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(The way it is)
Letters to the Editor
"Spifyajf Spealts" Lamanite Generation to appear February 4
In a significant study by some
consultants regarding the eco
nomic condition of the Tribes to
day the one thing that is shown is
that the "Well-to-do" are in better
shape now and the middle class
are still struggling.
The first step was to shut down
the plywood operation here. This
transition created all sorts of
problems. It laid many, many men
and women off and out of work.
People started to talk of Tribal
Preference. There arc some who
don't blame the economy but
blame the way things are being
handled around here. No one re
ally knows what's going on or
who is to accept the responsibility
of everything that has taken place.
What makes matters worse, all
these decisions and arrangements that are being made and then these
consultants can step away and leave without any more problems, but
it's the ones who live here day after day who will still feel the effect
of what's been done. We arc the ones that will still face the everyday
problems that have been created.
Individuals inquire about the chip trucks being sold to certain
companies without advertising the sales or discussing the whole
situation with the tribal membere as to the sale of these trucks. It has
been said that the used truck market sales are overloaded and the prices
are at the lowest point at the present time. We should hold on to those
trucks until the market value is better before selling them and not let
someone line their pockets buying these trucks at the present time.
Now, it is also said that certain companies arc being considered to
haul the chips on a contract basis and this too is without consultation
of the tribal membership or offering the operation up for bids.
No one knows who's responsible for what anyrnore.lt appears that
every time you turn around there is a new person in charge of certain
operations, but yet won't accept any responsibility of making any
Wasn't the main purpose of the Tribes purchasing the mill in the
first place to "strive to improve living, social and economic conditions
among tribal members, while at the same time efficiently and exclu
sively using the tribal resource was, and remains, a paramount goal of
the Tribes?"
The way things look is like, "Here I am, you scratch my back and
I'll scratch yours." and let's scaddle out of here. It would be nice if
someone would step fourth and explain in Lay-mens terms as to just
what's taking place and not blame someone who will not accept the
responsibility of making such decisions on any thing that has
happened.. .AHH-NAHH-CHI-TOON...
Have you seen missing dogs?
To the editor,
I would just like to let whoever
knows about our two rottwieler
puppies that were taken off the
property we are staying on, at
Tommie St. Two pretty black with
brown patches underneath the mouth
and on the legs, 1 female & 1 male.
were like family to me and my 4
children, the kids were the ones who
took care of them. In fact, most of the
payments were made from the kids.
We tell ourselves that they're gone,
but we still feel for them and wish we
still had them.
We're willing to give a reward for
our dogs. The dogs were taken De
cember 18 or the 19, during that
week. The male dog also had a green
collar around his neck.
If youhaveany information about
our dog's (puppies) you can call us at
An Australian Aborigine returned home to his country after touring the
U S. and told his fellow tnbesmen of a strange sight he seen. There was
this room called the Court Room. And one man sat quietly all the tune
people who ignored the one who was doing all the talking and condemned
the man who hadn't said a work." YTKES
A Russian was visiting the US also and was equally confused by the
legal system. He said, "It is most strange, at night they lock up the jury
while the defendent goes home." YTKES
A Census Taker drove out into the boondocks of the South when he
pulled up in front of a farm house. There was this farmer rockin' back and
fourth said, "whatcha selling Sonny?"
The Census Taker said, "I'm not selling anything, I m just trying to see
how many people live in the United Stated." t
The Farmer replied. "I'm afraid you wasted your time ah coming out
here., because I haven't the faintest idea." YTKES
To the editor,
On February 4, 1992 the Culture
& Heritage Department is sponsoring
a one night performance of the
Lamanite Generation from Provo,
Utah. The group consists of 45
members, and the show will last ap
proximately 2 hours.
The performance will be held at
the Warm Springs Community Cen
ter, with the doors opening at 7:00
p.m. sharp, with the performance
starting at 7:30 p.m. sharp. We are
recommending that those who plan
on attending come long before the
doors open, because in 1987 the
center filled up to capacity in 25
The purpose of our fund raising
efforts, is to raise funds to cover all
expenses related to the performance,
with the largest being the perfor
mance fee of $1800.00. We also have ,
to provide them with meals and
lodging, plus other needs.
Your contribution, which can be
items to use as prizes in our raffle, or
donations to help pay expenses, or as
a volunteer selling raffle tickets or a
committee member, will be greatly ,
I can pick items and donations up
if you will call me at the Culture &
Heritage Department, or you can
come by. We're located at the
Community Center nextdoor to Early
Our fund raising efforts will prob
ably meet our expenses, because
many businesses are already partici
pating through their donations, and
' ill
New Zealand dances entertain audience at Lamanite Generation performance.. Scheduled performance in Warm
Springs is February 4 at 7:00 p.m. :
Fran Moses-Ahem is allowing us to Your contribution will insure that and the time and location will be ;
use the center at no cost, and the we don't have to charge a fee at the announced.
Warm Springs Johnson O'Malley door, and we can have a free perfor- Thank you.
Committee has provided us witn a mancc so everyone can aiienu.
substantial donation. This support The raffle drawing will take place
has got us off to a good start. on February 3, which is a Monday,
Art McConville, 3
Project Coordinator
Thanks for help, donations Tournament successful
To my mom & Mr. Elston and
Baptist Church family,
I'd like to thank each and every
one of you all who donated food and
other items to me and mv family
Li'l Red finds home
Congratulations to the MarkFritsch
family. May you and Li'l Red share
many miles together.
Happy Birthday Mom!
Saturday, January 11, 1992
We love you,
Sky, Saphronia & Toya
" during our recent fire loss. It was
greatly appreciated.
