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v. 14
no . 7
Apr 7, w
VOL. 14 NO. 7
Covote News
In Brief
Organization chart
With the current reorgan
ization comes a change
in the tribal administra
tive structure.
Page 2
Community Input
The Integrated Resource
Management Planning
Team seeks input from
tribal members. Public
meetings are planned for
the future.
Page 3
Counselor awarded
Warm Springs Elemen
tary counselor Dawn
Smith has been selected
1989 US WEST Oregon
Outstanding Teacher.
! - Page 5
Local team champs
Northwest Roadrunners
won national 6-Foot-and-Under
Page 6
Nurturing your daughter
A young girl's talents
should receive the same
emphasis as a boy's.
Page 7
Dexter selected exerciser
of the month
Local IHS dentist Don
Dexter's exercise pro
gram has resulted in his
selection as February
exerciser of the month.
Page 8
Arts & crafts sale
Tuesday, April 11
at the administratiion
building from 10:00
a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Deadline for the next
Issue of Spilyay Tymoo
Is April 14, 1989
March High Low
24 56 39
25 54 40
26 48 25
27 55 41
28 52 38
29 49 29
30 50 28
31 51 32
1 52 34
2 52 27
v v-iv
For the first
time in recent
history, there's
a tie between
two Agency
The pressure of election day is
past now for all Tribal Council
candidates except two. For the first
time in recent Agency District vot
ing history, there was a tie between
two candidates. A run-off election
will be held between Rita Squiem
phen and Uren Leonard Tuesday,
April 25 to determine who will
hold that district seat.
Of the total 1,543 eligible tribal
voters, 823 cast their ballots, con
stituting a S3 percent turnout. Of
the total number of voters, 123
absentee ballots were received.
According to vital statistics super
visor Madeline Queahpama, 32 of
the ballots were spoiled.
Agency District
Of the 893 eligible voters in the
Agency District 367, or 41 percent,
cast their ballots. Zane Jackson
received 220 votes; Rita Squiem
phen and Uren Leonard, Jr. each
received 147 votes; Bernice Mit
chell received 154 votes; Daisy Ike
received 135 votes; Shirley Sanders
received 111 votes; Buford John
son, Jr. received 96 votes; Levi
Bobb received 83 votes; Marie Cal-
ica received 75 votes; Gilbert Bru
noe received 50 votes; Lyle Rhoan,
Sr. received 24 votes while 23 peo
ple received 29 write-in votes, most
of whom received one vote each.
Simnasho District
Of the 516 eligible voters in the
Simnasho District, 269, or 52 per
cent, cast their ballots. Jacob Frank,
Sr. received 103 votes; Pierson
Spring clean-up time
April is spring clean-up time. Garbage
bags are available, free of charge, from
the Housing Office located next to the
administration building.A truck will be
picking up garbage at homes in the
Warm Springs community April 24-28.
Large items will be picked up April 27
and 28. For those who work, a truck will
make a last pick-up on May 1.
ECC referendum May 16
The Tribal Council has scheduled
a referendum on the Early Child
hood Center for May 16, 1989 The
vote, if approved by the people,
will appropriate $1,1 25,000 toward
design and construction of the
facility. The balance of the pro
ject's cost, $3,375,000, would come
from grants and loans.
The Center will include up to 24
classrooms for child care and pre
school services, along with a kit
Arts and Crafts show set
Tribal and community members
are urged to register for their table
and or space for the second Annual
Warm Springs Arts and Craft Show
slated for Saturday, May 13, 1989.
There are no rent fees and it's on a
first come, first serve basis.
If, for any reason, the person
doesn't use hisher space by 9:30
a.m.,the date of show, the table or
space will be reassigned to the next
Kecu'ivt-d on: u-l-l'o-ft'j
News from the Warm Springs Indian Reservation w
Karen Wallulatum
Mitchell 'received 100; Delbert,
Frank, Sr. received 90; Grant
Waheneka received 87; Kathleen
Foltz received 79; Janice Clements
received 72; write-in candidate
Ronald Suppah, Sr. received 60;
Prosanna Williams received 54;
Dennis Starr, also a write-in can
didate, received 53; Larry Arthur
received 47; Raymond Moody re
ceived 38; and Larry Calica, Samuel
Starr and Alvis Frank each received
one write-in vote.
