Spilyay tymoo. (Warm Springs, Or.) 1976-current, April 08, 1988, Image 1

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.Zt, a
v. 13
no. 7
Apr M ,
VOL. 13 NO. 7
Coyote News
in brief
Play scheduled
Madras High School
drama class will be
presenting Finnian's
Rainbow. Times and
admission prices are listed.
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Diabetes information given
Diabetes among Native
Americans is due to
changes in lifestyle,
particularly changes in
eating and exercise habits.
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Run successful
Results of the Kah-Nee-Ta
Mini-marathon are listed.
Over three hundred runners
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Nah-Nah Land visited
Spill Way News offers a
"foolish" look at Nah-Nah
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regarding elimination
of long distance
charges between
Warm Springs
Madras Elementary
7:30 p.m.
April 13, 1988
Representative from Pacific
Northwest Bell and Public
Utility Commission will be
available at the meeting to
answer ail questions.
March High Low
23 50 38
24 49 31
25 65 41
26 63 49
27 48 30
28 56 28
29 61 32
30 55 32
31 66 28
1 75 32
2 6! 49
3 55 41
4 52 32
5 70 34
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t Spilyay Tymoo photo by Sheweyk
Following the Root Feast, held April 3, many community residents began gathering roots. Piaxi is already
beginning to wither but is still abundant as isLuksh. A Ithough xaush matures a little later, root gatherers are
able to collect it at this time.
Telephone customers to receive "toll free" ballots
An additional $2.14 will be
added to monthly telephone bills if
local telephone customers decide
to approve a line hook-up to the
Madras system for the cities of
Metolius and Culver.
The two towns are currently con
nected to the Redmond line which
results in their having to pay long
distance charges for calls back and
forth to Madras and Warm Springs.
Two years ago the Metolius City
Council circulated a petition ask
ing Culver and Metolius residents
Notice of Community Meeting
The Land Use Planning Committee and planners have
scheduled a community meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tues
day, April 19, 1988. Pending Tribal Council approval,
the meeting will be held in the Agency Longhouse and
include dinner at 6:00 p.m.
I. Review of proposed Primary Zone Maps (Commun
ity, Forest, Range, Agricultural, Wilderness and Spe
cial Protection Zone).
II. Review of Agency Traffic Circulation Plans
III. Status report on rural area plans and capital project
IV. Questions and Suggestions.
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News from the Warm Springs Indian Reservation
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if they would like to join the Mad
ras system. Over 1100 signatures
were collected. However, because a
charge increase was not mentioned
in the petition the Public Utilities
Commission requires approval by
customers that would be affected.
A ballot has been prepared by
the PUC and Pacific Northwest
Bell to submit to telephone custo
mers. The ballot askes the 4200
customers to vote yes or no for the
hook-up. A charge of $2.14 per
month for 10 years for all custo-
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mers will be charged for the service.
According to PNB representa
tive Esther Nelson the cost of addi
. tional equipment necessary for the
service totals $370,000. The tele
phone company will be losing long
distance revenue with the system
change. The company is asking res
idents to iicip recoup at least three
years estimated lost toll revenue.
Metolius City treasurer Ginger
Morrison says, "Metolius and Culver
want to be part of Jefferson County."
The connection would save tax
payers money as well. She points
out the county offices often call the
two cities. The school district offi
ces also communicate frequently
with the schools in Metolius and
Culver. Morrison also points out
that Metolius is only four miles
from Madras while Culver is just
10 miles away.
Although many people do not
call Metolius and Culver, Madras
mayor Rick Allen feels the connec
tion is important in unifying the
community. Traditionally costs for
services to members of communi
ties is spread over the entire popu
lation. The telephone connection
for Culver and Metolius 'would be
good for the community as a whole."
he feels.