Without your help we wouldn't
have made it. I want to thank all my
aunties Lucille, Linda, Ellen and
Melinda for the tapes, we sure enjoy
And a bunch of thanks.
With love, George, Lizzie,
Thomas, Leticia, Odell
Comfort appreciated ,
To the editor:
I would like to take this time to
thank the people for all the prayers
and help when my son, Tony "Tiger"
VanPelt got hurt at the mill. His stay
at the hospital was a very trying time
for all of us without all your love
and prayers, we would not have kept
ourselves together.
First, his wife, Tates, I really do
love you, you stood by, never left his
side even when you needed rest.
Poopsie (Omar), for being there with
a helping hand. Auntie Betty, Uncle
Frank, we do know you are family.
Neda, I couldn't have held together
without you, my children love you ,
for all your closeness, for that's what
life is all about, you do need each
Thank you Garry for being with
all of us. Ellen and the rest of you
will not be forgotten in my thankful
prayers, for we do have a lot to be
thankful for, (this happened during
Thanksgiving). Also Kah-Nee-Ta for
all your support, Ron, Cindy and
Thank you all,
Love Eliza Brown
(Anthony Jay VanPelt's
To the editor,
The Li'l Lady Vols tournament
on the week-end of December 21st
went good. We would like to thank
the parents for supporting their
children, the children that are par
ticipants really like it when you're
there for them. Also, would like to
thank Rainbow Market for their do
nation, thank the parents of the Li'l
Lady Vols for the bake sale goods,
thank the can drive donators, thank
all the helpers at the tournament,
special thanks to Jay Suppah and
Spike Flowers for their bookkeeping
and refereeing.
Tournament standing: The Co-
lumbia River Bears came out with
1st place T-shirts, 2 all stars Marissa
Kalama and Darlene Frank. The Li'l
Lady Vols came out with 2nd place
T-shirts, 2 all stars Teralee Suppah
and Kelli Miller. The Columbia River
Li'l Bears came out with 3rd place
T-shirts, 10 sportsmanship T-shirts,
2 all stars Melanie Smith and Tonya
Tewee. The White Swan Team came
out with 4th place T-shirts, 2 all stars
Ronnie Billy and Traci Swan. The
Simnasho team came out with 5th
place T-shirts, 2 all stars Fawn Begay
and Tera Wallulatum.
We would like the public to know
that we will be holding another 12 &
Under Girls Tournament on Febru
ary 8 & 9. '
Ronnie Suppah
Thank you for help
To the editor, t
I want to thank the officer, the
ambulance driver and whoever else
came to help me Saturday night when
Albert got hurt. He will be okay in a
few days. From my heart, thank you.
It meant so much.
Carol Comedown
GED completion announced
To th editor, 1 Congratulations Chad!
In December, my brother Chad R.
Smith completed his High School
Education through G.E.D.
Working to complete a G.E.D.
test is a very trying accomplishment.
An even greater accomplishment is
being strong in resisting the influ
ences that continually tempted him
to quit. Never lose thatdetermination,
Chad as you go forward through the
struggles of life.
Love your sis,
Sherri Smith
Happy 8th Birthday,
Margie Ann!
January 3, 1992
Love, Brother Sky, Sister
Saphronia & Baby Toya
Tourney assistance helpful
To the editor,
At this time on behalf of the
Blackhawks Boys Basketball team
to say a very big "thank you" to J.T.
and Lucille for helping to transport
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libelous statements.
some of the team up to Muckleshoot
12 & Under Tourney December 14
and 15.
Results of our games were: L 24
36 to Mission; W 32-27 over Tahola
Chitwins; L 18-35 to Flyin Eagles;
W 35-28 over Tahola T-Bulls; W 23
22 over Tahola Chitwins.
David Rodriguez received an All
Star Sweatshirt and Michael Hellon
received Ball Hog awards. The team
had a good time and were happy to
receive the "Last Chance" wind
breakers. We also look forward to hosting
the Blackhawk Shootout '92 possibly
January 25 & 26. Six boys and six
girls teams 13 & Under will be par
ticipating in this play for fun round
robin tourney.
Again thank you J.T. and Lucille.
Sam Kentura,
Blackhawks coach
Tribal Council Agenda
Monday, January 13, 1992
9:00 a.m. - Business I
9:30 a.m. - Warm Springs Forest Products Industry Progress Report
1 :30 p.m. - M?rk PhillipsConference Call :
2:00 p.m. - Water Negotiations Update
4:00 p.m. - Tribal Member Preference - Review ?
Tuesday, January 14, 1992 5
9:00 a.m. - Business
9:30 a.m. - Economic Development $
1 1 :00 a.m. - Review Tribal Council Compensation (pay) ;:
1 :30 p.m. - Endangered Species Act r
Wednesday, January 1 5, 1 992
9:00 a.m. - Chief Judge Costello
Thursday, Friday, January 16, 17, 1992 ;
9:00 a.m. - Warm Springs Forest Products Industry Workshop -
Bend, OR "
Monday, January 20, 1992 "
9:00 a.m. - BusinessMinutes : '
9:30 a jn. - Warm Springs Forest Products Industry Progress Report 1
1:30 p.m. -Mark PhillipsConference Call . :
2:30 p.m.'-Deschutes River Update
Tuesday, January 21, 1992 .
9:00 a.m. - Oregon State University SMILE Program
1:30 p.m. - Tribal Membership Preference - Proposed Resolution
Wednesday, January 22, 1992
9:00 a-m. - Tribal Council and Warm Springs Power Enterprise
Joint Meeting: Gcothermal