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    Spilyay Tymoo
Warm Springs, Oregon
June 29, 1990 PAGE 5
Help your
Children with summerjobs learn
about a tot of things, including
It's important for parents to help
children learn. W-4 forms and with
holding information on paycheck
stubs can be difficult for first-tme
workers, but understanding what's
required and how the tax system
works is an important personal
finance lesson.
Most children will fall in the IS
percent tax bracket, which covers
taxable income up to $ 19.450. Their
first $3,230 of earnings in 1990 will
Clean wood surfaces carefully
Wooden counter tops or cutting
boards aren't the best choice from
a food safety standpoint; an acrylic
cutting board is better. But many
people have wooden countcrtops
or cutting boards and the following
steps will ensure the best food
safety conditions when wooden sur
faces are used.
After each use, the surface should
be thoroughly cleaned with soap
and water and then rinsed with
clear water. Soap residue on very
large cutting boards or attached
counterstops should be removed
by wiping with a cloth wrung out in
clear water. Avoid damage to the
wood by drying the surface with a
clean towel after rinsing.
Whenever raw meat, poultry or
sea food come into contact with the
countertop or cutting board, the
soap-and-water cleaning should be
followed with a rinse in clear water
and then scrubbing the entire sur
face with a stiff-bristle brush and a
Here's how
to hand wash
Have you avoided buying a piece
of clothing because of two little
words, "hand wash," on the label?
Although it may sound myste
rious to someone who has never
taken care of his or her own
clothes, hand washing is easy.
Here's what to do:
1 . Fill a basin, large bowl or plas
tic dishpan with warm water.
2. Add a capful or tablespoon of
liquid or dry detergent.
3. Immerse the item. If it's wool,
let it soak three minutes without
agitation. Otherwise, rub the item
together against itself in the stained
areas. If the fabric is especially del
icate, don't be overly enthusiastic
or rough with this step.
4. Squeeze the excess water out
of the item, and drain the soapy
water from the basin.
5. Refill the basin with fresh
water and slosh the item in the
basin of water to rinse out soapy
residue. Repeat until the foam is
6. Hang on a plastic hanger over
the tub of shower drain to drip dry
unless it is wool or loosely knit. If
it's wool or knit, spread it out on
plastic to dry.
Summertime recipes offered
Barbecued Kabobs
Complete relaxationwhole-meal
kabobs broiled with a quick zesty
!4 cup minced onion
2 Tbsp. cooking oil
1 can (6 ounces) tomato juice
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 Tbsp. cider vinegar
Dash cayenne
4 small red potatoes, halved
1 large green pepper
2 small onions
1 can (12 ounces) SPAM, cubed
8 mushrooms
In small saucepan, saute onion
in oil until trasnparent. Add tomato
juice, brown sugar, vinegar and
cayenne; bring to a boil. Lower
heat and simmer barbecue sauce,
uncovewred, 10 minutes. Wash
potatoes but do not peel. Cook in
small amount of boiling salted water
until tender; drain. Seed and cut
green pepper into 16 pieces. Cut
each onion into 4 wedges. Alter
nate potato, green pepper, SPAM,
mushrooms and onions on long
skewers. Place on broiling pan;
brush with barbecue sauce. Broil at
least three inches from heat source
15 minutes, turning and brushing
with sauce after 5 and 10 minutes.
Makes four servings.
Best Ever Baked Beans
The right seasonings transform
canned baked beans.
2 medium onions, chopped
I Tbsp. butter or margarine
Jefferson Count Fair
Jul 25-29, 1990
working chi
be tax-lree it they claim a standard
If not claimed as a dependent on
their parent's tax return they also
would receive the $2,050 personal
exemption on 1990 taxes. But. if
claimed by their parents, they would
receive only the standard deduction.
It is recommended parents check
their children's W-4 form for the
number of exemptions claimed for
withholding purposes. Taxes may
'be withheld from summer pay
checks as if the wages arc coming in
year around. If income is for the
summer only, it makes sense to
solution of one tablespoon chlo
rine bleach to a gallon of water.
You may find this task easier if
you mix up the chlorine bleach and
water solution and store a jug or
squirt bottle of it near your dish
detergent. Be sure to label the
Periodically, you will want to
protect the wood surface with a
thin layer of mineral oil. The more
you use your wood surface the
more you will need to reoil it, but
even heavily used surfaces don't
need reoiling more than once a
Rub the mineral oil into the
wood surface with a clean rag and
remove any excess oil with a dry
rag after 30 minutes. Mineral oil
can be purchased at any drug store.
