are
problems in our education system,
they don't feel their own schools are
at fault. Nearly three-quarters (73
percent) say Japan's education sys
tem is stronger than ours, but almost
the same percentage (75 percent) rate
the quality of education at their own
school as excellent or good. While
55 percent express great concern
about the condition of public educa
tion in the United States, only 38
percent of public school students
would select a different school if
given thechoice. If they had to choose
another school, more than 61 percent
of the public school students would
choose another public school.
The students give their own
teachers very mixed grades when
asked to rank their qualifications.
Although 68 percent say most of
their teachers know the subject matter
and 60 percent say most of their
tpnrhers annear to cniov their work,
only 36 percent say most of their
teachers know how to teach and less
than 23 percent say most of their
teachers make class interesting.
Nearly half of the students (49 per
cent) say only some of their teachers
communicate well, and an almost
equal percentage (48 percent) say
only some of their teachers make
them work harder.
So what is the solution to our lack
of success in the classroom? Ac
cording to those surveyed, raising
student's and teacher's expectations
and standard would improve the
overall quality of education in their
schools. Although three-quarters (75
percent) say a longer school year
would not improve the quality of
education they receive, 83 percent
think more rigorous professional
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A tax preparation workshop will
be held this year. Glenn Munroe of
Isler Company will be available to
assist tribal members in preparing
tax returns. It is scheduled for Feb
ruary 1 1-12, 1992. The location will
be announced at a later date. A new
service has been added this year
electronic refunds, allowing faster
To register for the workshop call
Vesta Hudson at 553-3213. This ser
vice is being provided by the Tribe to
tribal members at no fee.
16th Annual
Lincoln's Birthday Pow Wow
February 7, 8 & 9, 1992
Longhouse - Slmnasho, Oregon
Everyone Welcome
Parent club will be co-hosting a
Valentine making workshop
with the Community Center on Thursday 213 at
6:30pm. Children and adults are welcome to come
create a special something tor tneir
valentines, moms, dads, grandparents and friends,
supplies win oe proviaea. rn
Fun for the kids and a great chance for adults M
to share some fun with them. nQ
Don't Miss It!!1
2:00 and 7:30 p.m.
2:00 p.m.
U Friday
7:30 p.m.
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deceived on: 02-12-92
Spilyay tymoo.
Fancy and Traditional
(point ayatemj
7-12 yr: old Boy $ Glrlt
3-17 yrt. old Boy t Glrlt
I A over Mn 4 Women
Quoihpemt Sitter Jingle Dance
end Herb Stwyer
Recognition ewerd
Gret Dance
(point ayttamj
(point yttem;
Senior Citizen
Tiny Tot 6 4 Under
Royalty Recognition