Seekseequa District
Of the 134 eligible voters in the
Seekseequa District, 83, or 62 per
cent, cast their ballots. Brenda Scott
received 52 votes; Karen Wallula
tum received 31 votes; Geraldine
Jim received 28 votes, Ellen John
son received 25 votes and write-in
candidate Carolyn E. Wewa re
ceived 23 votes. Cy Jim and Lupe
Torres each received one write-in
vote while Kathleen Moses received
three write-in votes.
chen facility and maintenance
The Early Childhood Center will
be the first phase of the Commun
ity Learning Center, which is
planned to include all tribal and
public education programs the
elementary school, kindergarten,
adult education, culture and heri
tage, COCC, OSU Extension and a
person on the waiting list.
The artwork on this year's poster
was created by Warm Springs tri
bal member William Wilson. The
concessions will be handled by the
Shaker Church Youth group.
The next meeting is scheduled
for April 13, 1989 at 9.00 a.m. in
Carol's room at the Community
Center. Anyone interested is wel
come to attend.
I -inn ' ii m linn 1 n .
1 :' -
i 1.7 I -
P.O. Box 870
Warm Springs, OR 97761
Address Correction Requested
iwui vuunun
Brenda Scott
Jacob Frank
Smith selects management team
1 Building a strong and competent
tribal management team for the
future was the main emphasis of
Ken Smith in his selection of indi
viduals for five general manager
and two key staff positions. The
positions resulted from the recently
adopted and implemented reor
ganization plan. Smith, Tribal Chief
Executive Officer Secretary Treas
urer, announced his selection Tues
day, April 4 after spending about
two weeks reviewing resumes and
interviewing the 26 applicants. The
new positions will be effective June
"In making my decision of a
management team, I took into
consideration the long-term benef
its that will accrue for the tribal
organization. I leaned to tribal
members who have demonstrated
successful management and supervisory
responsibilities, loyalty, and high
potential," said Smith. Continuing,
Smith added, "I feel that I have
pulled together a strong team and
am looking forward to leading and
working with them."
Sal Sahme was selected to fill the
human services general manager
position. Jody Calica was selected
as general manager of natural
resources. Ed Manion will serve as
general manager of public utilities.
Charles Jackson will be general
manager of business and economic
development. Jeff Sanders will be
chief of police. Garland Brunoe
will be director of human resources
and Larry Calica will be director of
governmental affairs and planning.
Also added to the initial man
agement team are Doug McClel
land, who w ill be in charge of spe
001 025
U Or 0
i i jnpin o
Zane Jackson
4 I
''I 1.A is LI V.. S
Delbert Frank, Sr.
cial projects, and Rudy Clements,
who will be working in public
The main purpose of the reor
ganization is to streamline tribal
operations and to ensure that the
organization is serving the tribal
membership as it is supposed to.
The exact responsibilities of the
general managers has not yet been
determined. However, by June I,
those responsibilities will be de
fined, with departments and pro
grams being assigned to the appro
priate general managers.
In his memo to tribal employees,
Issue to be decided in May
According to Warm Springs BIA
Superintendent Bernard Topash, the
secretarial election on approtlonment
has been scheduled for sometime dur
ing the last week of May. Topash and
his staff are currently preparing the
voters' registration forms and pamphlets
for distribution. Watch Spilyay for
further information concerning the
l.S. rosier
Bulk K.te I'rrmit No. 2
Warm Springs OH 97761
OH 97403
APRjL 7j 1989
1 f
Bernice Mitchell
Pierson Mitchell
Smith stated, "I feel that the excel
lent quality of the candidates shows
the resource of talent and expe
rience we possess in our organiza
tion. This also made for difficult
choices. The decisions were needed
and I am confident that we can
now move on with the building of
our organization.
"I ask and am expecting your
support of the persons I have
selected..." concluded Smith.
On page two are the tribal organ
ization chart and brief resumes on
each of the new general managers
and staff positions.
1 '