Although vegetable oils, expecially
olive oil, can be used to protect the
wood, mineral oil has the advan
tage because it doesn't become
sticky when exposed to air.
Blender drinks provide nutrition
Lemon Fruit Flip
I can (12 ounces) strawberry or
apricot nectar, chilled
Grated peel of xh fresh lemon
Juice of I fresh lemon
I medium banana, cut in chunks
l cup crushed ice
Va cup instant nonfat dry milk
1 to 2 Tbsp. sugar or honey.
In blender, combine all ingre
dients; blend until smooth. Gar
nish with lemon wedges and fresh
mint leaves, if desired. Makes four
6-ounce servings.
About 1 14 calories per serving
Orange Icecream Shake
2 oranges, peeled, cut in bite-size
1 cup vanilla ice cream
V tsp. pumpkin pie spice
In blender, combine all ingre
dints; blend until smooth. Makes
Flea beetles can mean trouble
Hungry flea beetles may be
small, but in large numbers, they
pack a big appetite.
When enough of these pests get
together, it means trouble for
home gardens.
2 can (1 pound each) vegetarian
beans in tomato sauce
1 Tbsp. chili sauce
1 Tbsp. molasses
Vi tsp. chili powder
I can (12 ounces) SPAM, cubed
Saute onions in butter until
transparent. In 1 '2-quart casserole,
combine onions, beans, chili sauce,
molasses, and chili powder; stir to
mix well. StirinSPAM. Coverand
bake in 400 degree oven for 35
Microwave directions: Combine
onions and butter in I '2-quart cas
serole; microwave 2 minutes. Stir;
microwave another two minutes.
Add remaining ingredients. Mic
rowave 1 0 minutes, stirring after 4
and 8 minutes. Cover and let stand
5 minutes.
Training set
Camp Counselor Training, July
13, 14 and 15, 1990 at Trout Lake
for 10th, Nth and 12th graders.
For more information contact:
Arlene or Tina at the OSU Exten
sion office, 553-3238. Sign up
Test your
pressure canner
Pressure Canner Testing, Thurs
day morning only at the Warm
Springs Extension office. You may
just leave the lid, pick up later.
Idren understand taxes
have less withheld and more income
available to spend and save while
your child is working.
Employers' withholding tables
on the W-4 form can help you cal
culate theappropriatc withholding
If the job involves tips, it's
important that your teenager keeps
track of them and report them If
Mustard stains on clothes can be removed
You're at a summer picnic or
ballgame when the mustard spills
on your shirt or blouse. What to
do? First, carefully blot up the
excess or let it dry and scrape away.
Don't rub the mustard into the
fabric while trying to remove the
Keep 4-Hers busy
Riding in a police helicopter.
Shooting the Hooch. Painting a
picture. Observing birds of prey.
Role playing leadership situations.
Hiking a mountain. Examining a
mineral collection. Hitting a bull's
eye or catching a fish. These are all
things you might find Clayton
County 4-H'ers doing at Summer
Keeping 4-H'ers busy with 4-H
activities throughout the summer.
Careful planning ensures a combi
nation of fun and educational
opportunities. The steps are basic.
Choose a theme: Something
kids will identify with a popular
phrase.character etc.
Plan a variety of enticing activi
ties: Include a range in fees -some
two 8-ounce servings.
Variation: Substitute juice of 2
fresh oranges (23 cup) for bite
size pieces. Makes two 6-ounce
Citrus Mint Tea Cooler
1 cup boiling water
3 tea bags
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh mint leaves
13 cup sugar
2 cups cold water
Juice of three fresh lemons 02 cup)
Juice of one fresh grapefruit
Ice Cubes
Pour boiling water over tea bags
and mint leaves. Steep five min
utes; strain. Add sugar, stir to dis
solve. Add cold water, lemon juice
and grapfruit juice. Serve over ice.
Garnish with lemon cartwheel sli
ces and fresh mint leaves, if desired.
Makes four 8-ounce servings.
Flea beetles feed on the leaves of
garden plants, especially tomato
and potato plants, and either con
sume the leaves completely or rid
dle them thoroughly with small
holes. The riddling effect is called
Cotton sheets
may be more
If you're uncomfortable sleeping
on hot summer nights, it may not
be just the weather. It could be syn
thetic fibers in your bedding. Cot
ton or cotton blends are absorbent
and provide comfort. The higher
the percent of cotton in the blend,
the more absorbent the fabric will
be. And 100 percent cotton sheets,
besides being comfortable, are less
likely to pill (form hard fuzz balls
on the surface) than polyester cot
ton blends, adds Ardis Koester,
OSU Extension textiles and clo
thing specialist.