An informational meeting is sche
duled for April 13 at Madras Ele
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Woman dies from
stab wounds
A 42 year-old Warm Springs
woman died from a stab wound to
the heart following an altercation
between the woman's niece and a
29 year old hispanic male in Bakers
field. California April 1. 1988, accord
ing to Warm Springs Bureau of
Indian Affairs investigator, Rob
Moran stated that his depart
ment was informed of the death by
police officials from Bakersficld,
California. According to police
reports. Barbara Annie LeClaire,
42. an enrolled member of the Con
federated Tribes of Warm Springs
died Friday afternoon. April I of a
knife wound to the heart. Bakers
field police related to Moran that
the LeClaire women and her niece,
Regina Leslie LeClaire, 28, were
involved in an altercation with a
29-ycar-old hispanic man in a pool
hall in Bakersfield.
According to reports both Bar
bara and 'Rejiria receive kttifiS '
wounds during the altercation with
Roberto Gomez Guerrero, address
unknown. The stabbings which
occurred about 4:30 p.m. April I at
Lazo's Ringside Club. When police
arrived at the club they found Bar
bara LeClaire dead and Regina
LeClaire injured. At that time the
Plant seminar begins
A Cultural Plant Seminar is
scheduled for April 7 and 8 at Kah-Nee-Ta
Resort on the Warm Springs
reservation. The seminar is spon
sored by the Warm Springs Cul
ture and Heritage Department,
Culture and Heritage Committee.
Workshops for the two day
seminar include: explanation of
ceded areas and traditional use
areas; overview of culturally used
plants; significance of traditional
Body discovered
The body of a Warm Springs
man was found in the Dry Creek
housing subdivision early April
6. Warm Springs police were
alerted by the man's family that
he was "down and not brea
thing." Upon arrival at the
mentary beginning at 7:30 p.m.
Representatives from Pacific North
west Bell and the Public Utility
Commission will be available to
answer all questions.
Ballots will be mailed to all tele
phone customers. It is important
that they returned with a yes or no
Introduction to the "toll-free"
ballot includes an explanation:
"The Oregon Public Utility Com
mission is seeking your vote on an
important issue affecting your local
telephone service.
"You are asked to consider a
proposal by which Pacific North
west Bell would install the neces
Take Pride in
Warm Springs
April 18-25
Spring clean-up time
I'.S. Postage
Bulk Nate Permit No. 2
Warm Springs, OK 97761
'dress Correction Requested
APRIL 8,1988
hispanic male had fled the scene on
foot, according to reports.
A short time later police received
a call of an attempted armed robbery
at a used-car dealership located
about four blocks from the club.
When police arrived at the car
dealership they found Guerrero walk
ing down a street with an eight-inch
blade. At that time the police ordered
Guerrero to stop. He attempted to
run away from police and was
wounded by police. Guerrero was
shot in the leg by police.
Police placed Guerrero under
arrest at that time in connection
with the stabbings. He was charged
with murder, attempted murder
and armed robbery.
Regina LeClaire was taken to
Kern Medical Center where she
was treated and released.
Guerrero was reported to have
undergone surgery at the Kern
Medical Center and was listed in
stable condition.
It was reported that the stab
bings occurred after Guerrero and
Regina LeClaire began arguing at
the pool hall. Barbara LeClaire
was stabbed when she attempted to
intercede and stop the argument.
The incident is still under inves
tigation by the Bakersfield police.
food plants in contemporary cul
ture; range and ecology of culture
food plants; impact of land man
agment practices on plant range;
legal protection aspects of cultural
plant management.
A field trip to various cultural
food plant areas on the Warm
Springs Reservation is included in
the agenda along with a traditional
dinner. '
scene, police discovered that the
man, whose identity has not
been released, was dead. The
incident is under investigation
by tribal and BIA officials.
Details will be made available
for the next issue of Spilyay
sary equipment to provide toll-free
calling between customers in Cul
ver Metolius(546 prefix) and those
in Madras Warm Springs (475 553
prefix). Telephone service for
Culver and Metolius would be pro
vided from the Madras Warm
Springs telephone exchange, and
Culver Metolius customers would
receive telephone numbers that
begin with the 475 prefix. The 546
prefix would be discontinued.
Toll-free calling between these
communities would become a perm
anent service. To pay for this ser
vice, an additional monthly charge
of $2.14 would be billed on everv
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