All cotton sheets are increasing
ly available in stores or can be ob
tained through mail order outlets.
They won't be as durable as polyes
tercotton blends.
(Ready to Eat) per Serving (sucrose and per Serving per Serving
simple sugars)
All Bran 12 18 260 70
Cap'n Crunch 16 43 220 120
Cneerios 15 1 290 110
Chex Cereals 16 1 210 300 110
Cookie Crisp 22 46 190 110
Corn Flakes 11 1 280 110
Frosted Flakes 14 40 200 110
Fruity Marsh
mallow Krispies 19 61 210 140
Grape Nuts 12 1 190 110
Kix 19 11 290 110
Life 14 21 180 120
Lucky Charms 18 38 150 110
Pebbles 21 46 160 110
fluffed Wheat 6 - - 50
(?aisin Bran
(Kellogg's) 18 36 220 120
Pee Knspies 15 10 290 110
Shredded Wheat 13 no
Wheaties 13 10 270 110
Cream of Wheat 8 100
Ouck Oats 8 100
Instant Quick 23 30 200 165
Quaker f 1ovora3)
your child earns more than S20 in
tips with any one employer in a
month, he or she is expected to
declare the total as income to the
boss by the 10th day of the follow
ing month.
A daily diary or a copy of IRS
Form 4070-A ( Employee's Daly
Record of Tips) is handy for keep
ing track of this cash income.
excess. Mustard spills are difficult
to remove because they are a dye
At home, prctreat the stain with
a heavy-duty liquid laundry deter
gent. Then rinse thoroughly. Soak
the stained garment in a dilute
free, if at all possible.
Promote the program: A pro
gram booklet based on the theme
can provide all the information 4
H'ers and parents need. Colorful
T-shirts sporting the theme are real
eye-catchers (easy to spot in a
crowd) and proceeds can help fund
transportation and supplies.
Recruit volunteers: Include a
parent volunteer registration form
along with 4-H'crs registration.
Make the paperwork as simple
as possible: Register, collect fees
and insurance forms; make up ros
ters for each class.
Have fun: Surely you've
planned activities you enjoy, too!
Relax and get to know your 4
H'ers. Lemon Melon Mist
xh cup diced honeydew or canta
loupe melon
V2 cup lime sherbet
xh cup crushed ice
Juice of '$ fresh lemon
1 Tbsp. light corn syrup
In blender, combine all ingre
dients; blend until smooth. Gar
nish with lemon half-cartwheel slice
and melon ball, if desired. Makes
one 8-ounce serving.
One-day quilt
class set
Quilt-in-a-day class, lovers knot
pattern, July 14, 1990 from 8:30
a.m. - until finished at the 4-H
Come join us we are very suc
cessful with several finished quilts.
Sign up at the OSU Extension
office or call 553-3238.
"leaf shot."
These beetles are brown to black
in color and about the same size as
fleas. Like fleas, the beetles move
by jumping.
The best way to bring these small
insects under control is to start
treatment of infested plants as
soon as holes in leaves are noticed.
Continue treatment weekly until
the damage stops.
Pesticides effective for control
ling flea beetles are rotenone, Sevin
and Thiodan. Be sure to follow all
label directions when using pest
icides. Direct treatment of plant stems
or vines where they enter the soil.
Several applications of pesticides
may be required to stop extensive
flea beetle damage.
Cool weather
The cool weather in May and
June this year has increased the
likelihood of vegetable bolting in
many home gardens.
A vegetable has bolted when it
develops a seed stalk instead of
producing the vegetable the plant
is erown for.
Bolting is often a problem with
solution of all-fabric powdered
bleach. Powdered bleach packages
have directions lor doing color
fastness tests if the garment is col
ored or has a printed design.
If the stain is still visible, and the
garment is white or colorfast, pre
pare to soak the garment in a dilute
solution of liquid chlorine bleach
and water. Measure the quantity of
water to cover the garment. Mix
water and chlorine bleach at the
rate of I cup of liquid bleach to I
quart of water.
Remember that bleach can alter
the color of a fabric as well as the
stain. Bleach the whole garment
and do not try to bleach just a spot,
stresses Ardis Koester, OSU Ex
tension textiles and clothing spe
cialist. Bleach can do irreversible dam
age to colored garments. To decide
if a garment is colorfast to bleach,
test the fabric in an inconspicuous
area. Mix I tablespoon of beach
with Va cup water. Use an eye
dropper to put a drop of the solu
tion on a hidden scam or pocket
edge inside the garment. Let it
stand two minutes, then blot dry. If
"Zero" is getting smaller
Check out how much smaller
"zero" is getting.
Chemical residues are much
easier to detect nowadays. I n 1 970,
scientists could generally find only
one part per billion.. .anything less
was "zero." Today's technology
can often detect one part per tril
lion and in some cases one part per
quadrillion. To put that in perspec
tive.. .one part per trillion equals a
teaspoon of salt in a lake six feet
deep, a mile long, a mile wide. A
spoon of salt... 1 .3 billion gallons of
water. , ,
Thus more pesticides are subject
to ''sudden-death" restric
tions. ..Dclancy clause that bans
even the tiniest bit of cancer-causing
A good reason why agrifood
industry wants a more realistic law
Children need
Single parents: Encourage your
The number of single parents is
growing each year. According to
the 1980 U.S. Census Bureau, 45
of all children born in this decade
will spend at least one year living
with only one parent.
In addition to job skills, partici
pants learn how to get along better
with their children. For many par
ents communication is their
number one problem.
How can parents encourage child
ren? 1. Expect success
2. Allow mistakes
3. Accept your child
4. Don't compare
5. Live what you preach
6. Encourage improvement
7. Encourage effort
The list above can be found in an
excellent resource available
causes bolting
biennial vegetable plants such as
cabbage, beets and carrots. Celery,
chard, onions and spinach also
bolt under certain conditions.
Biennial vegetable plants ordi
narily take two growing seasons to
produce vegetables. After produc
ing vegetables they go to seed and
then die. When the planting of
biennial vegetables is followed by a
long period of cool weather the
normal growing cycle becomes
compressed and the plants bolt,
forming flower stalks and produc
ing seed prematurely.
Since biennial plants are grown
for their roots, stalks or leaves,
bolting renders these plants use
less. Biennial vegetable plants are of
ten bought as transplants and
transferred to the home garden.
Larger biennial transplants can be
likely candidates for bolting when
periods of cool temperatures fol
low their planting.
Select smaller plants when buy
ing transplants.
Transplants with stem diameters
less than the thickness of a pencil
(about three-sixteenth of an inch)
work best.
Biennial transplants can also
bolt if they are exposed to cool
temperatures in preparation for
their transfer to the garden environment.
Information Provided By:
OSU Warm Springs Extension
1134 Palute Street
PO Box 430
Warm Springs, OR 97761
(503) 553-32383239
there is no color change, it is safe to
use liquid chlorine bleach.
Soak the garment in the diluted
chlorine bleach up to 1 5 minutes. If
the slain is not removed in IS min
utes, further bleaching will only
weaken the fabric. Remove the
garment from the solution, rinse
well and launder according to the
care label instructions.
Clearjel A
for canning and
pie filling Is
available at the
Extension Office
White sales offer
reduced price s
You can expect to buy house
hold textiles at reduced costs dur
ing the White sales usually held
twice a year in January and now.
If you're looking for durability,
blends containing a greater pro
portion of polyester have longer
wear life than those containing a
-greater proportion of cotton.
If you're looking for sheets, con
sider that fitted sheets wear out
twice as fast as flat sheets but are
much easier to use. Alternating use
of two sets and rotating the head
and foot will extend the life.
from the Cooperative Extension
Service-Parent Aid Series. Other
topics include: parenting styles, un
derstanding your chilld, talking to
your child, understanding behav
ior and misbehavior, effective dis
cipline, family stress, etc.
In order for a child to build a
secure image of himself, he needs
two major supports from a parent:
acceptance and encouragement.
Caregivers need
support, flexible
work schedules
What is the impact of caregiving
on caregivers? Caregivers face hid
den financial costs, physical and
emotional stress and decreased job
More than half of the caregivers
to the elderly are employed full
time. Caregiving demands can result
in stress-related health problems
and affect job performance.
Employees may be late for work,
take unscheduled time off or be
absent because of caregiving re
sponsibilities. Productivity and
work quality may decrease.
Some caregivers leave their iobs
because of caregiving responsibili
ties. Other choose jobs witn tewer
demands and lower pay. Such deci
sions can have serious implications
for a caregiver's future financial
Flexible work schedules and the
availability of supportive services
can make it easier for caregivers to
meet the demands of both a job
and caregiving. And it can increase
employee productivity.
Whether employed or not, it's
critical for caregivers to take care
of themselves. Caregivers must be
aware of the impact of caregiving
so that it doesn't take a toll on them
physically, emotionally or finan
cially. Deterioration in the well
being of the caregiver doesn't benefit
the person receiving care.
For insight into how to take care
of yourself w hen providing care to
another, read "Coping with Care
giving", an OSU Extension publi
cation available from the Warm
Springs Office. The publication dis
cusses ways to manage caregiver